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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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sauce with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and pressing issues across the continent. there is much to discuss february on her jazeera. ah this is al jazeera ah, hello again, i'm peach adobe. you're watching the news out. lied from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. accept mutiny and burkina faso. the defense ministry says the situation is back under control. after shootings in several army bases, a taliban delegations in norway for talks with western officials, al jazeera has learned they'll be pushed on women's rights in return for aid. as
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tensions mount the u. k says russia is plotting to install a moscow friendly government in crane. the kremlin calls that nonsense also this our heavy fighting and serious moth east with us back kurdish forces pushing back ice mountain. how much would the sport, why fell on the da is getting closer to the history making title when and melvin the 20 time grand sam champion has booked to place in the australian open core to final ah. top story, burkina faso, there's been heavy gunfire in the capital. why good to go? the happened at several military camps across the city,
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including the main army base. the defense minister denied reports. the military had taken over the country and detained the precedent. it sets, you'd feel sure there was an uprising in 6 locations, including the capitol. now everything is calm. those involved in the uprising of being investigated. the president wasn't arrested and he hasn't resigned. we know where he is and we are following the situation in getting details about how this happened, and those who lead the uprising are detained. we are asking all civilians to stay calm and we will tell the public the reasons behind this uprising. everything is under control. we continue our mission to protect our country and didn't people are not. ok, let's bring in nicholas. hark. who's falling? developments for us from senegal in the region. nick, what else do we know? while the internet has just been shut down to route the country and according to
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reports on the ground, there's this erie precarious column, only broken by gunfire. still gunfire ringing in certain accounts in the capital, but also in other cities in kaya and also in the north in who are you you? these are military barracks. and algeria generous was able to enter one of these barracks in the capital. and a general there made a series of demands to the president into the government. he said, as he gave out a 6 point to man, number one more troops and means to fight the threat of arm groups on groups active in the north. in the center of the country, referring to here to, i'll qaeda, affiliate, and icily affiliate. he wants the replacement of some of the troops on the frontline that have been there for a long time. he says, and he wants better care for the wounded and the families of those that have lost la la la. last one's better wages training adapted to the threat. but he hasn't.
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there wasn't any claims asking for a president hakama caberry to step down, but there's increasing pressure on the president and on the government to find a way out of this deadlock, peter, the president doesn't seem to have a particularly respectful or good relationship when it comes to the people of his country, all the armed forces there is increasing mistress peter between both as you mention the, the population there. i mean there were protests that were banned peaceful protests that were bound yesterday. there people were just demanding more security, more safety. they were saying why our security forces pointing their guns at us when they should be protecting us from attacks from arm groups just in the last year. 2000 people have been killed by these attacks, by affiliate from al qaeda and iso. and then despite this, this protest being bad,
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now we're seeing people in the security forces being upset with the commander in chief, the president. remember, in november late november, there was an attack in knots at where 20 soldiers were killed. and there was public outcry when he turned out that they had gone 2 to 3 weeks without food rations, forcing them to hunt for food. and that's when they were attacked by armed groups. following that event, the president of the smit, some of the senior generals, replacing them with younger officers still last week. one of these dismiss general was arrested and accused of plotting a coup against the president. there's a general mistrust between the army, the security forces, and its commander in chief, and they'll take much more than dialogue to try to resolve this situation where we're seeing the situation escalating. now. the way out of this mutiny is for the government to engage with the military right now. peter,
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nick. thank you very much. nicholas enclave talking to us from senegal. ok, let's take a closer look at the security situation in between a foster protest have been going on against the government's failure to stop attacks by all groups. nick was just explaining to us there. the country was one seen as a beacon of stability in west africa, but hundreds of people have been killed since 2015 in violence blamed on fights, was linked. i sal and al qaeda more than a 1000000 people have been displaced. the un calls in the worlds fastest growing displacement crisis. let's bring in now alex vines. he's the director of the africa program at chatham house. he joins us from london. alex, welcome back to the news out. what's his? it's about the president that makes him so immune or ignorant of the back story to what looks like a crisis. now. i don't think that present february is immune or with an old poly advised. the reality is that in 2015 there was an attempted
