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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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graduates and page was in at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical wetlands, who risking it nico rack. you asked me to stay around. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, here watching the news, our life from headquarters in del hi jerry navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s. in response to its main security demand, but doesn't rule out talk to the fuse tensions with ukraine. this is our country and we will defend it. ukraine says it's committed to a diplomatic solution to resolve the crisis at its border, but will fight back if moscow attacks. a major australian energy firm pulls out of
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me and me are citing the deteriorating human race situation. i'm john hall on the polish side of the border with bellows, where construction has begun on a wall to keep migrants and refugees out and on side hires. the forces egypt football, coached him on his team, gets more respect off. say they be hi rico from penalty 3 support to finals of the african cup of nation. ah, welcome to the news our we begin in moscow are the kremlin chairs, the u. s. on nato have failed to properly address its security concerns. so the western powers have refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the military alliance. the kremlin says dot responses unacceptable, though it's possible to continue with talks. meanwhile,
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the ukrainian foreign minister has reaffirmed kiev commitment to diplomacy and de escalation, and that despite the kremlin massing more troops on their shared border, ukraine is absolutely committed to this to until preventing the conflict, we are not planning any offensive actions. we are committed to diplomatic threat and we are ready to engage with russia at different levels in order to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. however, if russia decides to fight will fight and that this is our country and we will defend it. off her talks in paris, russia says advisors from both sides, plus france and germany have agreed that a ceasefire should be in place in eastern ukraine. but germany has warned that an invasion could lead to sanctions that would affect the nord stream to pipeline. we have 3 correspondence covering the story. dominey. cain is in berlin. he'll have more on germany as warning, and just a few minutes. our white house correspondent,
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kimberly how can it will give us the latest developments on the diplomatic front in the us. but 1st, let's bring in dorsey jabari and moscow for what russia has been saying about the response to with security concerns. because doors on the surface, the russians seem not to be very happy with the u. s. his response that's certainly appears to be the case would be hearing from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest golf. who says that there isn't really much point of being optimistic at this stage given what the response has been. and that written response, which was hand delivered by the us ambassador to russia last night at the foreign ministry, has now in the hands of russian president vladimir putin. the criminal confirmed that president putin is now studying what has been given to him, and he will decide how to proceed and what the next move will be me more we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister circ a live rob,
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who spoke earlier on thursday and he was also not very pleased. let's hear some of what he had to say, bagwell no more. but also, as for the main issue, there is no positive reaction in this document. i will remind you that the main issue is our thumb position about unacceptability of nato's further proliferation to the east and place in of assault equipment which can represent danger for the russian federation. so what do we read into all of this doors and what does that mean for diplomacy going forward? well, all sides have said that diplomacy is very much still a path that they want to pursue given the differences they still have. it appears that the russians and the americans have come to some kind of an understanding about the secondary issues that there is room for negotiations there, but it appears the problem is in the main issue that russia has about nato's expansion. and that is something that cannot agree on, but on the secondary issues, even the foreign minister said they will continue talking to their american
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counterparts. the also the meeting that took place in paris on wednesday appears to have moved things along as well. that is the normandy format, which includes russia, ukraine, france, and germany. those officials from those countries will meet again in berlin in 2 weeks. and that is giving some hope to people here that for the next 2 weeks or so very much a path of diplomacy open. and also the document that the americans have responded with to the russian demands will be made public in the coming days, according to the for mr. so we'll get a better idea of exactly the details of the document that was handed over and maybe provide some more insight about what is going on behind the scenes at the moment. but for the time being, the russian foreign minister said it is still possible for him to meet with his american counterpart again in the near future. so we'll wait to see if that happens . but the other pass seemed to be continuing in terms of trying to forge
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a path of diplomacy and dialogue. okay, thank you so much. dorothy jabari is giving us the point of view for moscow, let's know a, bring in kimberly hallett, who's joining us from washington dc. to tell us what we're hearing from the blinking camp on all of those. kimberly. well, the biden administration has been very clear of its position, whether it be the secretary of state entity blanked him, the u. s. president joe biden, or even his press secretary, gen saki, who, oh, very recently of the last 24 hours, reiterated once again that the united states believes that the only path forward to resolving the security differences between the united states and russia is diplomacy. and to that, and that is what the biden administration will continue to push as it re reviews and continues to discuss the various positions it's position has not changed. it believes that it needs to respect the sovereignty of ukraine, and it expects that russia needs to do the same as to how russia proceeds moving
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forward. how the united states moving moves forward. there is still room for diplomacy, including high level discussions between not only the u. s. president, but the president of russia, vladimir putin, the united states, is open to that is encouraging that they're also continuing to push for various discussions at the levels beneath that ab. but at the same time, they are also projecting this message that if diplomacy fails, they have other back up measures at the ready once again, that would include warships that would include aircraft. and that would include more than 8500 military personnel to support the nato forces not in ukraine proper with the possibility of adding to that number. in addition, there would also be these punishing financial sanctions that would cripple the aerospace as well as the artificial intelligence capabilities of russia. now to
