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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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an access point to the world beyond ah, bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is, but he's are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. so just in burkina faso stage on uprising against the government, the defense ministry says the situation is under control. the 1st visit by a taliban delegation to europe since seizing power in afghanistan, al jazeera learns that negotiations will be bob's women's rights in return for aid
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. the u. k accuses washer of a plot to install a pro kremlin leader in ukraine. moscow says that's nonsense. a hunt for ice will faces in northern syria after the armed groups bloodiest attack since its defeat in 2019. and we take you on petrol and the amazon rain forest with the trackers who are trying to protect isolated tribes that they to a being threatened and sport. liverpool have dance. ed, manchester city. the lead at the top of the english can really reads are now just 9 points. the high, the leaders free one when i get a so power ah, we begin in bochita fossil a nation on the edge people in the capital wagon to go what head sounds of heavy
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gunfire at several military camps. and there were sears of attempted, cool. that a fence minister spoke on state television, reassuring the, the nation that the president has not been detained and that order has been restored. the mutually was triggered by longstanding standing demands from soldiers that they say were ignored. henry wilkins reports outside military barracks in downtown wagons. you in a recon broken only by the sound of gunfire. al jazeera went inside the camps and spoke to the soldiers. they made a series of demands, but did not call for the dismissal of bikini versus president. roc caberry they wanted as if they see corsica in point pleasant. my sam yazzy mud with lawyers. me. my me that differ. got 3 with st.
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george about the little alamitos are valued, their new plan is in the city plan. my lansing will you do qualify as if a do you offer became fair so his face the tanks by armed groups linked to al qaeda and i fill in recent years, an estimated 2000 people have been killed and a further 1500000 have been displaced while the government has resorted to army civilians to fight off armed groups. many in the armed forces see this as a mistake. they say they should be given the means to fight armed groups, not civilians. we were just taken inside the camp as mutiny, as pointed their guns with us. inside we saw mutineers with ski masks, firing their guns in the air, demanding to be heard. the government has, the situation has returned to normal. the defense minister denies this was a to place the same president,
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bori is safe and still in charge was not paid. i strongly deny. first of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country's been threatened. so as i said, these movements a localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements. on saturday, security forces for with anti government protesters. we blame the leadership for failing to stop the attack by arms groups. negotiations are underway between the president and the soldiers. he states the mutiny, but trust is hard to come by. court in the middle of the people if the king of ethic in a country that appears to be spiraling out of control. and henry jones, his style lived from walker to buy skype. henry as night falls therein, pikeno faso, all things the government says back to normal. now, i certainly doesn't seem that way the meets any, as far as we aware,
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is still ongoing the military base. it's also been report the headquarters of the ruling emp, the policy has been set ablaze and run by pre testers. these are very much unconfirmed reports. at the moment. there was also meeting all the people he wanted to show directly with the military at the plaster. the national in the center, if i could to you earlier today, but that crowd was quickly dispersed by police not military using to gas. so the situation is still very fluid at the moment. what sparked all of this henri? so you became a fast so it's been a war for 6 years now with terra groups linked to al qaeda, islamic state, the conflict that the key factor is not we are really triggered the
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most recent wave of protests and events in november of last year where a military base in the north of the country was overrun by a group of terrorists, most likely linked to al qaeda. 49 military were killed and it made to transpire that the base hadn't been supplied with food for 2 weeks. so this brought to the, for all sorts of questions for the general public. and the military is the how the government was dealing with security. so there were, there were protests that the end of november calling for government resignations. and again, yesterday given the security situation, how dangerous a moment is this for the country i think the government is certainly looking looking bunkerville. ready at the moment because democracy has
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existed and became a fast social for 6 years now, it's the 1st time in between history that has happened as things stand at the moment about 4 years until the president be re elected democratically starting to seem like a very long way off, certainly there is a lot of speculation about, say, a military to here, which is unlikely, according to on the list to improve the security situation. henry wilkins reporting live from wagner to go henry many thanks indeed. or the keener faces internal security concerns are heavily influenced by its neighbors. it's part of the g. 5, a regional effort to combat armed groups linked to iceland, al qaeda. france 1st intervened in 2013 and deployed thousands of troops across the sa hell. alongside thousands more un peacekeepers, but it's had minimal involvement in burkina faso. most french troops of now left
