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steps to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. be it for public opinion or profit. the listening close examines the vested interests behind the content you consume on. ouch is here. ah, this is our country and we will defend the ukraine says it's committed to a diplomatic solution to resolve tensions with russia, but we'll fight back if moscow attacks. ah, bugs a whole robin, you're watching out there in life. my headquarters here in doha also coming up a plea for more humanitarian aid for afghanistan, view, and walls. the country is hanging by a thread of millions of people are living in frozen hell. a major australian energy
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firm pulls out of the above because of concerns about human rights. and hope dearest gets ready to swear in its 1st female president, but the inauguration has been overshadowed by a leadership battle in congress. ah, welcome to the prego. we begin in ukraine where just moments ago, the foreign minister reaffirmed chance commitment to finding a diplomatic way out of the escalating security crisis with russia. and that's despite the kremlin obasi more troops on their shared border every day. ukraine is absolutely committed to this, to until preventing the conflict. we are not planning any offensive actions. we are committed to diplomatic trek, and we are ready to engage with russia at different levels in order to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. however, if russia decides to fight,
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will fight and that this is our country, and we will defend all the haunted states on nato. say that offering russia a diplomatic path out of the ukrainian crisis in a written response to moscow security demands. they said that prepared to discuss arms control, but they rejected russia's coal to bang kiev from nato roslyn. jordan has moved from washington dc on wednesday night, the u. s. ambassador to russia, john sullivan hand delivered the american response to russia's demands for increased security guarantees. amid it's stand off with the west over ukraine, the letter several pages long repeats. the biden administration's position u. s. troops go where they're wanted. individual countries decide whether they want to join, nato and russia must abandon any plans to invade ukraine. moscow says it has no such plants. the document is with them and walls in their court. we'll see what we
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do, as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine were prepared either way. good to see you again. but the u. s. also offered some proposals it thinks could reassure russian president vladimir potent and his government renette arms control, improved transparency on us engagement in ukraine, and changes to u. s. nato exercises and eastern europe. the russians received a similar note from nato leadership in a bid to head off a possible conflict and ukraine. we call our osha once again to immediately the escalate the situation. nato firmly believes the attentions on this agreements must be sold through dialog on diplomacy. nato was offering to host negotiations between the us and russia to resolve the crisis but stolen bird told reporters 5000 nato rapid response. troops can be called up in just
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a few days if needed. but washington and its european allies have stepped up deliveries of military aid to keep including defensive weapons. unity among western nations though has not been complete. i'm for glad germany, notably hasn't provided any military aid to keep sensibly because of its reliance on oil and gas deliveries. from russia, the u. s. reportedly is trying to address those concerns. i'm absolutely confident in german solidarity in of being with ho together with us and other allies and partners in confronting renewed russian aggression against ukraine. meantime, the u. s. and russia are still walked in a spat over diplomatic thesis. 26 russian diplomats and their families left washington on wednesday because of what the russian ambassador called ongoing harassment by american authorities. u. s. official say it's now up to moscow to
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respond to what the americans consider reasonable proposals to and the crisis. but they saying they're still ready to impose the harshest sanctions possible. if moscow orders its troops to invade ukraine. rosalind jordan al jazeera, the state department, has been an immediate response from wolf go to the us and nato, but elia russia's foreign minister, a ward of swift retaliation. unless concessions are made you, when you're good, use the constructively, with a constructive response, does not arrive and the west continues its aggressive course. moscow will, as president putin has said on more than one occasion, take the necessary retaliatory measures. so he just though is still visible, security of russia and its citizens is an unconditional priority and will be reliably ensured in all circumstances tens of thousands of people, her fled, crime is in russia antics the peninsula 80 years ago. many more afraid that more conflict could force them to move again. charles stratford reports from noble alexia fca,
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in southern ukraine's volunteers load coal to give pensioners struggling to stay warm ukraine's brutal winter cold. the men of charters, turkey, ethnic group who have lived in climate the centuries. tens of thousands left when russian troops illegally annexed the peninsular in 2014, a worried about increasing tension between ukraine and russia. rather than us re specially worried about have women, children, and elderly. there is a war because we have no way to take them. we try to provide for them and reassure them as much as we can. the men had delivered cold 81 year old as ema, she, her family and an estimated a 190000 soldiers would reported for crimea during stollins purges of his opponents and 944. put in claims. i know. yeah, but i want to ask president, put in,
