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tv   Witness Chinas Fake Boyfriends  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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light travel, set of finite speed through the universe. we see the universe as it existed when that light was emitted, it's traveled through time and space and we detected later on. for instance, if you want to have it in comparison, you look at the moon. it takes light about one second to travel from the moon to us . we see the moon as it was one second ago. ah. top stories now on al jazeera burkina fast. his army says it seized control of the country. a group of soldiers has appeared on state tv saying that they've ousted the president, dissolve the government and national assembly suspended the constitution and close the boarders president rog gabor. his whereabouts are unknown. his party earlier said he has survived an assassination attempt, and re wilkin has this update on the situation. what google, since this morning,
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it's been a very heavy military presence on the, on the street fight, the national board caf. htp today treat you to me as to taking the, the billing thing apart and on the vehicle in the, the gateway and installed a coffee outside the building as well. so, i mean, obviously this isn't the kind of thing normally see on the, on a monday morning in, in my get so you can, but yeah, compared to yesterday when the meeting started and that was firing happening at various military bases across the city. today we've had no come fire tool. so really the military now seem to be confident be in control. at least 6 people have been killed in a stampede outside a football game. in cameroon, it happened that the poor b. yes. stadium in limbo, which is about 60 kilometers north of the capitol. fans appear to have rush the
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stadium. i had of kick off where cameroon was about to play camaros in the african cup of nations. nato has put forces on stand by incense ships and try to adjust to bolster europe's eastern defences. the build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine is causing fears of an invasion. russia has remained defiant, denying it plans to invade and accusing the west of fueling hysteria and escalating tensions. at least 3 people have been killed in the latest protests against military rule in sudan. medics say they were shot dead by security forces fired live rounds and tear gas. the group says more protested were injured in the capital cartoon. and the neighboring city of on demand. more than 70 civilians have died since the military takeover in october. that's it. witness is lex. did you know you can watch out as they were english streaming live on like youtube channel?
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last thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. an in depth news reports. subscribe to you to dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. the change, the reset, the whole is around the corner and the single girls have begun to worry about these annoying. clearly the marriage from karen and relatively they can turn to the internet and i asked them to read the boyfriend for a whole day. it costs you up to 2000, cried me .
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i want, you know, to me i know renting a boyfriend, what i want to do is just renting a boyfriend and take him to my home, drawing fast. oh, many options that there are can run herself when to go found runs a boyfriend if i, if i'm not tor, the from flying someone that now. so we're harvey, here from harvey, the sim hometown. but hello. yes,
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you want me? i can just call him i also need to go over to your home, you know what a with like a little thing. how old the children are rather pay the age of to get married
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single girl in china is actually in my age, it's kind of card with i'm a landscaping designer. i do have passion of this drop of this thing. and if i don't have it, i don't know how to continue. i think reading a boyfriend, a so private, i think is only because of the family will calm the mom's nursing which is what hydrogen to who payton food to me can organ diner. show what i'm sorry. jennifer miller,
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can i still want to know what the hell can only go news for me. crazy. let me go along with the chinese society. lizzie, difference has 30 years. is that totally different? and at that time, my power in our power and the way of thinking very different don't, don't you can, can you go by i was,
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i go through by the looks like you're good. well, why don't we all know that like that kind of control over. 2 how to see if there was a way to sign. i may lay i. yeah. i mean, i hear you so much woman who goes as i tell him, i need to go the polio her home to home home. no matter what i was out of the
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home. yeah. i i did. yeah. i i your, your, your usual. what do you choose your way? yeah. see how she did on yours and so she said she's going to just finish it should i. 5 use it's not upon the entire nice, it's just the field that says someone be abandoned, some go be abandoned, that she's not feeling of being
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i just her, if i'm so tired all it cuz i am going to work a work order. so those i watch on carlo ca jagow,
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a pole my whole toilet a . busy hm, i
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to share some out. i'm hiding away to me. so on. maybe i think we should, you know, make some sorry, because we have to talk to my parents. i think he's a good looking and i barely know him so. so apparently, so no worse to you know, to talk through some strangers. i. ringback hope you don't do this because you will go ahead and in job waste more.
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oh, we'll go, mamma short showing on the hall. mamma, who is the shore of thief who begun. montoya, which i hope, was sure now. so to be satisfied with my case, the woman's promotion. okay. she's got a whole meltdown. you don't wall. what i just was what was your mother? you are just this was in charge and they went like how without showing the josh was can you come to you how many out all i wish you all told by thomas don't which are even in the way. so it's marcel long. took
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away dr. young in your phone, you wish they hadn't with the hope or critical momma for which a month will cost me costs and how much cliff will you be on your new house? so you want me to call on so you went to the whole social was so you when they will come? what like, what does your parents buy now? what, what, what will happen then? because i don't think that's right. what i don't want them to have. how do you become not actual. ok, not. i think judgment they start. when you later. bye.
