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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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lends that a rapidly changing the world we live in less than one percent of poor vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. soldiers announced they are now in charge of burkina faso. they say they are detained prisoners wash. couple of nato says it's sending reinforcements to eastern europe as fears, grow about a possible washing invasion of ukraine. moscow accuses the west of hysteria, former lebanese prime minister saw how he says, he says,
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stepping away from political life and calls on his party to boycott the upcoming election fears over a deepening political crisis in honduras. rival heads of congress are sworn in just days ahead of the president elect inauguration and on he to same it with all your sports news, host nation. cameroon, will kick off in the next hour or so against ca, morris. the winner of that match. blake, gambia in the quarter finals of the surprise, one mill when the genie ah, we're going to start with breaking news from burkina faso, where the army has seized control of the country. within the past half hour, a group of soldiers have appeared in state television to say they've ousted president roche mal christiane, cowboy. they suspended the constitution and they dissolved the government. the ruling party said earlier, the press had survived an assassination attempt. gunfire erupted alley on sunday
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when soldiers took control of a major military barracks in the capital. some civilian protestors rallied to support the military intervention. and the unrest stands for frustration and the battle against armed groups affiliated with iso and arcade of soldiers have been demanding better resources to combat them. attacks of killed, of, and 2000 people, force one and a half 1000000 from their homes on how many wilkins is joining us on the phone from the capital y. good to go and just talk us through everything that's been happening over the last few hours because it's been very fast moving. yeah, absolutely. so you all day, today we've been waiting for an announcement from likely new leaders of the, of the country since this morning. the staple costa has been under, under the control of the meeting. it's as of sunday, but yeah,
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we didn't get any information throughout the afternoon. and then about an hour ago, it has begun to recall the president had resign. resigned to within minutes of that military troops appeared on the national board cost to announce that the government has been, has been dissolved. we'll say how to statements in the last couple of hours from the form of ruling n p. p policy to say that the president had survived the fascination an attempt either monday or on sunday night. and we thank you very much indeed for talking to us from laga dog and bring us up to date with our situation. henry wilkins there. okay, we're going to speak now to nicholas hack. he's joining us live from synagogue capital a docket. one would imagine that this is going to have significant ramifications for the whole region talk us through what you are aware of how the, the members,
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for example, of echo was reacting to all of us make no mistake. there are negotiations taking place between west african nations and the new a strong man that's in charge of beacon of us or that's made that that sign the announcement made on national t v t v. his name is lieutenant colonel pearl. he will go your son, dojo, demi bay. he is now the new strong man. he's in charge and, and there are negotiation in place. the you want to see the immediate release of hawk macavoy, the elected president, the after the echo of the african you african union, want to see the military return to their barracks. and they want to see hawk not cowboy, or an elected official take charge. it's a very confusing situation currently in bertina for so despite this announcement made by the that the, the, the coolers of the mutineers. the reason being it's so confusing is because at
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stake here is the, the stability of burkina faso. remember, this is a place where armed groups are active, i'm groups affiliated to iso and al qaeda rob. and that's going to be a key point, isn't it? because if there is a lack of stability and a lack of security, am in brooklyn or fossil, those on groups one would imagine are going to be looking at that and seeing whatever opportunities they might be able to take in this current situation. exactly a week, a central government or a government not bought made of elected officials plays into the hands of arm groups that are active in the north and then the east of the country. remember, that's what they're been trying to fight off is a democratically elected government. in walker dooku, so this situation really plays into the hands of arm groups that are currently active in the region. it's also a, comes at a time where there's been an increase attack. remember,
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3500000 people in bikini faso are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. more than 1500000 displaced. most of them are children. these are staggering numbers. numbers that weren't like that a couple of years ago. but what you have to see in the back down of this is the instability, the political instability, or the lack of ability from a, the, the president or the former deposed president in trying to deal with the ongoing security situation. now there was the turning point in november, rob, when there was an attack on some of these troops in the, in, in the region of e, nuts. i, where a 50 people had died. 20 of them were soldiers, soldiers, i don't without food rations for over 2 weeks that were ill equipped. and that caused public outcry. what o'clock cavalry did was try to band or sensor their protest denouncing the mounting insecurity. instead of focusing on the
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security situation to the north, what's interesting about this new strawman, lieutenant colonel bernard. he sounds good to me be he used to be and he was promoted as a commander to to the north of burkina faso by the president himself. he had written a book about questioning the situation between west african armies and arm groups in the area. it's someone that's been on the front line that has seen the casualty, and caused by the war are going on in this region of the borders of mali. burkina faso when you share the someone that has an element of support from many soldiers among burkina faso is army. rob. but nick, we've seen a surgeon managers had takeovers across places like ghana and chad. and molly in sudan. the african union echo was and the other african nations must have been very concerned which was next to fall. and it does seem as though burkina faso is that