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that end of the secretary of state entity, blake, it has been speaking with officials in china, continuing to press for the i sort of the assurances that it will work with the united states to counter what the united states sees as russian aggression. now, as the united states continues to prepare for the possibility of a russian invasion, there is the need domestically here in the united states to inform members of congress. this will look been 5, the ministration is continuing to do that as well. we know that there are classified briefings that are ongoing and capitol hill. this is necessary because if the united states is to go to any sort of conflict or participate, the white house can't do this, unilaterally. it must involve congress. so that is why those conversations are taking place. now in terms of the white house schedule today, it's a little thin in terms of the public schedule. and this sort of calendar item with regard to ukraine may even take
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a backseat today because we are watching very carefully as well to see if there will be a formal resignation of the supreme court justice steven briar. that is something that could also happen that could bump it from the president calendar at least temporarily. okay, thank you so much. kimberly how can reporting from washington d. c. a. now let's get more on that warning from germany. so if russia attacks ukraine, it's threatened sanctions that then could target the controversial nordstrom to pipeline. so dominant cane is joining us from berlin. so dominic, nor the string to obviously very vital for germany. how worried are the germans, or i'll be escalating situation to listen to ministers here? you got a real sense. so they are very deeply concerned, profoundly concerned by the latest steps in this crisis. and when they say, when they talk about non stream to this is a project that was many years in the making is just waiting to be switched on,
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or is being held up by different discussions and different countries. so i'm in switzerland, some in russia, some in germany. but the essential thing here is the german government wants sanctions against russia if there is an act of aggression. but what the german government doesn't want to do is to be seen to be arming a country which might then use that armament against russia. what hangs over all german government since world war 2 is these collective sense of guilt that german governments feel for what nazi germany did to the former soviet union, killing tens of millions of soviet citizens. and because of that, there is that sense of guilt. they don't want to be seen to be arming a country which might use that armament against russia. but it's worth also making the point that other european countries see that hesitation and they are unimpressed by it. we know the ukranian government has sent this idea of german guilt is something which they think the german government needs to get over. it
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says, why sanders, hospitals and helmets are not how it says weapons, defensive weapons, to ward off the threat of russian invasion. and they point to the actions taken by other ease, states that are also in nature and other european states that aren't in the e u, but are in nature like the u. k sending weapons to the ukrainians and say that's the example they feel that berlin should follow. but so far, at least we heard it from foreign minister burbock. we've heard it from chance to the shots. they're very determined that sanctions would be imposed against russia even if that would cost germany because not stream to being switched off or never, being switched on would cost germany that the dissemination here is. sanctions if there is an act of aggression, but they don't want to be seen to be arming the ukrainians. ok, thank you so much. dominant cane reporting from berlin. now police in ukraine had detained a national guard serviceman who shot and killed 5 people. 5 others were injured to
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miss our factory and non pro city. the soldier opened fire after receiving an assault rifle. this is the news hour on al jazeera plenty more head, including kicking them out of the country. molly's leaders, a danish special forces sent to fight foreign groups should leave and it's a snow day in jerusalem as a rare winter flurry leaves the city carpeted in white and ash. marty closes in on becoming the 1st local player to win the australian open and 40 for you. ah, but 1st us media reporting to supreme court justice steven briars, so to announce his retirement, and that would give president joe biden, his 1st chance denominator. a new judge to america's highest court biden has previously promised to choose a black woman heidi to cast
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a report from washington. supreme court justice steven briar had long been jacketed viewing the high court through a political lens. at 1st, dismissing calls from democrats to step down so that a president of their own party may name a replacement if the public sees judges as politicians in robes. its confidence in the courts and in the rule of law itself can only diminish, diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check on other branch. born in 1938 in san francisco. briar grew up in a middle class. jewish family. he said his upbringing helped develop the pragmatism that later shaped his legal views. hi stephen drive. you solemnly swear. he was a federal appeals court judge for 14 years before president bill clinton nominated him to the supreme court in 1994. every judges, particular obligation, is to deal fairly and thoroughly with the legal problems of the individual parties
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before the court, whether they are poor or rich or helpless or powerful minority or majority. ryan joined the courts liberal wing consistently ruling in favor of abortion rights, environmental protection, and voting rights. he opposed the strict textural interpretation of the u. s. constitution as endorsed by conservatives. but he believed in compromise and was a famous optimist. justice brier, i think, is a true technocrat in the best sense of the word he believes in a good ideas, thoughtful compromises and intelligence and expertise running the world. ah, and he has really tried to do that quite consistently in his time on the court. in his later years on the court ry are questioned, the legality of the death penalty and drafted one of the rulings of holding
