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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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we go there trying to do, was people to love piano. ah, ah, late nights gunfire heard in booking of fossils capital after a day that so soldiers stage mutinies at several barracks. ah, this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm for the back. people also coming up the u. s . embassy in ukraine town, diplomats families to leave and urges other americans to go to citing the threat of a russian invasion taliban leaders arrive in norway to discuss of gary sans humanitarian crisis. but co gestures say they shouldn't be welcome. and data from
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israel suggests 4th colbert 19 vaccine dose. triples resistance to serious illness . among people over the age of 60. ah, gunfire has been heard into the night in bulkier fossils capital, where a curfew is in place after a mutiny by soldiers. internet services are also been shut down earlier, the government insisted. it remains in control denying that been an attempted cool . henry wilkins reports from walker doable downside military barracks in downtown. why do you? the neary con, broken only by the sound of gunfire. al jazeera went inside the camps and spoke to the soldiers. they made a series of demands, but did not call for the dismissal of bikini fossils. president roc caberry
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as if they see oscar in point pleasant, mushrooms, yards, mud in plain please, i shouted. lawyers, me by me, they differ with you, but the little alamitos are valued down your way, said as genie did you plan, my answer will you do qualify as if i do and what you offer became a fair so his face the tax by armed groups linked to al qaeda and i fill in recent years, an estimated 2000 people have been killed and a further 1500000 have been displaced while the government has resorted to arming civilians to fight off armed groups. many in the armed forces see this as a mistake. they say they should be given the means to fight armed groups, not civilians. we were just taken inside the camp as mutineers pointed their guns
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with us. inside we saw mutineers with ski masks, firing their guns in the air, demanding to be heard. the government has the situation has returned to normal. the defense minister denies this was a crew attempt, saying president bori is safe and still in charge. not by deity. i strongly deny, 1st of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country has been threatened. so as i said, these movements localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements. on saturday, security forces 4 with anti government protesters who blame the leadership for failing to stop the attack by on groups. negotiations are underway between the president and the soldiers who states the mutiny. but trust is hard to come by. court in the middle of the people of became a facet and a country that appears to be spiraling out of control. henry wilkins al jazeera.
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why could you advocate fossils? internal security is heavily influenced by its neighbors. as part of the g. 5, a regional effort to combat on groups linked to iso and are kinda franz 1st intervened in 2013 and deployed thousands of troops across the hail, alongside thousands more un peacekeepers. but he's had minimal involvement in booking, of fossil and most friendships have now left the region security as also deteriorated, especially in areas north and east of booking process. capital one and a half 1000000 people have been internally displaced. david auto is a director at the geneva center for africa, security and strategic studies. he says, troops often face fighters that are better armed than they are. what does it say is that the need some kind of change? so the one, the top brass of the booking of a military to be changed amongst that i think they cited patient. oh, well,
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they're saying they need more military reinforcement. you know what to do with the do you have this movement? i think the also requested for. ready some tactical equipment, you know, one of the things that they just complain about is the fact that in some circumstances the so go, do you have these groups, you know, the slamming of the greatest hell they're more than the military. i think one of the last few months, we made a stuff they want to see the welfare of disorders. you know, they want to make sure that the government can take care of the families of those who have died in the war front. and you know, i think, you know, these are the key demands which they made, but it's, it love to see if this is going to be awarded by the government yet within the next demo, 5 days, one would know exactly what is going on. we haven't heard from depressed and yet we've had from the ministry of defense. you know, general amy, what he said is that because the president is not today. he's not a qu,
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they talk. and you know about the military. don't that, that has covered the other mutually, you know, have made these demand that we don't know where this is going to. especially with the ongoing for this. in other world news, the united i remember intercepted and destroyed to ballistic miss styles. the defense ministry says they were launched from yemen by who feed rebels. debris from the mishondra said to a fall in the wrong would be, but no one has been injured. last week, 3 people were killed and i hope he is wrong attack on the city. the u. s. has told and families of embassy staff in care to leave ukraine citing fears of a russian invasion, the se, department data that non essential personnel can also depart. now i know other americans to leave to it also updated its travel advisory for russia in a tweet thing. the department continues to advise us citizens not to travel to russia due to ongoing tension along the border with ukraine. there is potential for
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harris met against us citizens and the embassy has limited ability to assist us citizens in russia, algeria, mike, hannah has moved from washington. state department has issued a level for travel. notice which means that those employees of the state department who wish to lose leave can voluntarily do so. but it's also ordered family members of embassy employees to leave ukraine. now in a briefing by 2 senior state department officials, that was made clear that this did not come a while to because of any new information that's being received in recent days. rather, it was seen as an opportune time to lay raise the level of the trouble warning, but no particular news has actually sparked off this action. however, the state department officials also say that as the american citizens, us citizens who are living in ukraine, will not be able to get out with embassy assistance if they want to leave ukraine.