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one. is there any indication that you alluded to it slightly in your 1st answer? is there anything, any indication that there is going to be more sort of an intervention or more at least talks with, as you say, the new what is perceived to be the new leadership of burkina faso r o people just sitting back at the moment and waiting to see what happens next. this is a particularly difficult situation for france, the former colonial power. it has its special forces on the ground, not far from the airport of walker to go under the opposite operation saber. in fact, there was a french soldier that was wounded alongside burkina faso military just earlier last week. and so they have troops on the ground in burkina faso. beacon of us is also a key ally, a key contributor to the fight against arm groups in neighboring molly. there's the g 5. so hell, a coalition of arm groups in which burkina faso is also part. so,
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i mean, it's particularly interesting for france. see, given that there are, as you mention, 3 military successive cruise in the region, all of them, 3 former french colonies and guinea and molly and now in bertina fossa, where we're seeing a step away from democracy. but for many in brick enough. ah. so this military takeover is seen a step forward for security in the region. molly, leading the way, in many ways, many observers in west africa see the steps taken by molly, which is to move away from france and closer to other superpower, such as russia. russian mercenaries, a shirt russian fighters are currently active in molly. well, they see that as the right move forward, they see that the current status quo of engaging with france and with key allies is in bringing them more safety. in fact, it's making the situation worse. so there is to be
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a new plan of action both for the new leadership in burkina faso, but also for their key ally, france in the fight against arm groups in the region that continues to gain ground . rob, as nicholas hoc talking to us from senegal as capital duck are about the announcement from burkina faso that soldiers say they are now in charge of the country. nato is expanding his military presence in eastern europe with more ships and fighter jets and putting forces on standby. as russia accuses the alliance of escalating tensions over ukraine. european foreign ministers meeting in brussels to say they are ready to impose never before seen sanctions. if russia attacks ukraine, russia has amassed an estimated 100000 troops, new ukraine, but rejects western allegations. but it plans and invasion we are considering to further enhance our presence in the eastern part of the lions. this could include
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the deployment of additional ne thought battle groups. these deployments are proportionate on in line with our national commitments and they reinforce european security for all of us. at the same time, nate remains ready to continue dialogue with russia following the nato russia council. earlier this month, i have now invited all members to serious of further meetings. the new foreign affairs team says the block will respond swiftly if russia attacks ukraine. they like to do a best, you know, the full diplomacy work. but should diplomacy fail? we have very well advanced, indeed preparation of responses to a potential rush in an aggregate aggression. and certainly he will be a quick and did term in action with a strong unity,
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not only we seen did of the union, but also into of nationally law white house correspondent, company hawker stanley, by in washington dc. first, let's go to natasha butler who's following the e. u foreign ministers talks in brussels from paris that we heard there that said talk over unity and a strong response. but what else has been going on at these talks? well e foreign ministers, a mess all day at the end of their meeting, which included by a video called the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. are these top diplomats you had in their years at burrell cooled for com on all sides? he said that also i to avoid what he called a nervous breakdown. this was the use of foreign policy chief really looking to try and ease tensions as the crisis of the ukraine really mounts. but burrell did say
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that the you had agreed that they were united in their response. if russia should invade ukraine, and that response would be a package of sanctions. he didn't give any details as to what those sanctions would be. he said, if the time comes that to implement them, then they will be implemented and we may know a little more then the social thank you very much indeed. that server correspondent natasha bottle talking to us from paris. wanna bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hall could how is the white house responding to this? how concerned are they appears? very concerned, given the fact that we've just had the update to the president schedule that now includes at 20 g m t a video conference call with the european leaders as they continue their coordination and consultation over this potential conflict. and we know this follows a weekend of meetings at the secure location up in maryland,
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north of washington, dc known as cap david. this is where the u. s. president consulted with members of his national security council. we're told that he weighed a number of potential options presented to him for potentially deploying between one and 5000 soldiers to support the nato defenses. now this would be 4 countries that are within native this wouldn't be ukraine proffer. and there would be the potential, should there be a conflict and things deteriorate to add to that number? now in addition, there would also, in this plan, we understand be airships or rather aircraft, and warships that could be added as well. now, this is our real pivot even to be considered, because up until now, the biden administration has been reluctant to even consider sending this type of military weaponry. given the fact that there was the feeling that to send this type of not just ships or aircraft or soldiers would, in some way,
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per vote. vladimir putin, the russian president, into attacking or invading ukraine. and so that is why there has been such reluctance, but now we understand the president is weighing that decision and perhaps even getting the advice of european leaders something that we expect in the coming hours . now, to this end, we also know the secretary of state, or rather his employees at the embassy and keep, are being told to leave the embassy. this is the family members. at least there are some of the embassy employees also as well included in that vacuum. since this is a sort of standard security protocol when there is the potential for conflict or crisis. but it is yet another signal that things are escalating and the white house is increasingly concerned at our white house correspondent, kimberly hoggard. kimberly, thank you very much. indeed. let's talk to kurt volk, or he's a distinguished fellow with the center for european policy analysis. he's also