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obamacare. his retirement now sets up a political battle to name a replacement. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington military leaders, and molly have repeated their demand for danish special forces to leave their part of a french lead counter terrorism task force to combine arm groups linked to al qaeda . and iso denmark's foreign minister said troops had been invaded. molly's milk government says no consent has been given much she, nobody will come here by proxy any more, but used to happen. but now it's finished. it won't happen any more under the search of us. see me go talk. if someone has to come to molly and then we will come to an agreement, we will agree on what you will come here to do. let's talk about those. were the vega agree go in, boucher. he's a policy analyst at the think tank development reimagined. welcome to al jazeera. how do you explain denmark saying the troops are there by clear invitation, and then the 1000000 government saying, well no, the decision is still pending. yeah,
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thanks for holding. so if you recall in 202019, of course, president mark i kita had requested a demo central to miles to support account other than you know efforts. but it listed on the lisa, it was the post. so different government in charge now. and the government is seen that didn't give up for the approval for these deployment the window didn't see that the okay, did you get the request get the request from a provider keeta and also the did get approval from the chinese not government, but i think it's the word of copenhagen, vis or whatever, but right now, i mean, is it really feasible that the foreign foreign foreign forces effectively come into a country without the country's permission? yes, yes it is. that that's something that molly struggling with because of course the, the county security forces don't have full control of 30. so it's very possible
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that for instance, can actually, you know, deploy in country in this business that are ongoing, particularly in the northern region. you know, of funding. so what, what molly do next, because we know that 15 countries have issued a statement in support of the danish contingent staying in molly. yeah, i think with the fact that it is actually in a very large operation. so it's called the tax, that's what the, the european force is composed of by $1514.00 countries since in 2020 what it was launch. what now molly is to teen towards different security partners. and that is the problem for you, for europe working for, for many years. so i think it's the progress of, of molly to actually assert its authority over, you know, it's 30 to my own government. so if you want to partner with my kids to be on for
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monday and then because we just have to rent the walk and everyone everyone already is equal. so i think the responsibility is on you repeat it one so really quite not in funded legitimate on the vehicle. it is hostile discourse with the government in please. even if it's hard for agreement would, would you prefer the government, but isn't maintaining its international relationships and not least with france really crucial for molly, which is, of course, as you know, one of the world's poorest countries and, and to security forces are finley resourced. yeah, so if you go back to the following, the cool thing was i did put out info and stating that he's going to open on monday for didn't and not for no, no collaboration, popular security because he knew that of course, he wasn't even on the goen so the cooperation was actually very important,
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but the context is very different to the one you have in mind is with new europe on european countries. 70 again, my lose for perfect choice of it's good, but now which is russia, and that is the problem for your content. that's why you see database sanctions from america. i took the money out of gore and also stroke didn't coming from europe. so i think what we have to see going forward is whatever partnerships or what about putting that, i guess a walk on security issues. you have to deal with got to government in place. so the, those, the context, how to change in the way that when the money is conference and government is comfortable with. and that's why your theme in this display of that would be seen both sides because didn't know that things have to change on both sides of the apartment. she would have to we're going forward. ok, thank you so much for speaking to us from a boucher now another energy firm is withdrawn from me and mar because of human
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rights concerns. the australian company would side fall as energy giant chevron. and so it's all, i'm pulling out from the army biggest source of foreign income. amnesty international says businesses have no excuse to continue working with the regime. this is what this is his needs to be doing. and i need to be weighing this up if it's the right thing to be doing. i mean, if way, next tuesday is the one year anniversary of the military coup. i mean, in that time way of saying over 1400 people killed with st. thousands of people detained st activists and journalists that being part of like a bloody backlash where they've been detained and often killed. so this is, i mean, the military is, they are launching indiscriminate attacks that are killing civilians. there's life saving that's been blocked to the country. this isn't a bit, this is my country. this isn't a right saying that people should be wandering into. i'm doing business with daisy
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gardener as the director of human rights at australasian center for corporate responsibility. she says that it's pressure from activists that has forced these firms into taking action. i think that this has been because of a variety of factors. but mostly it has been the persistence of civil society organizations here in australia will say, very brave activists and you in mamma, running the blood money campaign, who have really spoken to woodside origin, woodside, and made them aware of the serious human rights violations and extend the woodside hasn't been turned away, i think here in australia with a more and more energy company being a bit more aware that social license operate and more aware of the reputation of operational impact that can happen to the company as well as financial impact. it's, i don't listen society entities risk that applies by they types of oppression. so
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it's saying is, you notice activists and civil by organizations really, you know, rushing, see the ministers here in australia, the government's trying those channels as well as you know, directly to the company and raising this with k investors as a serious human rights violation. and, you know, i really think that woodside understands that we're coming into a future where it's not possible, just ignore the shareholders in the north side organizations when they're saying that it's untenable to the, you know, working and operating in a country that has today made it up to 1501500 the civilians, men, women, and children of poland has started building a 180 kilometer long wall on its border with beller roof. it's set to be completed
