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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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it's live in the remote areas. don't have electricity, tv, or computers, too short films show how a love of learning, right, is away in a j select on al jazeera ah 1200 hours jam t. you're watching al jazeera, i'm danny and abigail. we're bringing you special coverage of what's a crucial day for the british prime minister boris johnson. he's just about to face questions from m. p. 's over a legend parties. i downing street. so this all happening while we await the results of an internal report into a legit gatherings held by the government during the height of the lock down. and that is due to be released soon. reportedly, the london metropolitan police at the same time, also investigating whether any criminal offenses were committed or more than
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a dozen gatherings are said to have taken place, including a birthday party for the prime minister boris johnson. as we await for the prime minister, let's cross life to pa brennan and joining us from downing street so the prime minister will be facing some tough questions. again that his weekly appearance at a prime minister's questions in just a few moments paul. yeah, 333 consecutive weekly sessions of pm to wearable restaurants will be under intense pressure, particularly about this party gates scandal, which is engulfed. his government in recent weeks were awaiting imminently. the outcome of the su gray report, an independent, sorry, an internal investigation. it's exactly what happened here at down the street during those periods of lockdown in 2020. and now we're going to get cut shows any 2nd cuz we're expecting forest johnston to get to his feet and begin that week. recession of promises questions. he'll get questions for the leader of the opposition. kear stammer, but we haven't actually had suit raise report really?
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yes, there's a real waiting game and the longer the delay, the greater the anticipation, the greater the pressure on the prime minister briefing and counter briefing as to exactly what su grey has found. it doesn't look good for the prime minister. even government sources are saying that there needs to be a change of culture here at downing street and the involvement of the police as well, has also raise the temperature. so paul, in terms of the reports, and 1st of all, do we know whether all of the report is going to be released? there's a lot of conf. well, i say confusion uncertainty. let me put it that way about exactly what the protocol is gonna be. it's danny st. internal investigation before it goes down the street to the prime minister. first, they have pledged that they will release it in full the, the shouldn't be any reductions, but the actual process of putting it out to the public. that is still open to debate. labor and the opposition parties want advance warning. they want to see it 1st so that they can prepare their response to it. before boris johnson then stands
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up and makes a statement about it. and so the said a lot of angst and debate going on as far as parliamentary protocol as to how the report should be released and question marks as to whether it will actually as promised, be released in full. those questions simply haven't been answered. we are really in very uncertain territory here. it's not one of those normal protocols normal, that processes that we have precedent for. and as a result of that, the, the, the uncertainty is really raising the pressure. but the prime minister is essentially fighting for his political life on the feeling in the country as a whole. and based on polls and based on the front pages of newspapers and, and, and chat rooms and forms of, of the promise that is in really serious trouble. and that the public or retire, i mean his judgments is crammed life ref. i don't know your ship. thank you so much . paul will cross over to the prime minister here when he has the secret. and i
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that's the 50th anniversary of buddy sunday. and i echo his cove to learn from the past to reconcile and build a shed peaceful and prosperous future. mister speaker this morning, i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others. in addition to my duties is ha, i shall have father such meetings, make it today. my remarks with the prime minister on deeds, the prime minister agree to the chancellor of the exchequer writing of 4300000000 pounds. a fraud that 454 pounds of every household in the country that went by rickly into the pockets of fraudsters. oh no, of course not mister speaker, what i can well i can tell him. oh and we take it. we do not support food to those who steal from the public, pass me to speak up. but what i can tell what i can tell her is that everybody in
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this country should be very proud of because of a huge effort that was made by lord agnew and others to secure an agency to secure p b. and at the time attracting hindsight. and others i missed him speaking vague tracy, thank you mister speaker. my local hospital with george eliot was recently issued. all of each staff help was in volunteers with the metal in recognition of the work that they've done and continue to do through the cobra. fundamental. were the primary to join me in thanking them all for the incredible work they've done, including specialist team such as palliative care. we've had to act as surrogate families proficiency, relatives who been able to when attend it, able to attend because restrictions, and when it comes to, to following the lead in issuing a national service model for all of our key workers are doing such an outstanding job in keeping our country going through the i yes,
