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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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maria theresa miss christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. bea unscripted on al jazeera ah the u. s. sends more military aids to ukraine and seeks to bolster europe's energy supply as fears of a russian invasion grow. ah, i'm 30 back the boy, you're watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up support on the streets for the military coup in volcano fossil. the un and usa, the countries deposed president rock cavalry must be released. as australians mark
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their national de thousands are demanding a change of date, saying it marks the start of colonization. and british police investigate claims of parties at downing street during lockdown, including the prime minister's own birthday celebrations. ah, thank you very much for joining as c u. s. is working on planned to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas, as tension builds over ukraine. russia is holding a week of military drills in the region and in annex crimea, while in ukraine, a 3rd shipment of american weapons and ammunition has arrived. it's aimed at shoring up defenses against the threat of a russian invasion. alan fish begins our coverage with this report. despite a large build up of forces on the ukrainian border, russia says it has no plans to invade us. president joe biden isn't convinced. there will be enormous consequences if he were to go in and invade, as he could,
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the entire country or a lot less than that as well. for russia not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences be enormous consequences worldwide. this would be the largest if you were to move in with all those forced to be the largest invasion since world war 2. it would change the world weapons that are already being shipped to keep part of a $200000000.00 us aid package. and more marines are being sent to protect the embassy in the city. if ross decides to come into play, it will be a disaster for russia. it $1500.00 us troops that are on hiking stand by ready to move at short. notice if you need to, allies need back up the won't be going to ukraine. joe biden held the video conference with european allies to europe, support for diplomatic and economic responses. his actions, getting a surprise would have confidence from republicans on capitol hill. they're prepared
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to take steps for an encouragement afterwards. i've not been near the news this morning, so i'm not sure of what additionally may have occurred, but it appears to me, administration moving the right direction, but the not calls for stronger action against russia. now, seeing this acts as a warning to others, so sanction him now build up nato in not do not given to this bully. if we get ukraine right, you can reset the world. if we get it wrong, god help tawan. white house says it will continue to give classified briefings on the hill as the situation develops. biden determined to put on a united front in the 1st real big foreign policy test of his presidency. our fisher, i'll do 0 washington. while many in eastern ukraine have been living with conflict
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for years, an estimated 14000 people have died in fighting between russian bank separatist, send ukrainian forces, and as in channel stand off, continues prospects for peace in the region are looking even more fragile al jazeera is hold abdel hamid reports from after the car in the winter see the landscape of the front line of this conflict seems frozen in time. the ukrainian army is entrenched just a few kilometers north of done. yes. for the stronghold of russian back separatist . the enemy is not far away. a phone to door one, phone with me. so they can they hear us too. ok. the army has moved into what is left of the industrial area on the outskirts of the fca. the conflict also seems to be frozen in time, neither side making gains since the war broke out in 2014. few soldiers believed
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that the large scale russian invasion is imminent. even if they remain on alert. shopper, york was so store to use and i think this was all a move to the stabilize the situation inside the country was been going on for a years now, but we're trained, we have modern weapons and the help from nato was arriving. but we feel the support and we are ready to fight and just an q gunshots from the other side. in clear violation of deceased by agreement, which international monitors say is regularly breached by both sides. but even of the conflict has been at their state made for several years now. life has never really fully recovered in the towns and villages along the contact line. people here feeling that their lives have also been put on hold somehow. the
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population of ad viva is a 3rd smaller than before. the war started alena yohina, and yet in the us they love sky among the very few who never left their hometown. beneath the giggles in the tool of the conflict is apparent and their story is a reflection of the frontline in some way i am all in as ukrainian is good than the some of her close relative support to separate. just log in with a stick or another that on. yeah. and it turned their back on us you. they have their own vision about what's happening and they say really are not cease. what are some even called me an enemy and the full meaning of the word? and yelling i moved here from siberia. when the soviet union still existed, said no, my pleasure. my relatives are all over russia. and when the war started, they told me i had to return with you, but i had my house and family here, many of them mine the military. so for them, i betrayed my leech and is to russia. people here have learned to live,
