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tv   Al Jazeera World Living With The Volcano  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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afraid you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera, ah, can convert allendale, harvard sant stories on al jazeera, a curfew has been opposed, and the king of faso and the internet shot down of the soldiers stage, mute needs it, several barracks earlier the government insisted it remains in control denying that there was an attempted coup. heavy gunfire was heard at barracks, in the capital and at a nearby air base from one to do go. henry wilkins reports downside military barracks in downtown. why do you the neary. com, broken only by the sound of gunfire. al jazeera went inside the camps and spoke to
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the soldiers. they made a series of demands, but did not call for the dismissal of bikini furthest president roc caberry. they wanted as if they see corsica news in plaza, mushrooms yards in mud with louis smith. by me. they differ with you, but the little alumnus are valued. their new plan is june bassinger. my lancer will, you do qualify as if a do you offer? became a fair so his face, the tanks by armed groups linked to al qaeda and i still, in recent years, an estimated 2000 people have been killed. and a further 1500000 have been displaced while the government has resorted to army civilians to fight off armed groups. many in the armed forces see this as
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a mistake. they say there should be given the means to fight armed groups, not civilians. we were just taken inside the camp as mutineers pointed their guns at us. inside we saw mutineers with ski masks, firing their guns in the air, demanding to be heard. the government has, the situation has returned to normal. the defense minister eyes. this is a cool tenant, play for st. president, bori is safe and still in charge was not paid. i strongly deny. first of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country's been threatened. so as i said, these movements localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements on saturday, security forces for with anti government protesters. we blame the leadership for failing to stop the attack by on groups. negotiations are underway between the president and the soldiers who states the mutiny. but trust is hard to come by
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court in the middle of the people, it became a faster and a country that appears to be spiraling out of control. henry wilkins al jazeera. why going to the u. s. is ordering some family members of his embassy staff, and ukraine to leave coincides with the arrival of a 2nd batch of weapons from the united states to show up care of is kids. defenses . bosco denies that is planning an invasion. the leader of a pro russian political body in ukraine has dismiss claims by the u. k. that he's part of a plot to replace ukraine's government. the kremlin has also rejected you k allegations that moscow has been working to replace ukraine's president for the visit lensky with former m. p, given mariah of an interview. but i have said he's considering legal action. fears battles have continued for a 4th day around a prison in north east in syria, where i saw a fight as
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a trying to free detained members. local kurdish forces pushing back supported by us as strikes. the biggest attack by i thought, since it's defeat in syria 3 years ago, tell about officials, our talks were western pals and norway. they're focusing on going to stones worsening humanitarian crisis. and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives. scientists in israel say a fall short of fives is covered 19 vaccine. triples protection from severe illness, the people of the age of 60, the early results. so it also makes that age group twice as resistant to infection and those who had 3 injections. but the clarify that the additional booster will not provide complete immunity. as the headlines will be more news hair after al jazeera walled, so i'll see you soon. bye for now. lou
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will be the owner of israel more to do most the emission all young with you under the me in the risky i'm guess unit and we look here time. we cannot the, we're better go those over to tell me i don't give you these. i should get forced to visual work on the agenda. going to be with one issue. ah, if it were suicide, he school nicky. shaheen covers he will vivian woodson. i was your lease you ah follow up
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with with you for being with a dish. gentle bottle of python mold, toy watauga pulling up, elijah neither when, when he is on or throwing that cna, the law said vallario quilt girl is on all the less domain that soon you get control on or you will gone or according to quite properly on the same i suddenly dine, some seniors, even though the title of said was already more than it is. will connors with the wonderful little going rats, aaron ball with her. when that c o n, as in my god is actually our cause of us, m y, a remedy. the one those that are we still sunni modeled are made that a boy not til january of are what soon ago. so my, for every they were of your or spots domain to do to was there were sooner with an awkward so to find them again, am by middle of august gone to norfolk the lack of a kid, a new one over the rest. so that is when they resolve your, you cannot property, goes on