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of course mrs. because like my honorable friend and our i'm pleased that so many of the volunteers at john the stock that george at it offers will have been recognized in the acquitted years almost as i've seen the, the metal that they are proposing. and i think it's, it's lovely, mrs. beacon, as i told the house before. oh, we're establishing a u. k. commission on coverage commemoration. i to consider how we can commemorate everything that we've all been through. and the commission will also consider how we can recognize the courage of frontline workers, you know, come to the leader of the opposition guest, alma yes, thank you mister speaker, kind of joined with a prime minister in his comments in relation to bloody sunday. the minister occurred says the ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer their resignation just the prime minister belief that opposed to him by mister speaker, of course. but let me tell you, i think he is inviting
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a question about an investigation, which is, you know, mister speaker, icon a comment on which on which he is a as a lawyer, this is speaker will know that i that i can comment on. and what i am focused on is delivering the fastest recovery address. can you call me on from the, the fastest boost rollers who run 2000 more p, a book on the payrolls now than they were before the pandemic began and went on to your policy tomorrow. is the speaker, he talks about he talks about people being out of work. in my case, that's what i understand what he wanted. we are launching a plan to more and this is because get off a 1000000 people off welfare into work because i think the problem is to said yes, he agrees the quote does apply to him. and therefore, if he misled parliament,
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he must resign. yet on the 1st of december, the promised told this house in relation to partition lockdown. all guidance was followed completely in number 10 from that dispatch box. on the 8th of december, looks quizzical. he said it on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house. i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations of merge, the walls no party since acknowledges the minister of quote applies to him when he now resigned. oh, to seeka, cynthia, cynthia ccr. so bug about pay bid restrictions, let me just remind the house and indeed remind the country that he has been relentlessly opportunistic. yes, he has. he has been moved from one side to the other. he would have kept off,
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he would have kept tossing knocked on in the some of us because he would have taken us back into knocked on a christmas glitches figure on it. precisely because we didn't listen to captain hindsight, we have the fastest growing economy in the g 7 business b just and we have got all the big calls right. okay. guys is citing hindsight our appreciate it was a party ah, when we've discovered it real. captain hines, aren't we mister speaker? yes, let me spell out. let me spell out a shout. now we're going to have to go out. defense publish thompson. oh, let me spell out the significance of yesterday's development. soup through grade, brook matter to the police. having found evidence of behavior,
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those potentially a criminal offense promised if you do not understand the significance, what happened yesterday that i really do despair because the police happening oh prime minister, the police having got that material from suit gray, subject to a test to decide whether to investigate a map test was whether it was the most serious and flagrant type of breach. in the roles, the police spelled out. but what i meant by that those involved, you ought to have known what they were doing was an offense. that there was little ambiguity about the absence of any reasonable for a prime minister to the prime minister. this question will continue, and i will, i will hear the question. oh boy, julie, you might not believe this, but our constituents very interested in both the questions and the answers. they
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some members do always day. please leave quietly. yes fall. yes, mister speaker, having got the material from suit gray, the police had to take a decision as to whether what they had before them was a most serious and flagrant touch of breach of the rules. if members want to la, la, the police, the police felt what they meant. they decided on the mature level, ready got that. they've already got that those involve new or all truth known. what they were doing was an offense. and that the was little ambiguity around the absence of any reasonable defense. just the prime minister really don't understand the damage his behavior is doing to our country, get it to speak. i hope that the right honorable gentleman understands that although the issue that he raises is important, or there is simply no way as he knows as a lawyer that i can comment on the investigation that he's currently on. you take
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it but what i have, but he also knows he talks about the most serious issue. but the me to put the most serious issue before the public today before the well, today, it's almost as i use in ignorance of the fact that mister speaker, that we have a crisis on the borders of ukraine. i can tell if i can tell them what is actually what is going on in the cabinet room of this country. is that the u haul, or mrs. vega, the u. k. government is bringing the west together. huffman, if crime isn't an offer in supreme defense or 3 to bring the west together to have the toughest possible package of sanctions, to deter prison, hurting from what i think would be, i represent a catastrophic invasion. that is what this government is doing. working on for the job and i think you need to raise his game frankly.
