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taking matters to their own out of africa on a, just a, you know, there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. what we want to know is how do these things affect people? we revisit places state even when they're no international headlines. al jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege. as a journalist lou. ready the u. s. a. nato deliver, they have written responses to moscow. security demands, as he is grow of a russian invasion of ukraine. and we report from southern ukraine, way cry me, and taught us live in uncertainty, years after russia onyx to reach you. ah
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ha, you're watching al jazeera live from bill. how with me, fully back, people also coming up. what guns? daily life has become of frozen hell? a die un assessment of the situation in afghanistan, a country where key services have collapsed. part to, well, the public sovereign every moment he stays his dragoon over the agony for families who reminded of the sacrifices the mean and the u. k. prime minister says he has no intention of stepping down despite revelations of possible locked down violations. ah, thank you very much for joining us. the united states and nato have delivered written responses to moscow security demands over ukraine in it, they rejected russia's call to permanently ban kia from joining the security lines . the u. s. secretary of state says a letter lays out
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a clear diplomatic path for moscow as concern in the west girls of a possible russian invasion of ukraine. crossing jordan reports from washington on wednesday night, the u. s. ambassador to russia, john sullivan, hand delivered the american response to russia's demands for increased security guarantees. amid it's scanned off with the west over ukraine, the letter several pages long repeats. the biden administration's position u. s. troops go where they're wanted. individual countries decide whether they want to join nato and russia must abandon any plans to invade ukraine. moscow says it has no such plans. the document is with them and walls in their court. we'll see what we do, as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine, were prepared. either way, good to see you again. but the u. s. also offered some proposals it thinks could
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reassure russian president vladimir potent and his government burnett. arms control improved transparency on u. s. engagement in ukraine and changes to u. s. nato exercises and eastern europe. the russians received a similar note from nato leadership in a bid to head off a possible conflict and ukraine. we call on russia once again to immediately the escalate the situation. nato firmly believes the attentions on this agreements must be sold through dialog on diplomacy. nato was offering to host negotiations between the us and russia to resolve the crisis. but stolen bird told reporters 5000 nato rapid response. troops can be called up in just a few days if needed. but washington and its european allies have stepped up deliveries of military aid to kill, including defensive weapons. unity among western nations though has not been
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complete. i'm for glad germany, notably hasn't provided any military aid to keep sensibly because of its reliance on oil and gas deliveries. from russia, the u. s. reportedly is trying to address those concerns. i'm absolutely confident in german solidarity in of being with co, together with us, and other olives and partners in confronting renewed russian aggression against ukraine. meantime, the u. s. and russia are still locked in a spat over diplomatic thesis. 26 russian diplomats and their families left washington on wednesday because of what the russian ambassador called ongoing harassment by american authorities. u. s. official say it's now up to moscow to respond to what the americans consider reasonable proposals to and the crisis. but they saying they're still ready to impose the harshest sanctions possible. if moscow orders its troops to invade ukraine. rosalyn jordan al jazeera,
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the state department, while tens of thousands of crime me and taught us have fled since russia annex deep and intellect 8 years ago. and now many are afraid that conflict between russia and ukraine would force them to move again. i'll just, there's chance stratford reports from no val, i lake seca in southern ukraine, volunteers load coal to give pension was struggling to stay warm and ukraine's brutal winter cold. the men of charters, turkey ethnic group who have lived in climate, the centuries. tens of thousands left when russian troops illegally annexed the peninsula and 2014, worried about increasing tension between ukraine and russia. everything that we especially worried about have women, children, and elderly. there is a war because we have nowhere to hate them. we try to provide for them and reassure them as much as we can. we may have deliberate colds, 81 year old as ema,
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she, her family and an estimated 190000 tossers, were deported for crimea during stylings purges of his opponents and 944. put in claims. i know. yeah, but i want to our president put in, why do you need to occupy this for land? how can you take over our land and tremendous like these shots that goes around 8 percent of this town have for us of use to show. there is no open animosity between austin, but you can sense it. korea is just a few kilometers across the water. behind me. now, 6, russia illegally annexed the peninsula in 2014. it's estimated that as many as 140000 ukrainians of left, many of them ethnic crimean tosses, who say they fled persecution in their ancestral land. in the market, no one would talk to his own camera about their support for russia. but this lady said she felt great affiliation in the country,
