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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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blue, there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake. i'll just really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i and peter w are watching the news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia accuses western countries of lying about the situation on its border with ukraine, and says, nato is stoking tensions. a cooler tempt appears to be on the way and bettina faso soldiers have detained. the president. china sends $39.00 fighter jets close to pi
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when he's asked space in the biggest such operation since october. also ahead warnings of a looming healthcare disaster. as many nurses burned out by the global pandemic leave the profession. i'm devin ashwin thought that she knew eliminate nigeria from the africa cup of nations and top seat meant for that but wins again in melvin to reach the quarter finals of your brain. i would begin this news with the growing crisis between russia and ukraine. nato has put his forces on standby and is reinforcing deployments. a foreign ministers meeting in brussels say they are ready to impose quotes, never before seen sanctions. if russia attacks crane. moscow has accused nature of ramping up tensions and says western countries are telling lies about the crisis on
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the border. the u. k. prime minister is warning a russian invasion could be the next. chechnya, the u as also plays $1200000000.00 in assistance for key f. i am announcing a new financial assistance package to the country made both of emergency loans and grants. first of all, the commission proposes a new emergency macro financial assistance package of 1200000000 euros. this package will help ukraine now to address its financing needs due to the conflict. dosage of ours in moscow for a seat on the news. she'll have more on the russian reaction. just a few minutes. first to paris. no correspondent there. natasha butler. so natasha, we've got the, the military posture on the part of nato changing in parallel with the diplomacy. still very much ongoing. yes. a,
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a lot happening. you might say a lot of moving parts, a yen stoughton burger, the secretary general of nato has announced that he is reinforcing deployments in the eastern countries. so we're talking about countries that are part of the nato alliance in the east. and for example, opponents and what that means is the nato be looking to boost on the ground more troops, but also send or shapes and fighter jets. now thought berg says this is all part of a responding to the deteriorating a security situation, or he calls it as a western powers. look at rushes, actions on ukraine's border, and fear a possible invasion at the same time. or we have diplomats in brussels, you foreign ministers, are there gather talking about the ukraine crisis. and what they are expected to do at the end of their meeting is announced that if russia would invade ukraine, that they will,
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of course issue or they will are expected to she start warning about that. but also that they would then put in place and impose on the kremlin a very severe package of sanctions. now that's what we're expecting at the end of our meeting, but what we've heard or already from the e u, a commissioner or so, of course in brussels, is that are the e you is offering a 1200000000 emergency financial package to ukraine. that was announced by miss lavonne de leon, and she is saying that is to try and help ukraine in this current situation. so a lot of moving parts a lot happening in brussels. natasha, thanks very much. let's take it to moscow and i corresponded their daughter, jibari daughter events moving quite quickly now picking up tempo. i guess with this announcement from nature to day was the russian reaction, like well, the kremlin, as you can imagine, peter is not very happy. they're saying that to the actually, the actions of nato are increasing tensions, and they believe that key of building up their troops alongside the border in the
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eastern part of ukraine with russia is going to, could be causing a lot of concern for this country. the kremlin is also saying at the risk of kiev, starting a military conflict in eastern ukraine is higher than ever before. and that the attentions are soaring off the back of the actions of nato and the united states. and that their information is creating hysteria. this is the word we've heard over and over again by the russian government being used to describe the situation that is now a created in terms of how the western and nato countries are seeing the situation alongside the borders of russia and ukraine. the russians are saying that the western information is quote laced with lies and that this is all part of an attempt to try and a false flag. it's sort of false flag operation alongside that border. and that's the tensions are on the rise because the ukraine is building up their troops near
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the contact line between russia and ukraine in the eastern part of the ukraine. this is something that we've heard over and over again. there is still, of course, a lot of concern here, and the russians for their part are not standing by watching events on fold in brussels. they've said that they will continue to move their military hardware and troops to their borders wherever they see fit. and they're also going to have military drills with bell routes in the north, and that is going to take place in february. they've also said that any kind of talk of sanctions on the kremlin is going to be a non starter for them that they're not going to be affected by sanctions. they've withstood them before in the past and they will again in the future. also thank you so much. we'll talk to later. i'm sure. in the meantime. thank you. let's bring in courtney. he's the adjunct senior fellow at the rand corporation, formerly a us diplomat. he joins us from washington. william courtney, welcome back to the news. let's just go through the specifics here. the u. s. the u
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. k. and australia, old downsizing, the number of staff that they have in the embassy in kiev. how significant is that? that is significant, primarily because u. s. government, british, australia, government, their primary responsibility is to protect their own citizens. so they are doing this out of an abundance of caution. this is not signal confidence missing or lacking, and then your credit and government. now let's talk about a report to the new york times, the us president joe biden, apparently, according to the n y t. and also talking about this on the twitter feed. thinking about deploying an extra $5000.00 troops on top of nato forces, already stationed in europe to increase and i could tenfold the staffing levels that they have in the baltic states and eastern europe. break that down for us and the baltic states, nato forces are quite small in the low hundreds. so increasing tenfold is not
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a whole lot. there are more in poland and elsewhere for nato to move forces within europe. the special us forces around is a very helpful step in the sense of showing russia that nato a 2nd seriously. what would be more important would be if the united states would start moving us soldiers and equipment from the united states to europe, embracing or perhaps in eastern europe, an armored brigade, for example. britain's deputy prime minister dominic rob, formerly foreign secretary. again, today, talking about this idea that moscow might have planned some place in the shadows, if you will, to install some sort of puppet administration in kia for that's, that's impossible to pull off unless it follows a ground invasion. well that's most likely to follow the ground evasion.