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to the rhythm of the front line, but the devastating effect of this long sluggish war will impact their lives many say for several generations to come with at the law. me the edges era at v fca in eastern ukraine. in other news, the u. s. coast guard is searching for survivors after a boat capsized near florida, a man was sound clinging to the small vessel about 70 kilometers from fort pierce inlet. he told rescue a search 9 others won the boat when it left the bahamas on saturday night. no one was wearing life jackets when it hit bad weather. the coast guard says they are treating it as a suspected case of human smuggling. there's been international condemnation of the military coup in brooklyn, of fossil the united nations. and us are calling for the immediate release of deposed president ra caberry. ah, hundreds of people celebrated in the streets of the capital on tuesday,
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showing support for the military. the soldiers say they took power because of a government's failure to contain attacks from armed groups. sam med nick has more from booking of fossils capital. we're going to go to look at the streets of organ to view. it's hard to believe there was a military coup yesterday after days of unrest and gun bottles and military bases near the president's house, as well as the presidential palace on monday evening. the military who took the state television and said that they had to attain the president that he was in the same place. although they would say where he was. they said that they were angry at his inability to unite the country and pushed back armed groups that were taking over african fossa. today, people took to the streets rally in support of the military saying that this is long overdue thing that they think that there needs to be military in charge of the country in order to succeed in order to move forward. however, it's unclear what will change what the military will be able to do. that wasn't a lot of people are asking questions as well. people within the q told me that
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they're speaking to the previous regime that they're speaking to religious and community leaders or next steps. so a lot of people are waiting to see what's gonna happen in the coming. and al jazeera nicholas hoc takes a look at what's behind this school and others in the region. recently. he sense of unease and uncertainty in burkina faso capital walker. dougal at the market. taylor city, my computer is worried burkina faso has a checkered past with a series of military coups since independence in 1960. he fears the latest military take over me so disunity level. but the problem is we don't have peace in booking fast. so i hope the military didn't just come to take power. they need to bring back civilians, so they can go back to their work and defend the country. the army has suffered several defeats against arm groups linked to al qaeda and i thought they appeared to be gaining ground, forcing millions to flee towards the capital. soldiers seized power on monday by
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attacking the president's motorcade. the troops blame president, hot mac eh, boy, and his civilian government for military defeats and increasing insecurity. the president announced his resignation in a hand written note. it's not known where he is though french president emmanuel. my con, told reporters tuesday that he's been informed. cavalry is in good health. the us and west african regional organization echo us are urging the president's immediate release, their calling on the soldiers who mich near to return to their barracks. my appeal is for the armies of these countries to assume their professional role of armies to protect their countries and re establish the democratic institutions. just in the past year. they have been coups in chad, sudan, molly, and guinea. let's say this is the latest co in a region marked by military takeover as well. this is a said back to democracy. some see the military as able to succeed, where civilians have failed in bringing back security in
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a region marked by violence. despite the 14000 un peacekeepers and neighboring molly as well as 5000 you and french soldiers in the region that the hell is facing unprecedented attacks and losses. became of us who were spared until 2015. when a popular uprising ended the 27 year rule, a former soldier less compelling that was seen as the beginning of the rest, while some now celebrate the qu, others fear are returned to the past. this is an abrupt end to thee democracy, so many here had fought for nicholas hawk al jazeera, the car. the international committee of the red cross says it's deeply concerned about intense fighting around a prison seized by ice. will fighters a ne, in syria? about 45000 people have been displaced by the violent in hospital. the i, c r. c is calling for immediate humanitarian axis. i saw members attached to the