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a former you a special representative for ukraine negotiations and a former us ambassador to nato. he's joining us live from washington, d. c. good to have you with sir all j 0 am i want to ask you about the fact that the bulk of the emphasis at the moment for what's happening is it seems to lie with the u. s. and with nato to those of us outside. it looks as though president putin is able to sit back fold his arms and just watch all of this play out in front of him. has he miscalculated or is this what he's aiming for? i think he hasn't miscalculated. i think he has very taken a very proactive role. he has surrounded ukraine, but troops in and around ukraine. well, over 100000. he's moving forces in developers so that they get even further west and they're in circles of ukraine is putting natal landing vessels into the black sea. and he's made extraordinary demands of us and of nato, essentially to consign you into a russian here in schools. so he's not just sitting back,
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he's being very proactive. and what we see from nato, just what your correspondent reported is diminished as compared with what newton is already doing. a lot of a lot of family interviews and correspondence and, and debates about this situation that i've heard have drawn comparisons between this situation and what happened in georgia. now, please correct me if i'm wrong, but if i understand that the difference between georgia was and ukraine was, that russia had claimed some sort of ethnic link with georgians inside georgia. and that's why they felt they were able to move in and annex sections of, of georgia. russia is strongly denying that it has any intention of moving in to ukraine. that's, to me, seems like quite a significant difference. but is it significant? well, there are several differences, but not the ones you mentioned. there. the sections of georgia, the russia occupies are outcomes and south 2nd ethnically. so they're not russians
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. they're really none of the very large numbers. there are russian speakers in eastern ukraine where russia occupies territory. there, but they are ukrainian to see themselves as ukraine. and in both cases, this was an effort unprovoked by russians to claim territory. they recognize a guardian's office as independent states, not as an extra russia. they did have an ex crimea family crate. and el rey just grabbing it by force and that will get to be part of russia and they have not done that in case you want script and that's scary of ukraine. but it appears as though they are on the verge. busy of making another military encouraging g crane taking more territory and then we'll see what they do after that. if your foreign ministers are reporting, we're saying that they were ready to impose never before seen sanctions. any idea of what those sanctions, what would be any idea of whether it would make a difference? yeah. unfortunately,
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it was leak out of germany earlier this week, or last week that swift kicking russia out of the international payments system is not on the tables. so the sanctions that remained are, those were state owned enterprises and russian financial institutions still trying to effect russia's ability to access international financial markets. and i think russia feels that it does have alternatives, including in for of china. and i don't believe that it actually will deter russia from largest invasion, i think has made it very clear that he wants concessions from the u. s. and nato, about having a certain ones around russia. he's not going to get that. and so i think he's going to take it by force. how much do you think that this could be a decisive moment for the future of nato on the structure of nato, depending how it reacts? well, you know, nature does not have an obligation to ukraine. it does have obligations or existing
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numbers to protect and defend them. that's why these modest deployments of forces in jude's nato member countries as a reassure s. and to turn there is important and i think nato will come out of this looking like it will keep its commitments to its own members. but it is not willing to confront russia over non members, and i think that that means you're seeing a real dividing up with europe again as we had during the cold war about a vote. we appreciate your time. so as always, thank you very much indeed for joining us. my pleasure thinking, let's talk from wall street. i've seen a large sell off the dow jones industrial average fell by more than a 1000 points during trading 7th straight done day in a row. investors are worried about future interest rate rises to deal with inflation and the possibility of conflict between russia and ukraine. and well, kristen said in his life for us in new york, just talk us through what's been happening on the markets. kristen yeah,
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well it's been a very down day after a down week. lots of volatility in the market at one point the tao is down more than a 1000 points. it has recovered a bit, but it's still down nearly $700.00 points. and stocks across the board seem to be suffering. we're seeing tech stocks down, oil prices down crypto currencies down amid a lot of uncertainty. that includes the possibility of conflict between russia and ukraine. the possibility of russia invading ukraine, making investors somewhat nervous, but the big issue, many analysts are saying right now is a fed meeting that's happening this week. the federal reserve, the u. s. central bank considering again raising interest rates to deal with inflation and other economic concerns here in the united states and that many analysts are saying is making investors nervous. this fed meeting is supposed to
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wrap up on wednesday that could have an impact on many things, including tech stocks, which a lot of the big tech companies are having earnings out this week like tesla and apple. some are wondering how supply chain issues might continue to impact earnings for these big tech companies. again, inflation, a big concern for the united states economy right now with supply chain issues. labor issues, so much going on in so much uncertainty. this really seems to be weighing on investors mind and having an impact on markets today. they again have recovered a bit from their, their lows of today, but the volatility index is at a 15 month high. and that just tells you how concerned investors have become christian. thanks a lot. that's kristen salumi in new york. the u. i. e has long stares trucks in yemen officer, intercepting ballistic missiles, followed by who the rebels. it's the 2nd recent attack targeting abo dubey. last
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week 3 people were killed in a who the drunk strike. the spokesman is warning a further attacks on the u. s. e. i go to them was a lot in response to the belligerent escalation by saudi arabia and the u. s. e. and there are crimes against or blocked people. the missiles and thrown units of our armed forces carried out to successful large military operation. shopping armed forces stress, its full preparedness to widen the scope of its operation in the coming periods of time and to meet escalations with further escalations, our armed forces renewed warning to the foreign companies. investors within the u. e to leave as the u. e is declared an unsafe country and the target of our future operations, so long as it's belligerence and seizure can see him and is not halted. form 11 prime ministers are hired. he says he suspending his role in political life and will not run in the upcoming parliamentary elections. how did he has his political party not to participate either going to hot or has more from pay route?