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military in, in, in brooklyn are faster, and then the civilian government reasserted itself, but purged a lot of the military shooting the intelligence networks that had been involved in that we've been since the sympathetic to the previous longstanding leader in the country place compar ray, who is now on trial for the death of the father of bertina faso, thomas ankara. and so it's a backdrop, also of a very d, moralize, military, under resource, as nick was talking about that are looking for resources. but there's a massive issue of mistrust between the military and those that provides civilian oversight. and then you overlap it with the real trouble that the key, not military and security forces are facing with the jihad is threat from iso, an outsider. as as said, nick was saying some, 2000 people have been killed in this. and the situation, the central, the not the buchanan paso, is not getting better. it's getting worse. smith, men,
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a significant displacement and other things. alex if we should now be free as a failed attempt to curry, can we also say or not that the sentiment that led to the events of to day has gone away? well, i think a mutiny that has ingredients of the crew is exactly the right to look at. this them is still playing out. so with that nose of the final end game of this, i am bear in mind that we are now. it will be about a region which has sing a swing back in favor of cuz there was an attempted to in india that has been a successful sub to choose. in molly, there was a coup in guinea. i mean, we've had 5 successful or attempted crews if you count them all together this decade. so i'm looking or is, is fitting into that. pat molson is it's significant. few alex that we have seen on local tv, the head of the military, but we have not seen the president. i think that's exactly right. i'm glad you
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pointed that out. it is very telling that a present for boy hasn't been visible at the moment. it's also a ton of that. this mutiny seems to have started in the military base, but also where there is a prison where some of the chief military people that were involved in the 20 fif trent 2015 ho attempt i are incarcerated, including general d and dairy. so again, i think this is, this is a real reminder, just the fragility of, of events in, in booking a faster at the moment. and also at a time when western support for the region is being reduced, bear in mind, france is, is, is pulling back out of the saw hell and relying much more on the g. 5 sy held the regional force to now take a lead in security provision for the region. if that western influence, if that propping up effect is being lessened, if it's being withdrawn,
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does that make the whole region slightly more combustible than it was before? the region is already really combustible. if you look at, for example, the ngo crisis through it and i highlighted the saw how in its top 10 play conflict hotspots in the world that you're going to be worried about. in 2022 particularly worried about the saw hel. i mean, i think the conundrum here really is that western property not of militarism training, but creating pro tori and gods to protect. leech has not worked. hence why have we had to choose? and in molly why we had a crew in shad now may be booking a facet as well as the investments in the military and in guinea. so again, we need to go back to the drawing board and walk how. how do you build our institutions, other things, so that the, at the only effective institution and budget commas is a military that then state even stages whose attempts to state them because there's
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such a disillusionment in mainstream politics, which is what i think we're seeing at the moment playing out in booking a fashion that explains at chatham house. thank you. taliban officials have touched on in noise. capital po slow is their 1st visit to a western countries since they took power in afghanistan in august of last year. the talks will focus on easing the humanitarian crisis and human rights are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives, the notary, i'm not good anymore. bomb declare got him in norway. we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with european union on matters of mutual interest . one part of our meetings would be with our afghan diaspora who are outside the country, especially in europe. their ideas, consultations, and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual understanding will continue between afghans or some of injury as our correspondent, following those 2 of those conversations for us. osama,
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what's your reading of what they've been discussing and getting into an osler? well, it is de, one of 3 for this 1st time landing of the is mechanical by the standard. they call themselves in european soil and they're not just meeting representatives from the gulf. but this is a continuation of what we saw happening in iran, where they're meeting diaspora with their meeting leaders who are living in exile, people who are close to the form of government. people who have been campaigning for women's rights and human rights and have gone to fun. so it is according to various diplomats, a step in the right direction. but the bond embracing the discipline is done as a change of gone is done, although a lot of it is going to be seen in actions, not just words, and that's where they are going to be pressed upon by their various best and counterparts into the united states and the other bonds a wanting to come out with some sort of resolution for their bands that they face