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a cautious another and see that be that eva casually will, can, in on and not try know, yell mart as it was still either guar james, his son that i think you know me, they did the fans, or will you get under your brother machine? he chin through the nobly the study. she gets home in the, in the name of your up or that the mind to a pain. seeing at the end of the over what you and i know we was we are new should a more a method when i saw a model. busy is valid because you gentlemen, lovers, so well as a poor symbol. i defeat larry alexander law boy and i went on in m amended. if your dog i chewing may your the, this they see as normal of yours. okay. and the other 2 billing major a our bureau castle macklin, the website for a year or have a score on the last. they said a lot of your oil, every good was a fire in car. so the, the alex, i'm a very lately bazzi ones of ah
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nuclear means also he only lads on or the way. busy the school kind of pill of other windy because in boy he will carnal the should he say, viceroy. steer the will of him. boiler dora a will grabbing me ways he has to be in a year for me day the go i lost all your there. 30 lawyer, when i was truly aladdin got yona equates to win me in a score with you all an example that can send though the read all your. busy g jordan, off randal, ideas you, what's your knees? what to, to sujata on your body that will say cisco vetoes of thunder one the lady school by the way, look at $30.00 your finger, lucy army,
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or start to be main discrete linearity. she try lobby, she's castaneda, we near cook, we a so been dra lamar bethune is mod either better. i caught up a little. gotcha. so he was on going to cheney study photography again. he wasn't visible. your boss, will they be more to the level of via, with the mia compete? what he, she could he just, he won't answer that but thought i'd call you right now. one p die should say you 40 or jordan and he shouted, she ended with him. you know, for the living on you father, he had been me up as in the last thought in west and they will, she's called the dotted media larry spot. they bought out a precious garden here that alameda key opens on his active duty. me open a key, the upper we saw that less space to lead all novice keion jewelry. swanny. she is going to be able to hear that it appears on a young middle level but ah
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ah, with run all waving chance. so jaws of auburn, georgia. cy, when you're not supposed to support. and so it's kind of being, you know, because nobody them going to do will fight for because of the one thing to dig a solution that the bank was own 0. so it's
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a book i see up in the course of the book wall with the book. see what happened because it was us, but the reason one dish with the bush, the man somebody for the go. i was somebody that had looked up a little bit either the, my judy level or like i'm going down, i going to figure out what all again, what was troubling volleyball, j, mullin on the line with another spon gotten sort of that quote, you cause a match it will be the nice ship inability to him. i mean the suppose that the pulse of one of the law school and on sean dump on mondays and promising me to
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present bella go. so you said you were a lot of what it was if i go with either mom or your mother judge, i see well already, which is our job shadow for the promo you. you will want to buy them on my lunch, just because i get too much. well, my daughter on the polluted water said william angela suddenly was he said he shall be willing to require knowledge. probably to ask about. emily can't let me look more and i'm one of the boy that i may not come on. like i said, just then as human, a lot of my been doing lots of like i said that what the tories you combine your
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southern dishy show and you've been that you don't want to just not tell i'm going to go on going to go to manage your loans in there, they know the little wheel, the clean up right side, the visually so not one issue. character the see got will. can you go? it probably will continue to produce the me, i don't me, she's wrong enough. turnover. probably composites unit cumulus. the said the list
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all carnival people on it, which was com. you'll be in italy and you should be on a laptop. yeah. find more product and on voice setting me out on the rest of the month, i talked to the managers questionnaire. the daughter import content from him and seeing how that will help a lot in the upper it sounded like when the, the money it equip and exactly the . busy use of the issue. busy and they found that it was a kenyan junior audition, and they should deal if i'll do this, when we, when the pencil, i mean of a finger janitor and it was showing that the torso, it throughout, they don't janet queen to the daughter with
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me. ah ah ah she what i meant? lashing on as a colonel. do you want it to pinnacle lucy de lord opa and give it over? when do we went down to? she can leave it. it was still a negro. okay. you're shipping some more out. i mean, as far as this we'll see on what kind of deal. but again, like i said, as i perform, no, you're not sure of the linear job related so not equally us or not had met me better maternity leave us a little bit or didn't get along where we live in the sky league city inkworks. so daughter ah,
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she will be on the legend. i'm in to the people in tv, la demonte, maureen, that it just finished my leg and big i'll be more diverse. so was, so did he go to work to find out emp, over will my say, chinese food on site that you don't debate in my to say i'm what out the pendulum that i've told them. i've just started luck. you want to say one word court. i don't, i'm going to be, it's an a lot and you go, oh, i use a lot of