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by next summer. the construction of the 5 and a half meter high wall is in response to a stand off with bella. ruth, that you accuse men scoff encouraging thousands of refugees to illegally cross into poland as a way to get into the u. 6 journal hall. he's doing this from could cause me to go over and pull. and so john, will this all stop people crossing the border? well, look, this is a crisis that may have dropped off the headlines, but it is still going on. people are still making attempts to cross the border, and so the ponies government is building this wall across roughly half the entire length of the border line between poland and battle ropes would work with stop those illegal incursions into poland in the probably not particularly if they continue to have the help on that side of the better is border guards, as has been alleged and documented from the beginning of these crisis. last summer, i spoke to a kurdish immigration lawyer who does
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a lot of work helping people who do manage to get across with their asylum claims. he said that nothing is going to stop them. they will simply find another way. but remember, this is not just the physical barrier, it is also a political construction being built by a right wing government here in poland vehemently anti migrant. that knows perfectly well. this is a popular policy amongst its support based, and it's going further presenting this idea of the wool on state run television here as a much larger project at part part of the strengthening, the protecting the reinforcing of the external borders of the european union. so jonah, we do remember those scenes last year of people living in the open air camps on the bell, russian side, with the polish border guards using water cannon to keep them back from the fence. what's changed since then? well, conditions on that side are slightly better. there are a few of them,
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the migrants in refugees, 800 or so by some estimates. now, in warehouse accommodation over there, down from a couple of 1000 last year, a lot have been deported forcibly. we're told in many cases to countries like iraq into kurdistan. but among the 800 there's still a lot of desperate people willing to take the risk of finding themselves wandering through vast tracts of forest on this side of the border. and making dozens of attempts to do that every week, according to the polish border gods. we spoke to activists to we found a mess yesterday who had video 10 people being picked up by the polish border guards on this side who they alleged have been simply pushed back into battle rows, something that is known to happen and he's against international law. and i spoke on the phone to a man in that camp on the better side, who said he'd been there for 3 months with his family, among them young children. he said that the danger they'd left behind in could is
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done was far greater than any danger they might face in europe. they were determined to make the crossing. he said they were simply waiting for slightly better weather in the spring. okay, thank you so much john. hall reporting from poland. soldiers in jordan say they've killed 27 drug smugglers trying to sneak across the border from syria. and army spokesman says the traffickers use heavy snow covers who carry large amounts of illegal drugs. the military's rules of engagement have recently been tightened to combat an increase in drug smuggling. rare heavy snowfall has blanketed parts of jerusalem. it's shut down roads and schools and grounded flights in the region. some are making the most out of the winter flurry harry false. it has more, a winter snowfall isn't unknown injurious one by any means, but on this scale it is very read. it hasn't been anything like this for the last 10 years in 2012, it was about 60 centimeters that fell overnight,
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wednesday into thursday. it was about 20 centimeters, the effect of the storm lps, which has been blanketing athens and its danville in recent days, making its way south here. now this is a rare experience and so this isn't a city that's particularly well equipped to dealing with such heavy snowfall. people came out as it came down overnight and enjoyed the flurries and the real snow storm in jerusalem streets in the night time. but there were also municipal workers out trying to clear the main thoroughfares. many of the smaller roads, though, are still pretty choked up. i've seen people trying to dig their cars out as parking spaces. and as well as that, the main moto, a between jerusalem until it was for a time closed. and every way you go, you see evidence of the other thing has happened, which is school closes. so there are children on the streets in pox building snowman. throwing snowballs at the stuff in the air. now the precipitation right now is turning a bit wet though, so this could be
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a sleeping if memory will experience a rare, proper snow day in the holy city. while here with more on the snow in the rest of the world, whether is wrong. remember the unusually deep snow fall in turkey and greece. this storm went to the east and met that bro coded, answered libya as well. and indeed, egypt and frost throughout the sahara at least a night time for the daytime times as well. dan, unusual snow fell in the northeast of libya, caught by this user. why was he quite excited to catch it? stopped snowing in libya now, but snow fell actually even in jerusalem early this morning. and certainly rather more obviously and more regularly in the northern parts of iran. but you see the picture on thursdays basically, or less or in the mountains generally fine or a few shall still coming to egypt and probably the golf strip. and it's still cold in amman, jordan, but otherwise the sunset there has up to 26. it will be a change. remember a week ago we had a shamal that's a strong normally wind coming back on friday. it's about 70 degrees warmer though,
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so it won't feel too cold. it will be a sandy one, i think, particularly and back right in the eastern part of saudi overnight. again, it will get cold rad down to full. but the window keep things not quite as cold around the gulf states. bigger picture than on saturday looks reasonably fine, still wish miles and weakening. but it's another brewing store home in houston, mediterranean. and for sunday it would be mainly rainy event for monday, probing more snow to turkey. still ahead on the august to renews our. i'm kristen salumi in new york, where a private foundation is giving away money to low income families. i'll tell you what they're trying to prove. destroying data, europe's police agency is told to get rid of information. it holds on thousands of people and australia get their world cup, qualifying campaign back on track. that's coming up in the sport. ah.