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he's been in politics since 2005 when his late father, former prime minister cutty was assassinated. sad. how did he has since been lebanon's leading muslim, some new politician. but the 3 time prime minister is withdrawing from political life moment by the hamlin monsieur lee. i done, there is no room for any positive opportunities for lebanon due to the iranian influence, are indecisiveness with the international community, internal divisions, and cic, terry newsom. i'm suspending work in political life and so is the future movement. and i am not running in the election, nor with a future movement to the future movement is the largest suddenly lead party in parliament. but the balance of power is against them. he is being against a very strong city and see it in it. an alliance in the country, and therefore,
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given not, it seems that the saudis and gulf states general are not willing to pay much of an investment. how do they like his father was one, saudi arabia's man in lebanon. but in recent years that changed. so has, how do you, these policy towards has been law backed by the predominantly she or iran, once confrontational, his critic see him as to compromising how it is exit is a turning point and lebanese politics. the how do you, these have dominated the sunday leadership since the end of the civil war in 1990? but for many, his decision isn't the surprise. how do you, these political position, weakened in recent years, the former prime minister himself acknowledged making what he called mistakes by engaging with foes at the expense of allies this in the sector, it's up to 3 percent of the population and this is at this poses grave consequences,
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there is no obvious leader to replace him, but it appears there are efforts to form an anti hezbollah alliance. what comes next is that we should have lines or something because the law has been on the politics and on everything. you know, even how do you, these allies have criticize the former prime minister for sharing power with hezbollah, which along with its allies one the last election, their opponents are hoping to change that in the upcoming vote. in may, some may argue heidi may have been standing in the way that they should be root. can taliban and western diplomats have begun? the 1st official talks in europe seems to go to control of of kind of stand last august. the close doing meetings with us and you officials are taking place in norway. earlier on sunday. the taliban met civil society groups. diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms. and in return for humanitarian aid. still
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ahead and i'll zoom up no knocking on a halo or music teachers in south africa, persuade a young people to pick up her to go to tar instead of a gun empty supermarket shelves in the united states. we'll find out who's be blamed and no n h l players at the winter olympics, but hockey about sweden aims to fill the gap that's coming out of the sports with peter. ah hey there, good to see. we've got some high temperatures across the middle east. so right off the bat, let me show you above average really in the zone here. are beal box dead into tater on and sure. as i look at that box that 20 degrees, we may even hit 30 in mecca. now the complete opposite for pakistan. this is what
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you woke up to on monday morning. the darker the blue, the dark, the purple, the lower the temperature, grouchy 6 degrees. that was your lowest temperature of the season. so far you bounce back on tuesday, up to 24 hour. seen snow where we don't usually get it and that's for the see resort city of antalya at 8 degrees. i think on the low end, i will look for about 2 centimeters and on the high end about 7 and look at this here. temperature is plunged to sub zeros. we head toward thursday and friday, so well below average for this have the year. get you to southern africa right now and we do have a tropical cyclone, just spilling tons of rain over mozambique will press play, see where it goes and slams into zimbabwe on tuesday. this is not good news because we have seen a some flooding ins and bob boy, so this is only going to worse in this situation. and capetown, over the weekend, you said a record tap trip $45.00, and now you're down to $25.00 on tuesday. that's a snapshot of your weather see later. ah,
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the extent beyond the comfort zone were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary use that old through perception. witness on a just the euro with ah ah
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ah ah, you're wondering, i'll just need a reminder about health stories this are. we have breaking news from burkina faso, where the army has seized control of the country. soldiers of appeared on state television, say they've, i said president or mark christian cub warranty, suspended the constitution and dissolved the government. nato has put its forces on stand by. i'm sent more ships and fighter jets to eastern europe, his tensions grow between ukraine and russia. you fought menaces. have promised a 1300000000 dollar loan to help you. on
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a lebanese prime minister saw how he says he suspended his wall in political life. and will not run in the upcoming parliamentary elections already has urged his political party to not participate either. more on our top story. now, the military takeover in burkina faso announcement of the president's dismissal was made on television. but little information was given about his whereabouts after reports in be detained at a military base. oh, junior de la to address your city, dare you because of the continued problem of safety in the country, the incapacity of power in the country. we have to deal efficiently with the situation for the safety of the nation. we have decided to assume responsibility at the national and international level because of safety. we have decided to put an end to the rule of the president, a decision taken only with the aim of protecting the country and bringing together all the different forces. the actions undertaken yesterday happened without bloodshed, the government members and the president are being cut and safe in a safe place. i did a political crisis is bring in honduras after rival politicians elected to
