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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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but we'll say, tell the stories of people generally don't have a voice. and then whenever chance my that's never be afraid to put your hand up. not a question. and i think that's what i've already done. we ask the question to people who should be accountable, and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're wanting the news. our life from a headquarters into ohio. edu. navigate are coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s. his response to its main security demands. this is our country and little defendant. ukraine says it's committed to a diplomatic solution to resolve tensions with russia, but we'll fight back if moscow attacks. a major australian energy firm pulls out of
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me and mars, citing the deteriorating human rights situation. spotify, pigs podcast or a, joe rogan over musician neil young in a row, over covered 19 misinformation and i'm sort of highlights with sports as egypt civil case demands his team, get more respect sauce. do they beats ivory coast penalties to reach the quarter finals of the african cup of nations? ah, so we begin this news hour and moscow. that's where the kremlin says, the u. s. an nato have failed to properly address its security concerns. the western powers have refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alliance. the kremlin says dot response is unacceptable, though it's possible to continue with talks. meanwhile, the ukrainian for a minister has reaffirmed g abs commitment to diplomacy and d escalation. and that's despite the kremlin massing more troops on their shared
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border. ukraine is absolutely committed to this, to come to us preventing the conflict. we are not planning any offensive actions. we're committed to diplomatic trek. and we are ready to engage was russia at different levels in order to find diplomatic solution to the conflict. however, if russia decides to fight, woof i there. this is our country, and we will defend it. so after talks in paris on wednesday, russia says that advisors from both sides plus france and germany have all agreed that a ceasefire should be in place in eastern ukraine. they meet again in berlin in 2 weeks time. rosalind jordan begins are coverage from washington dc on wednesday night, the u. s. ambassador to russia, john sullivan hand delivered the american response to russia's demands for increased security guarantees. amid it stand off with the west over ukraine,
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the letter several pages long repeats. the biden administration's position u. s. troops go where they're wanted. individual countries decide whether they want to join, nato and russia must abandon any plans to invade ukraine. moscow says it has no such plans. the document is with them and balls in their court. we'll see what we do, as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine, were prepared. either way, good to see you again. but the u. s. also offered some proposals it thinks could reassure russian president vladimir potent and his government printed arms control, improved transparency on u. s. engagement in ukraine, and changes to u. s. nato exercises in eastern europe. the russians received a similar note from nato leadership in a bid to head off
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a possible conflict and ukraine. we colon rashaw once again to immediately the escalate the situation. nato firmly believes the attentions on this agreements must be sold through dialog on diplomacy. nato was offering to host negotiations between the us and russia to resolve the crisis but stolen bird told reporters 5000 nato rapid response. troops can be called up in just a few days if needed. but washington and its european allies have stepped up deliveries of military aid to kill, including defensive weapons. unity among western nations though has not been complete. i in fact like germany, notably hasn't provided any military aid to keep sensibly because of its reliance on oil and gas deliveries from russia. the u. s. reportedly is trying to address those concerns. i'm absolutely confident in german solidarity in of being with co,
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together with us and other allies and partners in confronting renewed russian aggression against ukraine. meantime, the u. s. and russia are still walked in a spat over diplomatic thesis. 26 russian diplomats and their families left washington on wednesday because of what the russian ambassador called ongoing harassment by american authorities. u. s. official say it's now up to moscow to respond to what the americans consider reasonable proposals to and the crisis. but they saying they're still ready to impose the harshest sanctions possible. if moscow orders its troops to invade ukraine. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department. so now there has been a response from russia. let's bring in dorsey jabari. she joining us from moscow to tell us more about what the kremlin had to say. dorothy well, 1st we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister, sergei love rob, who was speaking to a state agency, the local news agency here. and he said that they are studying the proposal and the
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answers that they've received from the american government. he said that the americans have not responded to the main issue. that is, at the center of this dispute. and that is nato's expansion, that the russians are not happy about this. and the foreign minister said that there, but there is hope that said there could be discussions further held with the american government on the secondary issues of concern for the russians. but the main point of contention, and that is nato's expansion has not been addressed by the u. s. government. and the foreign minister also said that the contents of the u. s. response will be made public soon. this is despite the u. s. secretary state entity, blink, and saying last night, they wish to keep this document private for the time being to allow diplomacy to prevail. and we've also been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson, dmitri pascall, who is confirmed that a russian president vladimir putin, has now received this a response and is studying. and he will decide how to respond to the answers
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received by the u. s. government and the criminal also said that there is not too many reasons for optimism after their response they've gotten, and that they believe that the current, russia, west relations resemble that of the cold war era. so there is not extremely positive news, initial response from the russian authorities. at the moment, i will wait to find out what the next steps will be taken after the president decides where to go for a door. so you'll keep us across a story. thank you. so much dorothy jabbar, you're reporting from moscow. let's get a sense of what's happening on the ground and eastern ukraine and bring an hood often hum each is joining us from marya pool. so that what are people they're telling you? and how concerned are they at the increase tensions? well, actually is quite interesting if there is one place where people should be concerned here. and the ease is actually here in my viewpoint,
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because his coat quite as strategic town is on the as if see should to russian invade. it would be a great game for russia because it would actually give russia a land access to the crimea. been insular that was annexed back in 2014. this city has seen also a lot of fighting between the separate this and the ukrainian armies gone from one to the other. well, if you ask people how they feel about it a while, does not much, much concern. we heard people say that it doesn't make any sense for russia to invade at this moment that there's not enough juice on the other side, even though there is still support in this town of, for russia. but still, people don't seem very worried. we've actually were in a weapons shop just about an hour ago, and we asked the owner there and he said, well, actually back in 2014 and 15 people were buying lots of weapons for self defense.