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the region. the security situation continues to deteriorate, especially in areas north and east of the capital one and a half 1000000 people of been internally displaced. chuck rebecca is a, is an executive director of the west africa network of peace building. he says, the latest developments are not surprising, given the regional dynamics with a lot of expect this young post blur compound re gene, which is exactly what you get when you have long hoarsely did that region. what the traffic regime in a country. and they're now moving towards the cost of the book, right? if you need him where you can mobilize them to as it where and the regime of prison black comparing now to that, the power in your hands. and they can actually, that's the key on the,
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in the president the where to make the noun where on mine, i would be glad to be gotten it. so what happened is too much expectations on economic front. but more importantly, is that the military continue to grumble over the, the premier, the where of the plugins and the after me, who from time to time, i've just not been keeping the citizen. but also the military. and yet, every time the government, everything is on that going to be medically unsafe because the most munitions within the military are to confront the budget. it is very, very delicate, especially if you are would be happening around it. and yeah, and so with our, for our region book, you know, you know,
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very well rebel. the military is not united. the government continued to speak from both sides of its mouth, saying everything is under control. the internet connection not only means through which to be shut down, armine as president, has announced that he'll be stepping down on an sarkis him holds a largely symbolic position. he says he's residing because he's unable to influence important foreign and domestic issues affecting his country. for the 1st time since seizing power in afghanistan, taliban officials are in europe for talks. lagossi, asians in norway will focus on easing afghanistan's worst thing. humanitarian crisis and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives and not to be am your kid anymore bomb to clear her, got him in norway. we have a meeting with us and also with european union on matters of mutual interest. one
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part of our meetings would be with our afghan d. s poor who are outside the country, especially in europe, booked their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual understanding will continue between afghans, al jazeera as a sullivan javert explains what's at stake at these meetings. you have gone into the government's delegation is led by the foreign minister on the con, with the peace is not just going to be meeting representatives, office governments, but also i've gone diaspora as well. we believe efforts are being made to hold at least some meetings that are gone women. but we've also been speaking to some needed who say that this is not a united have gone diaspora. there are differences between people. there's well, one prominent to saying that they are against the taliban, but this particular group does not represent her as well. so it is going to be a difficult task ahead for all of the sides, trying to reconcile the differences between the people living. and i've got to stop
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the people in charge of one is done and those living in exile, the damage of understanding they like to call them, says one the rest to release the funds, the gun funds, which are nearly about $10000000.00. pretty down, predominantly in the united states being held. they want the sanctions from the united states, a united states, as well as the united nation has to be lifted against the group and their allies. also, the best is going to be pressing them hard on the issues of women's rights, civil liberties goes education. and this is something that we've seen as, as a sticking point between the 2 sides that they are not be able to move forward. ready we're not expecting any major breakthroughs, but diplomats have been telling us that this is a step in the right direction to try and reconcile the differences between. i've gone themselves and try and solve the problem for millions of guns, living in desperate condition life. so many afghans is getting worse since the taliban seized power lost here. more than 24000000 people need food urgently.
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nearly 9000000 afghans are on the brink of starvation. according to the un, the afghan central bank has 9 and a half $1000000000.00 in assets frozen by the u. s. and the economy has shared half a 1000000 jobs since august. according to the u and labor agency, that figure could hit $900000.00 by the middle of the year. and the number of women who work outside the home as dropped by 16 percent that speak to what father coffee, who's a member of a former deputy speaker of the african parliament, the 1st woman to hold that position. she's also a former negotiator with the taliban. she's with us now. it's good to have you with us. what do you make of these talks that are underway or go about to get underway in norway? was it the right thing to do to invite the taliban? well i did. you know that we almost had 3 years one here in doha. can you go shit with taliban in? good faith to the future of our country in the future of more than 36000000 people,
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including a diversity, a group of women, religious minorities, different social rule for the best interests of the country. and you know that unfortunately, the taliban did not use the time properly to an efficiently to come to political settlement. and then as a result of the continued war, you know, the former president who didn't have a lot of bass in the country. now. my only concern would be that given the taliban record in the last 6 months, and the fact that they do not allow any kind of rights and liberties for women, including by c to cation political participation, we're even recently they have been depressing women protesters, my only concern would be that in a situation where there is a lot of this unity and the 1st steps have not been put up by the political community understand to unite the abuse or to have