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they must do so by themselves. busy booking commercial flights if needed. and so once again, that position being made very clear as well, but it is raised in the level of the travel notice to make it clear that employees can stay, should they wish to ad, but their families have got to leave. the taliban is preparing for another day of talks in of low with western officials and representatives of some afghan groups. foreign minister, i mean, can, will talk. he believes the meetings are a step towards recognizing the taliban government, but their host, norway stress. that isn't the aim of the talks. osama bin java has the details. it's day one of the 3 day trip for the gone delegation that by the foreign minister, also is the 1st space in europe after trips to russia. iran cut their china in pocket sun, but no worries made it clear that this does not mean legitimacy for the fall of on the chance to talk to those who are in charge of understand that now we did any
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more bombed him in norway. we have a meeting with the us and also with the european union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meetings would be with our afghan diaz, poor, who are outside the country, especially in europe with their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual understanding will continue between afghans during the close doors meetings at a local hotel, economic business and political issues are high on the agenda. the rest is looking to use. it's leveraging sanctions, frozen gun money, on humanitarian aid. while the interim government wants money, legitimacy, and removal from banned lists, the focus from outside remains and pressing taliban leaders on their promises to deliver women's rights, good education and to the liberties. thought about the this trying to move from a fighting force to a governing council have yet to deliver on a country wide secondary education for girls,
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but have allowed women to work in hospitals. schools in the airport. they deny arresting them and cracking down and activists while some them and continue to protest and demand their rights. very often, in the absence of that communication, the international community or different stakeholders keep moving, the goal posts. so in order to make sure that the top one are the words that they're putting out there are aligning with their actions and women and disenfranchised books in general in upon us on our protected. that's going to be a huge outcome if that can come out of or we can start headed in that direction from norway. the harsh winter is yet another screen for most guns who have not been paid for months and struggling with a collapsing economy. and the biggest fatalities needed is to keep the population fed and war agencies warned a 1000000 are gone. children could face salvation that despite the united nations providing money to pay for salaries and importing essentially like wheat and
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electricity fell upon officials and says this the piece and won't let of nathan become a security concern. but they say, in order for it to function as a state, the international community must release $10000000000.00 of money for an abroad to get the economy going and address humanitarian needs a sub job it out there. meanwhile, about 200 people, mostly afghans living in norway protested in oslo. as the talks began, chanting no to taliban, the demonstrators said any move towards official recognition should be resisted. claiming that the taliban hasn't changed since it was pushed from power in 2001. earlier we spoke to fancier coffee, the former deputy speaker of county st. bonham. and she was also involved in negotiations with the taliban. we almost had 3 years, one here in doha to negotiate with taliban in good faith to the future of our
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country in the future of more than 36000000 people, including a diversity or group of women, religious minorities, different social rule for the best interests of the country and you know that unfortunately the taliban did not use the time properly to and efficiently to come to political settlement and then as a result of the continued war. oh, you know, the former president who didn't have a lot of bass of the country now. my only concern would be that given the turbans record in the last 6 months and the fact that they do not allow any kind of rights and liberties for women, including rice see to patient political participation. we're even recently that have been depressing of women protesters. my only concern would be that in a situation where there is a lot of this unity and the 1st steps have not been put a by the political community off of amazon to unite different views or to have
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a common position on the negotiation thing. but this for this will further a we can our position and for that in a boss, the taliban position. why we know what's happening in understand how does the financial conclusion is in the vision of power among their own. while i believe that there should be a political unit process, a meaningful political dialogue which will lead to a more inclusive, legitimate government where everybody will feel safe until the presented. and that were in short, stability and afghanistan. that could be a place to live for its people and in peace with the rest of the world. in the news ahead, ah, the battles going on around a prison in northeast in syria, where i sol, is trying to freeze members. and we take you on patrol in the amazon vein voice with the track as we're trying to protect isolated tri