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from the united states in the united nations trying to unfree some of the $10000000000.00 which remains, invest in coffers of i've gone buddy. and also to try and get some sort of digital missy. we've heard it from the norwegian foreign ministry, making it clear that there is not going to be a policy of legitimizing the taliban, but merely to engage with them as the hold of the sun now. and a lot of concern about not just them. all right. and goes education, but also about the humanitarian aid in that country, which desperately millions of upon a summer to stay with us. because let's just take a listen to what the taliban officials had to say after those accusations of beating and arresting women's rights activists in the afghan capital cobble. so i'm going to the new when we heard the news of the arrest of a few girls, we contacted all the security institutions. no women have been arrested or detained . some rumors are being circulated as some women want to make their cases so that
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their escape to western countries can be facilitated. so they can have an excuse for asylum that we reject the news that women have been arrested. sama, it's almost as if the 2 afghanistan's here, there's the afghan us down that the taliban are talking about, which is women's rights minority rights are being observed. we're doing the right thing. and then there's another afghanistan, which is the real afghanistan, which is women staying at home because they're too frightened to go back to work or they're not being allowed to go back to work. well, the sun is in the flux right now. this is a force which is thinking over a gun is fun which is known for its ground. ready tactics not for its governance, and it is suddenly found itself having to transform into that. now, if you speak to the taliban, they will tell you that they want to make sure that this new guy decided they've inherited much of the 120 years ago. has all of those rights in place at the point you towards them and working in schools, hospitals,
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we saw them working in airports, etc. but the basic principle of having women choose whichever career they want to go into goods to be able to pursue secondary education. still remains in limbo, the taliban escal promising that you know, in a few months time, secondary education will be open for girls as well. that remains a product. so it is going to be a long while before there is some sort of reconciliation between a brute force, which is only seem guerilla tactics and running away from drawing than fighting gun gun buttons in the streets to becoming a governing force. especially in the, in this scenario where hundreds, more than 100000 people, mainly from the educated bureaucracy and others have left the country. so that is why the focus remains and the realization from the valid bonded, the need to engage with the diaspora. she's living abroad, tried to bring back the some of the brain drain that has happened, and also try to engage some of the women who are in the country. it is worth
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reminding of us be to the some of these demons approaches that we, when we were in cobble a few weeks ago, very small in size. and the taliban came down very hard and them and seeing that they have to get permission, which is another bureaucratic hurdle for the women and girls in abundance fun. so it is going to be a very difficult few months because they have their hands full, but not just a delivery on the promises on veteran's rights, but also to take care of this country of $40000000.00 people. many of its inhabitants starving unpaid and not a to find any prospect to make that. make sure that they speak in their own home. them a sama, thank you very much. a some. a binge of a following that story for us about the african taliban. but we'll stay with that talking points over dollar, but here is electra at the american university of afghanistan. he says, these talks are an important development. it's about time that the taliban sit down and engagement happens on 2 levels. one is with the international community.
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tangible direction is taken. goals and expectations are communicated because very often in the absence of that communication, the international community or different stakeholders keep moving, the goal posts. so it's a good initiative, even from the tyler bond side to show in 1011 to be there. and that being said, there has to be a discussion on what is happening inside of on a sun, on the woman that have been abducted in upon a sun, despite the pilot bond denying it. there are problems, women cannot access their workplaces because of travel restrictions. and these are discussions that need to happen between the parlor bond and bonds within the honest, done as well. so kudos to them for wanting to talk to the gas pra, but they need to sit down with their of one civil activists as well in order to move forward and make something sustainable. i think there is an opportunity here to move them into better behavior. i know they have been rigid in certain aspect,
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but with the right amount of pressure internationally and with the right type of active vision from within our planet on the title one can be pushed towards specific actions. please note that it's not like the international community just gives them all the money all together and then expect the bond to do better. there has to be either have to be mechanisms of monitoring. there have to be specific goals that the tyler bond need and they're very clear about it as well. last, more still to come for you here on the news are including grief and anger in yemen . a day off, more than 80 people were killed in a saudi coalition, air strike, the impact of sanctions against iran is being felt by those in need of urgent medication. and in sports, winning feel goes with the story. a saturday's nfl playoff says teams closing on a place that this is suitable. ah,