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jail on thursday and a bid to free thousands of fellow fighters kurdish forces are trying to re take control of the facility to australia. now, where, while many are celebrating their national day with friends and families, crowds, they're gathering to protests against what they call invasion de. january 26 marks the landing of the 1st feet from britain in what's know, now sidney. in 1788, and the establishment of a penal colony, a growing number of australian se colonization, led to oppression abuse and genocide of the indigenous people and shouldn't be celebrated. some want the day change. sam clark has more from breast these rallies . they take place every year around the country and that's happening once again in 2022 d. c. we have some of those relative have to be cancelled simply due to the, the social distances regulation and the, the code outbreaks and ones that you've gone online. but we do a large number together, we think some already and kidney some in brisbin and other capital cities and the
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rally that is not just addressing the concerns about the date of the study and public holiday. but they're also addressing the concerns about the indigenous australians and that the indigenous australians were. the 1st arrivals, not the, not the 11 ship, the face of 11 convict ships to rod in 1788. and this year the rally got other issues which they, including in these protests around the country and the pushing for issues like indigenous rights at the end of a black test in custody and child removal. i should also note that the marks the end of history is the original set up of the aboriginal embassy and camera. people have been camera will know that that tenant has been it had all parliament still ahead on al jazeera. we report from hong kong with thousands of people who are expecting to be freed from the current of eyes lockdown, have been ordered to stay in their homes. ah,
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the still arctic air over the us and canada this very overseas purple bit here. now does wal mart study from the west? teens get it coming through a series of cold spells and the latest real dip in temperatures will be on wednesday in all to one quebec. that cold winter though makes minus 3 in new york, feel pretty roll. but the sun's above to compensate. now as the cloud comes across, temperatures tend to rise, and then it starts to snow, who's been a series of cold and less cold events. and this is no exception. chicago shows it from miles, travel wednesday, goods and minus one. but it snows by the evening and that last at least into friday when it gets cold, once again, it's the ought to get, has not left. and it has been felt all way down south to the gulf coast, but doesn't produce much snow, but in the rockies for the west pacific coast. i mean, wind has been a problem,
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but the sun is out and the wind tends to die down. maybe helping the firefighters during fisting pretty settled weather throughout the caribbean and the gulf apart from the obvious line there, which will bring significant rain to florida, maybe parts the bahamas and a few shares in yucatan. and the seasonal ryan is through ecuador, which is part of western brazil. quite possibly the may be a flash flood or 2 from that amount of rain. ah, the step beyond the comfort zone, where assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on a,
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just the euro. lou, the me. welcome back, a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. is working on plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas as tension builds over ukraine, washington, and it's your p and our lives as carrying global markets for alternative sources in case moscow. sweet squeezes supplies, in retaliation for possible sanctions. and russia is holding a week of military drills in the region and in onyx, crimea, in ukraine, efforts, shipment of american weapons and ammunition has arrived. it said that showing up the ukrainian defensive against the threat russian invasion and valleys are under
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way in australia to protest against what many call invasion day is taking place. either celebrates national day, a growing number of people want the date changed to recognize the negative impacts of colonization on the indigenous population. now, 7000 residents at the center of a hong kong of a koby 900 clustering. hong kong have been ordered to stay home after cases spread to a 3rd building. at least 200 people in the area of quite chose have now tested positive more than 2 and a half 1000 residents were supposed to be free from 5 day locked on on wednesday. but it's not been extended until friday. i speak to britt kenneth, who's outside that residential building in hong kong. so brit tell us was why, why were the residents inside those housing? brock's not release today is expected and how they coping? oh, so there were about $2700.00 residents that were meant to be released today,
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including those who are lining up behind me. but after a handful of cases were detected, it's been decided that they will stay locked down in their apartments until friday . chief executive carry lamb say that she understands people would be sad and anxious to get that announcement, but she's thanks to people for their cooperation in this. this would probably be quite a challenging task. they have to come out every day for that. mandatory tests and the ones that we've spoken to say that this creates a more anxiety because they worried that they might catch it with among their fellow residents. they've complained of long waiting times and crowded scenes. their hygiene issues, we've seen calls of rubbish built up around these buildings. they also say that the 3 meals that they provided each day are sub par. there are communication problems with the hotline that they've been told to reach. so certainly, some grumble's among these people and worries as well, that they won't be able to enjoy festivities with chinese new year just around the