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the faculty then to to do audio on the issue. this one didn't even want to make another phone. so most people keep, it was after christmas on duty, this gateway stephen made, it took me to really made mention of another was get under the district and i couldn't believe ah, no israel. and even so this problem and i wanted to don't want to give you a video individually on your jordan on don't on the level of on getting bishop mentors of a young man. and she just said any time when she'd up, what's your best k one going to be done with? she said, tell me what she wants to, what other side it will get on my new committee for somebody to see me loaded into a shellman, the ligaments with every dog equipment shiver. no problem in popular gene. it also
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see so they can check the sensors on your feet. when they did that on your course, i get to why the defeat and look for all my balance and all that money on the side . is that a memo about movement? i aah! israel at and t o n and that's who i beta goes, he's going to need sick. i think what has he done? went down more up. it'll be the key then for cable length, and i'm telling him if you need a cheap all say it soon as this need to change the money. thought out joe with 10 foot i added it to the the saying, yeah, i only get one of them gotten on
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the, on the middle at, at and t c. me to the main, the more you know, tv on vacation in the bathroom. i mean, i bought it, i made me you recommend to go to school or not this unit? is it any? see, got it like i the main building and showing it no like to see me like and when he got she did she guy and get out of the side of it. but it is uni people, probably people who live a little to and then you shadow guns, evasive your name, a sample that does he able to and his blues you, they c, n to any. if he'd like to represent them, i'm gonna be the person that out and able to use those even get that. i mean, i'm a little glass people, not all that the food will get. see jan as well, but it was gonna, is the full block the wasted out on can you, you know, maybe see our,
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to stick with that ceiling in both down to that's good. a bad. nobody gave it affect to get that to me. then the side one the last saturday and then i was off, but even better bang ducting, did i do that? any with gentle apax? i get out of the unity equal. didn't too deep with mazda galandes. i meant to get our jackie can meet him and at least middle staff it has to go to the way he'll get it all out of out of pap. he only got a c, b, j sell back to them for scholastic book and honestly on the surface of phenomena. much out of us would be about the wonderful now he was a ton of the leukemia and june trivial innovation to say the 1000000 i was the one on the water that all the lin, widows of a solid,
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each individual we'll draw down direction, got everything you don't all one dealership couldn't without you to joy, but don't go into the counter, so they racing don't lazy this through to what the law get been. oh not that of her daughter is sadala your be done the war mother? not because we list a more to the last regarding the business you will in the for the job you cannot do dinner is when you're ready to put the analogy symbol ledia solidarity. in fact, the launch is young ladies. you don't need this through to one of them was empty. the woman child put the she said that to me or anybody.
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oh i ah ah . with
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shonasha man event in the on the top of a portable i see a c c c c mortar a bit. so and channel is only nina, machine below. i don't think i want that all but got a call to some general mill order for the king levity fancy receive yes. on dish on my you what he did to tell you, pierson akim, along, can all cause or the,
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the fuel a port tunnel co he attending grass a ton of the removing the door scar of picket. i see a little better service on your computer, top roku, new train, or sen, dekaiser it, charity pearson at madison, all prophy or jewel. when he taught my colleague p, the bernie, are they love warren or so they say? and then it does show more so that we saw here a miss that on now. now your took a chevy home by, you know, nan own by you the see valid or not that i'm or no, no i'm for your machine are a lot a so my phone a go out of the say cell, but don't quit, a set of co broke your in most common with in,
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in a loveseat van going on . they took to the national $90000.00. no, no. so the sham or 78 and kit and the bank and co op, been labeled a friend and all. kinney abbey's only, don't a colbert, a can do more in for the job a month for him. or if you define a can last level on a bus out or so, but i do for it's a desire to sort it a little bit later when young family, i mean ball please. oh, the law when we love is we are and i was so young with visual real. i love it, it won't do any ship ship. we ship things or money. so it was, i buy it or get she monday or on, gone, or can cause us on our end and now
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all 40, no jolena to fetch over there a lot. okay, cool. a love all of their special needs other well a seal accorded to this facility with elizabeth to resolve your i spit what of whatever their own, of course already was him over there and kill resolved. okay. doormen upper abiola hurry up. why? well, the always, in a long before the global crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of april. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these