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russia to day rejected accusations. it's plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k said rushes in contact with former ukranian politicians as part of its plans for an invasion, but didn't provide any evidence. britton's foreign ministry says it has information that russia's planning to replace the ukranian president laudermill zalinski with a former ukrainian m p. yet hen, mariah f, the u. k. foreign secretary las trust says britain will not tolerate what she called a kremlin plot to change the country's government. russia dismissed the comments as quote, dis, inflammation accusingly. u. k. and nato of deliberately escalating tensions with ukraine. dasa jabari has more for us from moscow. the u. k is claims of moscow trying to install a pro russian leader in key as is absolute nonsense, according to the kremlin, and it's aimed at trying to provoke attentions and escalate the situation with care
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. the kremlin has said that these accusations are absolutely false and that their main goal at spreading this, this information as they call it, is to show a yet again, that these nato countries are headed by anglo saxons who are trying to, i incite further tensions, and increase the disputes between this country and ukraine. meanwhile, it appears that for now, diplomacy is not dead yet. as the british foreign secretary will be traveling to moscow to meet her russian counterpart in early february as well as the british defense secretary will be travelling to moscow. this week to hold talks with high level officials here. so for now, it appears that the past to diplomacy and dialogue still remains open. ok, let's get the other end of the story. re challenge is in london for us this rory, what are you hearing us of westminster? well, i think westminster, the moment particularly the,
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the government part of westman a's desperate to change the topic of conversation from scandals, party gates, etc, which is consuming its affairs and the british media at the moment and talk about something else. and they are very happy to talk about that ukraine and russia, but say that's not the main topic of conversation here in westminster today. don't make rob the deputy prime minister was on the morning tv shows. he was asked about his views on the possibility of a russian invasion of ukraine. he said, i think there is a very significant risk of that's the wells needs to keep his eyes on this and be very clear with president putin that it would not do this cost free. and there would be a price is that the price would be, of course, in terms of the strenuous efforts that you credit themselves were put into their own defense. but also the costs would be ad can all make through the sanctions, which would be more effective for the international community to come together and
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unified. but as much as dominic rob wanted to talk about that sort of thing. the questions, of course, kate's on coming back to the way that boris johnson and his government at the moment the ceaseless parade of scandals and how are these allegations being perceived internationally? well, yes, these allegations made by trust in the and the british foreign ministry. we heard from dos of that about, from the moscow view on all of this say that even in say, ukraine, the allegations being treated with a degree of amusement in that i think is mainly because of the bigger of the center of this is mariah. if i want to cancel fatty mine a figure, he, he's also pointed out himself and the russians are pointed out, but he is banned from russia because he's considered by the russians to be a security threat. the other names listed in this intelligence up have small, credible, they're all former cobit era politicians,
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and they all are exiled in russia. but any intelligence grow up like this that comes without the evidence to back it up, at least publicly has to be taken with the grains of sold in its defense. you could say it was very surprising if the russian intelligence hadn't been talking to disgruntled ukrainian politicians, particularly if they were in russia and had pro russian sympathies bought. russian intelligence deals or multiple axes and it looks at multiple different contingencies. there are also into agency rivalry, so you've got the g, r u, the f s b the s b, all, all of which operate to it with a degree of independence from each other. so it's something that's been considered by one isn't necessarily endorsed by the others or by the kremlin itself. and there are big questions here. is it just chatter? is it a serious plan? and also how would even be put into place, because you would have to topple the pre the current regime administration in kiev
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before you could install any kind of puppet russian one. rory, thank you very much for a challenge. the chinese life from london, u. s. president joe biden has met his national security team to discuss the crisis in ukraine. washington has sent about 90 tons of military supplies to ukraine, seeing it wants to ensure its armed forces are well stocked, but russia insists it has no plans to attack. ukraine is calling up civilians to join it's military reserves, and a 3rd of people say they are willing to sign up or the hub del hamid is in the capital kiev. she met some who have enlisted in a parking central care, military drills, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people, like allison had asked him ankle. a student in the science of plants spend their week. kennedy soon come or came naturally from your i just have to for like my