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competing presidents of congress as part of a dispute between party members of presidency. los su, mother castro, just days before her inauguration, alexia brian reports, i suppose, as if in liberty in re foundation party, celebrating in honduras capital, didn't cigar at the swearing in of their new president of congress, louis redondo, fully prepared for their, from athena, to day the deputies of the national congress have acted opportunity to protect an action that was intended to be consummated to day, to take control by the criminal structures that have governed this country. they intended to take control of this legislative power. oh, that's because nearby arrival, congressional president was being concerned. jorge colleagues, boy lamar earlier today, a majority of 80 out of a 128 members, elected
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a new board of directors. and we are respectful of the outcome. you know, elaine, it's running in the competing ceremonies deep in a split in the policy. if c, m r a castro. the said to become honduran president on thursday to leaks is a member of her party party, supported by a dissident faction. we disagreed with their promise to give the leadership of the new congress to louis redondo. he's a member of the honduras, salvation party, who held castro claim victory in november's election. casters called on her supporters to rally against the split throwing the dissidence out of her party and branded to leeks, a treasure. he knows that if we is honduran paypal continue to accept these practices than what would be happening in the legislature would be to hand to control of a state power back to the dictatorship. the dispute caused pos and congress on friday,
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and can leaks was chosen by the wiggles. he's being backed by members of the national policy, which is laid on juris for the past while he is the punch up. so the us call for all sides to remain calm. and start tapes, endless against the division will make can stroke presidency far more challenging g one last november's election, promising to end the corruption and violence that hamper economic growth. more than half of home durance live below the poverty line. forcing many to leave the country in search of new opportunities abroad, castro's victory led to hopes of change in honduras. his supporters say that change is now in jeopardy. elixir brian al jazeera to santa brett as the international crisis groups analyst for central america. he's joining us now from wrong to have you with us on al jazeera was us just down to political in fighting or other wider issues that have led us to this situation. well, thanks for having me,
9:35 pm
rob. we don't have the full picture yet. it seems to be driven by discontent and personal grudges would be the liberal party, of course, opportunism of some of its members and the interest of course of the defeated party, the national party whose been in power for 12 years together with the liberal party to take advantage of this sort of schism within the billing and referred aids swayed in congress and increased leverage, power, and negotiations with, with liberty. but we were facing in numbers of the situation, but which also been the solution mechanisms are clear since it's a political crisis that affects the government, it hasn't even started. basically, does this mean that the amount of cost to can or cannot be sworn in as president if
9:36 pm
so how? there are still ways to, for us to mark as it, to be, is war name, if not by the head of congress in the case, you know, rejected to do so. there's also the possibility that the supreme court does it, or even just a simple judge. and she seems to be inclined to do that. but the problem is that if i'm the executive and the legislature are basically at loggerheads. well that, that set the tone for a very turbulent and unstable mandate of to mar castile with that little possibility that she gets anything in her agenda really done. and that stability is key, isn't it? because honduras is desperately in need of a stable government, given the economic situation that it's been facing alone, plus its own health considerations of covert and everything else. presumably if, if and see them on a castro if she does eventually get inaugurated. as president is unable to bring
9:37 pm
both sides together. as you mentioned, it's going to be incredibly difficult for her to get and the thing moving. yeah, it will be extremely difficult. it was a renewal from the very beginning. it would be an uphill battle because it won the presidency bird with a very high percentage in margin, but did not do the same in congress. they didn't have it even with the in the last with the last party. they didn't have the majority. so it was known that they would have struggled to find the consensus needed to possibly just lation, appoint high level officials and really bring about change in the country. but of course, complicates for that situation and it could, you know, have repercussions on also on a bay precarious situation in the countries you mention and a lot of widespread discontent and even anger at the political class. that seems to be interested more in this, you know, power struggle stand in solving actually people's needs understand the u. s. vice president come on. the house was expected to be at the integration. how do you
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think the u. s. and other neighboring countries are viewing this situation and on this able be indefinitely puzzled for, for the u. s. which as of course, had a very hard time finding good relations under divine administration with central america. it's very strange with that, with the sound of those very tense relations we put them on as well. and of course faces and other regional crisis, which is that on the corolla. so under, as seem to seem to be this beam of hope in the region with this new transition, and this is sort of a reality check that brings everybody over to the hard reality that this is going to be a long process to do that. of course, they will need to be an engagement, and i think that the us and others have. kimberly rolled in, fussy to chasing