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ah, when says die down and temperatures are on the way up. hello everyone, great to see you. let me show you the details. here we are on monday already. we can see an improvement riyadh at 24 degrees. let's go in for a closer look around the golf. i'll put this a few days out. so here we are on wednesday and we've got a southerly push chaverra, so that pops up the temperature in riyadh to $26.00 degrees. just a few days ago, your low temperature was about 2 and everyone seen improvement in their conditions . manama, a high of 22 off the pakistan, karachi, it has been fairly windy over the past little bit, but those winds are finally back in off temperatures are rising here too. with the hiv 28 and showers in the hor, have helped to improve the air quality. we do have a lot of snow across turkey,
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it's stranded people in the south and we may see snow where we don't usually see it . so for example, on talia, we'll look at the next 3 days, you know, over the last 30 years, but one to 2 big dumps of snow and we could see 2 to 7 centimeters on tuesday. for a southern africa, we've got a tropical wave of moisture rung out. it's moisture over madagascar and it's now slipping into central parts of mozambique flooding to be expected here. and temperatures are dropping in cape town on monday. and now they're in the notes here soon. ah, the athletes, a the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. one on one east gets re wreck ceased inside to sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on l. g 0 . ah, oh wow. oh jesse are every
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with oh oh wow. oh, welcome back. our top stories on al jazeera, this, our authorities in booking of fossil have declared an overnight curfew after a day of violence. soldiers mused needed several ami counts by the government denies. there was some attempted call. taliban officials are in talks with western powers in no way. they're focusing on afghanistan, worsening humanitarian crises, and reports of human rights abuses. and the u. s. has told family members of embassy staff in kiev to leave citing the threats of russia invading ukraine.
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americans are also being urged not to travel to russia. now the leader of a pro russian political party in ukraine has denied british claims that he's part of a plot to replace the government in kiev. the u. k also says moscow's been working to push shot ukrainian president wrote me zalinski in favor of former and be of any more yes, the kremlin phase. that's nonsense. are we challenged in london reports on the unusual way that britain has leveled its allegations against russia? the british government hasn't said why they are not providing the evidence to back up this intelligence claim. but there are good reasons why they might not want to because of course, in an intelligence setting, if you reveal the evidence, the way in which you found intelligence out that can blow the source of that intelligence and close off any more of it coming your way they don't want to do that, but it does make it just
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a matter of trust. do you trust the british government when they say something like this? and of course the russians are saying, no, we absolutely don't. it's nonsense. also i was saying it's nonsense is the man at the heart of this intelligence release. his name is gift. any mariah i need your condition senior year, but of course everything looks ridiculous and funny. first it's baseless, has everything performed 5. secondly, and absurd because i've been under sanctions from the russian federation since the 1st of november 2018. i have been denied entry to russia. i represent a threat to russian security that happened after a conflict with the victim id. the joke. after that, i created my own particular sanctions, were imposed to limit my political activity in ukraine. it seems the british governments announcements is being treated with a certain amount of amusement and that's mainly because he gave him arrive. the man we just heard from is seen there is a bit of a fringe figure with not that much influence and it's believed in care. there are
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more obvious choices that the kremlin could turn to if they wanted to put in place some sort of puppet regime. and also there are into agency rivalries between the g r u the f s b the s v. our agencies that don't actually often work together. and so one agency might be planning something or positing something which other agencies don't condone and hasn't actually necessarily yet got the by and of the kremlin. so what the british intelligence services of picked up on could actually be low level chatter and not something that's really a consolidated plan. hundreds of people have rallied in georgia capital in solidarity with ukraine. demonstrators gathered outside the embassy tbilisi chanting untie russia. logan georgia, 45, a war with russia over a breakaway region in 2008. in syria fighting between us balance kurdish forces,