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family of garcia hobbs in this situation. old 3rd escalade and i can continue my, your scientific work and not be affected were it's all part of our program to become member of the territorial defense unit. they are run by regular military officers or combat veterans like eager region of who 1st served there in the den soviet army new to dublin luma would go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting the russians rural slavic, but we're on our own land and we have to defend it. we understand the situation. it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to. i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed in cities around the country. last year,
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parliament passed alone that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense units. now they are part of the country strategic defense when their role is to provide popular resist, veronica martin, case the ukranian army is overwhelmed. these units and now part of the military alongside they may be air force and army. 32 percent of ukrainians say they are willing to enlist. they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equip audrey as military support pours in from several western country. but for martyr who's keep the role of this popular resistance unit is crucial. even though she can find herself in harm's way. our main task is to support the army in, not in the front line by monday, but her back and also to protect
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a infrastructure to the supports evidence. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time. and to nowadays are changing very quickly. or unison russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet. the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than later. with at the hamid al jazeera give. okay, we'll recover the headlines we're in a couple of minutes, but it's a snowy forecast, southeast of europe. jeff has the details in your world whether update while we're seeing snell, where we don't usually get it. hello everyone. here's the details. this includes for the great capital offenses shield of snow over you on monday. ok. so it was by february, thoughts and snow, but before then was in until 2008. this weather maker is going to curl up into southern turkey. so that means snow very likely for on talia. and over the past 30 years, you've only seen
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a round of snow once twice. and now we're looking at about $2.00 to $5.00 centimeters. central europe looks like this. the snow is starting to wind down here, but breezy conditions for areas of croatia, scattering of showers, rolling across the northern ireland into scotland. and then we do have a feed of rain and snow slamming into western norway. iberia by day is fine, but by night those temperatures are dropping off, especially northern spain weather alerts in played there as your temperatures dip down to about minus 6. then we have sand and dust storms along that border with chad and gera. not too far away from n jemina, but all of the action going on toward southern africa. this tropical wave of rain has transferred from madagascar and to centrally northern mozambique. we are going to see some severe flooding dare, and temperatures have fallen in cape town to 26 on monday season. still to come here. all the news are for you as the tide turning for the u. k. fishing industry. a year after the disruption caused by bricks it and could
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a little known crop feet. new orleans will tell you why scientists are excited about sickle, false bananas, and in sports england forward to martha's rash with school to go to remember fort majesty. united sanity. with that story, ah, the athletes a larger than life. but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. one on 18th, get to re rec, safe inside his sport, where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on l. g 0. a al jazeera where ever, you know, jenny, a, jenny, a baby and one of necessity,
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a 3 different missions that all facing the challenge and driving on nicaragua was unpaid rent at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the co rack you on on al jazeera, ah ah ah, just gone half past the honest recap your top story so far today there's been gunfire at several military camps in burkina, faso, capital walker, google, the defense minister denies the army has taken over,
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entertained the president. senior taliban officials are in norway for their 1st talks on european soil al jazeera has learned will be pushed on promises to uphold human rights in return for billions of dollars in frozen humanitarian aid and russia has rejected you. k accusations is plotted to install a pro muscular leader in crane case as rushes in contact with former ukrainian politicians. as part of the plans for an invasion. fierce fighting in the northeast of syria is into its 4th day. i suffice as the trying to free their members from a prison there i saw was defeated in syria 3 years ago. and this is being seen as one of its most ambitious plans since then. local kurdish forces supported by us air strikes are pushing back. he has paul to judge. yet the soldiers are on the mission to push out islamic state fighters from serious northern city of
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hospital for days. the area has turned into a battle ground between kurdish luxuriant forces and ice all with more attacks and the rising doth toll. here, dust is easy to come by lifeless bodies of suspected iso fighters are laid out by british forces near a dirt road. but dozens of people have been killed on both sides. the latest battle broke out after iso storms of white on prison, which house more than $3500.00 suspected members of the armed group said of what many managed to escape and are believed to be on the loose. now there are concerns . detox could signal the boobs come back 3 years after it was defeated. some local leaders say support for iso is increasing as resentment grows against the kurdish lead administration. often accused of discriminating against the majority or population. we shall live footage of justice. no more. what we're hoping god will make things better so we can go back home. we're renting a house,