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things we were told were completely impossible. suddenly become possible, connected. the wake up cold can't be ignored. on our job here, ah, being a rescue team mean starting again. ah, but building a new life in a new country is no easy task to drive. the witness follows one of the last refugee families from syrian to be granted an american visa from their personal sacrifices to the families priam. i meet the syrian on al jazeera, the latest news believing extremely hot for business. and for 10 years they was the victims of night, just forgot to cherry in price with detailed coverings warning that only on and practice. so in power, large part of providing polygon gap here from around the world war on house
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people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging process. ah, ah, i'm kimbrough and don't have the headlines on al jazeera, a curfew has been opposed to begin afar. so, and the internet shut down after soldiers stayed mutinies it several barracks earlier. the government insisted it remains in control denying that there was an attempt to coo, this frustration in the military about the government strategy against armed groups . the u. s. as ordering some family members of its embassy staff in ukraine to leave. the coincides with the arrival of a 2nd batch of weapons from the united states to sharp kids defenses. moscow denies
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its planning and invasion. mike. hannah has moved from washington, dc. the state department personnel also made clear one very important point that there has been no change in the situation in recent days, which has led to this upgraded travel notice at making very clear that the decision to do so now was not in response to any specific that or threat rather the broad threat posed by a russian incursion, which has been in place for a period of time. now, the state department officials also say that a u. s. nationals in ukraine should start making arrangements. should they wish to leave the leader or they pro russian political party in ukraine has denied british claims that he's part of the plot to replace the government in. keith u. k also says moscow has been working to push out ukrainian president of automatic zalinski in favor of former m. p event. mariah of the kremlin says that's nonsense
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. fierce battles have continued for a 4th day around a prison in northeast in syria, where i so fight is trying to free detained members. local curtis horses, pushing back supported by u. s. s. drugs. it's the biggest zach bye. i saw the defeat in syria 3 years ago. tell about officials are talks with western powers in norway focusing on i've got a stones that was thinking about a terry and crisis, and reports of human rights abuse. senior telephone members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives. scientists in israel say a 4th shot advisors covered 90 vaccine triples protection from severe illness. for people over the age of 60, they also say the age group comes twice as resistant to infection, but the visual ver wister will not provide complete immunity back now to algebra. well ah
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ah ah ah
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ah ah ah me, norton valencia murray. we met the in attorney city 30 a for her foot sam. yeah. what say melissa, that made it by leon? sure. medina to a lottery, an incident, a bad yearly little. oh, why? oh, to merely bundled and fish out and all in sand. how will the hazard any, can know any kind of ready harm fen hadn't, so that whole when a kin shore is certainly any the see mean or seen in button in
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a wood and it to harry shimaya. but danny mccain shawna co for he had the old little hoffman had mccann, or manageable la cause many hyatt in us and defamation of dr. for kidney, obese. you are an a chassis, ian ashen. what mine, nathan has sugar ho. hey, annie huston, rod them are by mail. i envision a show fulfill visa of your order earlier here for laudermill, a loss of hannah, what had had the con feet at cheer? allah allison, so well. i'll italy old as nearby and not to have her nestor for the medical,
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one at cooper and delica who daily met them at. fiona cocoa, delaware, had your quota liter tucker for tubby out of country lane. saint lou, do you only have given me, i think the dog and it was the but it's just a bad let me down for the 10 for a 10 gamma plan. didn't put the but someone goes up. by the moment we both start to be the i'm or. busy i can do it that way, but then ok, joe. joe with
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connie. oh yes, you know, dean, if you only have it over with each of order for so was told a lot because it was done. i was told in the day i got it. no, do you know go mr. double other call today you doing due to my account for the dental more such a count on for the provided after it i saw on a bus so that all she equiped kitchen. i don't bobble but she had quite a c. o didn't go move on. normally,
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rosie muddle. got her is the one today, but on the same day he left her me? yes, the burner sent to me. she could leggy x called leg, and then a sheet alignment top. see, i'm going to submit a bizarre to do with that. i won't bother you when we're done again. on the busy only the me, i can mario is on it. the aqua or a c p. whit, anton edition, my boss has sim wasted on mine. it's all december on a your total, but i want to put some of them. is it a could level on the deeds, but in the cause of a team of d, as in boy, c affects a part of it. but