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a common position on the negotiations. but this for this will further, we can our position and further in both the polar bonds position, why we know what's happening in afghanistan. and what about the premise that human rights, including women's rights, are going to be used up these negotiations as a trade off for unlocking money that will be used for humanitarian aid. exactly. and the same thing that actually a lot of women inside and those who are not inside up on a, on a worried about is that, you know, it's always the woman right. who is a matter of. but again, it's actually woman who are paying the price and when it comes to a meaningful participation. it's also symbolic. it's also as a talk, and it's been used as a token to, you know, trade off and, and this is exactly what is a, you know, way, some, because if tolerable, really wanted to respect the diversity duty did he wish. and for the last 3 years,
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we have been telling them, and i have accidentally been telling them that i've had a son, has transformed that they need to adopt based on transformed upon us. and that they need to respect women's right. that they need to respect that understanding to 70 and then they need to let women understand to go there to, to education. like many other must have countries to pursue education to pursue or they have been promising us during the negotiations that would then to principles of islam. they would let women to go to school. and in fact, i remember when we were negotiating, one of the taliban leaders actually told us that woman from their perspective can participate politically in all jobs of the government include thing after prime minister, while a reality, we know that off that they have taken over of us on, you know, they have gone actually back to the 20 years back in terms of the women and depression. so i hope that before they do not practice anything in like practically the world will watch them and we will watch them. we know that they are actually
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using this as a platform to deliver your message and to 10 to the world once again that they are transport that they are mortgage. but in reality, we also know that they are not actually saying doing what they say. what my hope is that the practically demonstrate what they say, what do they like to negotiate with? will they will in listen to reason that they negotiate in good faith. do they want to point has been a arrived ass negotiated? will they stick to that point? i didn't really know what is the logic when they do not let go to go to school. millions of girls are being out of school and they have lost one education year. thousands of women who are the breadwinners of their family. they have lost their main member of the family in the war, in the, for the kids before they have been the support of their children by you went to by
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the job that they had the salary that they were receiving no matter what. so ever in the government position and we know that women protesters were actually been ambushed and they have been taken from their homes and enforced this affair. we know that there would have been talking to telling which is in against the under the law departments that they have initially announced a lot of sunny the country of everyone. we all know that it's a very complex society. there are different ethnic group, different social and political group different. i mean, i know that you talking about is, definition of inclusion is in the division of power among their own group. while i believe that there should be a political, you know, process a meaningful political dialogue which will lead to a more inclusive, legitimate government where everybody will feel safe and feel represented. and that will ensure stability and understand that could be
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a place to live for its people and in peace with the rest of the world. that's been really good to talk to really appreciate your time. thanks dave for being with us for a former deputy speaker of parliament and i've got a strong this is that he is out from out to sera still to come on the program. it's been 2 years since who han 1st went into locked out. we'll take a look at how china is struggling to keep its curve at 19 case numbers at 0 and enforce. find out if world number one actually boss, he could stay on track to win her home grand slam for the 1st time. ah. the u. k says that washers in contact with former ukrainian politicians as part of its plans for an invasion, but hasn't provided any evidence. perkins foreign ministry says that it has information that rushes planning to replace ukraine's president vladimir zalinski
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with former ukrainian m. p. even maria of britain as deputy prime minister dominic rob told you k media that there would be serious consequences if russia were to make this move. try to invade and install a puppet regime. rushes foreign ministry spokeswoman has dismissed the comments as disinformation accusing britain and may 2 of deliberately escalating tension with ukraine. his artist here is dos jibari with the view from moscow. the you case claims of moscow trying to install a pro russian leader in kiev is absolute nonsense, according to the kremlin, and it's aimed at trying to provoke attention and escalate the situation with kemp . the kremlin has said that these accusations are absolutely false and that their main goal at spreading this, this information as they call it, is to show a yet again, that these nato countries are headed by anglo saxons who are trying to, i incite further tensions,
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and increase the disputes between this country and ukraine. meanwhile, it appears that for now, diplomacy is not dead yet. as the british foreign secretary will be traveling to moscow to meet her russian counterpart in early february as well as the british defense secretary will be travelling to moscow. this week to whole talks with high level officials here. so for now it appears that the path that to diplomacy and dialogue still remains open. well, let's get the view from london now to serious warri challenge is where the so the british government has no provider the evidence for this claim, rory wine ought well, they haven't said why, they're not providing evidence. but as i think it's quite usual with this kind of intelligence release for that to be the case. essentially the bills in a problem with this kind of intelligence released i because what it then amounts to is a metro trust. do you trust the organization that is putting this information out that