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a particular concern about his with motion forces increasingly present in bella roost. those forces could try sometimes it's called a thunder run down on both sides of the didn't a pro river to encircle camp campus. not that far from dollars that could happen fairly quickly. within a matter of days circumstance, i kept. busy then of course, russians probably would tried to install one of their loyal us as the leader of the country. do these 3 main pinch points in your mind, old to the optics of the conversation, that the us secretary of state, anthony blink, and he's going to be having with his european colleagues today. what we're seeing is steady build up of russian forces around your cranes. certainly south and east, but now we're bell or is that a new concern if the russians were interested in trying to negotiate
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something or find some accommodation, they haven't said or done anything publicly to indicate that. in contrast to past negotiations, the russians know how to do serious negotiations with this ard on strategic arms. iran nuclear agreement. this is not the way that brushes approaching this. so i think what is happening now. search blank and comments in the what's the allies today are going to be continuation of the kinds of things that you asked me. i've been talking about for weeks now. william courtney. good to talk to you so thank you so much. we and courtney, they're talking to us from washington d. c. the u. a has launched air strikes in yemen after intercepting ballistic missiles fired by who's the rebels. it's the 2nd recent attack targeting abu dhabi last week 3 people were killed in a hoof. the drone strike and who the spokesman is wanting of further attacks on the you a, on a go are tell him
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a lot in response to the belligerent escalation by saudi arabia and the u. s. e. and there are crimes against or blocked people. the missiles and drone units of our armed forces carried out to successful large military operations. shopping at our armed forces, stress, its full preparedness, to widen the scope of its operation and the coming period of time and to meet escalations with further escalations, our armed forces renewed warning to the foreign companies. investors within the u. s. e to leave as the u. e is declared an unsafe country and the target of our future operations, so long as it's belligerents and siege against him and is not halted less bring in that tool beyond sold vet, sees of principle analyst for the middle east and north africa at the political risk consultancy verisk, maple croft. he joins us from the scottish capital, edinburgh, so that is this a change of tactic? well, i think we're, we'll have to wait and see. i think it's certainly what we're witnesses. it's probably
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a pretty significant change in the and the threat landscape. and we've seen the hutus mccarthy's toaster traction on the, on a regular basis on saturday. i'm that with a mixture odds, christmas aisles, ballistic missiles than and john attacks. and then with the recent threats that were made against your year when article of seeing that on the ground in the year a year with the attacks last week. and this week with the u. e. as a default setting, if you will, want to moderate its response. i'm assuming here the you a wouldn't want to get sucked in to a conflict just across the border. even if we get to the stage, say a month down the road or 6 months down the road where the economic impact to the tourism to the hub aviation industry and even to the oil and gas industry is significant. yeah, it's, it's, it's a difficult dilemma facing the mirror you saw it is now increasingly under threats from that he sees that at the same time we've seen over the last 4 or 5 years.
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that's, you know, we've had a pretty extensive military campaign in yemen. and rather than reduce the missile threat to the jesus, he states over things that is an increase in that threat. so for the murat is, you know, if, if, if the good on the roof of trying to target the, the huge is more aggressively in yemen. that, of course risk still contentions further and sort of triggering a downward spiral. but equally, if they kind of sit back and just try and defend passively against this threat, that's also something that's very difficult to do with the text this morning. the out of fences worked as they should in terms of targeting the ballistic missiles. punch, we've seen with different types of attacks, whether it's sort of swarms of drones or, or christmas styles or different types of missiles working together. it's very difficult to defend against these types of weapons once during the air, for the immorality it, sorry is that means that in terms of finding
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a solution is going to have to be something that goes beyond just a sort of purely defensive military posture. it will have to involve no diplomacy efforts to increase the resilience of, of critical civilian and an energy infrastructure in the country. so it is a really complex task facing the authorities in terms of meeting this, this threat very briefly, mr. so that is the other big variable here, the talks going on in vienna between iran and the united states, because whatever happens there will possibly correct me if i'm wrong here, be played out in the, in the skies over yemen, and on the ground in yemen because there's so many heart wide proxy conflicts going on, and that's what's been going on there for years now. yes, absolutely. and i think if you, if you look at one dynamic that's going to be the most important one over the next weeks and months. you know, you have to say is going to be the trajectory of talks between united states and iran. very difficult to, to imagine
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a sort of significant easing of tensions in the region. while that situation remains unresolved. and we've seen effort for almost a year now to try and bring the us back into the nuclear agreement. but if, if we see talks dragging on as they have for some time, i would very much expects expect talks to continue and then know the course for it will then depend on what happens there. if we see a resolution, then we can expect that material reduction and the threat landscape for the. but conversely, if things go south and if toast collapse, then of course there is a risk of the, of the threat getting even worse. and the u. v. and the saudis, and other countries in region facing and even more volatile regional environment than they do already want to watch for sure. and so that thank you so much. not more still to come here on the news for you. the former catholic pope acknowledges seek a false testimony with child sex abuse enquiry plus yeah.