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joined the debate. they a ratio of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online your voice. the comment section is right, join our conversation, we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us. you just look at it in a very different way. say that perspective men and men meeting you try that and they don't have any solution. let me put it clear for you this dream on al jazeera . with
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blue i hello again to top stories on the i'll just renew our processes. the u. s. a. nato who failed to properly address its security concerns. so it's possible to continue with talks. the western powers have refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alliance. us president joe biden is to get his 1st chance to nominate a new supreme court judge me to report a liberal justice stephen briar is set to retire at the end of the course. current term, australia and energy firm woodside has announced that it's withdrawing from me and
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mar. it's the latest company to fill out because of human rights concerns. it follows chevron on well, the 1st female president from doris is set to be sworn in. hallmark castro takes over from to turn president wine orlando hernandez, but a split in cost or his party is overshadowing the inauguration ceremony following the story for as many rapid he's joining us from the capital to go see golfer. so manuel, there's been a political crisis. burring in the country as we've just reported. what's the latest on that during this latest political crisis in honduras began when a sizable group of congressmen and women from within president elect seal monica through his own party, broke rank to support a president of congress, a candidate for president of congress different than the one that castro had endorse since then. there have been 2 separate presidents of congress that have been sworn in. and as you can imagine, this is just spark, quite
4:33 pm
a bit of confusion across the country as to who exactly is in control of honduras, his national legislature. now, there has been a national dialogue in place between both factions of the disagreement in the last few days over the last few hours leading up to an observation day. but until now and again, we are only a few hours away from the actual swearing in ceremony. of president elect, human capital, but there is yet to be any sort of announcement to a solution out of this crisis. and so on the and gratian ceremony, there seems to be a lot of high profile guests who are attending it, including comma, la harris, and the king of spain. so what is the attendance of bees? guess me, in order to tell us it's certainly a historic moment, 400 and that list of high profile guess certainly reflects the importance of this day. there are more than 80 international delegations that are in attendance today
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in the capital city of honduras. as you mentioned, among them, us, vice president, comma, la harris, the king of spain, philip the 6, the vice president of taiwan, the vice president of our him, p. now the newly elected president of sheila gabriella body, among among others. now there are several interests that play here that we can read into. for instance, us vice president common le harris is hoping to secure a strong relationship between the united states and honduras through seal mater castro. hoping to secure a strong partner in central america to curb migration from the northern triangle. there's the interest from taiwan, the vice president of taiwan, here in honduras, also hoping to secure a strong relationship. given that hunger as is one of only about a dozen countries of the world that still recognizes the autonomy of taiwan from mainland china. and of course all these leftist leaders that are here sort of welcoming medic, astro into the club of luck. this latin american leaders. alright,
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thank you so much. monroe rap below reporting from the gulf of china says the u. s . must immediately improve its trade practices with beijing or face retaliatory tariffs. it follows a ruling by the world trade organization allowing china to take action on unfair u. s. duties. and it also cops a decades long dispute, because renew you has more from beijing. china's commerce ministry has come out today on thursday and said that this is a significant ruley that safeguards the interests of chinese firms. now this dates back to a case lodged by beijing against washington back in 2012 under the previous obama administration at the time. washington had imposed parents on a number of chinese goods, including wind towers, solar panels, things like citric acid. and washington's argument was that the firms creating these goods were partially owned by state order and to see government entities. and
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therefore, china was not abiding by market principles, and so they slept on these types on these chinese goods. now, the w t o is saying that china has the right to impose $645000000.00 worth of retaliatory tariffs on the us. now there's 2 things to remember about this really number one that this amount of money, although it sounds like a lot is actually much less than what china originally asked for. china originally asked for the right to impose $2400000000.00 worth of chars against washington. secondly, this amount is really appealing in comparison to the amount of tower of since imposed on chinese goods by the previous trump administration. and those tariffs have amounted to $110000000000.00 under this ongoing trade war. while the u. s. federal reserve has indicated it will soon raise interest rates for the 1st time in 3 years. they were cut to near 0 at the beginning of the pandemic,
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interest rates were widely expected to start raising in march to counter a growing inflation in the u. s. a most american families have to survive with less money this year. that's because the u. s. senate hasn't renewed child tax credits. the monthly cash payments were praised for sharply reducing child poverty. and now some organizations are pushing for their return. chris's salumi reports 5 month old garrett was born in the middle of a pandemic. while his mom, maureen gardner, was unemployed. she says, keeping up with his growing needs can be a challenge, but she has reason not to worry. it's hold a lifesaver, thanks to an unexpected economic lifeline from an experimental program called the bridge project, which is giving her $1000.00 a month. this is the only income that i receive, i receive no public assistance. i do receive food stamps, so i'm able to feed myself. but other than that, you know,