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this time he is, this sales has been increased at all, neither in weapons nor in ammunition. and he said to me, well this is a clear indication that people are not panic. they're not listening to what's happening. they're living they day to day life at the moment. yes. the idea that threat of a russian invasion has existed has been there for the past 8 years. but does not that it increase sense of anxiety of uncertainty that anything will happen any time soon? even though no one would disguise that, it could happen some down in the future, but just not now. ok, thank you so much. had i been hamid reporting from eastern ukraine, a national guard serviceman who shot and killed 5 people in central ukraine has been detained. it happened that a missile factory and new pro city 5 others were injured. the soldier opened fire after receiving collection calls assault rifle. another energy firm has announced that it's withdrawing from me tomorrow because of human rights concerns. the
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australian company woodside follows energy dry and chevron on total and pulling out from the army is biggest source of foreign income. international says businesses have no excuse to continue working with the regime. this is for businesses need to be doing and i need to be weighing this up if it's the right thing to be doing. i mean, if wait next tuesday is the one year anniversary of the milling sick. who i mean, in that time, way of saying over 1400 people killed with st. thousands of people detained st accidents and journalists that are being part of like a bloody backlash where they've been detained and, and often killed. so this is, i mean the military is, they are launching indiscriminate attacks that of killing civilians. there's lifesaving i, that's been blocked to the country. this isn't a bit, this is my country, this isn't a right saying that people should be wandering into doing business with are they?
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the gardener is the director of human rights at australasian center for corporate responsibility. she says it's pressure from activists that has forced these firms and to taking action. i think that this is deemed because of a variety of factors. but mostly it has been this persistence of civil society organizations here in australia will say, very brave activists in mamma, running the blood money campaign, who have really spoken woodside origin, woodside, and made them aware of the serious human rights violations and extend the woodside hasn't been turned away, i think here in australia with a more and more energy company being a bit more aware that social license operate and more aware of the reputation operational impact that can happen to the company. as well as financial impact. if they don't listen to society entities risk that applies by they are
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saying is activists and civil by organizations really rushing. see the ministers here in australia, the government's trying those channels as well as you know, directly to the company and raising this with key investors as a serious human rights violation. and, you know, i really think that woodside understands that we're coming into a future where it's not possible, just ignore the shareholders and nor by the organization. when they're saying that it's untenable to be working and operating in a country that has today made it up to a 101500. the civilians, men, women, and children. south korea says north korea has launched 2 suspected ballistic missiles. they were far from near the coastal city of hang home into the sea of
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japan. if confirmed there, the 6 launches from the north this year in defiance of un security council resolutions. china says the u. s. must immediately improve its trade practices with beijing or face retaliatory tariffs. it follows a ruling by the world trade organization, the china can take action on unfair us duties and caps a decades long disputes. katrina, you has more from beijing, china's commerce ministry has come out today on thursday and said that this is a significant ruling that safeguards the interests of chinese firms. now this dates back to a case lodged by beijing against washington back in 2012 under the previous obama administration at the time, washington had imposed parents on a number of chinese goods, including wind towers, solar panels, things like citric acid. and washington's argument was that the firms creating these goods were partially owned by state or an entity government entities. and therefore, china was not abiding by market principles. and so they slept on these types on
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these chinese goods. now the w t o is saying that china has the right to impose $645000000.00 worth of retaliatory tariffs on the us. now there's 2 things to remember about this really number one that this amount of money, although it sounds like a lot is actually much less than what china originally asked for. china originally asked for the right to impose $2400000000.00 worth of tires against washington. secondly, this amount is really piling in comparison to the amount of tower of since imposed on chinese goods by the previous trump administration. and those tariffs have amounted to $110000000000.00 under this ongoing trade war. plenty. morehead, on the, on the renew our including destroying data europe, police agency is told to get rid of information it holds on thousands of people
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criminalizing the cages. seems like these are set to become a thing of the past in south korea and, and sport tennis action from the australian open as a woman. number one tries to secure her place in the final ah, ah, but 1st the poland has started building a 180 kilometer long wall on its border with bella. ruth, the work is being carried out rapidly for completion by next summer. the 5.5 meter high wall is a response to a stand off with beller roof in december. and that's when thousands of refugees try to cross into the u. jonah hall is standing by for us and because need so that's in poland. jonah, just tell us more about this wall and put the story into context for us