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an eyesore has continued for a 4th day near prison in the northwest, the arm through earlier breach gray, ron prison in our hospital and fried several inmates more than 70 people have been killed as big as the details going to come for, this is the moment i saw detainees escaped from prison in northern syria. the 4 days ice of flight is tempted to free. this fellow member is unclear how many have managed to escape. how many have been killed or recaptured by kurdish forces? who are being supported by us there strikes the prison has is more than 1200 prisoners from 50 different nationalities. it's seen as the most significant attack by i feel since the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. this footage shows ice and flight is breaking into prison. apply the body dress in uniform lane corner. kurdish forces say they have the upper hand. i suppose been
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habit. now, dice exists only in the prison. i mean, apart from the prison, they don't exist any way. so they are controlling the prison only, and we are surrounding them. they do have weapons, i don't deny that, but they can't do anything with that. they might run out of ammunition and therefore they don't fight back residents near the prison or fling the fighting them. but it's been bombing pain and context since yesterday, and young people were slaughtered. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic, and we felt the shelling and conflict. we got scared for our children and flood is also reports. i so fighters have broken into homes and killed people. as i was, i slaughtering diane members broken and killed full men. our neighbors, 2 of them were brothers. as the fighting continues, the fear now is whether this attack means a significant return by the armed group or a one off attempt to replenish its numbers for future front against kurdish forces
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. i said bake al jazeera with the wild health organizations, europe, director says they are further signs. the army con variant is moving the covey 19 pandemic into a new phase hands clo guess optimistic that covered 19 is shifting to a more manageable endemic illness. like the flu. it's roosevelt that didn't agent is moving towards a kind of a public. and then what an angle of the co whitland deemed upon them in them once they've been mccomb. rufus upset the wonderful question, weeks and months in global entity. either thanks with obscene or because people have immunity good at infection and also northern cincinnati. so we anticipate debt that would be a pity, off quote, before the covet,
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maintain malcolm back towards end of the year, but not necessarily depend demik going back, signed his sin, israel say a 4th shot of phases, covered 19 vaccine. triples protection. again, severe illness for people over the age of 60. according to a study, the age group also becomes twice as resistant to infection, but the additional booster will not provide complete immunity. israel began offering a 4th dulls earlier this month. thousands of people have been protesting in washington dc against covert 19 vaccine mandates. they say inoculation and mask wearing should be personal choices and not enforced by the government. the u. s. centers for disease controls has both measures are needed to protect against infection. some doctors and scientists who have denounced the vaccines also took part in the protest. particle haine has more from washington there been protester out the
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pandemic across the country. but this is really the 1st large scale one to come to the streets of washington d. c. now they're building themselves as anti mandate against masks against vaccines. but when it comes to the whole idea of mandating vaccines, the by the administration has been dealt a lot of setbacks on that. the supreme court said that they can't force employers that have more than $100.00 employees to force vaccinations or, or require testing and a judge just at least temporarily put on hold the by the administration. demand that all federal workers and contractors get vaccinated. and it was clear talking to people in the crowd that they really were against the vaccine. even the speakers on stage. many of them saying things that were simply not true. we've no doubt for 2 years that there are cheap se highly effective and widely available medicines. i can treat this disease. i'm, you know, stand up for my right to be able to say that i do not want the vaccine. i care about my body. i care about the effect of this is happening on people,
