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nico rack ah, on al jazeera, ah, ah, violent protests and vixen of fossa, supporting a mutiny. i soldiers demanding basic conditions and more resources to fight armed groups in the country. ah, other madell, this is al jazeera life and dough half, also coming up. tensions remain high in ukraine over roches, massive military force near the border. us and the 2nd batch of weapons to support kiev. taliban representatives in norway for talks with nato countries,
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including the u. s. will be demanding women's rights in afghanistan in return for 8 days of fierce fighting in ne syria. continue after iso fight is attack a prison in an attempt to free a large number of vehicle. ah, cathy has been opposed and became a fall. so all for a day violence in army camps and on the streets, people have to stay inside or the nice and the internet's been shut down. the government has denied there was an attempted coup after mutinous soldiers seized control of a base in the capitol, is growing frustration over its failure to stop attacks by armed groups. and we wilkens reports from alaska to goof counseling military barracks downtown. why could you give me a recall broken only by the sound gunfire?
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al jazeera went inside the camps and spoke to the soldiers. they made a series of demands, but did not call for the dismissal of bikini fossils. president roc caberry corsica in point pleasant. my sims yards in mud with lawyers made by me that differ. got 3 with saint george, but the little alumnus our fellow down your way in the city, blair, my lance will you do qualify as if i do, boy you offer became a fair so his face the tax by arms groups linked to al qaeda and i fill in recent years, an estimated 2000 people have been killed and a further 1500000 have been displaced while the government has resorted to arming
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civilians to fight off armed groups. many in the armed forces see this as a mistake. they say they should be given the means to fight armed groups, not civilians. we were just taken inside the camp as mutiny, as pointed their guns with us. inside we saw mutineers with ski masks, firing their guns in the air, demanding to be heard. the government has the situation has returned to normal. the defense minister denies this has occurred template saying, president bori is safe and still in charge, not by deity. i strongly deny. first of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country has been threatened. so as i said, these movements localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements. on saturday, security forces forth with anti government protesters. we blame the leadership for failing to stop the attack by armed groups. negotiations are under between the
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president and the soldiers. he states the mutiny, but trust is hard to come by. court in the middle of the people if became a fast and a country that appears to be spiraling out of control. henry wilkins al jazeera. why could you begin to foss, those internal security concerns are heavily influenced. 5 neighbors. it's part of the 5 regional effort to combat on groups links to i. so, and i'll kinda follow 1st intervened in 2013 and deployed thousands of troops across the, the, how long. so i bows and more un peacekeepers but it's had minimal involvement indicated. also, in most french troops of the region, the security situation continues to deteriorate, especially in areas north and east of the capital. one and a half 1000000 people have seen internally displaced. that auto is a director at the geneva center for africa, security, and strategic studies. he says, troops are often facing fighters that have better armed than they all. what does it
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say is that the need some kind of change? so the one, the top brass of the booking of a military to be changed amongst the cited patient? no demands. well, they say they need more military reinforcement bodies to deal with the have this movement. i think they're also requested for. ready some tactical equipment, you know, one of the things that they just complain about is the fact that in some circumstances, the so called these groups, you know, be the greatest hell they're more than the military. i think one of the last few months we've made the stuff they want to see the welfare of the soldiers. you know, they want to make sure that the government can take care of the families of those who have died in the war from and, you know, i think, you know, these are some of the key demands which to me. but it's,
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it love to see if this is going to be awarded by the government yet within the next 7 or 5 days, one would know exactly what is going on. we haven't heard from depressed. and yet, we've had from the minutes of defense, you know what general aiming, what he said is that because the president is not date and that this is not a who the talk. and you know about the military. don't that that has carried out the mutually, you don't have to meet the demand that we don't know where this is going to. especially with the, with, with this grain says it's received a 2nd batch of weapons from the united states. a flight brought to asia terms of cargo arms and ammunition on sunday, the 2nd batch in as many days. the $200000000.00 shipment is aimed at strengthening ukraine's defense capability, as russian troops on ukraine border. oscar denies is planning a military offensive. speaking on us television, secretary of state antony blank,