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oh, you sail with just say to both sides. ok. it to watching. tensions are running high on what we need to bill to do is a low the people over who are bothered by the futures to hear what is said on both sides. so please, let's get the respect our constituents deserve kids. mister speaker, this was the prime as to when to to hiding for 5 days because of these allocation. oh, to me about being around for the alligators to speak with a girl. i don't want to do this, but i am determined to make sure a constituents contain the next person that stops my hearing will not be continuing
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in this debate. question to speak of the prime ministers continual defenses, white for the so gray repose. on the 8th of december, he told this house i will place a copy of the reports in the library of the house of commons. his spokesperson has repeatedly stated that means the full report, not part of the port, not the summary of the report, not an edited copy. so can the prime minister confirmed that he will publish the full su cray report as he receives it. okay, so mister speaker, what i can tell him is that we've got to leave the report to the independent investigators. he knows, of course, when i receive it out, of course i will do exactly what i said, but i can, i can tell him that in the meantime, i think what the people in this country want here is what we're doing. and what we're doing to tackle the issues that matter to all of us sitting, fixing the cost of living, mr. speaker, helping people to come across the country by lifting the living wage. mister
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speaker by helping people with that fuel costs, news has been done. i by cutting the tracks of people on universal credit. i mrs. b o b o committee jewel bushing universe. so pretty that whole thing is um, ah, putting the class. yeah. that the police say the evidence as meets the test. frankly, the public of made up their minds. they know he's not fit for the job. and that's what really matters here throughout this scan, latoria have done immense damage to public trust. when the lead europe, a stock is conservative, said the primacy to preside, the leader of the household, him. a lightweight english can english conservative publicly on the money, the union by treating scotland with utter disdain. and how much damage or the prime
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minister is competent prepared to do to save his skin. i and i, well, mrs. big guy, i think that he was on offering you get more general criticism of what's been going on in dani street. let me just remind the has what's been going on in in dawning street. we've been prioritizing the co bid backlog and this being massively 9000000 more scans so that people get the treatment that they need and that they'd be waiting for making shortly or 44000 more people in already. yes. it's rubbish. they didn't buy privileges because they had to go to, oh, i was and more people in our religious now than the in 2020, which is an adverse fixing social care which, which government have neglected a decade delay. but he absolutely, they have no plan a toe to pick cna, chest or big social cath, both labor wait longer. yes,
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blah blah. with the reality is that we now have the shameful spectacle of a prime minister of the united kingdom being subject to a place investigation. unable to leave a paper in the right thing on every day, his covenant failed to speak out. they become bull, bull complicit. am was awfully damning despite the huff and puff is that this is all happening with petrol prices. the weekly shot and energy bills are going through the roof 3 months ago. labor suggested cutting via from energy bills. still, the government has failed to act. instead of getting on with their jobs that wheeled out to save his whatever he says in his statement later today or tomorrow won't change the facts. isn't this a prime minister on a government that have shown nothing but contempt for the decency,
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honesty and respect for define this country? i mrs. beaca, we love this country. i'm doing everything in our power had. of course, of course, he wants me out of the way. this is because he wants to be out of the way i caught and many people course, of course i denied or all sorts of reasons. many people may won't be out of the way, but i tell you the reason he want to have away from is he knows that this government can be trusted, a british, mrs. vega. he voted 48 times. he voted $48.00 times the date is going to be back into the year with he called because we but we deliver the fastest vaccine roll out in europe. and we will deliver on our plan to unite and level up across the whole a crime down 10 percent. mr. speak a job vacancies at
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a record high colossal investment. yes, mrs. bigger we're delivering. they have no plan 3 times of much taken better as prompt in this country twice as much as germany. we have a vision for this country as well as the potential economy in europe because we are going to unite and level are the problem with the labor party today. mister speaker, is it, he's our lawyer. not anita. he's teaching repeating the tough decision school. i come to the premises to say, i would have thought i would have thought is the prime minister of this side of the house. i'm surprised at the sun. the house is going to listen to it because i go 5 minutes a figure out what it why the point that we've taken the tough decisions we've got
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the big cause. right. and in particular i, i'm getting on the job. yeah. thank you mister speaker, includes the government has been dragging its feet all urgent repairs to the new breed, while contra, the prime minister and his government have delivered to record leveling up fund investments of 13300000 goslin and chuck on to call. when will the prime minister comments on how the next phase with the leveling off funds will bring hope and prosperity to other communities right across our crowd union of the united kingdom? yeah, i think my older boyfriend, very much a pleasure. it gives me to address the member site where i tried on successfully so many years ago, and i don't like that a conservative government is not investing in the leveling up included south and