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with the j scratch other one the other. but the jonathan says who is will, by the way, to get away, but not this time, but a better was calling on what the interest is only restart with him. ball he cylinder, been wonder whether clinically styling we set up with through. so was he to come back to really, really so. but it also didn't with brusque, already 3 the own from but to london are mr. but he were there was only way to so others like this. it was on august with krista keep in corrugated within the j pull a general with somebody else that has some very similar with with emblem of chemo
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to mr. gall. i think it still couldn't it brochure the shuttle? so what i'll be men. there's all scored a level for what, see what you're doing, but talk with the quality in all schuman, you dog, law benefit, done with fusion. here's what i gotta learn with
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trying to for television, probably fall the game. people started to be the of a little bushel growth. he's just gotten the one you my dallas and keep her for baldwin. austin isn't at all men, partly love us together. what darling booked the cause of the window, the sun yearly was seen via i mailed it to where to lead or is even leaving. you check on it. if a main, devoid a little time. i got to walk, michael ross, probably a little fuel when i get this little arina, a pretty is only imagining it could be scott or they brought a seal, lead oil or one on pulling up your you are a hit the well, i'm the sun, the menu that ability emma was about whether it's in no be able to under the still younger same body without assuming he's on the renewable di they're having good friday. visual york been on the flood j. lucy, blah garza again now and. and the daughter she was dawning on them, but on your as angie not is from below that it was last handle on it as he been dollars on denial. but ovalo fin the in this isn't learning, annoy labelle. he was a job, i don't do his and is only you the one to really share, rob, bobby,
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i'm your, gave me, i would have been quite a platinum, illinois and of a foot. and under what causes a plan that was a quiz of me to fill out for stars, the doing things and with the vulgar v, if up a dollar value. so they generally like a coastal equivalent show for on the what your stomach, we anomaly and you know what? i'm eyes you going, but the vital tango and from the resort over was it? well everywhere he should be are solid. yeah. maybe dinos cutting out a little sure, one on the water with the 82 myrtle legacy. no yo yos, gunshot de la bomba. john, i got a q will be which in the literally with amanda la brochures over thought worthily philadelphia hillock by saint our legacy morning arm to the little chair perform also in visual equilla remain, they said that only the least he am restored is to jerri. lindsey owen, delmonte, i believe, is, will you receive order or she's, or will not let us simonian say,
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the bombay, that colorado of bailey bomb. viani at a yet klein, c k, h. a cardinal already made the scene are long enough to live video the fanciful now entirely. let colonies said he mangles, always kitty, but collect amazon political teaching his lawyer. so hardy people might omega acquainted with yesco petals relative that the kid actually quit? interim had the heated va loanable. it's, you know, as a competitor let her to really, really equitable intimate. we found our faith and also faith, which is not what it's 80. keep the soccer morning caught t in all yet his opinion, lame lemonade, quit his almighty rosa lapierre for look over the wounded lender, the lower he boy a billy blanche. marla labeled her, but all whom they saw it all by the noise makisia factor that either sunday or the grey login boys said it, and she and i thought that he simply, la lou,
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lou lou lou, i need a blue
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blue blue blue for being with buffy fall off of the bottle hole and made a facility in the clinic in the memo of copper on the wireless co pays for you. me one kid, i got a bit of template it on a domestic water in your mouth with my teeth. um my mom on a few who. hm. oh
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well i oh you sent me about about on a month like a little you. she, your mother in, bonham travel under did you notice die? no monster angry lesser and we like to to let all marquise oil, the glasses for sale to get a visual ivonya tomba, monte rock. what it'll do is we'll and you thought if i assume a sphere my dear, we still were when they saw us, we'll see the loss of others. we are unloading eddie was telling them. but allison, y'all is easy. me, jack. what got his in yard all the way to the lexical, said they went off your foot and fucked us then all that had all the rain and an indian did eve, one day to turn alma norm under my will have all it i will young. she
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won't get walter. she cleared her thumb, then began on starting a band leticia too many that'll do to want. okay, charlie g that's our play store. where you sir? charl. ah, what will you go for the fatal
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with you began meridian. i wouldn't see you. happy down. oh and so no bill goes. he probably a middle this will be, will be the or do the ship to wake de la b let's you know it's w for with all wheel. tucson bowed up on i thought i was a no, no, i'll a book of business will feel publish over and went over the wound up. but gay, you shall somebody with a little stronger gustavo, so so, so, so load are all legal returnable, but up, i mean, wonderful. build a via bishop table door. probably all the nash, either the really every key part, the resort neural the map really in the legal for signature bags a