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do you believe that their intentions are the right ones and that the information contains is accurate? there are very good reasons why the u. k. government might not want to provide evidence and that is the cause. evidence, when it's given in intelligent situations, can often lead to reveal the source of the intelligence. and when that c o, an agents in the field or a channel of communications that is being monitored, it can either put that agent in the field at danger in danger, or it can dry up the supply of information because russia in this case might say, okay, well this is and this is how they found that out. so we're going to close off that channel of communication. that's an operational reason why you might not want to release evidence. but of course, it makes it easy to deny. now you can bet that russia would deny this, even if there was a huge trove of evidence that was provided. but it makes it easier for them say,
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no, this is complete nonsense as i have done. and also, as we can hear right now from gainey the, the matter the center of this, he has said that this is also complete nonsense. nothing to do with him needs, of course, no single year. but of course everything looks ridiculous and funny. first, it's baseless as everything performed by brittany. secondly, it's absurd because i'm under sanctions of the russian federation since november 2018. i've been denied entry to russia. i represent a threat to russian security. it happened after a conflict with victim edward took. after that i created my own party sanctions were imposed to limit my political activity. and how's all this going down internationally, rory? well, i mean obviously the, the russians denied it. you're going to mariah as, as denied it, i think in, in, in capital, particularly. so in, in, in ukraine,
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in care of it's, it's being viewed with a sense of been newsmen, i think, mainly because mariah is seen there is a fatty fringe figure. he is a former m p. he owns a tv channel. he is not necessarily a big player. there are other people that in ukraine, the belief is that they would make more logical choices. rushes wants to be at the head of some sort of puppet government. there is also, i think, the belief amongst russia watches people who know about russian intelligent services. that's the way that they work, the russian tentative services. they would have numerous plans in play at any one time. there is also into agency rivalry between different parts of russian intelligence. so you've got the g r, you've got f, s, b got s p, r. they compete with each other. and so that's something that is sort of a plan that's picked up by western intelligence. could be at a very local level,
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it could be at a formative stage, it might not have the fi and yet of the criminal, nor much that ever get. so. and so this thing that the british to say is a clear plan could just be chatter. and that therefore, we have to take it with a great pinch of souls until of course there is evidence to back it up. algebra was worry, challenge reporting, live from london, bori, many thanks. lyn, ukraine. the government is calling on civilians to join its military reserves. and a 3rd of people say that they're willing to sign up to 0100 of the homemade and kid has met some of those who've enlisted in a parking central give military drilled, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people like allison here, as you may call a student in the science of plants,
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spend their weekend come more game the charlotte, the little i just have. so for the family garcia, hobbs of the situation old through the escalade. and i can continue my or your scientific work and not be affected by our it's all part of our program to become member of the territorial defense unit. they are run by regular military officers. oh, combat veterans like ego, roger, nov, who 1st served in the den soviet army woman new to dublin luma. put, go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting the russians world slavic, but we're on our own land and we have to defend it. we understand the situation. it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to, i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed
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in cities around the country. last year, parliament passed alone that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense units. now they are part of the country strategic defense and their role is to provide popular resist around that. a mild case. the ukranian army is overwhelmed. these units are now part of the military, alongside the navy, air force and army. 32 percent of ukrainians say they are willing to enlist. they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equipped as military support poisoned from several western country. but for martyr, let's keep the role of these popular resistance unit is crucial, even though she could find herself in harm's way. oh man task, it's to support army in not in the front line, but on the back a back and also to protect
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a infrastructure to the supports evidence. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time. and to nowadays change it very quickly. oh, you listen. russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet. the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than later. with abdul hamid al jazeera give, senior us officials are talking to cut off about potentially supplying europe with gas. if russia invades ukraine, cutter has one of the world's biggest producers of liquefied natural gas, mostly as exports to asia, and only supplies 5 percent of europe's gas. currently, a white house official says the talks between president joe biden and cut us me up, shake to mean been hom at all. tony could happen in washington by the end of the month. we've got a weather update next here on al jazeera,
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then the impact of sanctions on iran is being felt by those in lead of essential medication that in schools winning field goals with a story of saturday's nfl playoffs teams closing on the place of visio supervisor. ah, with when says die down and temperatures are on the way up. hello everyone, great to see you. let me show you the details. here we are on monday already. we can see an improvement riyadh at 24 degrees. let's go in for a closer look around the golf. i'll put this a few days out. so here we are on wednesday and we've got a southerly push of air, so that pops up the temperature in riyadh to 26 degrees. just a few days ago, your low temperature was about 2 and everyone seen improvement in their conditions,