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across the whole world, but don't come to legion. yes. empty. yeah. trying to because i'm, can i get myself with the remarks of the prime minister on what it's on that i'm sure, but that's because, you know, kind of how it wants to commemorate to model the holocaust memorial div. and 6000000 jews must have life for the hands of the vision. of course, with a member of the genocide, not least, but recently in bosnia. and we all pay for continued peace in the country. mister speaker. at the heart of this matter, we have a prime minister who is being investigated by the police for breaking his own laws . absolutely unseated, edited a man who means the office of prime minister. this is the latest rock sheet that is already a mile long, illegally puddled in parliament,
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misleading the house decorating with dodgy cash pot. and while the public suffix, every moment he stays his dragon over the agony of families who reminded of the sacrifices they made a dragon, his party father through the dirt, the public knows that the house knows that even his own and peas, no air. when will the prime minister ca horn? i'm go with this is the guy i want to join the right honorable gentleman and his sentiments about about holocaust. memorial day, where i think he's completely right a but i must say that he made the same point last week. he's rolled and he's wrong . no, much as i enjoy, cooperating him over. but it precisely because i enjoy i corporate in with him so much and we all his scottish products. so i have absolutely no intention of doing
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what he's suggest. oh yeah. like football is just because every moment that the prime minister lingers, every nick in this desk by a 1000 cuts is sucking attention from the real issues facing a i'm the sorting cost of living have pushed millions of families into poverty. the impending national insurance tax like i was like a guillotine. well, the eat cake. this has nothing. i'm the only route. the only route to the store public trust is for the prime minister to go. how much longer will 20 nps maintenance go on for? how much more damage are they willing to do? and it's time to get this over with sure. the prime minister, my doran, tell me to speak, and i heard anything more. i was saying to that what i would
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say to the right on the gym. so actually this is the guy our, i have a behind the scenes. people don't get it, but actually are we corporate? well, i want to continue to do it. all right, thank you mister speaker. i've said, prime minister will know from personal experience the river. why is one of the most beautiful rivers in europe bradshaw ecosystem is being destroyed by phosphates and other pollution. the river crosses are at a packed house of commons for prime ministers, questions. as you can see, boards, johnson just facing another ruling at p. m. q's. and this coming, of course, as he expects the receiver report and to parties downing street during a lockdown. let's bring in paul brannon, who's joining us from downing street over in london. so, well, you know, there was a lot of shouting and laughter going on, but i mean it that his future does hang in the balance, doesn't it?
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just talk us through what you thought of pm cuz school, it's a real eye opener. i think fraud non u. k viewers when they, when they look at a session of prime ministers, questions like that, that the shouting, the screaming with laughter, the, a heckling that goes on a, it's a very high pressure atmosphere. i'd say that the premises that very much says guns for read my notes awe. we must wait for the outcomes to graze inquiry. and then he was highlighting the government handling the pandemic in the economy and most open economy in europe. and if we'd listen to the leader of opposition would still be unlocked at, oh, hold on a 2nd. those are my notes from last week's prime minister's questions. and yet he sang exactly the same thing this week as well. the promise, the 2nd very much to the line about su grace report into what happened here in downing street during 2020. when these parties were happening, he cannot comment. he said, until that investigation is complete and that report has been presented. we expected that report potentially to come out on tuesday or monday. it hasn't was
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still in a waiting game as to exactly when that report at sucrose report will be released. it could be released as early as today, later on today. but at the moment, the fact that it hasn't appeared is the prime minister's his opportunity to say, i can't comment on an investigation that hasn't been reported. he said this 3 times during the course of today's session, the leader, the opposition though is, is making hey, out of this at the ministerial cold, the code says that ministers who mislead parliament should resign, should he resign. he then said, will he resigned and finally, can they promise to confirm he will publish the full report on the promise to said, well, i will do exactly what i said without specifying confirming that he would actually not redact any of the clauses. within su, grays report a really high pressure, really high pressure and counts up the prime minister's job is essentially on the line up. but many of the lines he use, i have to say we're repeated from last week's permanent discretions. ok, paul,
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thank you so much. we will cross back to the later on, let's bring in jonathan list. now he's a political commentator, he's joining us vice guy from london, jonathan list. just give me your sort of overview your assessment of the prime minister questions and what you heard. well, who's saying john says repeat and say lives the com comments on the inquiry. he talked comments on the police investigation, but that was really interesting atmosphere in the commons where it felt very much like boiler spent 5 minutes that he was kind of cutting out these pre prepared lines didn't really care about much. there was no contrition whatsoever. and a lot of his m p 's behind him seems think it was a joke. which case donna, i'm pointed out, i think is a really important feature base it a lot as i'm concerned just now. again be trivializing. they saying it's about take, it's about, you know, having a glass of wine, whatever, ignoring the fundamental point, the base, which is that the prime minister,