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why do you need to occupy this foreign land? how can you take over our land and torment us like these shots put the route? 80 percent of this town have for rational views. but there is no open animosity between austin, but you can sense it. camilla is just a few kilometers across the water. behind me now, since russia illegally annexed the peninsular in 2014 is estimated that as many as 140000 ukrainians have left. many of them ethnic crimean tosses. who say they fled persecution in their ancestral land. in the market, no one would talk to his own camera about their support for russia. but this lady said she felt great affiliation in the country, language and culture. if people chose climbing to be cause of russia, you said you live, then let them be. the mosque was built in 2002 for the tartar community all inside men gather pres. hussein talk,
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lou says he will never accept russian rule in crimea. or d, c, t c t c h. when russia antics crime in between 10 to 40000 tortoise flat because the political and religious pressure on the lack of freedom of speech that they left behind their homes and property. and i've had to start life again on the summer, not only taught us, but all ukrainians live in perpetual uncertainty. everyone is talking about potential war. as ema says she isn't strong enough to visit family who still live in crimea and she fears for both ukrainians and russians. if a solution to the crisis between the 2 countries is and found. charleston orthodontist era novel, alexander fca, sub ukraine, a national guard serviceman who shot and killed 5 people in central ukraine has been detained. it happened at a massage factory in the pro city. 5 others were injured, not the soldier opened fire after receiving a kalashnikov assault rifle. the insecurity general says life of guns is becoming
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a frozen hell, and the country is hanging by a thread as millions they salivation until they get harish is urging the international community to release funds which were frozen following the taliban takeover last year. he says the taliban must uphold the fundamental human rights of women and children, or diplomatic editor james base reports from you and headquarters in new york. with more than half of the afghan population suffering from all the un calls extreme levels of hunger, the secretary general antonio terrace again sounded the alarm. 6 months after that they covered by the taliban. afghanistan is hanging by a thread. for guns, daily life has become a frozen hell one of the kind of stones best known women's rights. campaigners who still lives in cobble came to new york to address the security council. after 20 years of tasting freedom working, studying, playing, sports,
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performing music. it has taken less than 6 months to completely dismantled the rights of the women and girls across the country. her account was backed by the un, special representative inside afghanistan, debora law and said a number of women activists had recently been adopted and then had disappeared. she said this was part of a wider, deeply worrying pattern. and here on the ground, there is compelling evidence of an emerging environment of intimidation. and deterioration. and respect for human rights suggests that the consolidation of government authority may be leading toward control of the population by fear rather than by understanding and responding to its needs. the meeting was presented by norway's prime minister eunice goss stora, his government fluid taliban delegation for talks in oslo,
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with international diplomats in afghan civil society. in recent days. in an interview for talk to al jazeera, he told me this was not meant to give the group legitimacy or recognition. to me, it looks like this. if we don't sit down with them, present the expectation, the demands and what they have to deliver afghanistan going, it's going to sink down in that tremendous humanitarian. this all search, most of us got stones reserves remain frozen, but the un wants to change that without renewed liquidity and the african economy. as a risk, the da humanitarian situation becomes a country wide famine. on the other hand, some nations still worry about rewarding the taliban when the human rights situation in particular, the treatment of women seems to be getting worse. not better. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations soldiers and jordan say, they've killed 27 drug smugglers trying to sneak across the border from syria. and
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army spokesman said the traffic has used heavy snow cover to carry large amounts of illegal drugs. the military rules engagement have recently been tightened to combat an increase in drug smuggling south chris, as north korea, as those 2 suspected ballistic missiles, they were fired from near the coastal city of ham home, into the sea of japan. if confirmed that the 6th launches from little to share in defiance of un security council resolutions still had here on al jazeera, the calm before the storm. we lead the indonesian families living in the path of persistent floods and rising interest in the us. we'll tell you why rates are going up for the 1st time in 3 years straight after the break. ah.