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minima. a high of 22 off the pakistan, karachi, it has been fairly windy over the past little bit. but those winds are finally back in off temperatures arise in here too, with the hive 28 and showers in the whore have helped to improve the air quality. we do have a lot of snow across turkey. it's stranded people in the south and we may see snow where we don't usually see it. so for example on talia, we'll look at the next 3 days, you know, over the last 30 years about one to 2 big dumps of snow. and we could see 2 to 7 centimeters on tuesday. for southern africa, we've got a tropical wave of moisture rung out its moisture over madagascar. and it's now slipping into central parts of mozambique flooding to be expected here. and temperatures are dropping in cape town. on monday and now they're in the nose facing, ah, with,
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with ah, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial pos and their museums filled with artifacts, spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of origin. with people in power explores the heated debate their own right from ownership admits activists taking matters to their own out of africa on a, just a una lou
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. ah, it is good, said he with us. hello adrian. sort of get here and go home with the news from al serra, the headlines has been come, fire at several military camps in particular faces, capital worker, google, the defense minister demise that the army has taken over and detained the president, celia taliban officials who are in norway, for their 1st talks on the european soil, al jazeera has learned that they will be pushed on promises to uphold human rights . in return for billions of dollars in frozen humanitarian aid. of russia has rejected british accusations that it's pointing to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k says the pasco, russia is in contact with former ukranian. politicians was passed over the plan for
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an invasion. there's been a false day of fierce fighting in northern syria. i saw fighters are trying to free comrades from a prison where i saw was defeated in syria 3 years ago. this is being seen as one of its deadliest attacks since then. local kurdish forces supported by us. our strikes are pushing back al jazeera, as i said, big reports not going to come. this is the moment i still detain, needs escaped from prison in more than syria. with the 4 days i still flight is i've attempted to free their fellow members. it's unclear how many have managed to escape. how many have been killed or recaptured by kurdish forces who are being supported by us there strikes the prison has is more than 1200 prisoners from 50 different nationalities. it's seen as the most significant attack by isolate since the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. ah, this footage shows eisen fighters breaking into prison. a pile of bodies dressed in
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uniform lane, the corner kurdish forces say they have the upper hand. ha, dash must of inhabit. now dash exist only in the prison lea. i mean, apart from the prison, they don't exist any way. so they are controlling the prison only, and we are surrounding them. so they do have weapons. i don't deny that, but they can't do anything with that. they might run out of ammunition and therefore they don't fight back. residents near the prison or fling, the fighting member has been bombing bull pains and conflicts since yesterday, and young people were slaughtered. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic. we fed the shelling and conflicts. we got scared for our children in flood. there's also reports i sell fighters have broken into homes and killed people. as bad as i was, i slow train dash members very can encode full man a neighbors. 2 of them were brothers. you know, as the fighting continues. the fear now is whether this attack means
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a significant return by the armed group or a one off attempt to replenish its numbers for a future front against kurdish forces. i said bake al jazeera. well, at one point i so controlled a 3rd of syria and 40 percent of iraq by march 2019. that territory had been retaken. the u. n believes that iceland still has around 10000 faces. they carried our bullet $100.00 attacks in the 2 countries last year. there are around 7 and a half 1000 serial on foreign iso suspects, including children in 2 prisons in africa alone. the kurdish lead sirian democratic forces keep asking nations to repatriate the citizens who come for around 50 countries. joining us now from cardiff in wales, i'm and joel alta me mean research fellow at the george washington university program on extremism. good to have you with us, sir. so 3 years ago i saw were defeated, but obviously deactivated as, as a fighting force. what do you make of this attack?
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yes, this attack is the deadliest operation on the most sophisticated operation. designing state that you carried out, since that's military defeats in 2019, i mean that would they never truly cease to exist? they been conducting low scale operations mostly been run since that time in serious talk, dean, looting the steering democratic officers. but of this scale node has been nothing like it since that time. and this is a particularly gauge operation that involved according to the zine stage on account to suicide truck bombs. and then a sold from 4 different axes on the prison. the width is designed to break 3 the prisoners, but also to cut off immediate reinforcements to control the media outbreak. and that's one of the reasons i think you have this ongoing fight. now the, the possible days we said the local kurdish forces are pushing back supported by u. s. s. strikes occurred. kurdish force has been been left to god. these ice will
9:37 pm
