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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail it. citizens, britons, true colors, part one on out jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news are alive from doha. coming up with like 60 minutes. nato says it's sending reinforcements to eastern europe as fears grow about a possible russian invasion of ukraine. moscow accuses the west of hysteria. occur, attempt appears to be underway in burkina. faso soldiers have detained the president on the lebanese prime minister, san al javier. he says he's stepping away from political life and calls on his
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party to boycott the upcoming election. on the former catholic, pope acknowledges he gave false testimony to a child, sexual abuse inquiry. and i have heated them to the school for more teams battle for a place in the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations among them, hosts, camry and who take on giant killers, cameras that the corona virus causing some big problems for the tournament. debbie . so ah, well, nato is expanding its military presence in eastern europe with more ships and fighter jets pun putting forces on standby, as russia accuses the alliance of escalating tensions over ukraine. european foreign ministers meeting in brussels, say they are ready to impose never before seen sanctions. if russia attacks ukraine . russia has massed an estimated 100000 troops near ukraine,
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but rejects western allegations that it plans and invasion. the in you has placed $1300000000.00 in assistance for kev. i am announcing a new financial assistance package to the country made both of emergency loans and grants. first of all, the commission proposes a new emergency micro financial assistance package of 1200000000 euros. this package will help ukraine now to address its financing needs due to the conflict of dosage of batteries in moscow. she's going to have more on rushes reaction to all of this in just a few minutes. first, let's go to natasha. butler has been following those talks in brussels from paris, so there's a military build up going on. but in the meantime, of course, the talks are still continuing. yes sir. e u foreign minister still continuing. their discussions in brussels are focusing
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very much on trying to defuse the crisis over ukraine. we are expecting at the end of the meeting that the foreign ministers will issue a stock warning to russia that a for moscow was to attack ukraine. that would be penalties and what we are expecting from these a u foreign ministers is that they would announce within days of any possible attack they say of severe sanctions package. now, what exactly that would comprise of a window? sure. and it's an unexpected that there would be any details on it today, but that will be the message of a from a u foreign ministers. this meeting will also be joined by the u. s. secretary of state antony blank, and he's expected to brief on the ministers on the meeting that he had on friday in geneva with his a russian counterpart. sergei love her off. another meeting that ended without a diplomatic breakthrough bought love for off. i'm blinking. did agree that the u.
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s. and russia should continue talks. latasha. thank you very much indeed. natasha battle. talk to us from paris. we're going to speak now to door said you borrow barry, who's for us in moscow? a door, sir. we're the most fascinating thing amongst all over says the, all the attorneys seems to be on the west and there's, we're at the moment i would still be actually more storage. one of us well, which hurts from the kremlin who has reacted very strongly to the meeting this been ongoing in brussels. the russian government says that there believe that's a risk of t. i've actually are starting a conflict in eastern ukraine is at an all time high. and they believed attentions are soaring as a result of nato and u. s. actions, and that their information is just creating hysteria. and they say that information is laced with lies. that's the official reaction so far we've just and hearing from officials from the du monde, that is the house of parliament here who say that at the nato dispatching further
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troops and forces to eastern europe is going to create a severe crisis. this is, of course, exactly what this country wanted to avoid, that the russians had were concerned with nato further expanding eastwards and that they were trying to prevent that from happening. but it appears all the diplomatic efforts have failed and now that will continue to move forward. and the russians are very much concerned and believe that this is a security concern. and they wanted to make sure that nato was not expanding any further. they didn't want ukraine to join the 30 member alliance. they said they wanted to go back to 1997 levels. and after that point, 14 new countries joined this alliance. and that is why we're in this position now, according to the russians, they believe that their security is at risk because they are now very much surrounded by countries as that are part of this alliance. and they believe this alliance has this own agenda led by washington. and that's the further true build up around russia by nato forces, is just going to exasperate the situation for now,
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they're still waiting for a written response to their security demands from the u. s. government and they believe that these actions in light of that and waiting for that answer that hasn't come yet, these actions will only make things worse there. so giving the american silly end of this week to respond officially to what they've demanded in terms of their security concerns. torso, thanks for merchandise dasa jabari and moscow is confusion and conflicting stories out of book kena. faso were an attempted coup, is under way reports from the capital walk, the dogs say presidents, rosh ma, christian, cowboy, has been detained at a military base. and soldiers have taken control of the main tv station. a coffee was declared after soldiers staged a mutiny and they had the support groups of civilian protesters. the government, however, has been denying any army takeover that is, all stems from frustration or with regions battle against armed groups affiliated with iso and al haida soldiers reminding better resources to fight them. attacks of
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killed around 2000 people, and 1500000 people have been forced out of their homes. while henry wilkins is joining us on the phone from the capital walker to go. so the president, as i understand it, has been a tweeting about some of this yet, despite the fact that he is upon clay in detention. what's the latest on that, henry? yes. so these 3 we've gotten in the last hour. the 1st one that we've had from the president on the need to need to, to started. well, what's now turned into an attempt to, to started on may 36 hours ago. he said the, the president has been told the people that were organizing the key and taking part in it to lay down the lay down there can come back to the negotiating table. so it's not to diminish the democratic achievement of the,