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its language and culture. if people chose climbing to be part of russia, says, then let them be. the mosque was built in 2002 for the tartar community on the side. men gather for prez. hussain talk. lou says he will never accept a russian rule in crimea, or you did not receive the speech when russia antics crimea between 10 to 40000 tortoise fled because the political and religious prussia and the lack of freedom of speech that they left behind their homes and property and i've had to start life again on the summer, not only taught us, but all ukrainians live in perpetual uncertainty. everyone is talking about potential war. as ema says she isn't strong enough to visit family who still live in crimea and she fears for both ukrainians and russians. if a solution to the crisis between the 2 countries isn't found. charleston orthodontist era novel, alexander fca,
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sub ukraine in avenues the un secretary general is warning life enough gan is done, is becoming a frozen hel antonio terrorist says, an ongoing humanitarian crisis has left the country hanging by a thread with education, food availability, and other social services on the brink of collapse, diplomatic editor james spaces report from the un. with more than half of the afghan population suffering from all the un calls extreme levels of hunger, the secretary general antonio terrace again sounded the alarm. 6 months after that they covered by the taliban. afghanistan is hanging by a thread for afghans daily life has become a frozen hell. one of afghanistan's best known women's rights campaigners who still lives in cobble came to new york to address the security council. after 20 years of tasting freedom, what kink studying playing sports, performing music,
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it has taken less than 6 months to completely dismantle the rights of the women and girls across the country. her account was backed by the un special representative inside afghanistan. deborah lawns said a number of women activists had recently been abducted, and then it disappeared. she said this was part of a wider, deeply worrying, patton, and here on the ground there is compelling evidence of an emerging environments and intimidation. and deterioration in respect for human rights suggests that the consolidation of government authority may be leading toward control of the population by fear rather than by understanding and responding to its needs. the meeting was presided over by norway's prime minister, jonas ga stora. his government fluid taliban delegation for talks in oslo with
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international diplomats in afghan civil society. in recent days, in an interview for talk to al jazeera, he told me this was not meant to give the group legitimacy or recognition. to me, it looks like this. if we don't sit down with them, present the expectation, the demands and what they have to deliver afghanistan going, it's going to sink down in that tremendous humanitarian. this all search, most of us got stones reserves remain frozen, but the un wants to change that without renewed liquidity in the african economy. there's a risk, the da humanitarian situation becomes a country wide famine. on the other hand, some nations still worry about rewarding the taliban when the human rights situation in particular, the treatment of women seems to be getting worse. not better. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations south korea's military says north korea has fire to projectiles. believe to be ballistic missiles that were launched from the
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coastal city of ham home into the see if they are ballistic missiles, it will be the 5th launch this year. the u. n says young young is in violation of security council resolutions to know them, syria now where kurdish forces say they've regained control of a prison following a week long assault by i saw fighters around 200 inmates and 27 kurdish fighters were killed in. i felt attempt to free their comrades, the battle forced 45000 people from their homes in the city of hacker. the charity save the children says some of those being detained in the prison were used as human shields on the un special envoy for syria. j peterson says he's worried about the resurgence of iso and he says there needs to be international corporation to avoid disaster. if we continue to see doctor political crisis of seriousness sorted out, if we continue to see a division of territory like we'll say, you know, with different authorities or really economy collapsing with more than 14000000
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people in needle humanitarian assistance. and the holster that are people living in the northeast, living in the northwest, living on the goldman control. and we do sort of with no hope for the future this. this is a recipe for continued dis austin, syrian refugees in the countries north west are appealing for urgent help as the region is hit by freezing weather. around a quarter of a 1000000 refugees have been affected by snow. heavy rain and low temperatures, as that big has more a city of tense. this is life for around 250000 syrians force from their homes by the civil war. and now after 10 years of continued conflict, snow and rain is their latest enemy result. so a lot of the very cold weather, the massive volume snow and the bad condition of the camp have led to the tents,