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i kind of rely on this money to pay my cell phone bill. keep the internet on by close. he's a growing baby and he's like growing really fast in new york city, wanting for children under the age of 3 live in poverty. the program is helping $100.00 families whose average yearly income is $14500.00. well below the federal poverty line, the foundation behind the project argues the financial support to the families will yield long term benefits for the children. we really wanted it to be done so that we could study this over time and really understand what the effect of this money is on everything from mental health, to food security, to housing security, to really importantly how the baby is developing and reaching their milestones. it's a concept known as guaranteed minimum income advocate, say cash with no strings attached is the best way to help families out of a cycle of poverty. and experiments like the one here in new york are happening all
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across the country to prove it. but what would be a change of social policy here in the united states is actually quite common in europe and canada. last july, millions of american families got an unexpected cash infusion from the government in the form of the child tax credit and to help with expenses like child care during the pandemic, the congress has yet to reauthorize it this year. if you look at how the money was spent, a large majority of it went to up to middle and upper middle class people. and from that vantage point, it's not a very efficient policy. it's like you shouldn't have to give a lot of money to richer people to help poor people still advocate say there's growing evidence, families put the money to good use gardeners payments are guaranteed for 3 years. regardless, if i do start working regardless of how much i make, i will still be able to receive the $1000.00 to care for my child, giving her the time and security to better plan for their future. kristen salumi al
4:40 pm
jazeera new york. the military cohen burke in a faso is set to be discussed at an emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. the regional organization echo us is condemned to take over the un and us are demanding the immediate release of the dispos. president's welcome boy, who later say they seize power because of the government failure to stop attacks by armed roof. hundreds of children were conscripted to fight in sierra leone and 11 year the civil war that killed more than 50000 people. 2 decades on most of them find it difficult to integrate into society. i'll to 0, spoke to a former child soldier about his struggles. my name is jasmine carter to re i'm a child soldier during the civil war in cedar and they usually call me during the war cornell cota. i met disco, manda,
4:41 pm
by the name of major law me jello and the money. the clip my head where they cried my head. so finally i became another. they began to dream, began with, through me, began to train me, begun to travel with me different if they even give me a call, i will see if what's 7 is my go and i was using during the jungle really doing the wall. what i see with my eyes then that expedius, i don't want my, she ran to even seat. then i experience things that change all aspects of life. for the shop while i appear in the loop all around the country for them, they do not see none of these people. so i decide i will if i will live luke, it will fit on sooner. as i tend to freeze out, i rent to my sister, my sister. what do we have to get for?
4:42 pm
i be with him, brick spoof norm gets what's out for people. clean people's house. do this the because one. i don't want to be like my friends. what i want to because somebody international then i have kids in all there now days movie for me to finish already educational new job with me. not in. i just eat a lot even though you can. you mean it was at home this and that's mostly keep it even most of my colleagues, some of them, i'm not going to begin to such a societies because while they have already been listed they've, it's accept the really society. i think they're more like me. i guess i said diesel sites in an earthquake has altered the tongue islands 12 days after the underwater volcano eruption on toonami, which wiped out villages. the epicenter of the magnitude $6.00 tremor was off the coast in the pacific ocean quakes are relatively common. there, i know synonymy warning was issued. europe's police agency has been order to
4:43 pm
destroy information. it holds on thousands of people, regulators excuse europe, whole of exceeding you limits for data storage. so fast and reports from amsterdam, phone from the linda file, the court case in amsterdam against police to find out why europe all is buying on him. the dutch activists as the worst he did, was break a window during the protest for homeless people, while police in the netherlands admitted founder linda is no danger to society. he has yet to find out what europe will know about him. they don't have trip on the data. and if they don't have grip on the data and they spread it all around the world, this is super dangerous. what is the danger of the danger is getting arrested and ending up in an, in, in the police cars to the or worse in a certain country because they don't like political activist or left wing political activist. in my case, you report obtain personal data, thousands of citizens after french police hacked into an encrypted phone messaging service. as a result, dutch french, german,
4:44 pm
