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tv   Risking It All Nicaragua  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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in sight, in the meantime, at least here inside of the hunter in congress, chaos and confusion seem to be the order of the day. i was there with me. so rob, reminder of all top stories. the u. s. is confirmed. it's and talks have gas exporters for alternative supplies to europe is concerned. russia could cut supplies in the event of a conflict with ukraine's, while russia's military is making inspections to insure troops, all combat ready. it's been holding drills for the region, been taking place along the border with ukraine in crimea, and the in belarus is president joe biden is calling on russia to pull back it forces. there will be enormous consequences if he were to go in and bay that he could the entire country or a lot less than that as well. for russia not only in terms of economic
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consequences and political consequences, enormous consequences worldwide. this would be the largest if we were to move in with all those forced to be largest asian says, well, we're to change the world. these are the coalition fighting in yemen has lost as strikes in the capital city. all the targets include hit the military science as well as a national tv radio tower, as after the rebels who control the capitol fi more missiles towards upper darby. on monday, the tropical storm anna has killed at least 30 people, madagascar, tens of thousands of been displayed by floods, past them as a beacon below. we are also affected south chris health ministry as, as you people not to be alarmed about the record lines and infections is recorded. 13000 new cases from about 8000 on tuesday. officials expect capable to keep rising, but they say high vaccination rates and more rapid testing means the health system is prepared. the prime minister boisterously awaiting the conclusion of an inquiry
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into government events held during lockdown. report suggests investigation by civil servants. the gray could be released that on wednesday, the landrum metropolitan police is also investigating with any criminal offenses, were committed more than a dozen gatherings that to have taken place, including a birthday party. mister johnson, australia is market is national day with celebrations and protests. the 1st fleet of british ships landed in present. they said me in 1788 values have been taking place against the oppression of indigenous people. and you can follow stories on a website on their dot coms, updated throughout the day. dream will be here with the news, i'll just in the half last time. next, it's risking it all here on out there to stay with us. ah, ah,
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ah. hi. ah, i mean, this is, was in the said to the american country for pick up around 250 kilometers northeast, the captain, minot. well,
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the whole party has a population of about 55000 people and is getting ready for local elections. the next day. hygiene drives a very old truck and has been requisitions by the government for a very important election. the task taking stuff and pilot boxes to apply villages . ah, hi. nan has absolutely no choice in the matter i've ever thought about. you know about a lot. i think another one only got made that will amazing will be you gotta, i mean i don't know
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if any of them is available, but i got to go over that with even as the old truck breaks down. and it's marson just to finish the journey on foot. whatever a anyway that they go in a. 8 little the animal a little more than any of those. i mean? yeah, i know, you know, i'm with a but yeah,
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i was a a, a a, a, a guardian, a dell. i'm about about i got i got a, a minus assistant. so the level ah a small fee for the job which piece from its feel and
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a guide to help him on the difficult joining with a name i don't. i don't play with. well, i don't know the way that i think i'm a little was on that the, the people that amount of way who i'm a blank as well. and i don't know how that one that
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was what i was gonna get with them about it. on my end yeah, they're not in 9 and it's still 3 villages left to reach that state fest drug costs are long about and a passenger survive a ah nicaragua has a history of political instability and underwent to evolution in 1979 where the left wing sandinista party took power from a long standing white wing dictatorship. preston,
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daniel ortega had close ties with hugo chavez, was portrayed stance and the capital managua, the former venezuela precedent supported ortega st. regime. nicaragua was never rich country. and since the 79 revolution has struggled to overcome the effects of dictatorship, civil war and a ceilings of hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is still one of the poorest countries in the americas. the coven, 19 global pandemic has also affected the crab was economy damaging tourism and investment? it's infrastructure is week, and only 60 percent of its roads are paid. and most of those are in managua. ah, so any kind of travel outside the cities can be a major challenge
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with in the town of rusito worshipers, twice as early as 5 an to attend this church here. many romano, yolanda yolanda or my maria malaria. a garage ifs. when you get the better sense, yes, hang out in the letter saturday i it's the best a trace and alexandria as you have realized, the tree of establishing their l. a . but the congregation is smooth and attain this and their financing offerings
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a note to now for the 2 priests to survive on alexandria, soon decided to turn and flown with their filling with 2 other towns and villages with the family that i had a master. mine might be on the guy like list. yeah. mine. yeah. low. yeah. more delicately. alice then little sadie, open the yeah. my, my, my, my mom gave a good luck with both of wouldn't come monday with a must by feeling and i mean the money i would think i will be getting a low, lonely one. but in what im with but the weather will
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not be in their favor. ah. meanwhile, the suburbs of the capitol managua, an important operation is getting underway under close surveillance. with get them in, you know what i'm, i'm with a call no matter what you think. i mean when they, when they daughter, but i'm a job in those have been with a