functions more or less on their own. in so far is there the florida is in the in the democratic prison has mostly gone straight to my knowledge and they haven't been repacked then. yes. also true, both iraqis to might still be iraqi members of the state. why be held in those prisons have not been returned to iraq? the syrians though, who are members of this organization that the more complicated issue, of course, because some of them might be from some of these some of the day that kind of control by the certain democratic courses. and so it is that i suppose the student, good democrat, was to deal that problem. but i you agree that it's not been bear with the lack of initiative from other countries to read that national. yeah. prison. this would have been a huge psycho psychological boost for iso. do you think now where we're going to
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see more operations by them on this scale? it is difficult to say. according to my own plane, they managed to get out 800 prisoners into contingent is operation. but i don't, i think that in their mind they're trying to recreate that success in 2014, which involve these mass prison break. but i don't see an exact return to that, perhaps an escalation in the level of binding some more races, but no one escalation of the scale that was back in 2013 or 14. good to talk to somebody. thanks. indeed for being with us. i'm a job at all to me. me the thank you. tens of thousands of protesters came out in belgium's capital that announced corona virus restrictions as infections reach record high is that police
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fatigue as a protest, as who are angry about having to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result to enter venues on friday. prime minister, alexander de crew, said the booster shots will be needed to keep cove at 19 pass is valid. demonstrators have gathered in washington d. c, against corona virus measures, anti vaccine activists to angry about president joe biden's vaccine mandate. on friday, a judge in texas blocked biden's requirement that federal workers get jabbed against cove at 19 teachers and firefighters were among the protests. ers, russia has reported another record day of corona virus cases. more than 63000 infections were registered on sunday. breaking the record for the 3rd day on friday, st. petersburg placed a limit on outpatient care because of the surgeon cases, only half of russia's population has been vaccinated. in hong kong,
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a pet hamster tested positive for corona virus for the 1st time the rodents been given up by its owners. as authorities try to stem a surgeon cases more than 2000 homes, hamsters in hong kong have been cold after a pet shop work a contracted coven 19 sparking fears of animal to human transmission. on the mainland, the government in beijing is under pressure over its 0 cove. its strategy. china is now less than 2 weeks away from the winter olympics. more clusters are emerging driven largely by the on the kron a delta variance 2 years after the original epicenter, who hon 1st went in to lockdown out as he was katrina, you reports still wants sports center has reopened for winter activities. but 2 years ago, the city stadium was used for a very different purpose. it became a makeshift hospital for thousands who had fallen ill with the corona of ours. laura, good, emma. there's 4 cylinder set up. $1100.00 bit in 72 hours. and it emitted
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$1056.00 mild convict 19 cases in total that we managed to achieve 0 staph infection, $10.00, secondary infection on the 0 death. wiggle you. on january 23, 2020 city authorities took the then unprecedented step of locking down. it's 11000000 residents. human human transmission of the virus had just been confirmed, and more than a dozen people had died. from here, the virus would go on to infect hundreds of millions around the world. to day one has resumed normal life and officials say corona virus infections in the city have been eliminated. the sea food and animal market where the outbreak was 1st identified as close. though the pandemic origin remains a mystery. an inquiry by the world health organization concluded that the possible leaking of the virus from a wound lab was extremely unlikely. though many scientists are calling for further
9:42 pm
investigation. the starting point of an international process can't be compromising with the chinese government or appeasing sensitivities. it has to be establishing a gold standard for what is all an unrestricted international investigation would entail. the chinese government has dismissed the theory and turned its attention to keeping current of ours case numbers to 0. but this has been a struggle. the provinces of colonel said c, gong dung and tinge in city are battling outbreaks of birth. the omicron and delta variance. millions of people have for weeks confined to their harms. bathing has reported more than 10 cove in 19 cases. this past week. authorities has again pointed to imported goods, international deliveries, and frozen food as a likely source of infection. those living in the capital had been warned to limit deliveries from overseas. though many experts are skeptical that packages can
9:43 pm
transmit the virus. people have also been warned against traveling during the upcoming lunar new year festival. the most important public holiday of the year officials here are under intense pressure to control the outbreak before the winter olympics opens on february. the 4th doors taking part in the games will be confined to a strict than you bubble designed to be sealed off to protect the rest of china's population . khatri you al, jazeera beijing, one of the central talking points in vienna between the u. s. and iran, as for the impact of economic sanctions as both sides continue to discuss as a restart the 2015 nuclear deal. the reality is that for many iranians getting medicines for health issues is difficult, almost impossible. without a serious russell fed, our reports from terran, it's worse for those suffering from rare illnesses us. maryan ha, medina said has a genetic blood disorder. they're called tele samir. she needs frequent blood
9:44 pm
transfusions just to keep going. anybody for targeting our body doesn't produce blood. so we need to receive it monthly along with some specific medicines, but we haven't been able to find the medicines we need for months now, and we're slowly dying because of it. that's because she's also caught in the crossfire of global politics. finding medication in iran has been difficult since 2018. that's when the u. s. pulled out of euro's nuclear deal with world powers and green paused economic sanctions, but there is more that prevents maryann from receiving proper medical care. many international firms have also stop doing business with iran, as they fear they may also be sanctioned. they include global distributors of medical supplies, and this has crippled people's access to medical treatment across the country. tell us amir patients, or know, among millions of people whose health is seriously threatened hulu. geometry caused by john wood. when the us pulled out of the nuclear deal. we thought it was just