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when you say 186 kilometers long, the war will be when it's completed by the end of june 5 and a half meters high. that, that stretching about half the distance, the length of the border line between poland and bella roost. will it stop these illegal crossings of the border by migrants? refugees would be asylum seekers on the better side into poland. busy probably not particularly if they continue to have the help as has been alleged since the beginning of this crisis of bellows and border guards. physically taking them to weak points along the border and physically cutting the fence or helping them through. i spoke in the last day or 2 with a courtesy, immigration lawyer who provides assistance to people who do get across with their asylum planes. he said, nothing is going to stop this happening. people will simply find another way. and remember that as much as this is a physical barrier, it is also a political construct being built by a polish government, a right when government fiercely anti migrant that knows only too well. but this is
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a popular measure amongst its own supporters and is presenting it indeed on state broad media as something with even larger significance than that as a means of reinforcing, protecting, fortifying the external borders of the european union as a whole. so how likely is that then, when you look at the sort of the political context of this, how likely is it that it and flames tensions with bella? luce, even more i'm so sorry i have lost. i us be connection to you. assuming we're still connected, let me tell you quickly that the situation for people on the better side of the border has improved since the height of the crisis lost some of their a few of them 800 people or so now in a converted warehouse down from a couple of 1000 in the last few months, they are continuing to try and make those border crossings a few dozen a day according to the polish border god on this side, that's down from hundreds
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a day. a few months ago, i spoke to some activists who we met yesterday, who said they saw 10 people picked up by the polish border guards on this side, obviously, who were allegedly pushed back through the fence. that is something that is known to happen. it's against international law, and on wednesday night last night, i spoke by phone to a man in that camp on the beller ocean side of the border. he says he's been there for 3 months now with his family, among them children. he says, any danger they may face in europe is far less than the danger they've left behind . they are absolutely determined to press on with that journey. they'll make that crossing, he said, possibly when the weather improves these sub breeze freezing temperatures at night in the spring. ok, jonah, thank you so much. don't a whole reporting for me because we've been told and now europe police agency has been order to destroy information at hold on. thousands of people, regulators accuse europe, whole of exceeding your limits for data storage. surpass reports from amsterdam
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long found the linda file, the court case in amsterdam against police to find out why europe all is buying on him. the dutch activists as the worst he did, was break a window during a protest for homeless people, while police in the netherlands admitted founder linda is no danger to society. he has yet to find out what you are. paul knows about him. they don't have trip on the data. and if they don't have creep on the data and they spread it all around the world, this is super dangerous. what is the danger of the danger is getting arrested and ending up in an, in, in the police cars to the or worse in a certain country because they don't like political activist or left wing political activist. in my case, you report obtain personal data, thousands of citizens up to french police hacked into an encrypted phone messaging service. as a result, dutch french, german, and british police arrested hundreds of suspected criminals in 2020, in the so called and called chap case. the most remarkable find was
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a container equipped to torture people. lawyers are questioning the legality of the operation, and you see fish new. ok if you see a wave of court cases now in the netherlands, u. k. france being finland and germany. everyone is fighting this, but so far clarity has not been given bass. this is quite unique because anchored chat is one of the biggest hex ever done by the police. and they should clarify, if it was done legally, the european data protection supervisor has completed your pulse practices with those at the american spy agency as we field by whistleblower edward snowden in 2013. so you can not collect the data just in case it will be necessary. it will be useful in the future. you should know from the very beginning to what the data is stored for. this is the difference between the european approach and approach and some other parts of the world where it is acceptable that the data is stored in case it will be useful in the future. you know,
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a full declined to comment on camera, but in response the agencies fast that's a 6 months time limit for data. so it's just not enough. and that it is assessing how the supervisors decision to destroy the data will affect the security of you citizens. while most europeans won't complain about data storage for criminal networks, but it's concern about millions of innocent people who are being monitored. the european commission is discussing if legislation to allow euro pulse, mass data, storage should be adopted. i'm actually quite surprised that what happened at that time was and as a, everybody was speaking out very clearly in the e. u. and now the use of doing in themselves. and there is not so much outcry yet from the linda is calling on other europeans to go to court to demand access to the files stored about them. but he wants, it could take many years before they'll receive answers. steadfast and al jazeera amsterdam is discuss this with chloe at birth. hello me. who's in brussel?
