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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 3:30am-4:01am AST

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rhino survived at 30 face repair operations after purchase hacked off its horn. the charity saving the survivors says the 10 year old has healed remarkably well and they are hopeful that he can make it you can find plenty more, no websites out. dessert dot com. this address ah, so this is our desert, these are the top stories and the united states is work your plans to reduce your dependence on russian gases. tension builds over ukraine, washington and its european allies of scaring global markets for alternative sources in case moscow squeezes supplies. a retaliation for possible sanctions. and russia is holding a week of military drills in the region and in an next crimea in ukraine, the 3rd shipment of american weapons and ammunition as arrived. it's aimed at showing up ukrainian defenses against
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a threat of russian invasion alopecia as more now from washington dc. it's interesting that he is trying to get a united front across the u. s. at one of the things he insists on doing is putting his 8500 troops on, heightened stand by. none of them will be going to ukraine. he says. but of course, if there were any need to allies like in poland or romania countries bordering ukraine, he'd be more than happy to send them there. if there was a need. the u. s. coast guard is searching for survivors. aft reports sort of boat capsized, a man was found clinging to a boat brought 70 kilometers from fort pierce inlet in florida. he told rescuers that 39 others were on the boat when it left the bahamas on saturday night. the coast guard says they are treated as a suspect, the case of human smuggling as being international condemnation, if the military coup in bikini fessor hundreds have been celebrating in the capital on tuesday in support of the army. soldiers say they took power because of the
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government's failure to contain attacks from armed groups. police in london have opened an investigation into parties held at government offices that allegedly violated covert 19 looked on rules. the u. k. prime minister, boris johnson, said he welcomes the investigation. johnson's already facing calls to stand a crowds gathering in australia to protest against what they call invasion de these life riches january. the 6th, which is demonstrated a marks the landing of the 1st fleet from britain in 1798, a growing number of australian se colonization led to oppression abuse genocide of indigenous people and should not be celebrated. all right, we're up to date headlines. more news coming up right after inside story buffer. ah,
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a has a dangerous new phase of the war in yemen, begun to hoof. the missiles are intercepted of the united arab emirates in a 2nd attack in a week. so can the entire gulf region be dragged into humans conflict? this isn't that story. ah, hello his a program, i'm him, ron kon, the capital of the united arab emirates is 1200 kilometers from the battlefields of yemen, civil war. despite the distance and being separated by the vast territory of saudi arabia, abbey is now the target of who feet ballistic missiles. what appears to be
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a new front in yemen? 6 year conflict opened last monday and was repeated 7 days later. 2 missiles were launched from yemen towards al defra air base, nay, abu dhabi immorality forces and the u. s. hatchet. defense system intercepted them, but flights into abu dhabi airport once again. disruptive, free work is, were killed navy airport in last week's attack. fuel tanks were destroyed at a petroleum depot, nearby u e. is part of the saudi led coalition out war in yemen. the hu thies, a warning of more immorality attacks saying foreign company should leave the all rich hub and tourist destination. coalition commanders intensified air strikes on yemen during the past week one struck a prison inside the province killing at least 80 people another on the port city of her data knocked out the internet for 4 days. iran which backs the who these is calling for talks. mom who's pharisee dar, manage?