and british police arrested hundreds of suspected criminals in 2020, in the so called and called chap case. the most remarkable find was a container equipped to torture people. lawyers are questioning the legality of the operation and you see fish new. ok. so if you see a wave of court cases now in the netherlands, you ok from being finland and germany. everyone is fighting this, but so far clarity has not been given bass. this is quite unique because anchored chat is one of the biggest hex ever done by the police. and they should clarify if it was done legally, the european data protection supervisor has company. if you are pulse practices with those at the american spy agency, as we field by whistleblower edward snowden in 2013. so you can not collect the data just in case it will be necessary. it will be useful in the future. you should know from the very beginning to what the doctor is thought for. this is the difference between the european approach and they broach in some other parts of the
4:45 pm
world where it is acceptable. the data is stored in case it will be useful in the future. you know, a fall declined to comment on camera, but in a written response, the agency fast that's a 6 months time limit for data stories just not enough. and that it is assessing how the supervisors decision to destroy the data will affect the security of you citizens. while most europeans won't complain about data storage for criminal networks. but if concern about the millions of innocent people who are being monitor the european commission is disgusting. if legislation to allow europe holds mass data, storage should be adopted. i'm actually quite surprised that what happened at that time was and as a, everybody was speaking out very clearly in the you. and now d. u was doing in themselves. and there was not so much outcry yet from the linda is calling on other europeans to go to court to demand access to the files stored about them. but he wants,
4:46 pm
it could take many years before they'll receive answers. steadfast and al jazeera amsterdam. the death of a palestinian teenager with cancer has raised questions about the lack of specialized hospital treatment in the occupied west bank. it's been 6 years since the palestinian president promised the hospital would be built there. the failure to improve health care coincides with a new palestinian pole, which shows 2 thirds of respondents think their institutions are corrupt. but he reports from what i'm. these are the last pictures silly me know as he sent his family before he died earlier this month. the 16 year old had leukemia but couldn't get treatment in any hospital. his family says the delay in getting urgent medical attention killed him. some other hell on sunday, my little when sally went to the hospital, they refused to admit him saying the palestinian authority has not paid it's. but 3 other people have been admitted. i am sure they had better connection and managed to get themselves and mighty public hospitals do not provide cancer treatment. so
4:47 pm
the government transfers patients the private hospitals are abroad. sally know at he didn't get a transfer in a news conference, the health ministry admitted medical workers failed to act in time. and in 2016 president motor bass announced the building of a new cancer hospital to treat the growing number of patients. this is the lab where the hospital was supposed to be built, but 6 years later, many activists have been asking was the hospital. and they're accusing palestinian officials a feeling that money dedicated to building it. prime minister, how much they said donations as only covered the small part of the overall budget of $160000000.00 and that the plans have been put on hold. but many have said that this shows how little transparency there is in between the palestinians and the authority. a recent pull shows the 63 percent of palestinians think there is
4:48 pm
corruption in public institutions. but people are often too scared to report it. even though there is a system to protect whistleblowers model thought says she wasn't protected. she has been at home for the past 2 years after being fired from her job for reporting, nepotism and abuse of power at work. on an ann, i'm now being accused of slender and i'm fighting, it's in court. no one is hiding me because they think i'm a troublemaker. you know, palestinians have seen the president's power, expand at the expense of the just letter and judiciary. the, the look, the east we have a weak rule of law, the president's office has been getting more authority. this is lead to more decisions that benefits certain officials and powerful circles around the president . even with some corruption allegations are investigated. perpetrators are rarely held accountable. critic, see that without the political will to fight corruption efforts to combat the
4:49 pm
problem will remain limited. need to have him al jazeera, the occupied westbank. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, we'll have tennis action from the australian open as a so called special k team rolled into the final of the men's doubles with with
4:50 pm
a whole lou. ah ah. hello again, sound for the sports is her sarah. thank you. to re enroll egypt, coach carlos carolyn has demanded his seemed get more respect off. do they beat the ivory coast to reach the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations? now after a scoreless 120 minutes,
4:51 pm
egypt substitute goalkeeper mohammed gobbled. saved eric by ease penalty in the shootout. and then ma'am, on the last that thought to win it for the 7 time champions who haven't actually won the africans since 2010. egypt have only scored 2 goals in their for game, so fall, but they're still in it and they'll now face north african rivals morocco in the last 8 on a sunday. they deserve a little bit of my a more, more kind of more dollars more respect, special, special tramodol, one of our local comment. faith is that media that they've been slashing that team in the players. i think the jeep since they don't, we nothing with that. not supporting the team the other match on wednesday. i also went to penalties and it was like tauriel guinea, who beats molly 65 in the shootout. they will now play pre tournament favorite
4:52 pm
senegal in the quarter finals on sunday. ah, well, the rice to qualify for the wall covering castle has fired off again in asia. and australia has got that campaign back on track. they thrash vietnam, who knew in their group be matching melbourne's end a 3 game when this run in the qualifiers. this'll curry the fighting for a 2nd place in the group on your matic, qualifying bus that comes with it. but that's 2nd place both is currently occupied by japan who also one they qualify on thursday. they beat china to new ending their opponent, types of making it to the finals in japan. now sit just the points ahead of the straight in the standing and iran will secure that pace at casa 2022. if they beats iraq, they haven't lost any of their might. she's so fall and do sits hope of a group a, but both teams are missing pays because of the 19 iraq beats the story,