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bullet on the libya. normally though it is your same breath, but nobody, when you're a boy, you shall live together by isa to build just was a bit on the wonder why isn't it one to be as if it comes out of the thought alice before the civil giving them off the ticket you fill out the louis because this is the model is her ability. she still deviated with that can be of those other one. that's what it was out of the way that the one unit goodness will been or the system we level which boulder will figure. but so the way the sagal law life and the fuel in terms of the we
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just need to be the minimum. i took that she's developing do you know how to look like a filling for us? i found instead of going to do another no need to add up always to so what we will finance it will be able to see the keys are actually quite a lot because of the band that's not able to show the congress to assemble, lady golden. it took to amee she bought a n d, but all gonna log on to where will it take it with some probability, all is as you would. i mean there a not is aquanda but also check it out. see my lab work. it went on said around and not amount of copy, gassy, che lozzo and the d a gotcha is a sort of a remark. ah,
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with a bit more to with the will at fione at basic only got me go no me got you. not you that the civil this under photo labs are annoyed moodily. amanda newcastle, she forces southern middle children. one of a lot the steve ozium are doing the same thing . libby, so you saw on that? so under the jewels they were one that a federal jaeger made up a facet or a tudor, matt in debbie bashing. then we don't affect the mr. that sort of weekly. so no studying replacing. he always thought he knew realty. he blocked,
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took my 30 meeting or not till one another appeared to see what they were. so we don't copy that is sort of after july they beautiful. we're going to so make a committee marchina been all the stuff, none of your peers. one of the most of these or she probably will be under the deluxe. some media will engine deal a call where you should have some duration of the soon up old. i got a gun that was thought it would be 5. it'll show me your general of all the laundry list, or if you're at a low, a need to still you'll be able to look and other as i was able to do from where he wanted the moly that all we, that it will have a lot when
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does your more than depart? you can be amanda. she started of shovel for me, my article, middle still. she didn't want me to walk in my life. why the rest of the 70 something you score you fill it up. this all wheel. not to be 800000000,
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i am a
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home with a discover a was difference in determination. i'm talking about where we meet. we am
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with the 16 people with corruption and compassion al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. news, news, news. news, news. hey, there, great to see you here, sir. headlines for the americas. we're going to begin in the river plate region where we've still got storms bubbling up here. this is plaguing months of
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a dale once again with the high of 26 degrees. the heat has been on in its salt the on over the past week. your temperature has been at or above 40 degrees and it continues for the next several days. thunderstorms, not even cooling the atmosphere. here we are having our usual storms rolling across the andes, into the amazon basin, particularly heavy around my house with the hive. 31 degrees off to central america . the rain starting to peter out for many spots in mexico, but it's now feeding into texas, so we'll pick up the story there. we're gonna see some intense rounds of rain to be expected along that coast with texas. thunderstorms and gusty winds in this is eventually going to transfer into florida. as we head toward the east, another round of snow come in for saint john's. and also those winds and snow around the great lakes toronto looking to pick up about $2.00 to $5.00 centimeters . the winds have shifted around. so temperatures have now fallen in calgary at one degree extreme cold weather alert in winnipeg at minus 22. and for the west coast
4:59 am
of the u. s. not bad. l. a. a high of 22 on monday. see later the a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li properties al jazeera james john and ix. who is his family's legacy of slave ownership? now, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice. translated people and america's debt to the black people to day some over, so scar we mosquitos, miguel does as a bradley out there, a correspondence, a moral debt while i'm half scottish and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and alta 0 is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities, and this is these brought together in this one news organization. and this
5:00 am
diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of alpha 0. ah mon and process and burkina faso supporting a mutiny by soldiers were demanding better conditions and more resources to fight armed groups in the country. ah, other can fidel, this is al jazeera life and dull ha, also coming up with a huge rush in force on ukraine's border. the u. s. t l. families of it's he have embassy staff to leave send the 2nd bat weapons to the country.


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