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ah . yes i'm talking for chinese new year. hobbies, super super code. i think it's just her a couple days ago. my sister told me a temporary terese miners of 43 because that i think that i think it's getting better. i'm so excited about. i'm gonna see my mom, my parents and my nephew. hello to oh, i know the nurse and i did and making a whole story and i am afraid that my mom will find
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a . busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy tiny snail here is the largest migration on the planet in fortune with no matter where you are, no matter where you are. all the chinese will go back to home town during spring fast because of a sewing portion for 20 a
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or one on friday. you know, my sister is older than me. she does know like what did emma selma? she looks like you could be a mom. you ok, put that away with a draft wise. you're happy read q ah ah. ah harvey is my home town in northeast health trainer and it's very
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cold golf immersed because of ice fast. i think harvey is still developing is not compared to waste beijing. the counter post clinton is not that open. i think in chinese cultures like final respect getting get. yeah, by jo for dad and packs of milk for the mom because apparently all to the leica. comfortable. like i feel that way too. yeah. this is the movie during for, for the last 2 weeks for the parents. i love those over. 6 i had to call my mom
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for those all, but i think i told him, i said, i think let me assure you have a ah ha ha ha, not all this. oh yes. oh no. yeah. who used to be a walker so that it's always saying of, oh,
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i don't know why. she's a boy. oh hon george, ohio. hosanna. play any upon the middle or that rather maley tell you that there won't be any joke to see them take a moment or you should go that. mm hm. it. hm, yeah. now law oh hi with. i mean, it was a town a meal to her. la hagen. thank you. oh, you're welcome to see why i was wrong to handle the that you were opening up. was a note a lot. oh, and then she now the in thinking we also have
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a huge urgency in tierney. mooney. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. all them. okay. try them. oh, sir, with. so i'm almost electrical. it should always been a lot like, what is it that door? libya. yeah, for whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. * whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is sam. you a young woman, the al corda need your help with the ball, shaw my adult lot, but for sure, let me get a clean yahoo, he's our dr. young lady. i'm up on the bottom, the logo. sure, sure. sure. toby's dad
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a when i'm home. you also book no profession was outdoor her late or late the late oh, with i talked to my mom after my mom say, oh it's not true. she is not going boyfriend. my mom just said, wow, just a stranger for someone who is not book your boyfriend. why just do this?
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and i just say, oh, if you put me a lot next few years, i think i will really take some wife. know who is not my boyfriend in as for that keep home. i don't matter. yes, but it's not really, but the people will feel offensive really? yes. yes, because it it boy fires for, for that people. ah . with high, that's all i saw. a
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lawyer go a lawyer. i mean what? god i oh, oh i you know, i know i'm heading for a piano. i i know. yeah, i great, great, great a
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. i don't know what what i should do. forgotten. josh, i'll go on a double co that whole week. i'm a joshua miles. i haven't got it. okay here. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. oh, we add a couple.
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okay. yeah, i know we're, we're a, a. 2 a hey, i know you're busy, you know, does the things, you know, i'm just the same period patient way. i'm busy talking to people. ah.
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i come out to my parents, especially at salt. there's nothing that i could do. so i think maybe they still will car then be a bad person and them feel no crawl of me. is that by the way to tell my mom or i'm really good to my life. one good thing came from this experience that to my parents are one person. i think i will never do it again because it's not a bad for feeding to a light kiss on one that i love. yeah. i can come in ah ah, being
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a refugee when starting again. ah, but building a new life in a new country is no easy task. like dr. witness follows one of the last refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa from their personal sacrifices to the families prior. i meet the syrian on al jazeera february on a just either china host the winter olympics, but will diplomatic boycott and the corona vibrate. overshadow the event rigorous debate them unflinching questions. up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom. al jazeera keeps you up to date of mation, tackle the overcome barrier amid continued vaccine inequality. one 0, one east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing faith are causing the
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great british curry crisis. the african union hope it's 35th, orderly fashion. the 1st with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and pressing issues across the continent. there is much disgust february on a jazeera. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail it. citizens, britons, true colors, part one on al jazeera ah, allow government lounges era where ever you with no
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a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah. ready the army seizes control a bikini face home president. rock bought a is removed from office, his government dissolve, and the constitution suspended. ah, 11 o'clock. this is outdoor ally from de. also coming up as don pete outside of football stadium, kills at least 6 people and come room catherine. during after a couple of mentions game, we will always do what is necessary to protect on the fans of all our allies. nato
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says it's sending reinforcements to eastern europe as fears grow of a russian invasion of ukraine. us to put troops on standby.


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