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and his warns again as well in russia again, rather against any military incursion. we provided very significant military assistance to ukraine. ah, we've been taking action against russian asians in ukraine. but as to the sanctions are, the most important thing we can do is to use them as a deterrent as a means of dissuading russia from engaging and for the regression at once. sanctions are triggered, you lose the to turn effect. so what we're doing is putting together a whole series of actions that would figure into present putin's calculus. my kind of joins us now live from washington, d. c. mike, is this the u. s. shifting its position on sanctions? well that was an interesting comment by the secretary of state to shifting the whole question of sanctions from a punitive measure to a deterrent. in other words, he's changing the game slightly. if they are going to be sanctions and there will be sanction. should russia a invade ukraine, as the u. s. fears that it will,
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and certainly that's the position of the u. s's at nato allies and its european allies. and it's also the position of a large number of people in congress who been putting pressure to bear on the bite and administration to take more forceful stops to stop russia from a creating any incursion into ukraine. but you, you have the secretary of state saying that sanctions are there as a deterrent, that they've just got to be one part of a whole brand shop diplomatic moves to try and prevent any russian action. this is a tad confusing and something that may confuse the u. s. as nato allies as well. and certainly it's going to away criticism from those in congress who are arguing very strongly that the by didn't administration, is weak in terms of any action threatened against russia. should it go ahead with an incursion into ukraine? mike, is this that odds at all? ah, with the u. s. is nato allies. well,
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it is, and it is inter, certainly the secretary of state there, outlining something that is allies might not agree with in public, at least to the u. s. has gone out of its way to say that it is inconstant, negotiation and discussion with its european allies and its nato allies. it absolutely insist that everybody is on the same page. there is no differences between the various parties in terms of what must be done to stop what they call russian aggression. at the same time you getting differences in terms of what sanction should be. for example, the biden administration has been absolutely clear that it is not going to encourage sanctions that would have an effect on its european allies, such as a sanction against the gas pipeline that runs from russia along ukraine into europe . it's europe's major source of guess. now germany for its part says it would be prepared to suffer the consequences to impose sanctions on that type line,
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which brings in immense revenue for russia. the biden administration does not agree . it has pushed back against members of congress, hooping calling for sanctions on the pipeline as one of the measures that should be taken against russia. so although publicly everybody's on the same page, there are differences in terms of approach, particularly with regard to what sanctions should be exerted or threatened at this particular point. i mike hannah, there in washington dc. thank you. the leader all a pro russian political party in ukraine has dismiss claims by the u. k. that he's part of a plot to replace ukraine's government. the kremlin is also rejected. you k allegations that moscow has been working to replace ukraine's president laudermill zelinski with former m p. yeah. then mariah's an an interview that i have said he is considering legal action. rushes, foreign ministry says britain and they whoa,
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are deliberately escalating tensions with key f. taliban officials are and talks with western powers in norway. they're focusing on of gun stones, worsening humanitarian crisis, and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives. as i have been ga verbals, it's day one of the 3 day trip for the afghan delegation led by the foreign minister of though is the 1st place in europe after trips to russia. iran got their china in pakistan. but nor is made it clear that this does not mean legitimacy for the taliban at a child to talk to those who are in charge of up learners fun. and normally i'm not good anymore bombed clay. i got him in no way. we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with the european union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meetings would be with our afghan d. s poor who are outside the country, especially in europe, booked their ideas,
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consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings for mutual understanding will continue between afghans during the closed doors meetings at a local hotel, economic business and political issues are high on the agenda. the rest is looking to use. it's leverage of sanctions, frozen of gun money, an humanitarian aid. while the interim government wants money, legitimacy, and removal from band lists, the focus from outside remains in pressing taliban leaders on their promises to deliver women's rights good education. and to liberty's thought about the this trying to move from a fighting force to governing councils. have yet to deliver on a country wide secondary education for girls, but have allowed women to work in hospitals. schools in the airport. they deny arresting them and cracking down and activists while some of them and continue to protest and demand their rights. very often, in the absence of that communication, the international community or different stakeholders keep moving, the goal posts. so in order to make sure that the top one are there with the words