4:53 pm
rather iran beats iraq, 3 know in the fixture when they played. and so how back in september now later there are 3 qualifies in the south american zone, brazil and argentina have already qualified, but there are still 2 places available and also pay off spots as well. when for ecuador over brazil would all but send them to kathy while she lay would move into the automatic pace. if they beat argentina and you're going face parkway, with both team still in with a chance of making the world cop you may need as well as the shields here that they can be achieved. we are in a difficult moment, but the time has come to compete and do something that has never been done in qualifying ground, which is to win 3 games in a row to reach the world cup cutoff. it is our responsibility. the time has come to stop making excuses. the head of walls football fee for president johnny in france has been criticized to suggesting that holding a world cup every 2 years could shape stopped. brother african migrants from buying
4:54 pm
a c in front. tina has 4 months been pushing the idea and had made the remarks and the rest of the council of europe on to racism, group kick. it sounds that it was completely unacceptable. and here's what he had to say. because football is about what they were saying at the very beginning about the opportunities about hope, about national teams, about the country, about the heart, about the joy, about the emotion. and we cannot say to the rest of the world. give us your money. if you have or happen to have a good player by coincidence, give us the player as well. but watch us on tv. we need to include them. we need to find ways to include the entire world to get hope to african so they don't need to cross the terrain in, in order to find maybe a better life, but more probably death in the sea. well,
4:55 pm
in fontana later said, his comments misrepresented and taken completely out of context and a 3 on fif, his media account. he said, my more general message was, was that everyone in a decision making position has responsibility to help improve the situation of people around the world. this was a general comment, which was not directly related to the possibility of playing a fee for world cup every 2 years. wall tennis number one, ashburn you through to the final of our home grand slam in the australian open party took just over an hour to be american madison keys 6163, continuing her impressive run and not been raining. wimbledon champion is yet to drop. and when sunday's final would make the specialist when you're straight and i've been since 1978 honestly, it's just incredible love. i mean i love this one and i love coming out here and playing an extra layer. and as you know, they were exceptionally schools where grants nation we get the quiet home. we have
4:56 pm
private backyard and i'm just, i'm just happy that i get my, my best tennessee. i enjoyed mobile born and now we have a chance to plan for a total of it's unreal. our policy will pay on, you know, colon, so that's fine. so the american course doesn't seem egos for young, tech collins winning 64613, her grandson. now arguably, the most entertaining event has been the men's w. thanks to nick katy olsen, banassi cookie. not kit straight into a now known as a special case, really got the capacity crowd 5 up in melbourne as they want again to make the final. now the crowd will get really excited, so faced fellow or the next person, not at the for the title. the mens was number one, novak joker, which will return to action for the 1st time since being deported from australia hill plaza tournament and divine. next month, the 3rd was stopped from playing at the australian open and had a visa cancelled over his coven 19 vaccination status. now moving on to the m b a,
4:57 pm
where the cleveland cavaliers of beats in the defending champions, milwaukee bucks, kevin love led the way with 25 points as clear, and 11 is a 11599. that's not 8 winds. in the last 9 games for the cab to leap from the book in the eastern conference table. it's been 2 years since basketball, stall, covey, bryan and his senior old daughter gigi were killed in a helicopter crash near los angeles. fans have been paying tribute to the 5 time and be a champion, his daughter and 7 others who died in the crash on the hillside where the helicopter came down. one of them don medina, has made a bronze statue of the pat. this is all on my own. no one asked me to do it, but then i found myself with 2 beautiful designs. i decided to bring it up for the day from sunrise to sunset and kind of create a bit of a um, a healing process for franz. well, that's way
4:58 pm
a sport for now. maybe more later. see you later on. thank you. thanks for watching the news. our back in just a moment to a much more of the dates this ah frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy if the rest of the world cannot get informed opinions at all. costs focused on needs a critical debate with claims that need to come into stan cho, fred, to russia. but it's precisely his actions that created this insecurity in the region . in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera medication is the beacon that lights the future of any society. but for those who live in abandoned places, are getting an education take inspiration and determination to,
4:59 pm
to live in the remote areas. don't have electricity, tv, or computers to short films show how a love of learning finds a way a select on al jazeera m each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a in we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, louise and credit be rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. and jenny, these people pick up the collect, the segregated, a extremely important service that they provide to the city.
5:00 pm
we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s is respond to its main security demands, but doesn't rule out talk to the fuse tensions with you. a crane. ah, just like from headquarters in del time, teddy and also coming up. this is our country and we will defend ukraine says it's committed to a diplomatic solution to resolve the crisis at its border. but we'll find back if moscow attack.


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