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he is over a deepening political crisis in honduras. the sections of the governing parties swear in rifle precedence of the congress and in sport celebrations, fortune as you, as they pull off a big shock to eliminate curia at the africa cup of nations will show you how they did it coming up. ok. okay, let's thank you super keena fast. so this is an attempt to, to, we think on the way their reports from the capital one to go say the president has been detained at a military base soldiers having taken control of the main tv station and follows the day of unrest yesterday. and overnight gunfire last night, near the president's palace, henry wilkins joyce is on the phone now from the capital. henry since the last time we were talking on 10 g news,
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just get us up to speed with what the situation is right now. yeah, it's pretty just a waiting game at the moment as we know already know, the military play can over the phone call. we were expecting to to come on the national television around 1 pm gmc today that's fine. is that still no announcements for the leaders of the 2, which is where we are expecting the equally to have any kind of feature for the public from the, from the existing government was the speculation. henry asked the whereabouts of the president, indeed, should we still be calling him president? at this stage, we believe that he's our military council council, amazon, which is one of the needs. and he started yesterday a law to is the largest military camp. and we kept so like
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a dd. he's alleged to be fine. hearing some conflicting reports which are very much on this stage. he made the law, not a vehicle which belongs to venture was found in the vicinity of the presidential palace this morning. but holding the windows on the, on the passenger seat as well as i said, we cannot no president himself with travelling in my talk or speech reports at the factory. okay, let's call this a key for the next 60 seconds or so. the people who staged it, how confident are they that they've got control of the country? do you think that they can keep control of the country?
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i think the they seem to be pretty comfortable that they have control at the moment, funding outside the been our support call the moment we can see the troops. yes. that i need them regarding the faces covered and so on today. quite confident things around the street says the key to fax. i like the the, the, the day that i will still come coming from military bases. it's, it's all just fod shots and tom is not inside today it's, it's much quiet. it's definitely a sense for the, the military. now the ones in control. okay, and how many thanks that will talk to you later. i'm sure henry wilkins talking to the from what to do to well, i'll be special as a research fellow at the university of portsmouth in the u. k. she explained to me earlier, what's behind this latest escalation in the events in booking of fossil? the mute is not a surprise, and the account is that it has become,
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is not as far as either that has been happening to me due to the lack of resources or appointments that have been given in pricing, being fortunately the talking enough time. i don't have soldiers killed really resonated among the nation and among the folders. and originally the meeting was about that about with the soldiers to be treated better, given proper equipment. it seems that negotiations are broken down and that, that it has become and it isn't clear what's gonna happen next and effectively. how can we help the security situation? we have to remember that the last time it happened in 2016 and there was huge resistance to, to that. could that estimate that that fails? the situation is very different. now people are very angry of the government for
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not responding well, the run enough to the situation. so you, you do have another population, people who are desperate for some big measures in recent months and weeks. they have been rumors of times that have been in children's work, the arrested me the very top communication from governments on the country. the government has shut down internet several times. and so this is creating a lot of grievances that then tends to support the military to some degree. once again, it's very difficult to understand who the players are and what all the lines within the army or between the all taiwan says china flu, 39 warplanes near its air space. and what's being described is the largest operation of its kind for 3 months. the taiwan air force is you'd radio warnings and back to be their defense missile systems. there's been no immediate comment from china, which considers the island a breakaway province. katrina,
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you has more for us from beijing. this was the largest incursion by china's military close to taiwan. this year, the sunday exercise involves $39.00 chinese warplanes, which flew close to the ty when he's controlled, protest islands. now, china's foreign ministry would not elaborate on the reasons behind this exercise, but it follows just one day after a huge show of military force by the u. s. and japan in the philippines. see now this exercise, this joint military exercise included to us aircraft carriers. and the u. s. navy said that this exercise was designed to preserve a free and open indoor pacific. now china considers taiwan a rogue chinese province that will inevitably be reunited with the mainland, and beijing has not ruled out using force in order to achieve this. in recent months, it's increased the number of military exercises taking place close to taiwan and
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the highest number of incursions in the court. it took place in october, which included $56.00 chinese warplanes, which flew close to taiwan on the same day. now, begging does the denies that these exercises are designed to intimidate the ty when he's government. but analysts say that that's exactly what they're meant to do. let's bring in roles, find gold. he's an asia political risk analyst. he joins us from. ty pay ross good to talk to again, is this beginning to feel like something of a trend now on the part of the chinese? it's certainly been to try not just for the last few months, it's actually from the time that time, one was 1st elected in 2016 and she was re elected in 2020 and trying to show this to this fighter with the policies of the government by putting pressure on time on whether that's through air, military exercises, military exercises, economic pressure, or tried to restrict turbines participation in international organizations that we
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have to keep in mind that the policies of this government are, you know what the voters wanted when they elected this government twice will do this pattern of behavior continue or will they go beyond where they've gone before consistently. what we're seeing is, is incremental increases. so starting from say, september, october, last year we seen this tremendous increase in the number of aircraft that are flying to taiwan. here, defense identification, people over interpret this, this was the time, this is the biggest faction, or it's the most aircraft, or the 2nd book aircraft watch 6 months. maybe that's not really good things that people should focus on. they should focus on the types of aircraft. will there be additional or different kinds of military exercises or trying to undertake in the coming months? and are they really changing the dynamic?