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that they're putting out there, are aligning with their actions and women and disenfranchised books. in general, in upon us on our protected, that's going to be a huge outcome if that can come out of or we can start headed in that direction from norway. the harsh winter is yet another screen for most guns who have not been paid for months and struggling with a collapsing economy. and the biggest fatalities needed is to keep the population fed and warm aided in fees. $1000000.00 con children could pay salivation that despite the united nations providing money to pay for salaries and importing essentially like wheat and electricity, fell upon officials and says, this piece and won't let of understand become a security concern. but they say in order for it to function as a state, the international community must release $10000000000.00 of money for an abroad to get the economy going in address. humanitarian needs
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a sub job aid of their life and they ask and has been getting worse and to tell about last year. well then 24000000 people need food. urgently. nearly $9000000.00 afghans are on the brink of starvation, as according to the un, the african central bank is not in a half $1000000000.00 and assets frozen by the us. and half a 1000000 people have lost their jobs in august. as according to the un labor agency, a figure that could have $900000.00 by the middle of the year. the number of women who work outside the home has already dropped by 16 percent. because you could see the former deputy speaker of cornerstone parliament spoke to us from an undisclosed location. she was also involved in negotiations with the other bond. there's the current talks only help them consolidate power. we almost had 2 years, one here in doha to negotiate with taliban in good faith to the future of our
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country in the future of more than 36000000 people, including a diversity, a group of women, religious minorities, different social group, for the best interests of the country and you know that unfortunately the taliban did not use the time properly to and efficiently to come to political settlement. and then as a result of the continued war no, the former president who didn't have a lot of bass of the country. now, my only concern would be that given the turbans record in the last 6 months and the fact that they do not allow any kind of rights and liberties for women, including my situation, political participation were even recently that have been depressing women protesters, my only concern would be that in a situation where there is a lot of this unity and the 1st steps have not been put a by the political community off of amazon to unite the different views or to have
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a common position on the negotiation team. but this for this will further a week and our position and further in a boss, the taliban position. why we know what's happening in panama is the finish of inclusion is in the vision of power among their own. while i believe that there should be a political unit process, a meaningful political dialogue which will lead to a more inclusive, legitimate government where everybody will feel safe until the presented. and that what in short, stability and honest. and that could be a place to live for its people are in peace with the rest of the world. still ahead on al jazeera, why scientists in israel are recommending a full grown of ours vaccine. does the people of 60 and the year on from breaks it. okay. fishing industry is faring ah
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with hey, they're great to see you here. sure. headlines for the americas. we're going to begin in the river plate region where we've still got storms bubbling up here. this is plaguing montevideo, once again with a high of 26 degrees. the heat has been on in its sasan over the past week. your temperature has been at or above 40 degrees and it continues for the next several days. thunderstorms, not even cooling the atmosphere. here we are having our usual storms rolling across the andes into the amazon basin, particularly heavy around my house with a height of 31 degrees off to central america. the rain starting to peter out for many spots in mexico, but it's now feeding into texas, so we'll pick up the story there. we're gonna see some intense rounds of rain to be expected along that coast with texas, thunderstorms and gusty winds. and this is eventually going to transfer into
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florida as we head toward the east, another round of snow come in for saint john's. and also those winds and snow around the great lakes toronto looking to pick up about $2.00 to $5.00 centimeters . the winds have shifted around, so temperatures have now fallen in calgary at one degree extreme cold weather alert in winnipeg. mine is $22.00 and for the west coast of the us not bad. l. a. a high of 22 on monday. see later, ah, with one of the fastest growing nations in the cargo needed to open the, an international shipping company to become a key middle east and tried and wanting skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop, who filling up from it, connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato gotta gateway to whoa trade.