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damages every way. we ask allah and we urge those who are willing to help do the best for us. we don't have firewood and there is no heating. we burned some shoes and clothes just to offer some heat to the children. and father, traveling to the area was already difficult. the snow has made it near impossible. agencies are struggling to get access. 10 have collapsed under the weight of the snow. the few that do have shovels do what they can. the rest are left to move snow with their hands in freezing temperatures. oh, the one little hubbard, the whole camp does not have bread. we call upon the humanitarian organisation and all the authorities concerned to urgently help the camp and its residence. the un says more needs to be done, but for the people here, they need help. now a lot of other things here. i would think the whole camp is in real danger and we don't know what to do. we have spent the last 70 years intense and displays caps. they can't find us flat. the camps are inadequate. at the best of times,
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the snow is only adding to the misery. peace people face as that bag. i'll just here. still head on al jazeera, the u. k. spring. sandra wants a jury trial in the sexual assault allegation. he's fighting in new york and south korea shows it cares for bass. why seems like these are set to become a thing of it? ah, the the outer couches come in pools is currently sitting over the prairies of central calendar. it's cold for the size but not as optically. so, as it has been now, that might change from the end of the week, or get a combination of warm moist air from the sas and cold from north of the time being . it's the sunshine. the breeze is not that stronger,
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new york's miles one probably feels lovely and he's going to snow in toronto attempts he comes up to about minus 5. so that's the progress it is during thursday than that cold wind come south. again, keeping things below where they should be been or article cold. however tear in chicago. it goes from minus 2 to minus 8. the sun comes out on saturdays until that expect some snow proper winter as i said. and that winter it has come sad. so the highest temperature in your is 11 degrees in the gulf coast as not going to feel good as the sun is the compensated spirits from florida and is an in house rent and a few showers elsewhere in central america. nothing extraordinary, but the seasonal rain has pet perked up, and i think it every factor. and that last all the way back to the pacific coast. few big showers, i think in the northern bahamas as the record or sudden, columbia and overseas. further south north, argentina and southern brazil. intense showers will be around ah,
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the jenny, a jenny and a and one of necessity in 3 different missions that all facing the challenge and driving on nika racquel is an unpaid rent at the mercy of unpredictable tropical with risky nissan liquor. acura analysis in blue ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. reminder of our top stories. the united
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states and nato have delivered written responses to moscow. security demands about ukraine, that rejected russia's call to permanently ban. here from joining the security lights, the un secretary general says life in afghanistan has become a frozen hell. and tony of the terrorists has worn, the monetary crisis has left the countries hanging by a thread with education and other social services on the brink of collapse. and kurdish forces in northern syria say they've regained control of a prison falling a week long assault by i saw fighters around 200 me and 27 kurdish fighters were killed. and i sold to attempt to free the commerce that the military coup in booking of fossil is due to be discussed out of emergency meeting of a class leaders on friday. the regional organization has already condemned monday's military take over the us and us are demanding the immediate release of defaults. president rock couple rate al jazeera nicholas hock is falling developments from
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the capital walker to go and has this report. it's in this upscale neighborhood in walker do go that president hawkins cowboys being held under house arrest this near by the presidential palace just behind me. it's now in the hands of special for says we can go any further. they've set up checkpoints, it's no longer the center of decision making in this country. that's now in a military camp in downtown walker do go where earlier. the head of the military juanita, lieutenant colonel, all he, po amoeba, met with the former government of hawkeye mac cabaret. essentially trying to create some sort of government of national unity to gain some sort of legitimacy. the fear is sanction from the west african body echo off the heads of states of west africa are going to meet in ivory coast on friday, but also sanctions ground from the un or the something that this country cannot afford. there are still a tax happening in the north, in the east, from arm groups linked to al qaeda and iso. and while earlier, during the week,