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because taiwan can respond, we taiwan, dispatchers, its own aircraft to warn away the chinese aircraft. but at one point those china use whether it's frequency or different types of aircraft jamming. the firewall graph you have to watch carefully for signals that when china is doing is really changing the dynamics significantly. taiwanese, people don't seem particularly bothered about this, but that doesn't mean to say, surely it doesn't, that they shouldn't be taking china seriously. absolutely show here in taipei, of course politicians are discussing this issue. commentators on team here discussing this military leadership, ministry of national defense making statement about it. but the people in high paying the rest apply. why don't stop what they're doing to pay attention to this news, whether it's because they're used to it or because they don't think china is sure it's going to take military action, will only know over time. but for those who are concerned about security,
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we certainly call on taiwan to invest what's necessary in its own defense. and to take this threat very, very seriously, not just go about your daily business and not think about the implications of an increase number of aircraft. any are graph that are threatening your country, flying around. obviously, when these people should take this more seriously. russ feingold, thank you very much. when you waking sunday julian songs can challenge you k court decision to exploit him to the united states. the judge is abroad. he can appeal to the supreme court. to us wants to try us on, on 18 charges, including espionage, is all related to the publications of classified military documents about the wars and canister on. and also in iraq. the philippines is still recovering after super typhoon rice dropped last month. and now there's more flooding in the forecast just as the details in your world, whether update. hello there, thank you for joining in your world's weather report. begins in the philippines and
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soaking rains here from sebu rate into devout. and for devout, there is a severe flight advisory in play. the northeast spawn soon is amplifying rainfall amounts here. and with that ne, monsoon pepin up, we're seeing an increase in shower activity across the coastal vietnam. but nothing major here that stop central and eastern portions of china, some rain and snow moving across the yangtze river valley northwind is striking down temperatures in shanghai. and i'm afraid it's going to stay that way for the next few days with a north north easterly wind, your temperatures are below average. off to japan, there is a batch of rain just off to the coast here. that's on tuesday. let's press play. see where this goes into wednesday. i think it's going to strike tokyo with some showers, but the bigger story really, that see effects, snow engine were flicking the switch on. so that means snow for the hills over honshu spheres are love and that we've got some showers over on through per dash. but the bulk of that activity is moving out toward the bay have been gall on
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tuesday. and now to the northwest of india, where those temperatures, once again, drop in. so new delhi got a high of just 16 degrees. it's going to be smoggy and foggy for the next few days . that's it for me, bye for now, susan. still to come here on the news for you. mc. supermarket shells in the united states will tell you who's being blamed. and in sports, tom brady ponders retirement, says the tampa bay buccaneers are dumped out of the n f l planes. ah, long before the covert crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the locked down examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a panoramic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things, the total complete impulse suddenly become possible disconnected. the wake of cold
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that can't be ignored. on our job got on one of the fastest growing nations in the world, ah, need. cato needed to open and develop it, pull track, international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and learning skill filling that down 3 key areas of development, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato gatos gateway to whoa trade. ah ah,
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rapidly approaching exactly half past, let's update your top stories. nato has put his forces on standby and sent reinforcements to eastern europe. has tensions grow between ukraine and russia. e u foreign ministers have promised a 1300000000 dollar loan to help keep the u. e has intercepted ballistic missiles fired by through the rebels. it's retaliated by launching airstrikes in yemen. luthey spokesman is threatened further attacks on the u. e. and there's a military coup underway in between a fast. so security sources say the president has been detained at a military base. soldiers have taken control of the country's main tv channel. the former roman catholic pope benedict has admitted giving a false statement to a child, sex abuse inquiry. he says he mistakenly told investigators in germany that he wasn't at a meeting in 1980. when he was the archbishop of munich, an inquiry found that benedict didn't know about peter fall priests, but he failed to report their crimes dominic cane. joining us live from berlin
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saddam. this is embarrassing for the roman catholic church in germany and also the vatican. i guess the central fact that emerges from pages and pages and pages of evidence given by the former pope just less than 6 weeks ago to this inquiry is he says repeatedly that if he can't remember a meeting take taking place and it didn't take place. well, to day through a spokesman, he has said actually what he did was mislead the inquiry, not through bad faith, but by bad editing of this particular document. but what essentially happened here is the inquiry was investigating historical accusations of clerical sex abuse of children in the late 19 seventies in 19 eighties. it had a remit for the last 75 years, but specifically that period late seventies,