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of the country. i mean, this morning there were reports by going to the french radio station, our fi as well, the book and i'll be president, had been detained by the by, by the people taking part in the case. the really i did a whole other layer of confusion to what's going on here and am, i can see you at the moment. i really as the day has progress thing to become perhaps even less than they were at the beginning. and if not, thank you very much indeed. any wilkins talking to us from? why do go ok, let's pick not a nicholas hack on the regional reactions. he's joining us live from senate goes capital dot com. i understand that it was the organization of african states has, has been responding to this one or they've been saying while they came up with a strong statement. first of all, they acknowledge that this is an attempted, coo and have urged the military to return to their barracks. and that the integrity
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and the, the, the body of the president will hoc vocabulary, the integrity of it, of, of his well being, rests upon them, really urging them to dialogue with the president in order to find an air away out of what seems to be a deadlock, i mean what's happening in burkina faso while everybody in the region is watching closely why? well, because there's been a series of qu in the region when in guinea, in september, and that there's been 2 successive cou bye as he be. go into in molly and now perhaps again in burkina faso. so as henry mentioned, there's a bit of confusion about the whereabouts of president hockman, cowboy, on the one hand, that the mutineers say that he's in their hands and some local media reporting that he is safe and sound in the hands of security forces. the last thing that people
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want to see is a country that is divided because there is currently arm groups active in burkina faso. whether it be arm groups, link to al qaeda, or i'm groups linked to i saw and remember that what provoked all of this row, rob really was what happened last november in the nuts, out way, where security forces came under, attacked by affiliates from al qaeda. it turned out that some of them had gone without their food rations for weeks, and they were ill equipped to deal with the attacks that caused public outcry. and there was a series of protests on the streets of walker do ever since, where the president did, instead of reinforcing the security forces and giving them the means to try to combat these arm groups. he's clammed down on protests and there was just a popular protest that was bound on saturday where police fire tear gas ahead. it appears to be now a cool, still a very volatile situation here in brookins faso. rob nick,
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thanks very much. indeed. that is nicholas act talking to us, and i wanna bring in paul melee, his a consulting fellow from the africa program at chatham houses joining us from london. thank you very much indeed for, for being with us as, as our correspondent nick hack was just talking about. it looks as though the president has chosen not to supply the troops with the, the arms and support and medical supplies that they claim that they need. why do you think he chose that option as opposed to supporting the military? i don't think it's so much an active choice to under resourced the military or to deprive them of weapons. it's a, it's a case that his government has really struggled over the last few months to come up with a fresh strategy that could be more effective against that. you're harnessed. there's a sense that for a long time, but can if i so we're slightly self sufficient if you like in, it's fighting against the jihadists on its own territory, as we know in molly and in more recent times,
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nish air as well. the french and the european forced to cooper, have been involved in this fight against the jihadists. but up to very recently, burkina faso has tended to rely mostly on its own forces. and there was a growing frustration over recent months that the military machine just wasn't able to cope. and that the, the president and his government weren't coming up with a strategy that was really effective at fighting. and then these reports were soldiers, as a nickel reported, found themselves under resource under fed, feeling neglected as it were in these exposed outta line garrisons. that's really produced a lot of resentment and anger. and the other codes that have taken place in west africa, in marley, and in guinea. i've also had a bit of a political component,
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frustration over the manipulation of election results. all that sort of thing. but in the case of but kind of fast. so it really does seem to be driven by the security crisis itself. and a couple here was reelected only just over year ago. i have very comfortable margin and he's been holding reconciliation talks with the opposition. his political, conventional political situation seems comfortable, but does collapse in the security situation, which is seen close to half the country slide into a position where people can't move around freely and in safety means that that sort of base it public confidence in him is just slums. and that's created the space where mutinous soldiers feel 1st, that they can mutiny. and then secondly, in fact, some of them at least try and force his resignation from office and the threat from
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the on groups hasn't of course, gone away. what is the risk? do you think that they're going to start taking advantage of what might appear to be a vacuum of security in the country? well, i think if, if the current confusion in one going to go persisted for a long period for several weeks, for example, the name would be able to get organized and actively take advantage of the situation. but i suspect that in a practical military level, and we saw the same thing happening in molly after all the difficulties they've been there of the last year at a practical level. just as the molly, an army has continued to work very closely with the french and with the europe in forced to cooper. one suspects that in fact, the booking of a military actually out in the regions in the north and east will continue to cooperate with international forces. something that campbell had tried to launch in
