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tv   Witness Chinas Fake Boyfriends  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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206 to 6 people have developed dance st fukushima b a u in report last year found the nuclear disaster had not increased the risk of cancer. and the authorities in fukushima say the high detection rate is due to over diagnosis. below is se fukushima as owners should be held accountable for radio asian exposures unless they can prove otherwise. victoria gate and be al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories of russia, says the u. s. and nato have failed to properly address its security concerns. though it is possible to continue with talks, western pause or refuse moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security lines. our white house correspondent, kimberly hoggard as more the u. s. president is set to have a telephone call with the ukrainian leaders, the landscape that is set to take place. we understand roughly around 20 g m t.
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and it's clear that there are discussions about next steps. the united states has been very clear that it will support in conjunction with nato, any attempts by vladimir putin to invade ukraine, to that end, it would encompass a number of components that defense would be both military, as well as punishing financial sanctions. the 1st female president of honduras is due to be sworn in your model. castro takes over from to turn president on orlando hernandez, but a split apart in congress is overshadowing the inauguration ceremony. poland has started building a 180 kilometer wall and his border with bella luce was expected to be completed by next summer. the you accuses men scrub, encouraging thousands of refugees to cross into poland illegally as a way to get into the e. u. denmark is withdrawing soldiers from mali after military leaders demanded
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that the leave, the danes were part of a french life counter terrorism task force to combat armed groups linked to al qaeda. an eyesore denmark's foreign minister said around a 100 soldiers were invited. montes military's government says that's no true crew leaders in burkina faso have warned former ministers not to leave the capital all obstruct military officers, mondays, military coups, to be discuss at an emergency meeting of west african leaders. and friday, regional organization echo was condemns the takeover and the u. n's demanding the immediate release of proposed precedence ross couple in the european union is launching legal action against china at the world trade organization. the you says beijing is punishing lithuania by blocking trade imports because of its stance on tie. one coming up next. it's witness. good by news.
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news. news. news. i change the view button on reset is around the corner and single girls have begun to worry about the noise clearly about marriage from karen and relatively, they can turn to the internet and i asked them to read the boyfriend for a whole day if it costs you, after 2005 me
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one, you know to me though that renting a boyfriend, what i want to do is just renting a boyfriend and take him to my home, drawing fast. oh, many options. the girls can run herself. when to go south runs employ for if i if i'm not to really from find someone that now. so we harvey, he is a from harking the same hometown but one he assuming
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you are the one me i can just call him. oh do it or do i also need a truly here either wasn't nicer sam's or a leg i little thing. how old the children are rather pay the age to get married single girl in china is actually, you know,
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in my age it's kinda hard do with i'm a landscape designer. i do have passion of this drop of this thing. and if i don't have it, i don't know how to continue as a resident of boyfriend, a so private, i think it's only because of the family will calm the mom's nerves with, which was a choice. we will try to turn the cook benson don't have to who payton for may june. okay, michelle hm. diana, with turner,
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no luck with a new group of kids that i so on with anyhow, why tell can only gone yeah, this is a why no order. oh ha ah chinese so sorry, it's a little bit different past 30 years. is that totally different? and at that time, my power and so i'm the, our power in the way of things. very different. yeah, yeah. okay. you all, can you hello. hi, go buy a good
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one. i. well, why your well, i know that why? oh, kyra control through a law that she if they with me. oh, wait. i've got that. i may see a quick way. i yeah. i mean, i can go to my woman who causes i'll tell him i need to go to her home to home home. no matter what was that
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i was i in good. yeah. i use your your you know what? sure. yeah. be see how she did on yours. and so she, she just finished shoes. the it's not upon the entire nice is just the feel that to some one, abandon some go be abandoned, that she's not feeling a feel. i
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just her if i'm so tired early there's a good a work. ah, i tell a manager order. so those i watch on color ca, jagow,
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chaverra with a pole my whole toilet war. no shaw a. hm. i
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sure. so i'm hiding away to me so on maybe i think your wish you know make some sorry because we have to talk to my parents. i think he's a good looking and i barely know him so apparently so no more to you know to talk to some strangers. i i hold him out because you would go hunting job. very small.