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thousands of people took to the streets. it was less of a celebration for the end of cupboards regime. it was a celebration for hopes that this new leadership may be able to bring purity to this country. we met with one of the organizers of this march, and this is what he had to say. what does you have up to the new regime needs to save book in of set of what good to good people ask yet we need stability. we have more than 2000000 people displeased. did need to be able to go through 1000, have been killed. i'm it would need to regain control of our country and we bought this in 2015, thousands of people storm this road behind me, leading to the presidential palace and that mark the return of democracy 6 years ago. people now hope that with this new regime, those democratic achievements will not be quashed for the military though many and soldiers of the front line a hope that they will be better equipped to deal with a threat of arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i saw that they'll have rations,
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night goggles and weapons, so that they can protect this country from further attacks. us media report face supreme court justice steven brier is said to retire at the end of the course current term, the $83.00 o 3 time. it will give you a spread, joe biden. his 1st chance to nominate a new judge to the countries highest judicial body. hydro, castro reports supreme court justice, steven briar had long rejected viewing the high court through a political lens. at 1st, dismissing calls from democrats to step down so that a president of their own party may name a replacement if the public sees judges as politicians in robes. its confidence in the courts and in the rule of law itself can only diminish, diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check or other bridge. born in 1938 in san francisco right, grew up in a middle class jewish family. he said his upbringing helped develop the pragmatism
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that later shaped his legal views. i stephen drive, you solemnly swear. he was a federal appeals court judge for 14 years before president bill clinton nominated him to the supreme court in 1994. every judge's particular obligation is to deal fairly and thoroughly with the legal problems of the individual parties before the court, whether they are poor or rich or helpless or powerful minority or majority. ryan joined the court's liberal wing consistently ruling in favor of abortion rights, environmental protection, and voting rights. he opposed to the strict textural interpretation of the u. s. constitution as endorsed by conservatives. but he believed in compromise and was a famous optimist. justice brier, i think, is a true technocrat in the best sense of the word he believes in a good ideas,
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thoughtful compromises and intelligence and expertise running the world. ah, and he has really tried to do that quite consistently in his time on the court. in his later years on the court ry are questioned, the legality of the death penalty and drafted one of the rulings of holding obamacare. his retirement now sets up a political battle to name a replacement. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington for ins. friends, android seeking a jury trial to clear his name in the sexual assault complaint is fighting in new york. he's facing a civil case brought by virginia. jeffrey who says she was sexually assaulted by prince andrew 20 years ago when she was 17 years old. he denies the allegations, cable is under, has more from new york potentially could go to trial. when would that be? it's anybody's guess at this point, but probably later in the year,
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not necessarily immediately. would prince andrew have to be present at this trial in new york? not necessarily again, because it's, it's a civil and not criminal case. he would not necessarily physically need to be present, although this is all still details to be worked out in the future. could this is her chances does not go to trial. the answer to that is yes as well. it's not guaranteed at this point. there's certainly still a chance that this could be settled out of court. so that is also another possibility. moving forward in the 11 page filing by prince andrew's lawyers. he does admit that he did 1st meet prince did 1st meet jeffrey epstein in 1999. that's about a year before the allegations of sexual abuse against prince. andrew came r r r of between 2002002. but beyond that, he denies being a co conspirator, sir, to jeffrey epstein. and he denies all the allegations of any sort of sexual abuse
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against virginia go free virginia free claims. she was sexually abused by prince andrew on 3 separate occasions once in london. once on jeffrey epstein, private island in the caribbean. and once here in new york, he denies all 3 of those. but clearly, prince andrew's options are dwindling. you can find minister voice johnson has resisted cause to resign in parliament. his wishes to comment on an internal investigation into whether his government held gatherings in breach of college 19 goals, a dean battery, or some london police. if i could find his not leaving downing street now the subject of a police investigation and hoping to persuade his party in parliament to move on from the parties in number 10. in truth, many people have already decided whether they believe boris johnson over what's referred to as party gate. the latest twitched, including one loyal m p,