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where it looks like all the big showers in the southeast asia are more or less over here. solo ac. pops the philippines, some parts of bornea. but the further west you are sumatra. up in singapore. cale looks like is fine weather for the most part. if you see orange tops, they're heavy showers are out that many of those down here, there are a few of the south china see that the potential development might run up towards taiwan and a couple of days time in australia, almost the reverse is true, but she all of tropical australia is subject to likely thunderstorms the next day or so some pretty heavy stuff. i have to say to clear northern queensland then for the south is a good line of shattering through victoria. this good orange talks tops to them, so potential flash flooding here. melbourne included for the west. the off shore breeze in perth means it's getting hot once again per se. as you remember, beaches record of 40 degree days in the summer were approaching that again for saturday. last sunday and probably monday as well. whereas for the rest,
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the showers or rather, while that lined in a frontal system of trophy, she likes it moving up to new southward, leaving the sun behind. did melbourne at 25 degrees. not particularly warm but settled in new zealand. christ church finally warming up to 24 on saturday. ah, ah, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial pass. and their museums filled with artifact, spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of origin. people in power explores the heated debate around right from ownership admits activists taking matters into their own and out of africa on a jessina blue
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. the me look about wanting to say with me, so robin reminder of our top stories. ukraine says it's committed to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis with russia, but we'll fight back if attacked, the us and need to have a few mosque as demand to bol ukraine from the security alliance. the un secretary general to the guns bond is hanging by a thread with education and other social services close to collapse and is working to provide aid to spend sanctions. a lot of energy firm has announced that withdrawing from me and mom because of human rights concerns, feel strongly and company woodside follows energy giant chevron and to town and
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pulling out from the army. the biggest source of foreign income. amnesty international says businesses have no excuse to continue working with the regime. this is this, this is need to be doing that need to be weighing this up if it's the right thing to be doing. i mean, if we next tuesday is the one year anniversary of the military coup. i mean, in that time way of saying over 1400 people killed with st. thousands of people, the time st activists and journalists that being part of like a bloody backlash where they've been detained and often killed. so this is, i mean, the military is, they are launching indiscriminate attacks that are killing civilians. it's last typing that's been blocked to the country. this isn't a bit, this is my country, this is another right. saying that people should be wandering into. i'm doing business with what i see. gardner is the director of human rights at all state of the australian center for corporate responsibility. she says it's pressure from
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activists that is for these firms and to taking action. i think that this is being because of a variety of factors, but mostly it has been the shia persistence of civil society organizations here in australia, but also very brave activists. and, you know, in mamma, running the blood money campaign, who have really spoken to woodside a recent woodside and make them aware of the serious human rights violations here. and the extent of woodside hasn't been out in a way, i think here in australia with seeing more and more energy companies be a bit more aware social losses to operate and more aware of the reputation operational impacts that can happen to the company. as well as financial impact, if i don't listen to society and to these risks that are placed by these types of operations. i would say is, you know,
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activists in civil society organizations really, you know, rushing to the ministers here in australia to the government's trying those channels as well as you know, directly to the company and raising this with k investors as a serious human rights violation. and, you know, i really think that would sides understand that we're coming into a future where it's not possible just to ignore shareholders and to ignore civil society organizations when they saying that it's untenable. so they are working and operating in a country that has today made it up to 1501500 of its own civilians, men, women, and children try the says the u. s. must immediately improve its trade practices with beijing or face retaliatory tariffs. and it follows the ruling by the world trade organization that china can take action on unfair us duties and caps