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we consider the expansion of the war in yemen, worrying and we demand saudi arabia. and the way take political measures with a constructive approach to end human siege in yemen to end the war and establish cease fire in yemen, and urge yemenis to enter jamini to yemen. he talks battle. the continuation of the situation is not this and will not be to the betterment of the region or either of the countries involved in the crisis any ah, let's, we're gonna guess in moscow in oman of deluxe robert, a academic and research of focusing on the gulf region in stock home in sweden are for at nasa. yemen research, a human rights watch, and in washington, d. c. novel, hoary form, a u. s. diploma in yemen and senior fellow, the atlantic councils refill career center for the middle east. welcome to the program. let's begin in muskets in oman. is this a dangerous escalation, or just a case of the chickens coming home to roost for their you aids been involved in the
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war since a partial withdrawal in 2019. i think this is a dangerous escalation when we see our capitals in the region and our cities are being attacked by missiles, it obviously doesn't work well for, for the region and brings the war to our, our, our towns and, and also destroys our facilities and destroys of course, you know, the abbreviation of the region being a safe region for investment and tourism, etc. and i think this was expected in a way because, you know, the continuation of the war has ended in this situation. the gulf states that interfered in this war in the 1st place, have not been able to end it. and negotiations have not let anywhere. and it seems that the world is now getting out of the contacts and out of control where,
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you know, the gulf states are being attacked. so i think this is a very dangerous almond for the whole region. but no, to be unexpected. the new bill, hoary we've been warning of the americans have been warning that the gulf could be part of the war if it continued. if it continued on yet, negotiations haven't go anywhere. this was to be expected, wasn't it? yes, i don't think the emirates can expect to be playing in this war directly and indirectly without somehow getting affected. ah, this later stop scale and fighting is all about the battle for matter. which is about a button for a natural resources of the m. m. in the end, in any p scenario possible, those c sources will have to be shared by all the regions of yemen. and so those working on mediation right now should focus on making sure that there is
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a formula for everybody to share and these natural resources. and therefore, no need for fighting off on us or a few people have died in abu dhabi a yet, a 4500000 people have been displaced in hundreds, thousands of people have died in yemen. yet. international treaties open arms about a few attacks in the gulf. i mean, that seems incredibly unfair, isn't it? i mean, logically speaking. yeah. and the recent escalation also sends a clear message that civilians are caught between 2 fires with absolute lack of accountability for these violations by parties to the conflicts and either an m and the u. e. or sorry, that abs williams should never, should never be an object of an attack. but the reason escalation shows that part is to the conflict show an increasing this regard for civilian life,
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for civilian and infrastructure. and for any prospect for ending the suffering of millions of civilians, whether in urine or even attacking or targeting civilians and saudi arabia and the u. e. and when i say the lack of accountability is that we've been in this conflict for 7 years without anyone getting accountable for any of these 5 nations. and just recently the u. n. a n. the mandate, the mandates of the only international in portia, an investigation mechanism to document one crimes and m. and so that gives, gives a clear order, sends a clear message to the parties to the, to the contract, to continue doing violation and attacking civilians without any consequences.
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so civilians are only paying the price for being caught between $2.00 fires, a billable food. busy in moscow often when an escalation like this occurs, it's because one party is absolutely desperate to strike a blow that may seem to be definitive or at least put pressure, for least bringing people to the talks. is that what's going on right now? do you think the fees are desperate and they want to bring an end to this conflict, or is it an escalation? and then you just have nothing else left to playful? well, of course, it's a very complex law and a very complex causes for, for this. and i think from my own reading is that both sides are fatigued now because of this war, the whole thing is we're, we're working very hard as it were to control module, which is all rich region. and because that kind of help them to sort out some of
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the economic and financial issues, if they're facing with the way he supported the gate and that drove them out of this. they are now trying to escalate. i believe also the coalition is getting tired of this. it's very costly, war and terms of economics and in terms of even, you know, reputation and politics. and i think everybody wants to end the war. but no one really wants to talk about that reality on the ground. they want to end the war, as you know, on the condition that it started. and that is going to be very difficult because things have changed. i think also both sides want to bring it to the forefront of other regional and international crisis, you know, in crisis, despite the fact that it's, you know, it's costing the emmys and their human lives and of course,
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destroying the country. no one seems to care us much again, given of course, the multitude of different crisis, whether it is in the region or outside the region. so it seems that by escalating pushing this forward to bring international and regional powers and united nations, etc, to start to push for more negotiated settlement. and that's the only way that this complex is going to be a result. i don't think there is a military solution and it's only if we can get all parties sit down and talk reasonably to end the war because enough is enough. you know, the, yeah, many people have suffered enough and now we're seeing that the war has been we've been implicated in the gulf in this warren, our cities are being attack. so i think it's about time that this war ends louisville hurry. it's about time that this war ends, but that's a very long way away. we still have, and i do,
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i'm going to use the term proxy war going on in yemen between saudi arabia and iran, both key players. how difficult is it going to be to get those 2 people over to on, around the table on this particular issue when they can't agree on several other issues outside of yemen? i mean, this is fairly low down the agenda for saudi arabia and for iran, right? yes, i think you're absolutely right. unfortunately, i don't think anybody is really tired of this war except the civilians who are the main target and the main victims of this war. ah, everybody else is gearing up and this war could go on for 10 more years. this is, the job is for the mediators, both from the united nations and the u. s. to step up their game in the end. this war is a sagal for power inside yemen. to fill the vacuum left by lay out the father.