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claiming the prime minister had been ambushed with a birthday cake at a celebration in june 2020 in parliament, johnson was asked yet again about his assurance his last month. but that be no parties. and that no coven, 19 rules had been broken. the minister code says that ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer their resignation. does the prime minister believe that applies to him? by mister, mister speaker, of course. but let me tell the house either. i think he is invited to your question about an investigation, which is, you know, mister speaker, i can't a comment. johnson brushed off calls to resign. you saying he had important work to do. but top of his inbox will be the government report overseen by civil servant c gray, into a series of gatherings in downing street since the 1st lockdown in 2022nd. the prime minister confirmed that he will publish the full su cray report as he receives it. lisa, mister speaker,
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what i can tell him is that we've got to leave the report to the independent investigator as he knows. and of course when i receive it on course i will do exactly. i want, i said, as part of the report, police officers working here gave evidence that evidence led the metropolitan police to decide they would launch the road investigation into potential breaches of coven laws. anyone found guilty could receive a fine, but the mere fact, the prime minister could be interviewed as a suspect, as a layer of embarrassment to widespread public resentment. me for the investigation proved that he was her breaking the rules them. yes, definitely. he was breaking the rule because a lot of people are dying that time below following a strictly was differently against the spirit of what we were all trying to do as a nation here. and if he's broken, the loathing by a speculation mounted about how many conservative m p 's might soon be sending in letters to trigger a no confidence voted. johnson's leadership,
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the foreign secretary was wearily defending her boss on national television. i'm a 100 percent supportive of the prime minister. he has done a great job. it, whether it's delivering brakes. it, whether it's the response the pandemic. there's no doubt the shines. come off or is johnson's image is a man of the people, but it's his colleagues, not the public having to decide right now whether he can come back from this or whether he's become too much of a liability. the dean barber al jazeera south koreans are being urged not to be alarmed by another record rise in covey. 19 infections, the health ministry recorded 13000 new cases compared to about 8000 on tuesday. dr . say they expect the more transmissible on the con variant will cause further increases, but they also say the health system is prepared to respond because of high vaccination rates and rapid testing. and south korea has announced plans to end bare farming,
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hundreds of so called moon bears. i kept in cages around the country because there bile and other body parts are used in traditional medicine. or the government says that will become a crime within the next 4 years. alexia bryan reports kept in tiny roasting cages. these bears have only even no intent to see their atheistic black bears known as moon bears for their crescent shaped markings. the bile is used in traditional medicine, merely believe it can kill a range of ailments from hangers to cancer. but under a new plan agreed between being farmers, animal welfare groups and the south korean government keeping caged bears is to become a crime. i can day, it was only me the home today is a very precious day declaring an end to bear farming. every one here has a part to play. we'll have to work together to make sure that from january the 1st 2026, the term breeding bear will vanish. commercial be about farming began and south
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korea in the 1980s as a way for poor farmers to increase income. welfare advocates have for the practice . thank the bears live in misery. farmers to have pushed for change. al jazeera visited came, clung, so in 2013 he said the home grown nearby market had collapsed with south koreans buying it for less from china or vietnam. he says, well, the plan is a good start, he's not sure it goes far enough home. heather alarm and we'll have we have 4 more years until they'll take over the bears for years. as a long time, the government should provide some support in feeding the bears and maintaining facilities to make sure they're taken care of. about 360 bays or in captivity in south korea, the we bought using civic funds and put into care the environment ministers apologized for not acting sooner. personally, honestly, paul, he is having
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a bowman. i would like to ask everybody for their cooperation so that the bears will no longer leave their cages to have their bol, extract it, but instead, to move to sanctuaries and live out the remainder of their days in a free and safe environment. the 1st of 2 centuries is set to open and 2024. so these bear still have many long days and nights and cages. before the 1st scenes of freedom. alixia brian al jazeera ah her again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, the united states and nato have delivered written responses. moscow security demands about ukraine. they have rejected russia's call to permanently banned kia from joining the security alliance. the document was delivered, includes concerns of the united states and our allies and partners about russia's
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actions that undermine security. a principled in pragmatic evaluation of concerns that russia has raised and our own proposals for areas where we may be able to find common ground. we make clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and defend.


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