9:45 pm
a political situation and that we wouldn't be affected that much. but more people are dying by the day. 547 patients have since died. and another $7000.00 are at risk. as many as 300 of them may not make it by the end of next year on that one on one. for you to set up, the loss is all too familiar. this photo is from a picnic you organized with tele, semi or patience back in 2013. does he points to are no longer alive? man? as i said, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, i'm begging the people who impose these sanctions. if they have a problem with our officials, they should solve it with them. they shouldn't target ordinary people. they need to know that these medicines are vital and they must lift sanctions so we can receive them. we can't live a normal life like this. an 8th round of talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal is now underway in vienna. but so far it hasn't produced any tangible result. and with the health of millions of people at stake in iran, any failure could do worse than damage. it's economy. the so sir, that
9:46 pm
o 0 to run the g very reserve in brazil's amazon is home to numerous tribes you've never had contact with the outside world, but illegal hunters and fishermen and encroaching on their space. on the zeros monica young archy of reports on the fight to keep the tribe safe. steeping the amazon jungle. various indigenous leaders have joint forces to protect their livelihood. we accompanied native trackers during a week as the police, their job id valley reserve in area twice the size of japan. it's the home of 18 tribes. 11 of them have had no contact with the outside world economic wanted are this part of the river belongs to brazil where white men do as they please. but ahead of us is the indigenous giovanni territory. it's forbidden to all but us. yet we're still in danger. in the past, the threat came from oil companies and muggers. the government forced them out 2 decades ago when the job id reserve was de, marketed to well,
9:47 pm
some by you who used to make a living. cutting down trees in the area is now helping indigenous tribes face a new enemy, increasing number of poachers and fishermen who have been sneaking into these remote lands to steal their food. i know they have been legally capturing endangered and expensive species like the beat out of cool fish and turtles to export them at high prices to neighboring columbia. and peru you are working outside is depleting this protected forest of game the local, indigenous tribes hunt, and fish just enough to survive. the legal fishermen catch as much as they can to sell abroad and make money. they have already had shootouts or government authorities who tried to stop them. the patrolman are few in number, but have been armed by injury yos with technology, satellite maps, cellular apps, and a radio to communicate with villages inside the job id valley. we've been patrolling
9:48 pm
the duck why river for 2 days now, and the mobile, indigenous people have been showing us how poachers and fishermen enter their lands illegally. they find these small canals, as you can see here, behind me, and they ride these wooden canoes, which are very small, all, and very hard to find specially at night. we followed the intruders tracks into the jungle. our guide shows us how they cleared a path to carry canoes to small rivers further down, which will take them deep into the forbidden territory. it's a daily tent kilometer hike through unchartered glance with an occasional stop to hunt for food on the way the fine new clues like this empty salt bag, full body. the thought is used to preserve the fish until they are taken to the market. the fish are taken to the body and are 5 hours down the river in the market place. smugglers also sell illegally hunting alligators and turtles. but the real
9:49 pm
business is booming, just across the border in the colombian city of leticia. ah, all the fish here comes from brazil on a good month. this fishery sells 70 tons. the most precious species is the beat out of cool. one of the largest fresh water fishes in the world at diaz bid ada tells us he caught almost 150 last week. i sell them in columbia because the price he is better than brazil. he claims all the pit i will call here, are certified and have come from designated management ponds in the amazon like this one. but the colombian navy, patrolling the saudi moiz river, says most fish are illegally caught and smuggler. oh, indigenous leader beth model says illegal fishermen work for international drug. cartels as part of a money laundering schemes begin to kick other con workings out there to move on to every little canoe can carry the equivalent of $8000.00 worth of fish and turtles.
9:50 pm
and there are many canoes working for one master. we set up our own patrols to prove to the government what's going on and nobody sees my. he says that unless drastic measures are taken, many more endangered species will continue to be smuggled out of the indigenous territory threatening nature and the livelihood of the tribes. monica and i give al jazeera job id valley just ahead here on that is how it sport, raphael. now dow is getting close to the history of making type up a history making title with in melbourne. details coming up. ah, the latest news, they've been extremely high school and for 10 years they was the victims of and i just got to the monetary price with detail coverings warnings that oh, make on a practice. so in power, large part of providing
9:51 pm
a polygon gap here from around the world. one of those people, years of living on the street, actually accelerates the aging, brought them a long before the cove with crisis broke the world with grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown structure of nature can lead to destruction of april, all hail the locked down, examines links between these 2 crises, and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told were completely impossible to suddenly become connected. the wake up whole that can't be ignored on audio, discover a world of difference in determination. i'm coming down with me, but we are moving freedom. with 16 people,