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recent. really, in recent weeks, there's been a new initiative of working more closely with the french, getting more french support for that fight with the jihadists. and on suspects that actually a practical level on the ground that will have to be stepped up and military commanders in the field who want to do that regardless of what is happening in we're going to. but as, as today's events are showing, it may be that come to his own personal position as a political leader, it becomes untenable. even if, even if in theory he's is not actually to take we, as we don't know, it really good to get your thought a little formally forgive me. unfortunately we're running out of time but, but thank you very much indeed for joining us. and i'll just, you know, we do appreciate it. thank you anymore. i had on the news i, including the latest developments on the expedition battle facing wikileaks, found
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a gillian, our son was ah, fears over the deepening political crisis in honduras is factions of the president elect party, swearing liable heads of congress and top seeds. daniel the medford of wins again in melbourne groups. the quarter finals of history and openness coming up with peter is ah, lebanon's prime minister has been meeting his cabinet for the 1st time in 3 months . the government's been divided since october about the investigation into the 2020 beirut port explosion has bhalla and its ally. the amal movement won the judge, leading the inquiry to be removed. the standoff has happened. as the countries economic crisis gets worse. and the former lebanese primer society hardy and he says he suspending his role in political life and will not run in the upcoming
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parliamentary elections. really has urged his political party not to participate either. was there a hot has lifeless now from beirut. let's talk about soc hardy's at speech. first of all, was this a surprise that he intends to pull back? well, not really the former prime minister, a subtle. how do you, these political position has been weakened in recent years, in the past 2 weeks, he was away from the country really even look defeated. he acknowledge that he made mistakes and that he angered his allies. he even angered members of his family because of his policy and really at the expense of that, he lost the loss of support. i mean, the man at the end of the day, his traditional backers saudi arabia. they have been angry about his attitude, his conciliatory and compromising attitude with has the law. in fact, a thought on how do you the said,
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i don't see the possibility of any good opportunity for 11 on as long as there is iranian influence in the country. you're ready and influenced by extension, of course, has the law, it has the law. and this allies now controlled a political power in lebanon. so he's withdrawing from political life. his future movement is withdrawing from political life. they won't be shielding candidates in the upcoming elections. and made what is next? well, there are a lot of questions. this really is a political vacuum because he has been the leader since 2005 who is going to replace him a short while ago we spoke to the vice president. c of the future movement loose and we asked them that question. what he told us is that there will be attempts to form some sort of a coalition across the carry and coalition. and the anti iran outside has coalition to field come to this in the upcoming election. so this asked, the question was, how do you do something in the way compromising attitude is non confrontational.
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aptitude, what has below was the founding. and the way for symbol, because a new alliance to emerge, it's so early to speculate the elections are in may, but no doubt there is a deep divide in this country. subtle. how do you, the stepping aside really is a turning point 11 is politics. like i said he has been suddenly the leader in this country since 2005 the thank you very much. that's hard talking to us from bay would the u. i. e 's launched airstrikes in yemen after intercepting ballistic missiles followed by who the rebels. it's the 2nd reason to attack targeting abu dhabi last week 3 people were killed in a hoodie drawn strike. i hope you spokesman is wanting of further attacks on the u . s. e. i will tell them was a lot in response to the belligerent escalation by saudi arabia and the u. s. e. and there are crimes against or blocked people. the missiles and thrown units of our armed forces carried out to successful large military operation. job in our armed forces, stress, its full preparedness, to widen the scope of its operation in the coming period of time and to meet
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escalations with further escalations, our armed forces renewed warning to the foreign companies. investors within the u. e to leave as the u. e. is declared an unsafe country and the target of our future operations, so long as it's belligerents and siege against him and is not halted. toby, on the soviet, is a principal analyst for middle east and north africa, the political risk consultancy various make full croft. he says these attacks shift for security risk and the region is a difficult dilemma facing the iraqi authorities now increasingly under threats from that he sees. but at the same time, we've seen over the last 4 or 5 years, we've had a pretty extensive military campaign in yemen. and rather than reduced to miss l threats to the g c states over since that is an increase in that threat. so for the mirror is, you know, if, if, if the good on the roofs of trying to target the,
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the huge is more aggressively in yemen. that, of course risk still contentions further and triggering a downward spiral. but equally, if they kind of sit back and just try and defend passively against this threat, that's also something that's very difficult to do with the tax this morning. the out offensive work just to shoot in terms of targeting to ballistic missiles. but we've seen with different types of attacks, whether we sort of swarms of drones or christmas files or different types of missiles working together. it's very difficult to defend against these types of weapons once they're in the air. so for the route you saw it is, you know, that means that in terms of finding a solution is going to have to be something that goes beyond just a sort of purely defensive military posture. it will have to build no diplomacy efforts to increase the resilience of, of critical civilian and an energy infrastructure in the country. so it is a really complex task facing the authorities in terms of meeting this,
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this threat. that is protests against military rule in sudan have been met by security forces. again finding tear gas medics working with protest. organizers say at least 70 demonstrators have been killed since the military coup in a tobar. morgan has the latest from the capitol cartoon. it's been 3 months since the military took over power in sudan dissolving a 2 year transitional government. and since then, the protest against that take over has been ongoing. people have been taken to the streets, nearly daily to boys their anger, against the military takeover and against the army being in control and being involved into dance politics. they have been demanding that the military handled power to civilian government and return to their barracks. now since that take over to dance, millet politics has been in disarray. political parties are divided. some have shown support for the take over saying that it was necessary while others have