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but now we have no way to go. we have no one but god and all families are leaving their homes amid a harsh winter entire neighbourhood left virtually empty as kurdish forces close in on their targets. when homeless now we didn't sleep last night. we're dead walking. we're dying of fear. we've been walking since this morning and now the called is not helping at all. what began as an attack on a syrian prison may signal the start of a new front between kurdish forces and i sold paul chatterjee on al jazeera. let's talk to my one cabal on he's had a policy analysis of the arab sense of research and policy studies. he joins us from dough, our, my one, welcome back to the news out. is this i so coming back? well i guess there has, this is the nucleus that has been carried out by iceland since the last day of
4:34 pm
stronghold in alba, who was 3 years ago and he had been conducting great. let's try to see the forces and to see the market forces over the last 3 years. but this is by far biggest offensive against the prison in i think they are sickening, a new strategy after 3 use of losing a strong quote. and i think this is a shift in the tactics to be have a civil and presence in iraq needs to be a britain bridge in iraq over the pastor use. and the many actually to free many of the members. but this one with the presence of the us forces with the support of the u. s. air force. i think this is a major, major shift and such, and mo,
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and when we talk about the kurdish forces, are we actually talking about read designated pash murder forces? because the pen murders, reputation, correct me if i'm wrong here, their reputation was they were one of the few organizations that could take on isolate. and when at a local conflict to conflict type level, not to adopt us. so we have seen fighting between ice city, democracy forces over many, many years, but they never actually manage to defeat our. so without the support of the slit coalition, the air force has always been instrumental in pushing ice and out of it's strong cause. and let me give you the example about who's in 2019 to look at the sources. they actually lost hundreds of their fighters and trying actually to,
4:36 pm
to push i sent from some court, but they couldn't do that. i just said without support from the united states it's, it's really difficult for them to start. i guess arson, we've now had a full ear of the biden administration, which means we've had bank to back consecutive us president signaling we are pulling out of the middle east. we are with growing our forces from places like syria. and here we are today talking about us fighter jets being involved in what's going on on the ground in syria. how does that work? yes. can i speak to her? we have been seeing for many years actually that you cannot defeat isolated with on and by only using force or by security approach alone, you have to have a fully strategy. i mean, you would always have to making a come back as long as they get it. yes is of the people of the locals are not
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addressed. so we have a political problem. we have an economy and we have a social problem. and i think we need to deal with all these things in order to defeat the i said, because i said, we'll always have some sort of support by the local as in boy as c, as long as we have the creepiness is of those people not address so they not just us will have that have to remain committed to this fighting for many, many years unless we deal with this as a credit card. next option, property time dealing with it mainly to military force, mo and thank you so much my one cabal. and joining us there from the rescue workers in yemen are still searching for survivors trapped under the debris of a destroyed detention facility, who the official say more than 80 people were killed in a saudi coalition. air strike on friday. a prison holding migrants was hit in the province of sedar. saudi arabia says the building was not on a list of protected sites. catcher, lopez heard
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a yarn reports the agony isn't over for these families. their loved ones for kills in an air strike on a detention facility in yemen side of province. now they must sort through bodies to try and identify their dead relatives. nearby rescue teams are hoping to find survivors under the rubble. yet in the lobby like this is a crime to be added to their crimes. and this makes us more determined to face their aggression. we're calling for all the relevant authorities to investigate this. more than 80 people were killed the attack. dozens are injured or missing. tallen no, and i get in your homework either i'm but i was sitting with my friends and then the wall plane came and dropped the 1st strike on our water while laces. 2 more years strikes her, migraines, women, and children are among the dead agencies say the whose these use the facility to
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hold migrants. we tried reaching gulf nations to find jobs in a statement read on air by saudi state tv. the coalition says the rebels fail to market the detention center on a no strike list. but what the hell of the damage that i get to believe that the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list, according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yes, and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross the un is pulling for a transparent investigation, but on the ground in him and who the leaders say they're not to blame for the escalating violence. now i'm, i'm getting my community then we are looking at a very big crime. and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. that's what we see that by the targeting of detention center inside the province in the continuous killing of civilians. while war criminals escape prosecution. 6 sliding hands intensified recently,