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corner. they're concerned that the friday deadline could be extended even longer. and we're see overall cove in 1000 situation in hong kong. great. so cases here, hover around $12120.00 per day. now that might seem low compared to other major cities in the world, but for hong kong that constitutes the biggest outbreak. since june 2020. so lots of alarm among officials here there are 2 classes. this one here at the quite an housing a state is an army chrome cluster. and then there's a delta cluster which authorities believe began with imported hampstead. and that prompted a 2000 pants to call. so what we're looking at is chief executive carry lab, really sounding a lot and saying that at su nami like, outbreak would be looming here at home. come. and she's warned residents that that restrictions here including dining restrictions, gathering restrictions,
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could be extended but beyond the luna new year deadline, her priority she's at said this time and time again is to open up the border with mainland china before opening out international borders. but even that kind of hangs in the balance now, it's jen, jen. authorities have now tied up restrictions for incoming travelers from hong kong. and there is no sign yet that hong kong is willing to abandon at 0 coded tolerance to the virus. 65 percent of 600 responded to a survey by the democratic party said that they'd rather live with the virus, then chase cove id 0. but there are no signs that the government is willing to do that. so like thank you for that brit kenneth slime forced air in hong kong. now police in london have opened an investigation into parties held at government offices that allegedly violated coven 19 locked on roles. feminist voice johnson is under growing pressure to step down his most recently been accused of attending
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a birthday party organized by his wife during the 1st long down in june 2020 and he baba has hi, debbie june 2020 in school pupils which the visiting prime minister, a happy birthday day, the same day, his wife carry dozens of his colleagues and even their interior designer attended a birthday celebration with cake inside 10 downing street. now finally, or is johnson's the subject of a police investigation? weeks after reports emerged of parties in or near downing street during lockdown, i can confirm that the mat is now investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last 2 years. in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations. the move comes after officers working in downing street gave evidence to an existing internal government inquiry headed by civil servant su gray. that process is quite properly
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involved, sharing information continuously with the metropolitan police. so i welcome the met decision to conduct its own investigation because i believe this will help to give the public, the clarity it needs and helped to draw a line under matters. the opposition labor parties repeated calls for boris johnson to resign, suggesting he'd like to parliament just weeks ago. mister speaker, the prime minister told this house there was no patsy. how does the pay master general explained nath? i know across the country, people know enough. they have made up their minds about the prime minister. so when will his party capture? the prime minister's popularity and credibility ratings have tanked with every new report of alleged rule breaking. one you survey suggest 62 percent of the population think he should step down. yeah, of the on his own vote for, for is for is gonna go private roseville. go
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a 2nd so long as mean so many controversy so far and hasn't kicked him out of officer smith teflon pm moments. but many conservative impedes have insisted they'll wait until su, grades report is finished before deciding whether to trigger leadership contest. so the latest twist could be a lifeline for the prime minister. because the irony is that the inquiry being conducted by the cabinet office being led by c gray who is a senior white whole civil servant, will probably now be delayed because these criminal proceedings are around the way the criminal investigation is underway. so in that sense, boy, john snatched the house and breathing space, breathing space perhaps, but with every day that passes, he knows that could be more damaging revelation. and now there's the possibility of police action to nadine baba al jazeera took over 19 antibody drugs. they're no longer available to doctors in the united states. that's after specialists concluded their ineffective against the con, very, and the us food and drug administration revolt emergency authorization for the
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medication made by re general and eli lilly. millions of americans have usa drive for treatment for both drug makers had already warned. they were unlikely to work against only crime. denmark is expected to announce the removal of all covered 19 restrictions by the end of january rolls were relaxed 2 weeks ago, allowing cinemas and museum venues to reopen. but masks remain mandatory along with food for vaccination or a negative test. 40000 new cases were registered on monday. 7 migrants have died after their boats got caught in rough weather off the coast of italy. battalion coast guard rescued about $280.00 people from the pact vessel which was heading from libya to the island of la producer. it says most of those on board were from egypt and bangladesh. the afghan taliban have begun their final day of talks with western diplomats in norway the 3 days of closed door meetings were