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condemned that saying that the military has a stage, a coup and disrupted a democracy. democratic transition that was underway now protested are making their way to the presidential palace. now protested, are making their way once again to the presidential palace. the last time they tried that was a week ago and security forces use tear gas and live ammunition to stop them from reaching their destination. at least 7 protesters were killed in the previous protest to the presidential palace, but that has not deterred protest. it will continue to take to the street, at least 72 people have been killed. and 2nd, bruce asked them to take over 3 months ago, more than 2000 have been injured. but despite the use of force by security forces, which though you, when says has been excessive and brutal, people continue to void their anger against the takeover. they say that they will
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not stop until the military hands over power to complete civilian government and returned to the barracks. the un has been trying to mediate and bridge the gap between the political parties and protest us and the military thrown initiative that it says it's hopeful and to dance political crisis, but until then protested they will to take to the street. was there anger against the military? i continued demanding a complete civilian room. you have got taliban and western diplomats have begun. the 1st official talks in europe since the group to control canister. last august. the closed door meetings with u. s. and e officials are taking place in norway. earlier on sunday, the taliban met civil society groups. diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms. in return for humanitarian aid. taiwan says china flu, 39 war planes near its airspace and what's being described is the largest operation for 3 months time. on air force issued radio warnings and activated air defense
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missile systems. there's been no immediate comment from china, which considers the island to break away problems, but any, you has more from asian. this was the largest incursion by china's military close to taiwan. this year, the sunday exercise involved $39.00 chinese warplanes, which flew close to the taiwanese controlled protest islands. now china's foreign ministry would not elaborate on the reasons behind this exercise, but it follows just one day after a huge show of military force by the u. s. and japan in the philippine sea. now this exercise, this joint military exercise included 2 u. s. aircraft carriers and the u. s. navy said that this exercise was designed to preserve a free and open indoor pacific. now china considers taiwan a rogue chinese province that will inevitably be reunited with the mainland, and beijing has not ruled out using force in order to achieve this. in recent
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months, it's increased the number of military exercises taking place close to taiwan and the highest number of incursions recorded. it took place in october, which included $56.00 chinese war planes which flew close to taiwan on the same day . now, beijing desert denies that these exercises are designed to intimidate the taiwanese government. but analysts say that that's exactly what they're meant to do. so had an all desert. oh no knocking on the heaven. oh, our music teachers in south africa persuading young people to pick up a guitar instead of a gun. empty supermarket shelves in the united states. we're going to find out who's been blamed. 100 sports, tom brady ponders retirement is the tampa bay. buccaneers of jumped out of the nfl playoffs. ah
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hey, they're good to see. we've got some high temperatures across the middle east. so right off the bat, let me show you above average, really in the zone here or beale, buck that into tater, on and show rise. look at that box at 20 degrees. we may even hit 30 in mecca. now the complete opposite for bucharest on this is what you woke up to on monday morning. the darker the blue, the dark, the purple, the lower the temperature, karachi, 6 degrees that was your lowest temperature of the season. so far you bounced back on tuesday up to $24.00, and we're seeing snow where we don't usually get it and that's for this fi resort city of on tale 8 degrees, i think on the low end, i will look for about 2 centimeters and on the high end about 7, and look at this, your temperature is plunged to sub zeros. we head toward thursday and friday, so well below average for this time the year. get you to southern africa right now and we do have a tropical cyclone, just spilling tons of rain over,
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moves and be equal press play, see where it goes. it's plans inches and bob way on tuesday. this is not good news because we have seen some flooding ins and bob boy, so this is only going to worse in this situation and keep down over the weekend. you said a record subtract 45, and now you're down to 25 on tuesday. that's a snapshot of your weather see later ah, with
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on counting the cost one year of the 5 and administration. how has the u. s. economy fed unemployment done, but inflation is pop and americans unhappy about it and also turkey's unconventional approach to inflation. could it actually boost economic growth? counting the cost on al jazeera, the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to what was on here and i did. he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. lou. ah, what's your, i'll just need a reminder about top stories this hour. nato's put his forces on stand by and sent more ships and fighter jets to eastern europe has tensions grow between ukraine and
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russia. e u foreign ministers have promised our 1300000000 dollar loan to help here . a military coup attempt is underway in volcano fossil security. sources say the president's been detained at a military base. soldiers have taken control of countries. main television station, the u. e. z intercepted ballistic missiles fired by who the rebels is retaliated by launching airstrikes in yemen with his spokesman threatening further attacks on the u. e. the former roman catholic pope benedict has admitted giving a false statement to a child, sex abuse inquiry. he says he mistakenly told investigators of germany that he wasn't at a meeting in 1980. when he was archbishop of munich and inquiry find the benedict knew about peter file priests. but failed to report their crimes dominate canes. joining us low life from berlin at the dominic, what are the implications of this for both the pope and the catholic church?