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you write these rules into law and instruct, everyone's with a then seem to dismiss them in cells and didn't seem a tool, instant bullying them, and that is the case the heart of how we got in and the expect to government to follow the lose that. sorry, buddy else i, when boys johnson, as you were saying, continue to say that he can't comment on the su gray investigation. i mean, what do you make of that strategy? is it, is that a good one? well, it's the one the he has has told himself of the cart last very long because the grace report would be unlikely published today. but after that it was simply, i'm takeaway to recall comments while that the police investigation. but really, you know, the mental point is that we don't need either police investigation or for that matter, the gray to establish the fire department is already confirmed. namely, the he was at illegal gatherings in downing street in 2020. and so that alone, he needs to resign in terms of the opposition and what you heard from
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a cure stammer aboard johnson, calling this very opportunistic for the opposition. i mean, this is a gift for labor, isn't it? the longer this goes on, the better it is for the opposition party. absolutely, and that is something that you wouldn't have from neighbor obviously because that calling mason. but actually it johnson does. i'm docker on that is going to be very good books. labor because now johnston, very unpopular prime minister, the people that made up their minds about and once they've done that about 5 minutes, so they don't tend to on make up their minds change their opinion. and that means that the longer johnson gaze, the more damage to the party, he might bring the party down with him and say, the best thing to labor is johnson to go on. that johnson does get to pay that. so he's pretty good believer the kid to show you the party completely. right. what about criticism, jonathan? list that the opposition is in fact making too much of this. and you know, this is simply an unwelcome distraction with all of the issues going on right now
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in the u. k. that need addressing such as the cost of living, for example, such as the price of energy. absolutely. will it, that the, the fundamental point is i'm, that a government needs to follow the lose a sets in place by the people. and it's not just about cake is, are saying may stay because, you know, hundreds of thousands of people, either, you know, extreme traumatic and besides experiences during unlocked out where they can see loved ones as their di. and will, that must also is an important issue. but the only thing about the price that because living energy, ukraine, et cetera, is the need to prime minister the moral authority on the public stocking and fe to actually do that job in result. those programs are the only johnson stays the hall to is to do that. and as for the, on the tories in the conservative party and those that are still support boris johnson, i mean, can he continue to maintain support for him at least half of the conservatives are or are they waiting to see the results of that internal report to change their
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minds or, or turn on him. i think that they'll always be a rump support in the concept party for boys johnson, particularly because johnson to live at 70 than that seats. but the conservatives are famously notoriously ruthless. and if it seems as though johnson is now more of an electoral liability than an asset, they will remove them because the fundamental weakness of johnson has, is he was never elected based on anti principle or ideology. he doesn't really have a position in the conservative party. what he brought was the ability to win. and if it no longer seems as though he is able to in the mail, just touched him. and i think that even though half of them, he's probably won't write the letter of night confidence when the tories are facing out in that chamber, to decide johnson's fates. it could be that they will, that their majority will decide this better without in that. so are you saying that it's highly likely that a vote of confidence will take place in the near future?
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i think it's very likely that particularly off the great protect you now that the police investigation that will be $5454.00. i'm concerned about these and he will write a letter of confidence to the $920.00 bench committee after that they'll be evades . i don't see half the concepts that piece will need to decide is they removed then that is the points and the people aren't entirely clear about. but i think it's very likely that will be events in the coming weeks or months. ok, we will wait to see what happened jonathan let's, we'll let you go for now. thank you so much for joining us from london. so that was our special coverage on what is a crucial day for the british prime minister boris johnson. as the u. k. a wait to receive the internal report into parties, a downing street that were held during locked on more news coming up at the top of the hour. i'll see you then. thanks for watching. bye bye. me.
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during the syrian civil war, tens of thousands of people being detained, tortured rates and murdered by the regime of prussia. in april 2021 of his intelligence officials and wrestlin was put on trial in germany accused of participating in those crimes. now he's been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, as the case is reaching a climax report. and nina donna, he went behind the scenes to find out how the evidence against roslyn was gathered . this is the 2nd of 2 special episodes. ah
3:34 pm
oh, in the unlikely setting of this picture, a city on the banks of the rhine. a trial has been heard for the past 18 months. hearing complaints a once powerful syrian official is on his way to court, and his fate is soon to be decided. on o. r is charged with $58.00 cases off murder and killing end. at least 4000 cases of torture as a crime against humanity. and 2 cases of sexual assault now also as a crime against humanity and severe the provision of liberty. patrick croaker is part of the prosecution team who been working on this landmark trial. and he's preparing final arguments this via the baltic. you're innocent of one