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lou ah, your geology zuraw reminder of our top stories this all authorities advocated faso had declared an overnight curfew after a day of violence. miss soldiers seized control of an army base in the capitol. the government denied there was an attempt at cooper ukraine says this received the 2nd batch of weapons from the united states. the $200000000.00 shipment is aimed at strengthening ukraine's defense capabilities. as russian troops mass on ukraine's border. moscow denies is planning and military offense. taliban officials are and
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talks with western powers in norway. they're focusing on afghanistan is worsening, humanitarian crisis. and reports of human rights abuse. fighting between us backed kurdish forces into eiffel faces has continued for a 4th day near a prison in sar, northeast. and rather syria, he armed group attacks the jail to free imprisoned members. the violence is left more than 70 people dead. and as, as a babe, reports people in the area have become fleeing their homes. not going to come. this is the moment i still detain, needs escaped from prison in northern syria. for 4 days. i still fight to have attempted to free their fellow members. it's unclear how many have managed to escape, how many have been killed or recaptured by kurdish forces who are being supported by us there strikes the prison houses more than 1200 prisoners from 50 different nationalities. it seen less the most significant attack by isolate since the armed
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group was defeated in that region 3 years ago. ah, this footage shows i saw the fighters breaking into prison. a pile of bodies dressed in uniform lay in the corner. kurdish forces say they have the upper hand. i like the ash muscles, habits now dice only in the prison. i mean, apart from the prison, they don't exist any way. so they are controlling the prison only, and we are surrounding them. they do have weapons, i don't deny that, but they can't do anything with that. they might run out of ammunition and therefore they don't fight back residents near the prison or fling the fighting them, but it's been bombing pain and context since yesterday. and young people were slaughtered . what's is happening, the situation is catastrophic. we felt the shelling and conflict. we got scared for our children in flood. there's also reports, iso fighters have broken into homes and killed people. i was just floating diane
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members broken and killed full men, our neighbors, 2 of them were brothers as the fighting continue, the fear now is with this attack means a significant return by the armed group or a one off attempt to retentions numbers for a future front against kurdish forces, i said bake jazeera, we will help organizations, europe direct says the continent may be moving toward append demik and game w. i chose expecting a period of global immunity. the only con, wave variable that good region is moving the words a kind of a lot of the 19 with the permit. and so that when the room was upset, the quotes of weeks and months global unity. thanks with
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or because people as in the inception and also moon saturday. so anticipate that that would be a period of quote, but that because it maintain more going back to what end of the year. but not necessarily dipping them. going back, a group of scientists in israel says a fall shot of pfizer cove at 19 vaccine. triples protection for people over the age of 60 early results show it makes that age group twice as resistant to infection, and those have had 3 injections. but the scientists have clarified that the additional booster will not provide complete immunity. will dr. krishna would they, a coma is director of the duke global health innovation center. jones is now on skype from lay railey north carolina. thank you for your time. so we can see this
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become the norms for back scenes to boost is 4 countries. i guess, that have enough vaccines on hand. it was really just getting preliminary data now from israel, as you said, seems to offer some relative protection in people 60 and over. beyond the 3rd dose, i don't see a pathway in the near term for that to become the norm on a global basis. we should remember that about 52 percent of everybody in the world has been fully vaccinated, but that rate is only about 10 percent across the continent of africa. so we still have a lot of work to do to get 1st 2nd doses to be protected. and also for the 3rd dose is that we have more and more data is highly protective relative to 2 doses, especially for omicron so well there may be a little bit of relative additional protection with a 4th dose. i don't think that beyond special circumstances was very high risk population that, that's going to become the norm for many countries. should countries like israel be