4:40 pm
not on the saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes on what it says are with the military targets. this after the group carried out, an unprecedented attack on the united arab emirates. last week. more violence is becoming a growing threat across the region. has the potential to skill over whatever happens in yemen will not remain a contained within yeoman's borders. it will spill over to the neighboring countries. i think that is specifically why your man is so important that i have on my face after him in a country already devastated by years of war. the fighting appears to be far from over. katia lopez again, i was just 0. while the violence in yemen has escalated significantly so far this year, unicef says is young people who are now paying the price. the u. n. says 17 children have been killed so far this year, while 10000 have been killed or maimed since the fighting began in 201411 1000000 children in yemen now need humanitarian aids and 400000
4:41 pm
a suffering from severe or acute malnutrition. unicef says more than 8500000 youngsters don't have access to safe water. sanitation, or hygiene. juliette to mom is the original chief of communications with unicef in the middle east and north africa. she says a political, not a military solution is the only way to keep children safe in yemen isn't the beginning of the year. there have been huge total if you wish to including 4 children according to our report. at least 17 children where it came to only the beginning of the year. and that's already been the number of key that if we compare it with the number in december, when we do now is that kids continue to pay a very heavy price. they have been for the 7 years, regardless of who's responsible. what's important for you is that children continue to be continued to be injured,
4:42 pm
is that there are facts on medical facilities and indications abilities. they says, what we call for a, for this war, to come to a final final solve for the sake of children, party to the conflict need to come back to the negotiations. they will, there is no military solution for the conflict in yemen, the only solution is a political solution. it is high time that the children are prioritize the human. they have been saying 1st thing, a lot of families are living in grief, living in sadness. it's high time that all of this misery comes in and now when breaks it happened a year ago, there was despair in the u. k. fishing industry. many in the community had felt they've been sacrificed to make a deal. foreign boats can still work in u. k. waters but exporters need 7 different types of paperwork. however, the dark clouds do appear to be lifting, as jonah hall now explains from the port of bricks them. remember the anguish of
4:43 pm
fishing communities of britons briggs in trade deal with the e. u. the new rules and red tape, the warnings of catches rotting on the key side of businesses going past a year round. and here in the south, devon port of bricks and things, and looking up at its famous fish market. they are having an especially busy week. the innovation of online bidding means buyers from all over europe, or just a mouse click away that they're 254, that delicatessen cease from belgium. sales are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. the new export paperworks are canceled, but they've got used to it. so the orders are received by the following morning. rex it, what breaks it outside? no, better off of what i would say. it's in the main ocean, probably in england. we are probably better off because the fish fish across the board and south and sell it on the european market. but now there's so much red. we go up now we've picked up fish up and we feel that administrative high fees to
4:44 pm
access this booming co operative mean smaller operators are much more at the mercy of fluctuating prices. so they to have had to adapt with some expanding into direct sales because everyone is locked in and if they ring up we deliver over sunday, i think probably is more to do with covert. other thing is to do a present waitress. every week is different. where we're tapped into to each week as we go, it's like the fish up, you know, the prices go up and down. you go to a dot to survive. so it's a nuanced picture. yes. fish. exports a strawman. yes. changing habits after lockdown have created a new appetite for fish at home, but some doing better than others. it's a picture of an industry learning to make the best of a complicated trade deal rather than reaping any rich rewards. jeff and
4:45 pm
restauranteur mitchell talks has been putting british official diners, plates for years. he's now also doing a roaring trade on line fishing firmly in in, in the picture the whole time. which was good honda and of course, i mean the british public waking up. right. healthy, i think whichever which ever you believe whether you want to be in or out there is a certain resolve. unity pretty frequently feel free to reach out here. and it's a pretty huge turnaround for an industry that just a year ago was predicting its own demise. jonah holl algae 0 bricks. farmers have descended on madrid in spain, in their thousands to protest against the local governments, economic and environmental policies. they want more subsidies and for the price of agricultural products to be regulated. but the government says this year's budget already includes $4700000000.00 to help those in rural areas. one of the issues in
4:46 pm