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early eighties. and specifically in the archbishop rick of munich advising, that's where the former pope was archbishop. and he has now admitted that on one particular occasion, he was present when the case of a specific priest who would go on to be convicted of child sex abuse. he was present at the time and the allegation is that he did not do enough to act against this specific priest. now the former pope has said in his, in the, in the in regional evidence. he said, well, if i didn't remember it, i wasn't there because i wasn't there. i couldn't have known what happened while now these specific investigators have said you were there. it follows therefore, that it is likely that you knew what happened. he says it was not bad faith, it was bad at a thing and that he will explain further at a later date. but no question. this raises very many serious questions both for him and for the catholic church dominant. thank you very much,
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dominic here and there are berlin correspondence. the afghan taliban says it's taken a step towards international recognition. after the 1st day of talks in norway, the taliban met civil society groups on sunday. then i would you to meet u. s. and e u. officials diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms in return for humanitarian aid. a political crisis is brewing in honduras after rival politicians elected to competing precedence of congress. it's part of a disputes between party members of the president elect, seo, mara, castro. just days before her inauguration is alexi, o'brien ah, supporters of the liberty and re foundation policy celebrating in the honduran capital didn't cigar at the swearing in of their new president of congress, louise redondo, boulevard, euro from a finance? today,
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the deputies of the national congress of acted opportunity to protect an action that was intended to be consummated to day, to take control by the criminal structures that have governed this country. they intended to take control of this legislative power. moreover, that's becker's nearby arrival. congressional president was being concerned jorge to leaks oil. lamar earlier today, a majority of 80 out of a 128 members, elected a new board of directors, and we are respectful of the outcome you rely on examining that. i mean, the competing ceremonies deepen a split in the posse. if c m r a castro, who said to become honduran president on thursday. cal leaks is a member of her party party, supported by a dissident faction. we disagreed with her, promised to give the leadership of the new congress to louis redondo. he's a member of the honduras, salvation party, who helped castro claim victory in november's election casters called on her
4:35 pm
supporters to rally against the split throwing the dissidence out of her party. and brandon colleagues, a traitor. he knows that if we is honduran paypal continue to accept these practices than what would be happening in the legislature would be to hand to control of a state power back to the dictatorship. the dispute caused chaos and congress on friday in cliques was chosen by the wiggles. he's been backed by members of the national policy which is laid on juris for the past while he is the punch up. so the u. s. cool for all sides to remain calm and stop torps. endless against the division will make castro's presidency far more challenging. g one last november's election, promising to end the corruption and violence that hamper economic growth. more than half of and urines live below the poverty line. forcing many to leave the country
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in search of new opportunities abroad. castro's victory lead to hopes of change in honduras is supposed to say that change is now in jeopardy. elixir brian al jazeera, 13000000 people in northern china are free to leave their homes today after lifting of a month long cobra locked on the city of young was shut down as the government imposed the 0 tolerance policy before the start. the paging winter olympics next month, the international council of nurses is calling for urgent action to stop protocols and avoidable health care disaster. there are 28000000. this is globally, but there's also a severe shortage. when the pandemic began 2 years ago, there was already a shortfall of 6000000 nurses. the report was a lack of funds, burnout, and high levels of resignations are contributing to the crisis. and it's being made worse by an uneven distribution of the workforce. as rich countries recruit nurses from developing countries. international council of nurses predicts nearly 13000000
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nurses will be required in the next 10 years. let's bring in mana abby, abdullah, doom it's. she's associate professor of nursing and celebrities american university . she joins us from beirut, manor abbey, abdullah, do mit. when you teach nurses, how to nurse what kind of stress levels are you getting them ready to encounter on a daily basis? now? of course, when no student nurses are going nursing, we expose them gradually to the different stressors that they would be facing up on graduation. and we try to paper down 40 entity shock, but no matter how we prefer students. still, reality shock is, is very big, especially when you are working under, if and that make along with an economic crash and come see that is completely crashing like lebanon. and when you talk about the country crashing like lebanon,