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she's a policy advisor, european digital rights. welcome to al jazeera. what do you think your poll was trying to do exactly? what was the point of this? the mission of shareable, the way the agency was created in the ninety's and look over the years. and the 2002010 is basically to collect as much data as possible and analyze it for the purpose of supporting criminal investigation led by member state . so it's in, in inner and nature of your approach to use the data that is transferred by member state or by 3rd countries and to a storage enlarge databases for future analysis. and what they are aiming at. it's basically trying to find clues of criminality among these large amounts of data. and that was actually the aim of the encroachment case. ok,
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ration mass amount matching. the amount of data were collected, transferred to your uncle. and your full mission was to make sense of that because it's impossible for human beings when they're faced with that amount of data to actually have a useful outcome on their investigation and try to prosecute criminals. and therefore, you're there with its capacity of analysis based on algorithm and based tools to support the memory state. and this is why it needs, according to its official to collect that amount of data, right? so when you look at the individual information that's been collected on those individual, what is the personal risk to them when it comes to this information that's been gathered on them? yeah, so like there is a huge, obviously because like just for the normal individual, if you're using
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a service that is targeted later by an operation as bulk hacking operation. so whereby government official but most specifically national police forces are targeting an entire communication system. if you're part of the user base of the system of the service, then probably your data will be exit collected and transferred to whoever needs it . and that can be like a partner in the criminal investigation. so countries, when there is a transnational criminal investigation and also to europe will when you are completely innocent for example, or if you have no link whatsoever melody and your crime for which your pool has competency, you can end up in your database without even knowing it right, so if you kelly graham, it can be the next one, you know, so i know that you have said that the current text off the euro. polls reform
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needs a drastic policy shift. how drastic are we talking about here? what are you calling for? what needs to happen? yeah, so the reform is going completely in the wrong direction. it is going toward more powers, more creational powers for europe will. it is actually in something durable. sure. and data protection will, it is creating exception loopholes in its turn basin, allowing it to process data of, you know, some people, a person that's linked to crime. and this is complete me the wrong direction to ask people that are protection action. what we were command in bed is actually to look and evaluate how europe of work is reinforcing. certain discriminatory practices at national level. and also check whether the sure and check and balance system in place are actually effective. but you can see it took so much time for the yes,
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the supervisor to figure it out that your bill was doing something illegal so that needs to be reinforced. ok, we thank you so much for joining us from brussels. thank you for the invitation. still ahead on the al jazeera news, our will be live from burkina faso as west african leaders call for an emergency meeting following monday school. so the message that it was the door that now they had added with him out long hours and low wages. somebody's health system, my staff storage is as health workers, steve jobs abroad. and in sport, iran footballers can book their place in the world cup later build up to the qualifiers. coming up with sarah and sports. ah,
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that heavy snow that was so newsworthy, enclosed, and greece and turkey was 2 days ago that it's now sun over the top of the snow storm. the ground, the cold air still around in the balkans and south was the warnings of severe light frost. but the next storm developing very obviously further north, it's not severe, it's a pretty standard winter storm, a strong wind johnson through nor see so there will be high waves in the coast, denmark low countries, and they'll be snow brought in with that with data touches still single figures now's extremely low. they were london actually because the stirring up of this very cold layer of air is now warmed up about 11 degrees in the forecast. that's going to continue processing itself during friday with the snow going eastwards into western russia. going south was once again the balkans, not survey edge, a standard winter stuff, and then the return of the southwest, the breeze, the british isles, all this time spending, particles loving it. i have to say's beautiful sunshine that the cold air has
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spread down through egypt and again, temperatures wrong rise curves at 60 below average, but not as bad as it was. but you'll notice this brown poor here. this is the seasonal ha matter when it's been enhanced recently, it's blowing quite strongly bringing dust alms to chat behavior. and nigeria ah join the debate. they a race of right people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online, at your voice. the comment section is right here, join our conversation, we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not to play being nationalistic about this. you just look at it in a very different way. said that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution. let me get it clear for you. this dream on al jazeera in a series of original documentaries or 0 correspondence, explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers. gabrielle is on the
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cover, the tragic story of 2 reinforced activities, brutally killed fighting the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers. returning to the amazon, gabriel learned how the campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those who sought to profit from the forest destruction. i'll just hear correspondence. oh, the color again, the top floor from the all just to renew dollar ranges. it's committed to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis with russia. the will fight back if attacked. us and nato have refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alone