3:35 pm
person, but we are thinking about math crimes, systematic crimes, and there's a system behind it and specific hierarchies in place to. yeah, that need to tackle as well. ah, for the past decade president bashir, i'll ask that has been waging a vicious war against his own people. ah, obliterating air is showing opposition using any means at his disposal, including bow bones and chemical weapons. ah, germany is leading the way in international justice, prosecuting this man, colonel anwar roslyn. a former syrian intelligence officer, germany recognized, was called universal jurisdiction, which means it has jurisdiction to take a prosecution, even if the crime didn't get committed in germany and didn't get committed against
3:36 pm
the german. ah, steven rappe has been at the forefront of international war crimes trials for the past 20 years. germany has a country that has the broadest laws in this space and frankly recognizes its own responsibility from its history. and german law does permitted to investigate crimes of international concerned because they involve torture, which is an which is a norm, protected by the torture convention and respected supposedly by all of human kind and crimes against humanity and war crimes prosecuted at nuremberg. these crimes which states can prosecute even if they don't occur on their territory. in compliance, 5 judges preside over the 1st ever syrian war crimes tribunals. a junior intelligence officer has already begun a 4 and a half years sentence, but the trial of his commander, anwar roslyn, is the landmark case. he was
3:37 pm
a colonel involved and in charge of interrogation, interrogation in detention facilities was difficult to $51.00 and al vitti in damascus. huh. is it carnell? he's in charge of target? she is making up the less of who, who gets brought in. he knows what's happening in these situations as people are being, you know, bent over double on their spines, cracked. he knows what's happening with people whipped him and burned. now he purported to the fact he told people that he was going to cooperate and, and provide assistance. i never did. he tried to present himself very much as of repentance level individual, and frankly drew attention to himself. um, with, with the germans unwind roslyn arrived in germany seeking asylum, but in fact said, loyal to the regime. now his trial is on masking the crimes and network of torture
3:38 pm
centers. at the heart of the syrian states, the syrian secret services can literally do everything they want a restful ever, they want make them disappear, and nobody would find out and nobody would be held responsible. and so this is, this is a very, very powerful tool for a dictatorship. they are basically controlling every aspect of life in syria, him in 2011 as people took to the streets, protesting prisons, his hands, repressive regime. his intelligence service was carefully documenting its ruth will response. hundreds of thousands of people were detained and tortured. the states systematically recorded their fates, even those were murderers. in syria, as in nazi germany, there was, you know, a mania for,
3:39 pm
for record keeping. to some extent people were covering their backsides and so when decisions were made about rounding people up or arresting this group or that there were security meetings and, and there were signatures of everybody who attended those meetings. they were reporting up through the system. i say we've got 2 and a corpses rotting in our, in our hospital here. somebody's got to have clean out all these people that were killed in a in facility to 30 thought facing dead law cut, the un ambassador ramp had to find an alternative route with the security council blocked. we've had to turn to other parts of united nations initially to the human rights council in geneva, where it was possible to establish a commission of inquiry that began to be go to work and in 2011. and it's been going on for a for 10 years, but that's not enough. so in the u. s. and in 2012 and i started pushing the idea that we, we should support a n g o investigations that were there were truly robust. that would do it like
3:40 pm
scotland yard in the u. k. would do or, or the f, b i, or like the investigative arms of the, of the tribunals where i was at work where i was a prosecutor ah, evidence to support such tribunals has been painstaking me, gathered together and stood in this secret location. ah. so this isn't one of 2 evidence rooms we have in the headquarters. this one has, i think, up to 260 boxes. these are the documents that can hold the syrian states to account. ah, ah, the boxes contain, from 80024000 pages,
3:41 pm
depends on their how they were collected inside syria, and will contain either hand return or printed documents in this particular box. so we have interrogation reports, so they are and the written and stamped by the unit to from which they came. but this isn't the un or a state run intelligence operation. it's a private initiative, an n g o, part funded by sympathetic nations. i had been working on post conflict, the justice or for a number of years, and there are a lot of victories there. but also lot of disappointments, including disappointments with the criminal justice system and how much accountability can really bring you so many years after the war. and here was a conflict or that was happening half ago. what i did lessons that we can apply
3:42 pm
now my yellow church is now working on justice for syria at the commission for international justice, an accountability, seizure. when seizure began, there was one fundamental question. can linkage evidence scanned the documents be collected by a non public body? ah, in them way, which would make them admissible in a court? that was the starting premise. train a bunch of random syrians affected by this conflict. living in this conflict from different walks of life. can we take them and train them not to collect as activists, but to collect as her war crimes. investigators would. how many documents are we talking about? over the years we have collected vast amounts. so what we have already managed to extract comes about $1000000.00 pages of the ceiling regime documents or the documents are the king and queen of evidence.