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is a slightly weird. forgive me $0.06 in which it would be easier for your nurses, your new nurses, if it was just coded. but if it's covered, plus all the other medical situations that people have in a country where the economy has been flat lining for so long. that makes it doubly difficult, and therefore, more understandable, perhaps the newly qualified nurses lebanon, want to leave lebanon. very true. very true. i always said that the, when i was president of the order of nurses, it was, it was on the coven. lebanon has a very good health care system, very strong healthcare system. we have very good act is not excellent nurses. it would have, it would have been like an easy thing to deal with carbon as long as nurses are
4:39 pm
concerned, because every day we're dealing with viruses and we prefer very well our nurses to deal with situations. but unfortunately, what happened to lebanon is, and i might get mason of pastoral fees. we have the we have the economic crash. we had august 4 blocks that really destroyed for the kids 6 nurses while on duty on top of god. and all of these problems yielded to an exit this, i don't say that the nurses, the left the country. i say it's an exit, there's awfully bad news nurses to europe united states and to the country, which is almost the depleting our health care system from all its human resources in terms of expertise in terms of high level of the degrees in nursing
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and years of experience when you would think i would have guessed system and to danger when you talk about levels of experience to your own educational establishment says that 70 percent of nurses in beirut, especially in the capital city, lack experience. that's understandable, i guess because nursing is the kind of job is like passing you driving test, you learn to drive properly. once you've passed a driving test, you learn to nurse properly may be once you're fully qualified, but relatively speaking still new. what's the solution to this problem in lebanon when it comes to a lack of nurses? is it a simple as pay them more money, but how can you pay them more money when the economy is in such dire straits to start with? thank you for this very important question. initially, our problem and lebanon is not with the number of, nor initially our problem is how to retain our experience nurses. now that
4:41 pm
it through most of our hospitals are populated by an expedient nurses which means nurses who have less than one or 2 years of experience. and this is by itself is a danger to the head guess to oh, who? oh, our human resources is of course by giving them a better package. would that be better payment increase or other packages like kind of being that kids into school to go into school, paid tuition base to wish them to converse, to t covered their insurance, their medicaid. how would that be possible and then a collapsing country where we're really trying to work with the funds that we're hoping the country would be receiving through. i am asked so that a certain sum will be located to the guest system. ok. i'm going to be
4:42 pm
college eyes, but thank you so much for talking to us from beirut. manor abbey, abdullah, doom it great to get your thoughts on this very important story. thank you. staying and 11 on the prime minister's meeting. his cabinet for the 1st time in 3 months. the government's been divided since october, about the investigation into that 2020 bay report blast the stand off has happened . as the countries economic crisis worsens. us president joe biden is being blamed for empty shells in us supermarkets, winter weather, and search in the army. kron cases in america adding to the disruption she hypertensive reports from maryland across the us. supermarkets are again experiencing supply shortages of such basic goods as milk eggs. and other household items, a wave of on the chrome cases, global supply chain issues, labor shortages and extreme weather of being blamed for the lack of goods and other contributing factor. the trucking industry, some 70 percent of goods delivered in the us all by road. the main lobbying group
4:43 pm
for the trucking company says it needs an extra $80000.00 new drivers to get goods where they need to be and helped meet that amount of drivers. people as young as 18 could soon be allowed to drive trucks into stays after completing a federal apprenticeship program for decades ago. in 1980 deregulation turns much of the trucking industry into what we now call the gig economy drivers are not paid for the time on the job. but for miles travels, they basically give the company that you're going to deliver to pick up from. they give them 2 hours free, sit there and do whatever they need to do. the driver doesn't get paid. many truck as a classified as independent contract is not employees. so companies don't pay for the upkeep of that trucks or invest in truck stops warehouses. a truck drives the allotted legal time and then stops wherever they are. you get after 56 o'clock, especially here on the east coast 5 o'clock a might be on the road somewhere, trying to find a spot. if there is
4:44 pm
a shortage that husband steve declared in wages for truckers between 1977 and 987 truck compensation fell, but i'm 35 percent. the average trucker salary is now around $50000.00 a year. but there is another stock, sophistic trucking has an overall job turnover rate of between 74 and 92 percent. that is between 7 and 9 out of 10 drivers leave their jobs. after a year, we reached out to the american trucking association, but they declined to speak to us. but the us census, in fact, shows a record number of qualified truck drivers in the us. that's why others say the problem lies elsewhere. there is no shortage of truck drivers in the united states, and in fact we have a surplus of drivers. we have millions of people in the us who are trained to become a truck driver and then decided not to do the job. dr. michelle, he says the trucking industry has used the same tactics since deregulation in 1980, to insist on further deregulation so that it can have as many workers to choose
4:45 pm