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a dialogue between the major political forces to to solve this deadlock base, basically to get a break. we appreciate you giving us your time and i'll just see the so thank you very much and h, as thanks very much you for having me have a nice evening of us as a transport truck drivers across canada, a convoy to the capital ot about to protest against the federal vaccine mandate for travel across the us border. they say the policy hurts businesses and drivers, livelihoods will go live to judy vance and vancouver know via skype. what are the key elements that they're objecting to, jody? well basically the rules that are in place on both sides of the canada, us border to be honest with you, both sides to require full vaccination. 2 doses have been approved back seen for truckers to move across the border freely issue here. is that a back in november prime minister just in true dough announce that there would be
9:40 pm
a mandate for truckers returning to canada or crossing into canada must be fully vaccinated or have a 14 day quarantine, but most truckers in canada are fully that's unaided. but some are opposed to being vaccinated. others are opposed to simply having a mandate associated with their jobs. there was a time where truckers were exempt from these mandates from the quarantine. the 14 day quarantine that has now been lifted. the warning came in november. the mandate and the roll came into play just days ago. so now thousands of truckers from across canada are joining this con boy on the major highway highway one the trans canada highway to go eastward toward the nation's capital, where they plan to stage quote, a rally decrying policies that require drivers to be fully vaccinated against cobit 19, in order to cross that canada us border. now be canadian trucking alliance has spoken
9:41 pm
out saying that this mandate will not change. it is in place and it is for the greater good of the country. we will now wait to see if prime minister just in trudeau has a meeting about this prior to the rally that will be literally on his doorstep at parliament this weekend. jody. thanks very much. that's jody vance in vancouver. well, president joe biden has been blamed for empty shelves in u. s. supermarkets when to weather and the surgeon oma cron cases are adding to the destruction and does she have a chance? the reports from maryland, the van demick is exposed problems with deregulation for truck drivers. and how they pay has been cut across the us. supermarkets are again experiencing supply shortages of such basic goods as milk, eggs, and other household items. a wave of on the chrome cases, global supply chain issues, labor shortages and extreme weather of being blamed for the lack of goods and other contributing factor. the trucking industry, some 70 percent of goods delivered in the us all by road. the main lobbying group
9:42 pm
for the trucking company says it needs an extra $80000.00 new drivers to get goods where they need to be and helped meet that amount of drivers. people as young as 18 could soon be allowed to drive trucks into stays after completing a federal apprenticeship program for decades ago in 1980 deregulation turn much of the trucking industry into what we now call the gig economy drivers are not paid for the time on the job, but for miles travels, they basically give the company that you're going to deliver to pick up from. they give them 2 hours free. sit there and do whatever they need to do. the driver doesn't get paid. many truck as a classified as independent contract is not employees. so companies don't pay for the upkeep of that trucks or invest in truck stops warehouses. a truck drives the allotted legal time and then stops wherever they are. you get after 56 o'clock, especially here on the east coast 5 o'clock a might be on the road somewhere,
9:43 pm
trying to find a spot. if there is a shortage that husband steve declared in wages for truckers between 1977 and 987 truck compensation fell, but i'm 35 percent. the average trucker salary is now around $50000.00 a year. but there is another stock. sophistic trucking has an overall job turnover rate of between 74 and 92 percent. that is between 7 and 9 out of 10 drivers leave their jobs. after a year, we reached out to the american truck association, but they declined to speak to us. but the us census, in fact, shows a record number of qualified truck drivers in the us. that's why others say the problem lies elsewhere. there is no shortage of truck drivers in the united states, and in fact we have a surplus of drivers. we have millions of people in the us who trained to become a truck driver and then decided not do the job. dr. shirley says the trucking industry has used the same tactics since deregulation in 1980 to insist on further
9:44 pm
deregulation. so it can have as many workers to choose from as possible. that way he can offer the least wages and benefits while maximizing its profits. simply lowering the driving age is, is not going to make things better. it burns them out. most people won't last long . last 6 months, something we've heard throughout this supply chain crisis is that it's decades of deregulation that focused on corporate profits instead of building infrastructure like truck depots, for example. i'm taking care of workers that got us here. she albert hands the al jazeera maryland alone guns opened fire during a lecture of the university in germany. please say 4 people were wounded in the shooting at heidelberg university, south of frankfort officers confirm the gunman is dead. the shoot, his motive is unclear. the former roman catholic pope benedict has admitted giving a false statement to a child, sex abuse inquiry. he says he mistakenly told investigators in germany that he wasn't at a meeting in 1980. when he was archbishop of munich an inquiry find that benedict