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and of course the investigation what's emerged on monday is that when the former pope gave evidence to a 2 year long inquiry into allegations of historical sex abuse of children by priests in southern germany. that his evidence in part was misleading. he says that when he failed to recollect a meeting in january of 1980, that was it not bad faith on his part, just bad editing of the evidence. he was presenting the problem for him. and indeed for the catholic church is that his evidence had said he wasn't there. he couldn't recall the meeting. he wasn't there, therefore he couldn't know what was talked about there and yet is now proven that indeed he was there. and the meeting matters because it was there that the case of a priest who would go on to be convicted of child sex abuse walls, disgust. he was present at that meeting. so for him,
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there are now many questions. what about the rest of his evidence? the investigators have looked through the evidence he gave and the evidence they gathered, and they failed to provide what they consider convincing proof of anything otherwise by the former pope bill as no question that there are now many questions about what the former pope knew when he knew it, those facts and what he did about them, remembering that he was the most senior catholic church official in that part of germany at that particular time. and he would go on to be the most senior catholic priest in the world. many questions indeed for him and the church to answer donna came talking to us from berlin. dominic, thank you very much. judges in britain have given the go ahead for gillian songs to
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challenge his extradition to united states. supporters of the we can find were outside the royal court of justice in london. as permission was granted to take his case to burton supreme court. the u. s. wants assigned to stan trial and 18 charges, including espionage for publishing military secrets about the wars. and i've got a son and iraq, that baba has more from london. would you lena sons, his fiance, stella, morris, told his supporters outside the high court, the while she welcome this decision. he continued to suffer. she reminded people he'd been inside bel much prison for nearly 3 years. similarly, a representative for reporters without borders said the group had serious concerns for his physical and mental well being. and it was his mental state. there was at the heart of the decision around a year ago by a lower court to refuse extradition to the u. s, saying that if he was sent there, he'd be a credible suicide risk. now last year, lawyers for the u. s. government gave assurances to the high court that he wouldn't
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be held in a high security prison. he wouldn't be in solitary confinement. but now the high court has said that assange can seek permission to appeal to the supreme court of the u. k. it's not a direct appeal, so that court will have to decide whether or not to take on his case, but at least for now, julian assange is not going to be expedited to the u. s. his legal team say they will continue to fight a political crisis is bring in honduras after rival politicians elected to competing presidents of congress. it's part of a dispute between party members of president elect. she'll model castro, just days beforehand, and all aggression, alexia bryan reports ah citizens, infinity in re foundation policy, celebrating in honduras, capital tick michigan pac at the swearing in. if they knew president of congress, louise redondo,
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followed by the owner from athena to day. the deputies of the national congress affected opportunity to protect an action that was intended to be consummated to day, to take control by the criminal structures that have governed this country. they intended to take control of this legislative power, or that's because nearby arrival congressional president was being concerned. jorge to leaks oil. lamar earlier today, a majority of 80 out of a 128 members, elected a new board of directors. and we are respectful of the outcome you rely on explaining that, i mean the competing ceremonies deepen a split in the posse. if c m r a castro, the say to become honduran president on thursday to leaks is a member of her party. her body supported by a dissident faction who disagreed with they promised to give the leadership of the new congress to louis redondo. he's a member of the honduras, salvation party,
6:36 pm
who held castro claim victory in november's election casters called on her supporters to rally against the split throwing the dissidence out of her party and branded to leaks a traitor. e no separate. if we is honduran paypal continue to accept these practices than what would be happening in the legislature would be to hand to control of a state power. back to the dictatorship. the dispute caused chaos, and congress on friday in cliques was chosen by the wiggles is being backed by members of the national policy which is laid on juris for the past. while he is the punch up, saw the us call for all sides to remain calm and stop endless against the division will make castro's presidency far more challenging. g one last november's election, promising to end the corruption and violence that hamper economic growth. more than
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half of and urines live below the poverty line, forcing many to leave the country in search of new opportunities abroad. castro's victory led to hopes of change in honduras. the supporters say that change is now in jeopardy. elixir brian al jazeera, 30000000 citizens in northern china, of free to leave their homes after the lifting of a month long coven 19 locked down the city of t and was shut down. as the government imposed a 0 tolerance policy before the start of the beijing winter olympics next month, signed his in israel say a 4th shot of fighters cove in 19 vaccine. triples protection for the over sixty's from severe illness. and it says it makes them twice as resistant to infection, but an additional booster doesn't provide complete immunity. they say, is really started receiving a 4th dose earlier this month. that christmas or day are comalla hayes, director of the duke global health innovation center. he says
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a 4th shot might offer some extra protection, but things most countries will stop at 3. we should remember that about 52 percent of everybody in the world has been fully vaccinated, but that rate is only about 10 percent across the continent of africa. so we still have a lot of work to do to get 1st 2nd doses to be protected. and also for the 3rd dose is that we have more and more data is highly protective relative to 2 doses, especially for omicron so well there may be a little bit of relative additional protection with a 4th dose. i don't think that beyond special circumstances with a very high risk population that, that's going to become the norm for many countries. the good thing is the global vaccine supply is picking up pretty significantly. we're now producing over a 1000000000 and a half doses a month. we've got new vaccines, especially the protein sub unit vaccines that are coming online. so the supply scenario looks promising over the coming weeks and months. but we should be really
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clear that there needs to be transparent and equitable allocation of those, especially to get high risk population vaccinated everywhere in the world. and in places like israel at a relatively small population. and they've taken a very aggressive stance with vaccination so far. but what we're seeing is that the role of vaccines is going to be less about protection, complete immunity, against infections in transmission, and really much more about making sure that individuals are protected against severe disease. and that we're using it to protect health systems as they become vulnerable. so in that scenario, really global vaccination is the only path forward that the world health organization says it's dangerous to assume that the pandemic is ending just at home . but i said that the way out of cove in 1900 will come by vaccinating at least 70 percent of the population of every country. there are different scenarios for how the funding could play out and how the acute phase could end.