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and all sides have ambitions to dominate the scene. these ambitions are over the top. there is no one side in yemen that can dominate the whole country. in the end, they have to share power. and a formula has to be imposed if necessary, to make sure that everybody will have a share in ruling this country. but they cannot dominate a regional powers intervening. are all intervening for their own purposes. not for the purpose of humping yemen. and this is the job for the big powers, especially the u. s. to get to regional players out of yemen wants him for all. will continue to talk about the politics in just a moment. but i want to bring in for an author here and talk about the human rights
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side of this. it seems that every side in the human complex has human rights abuses on its ledger. can you just talk is through what sort of human rights abuses we're looking at? look, there is no conflict between these destructive policies and the human rights violations. so if there were like any consequence or any, any mechanism to call abuse, there is a countable. we would see some progress whether politically or, and the human rights for don. so you have like, as the war drag on so many are in conflict groups that were created along the, the continuation of the conflict. so starting from the t arms group and somehow or the star would you like coalition and you a back in many forces and so the back yemen, the forces and the south,
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different groups have been committing a wide range of violations against civilians. so you have like a crisis force detention at a betray detention 1st. the blue disappearance of thought of bay shun unlawful attacks whether using besides rock could. the conduct of hostility is just reckless. every party in this conflict, and at the same time you have back hurts and supporters from the u. s. new. ok, france, germany, you name it, that they see view mounting documentation of violations whether from international human rights groups by human rights, swatch, amnesty, and other groups. they see all these documentation and these reports coming even
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from you and you and human rights constantly for us that she showed that there, there is a, you know, a wide spread of, of violation and some of them that could amount war kinds and yemen. and yet these are states and europe and the u. s. are these weren't leaders continue to support ah, parties to the conflict without any consideration to the human human life and human caught in the conflicts? it's just a really bizarre and, and frustrating the bias that you see at the moment while your money is being bombed, since a year was attacked. and on 17th of january, it just tells you how the international community is under pressure and being biased to ok. so that area and they ab, thanks to their big influence. well,
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let's talk about that with a de la, the guests in washington dc. and the bill hoary actually said that this could, this will, could go on for another 10 years. however. is there any thinking in the u. e right now, given the litany of human rights abuses that we've just heard about, given the escalation into you a territory that actually enough is enough that we do need to stop this war because it's now coming to our doorstep. yes, patriot defense missile system is working. the you are, you have managed to destroy the missiles that came in, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. i agree, i think it is very difficult to defend against such attacks and maybe one can be successful. and several times on it, it only needs one side to get through. and it is the psychological impact rather than of course, the end of the attack itself. and that has an impact on the region in the cities in the gulf that are going through development. and it's, you know,
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want to attract investments and tourism, etc. and now being attacked. obviously, this is going to have an impact, especially in the u. e. because unlike saudi arabia, it doesn't have the strategic depth that saudi arabia has. and of course it is, again, this is going to affect it really badly. and i believe that the leadership in the united out of america is going to work very hard to try and to, to escalate and possibly now they've got more involved in the war. they probably will have a say as they did not do before and trying to end the war because now they are implicated in the war more than they were before. obviously that would drill a 2nd stage and now they are back and they're being attacked. so i think maybe the united arab emirates now can push for the escalation and further talks.
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and i believe there is something going on at the moment. it's difficult to tell, but i think there are some meetings taking place where the united arab emirates wants to play a role and, and trying to resolve this conflict. because being a negotiation between the host is and saudi arabia has in let, anywhere and the past. and also with the legitimate government. and it requires pressure and across implies pressure as let's say, from the global power, especially from the united states, from the european union, from china and russia, and from the united nation. that they must end this war. obviously, a war to like this. there are a war economy. there are a lot of people who benefited from the law and who want to continue with the war. but i think the states themselves are tired. and in a way, i think this has been very costly or for saudi arabia financially, but also in terms of invitation. and i don't think the saudis want this to continue either. but i think everybody has to come to a recognition that, you know,
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you cannot continue the body being cities and you cannot continue this walk. and there is no way not of the end. and everybody has to given it given something or give up something for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. this is a very complicated conflict. it's probably more complicated than the palestinian israeli conflict because of this. so many different factions and interests. and in this conflict, and the bill hoary you've just heard were august in moscow, has had to say you still think that this could go on for another 10 years to does that? does his words give you any kind of hope for a quick, a quicker resolution? to the conflict unfortunately, i was a bit optimistic at the beginning of the by the end administration, due to their focus and they're sending a special envoy to help andy and war. but now a year pastor mark and nothing absolutely nothing has been achieved. my