3:43 pm
throughout the trial, patrick croaker, seen the value of this material in building the case. what is often very difficult to get to is prove up a chain of command and kind of on the bureaucratic side behind things. that's very often what's lacking in this war crimes trial. you can lay out the network of how, you know, the syrian intelligence services function with the siege of files. and this has also been very important in this trial, once somebody is, you know, from this demonstration being taken away. that's the point in time we're often who never see them again. and everything that happens afterwards is behind closed doors . and you're, you're lucky if you get any information at all afterwards. but this is kind of giving us the possibility to really look behind that wall. and see how things work in on the governments basically. and also to prove that there is, there is a very,
3:44 pm
very meticulous system as he behind it. but to day in court there's been a problem. we had a very short witness testimony today in court. if somebody didn't appear basically directly as a witness for the police men who had taken the testimony originally at the police station, he came to testify about what had been said. then we know from others that they didn't want to come because they felt scared because they have been threats that were made, at least to people that still had family in syria from the family and syria was threatened. and that for them was reason enough to say, i don't want to go to court, i'm afraid, et cetera. the syrian regime is known to have a wide reach, and there have been credible threats against witnesses. we have on several instances. heard that and especially em witness families that are still in syria,
3:45 pm
but also in the region, even in europe, we're being threatened or when they, when they participated in this trial, or we're about to participate in this trial. and so this is definitely, i mean, one of the most important aspects, i mean that the security of the people involved is that there's nothing more important than that actually women are also targets. kinds of sexual violence have been cut and paste during the conflict. the roslyn trials, that's an important presidents defining these and as crimes against humanity. i think they had a very high level working alongside patrick is syrian lawyer schuman. i safe who has become an expert in this field, from women by these wares, used as a weapon of war, woman. they where addressed it and where t came to be at to be raped to be humiliated to be
3:46 pm
torture, and then sent back to their family and community. it happened that many times women, they were taken as a hostage. and it's always women news as kind of threat to be brought in to be raped in front of their men, relatives what water to log in in gym, sexual and gender based crime was committed systematically and alongside the other international crimes had a torture and killing. and it's important to be recognized, crimes against humanity. and also that would be the way in the future. $4.00 to $4.00 to buy that to be recognized.
3:47 pm
few witnesses have testified in court and most to, to faithful to be interviewed or identified on camera. this woman way cooling her amino was kidnapped from the street and taken to rutland unit. she agreed to tell us the part of her story. we suited the law. nothing killed on the floor. and there is one toilet, but it is no lights. i see many blood boy do i hear voices and they spread me. does me do that and do that. and i said, i don't know why i'm here. i don't, i don't do anything. i'm not doing anything say put me unknown
3:48 pm
for 40. no. but he speak to be, i'm asking them every time he opens the door. why i'm here, please let me help. it's a good way to make a prisoner fall apart. the woman paid the highest priced and paid the price twice a day with an address to torture, the humiliated and and in the same times after being released they will have punished from the suicide they they are isolated may be stigmatized in from the society.
3:49 pm
finally, amena was brought before and was roslyn. i met him in his office and his name is on the desk. i know, he said in hardly said you should not to desert a game. i told you i don't do anything you kidnapped me from the street. said nano, you, as you are, but you, you shouldn't do that again and you can go home within the millions of pages of documents. seizure have created dossiers, tracking the chain of command including specific papers relating to anwar roslyn. here we have selected a couple examples of trauma, general intelligence directorate, where unlike ruslan, was the head of investigations. but here is an example of an interrogation report
3:50 pm
dated october 2012, in which we have 12 or 3 pages. basically all the results of the interrogation and recommendations that the interrogators send to the head of general intelligence. and in this case that a command that individuals has sent to ad terrorism court for further prosecution. and we have the signature of roslyn. now we've locked out, he is colleagues, but the ross lands name and signature is here. it's incredible not only because of where these documents show regarding grasslands role, but also and again, very importantly, that he wasn't doing it just because he was some individual who liked doing it. he was doing it as part of her widespread and systematic campaign that the regime
3:51 pm
are unleashed upon these people. when you put that all together it's, it's frankly a tro documentation that exceeds in terms of its top to bottom, perpetrator, author of crime, you know, commit or individual, you know, person indirect perpetration the crime, to the victim. it's a more comprehensive record than we even had at nuremberg. i in the early days of the conflict as authorization fighters meeting to state health territory teams, the seizure trained operatives went to retrieve documents. this investigator must remain anonymous for his own safety. and his words are spoken by a translator who has been working in the high risk area and we've been subject to
3:52 pm