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alliance, australia, and energy firm which site has announced that its withdrawing from me and mar. it's the latest company to pull out because of human rights concerns. it follows energy giant chevron until toll free energy sector has been the army biggest source of foreign income. poland has started building a 180 kilometer long roll on its border with bella. ruth, the 5 and a half meter wall is a response to december stand off with the roof when thousands of refugees tried to cross into the you will thing with our top story and tens of thousands of people have fled crimea, since russia annex the peninsula. 8 years ago, and now many are afraid, the more conflict would force them to move again. charles stratford report from nova alixia in southern ukraine, volunteers load coal to give pension is struggling to stay warm and ukraine's brutal winter cold. the men of charters, turkey,
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ethnic group who have lived in climate the centuries. tens of thousands left when russian troops illegally annexed the peninsula in 2014, worried about increasing tension between ukraine and russia. i was in that way, especially worried about have women, children, and elderly. there is a war because we have no way to take them. we try to provide for them and reassure them as much as we can. we may have delivered cold to 81 year old as ema, she, her family and an estimated a 190000 saucers were deported for crimea during stallings purges of his opponents and 944 put in claims. i know. yeah, but i want to our president put in, why do you need to occupy this foreign land? how can you take over our land and tremendous like these shots that goes around 8 percent of this town have for us of use to show. there is no open animosity between
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austin, but you can sense it. climbing is just a few kilometers across the water. behind me. now, 6, russia illegally annexed the peninsular in 2014, as estimated that as many as 140000 ukrainians of left. many of them ethnic crimean tosses, who say they fled persecution in their ancestral land. in the market, no one would talk to his own camera about their support for russia. but this lady said she felt great affiliation in the country. it's language and culture. if people chose climbing to be part of russia, you said you live, then let them be. the mosque was built in 2002 for the tartar community, all inside men gather for prez. hussain talk. lou says he will never accept a russian rule in crimea. will you see the c t c h. when russia antics crimea between 10 to 40000 tortoise flat because of political and religious pressure on the lack
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of freedom of speech and they left behind their homes and property. and i had to start life again on the summer. not only taught us, but all ukrainians live in perpetual uncertainty. everyone is talking about potential war. as ema says she isn't strong enough to visit family who still lives in crimea. and she fears for both ukrainians and russians. if a solution to the crisis between the 2 countries isn't found. charleston orthodontist era novel, alexander, southern ukraine. spotify as removing neil young music. and that's because he accuses the streaming platform or spreading coven misinformation, the us rock star, that he no longer wants spotify to feature his music because of a podcast by joe rogan young, caught condemned rogan's interview with an infectious disease specialist who opposes cope with vaccines. for children, let's bring him on phillips, he's an author and social media,
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a commentator. he's joining us by side from london. hi there. welcome to al jazeera . just waiting on the story for me, and let me see where you stand on the side of the debate. so this is a tricky debate. it's fairly undeniable that a joe rogan's podcast has featured some people and indeed jerome himself have said some things that are dubious about covered. so he, in the past has promoted in the manner in which was an ineffective treatment for cove it and, and as soon as he said he really had on an infectious disease expert who opposes the use of a, some of the vaccines. um and so, you know, there is a tricky space in between what is outright mis information? verse is what is debate and joe rogan supposed to throw his he say that, you know, he's just promoting debate. but i think there is a reasonable argument to be made that he could be doing more to at the very least, contextualizing push back on branch misinformation. yeah, i know, critics,
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i'll say, well social media platforms, you know, they're, they're hardly neutral when it comes to making such determinations. and who gets to decide what exactly, and this is, it is important to stress that this is a very different situation to questions all, for example, content moderation on facebook, or twitter, or other social media platforms. spotify is paying joe rogan, a, an awful lot of money in order to produce podcasts exclusively for them. they are absolutely a media platform, and there's nothing wrong with saying that they should take some degree of editorial responsibility for the content that they're paying full. and so this is a different, quite a question to the kind of ones that we see when will asking, you know, should facebook, you know, fact check, things should facebook delete things should facebook ban people? this is about a media company that's paying someone to make content for them, right? but it still goes to the heart of a misinformation versus a freedom of speech and, and that is something that we do see with the other media companies. so how,