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with corruption and compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. lou ah, ah. hello again, todd, the sport is for adrian. thank you so much. liverpool have cut the gap at the top of the english premier league, the reds beaten crystal palace, $31.00 virgil van dyke, alex oxley chamberlain. if it be new all getting goals, it means liverpool are now 9 points behind table toppers, manchester city with again if people have played 90 minutes like least out of the
9:53 pm
game, that would have been upheld afternoon for a group suppose probably didn't. and so it could be the draw or whatever, but that be wanted. i'm over the one about 3 on the system so important for us and it's really good and there glaze chelsea are now 10 points behind man city. the police beat london models taught him to know on sunday. the result is a blow to spurs top for hopes they finish the weekend. 71. so we're lining for them is that 6 place arsenal can only draw against fernley. robin adel is so on track for history making when at the australian open dallas through to the quarter finals and melbourne as he aims to secure a record breaking 21st grand slam title. and he richardson reports for all of roughly on the downs grand slam success. this is a tournament he's only one once. and in the 1st sets of disc, 4th round match nadal was pushed to the limits by his french opponent,
9:54 pm
adrian marino. whence what's high break that lasted for nearly half an hour with marino saving, 6 set points. eventually nadal won a decisive riley and the match momentum swung his way. the spaniard dropped just for games in winning the next 2 sets his into the quarter finals and still on course to when a record breaking 21st grand slam title. i had been little bit alike with injuries here during goal or my career. and sometimes i was a lucky because the opponents were better than me but, but in general turns i always enjoyed very, very motional much as he and i. so i am very happy to be back in quite the final
9:55 pm
means a lot to me. ah. up next the natal is candidates denisha of all of he beat 3rd seat alexanders verify their us exit lease. no doubt is the highest rank player in his half of the draw. it's always an honor to, to go up against a guy like raphael. ah, we played not too long ago. and an exhibition obviously completely different conditions. probably different, much better. yeah, it's always fine. it's always going to be a battle against them and i yeah, it's going to be going to be a top one and are definitely gonna enjoy it. women's world. number one, ashley bossy was far too good for amanda. any, some over 40 overpowering the player who knocked out miami or soccer and her last match. i went on to win in straight sets parties name to become the 1st austro when this title. since christo, neil achieved the feat. back in 1978, he. andy richardson, al,
9:56 pm
she's here tournament organizers have stood by a decision to ask fans to remove t shirts and banner bearing the words where is punch way. activist shared this video on social media. earlier in the tournament, the chinese player disappeared from public view for 3 weeks. after accusing a government official of sexual assault campaigner, say they're printing more t shirts and plan to hold a bigger protest at the women singles final on saturday. and it statement tennis australia said we don't allow clothing, banners, or signs that are commercial or political punctuate. safety is our primary concern . we continue to work with the women's tennis association and global tennis community to see more clarity on her situation. winning feel goals were the story of the nfl playoffs on saturday, the san francisco 49 ers upset, the honor of seas top seeds, the green bay packers the cake securing a 1310 when the 49 years will now play in the championship game for the 2nd time in 3 years, there was a calmness, honestly,
9:57 pm
in drive midway through the 1st or 2nd that i realized that was the type of game. you know, they got off to get started their 1st job, but our differences point, graydon, there's just a seal to the game. you know, even when they had the lead, i felt like we were in control the game as crazy as that song. this is an abbey bangles are also one, went away from the super bowl, the bangles beat, the tennessee titans, 9 to 16. and once again, the games decided by a late a feel to be a huge, huge if game and sweden sandra nasal and secured her 2nd ski cross victory and 24 hours in the final world cup raced before the beijing olympics. catherine alfred recovered from a crash midway through the racy sweden, but no one could catch up to nase land, who dominated from start to finish. the 25 year old lead in worth. right. okay, and that is all you support for now, adrian. becky already thinks the time for us here in doha to pass the baton to our
9:58 pm
colleagues and linda lauren taylor will be back in a moment, but more that i use i'll see you again. thanks for watching. ah mm. talk to i'll just see. oh are you with while the warm is? can we listen? the zionists are making serious efforts in order to impede and disrupt the terminal because it we meet with global use maintenance at about the stormy stung mountain on a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was
9:59 pm
a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice. translated people and america's debt to the black people today. so over so score we've askew to speak go because it's a broadly al jazeera correspondence, a moral debt february on i'll just either china host the winter olympics, but we'll diplomatic boycott and the corona vibrate overshadowed the events rigorous debate. them unflinching questions up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom. al jazeera keeps you up to date of mation, tackle the over chrome barrier amid continued vaccine inequality. 11 east investigates. how breaks it the pandemic and changing pace are causing the great british curry crisis. the african union hope it 30 faith ordinary session. the 1st with israel as an observer state,
10:00 pm
with several nations campaigning against israel status and pressing issues across the continent. there is much disgust february on a jazeera ah 2. ready gunfire rings out at several military barracks in book, in a faso and protested torch the headquarters of the president's party. the government denies reports of an attempted coup. ah, lauren taylor is out there, alive from london, was coming up. the kremlin dismisses u. k. accusations that it's plotting to install a pro russian leader in ukraine, calling them nonsense.


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