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but it's dangerous to assume that on the ground will be the last variant or that we are in the end again. on the contrary, globally, the conditions are ideal for more variance to emerge. the international council of nurses is calling for urgent action to stop what it calls an avoidable healthcare disaster. but our 28000000 nurses globally, but there's a severe shortage. when the pandemic began 2 years ago, there was already a shortfall of 6000000 nurses. the report was a lack of funds, burnouts and high levels of resignations are contributing to the crisis. and it's being made worse by an uneven distribution of the workforce as which countries recruit nurses from developing nations. international council of nurses predicts nearly 13000000 nurses will be needed in the next 10 years. well, none of the dollar,
6:41 pm
boom. it is an associate professor of nursing at 11 american university. she says lebanon's economic crisis and political instability threatened the country's health system. lebanon has a very good health care system, very strong healthcare system. we have very good act is not excellent nurses. it would have, it would have be like an easy thing to deal with covered as long as nurses are concerned. because every day we're dealing with viruses and we prefer very well our nurses to deal with situations. but unfortunately, what happens to lebanon is i'm going to get mason of castro fees. we have the will you, sean? we have the economic crash. we had august the 4 blocks that really destroyed for the kids 6 nurses while on duty on top of that
6:42 pm
and all of these problems due to an exhibit. i don't say that the nurses, the left the country. i say it's an exit. there's awfully bad news. nurses to europe, united states and to the at up country, which is almost the depleting our health care system from all its human resources in terms of expertise in terms of high level of the degrees in nursing and years of experience which will put ad is think our her guest system and to danger a group of teachers in cape town is using music to offer young people to know tentative to gang violence, gangs, and list boys from a young age who often have few options. but music is offering them a different path. i'll just see those common miller reports from cape town up now not being on the have 5 days a week. this group of children gathers for guitar lessons. their classes on christ
6:43 pm
contain a suburb of cape town and ravaged by gangs drugs and crime. not enough. their teacher told us to, from the organization, joined bands, not gangs, has been giving lessons for more than 2 years in the hope that music will keep the students on the right path. la la, domestic for on that alone. i feel that the music changes their mindset, the want to play music and start thinking in a different way. it's not always easy. it's difficult to work because children need you to repeat things, but they want to do it and they are willing and it makes a difference. you know, children who carry on with the program for more than 6 months can join a band like this one in a neighboring community. 15 year old jordan vaughn, yas felt says his always loved music, which he says has brought him strength in march 2021. you know, week we, as a family actually got affected and we lost our cousin, little gang violence, you know, but that ease, since then i've been living in fear. we all been living in fear, you know,
6:44 pm
and i realized the way jordan, but you actually now really got to you this. got to open your eyes. you gotta do something with your life. those living, he has a bailey, an hour passes without some sort of shooting, and it's a challenge keeping children safe at the height of the violence. there were at least 12 gang related murders every month. various gangs competed with territory, often related to drugs. now the music program auto helps to prevent young children from joining these gangs, but also reduce tensions between rival groups. cedric williams belongs to one of the gangs here. i think it's an area plagued by high unemployment. he lost his job as a bartender and says limited work opportunities make staying away from these groups . almost impossible. wait, lose the you always bought over that? is it all of life? did it a little of the city did, is i i know or so. yes, my be able to go on to yes for them or your bedroom for on. if you ever go away little or no,
6:45 pm
i was just really i don't do so. i but those picking up a musical instrument instead of a gun, ho, programs like this will make a difference. creating an alternative for children who often have little choice for me. pamela alger, xerox, cape town, south africa. ah, no, president joe biden is being blamed for empty shelves in us supermarkets, winter weather, and the surgeon almost on cases is adding to the disruption and does she have? a dancer reports from maryland pandemic has exposed problems with deregulation for truck drivers and how the pay has been cut across the us. supermarkets are again experiencing supply shortages of such basic goods as milk, eggs, and other household items. a wave of on the chrome cases, global supply chain issues, labor shortages, and extreme weather being blamed for the lack of goods and other contributing factor, the trucking industry, some 70 percent of goods delivered in the u. s. r by rode the main lobbying group
6:46 pm
for the trucking company says it needs an extra 80000 new drivers to get goods where they need to be and help meet that amongst the drivers. people as young as 18 could soon be allowed to drive trucks into state after completing a federal apprenticeship program for decades ago. in 1980 deregulation turns much of the trucking industry into what we now call the gig economy drivers are not paid for the time on the job. but for miles travels, they basically give the company that you're going to deliver to pick up from. they give them 2 hours free, the sit there and do whatever they need to do. the driver doesn't get paid. many truck as a classified as independent contract is not employees. so companies don't pay for the upkeep of that trucks or invest in truck stops warehouses. a truck drives the allotted legal time and then stops wherever they are. you get after 56 o'clock, especially here on the east coast 5 o'clock a might be on the road somewhere,