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the 1st in europe and the group to control have gone is done in august last year u. s. and e, u diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms. in return for humanitarian aid. tropical storm anna has killed at least 39 people in madagascar. the strong brought heavy rains, causing fretting and much slides in a capital antonin ariba. thousands have been evacuated and several districts remain under high alert, nor burnett burden. mad me has the d test. this is madagascar capital and none the repo. much of it submerged underwater after days of unrelenting rainfall. to storm sent water rushing through the streets. resident pier michelle shows the damage left in the wake law up on you, the power is cut in this area. we have to deal with that and the floods we're never at peace. every one is affected, not only my home, but all the houses in this neighborhood. neighbor vivian does her best to clear the
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water. her family, a thing for now. we allow fans and needs the water came in and we didn't know how to get it out of the house. so we put the kids on the bunk bed. my husband and i then sorted through our self to see the damage. local officials are asking people to leave their homes and join thousands of others at establish shelters, position of hulu and any which i will leave said of the 4 shelters to receive the victims and the municipality will take care of them. recall on all disaster victims for lead their horns and go to the shelters. this school to lazy is providing short to refuge. most of those who escaped, say their homes were swept away or destroyed in a implant in that part of our house has collapsed. we ask for help, we can't live at home because it's flooded. if we leave here,
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we have no way to go on and on. thought i lay out. house was flooded twice the 1st time we stayed there. but this time we had to live because the mattresses, iowa, and al their baby glitzy. it's not unusual to see heavy rain during the wet season, but this was exceptional. with more than a 100 millimeters of rainfall in just one day. 20 districts are now on high alert, and people living in impoverished areas with poor drainage a more vulnerable to flooding. let the rescue teams have now taken boats to navigate the high waters. others were organizing fresh water supplies, hiding packs, and food. as many a now for rebuttal, routable diseases from the sky, it's clear how much work needs to be done as thousands of homes remain submerged and the full cause shows more rain full. now on the horizon law,
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about among the al jazeera rescue crews in the turkish city of istanbul, have cleared roads in one ways after a winter storm dumped ice and heavy snow, the region is experiencing a prolonged and extreme cold snap snowfall has caused chaos on the rose in at the main airport where flights were cancelled on monday. the i mess wants el salvador to stop using bitcoin as legal, tender. i'm if director say that the use of the crypto can see poses risks to financial stability, integrity and consumer protection. as salvatore's president now uber, kelly supported the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in september townhome and wait for some san salvador last september. and so the was the 1st country in the world to approve the use of bitcoin, the crypto currency as legal tender along with the currency that have been used for some time in the country, which is the us dollar. as you can see, one of the cash points behind the co, cheever,
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which you can change bit coins into dollars. but this tuesday, the international monetary fund has said, has recommended that the contract you stop doing that, that they stop using bitcoin as one of the legal currencies in the country. the reason for that, they say that it could impact the financial system and institutions that it could also carry a risk, the consumers in the country because bitcoin goes up. but it also goes down. this is a pretty volatile crypto currency. now that could be a problem for salvador, and that's because the country is quite in debt, and it's been looking for a loan from the, from the international monetary fund. one of the things that the international monetary fund has been worried about, given that load, has been the use of bitcoin in the country. so now it seems, there's 2 ways that president naive bu kelly can go. he can even stop using it unlikely, possibly get that help from the international monetary fund. or he can double down
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on big coit, which is actually planning to do at the moment. he's planning a big coin city in which bitcoin is mind. he's also planning so called volcano bones which are about a volcano that can be mine is an energy can be used to my big coin. and he's aiming to sell those, those a link to help with bitcoin as well. so a sort of decision point is approaching for this country salvatore, to really go, we're big corn, this potentially lucrative or bullet, but also volatile crit for currency, or perhaps to go with the help from the international monetary fund. ah, logan, i'm fully back to bow with the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. is working on plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas has tension, builds over ukraine, washington and its european allies as carrying global markets for alternative sources. in case moscow squeezes supplies.


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