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rolling out for vaccines when, as you say, some countries are struggling to get even 10 percent of their population vaccinations. right. i think the good thing is the global vaccine supply is picking up pretty significantly. we're now producing over a 1000000000 and a half doses a month. we've got new vaccines, especially the protein sub unit vaccines that are coming online. so the supply scenario looks promising over the coming weeks and months, but we should be really clear that there needs to be transparent and equitable allocation of those, especially to get high risk population vaccinated everywhere in the world. and in places like israel, that a relatively small population. and they've taken a very aggressive stance with vaccination so far. but what we're seeing is that the role of vaccines is going to be less about protection, complete immunity, against infections in transmission, and really much more about making sure that individuals are protected against severe disease. and that we're using it to protect health systems as they become
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vulnerable. so in that scenario, really global vaccination is the only path forward. so if we are just getting boosters to protect the health system and stop people from getting really, really sick. i mean, how many boost is, will we need? is this going to go on indefinitely? are we going to be getting our 9th 10th 11th boosted? i don't think there's going to go on indefinitely. what we have seen with the home or con waves is that many, many people are being impacted. and there may be some emergence of hybrid immunity, with infection plus vaccination. that gets closer and closer to some level of population level. immunity over the coming weeks to month. we may, over the next several years, the conversion to an annual updated booster like we have with the flu vaccine, for example, as a continued protection, as hopefully over the coming months. years with the covered 1900 move from
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a pandemic to and demick disease. i do think we're going to see several additional ways over the coming months. i don't think we're out of the was yet. all right. hey, thank you very much for your time. really appreciate you. coming on the program. dr . they are much. thank you. when back said finally happened one year ago, there was concern in the u. k. the fishing industry fishermen thought their interests had been sacrificed to make a deal with the e u. a year on businesses brisk and british fishermen as managed to adapt to new realities. so reports from the port of bricks and remember the anguish of fishing communities of britons briggs in trade deal with the e. u. the new rules and red tape. the warnings of catches rotting on the key side of businesses going bust a year round. and here in the south, devon port of bricks and things and looking up its famous fish market. they are
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having an especially busy week the innovation of online bidding means bars from all over europe, or just a mouse. click away that they're 254, that delicatessen cease from belgium. sales are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. the new export paperwork's a hassle, but they've got used to it. so the orders are received by the following morning. rex it. what breaks it on either side, no better off. all right, it's an ocean. the main ocean, probably in england. we are probably better off because the fish fish across the board and south and sell it on the european market. but now there's so much red. we go up the house now we picked up fish up and we administered high fees to access this booming co operative mean, smaller operators are much more at the mercy of fluctuating prices. so they to have had to adapt with some expanding into direct sales because everyone is locked in and if they ring up we deliver over sunday,
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i think probably is more to do covert although the thing is to do a present waitress every week is different. you know where we are or stopped into to each week as we go. it's like an official, you know, the prices go up and dine, you dot to it, you go to that to survive. so it's a nuanced picture. yes. fresh exports a strong and yes. changing habits after lockdown have created a new appetite with fish at home, but some are doing better than others. it's a picture of an industry learning to make the best of a complicated trade deal. robinson reaping any rich rewards. chef fund, restauranteur mich talks, has been putting british official dinars plates for years. he's now also doing a roaring trade on line fishing place firmly in in the picture the whole time with which was good. honda and of course i think the british
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probably a waking up the back page right. healthy can do, i think whichever which ever you believe whether you want to be in. all right, there is a certain result for unity. i think i want to push people with huge glass and it's a pretty huge turnaround for an industry that just a year ago was predicting it. so demise, jonah haul l 20 brick. so ah, this is out there on these, the top stories authorities in became foster, had declared an overnight curfew after a day of violence. mutinous soldiers seized control of an army base in the capital, but the government denied that there was an attempted coup.


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