9:45 pm
knew about peter file priests, but failed to report their crimes. such as in britain have given the go ahead for julie are cited to challenge his extradition to the united states. supporters of awakenings found out what outside of all courts of justice in london as permission was granted to take his case to britain supreme court. the u. s. wants a science to stand trial on 18 charges, including espionage for publishing military secrets about the wars in afghanistan and iraq. i one says china flew 39 warplanes near that inner space in what's being described as the largest operation for 3 months. the time on air force issued radial warnings and activated air defense missiles systems. there's been no immediate comment from china, which considers the island a breakaway province. a group of teachers in cape town is using music to offer young people an alternative to gang violence. the gangs enlist boys from a young age who often have few options, but music is offering them
9:46 pm
a different path. i'll just see this farmer, the miller reports from cape town, knocking on over to so 5 days a week. this group of children gathers for guitar lessons, their classes on cry, fontaine, a suburb of cape town, ravaged by gangs drugs and crime. no. their teacher, tommy youngster, from the organisation joined bands. not gangs has been giving lessons for more than 2 years in the hope that music will keep his students on the right path. equilla the message for on that a lot of feel that the music changes their mindset, the one to play music and start thinking in a different way. it's not always easy. it's difficult work because children need you to repeat things, but they want to do it and they are willing and it makes a difference in children who carry on with the program for more than 6 months. can join a band like this one in a neighboring community. 15 year old george, when he asphalt says his always love music, which he says has brought him strength in march 2021. you know, week we as
9:47 pm
a family actually got affected and we lost our cousin, little gang violence, you know. but that ease since then i've been living in fear. we all been living in fear, you know, and i realized the way jordan, but you actually now really got to this. got to open your eyes. you gotta do something with your life. those living has a bailey, an hour passes without some sort of shooting, and it's a challenge keeping children safe at the height of the violence. there were at least 12 gang related murders every month. various gangs competed with territory, often related to drugs. now the music program, oh, you have to prevent young children from joining these gangs, but also reduce tensions between rival groups. cedric williams belongs to one of the gangs here. it's an area plagued by high unemployment. he lost his job as a bartender and says limited work opportunities make staying away from these groups
9:48 pm
. almost impossible. both lawyers, the yours part of it, is it all of life? it is a little of the city. it is. i know it. so yes, may be able to get the answer. yes van foot am i have to admit with your eyes ever go away, but i will in no, i was used to lately i don't do so yeah, 3 d, b. but those picking up a musical instrument instead of a gun, ho, programs like this will make a difference. creating an alternative for children who often have little choice. for me. tamela al jazeera cape town, saw that. mm. no. so hadn't al jazeera top seated daniel mega that brings again in melbourne to reach the quarter finals of use fairly open. that's coming up with pigeons. ah.
9:49 pm
with with mm. pool. ah
9:50 pm
o. a sport is peter. thank you very much rub. so we'll begin with the africa cup of nations where gambia have surprised guinea in the last 16 with a one know when began be in making their debut at the tournament. and thanks to this go from mussa barrow. they also on the way through the course of finals it's barrows, 2nd goal of the tournament and again begins remain undefeated so far during this campaign. now in the next few minutes, host nation cameroon will be looking to book their place in the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations. they are facing manas cameras. the home side have school more goals than anyone else, that petroleum and sofa. but come morris, have
9:51 pm
a gold keeping crisis. the tiny island nation will have to field an outfield play in gold because of injuries. and corona virus infections, african football journalist, common kesha says they should not be written off though. it's going to be very tough because you're also playing against the crowd. you thinking about about 50000 fans inside the lender and i'll be there later on through the action. but for commerce, they've shown a great fight even to just get here to the phone. i'm and the very, the surprise for many guns are at home because of them. so they don't see anyone. they have nothing to lose in that game. and that's the teacher that they'll be bringing into that particular type come in has conceded in every game that they've played in commerce and get a goal. and you know, put pressure on the house. you know, anything can happen at that point to the straight. you know, it's an in a big upsets in the women's competition as the 2nd seed arena sub olenka made her
9:52 pm
exit a semi finalist at both wimbledon and the us open last year sub olenka was the favorite to make the quarter finals. but she came under pressure from car canopy, several anchors serv. let her down as her estonian opponent held her nerve to win the deciding, tie, break, and advanced to the last 8. that is where she will come up against the 7 seed. eager stay on thick simona hallo band elisa connie struggled with the intense 34 degree heat. but it was corny who dealt with the best to get the better of to time. grand slam champion hello will than was 61 or 2, and 32 on saturday is through to her 1st major quarter final. at the 63rd time of asking, she'll face american danielle collins were replacing the semi's. i had a little thursday present. i had a cake from the tournament and she's gate was amazing. i think that's why i had so that was again, that is what you're one who was the, gave you, the toner,
9:53 pm