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optimism has evaporated. r u e should be motivated for peace, but i don't see them making any m all for mediation or suing for peace. on the contrary, the u. e has been establishing a maritime empire that spreads from dubai through the horn of africa and up to north africa. they are very ambitious. and with that ambition, i don't see them all that concerned. i mean, they have good defenses. and their main cities will probably be defended against any incoming rockets and the rockets in the end of the day will not change the balance of power. that much. the balance of power is overwhelmingly in the air. on the side of the out of coalition on the ground, it's a different matter. and i think it's the mediators job to
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really focus on mine. i made a very good down. oh man, i can't impose anything. if both sides don't accept to come to the table, oh man can only offer ideas. but in the end of the day is the big powers at the united nations un security council that must ag with one another. and that must impose a solution. for now, said is absolutely correct about the bias the i am ashamed that are on the department or as to what happened. i mean, this is foolishly fired as you rock. it's sorry. i mean, you know, again, sorry we are running out to tom and i do want to come to offer nasir, you've just mentioned her there. this is the worst humanitarian crisis currently on the planet um and with everything i guess have just been talking about. there's no
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quick solution to this, it's only going to get worse yet. not only do we have donor fatigue when it comes to kind of dealing with this conflict, but we also have political fatigue as well. people just don't want to get involved . they international. yeah. so as you just mentioned, this is the, the world's worst human terry in crisis. and at the same time, in my opinion, it's the world wars political crisis are there seems to be political, tig, during that fatigue at the same time, even the u. s. a demonstration is talking about considering to do this, but he does ignite a group which will have serious implication, quarter 1000000 so so many ends look, both sides attacks can not be justified by other, so i have a pattern and low from the attack. so what we need here is just as
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a really no p is no justice and no justice, no peace. what hoti is we're being able to do is because there is no consequences. what this, how we did at coalition have been able to do is because there is no one consequences . yemen is in desperate need of accountability. the bias that the them you just mentioned, it's just shameful and disgraceful. and, you know, the international community should, can them abuse there's and by it a 3rd of all sides, this is the nice thing. not, not only emanates all civilians deserve weather in yemen, and the u. 8. saudi arabia so very and deserve a sort of that a to, from the international for we all want to know that we already know it's, it's hard to do when it comes to just very quickly of delivery, given everything you've heard from store time in washington, d, c, that do you still believe that this attack could lead to
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a quicker resolution to the conflict? now that the u. e it's, it's come to the u. s. borders to so believe i don't think it will lead to a quicker resolution, but i think it will move the waters a little bit. and i think we've seen that now. well, you know, the international you and special envoy us special envoy are visiting the region and they are talking. i think there is a lot of discussions going on between the leaders in the region. so i think it is, it is a, it is, it has matched the conflict a little bit more to the forefront of international politics because it's been neglected for, for many reasons. and that is wrong because we are seeing people being killed and suffering. and then next to us, and that is a huge new monetary crisis is being said and the world at large, you can order this conflict, letting them just, you know, get on with it. so i think this is going to at least bring this to the forefront
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and then there are some discussions, and i think the more attacks happens in the cities even if they don't succeed, the fear of, of those attacks. and of course, that would be tensional damage is going to have an effect on, in the gulf states, you know, we're, we're, we're small countries here, you know, piece one countries. and they're trying to build their economies on that occasion and investment and so on. and this is going to have a really bad reputation for you, a and for saudi arabia and for the whole region at large. if this is going to continue for a long time. so i think there must be a solution to this. i do want to thank all a guess, a billable boot for an officer and a bill hoary. and i want to thank you as well for watching. you can see the program again any time by this single website out there, a dot com. and for further discussion, go to facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is a j inside story. for me, i'm wrong and a whole team head. i for now,
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a ah, a ah,
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a coming of age story in the community fighting to preserve its heritage in an ever changing world. ah thing on an ancient ritual to future generations. in an award winning documentary, i'll just say we're world follows a group of young men on their right to pass the challenge in the remote forest of ivory coast. the sacred woods on out is era. what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again for our climb. for 4 minutes and practice, ah, to exceed their dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever. when to in the pm's,
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they will have to overcome many mountains. come over your path of hope and inspiration, where the light shine witness on al jazeera. ah hello, nick la can. there are the top stories here and al jazeera and the u. s. is working on plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gases. tension builds over ukraine. ross was holding a week of military drills in the region and next crimea on ukraine. the 3rd shipment of american weapons and ammunition has arrived. it's aimed at showing up defenses against a threat have russian invasion. it's alan fisher. despite a large build up of forces on the ukrainian border, russia says it is no plans to invade us. president joe biden isn't convinced.


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