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a decade long dispute as cars over to katrina, you who's in beijing game and eyes exactly what this means. so it seems that the w t r is saying to the u. s. sought your house out and trade fairly. that's how china seems to be reading it. i think that's right. so china's commerce ministry has come out today on thursday and said that this is a significant ruley, that safeguards the interests of chinese firms. now this dates back to a case lodged by beijing against washington back in 2012 under the previous obama administration at the time, washington had imposed parents on a number of chinese goods, including wind towers, solar panels, things like citric acid. and washington's argument was that the firms creating these goods were partially owned by state or entity government entities. and therefore, china was not abiding by market principles. and so they slept on these types on
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these chinese goods. now the w t o is saying that china has the right to impose $645000000.00 worth of retaliatory tariffs on the us. now there's 2 things to remember about this really number one that this amount of money, although it sounds like a lot is actually much less than what china originally asked for. asked for china originally asked for the right to impose $2400000000.00 worth of tires against washington. secondly, this amount is really peeling in comparison to the amount of tower of since imposed on chinese goods by the previous trump administration. and those tariffs have amounted to $110000000000.00 under this ongoing trade war. so it seems like this decision is really mostly symbolic. what it does is give aging extra ammunition to pressure the bite and administration going forward when it
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comes to trade negotiations. the 2 countries are still locked in this trade war started by donald trump in 2018. those negotiations have been very much side tracked by the pandemic. and many in the us say that china is still failing to live up to the commitments promise during the phase one agreement with this trade war, which was slide 2 years ago before the pandemic. thanks for taking it up for screening. you in beijing now? yes, media is reporting supreme court justice stephen briar will retire at the end of his current term. the 83 year old is one of 3 remaining liberal justices in the conservative majority court. prior retirement will give presenter by the 1st chance to nominate a new judge to the countries highest judicial body. i previously promised to choose a black woman on during his 1st female president as due to be sworn into power in the next few hours. but the milestone is being marred by rebellion with initio. mater castro's own policy will repel reports now from the capital tickets. the
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golfer. the hunters is about to swear in the country's boost woman president. jo, monica was historic victory in the november elections into the highly polarized election season, more by violence and fears of social unrest. pharma. we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country, a government of peace and the government of justice. whose presidency morrison in to the 12 year rule by the conservative national party led by controversial president when landed in atlanta. but a power struggle in the 100 national congress threatened to derail the new president's political agenda. and analysts say the discord could plunge the country into a full blown crisis. i can quote that i don't want to leave, we have to find abundance in order to avoid the fire from spreading. but right now it's manageable. if we don't seek out
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a solution. and instead of steal to the fire or level, we're going to get burn. yeah. fuel monica is the wife of former hunter and president manuel selina, who was ousted during a coup in 2009 as a presidential candidate, got through promise to restore democratic institutions and root out corrupt government officials. even before the start of the latest political crisis in honduras, addressing them any problems facing the country like violence, poverty, systemic corruption. and, and he konami crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, was a tall order for the new president. now with a really ripped and 100 legislature, the international community is calling for a dialogue, but average citizens see what they want is for the government to simply do its job . yep, i'm allowing a boy as a young person, i'm low in that the job for young people, all adults, and the elderly, that there are laws in favor of women and for men to the children for animals. i
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know the president shall mazda is going to achieve it. the incoming administration of monica seen by many as an opportunity to turn the page on more than a decade, scandal, and political turmoil. but if the current conflict does not result, it's an opportunity that could be squandered before catherine presidency. even begin. manuel al jazeera debussy guys, military leaders and molly have repeated the demand for danish special forces to leave the part of a french lead counter terrorism task force to come back on groups like al qaeda. and i still, amongst foreign minister said troops had been invited law. molly's military government says their consent had been given much. she, nobody will come here by proxy any more, but used to happen. but now it's finished. it won't happen any more under the associate a see me going to talk. if someone has to come to molly and then we will come to an