had so much use gang. i can tell you guys, i have energy for weeks now. manes. topsy daniel made for they've made it into the quarter finals off to hartford. whenever american, maxine chrissy. i want to wait 7 seconds, then 0 and i'll say, oh, there was some frustrating moments for made. for dave who was upset, had been denied a toilet break for 3 and a half hours. it was the russian who came through to win in full sets. he's the favorite in the absence of men. i talk with him and remains on track to when he 2nd grand slam of these us open fire in september. the thing is that i know that in the 35 here, when you plan on the sun, i go to want to change after 2 sets. because you gotta, you gotta get where i'm gonna wanna change my shorts. ah, underneath my shores, my socks, my shoes. you need like, good 4 minutes to dirt and my body wanted to be after the 1st set. so i was,
9:54 pm
i don't see any logic in this rules. so hands, i can call this stupid, made that it will now face the canadian line speed. felix a few the for one year old beat the 2018 runner up marin. chill h in full set to reach the last 8 in melbourne for the number 4 feet 7 of seats. the purse was involved in an epic battle with american taylor fritz safety bussey's twice mean a semi finalist at this tournament was trailing to fit to one and in danger of going out of the creek, raised these labels to take the final 26364, to progress and stay in with the chance of the 1st grand slam title. you'll pay italy's younique's sinner who's into the quarter finals for the 1st time, the 20 year old, wanting straight fits against the strangers and extend the new the mains. i. saki find is often one of the main events at the winter olympics, but for the 2nd games running, there will be no n. h. l plays this time because of coven 19. but as poor research reports from
9:55 pm
sweden, less famous leagues around, the world may be strong enough to ensure the big names are not missed too much. ah, living up to the standards of north america national hockey league is a close to impossible task. but the level of play here in melma isn't too far off. the swedish hockey legally as i chose, has been a proving ground for some of the world's best players, and is now replacing the world's best at the lympics with an h. l. stars absent, huge concerns, i've recovered the s h o is helping to pluck the gaps, then mocks, all of alerts and formerly of the philadelphia fly as will make his olympic debut in beijing. get back to dna choice not sending your places, sad. boy, at the same time, you're still going to have a high level athletes competing for their country and are the essay chaw. i mean, just look at it every year you provide young players and dry x to the nature and guys that go straight in and take jobs over there. so that should be
9:56 pm
a testament to how good this lee. yes, depending. he asked the swedish league is the 2nd best in the world or 3rd behind russia. players from canada and the u. s. provides spice for funds, but its strength is its conveyor belt of top quality swedes. not many countries can claim to be this hockey mat. now there's no hiding the fact that there are a lot of empty seats here, but that's because even though sweden has never had a lockdown, there are still restrictions on crowds. normally these thumbs up pack ice all configured in fulton county, and sweetest culture. the locals take any chance to get their skates on. no sauce, no problem. islip hockey is played all year round sweden women's world champions 4 years ago. but haven't on olympic gold since 2006 with the s h l. rearranging. it's scheduled to accommodate a strong squad being sent to beijing. friends are generally happy to choose the country over club for a couple of weeks. eminem on no benefit once sweden to win,
9:57 pm
but we're not as obsessed by them as we are by malmo, venture split. but i think the olympics is a great chance to show the strength of hourly what we can do. the n h l may be the gold standard, but the olympics remain. hockey's biggest showcase for casual view as the sport will hope, its strength and depth beyond north america can ensure those funds aren't frozen out. all. reese out is era. bellman freestyle skiing is one of the most popular events at a winter olympics. i'm taking a look at these pictures. you can see why. although this is a free ride skiing which reaches similar tricks but executed off a cliff top. one trick never seen before on the free ride will to is this a double back from, from max com speed went on to when the latest still on the 2 in spain. oh, let's leave it there for now. most bolts needs again, later of fate. thanks very much indeed. now barbara sarah's going to be here
9:58 pm
a couple of minutes with mobile home storms. unrolled madison. i speak with me. ah, ah, with julian, the debates they eraser of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online, at your voice. the comment section is right here. join our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us. you just look at it in a very different way, said that perspective, men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution. let me put it
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clear for you this dream on al jazeera. i care about how the us engaging with the roof of the world. we're really interested in taking you in to a place you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there. the jenny, a jenny baker, and one of necessity, a 3 different missions, but all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical weather. risking you told me the co rack you on on the al jazeera ah, compelling journalism. we're keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much
10:00 pm
money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, the keener fast his army says it's ousted president. rocca, boris dissolved. the government, the national assembly and seized power. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. you're watching alger 0 life from london. also coming up. we will always do what is necessary to protect on the fans of all our allies. nato says it's putting its forces on span by over ukraine and war. russia has brand.


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