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oh, well go mamma short showing on the hall mama, which shall all be to pagan montoya, which i hope i'm sure now. and so to be inside the video just in case the woman motion shut off. okay. she's got a whole meltdown. you just don't wall. what was, what was your mother you are just was in charge and they went on like how with showing which can probably do coming out all i wish you all to bob thomas. all which are even in
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place for tomorrow to where you get the new york for new isn't going to give it hadn't with the whole claim or creek. oh mama felicia most will call me or call me cliff will need billing any help. so you want me to call you and billing any whole social was so you want me to call like, what are your parents by now what, what, what will happen then? because i don't think that's right. what i want. so what to have, how does she need to come out actually? ok. i think georgia base are you later. bye bye.
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ah, yes, i'm talking for chinese new year. hobbies, super super coat. i think just her a couple days ago. my sister told me a temporary cheri's miners 40. it's a rigid code that i think that i think it's getting better. i'm so excited about. i'm gonna see my mom, my parents and my nephew. hello. you know, i know the nurse and i did and making a host diary and i am afraid that my mom will find
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a . busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy tiny snail here is a lot just a migration on a plan in fortune with no matter where you are, no matter where you are. all the chinese will go back to home town during spring fast because of a sewing. fortunately for 23, a
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or one on friday, all. that's it for 10 years older than me. she does not look like at all. what did emma selma? she looks like you could be a mom. you ok, put away with a draft wise you're happy read q ah ah. ah. harvey is my home town in ne health trainer and it is very
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code 8 golf immerse because up i fastball. ah, i think harvey is still developing is not compared to waste b g b a p post clinton is not that open. i think in chinese cultures like signing respect, getting get. yeah, by jo for dad and packs of milk or the mom because apparently all to the leica. you're comfortable. like i feel that way too. yeah. this is the movie during for, for the last 2 weeks. with parents. i bought those over. i had to call my mom
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i was all a sure you have a ah ha ha ha, not on his ha ha. so no jeremy who used to be a walker so that they so resign. oh, you know,
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was always a z, a boy, hon george, ohio. yeah, no, play any upon the middle or that rather really tell you that there was an to rope. course he didn't make a moment or you should go back to him in the pony on the law. oh hi, with how many of the economy you do here? well, i don't answer your, oh man, you're welcome. who's the one who says rule wow. to handle the that, you know, broken in apple has a note a lot. uh huh. and then she knows the
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facing bales, auto land, the potential, huge urgency and tierney mooney, you good thing. they don't want all of them. okay. try them. oh, service. yeah. yeah. so i'm on my cell, i to go should, i can barely tell me what is it that door debbie. i am a slow to la poto artist. * also thought and told or go home with him because he was suspended. but for women the all board need him to the ball. shaw, my gosh. but for sure you get a boost in yahoo! he's our daughter, young lady. i'm up on the bottom logo. sure, sure. sure job,
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is that a book? no, that was outdoor her late or late the live ah. with i talked to my mom after my mom say, oh it's not true. he is not going boyfriend. my mom just said, wow, just a stranger for you. someone who is not your boyfriend, why just do this?
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and i just said, oh, if you push me a lot, next few years, i think i will really take some why. know who is not my boyfriend in? it's not why? because it's that people. i know it's a matter i the people will feel offensive really. yeah. how's it going? a fire for for a with high i saw
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a go a oh a piano. a lonely. yeah. great. great, great. a
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what, what i should do, forgot sean gala shaw a double co that whole week later than we filed a joshua miles a. okay here. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. so we add a dot com. okay
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. yeah, i know a a a h t. hey, i know you're busy, you know, does the things, you know, i'm just the same period patient way. i'm busy talking to people. ah,
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i cannot change my parents, especially they're salt. there's nothing that i could. so i so lay these as so well, car then be about person and them feel no problem. is that by the way to tell my mom or i'm really good to my life. one good thing came from this experience that to my parents are one person. i think i will never do it again because it's not a bad for feeding to a light kiss on one that i love. yeah. i think on ah,
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a 4 hour climb car for full minutes of practice. ah, but to achieve the dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever when to an impudence, they will have to overcome many mountains, carving a path of hope and inspiration, where the light shine witness on al jazeera, with
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blue. ah, in a series of original documentaries, al jazeera correspondence explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers. gabrielle is on the cover, the tragic story of 2 rain forest activists, brutally killed fighting the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers. returning to the amazon, gabriel learned how their campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those who sought to profit from the forest destruction audio correspondence, julio, cuz she the says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does best mean?
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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera ah, russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s. response to its main security demands, but it doesn't roll out talks to diffuse tensions review. craig, ah, i don't know about this, and this is, i'll just be alive from doha. also coming up on jonah hall on the polish side of the border with bellow. roche, where construction has begun on a wool to keep my grants and refugees burkina faso is cool.


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