6:47 pm
trying to find a spot. if there is a shortage that husband steve declared in wages for truckers between 1977 and 987 truck compensation fell, but i'm 35 percent the average truck. her salary is now around $50000.00 a year. but there is another stock. sophistic trucking has an overall job turnover rate of between 74 and 92 percent. that is between 7 and 9 out of 10 drivers leave their jobs. after a year, we reached out to the american truck association, but they declined to speak to us. but the u. s. census, in fact, shows a record number of qualified truck drivers in the us. that's why others say the problem lies elsewhere. there is no shortage of truck drivers in the united states, and in fact we have a surplus of drivers. we have millions of people in the us who are trained to become a truck driver and then decided not to do the job. dr. michelle, he says the trucking industry has used the same tactics since deregulation in 1980, to insist on further deregulation so that it can have as many workers to choose
6:48 pm
from as possible. that way you can offer the least wages and benefits while maximizing its profits. simply lowering the driving age is, is not going to make things better, burns them out. most people won't last won't last 6 months. something we've heard throughout the supply chain crisis is that it's decades of deregulation that focused on corporate profits instead of building infrastructure like truck deputies, for example, and taking care of workers that got us. she advertised the al jazeera, maryland still had an al jazeera know, and it's all players at the winter olympics, but hockey lot sweetie. things to fill the gap that's coming up in sports with peter ah, for quite a few decades casa, has been dealing with political and economic turmoil. and it's people struggle to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water,
6:49 pm
a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers, and limited access to up to date information for students. and in the ha, the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents . this led to the development of the new water treatment facility and hun eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of as shift as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world beyond. hulu.
6:50 pm
ah, the sports is peter ra. thank you very much, sir. host nation camera and will be looking to book their place in the core files of the african cup of nations when they faced minnows, cameras later, the home side have scored more goals than anyone else at the tournament so far. and that trained may very well continue in your own day. busy in a few hours time, that's because cameras have a goal keeping crisis. the tiny island nation will have to field an outfield player in goal because of injuries and corona virus infections. but before that, the gambia will be up against the guinea, the ambiance are very much seen as the underdogs for this match in buffalo some but they will be hoping to pull off an upset results and book an unlikely place in the quarter finals. it's true that not a lot of people like it's supposed to be here,
6:51 pm
but if you and the team, you will not be surprised because we have a lot of quality votes from getting the most experience. it's different for i think reality we will be present and we will complete african football journalists, usher coma geisha says it could well end up being another evening of surprises at the africa cup of nations. well, you have not been very busy on the stuff that you could see them. i guess that was a proper test and i guess the gun be, that's another team that plays a little bit night and they don't have that much talent, but they play together. and that yearning that they have to create history in their ever african is what could actually lead them. and i think that they have a chance to surprise and advocate now for the australian open and see daniel made the day has made it into the quarter finals of hard food. when a br,
6:52 pm
american maxine, crappy, i did, you wanna wait 7 seconds and then you will and you don't say that there was some frustrating moments for made video who was upset had been denied a great deal for 3 and a half hours. it was the russian new came through to winning forfeits. he's the favorite in the absence of chocolate which remains on track who will fit the grand slam of the us open fire in september made with a bill now face the canadian 9 feed felix jolly. i've seen before one year old be between the 18 runner, marin chilly chain full sets to reach the last 18. now the 1st time number 4, feed, $760.00 plus was involved in an epic battle with american taylor fritz. 6 of us has twice been a semi finalist epis tournament. was trading to fits the one ending danger of going out, but the greek raise the level to take the final 2 sets, 6364,
6:53 pm
to progress and staying with a chance on the 1st grand slam title. he'll be italy's janik center who is into the quarter finals for the 1st time. the 20 year old one straight fits against the radius alex, them and all summer hello. and the lisa co, ne struggled with the intense 34 degree heat, but it was cool. now, who dealt with it best to get the better of to time grand slam champion? the woman was 61 who sent 32 on saturday is 3 to her 1st major call. the final let the 63rd time of asking to face american danielle collins for a place in the 50s. the nfl, the biggest star tom brady says he's going to take it at least a month before deciding whether to retire at thought re tampa bay buccaneers were eliminated from the play or by the los angeles rams rady who was aiming for. he's a super bowl. nearly pulled off an incredible come back for the defending champions . fighting from $24.00 points down the side of the game with less than