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and i don't wish to separate them. i live in the united states of america, and this is a free country, local official. so they were concerned about this event in part because of its size organizer. so they expected about 20000 people from all over the country. and again, this was a rare of rarely against masks and vaccine mandates. well, here in the district of columbia, if you want to set foot in a business like a restaurant or pretty much go inside anywhere, you have to have a mask on. and you have to show proof of vaccination for that reason. the d. c. police have extra officers on the street, in case anyone tries to break the rules to brazil now, where the java re reserve in the amazon is home to tribes who have had little or no contact with the outside world. but a legal hunters and fishermen are encroaching on their space. i'll just hear is monica in ocoee of reports on the fight to keep the tribes safe steeping the amazon jungle. various indigenous leaders have joint forces to protect their
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livelihood. we accompanied native trackers during a week as the police, their job id valley reserve in area twice the size of japan. it's the home of 18 tribes. 11 of them have had no contact with the outside world. i can only wonder, are this part of the river belongs to brazil where white men do as they please? but ahead of us is the indigenous giovanni territory. it's forbidden to all but us, yet we're still in danger. in the past, the threat came from oil companies and muggers. the government forced them out 2 decades ago when the job id reserve was de, marketed to well, some by you who used to make a living. cutting down trees in the area is now helping indigenous tribes face a new enemy, increasing number of poachers and fishermen who have been sneaking into these remote lands to steal their food. i know they have been legally capturing endangered and expensive species like the beat out
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of cool fish and turtles to export them at high prices to neighboring columbia. and peru you are working outside is depleting this protected forest of game the local, indigenous tribes hunt, and fish just enough to survive. the legal fishermen catch as much as they can to sell abroad and make money. they have already had shootouts or government authorities who tried to stop them. the patrolman are few in number, but have been armed by engineers with technology, satellite maps, cellular apps, and a radio to communicate with villages inside the job id valley. under. we've been patrolling the duck why river for 2 days now, and the mobile, indigenous people have been showing us how poachers and fishermen enter their lands illegally. they find these small canals, as you can see here, behind me. and they ride these wooden canoes, which are very all, and very hard to find specially at night we followed the intruders tracks into the
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jungle. our guide shows us how they cleared a path to carry canoes to small rivers further down, which will take them deep into the forbidden territory. it's a daily tent kilometer height, from unchartered glance, with an occasional stop to hunt for food on the way the fine new clues like this empty salt bad for, but the thought is used to preserve the fish until they are taken to the market. the fish are taken to the back end of 5 hours down the river in the market place. smugglers also sell illegally hunting alligators and turtles. but the real business is booming, just across the border in the colombian city of leticia. ah, all the fish here comes from brazil on a good month. this fishery sells 70 tons. the most precious species is the beat out of cool. one of the largest fresh water fishes in the world. a t as bid ada tells us. he caught almost 150 last week. i sell them in columbia because the price he is
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better than brazil. he claims all the pete i will call here, are certified and have come from designated management ponds in the amazon like this one. but the colombian navy, patrolling the saudi moiz river, says most fish are illegally caught and smuggler. oh, indigenous leader, beth maribelle says illegal fishermen work for international drug cartels as part of a money laundering scheme. vicky and gutter con, working is i've been to move on to every little canoe can carry the equivalent of $8000.00 worth of fish and turtles. and there are many canoes working for one master. we set up our own patrols to prove to the government. what's going on but, and nobody sees my he says that unless drastic measures are taken many more endangered species will continue to be smuggled out of the indigenous territory threatening nature and the livelihood of the tribes. monica and i give all jazeera job id valley. strong winds have been spreading
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a wildfire along california central coast, where hundreds of people have reinforced from their homes. the fire covering about 600 actors is burning between the city of camille and the big saw reach. that peruvians are donating their hair to help soak up a large oil spill north of the capitol. lima. the hair is collected and put into large bags which are deployed in oily water. the government declared last week, spill and environmental emergency. more than 20 beaches are contaminated ah. the headlines on al jazeera authorities in book in a fossil have declared an overnight curfew after a day of violence. soldiers meet need at several army camps on sunday, but the government denied there was an attempted call. the u. s. has told it citizens in ukraine.


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