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lady with a for a while, but i said that you know, a lot are you has to handle the 7 and a half tons of dynamite and detonate is with extreme care i'm wondering if you a like you may receive a free month. my know so yeah,
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it would mean that they pay it needs a locally dawson, if not the seller will sell a lot, but the yellow it brought the sheila put them on. okay. and they brought that sheila will be on with blood or jacket ball. okay, let 'em like brought that in a give us a call to maria. 43. i'm going to come in at the volleyball, i. e, a letter at the bottom of the well, now i will pay hillary on esteem. have to transport the dynamite to the mining triangle up an answer. it's a 420 kilometer journey. on the curb was the toys he bowed rose like bad on that, but i think that those how what i do. yeah. you know, i think going from an empathy for many of the but danny ma marianna with the threat of attack by criminal guns. that's an extra level of race,
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as does the need to navigate carefully between 420 kilometers of potholes. nicaragua gained independence from colonial spain in 1821, and became the richest and most prosperous country in central america. but occupation by the united states, a dictatorship under the some of the family revolution. i'm the controllers have put post colonial prosperity firmly in the past. to day poverty is rife, good to alex and g, and so hope to have life people spirits with the land of christian faith. okay, let me see on for you. i will say your day i live in the see over there. what about building a nominating or is
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it that i little bit of man. how come on let me let me, i think that was up for la you we're a me. but i think there might be a problem with the exhaust of their way to motorbike. i've got a bomb. the again, better i'm free with to finish. the want to visit is 40 kilometers away with,
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oh are you know with what? 15 kilometers into their journey. they have 2 problems. although the amount of go on when i go out and they come in all with their bike has a flat tire and they have taken a wrong turning it's 2 kilometers and do the next minutes. with a loud they got more. myers represented us. we sold
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a ricardo ah ah, their only option is to turn around to find a garage where they can get the tie repaired into someone at the piano cuz um, i know i had an order, a browser. yeah. guessing that in from the continental . ah, i did try to hit your ride to get to the nearest. mm. lou dupree springs. so find the answered. the
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rain stops and to get a ride to the garage in through the crowd. well, the average wage is a poultry. $160.00, you install this per month. but alexandria sure. and much less as the depend completely on donations in church. if the yankee was only got a for lafayette mechanic again, have you the garage spoon is $20.00, which the priest can ill afford. ah, despite the global pandemic, nicaragua did show and economic recovery in 2021. when poverty is still increasing because wages and income from family businesses continue to be affected
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and the country's infrastructure is a mess as these rules. sure, ah, there they order. but i like got it. i don't know what that you know middle won't took them to load them in a one minute with feel and back where like the little no up or you are in that upon those. but i love that, but i feel been with them. i mean, good bundle there. lemme feel so like the now i embarrass it. and so my little dinner for 1000000 isn't barnefield
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lead under and we're live with la la, la mo. yes, larry, elderly i will only look ah, it's crunch time for alexandria and sean is seized with a difficult decision. the desperately want to reach the destination to recruit more numbers for their congregation where they might simply be running out of time with yes, easily annoyed. cheer young one more day when they had a young american yourself. and those says and somewhat regular, some of if you mama look black, you know, i say no say when you're, when a guy were really satisfied or really thorough animal coming
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i made a has his oral grandmother, you know, he gets out of it. and the mit mit may lough among ignore alexandria and show a deeply committed to expanding their mission. la tomorrow is another day and the a try again. then. ah,
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ah hillary without driving in the dark, carry his consignment of dynamite and has been caught in a heavy rainstorm. up ahead. there are outside bonanza. it's running dangerous behind and threatens to wash away the last bridge before the town. that's already happened several times recently.
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ah at around 11 pm, the clock and escal pico finally caused the grades of to 15 hours on the road and over 400 kilometers. elario finalize in the mining town of an answer which is 7 and a half tons of dynamite. say
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with a market that was la la municipal elections, the last vote. subbing cost in 2018. the ortega golf mit crackdown on any kind of political protest and its human rights record is poor at the thing of the month old camp in order to get it a note, the name of that it was with empty closes at the end of local election day heiner gets ready to take the papers
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back to was not a town to be counted. ah, in heiner is hoping that is all trusting the course. if it lets him down, the government would still penalize him for failing to deliver the pallet boxes in that i don't know how to deliver it. and to really sandinista monte prevailed in the local elections . but the presidential election in november 2021 ju international condemnation, the us and the european union imposed sanctions, or leading government figures. so the road ahead for the new card when people look
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like be a difficult one. ah ah
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a jazeera ah this is al jazeera ah, here wasn't in his our life from headquarters in doha. i'm getting obligated coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says he doesn't want to include europe and talks as tensions grow between the kremlin on the west over ukraine. these.


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