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how much pressure do you think, ah, these companies have been under to strike that balance between what can be deemed misinformation versus freedom of speech. so there's certainly been under a lot of pressure, and i think all of them, to a large extent have done something, is question of whether or not that's enough and exactly how they're striking that balance. and of course it is a balance. it's this is an appeal binary way you've got freedom speech at one end and censorship on the other side and there's nothing in between. so just as there are plenty of things that spot, if i could do to limit the risk of their flagship podcast, spreading misinformation during a pandemic that you are short of actually censoring joe rogan all dropping him or anything like that. it. we also, he this with the social media platforms, is that a lot of the time, their response to it is not just deleting or banning people, but it's actually adding contexts, you know, so they will add fact checks. so that's, that's effectively the free speech response to questions of misinformation which is adding more speech rather than taking speech away. and i think that's really should
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be the 1st approach that everybody takes before you get on to talk a banning. and so all thought in a situation like a pandemic, whether it's a real, genuine risk of hum from misinformation spreading, people can die because of this. then there is still an argument for actually taking this further steps in cases where it might cause directed and media home to people . ok, thank you so much tom phillips, so we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. now the military co burkina faso is set to be discussed at an emergency meeting of west african leaders. on friday, the regional organization echo us has condemned. the takeover un on us are demanding the immediate release of deposed president rock. cabaret nicholas hack has more from wanted to go. it's in this upscale neighborhood in walker. do that president a hot market boy is being held under house arrest his nearby, the presidential palace just behind me. it's now in the hands of special forces. we can go any further. they've set up checkpoints. it's no longer the center of
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decision making in this country. that's now in a military count in downtown walker do go where earlier. the head of the military june, lieutenant colonel. oh, he met with the former government of hawking mach category, essentially trying to create some sort of government of national unity to gain some sort of legitimacy. the fear is sanctioned from the west african body echo off the heads of states. a west africa are going to meet in ivory coast on friday, but also sanction grounds from the un or the something that this country cannot afford. there are still attacks happening in the north, in the east, from arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i still and well, earlier during the week, thousands of people took to the street. it was less of a celebration for the end of february regime. it was a celebration for hopes that this new leadership may be able to bring curity to this country. we met with one of the organizers of this march,
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and this is what he had to say. what is the new regime need to see a book in a set of what got to go. people ask yet we need stability. we have more than 2000000 people displeased, didn't need to be able to go to 1000, have been killed. we need to regain control of our country and abroad is in 2015 thousands of people storm this road behind me, leading to the presidential palace and not marked the return of democracy 6 years ago. people now hope that with this new regime, those democratic achievements will not be quashed for the military though many soldiers of the front line hope that they will be better equipped to deal with the threats of arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i saw that they'll have rations, night goggles and weapons, so that they can protect this country from further attacks. military leader is amalia have repeated their demand for a dane or special forces to leave their part of
1:40 pm
a french lead counterterrorism task force to combat on groups linked to al qaeda. and i saw denmark's foreign minister said troops had been invaded. molly's military governments has no consent, has been given my she, nobody will come here by proxy any more thought used to happen. but now it's finished. it won't happen any more under the authority of our seeming going talk. if someone has to come to molly and then we will come to an agreement, we will agree on what you will come here to do. as in bob, a suffering, a brain drain of doctors and nurses who are seeking greener pastures abroad as harm a toss a report on the capital hoary, the government seeking compensation from richer countries for recruiting zimbabwe and medical workers. collating alca is frustrated and she leaves about with the largest public hospital. she says he's been sick for months and still doesn't know what's wrong with her. what i'm doing fine, we're gonna do you live. i was told i can't get blood test done because the labs are not working. and i have to go to a private laboratory,
1:41 pm
but they're too expensive, so i haven't got any help yet. public health work is here often complain about low wages, the lack of personal protective equipment, shortages of drugs and medical equipment, as well as poor working conditions. some of the medical awards you can have a tune. this is missing for the patients in this, in the to patient, which is a, which is look at the correct ah, pissed miss patient elise, you into this will lead to, to been out of businesses. so again, this is that are in the was the door that now they are tired of good did been out in the b b a wish or so to leave. and d, what is going to happen to model a site is our hope and of assistance contained. the government's health service board says lasha, more than 2000 health professionals lifts and bobby to take jobs in the u. k. island, australia and the u. s. that's more than double the number of doctors,
1:42 pm
nurses and pharmacists who left in 2020 and 3 times the number of resignations in 2019. isn't bobby's government? says it costs $70000.00 a year to train just one doctor and it takes years before they qualify is developing countries. we are spending a lot of scarcity sources with quote them scarcity sources in training are here to work us in order to lose them, to, to belong, to conscious in. so it is very ideal if such support could be confined in terms of monitor investment or material resources. the coven 19th endemic has made wealthy nations intensify recruitment and relax the visa restrictions for health with us from poor nations. an average worker in the public sector takes home less than $200.00 a month in the u. k. for example, they can earn 10 times as much. despite repeat the promises from the government to improve salaries, they remain low. the continued loss of trained health professionals is worsening.