from as possible. that way you can offer the least wages and benefits while maximizing its profits. simply lowering the driving age is, is not going to make things better, burns them out. most people won't last won't last 6 months. something we've heard throughout the supply chain crisis is that it's decades of deregulation that focused on corporate profits instead of building infrastructure like truck deputies, for example, and taking care of workers that got us. she advertised the al jazeera maryland still to come here on the news. i and no n h l players of the winter games. that hockey mad sweet names to fill the gap would tell you how they going to do it. in jama, when we come back, ah,
4:46 pm
with mm pool. ah
4:47 pm
ah, a group of teachers in cape town is using music to well for young people, an alternative to gang violence. the gangs enlist boys from a young age who often have few options, but music is offering them a different path. alger 0 is for me to mila reports now from cape talk. no knocking 5 days a week. this group of children gathers for guitar lessons. their classes on cry, fontaine, a suburb of cape town, ravaged by gangs drugs and crime. not enough, their teacher told us to from the organisation joined bands, not gangs has been giving lessons for more than 2 years. in the hope that music will keep the students on the right path, la the must seek for on that alone. i feel that the music changes a mindset,
4:48 pm
the one to play music and start thinking in a different way. it's not always easy. it's difficult work because children need you to repeat things, but they want to do it and they are willing and it makes a difference in children who carry on with the program for more than 6 months. can join a band like this one in a neighboring community. 15 year old jordan, when he asked felt, says his always loved music, which he says has brought him strength in march 2021. you know, week we, as a family actually got affected and we lost our cousin, little gang violence, you know. but that ease since then i've been living in fear. we all been living in fear, you know, and i realized the way jordan, but you actually now really got to you this. got to open your eyes. you gotta do something with your life. those living, he has a bailey, an hour passes without some sort of shooting, and it's a challenge keeping children safe at the height of the violence. there were at least 12 gang related murders every month. various gangs competed with territory,
4:49 pm
often related to drugs. now the music program, oh, you have to prevent young children from joining these gags, but also reduce tensions between rival groups. cedric williams belongs to one of the gangs here. i think it's an area plagued by high unemployment. he lost his job as a bartender and says limited work opportunities make staying away from these groups . almost impossible. failures though he always bought. okay. it is it all of life? did it a little of the street? it is. oh, i know or so. yes, my verbal a good answer. yes. for my bedroom for am if you ever go away will and no i was just really i don't do so i but those picking up a musical instrument instead of a gun, ho, programs like this will make a difference. creating an alternative for children who often have little choice. for me. tamela al jazeera cape town, south africa. no time for sports news is gemma. thank you.
4:50 pm
pizza. there was a huge upsets at the africa cup of nations. as nigeria were knocked out by 2 near the north africans were missing several players with k, with 19 for they took relief. in the 2nd half we the captain uses me the nigeria, keith, i got a ham to it, but he couldn't keep to the shop out nigeria than that made even harder when alex away beat was sent off for a dangerous tackle off to a v, a review it only been on the pitch is 7 minutes. nigeria with the only team, it's who when 3 great games for they couldn't find a way back as it finished one mill, 2004 champions shanicea into the quarter finals where they will face burkina faso. there was late drama and that game with gab on the back and i'll be look to be going through until they scored an own goal installed each time which made it one all state that way off the extra time the game went to penalties. that was the king of winning the she's out $76.00 to book that place in the last 8 or later on
4:51 pm
commercials are really going to be up against it. in the last 16 game. again, post cameron, they have 7 players out with k with 19 including all of that go keepers. we told you earlier that one keeper alley mother had tested negative, but he still doesn't get to play. so that means an outfield play will have to play and go. and that coach is also encouraging as well. now to the tennis that the australian open top seat at daniel met with f is made in the quarter finals after hartford went over american. maxine cressy, did you want to wait 7 seconds and then you will and you don't say that there was some frustrating moment for med, whatever you as you can hear, that was upset. that being denied a toilet break, but office 3 and a half hours, it was the russian who came through who went in for fits. he's the favorite now in the joke of it to remain on track. so when his 2nd grand slam of his us opened in
4:52 pm
september. madame, when i'll face the canadian night, said felix alley, i've seen the 21 year old to be the 2018 runner up marin chile in full sets to reach the last 8th melvin for the 1st time. it means that janik senate is also in the quarter finals for the 1st time. the 20 year old, one in straight sets against australia's alex domino. so play a definite fits fast. you came through an epic 5 set battle against taylor fritz for my house up and elisa cornell struggled with the intense 34 degree heat, but it was corner who dealt with it the best to get the best time. a grandson champion hallett was 6100. 32 on saturday is 3 to have 1st major quarter final. at the 63rd time of asking to face american, danielle collins for a place in the semi i had them in a birthday present. i had a cake from the tournament and she's kate was amazing. i think that's why i have so little. you one, it was the one i had so much cake. i can tell you guys,
4:53 pm