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agreement, we will agree on what you will come here to do. the military can begin a faster is set to be discussed, answered emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. the regional organization echo os house condemned to take you out in the us are demanding the immediate release of deposed president law cowboys. authorities and peru are assessing a 2nd oil spill off the coast of lima. governments, as crude spilled into the sea jury work a pipeline at the lap below refinery rep. so the company that owns the facility denies as being the new league who's so cleaning up after the tone in sonoma calls . another may just spell out the same refinery earlier this month. residents in northern indonesia trying to rebuild half the flooding earlier this month, destroyed their homes. more than 30000 people were displaced off the heavy rain, pummeled the region. jessica washington reports now from ha, you know, as he and her family have lived in this house in lone village in northern
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a chain for 12 years, it used to belong to her grandmother. the floods have destroyed most of their possessions, including their wedding photos. they are trying to clean up what they can do or when the plot stops. sometimes we have to leave at night carrying our children more than 30000 people across the northern ha. we're affected by floods in early january. this was near the was his home just a few weeks ago, almost completely submerged, and not for the 1st time. communities in north until experienced flooding every few months. the rain has finally stopped and flood waters have receded now as many tried to repair the damaged homes and salvage their possessions. they are also looking for answers. the persistent floods have ruined people's livelihoods. more
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than half of the rice grown here was spoiled. got, we're going to get my not onion and be what can we do? we can leave. this is our home, i'm going environmental group say, deforestation has made north of a vulnerable to flooding as logging on higher ground means water runs downhill and into rivets much faster. millions of heck turns have been cleared to make way for palmer plantations, and many trees have also been lost to illegal logging value. we still see plantations popping up using loopholes to acquire new land and hugging. authorities are not to say the situation will improve when a new reservoir is complete, get that money back down to the roof. we asked the government for a reservoir to contain the water. we can't stop people from cutting trees in the forest because that's how they own living here. so the government will do more to stop logging and help say vulnerable communities. when, when the bike,
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we don't want the government to come, hey, drink floods and give us instant noodles and rice, we need them to think of solution. we're going to see some say they have lost hope . have nothing man says water. took everything from living. that exhausted and overwhelmed these people? no, it's only a matter of time before their homes are flooded. once again, jessica washington to 0. archie. though the us federal reserve has indicated it will soon raise interest rates for the 1st time in 3 years. they were cut to the 0 at the beginning of the pandemic, interest rates was expected to start rising in march to count a growing inflation in the us will be black as a former federal regulator and a professor economics and law, the university of missouri and kansas city, he explains what the rate change will mean for all americans. rates have been exceptionally low for decades from the great financial crisis,
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and then some disruptions in the money market to cause them to throw money at the problem. and there's no reason for that to continue because us unemployment has is now lower than before. the pandemic began. so a, there's no need to keep the low and be inflation because the supply chain disruption has gone up in the united states to around 7 percent. so it's a good time to be trying to make sure there's no extra heat in the, on the monetary side unlikely that it needs to go particularly high. and it's unlikely that it needs to persist very long. this is still a relatively short term problem. we expect to much lower inflation next year, even if they didn't take these actions. so they'll probably have at
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least 2 near term up takes in the interest rate. and then they'll see whether they need a 3rd rockstar. neil young has asked spotify to remove his music from the streaming platform. young said he no longer wants his music called spotify because of its relationship with podcast. host, joe rogan, the musician has the keys. rogan of spreading cove at 19 misinformation. he was criticized that intrigue. an infectious disease specialist who opposes coping 19 vaccines for children. ah, what's your desire with me? said robin. a reminder of all top stories, ukraine's foreign minister has reaffirmed, cares, commitment to finding a diplomatic way out of the escalating security crisis with russia. now that despite the kremlin massing more troops on their shared border.


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