1:43 pm
some bobby's already overstretched public health system. and right now they seemed city little incentive to make staff stay harder. motus algae, there had i soldiers in jordan say they've killed 27 drug smuggler, is trying to sneak across the border from syria. an army spokesman says the traffic or is use heavy snow cover to carry large amounts of illegal drugs. the military is rules of engagement have recently been tightened to combat and increase in drug smuggling. peruse government to threatening to shut down an oil company at the center of a 2nd oil spell. this monk rep sol denies. there's been a new leak at the la pump, p r refinery near the capital lima. the government has crude oil spilled into the sea during work on a pipeline soon i me and tongue of cause the major spill into the sea from the same refinery. just 2 weeks ago, he was supreme court justice, steven briar is reported to be on the verge of pronouncing his retirement,
1:44 pm
and that would give president joe biden, his 1st chance to nominate a new judge to america's highest courts. after previously promising to choose a black woman, how did your castle reports from washington? supreme court justice steven briar had long bring jack did, viewing the high court through a political lens at 1st dismissing calls from democrats to step down so that a president of their own party may name a replacement if the public sees judges as politicians and robes its confidence in the courts and in the rule of law itself can only diminish, diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check or other bridge. born in 1938 in san francisco, writer grew up in a middle class jewish family. he said his upbringing helped develop the pragmatism that later shaped his legal views. hi stephen drive. you solemnly swear. he was a federal appeals court judge for 14 years before president bill clinton nominated
1:45 pm
him to the supreme court in 1994. every judge's particular obligation is to deal fairly and thoroughly with the legal problems of the individual parties before the court, whether they are poor or rich or helpless or powerful minority or majority. ryan joined the court's liberal wing consistently ruling in favor of abortion rights, environmental protection, and voting rights. he opposed the strict textural interpretation of the u. s. constitution as endorsed by conservatives. but he believed in compromise and was a famous optimist. justice brier, i think, is a true technocrat in the best sense of the word he believes in a good ideas, thoughtful compromises and intelligence and expertise running the world. ah, and he has really tried to do that quite consistently in his time on the court. in
1:46 pm
his later years on the court ry are questioned, the legality of the death penalty and drafted one of the rulings of holding obamacare. his retirement now sets up a political battle to name a replacement. heidi jo castro. alger 0, washington, prince andrew of britons. prince andrew. that is, is seeking a jury trial to clear his name. in the sexual assault case. he's fighting in new york. he's facing a civil complains brought by virginia, jeffrey who says she was sexually assaulted by him 20 years. so when she was 17 years old, he denies the allegations a class action lawsuit is being brought by 6 people in japan who say they developed firewood cancer. following in nuclear disaster, the group says they were exposed to radiation after the free shima power plant was hit by an earthquake ended soon. army in 2011. there are demanding tokyo electric power company holdings pay $5400000.00 in compensation. south korea has announced
1:47 pm
plans to end bear, forming hundreds of so called moon bears are kept in cages around the country because they're bile and other body parts are used in traditional medicine. but the government says that will become a crime within the next 4 years, alexia bryan has more case, tiny roasting cages. these there have only is no intensity. there. anything like that is known as moon, bears the crazy shaped markings. the bile is used in traditional medicine, mainly believe it can kill a range of ailments from hangers to cancer. but under a new plan agreed between being farmers, animal welfare groups, and the south korean government keeping caged. this is to become a crime owner. david, who has out in mid a home today is a very precious day declaring an end to bear farming. every one here has
1:48 pm
a part to play. we'll have to work together to make sure that from january the 1st 2026, the term breeding bear will vanish. commercial be about farming began and south korea in the 1980s as a way for poor farmers to increase income. welfare advocates have for the practice saying the bears live in misery. farmers to have pushed for change. al jazeera visited came, clung, so in 2013 he said the home grown bear bio market had collapsed with south koreans buying it for less from china or vietnam. he says, well, the plan is a good start, he's not sure it goes far enough. homer panzarella and we'll have, we have 4 more years until they'll take over the bears for years. as a long time, the government should provide some support and feeding the bears and maintaining facilities to make sure they're taken care of. about $360.00 bays or in captivity
1:49 pm
in south korea. the we bought using civic funds and put into care the environment ministers apologized for not acting sooner. has to be done if a poor girl who is having a bowman. i would like to ask everybody for their cooperation so that the bears will no longer leave their cages to have their bol extracted, but instead, to move to sanctuaries and live out the remainder of their days in a free and safe environment. the 1st of 2 centuries is set to open and 2024. so these bear still have many long days and nights and cages. before the 1st sense of freedom. alixia brian al jazeera still out on the al jazeera news, our tennis action from the australian open as the so called special katie roles into the final of the men's doubles. ah.