i have energy for weeks. and the nfl biggest tom brady says he's going to take at least a month before deciding whether to retire after his tampa bay. buccaneers were eliminated from the pi oh, by the families, ram brady. he was aiming phase a boat and nearly pulled off an incredible come back. so the defending champions, fighting from $24.00 points down to tie the game with less than a minute, remaining only for the rams to win it with the field. go away. and now just one went away from the steeple. they'll face the san francisco 49 as in the n s. the championship game, after brady he 44, but previously said he wants to play until at least 45. and he has one year left on his stock contracts was more than $25000000.00. i put a lot of thought into it. so, you know, just take a day by day and see kind of see we're at true for guys. i'm thinking about this game and not think of any test 5 minutes from now when you expect you and tom will
4:54 pm
talk about his future. tom, i mean to say of veteran players in sundays other play off the kansas city chiefs out last the buffalo bills and really in game the lead chain fans a 3 times in the final 2 minutes before the fall. it didn't even time. it was a field go. they then would have touched down on the opening possession and when it reached at 4 straight f, the championship game for 11 winds in 12 for the cheese. the now faced one team, the beaten them in that stretch. the cincinnati bengals. now is one of the stars took out for the winter olympics next month. new zealand, the negro porches will be going for gold in the sky super pipe events. and he's looking in grateful with just a couple of weeks ago. the 20 year old successfully defended his title at the x games and app and with what the commentator best run as his career. the men's i saki find that is often one of the main events at the winter olympics. but for the 2nd games running, there'll be no n h l players at this time because of covet 19. but as police reports from sweden,
4:55 pm
less famous leagues around, the world may be strong enough to ensure the big names aren't missed too much living up to the standards of north america. national hockey league is a close to impossible task. but the level of play here in melma isn't too far off. the swedish hockey legally as i chose, has been a proving ground for some of the world's best players, and is now replacing the world's best at the olympics with an h. l. stars, absent, huge concerns, i recovered the aside, joe is helping to pluck the gaps, then mocks, all of alerts and formerly of the philadelphia fly, as will make his olympic debut in beijing. that fact of dna choice, not sending your places, sad. boy, at the same time, you're still going to have a high level athletes competing for their country and r t s h. all. i mean, just look at it every year you provide young players and dry ex, through the natural and guys that go straight in and take jobs over there. so that
4:56 pm
should be tested dogwood this li. yes, depending. he asked the swedish league is the 2nd best in the world or 3rd behind russia. players from canada and the u. s. provides spice for funds, but it strength is its conveyor belt of top quality swedes. not many countries can claim to be this hockey mat. now there's no hiding the fact that there are a lot of empty seats her, but that's because even though sweden has never had a lockdown, they're all still restrictions on crowds. normally these thumbs up pack ice all configured in fulton county and sweetest culture. the local stake, any chance to get the skates on? no sauce, no problem. iceland hockey is played all year round sweden women's world champions 4 years ago, but haven't one olympic gold since 2006. with the essay, jo rearranging, it's scheduled to accommodate a strong score, being sent to beijing. firms are generally happy to choose country over club for
4:57 pm
a couple of weeks. and i'm on the 5th once sweden to win, but we're not as obsessed by them as we are by momo. vans are split, but i think the olympics is a great chance to show the strength of our lease. what we can do, the anecdote may be the gold standard, but the olympics remain hockey's biggest showcase for casual view as the sport will hope its strength in depth beyond north america can ensure those funds aren't frozen out all. reese al jazeera bowman and finally south africa's dominance of the rugby 7 series continues that they've made it 3 wins from 3. the latest round in spain, besides known as the bullets box and bees. argentina 24 points to 17 in the final taken into account, lost his championship. they've now one of 5 successive wild rugby 7th titles. loudon to them. that is all your sports now. we'll have more for you later. peter. jim, a thanks very much. when we come back at 14 g, we'll take a live updates from paris as nato changes his posture,
4:58 pm
as the diplomacy carries on to do with the crate to stay with us. ah, with blue blue on counting the cost one year of the 5 and administration. how has the u. s. economy fed unemployment done, but inflations, pop, and americans aren't happy about it. and also turkey's unconventional approach to inflation, could it actually boost economic growth?
4:59 pm
counting the cost on al jazeera, a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate people and america's debt to the black people to day some over so scar, we even ask you to speak out because it's a bradley out there, a correspondence, a moral debt. this one's feared warlord during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with 3 children has attracted their helpless sentiment. been inasmuch selected from the public crop situation. despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord,
5:00 pm
liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country the native says it sending reinforcements to eastern europe over a possible russian invasion of the kremlin accuses the west of hysteria. ah, logan peter, w are also coming up here on al jazeera and attempted coup does appear to be on the way it became faster. soldiers have detained the president of china and 39 fighter jets close to taiwan air space. and the biggest.


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