6:54 pm
a minute remaining only for the ram. so when it with a field go on now, just one way away from the super bowl though face the san francisco, 49 is in the n, f c championship game. as for brady is 44, but as previously said, he wants to play until at these 45. and he has one year left on his bucks contract with more than $25000000.00. i am put a lot of thought into it. so, you know, just take a day by day and see, kinda see we're at true for guys. i'm thinking about this game and not think of anything past 5 minutes from now when you expect you and tom, we'll talk about just tom. i mean, to say, veteran players in sunday's other playoff. the kansas city chiefs south last of the buffalo bowes in a thrilling game. the li changed hands 3 times in the final 2 minutes before the chiefs forced into overtime with a field go. i've been scored a touchdown on the opening position to win it and reach the foot straight a c championship game as he live and wins in 12 for the cheeks. but they'll face
6:55 pm
the one team, the beats, and them in that stretch. the cincinnati bengals. the mains, i saki farm, is often one of the main events at the winter olympics. but for the 2nd games running, they will be no n h l players this time because of coven 19. but it's cool. rece reports from sweden, less famous leagues around the world may be strong enough to ensure the big names are not missed too much. ah, living up to the standards of north america national hockey league is a close to impossible task. but the level of play here in melma isn't too far off. the swedish hockey legally, a sideshow has been a proving ground for some of the world's best players and is now replacing the world's best at the olympics with and i shall stop absent g concerns. i've recovered the s i, jo, is helping to pluck the gaps, then mocks, all of alerts and formerly of the philadelphia fly, as will make his olympic debut in beijing. back to dna choice,
6:56 pm
not sending your places, sad. boy, at the same time, you're still going to have high level athletes competing for their country and r t s h. all. i mean, just look at it every year you provide young players and draw x to the natural and guys that go straight in and take jobs over there. so that should be a test in a dog. this li guess, depending he asked, the swedish league is the 2nd best in the world or 3rd behind russia. players from canada and the u. s. provides spice for funds, but it strength is its conveyor belt of top quality swedes. not many countries can claim to make this hockey mat. now there's no hiding the fact that there are a lot of empty seats here, but that's because even though sweden has never had a locked down, there are still restrictions on crowds. normally these stanza pot i sulky, big, and important, both the sweetest culture the locals take any chance to get their skates on. no, frost, no problem. priceless hockey is played all year round. sweden women's world
6:57 pm
champions 4 years ago, but haven't won a limpid gold since 2006 with the s h l. rearranging it's scheduled to accommodate a strong squad being sent to beijing. friends are generally happy to choose the country over club for a couple of weeks, even among benefit, once sweden to win, but we're not as obsessed by them as we are by mo mo, venture split. but i think the olympics is a great chance to show the strength of our league. what we can do, the anal may be the gold standard, but the olympics remained hockey's biggest showcase for casual view as the sport will hope its strength in depth beyond north america. can ensure those funds aren't frozen out full rece out. is there a moment? okay, we're going to leave it there for now. more sports needs for me again in a few hours time. rob feta. thanks very much indeed. and that's it for me. rob matheson, for this news are, i'm going to be back in a moment. was more of today's easy shooting. that story about nater putting his
6:58 pm
forces on alert as tensions grow between ukraine and russia by far. ah. mm hm. and a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. now like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate people and america's debt to the black people to day some over. so star, we've a scared of the drought because it's
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a broadly al jazeera correspondence, a moral debt. long before the cold, with crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown structure of nature can lead to destruction of april. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took upon demik to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told was completely impossible to suddenly become possible connected the wake up call that can't be ignored. on o. j 0. leave us trying out. grazing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration had been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all these, kenyon needs more money for conservation and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue for torrance. it isn't enough. here at the allison national talk and you all ceremony has been launched
7:00 pm
the hall creation. then individuals pay $5000.00 yes. dollars to name, and i think the aim this yet is to raise one. me get on much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, nato says it's sending reinforcements to eastern europe as fears grow about a possible russian invasion of ukraine. moscow accuses the west of hysteria. ah, i'm about to say, this is all there alive from doha. also coming up a coup attempt appears to be underway in bo keena faso soldiers have detained the president or milanese prime minister sal. how did he says he's stepping away from political life and calls on his part.


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