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ah whole lou
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ah ah, her is sarah with a sports news. thanks a lot during or egypt coach colace quick qui arrows has demanded his tea and get more respects after they beat the ivory coast to reach the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations after a school is a 120 minutes. egypt substitute goalkeeper mohammed up will gobble saved eric by ease penalty in the shootout. and then how much the law set up to win it for the 7 time champions. who haven't actually won the africans since 2010 egypt roni scored 2 goals in there for games so far, but they're still in it and they'll now face north african rivals morocco. in the last 8 on a sunday. they deserve a little bit of my a more,
1:52 pm
more kindness, more dollars, more respect, special, special promotion. oh, local comment date the media that they've been slashing the team in the players. i think a jeep since they don't. we nothing with that. not supporting the team. the other match on wednesday, i also went to penalties. it was equitorial guinea who beat molly 65 in the shootout. they will now pay pre tournament favorites. senegal in the quarter finals on sunday. ah, the rice qualifies the world cup and katha has fired up again in asia with 2 games underway. right now. i was straight here a playing vietnam where they need to know. it's coming up for half time and the
1:53 pm
other much between japan and china with a host having taken on early lead there also chasing group b, lead of saudi arabia who face a mom later. and in group a, it's lebanon against south korea. you take on syria and there's a big game between iran and iraq. iran will secure their place at catherine 2022 if they beats iraq. they've not lost any of their matches so far and sit top of the group a both seems. i'm missing players because of 19 wrong beats iraq 3 now in the reverse fixture when they played and they'll have back in september later, there are 3 qualifies in south america zone, brazil and argentina have already qualified, but there are still 2 places available and also pay off spots as well, when for kudos over brazil would all but send them to katha while she they will move rather into the automatic places. if they beat argentina and you're going face power, g y with both seem still with a chance of making the world calls you may need as well as it shows you that they
1:54 pm
can be cheap. we are in a difficult moment, but the time has come to compete and do something that has never been done in qualifying ground, which is to win 3 games in a row to reach the world cup cutoff. it is our responsibility. the time has come to stop making excuses in the head of wild football field for president john. in fact, tino has been criticized, suggesting that holding a world cup every 2 years could solve african migrants from dying at sea. in fact, siena has been pushing the idea of a way, i know wald cut for months and that, and he made rather the remark in an address to the council of europe and c, racism group, kick it out that it was completely unacceptable. he's one fin, has to say, because football is about what they were saying at the very beginning about opportunities, about hope, about national teams, about the country, about the heart, about the joy, about the emotion. and we cannot say to the rest of the world. give us your money
1:55 pm
if you have or happen to have a good player by coincidence, give us the player as well. but watch us on tv. we need to include them. we need to find ways to include the entire world to get hope to african so that they don't need to cross the terrain. and in order to find maybe a better life, but more probably death in the c. 19 or later said his comments were misrepresented and taken out of context and tweets on fif is need your account. he said, my more general message was that everyone in the decision making position has a responsibility to help improve the situation of people around the world. this was a general comments which wasn't directly related to the possibility of playing a few for world cup every 2 years. i will tennis number one ash, balance history to the final of a home grand slam. the australian open boss he took just over now to be american
1:56 pm
madison keys 6163, considering her impressive run in melbourne. raining wimbledon champion is yet to drop a step when sunday final would make boncey 1st. when you're straining open it since 1978. honestly, it's just incredible of, i mean i love this one and i love coming out here and playing an extra layer. and as you know, they were exceptionally schools where grants are nice and we get to play at home. we have private backyard and i'm just, i'm just happy that i get my, my best tennessee. i enjoyed mobile born and now we have a chance to play for a title it's, it's unreal, arguably, though the most sense obtaining event has been the men double. thanks to nick, kill your son, son. i see cookie knocking the a strained into a now known as a special case really got the capacity. crowds fired up in melbourne as they want. again to make the final and now the crowd and get really excited. they face all these mikes puzzle and mat, absence the title and onto the m b a,
1:57 pm
where the cleveland cavaliers have beats in the defending champion. walkie bucks. kevin love led the way with 25 points. screven one, it's 11599. that's now a winds in the last 9 games. so the cap who beat for the bucks in the eastern conference table. now it's been 2 years since basketball stall, coby bryan, and in the 13 year old daughter gigi were killed in helicopter crash near the foundries. fans have been paying tribute to the 5 time and be a champion, his daughter and 7 others who died in the crash on the hillside where the helicopter came down. one of them down medina is made of bronze statue, the pan hike up the hill with a $73.00 kilos. sculpture. this is all on my own. no one asked me to do it, but then i found myself with 2 beautiful designs. i decided to bring it up for the day, from sunrise to sunset, and kinda create a bit of a healing process for fans. let's say a spot for me,
1:58 pm
for now i'll be back later. thank you so much, sarah. we'll see you later, and thanks for watching the news. our analogy 0. so he'll romans with you in just a moment. would much more of the days news? the bye. ah frank assessments for china? well, banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest, the world cannot get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs. and on fridays from that stable critical debate by rick would claims that native constitutes an existential threat to russia. but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines
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inside story on al jazeera, new education is the beacon that lights the future of any society. but for those who live in abandoned places, getting an education takes inspiration and determination. what i didn't understand you had to live in the remote areas. don't have electricity, tv, or computers. too short fells show how a love of learning finds away. ha select on al jazeera, this city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy mother situation to now, it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruise punishments for
2:00 pm
certain crimes was everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into then you reality ah, russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s. his response to its main security demands. ah, hello rahman, you're watching out there alive. my headquarters here in the hall coming up in the next 30 minutes, reports that us supreme court justice stevens brian plans to retire paving the white full president joe biden to nominate his 1st replacement to the top. cold. also, major australian energy fan pulls out of me.


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