different dangers and risks. i personally escaped from a number of explosion. we have other team members that were arrested and were released afterward. so the risks are always there, but we're still here and we're still continuing our work. the key to the success is to blend in we will use different wave disguising techniques in order to move its region. we adjust to what's going on in that region. for example, if we are into bid with area, we can be as local shippers. this we used to do it quite a lot where we will have like a battled truck. we put different furniture and we would just pretend to be like a local family moving from one village to another. we see the moment the receiving forces will withdraw. we grabbed as much document as we can, and we leave the area with the hope that we are to get into a safe location to save this documents until we move them to the
3:53 pm
h q. usually at these types of operations like few minutes, you know, because we are only aware of it. we just stored in the building. we grabbed as much as we can and withdrawal because we are always aware and afraid that there might be like a shilling or like bonbon from the regime. we never store our documents all in one location, but we split them into different areas. and then we start the 2nd step, which is the preparation of move in the documents outside of the board. the the documents paint in painful details, the regime structure all the way to the top on receiving the machine up to and including trying to side this is basha alice, that's signature here. and this is the presidential sale and the seal of the command of the armed forces,
3:54 pm
and he is the chief on the army of the armed forces. and this shows that he really is in charge. while the spectre of an saddled trial is still a distant one, this one is coming to a conclusion. whatever the outcome, patrick croakers sees. this is just the beginning of the process which can go much further. ultimately i think it's very important that's we reached the very top of responsibility with these criminal accountability efforts. and that means going after us had themself as well. and right now, i mean there is a, there is a limit to do that because we are, you know, we are national jurisdiction so we can go after an acting out of state. but everything we do can be used also against him one point in time. and i think it will be used against him one point in time. the child,
3:55 pm
it's not enough for sure. by the we struggle for the 1st step and be followed with many other steps. i think it's a big step toward justice. it's an important step for justice, but it's not that the whole injustice ambassador rap you devoted your entire career professional life to seeking justice for these kind of atrocity crimes. or do you think we will see just this area? it's extremely important that the somali facade faces accountability for what he has done. ha, that right now he's, he's a lesson and at these rules don't apply adolescent to others that to rewrite the rules and stay in power and, and people go to the streets, shoot them down, i continue to protest the wrestling, torture. that's the lesson of a shock. to the rest the world. ah, now bashar our side maintains his iron grip on syria and continues to break
3:56 pm
international laws to dates according to the un, around 13000000 people have been displaced. civilians including children, happy, maimed, and gast, and hundreds of thousands, murdered and forcibly disappears. really, really make clear to people at face these choices that they will. eventual yeah, i'll be on the dock. and at the moment, a saw it stands for the lesson that you can get away with to have been impunity works and the world can't live with them. like many syrians, loya anwar albany, has suffered at the hands of the regime. and he'll be travelling to copeland to hear the verdict they added. they could not be the more the storm was lead that of the school. i give his destruction to everybody.
3:57 pm
you know, for me it's not broken that was about systemically crime. oh me, good by the state. from po, it's 11, including the prison control you want to send message will follow you with the school to will never find these after all this going to go into the once fed commander approach. 251 has become an emblem of accountability for the survivors, lawyers and investigates, is taking part of his trial. the message to a site is clear. you are not above the law. the evidence is ready. me. ah
3:58 pm
ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways, we may have another nor'easter on our hands. hello everyone, those details coming out. but 1st, where the disturbance is, it's bringing out its moisture over florida and particularly heavy falls from miami . then it's going to zip up the atlantic. so i'll take this a few days out and here we are on saturday. snow and when dc new york, boston into the canadian maritimes, back to the here and now on wednesday and the polar air really the big story here, toronto mine, it's 12, ottawa minus 19 off to the west. we go. and why would you look at these temperatures and when a pig above 0 with the bit of snow to contend with?
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for california, there is a wildfire burning south of san francisco, and the winds are fueling the flames syrup. a cow fire says it's about 50 percent contain and it looks like those winds are going to die down on wednesday. cross central america disturbance over florida given us some rain for the bahamas western portions of cuba, great back into the bay of can paycheck. now, some particularly intense rain falling close to the pacific coast, plugging the capitol of ecuador quito. if we go further toward the south, some explosive storms around the river plate region, and eventually this is moving north and it will lower your temperatures in porto allegra and the days to come season. ah, the weather sponsored by katara ways to take to ships to democracies activists, corporations control of the message is crucial. oil companies become very good at recognizing ways for phrase what they want to hear. we care about the environment
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you do to, you should buy our oil, be it for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content. you can see on al jazeera oh this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news, our life from headquarters in del, how i'm debbie novel gates are coming up in the next 60 minutes to russia, warrens, if appropriate, measures. if the west doesn't respond to whits request for a security guarantees partying while the public suffer every moment he stays, his dragging over the agony for families who reminded of the sacrifices the meet.


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