the negotiations in vienna recently between the u. s. and iran has been the impacts of economic sanctions. both sides are trying to restart the 2015 nuclear agreement . but many iranians are struggling to survive after years of economic decline and shortages including life saving medicines. wrestle said our reports, now prompt iran. mariam ham medina said has a genetic blood disorder. they're called tele samir. she needs frequent blood transfusions just to keep going back full time within our body doesn't produce blood. so we need to receive it monthly along with some specific medicines that we haven't been able to find the medicines we need for months now. and we're slowly dying because of that. that is because she is also caught in the crossfire of global politics. find the medication in iran has been difficult since 2018. that's when the u. s. pulled out of iran's nuclear deal with world powers and green pause,
4:47 pm
economic sanctions. but there is more, prevents marianne from receiving proper medical care. many international firms have also stop doing business with iran, as they fear they may also be sanctioned. they include global distributors of medical supplies, and this has can evolve people's access to medical treatment across the country. the less amir patients are, know, among millions of people whose health is seriously threatened hulu. geometry caused by john wood. when the us pulled out of the nuclear deal. we thought it was just a political situation and that we wouldn't be affected that much. but more people are dying by the day. 547 patients have since died. and another $7000.00 are at risk. as many as 300 of them may not make it by the end of next year on that one on a one house. for the in the set up, the loss is all too familiar. this photo is from a picnic. you organized. we tell a semi a patients back in 2013. does he points to are no longer alive? man, as i say, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha,
4:48 pm
i'm begging the people who impose these sanctions. if they have a problem with our officials, they should solve it with them. they shouldn't target ordinary people. they need to know that these medicines are vital and they must lift sanctions so he can receive them. we can't live a normal life like this. an ether round of talks to provide the 2015 nuclear deal is now underway in vienna. but so far it hasn't produced any tangible result. and with the health of millions of people at stake in iran, any failure could do worse than damage it's economy. rest will say that i'll just 0 to her. now, scientists in ethiopia say a little known crop, referred to as false bananas, could help and food shortages. the plant is not widely eaten outside ethiopia, but new research suggests and set to give it as proper name could be grown. and most parts of africa, scientists say it could be used to feed 100000000 people. so why has this crop been
4:49 pm
giving research as so much hope will the fruit, the end set itself can't be eaten? it's the plants start. she roots that are used to make bread and porridge. it's mainly cultivated in parts of the theatre here. but new research from the royal botanical gardens and london shows it can grow as far away as africa, wheats, and mays or 2 of the main staple crops across the continent. climate scientists say yields of those will shrink as temperatures rise, but ends that is truck resistance and can be harvested year round, which means it could feed people when other crops fail. clamp your sport is santa. thank you very much, peter. laura found the di, fill on track for history making when the strain and open the dies through to the quarter finals and melbourne as he aims to secure a record break and 21st grand slam title. and which isn't reports for all of roughly on the downs. grand slam success, this is
4:50 pm
a tournament he's only one once. and in the 1st such as disc, 4th round match, nadal was pushed to the limit spice french opponent, adrian marino it, whence? what's high break that lasted for nearly half an hour. with marino saving, 6 set points, eventually nadal won a decisive riley and the match momentum swung his way. the spaniard dropped just for games in winning the next 2 sets. he's into the quarter finals and still on course to when a record breaking 21st grand slam title. i had been little bit a lagging with injuries here during goal or my career. and sometimes i was a lucky because the opponents were better than me. i. but in
4:51 pm
general turns i always, her very, very emotional matches here now. so i am very happy to be back in, in quite the final means a lot to me ah, up next for natal is candidates denisha of all of he beat 3rd seed, alexander's verify. farrah's exit lease, no doubt is the highest rank player in his half of the draw. it's always an honor to, to go up against the i like graph. ah, ah, we played out to long on an exhibition, obviously, completely different conditions. completely different, much better. yeah, it's always fine. it's always going to be a battle against them. and i yeah, it's going to be going to be a tough one and are definitely going to enjoy women's world number one. ashley bossy was far too good for a man that any some over party overpowering the player who knocked out miami or soccer. and her last match went on to win in straight
4:52 pm
sets. bonnie's aim to become the 1st ostrich. it's when it's title since chris. so neil: a chief defeat back in 1978. 0 and he richardson algy sir. oh, tournament organizes have stood by a decision to ask fans to remove t shirts and a banner bearing the words were, is punctually activist shared this video on social media earlier and the torment he, chinese player disappeared from public view for 3 weeks after accusing government official of sexual assault from painters that say they're printing more t shirt sam plan to hold a bigger protest at the women's singles. final. on saturday, on the statement tennis australia said that we don't allow a clothing, banners, or science the are commercial or political punctuate safety is our primary concern . we continue to work with the women's tennis association and global tennis community to seek more clarity on her situation. when in field
4:53 pm
a goals that were the story of the nfl payoffs on saturday, the san francisco 49 as upset the nf c that talk see that the green bay packers this, that kick securing 13 to 10 when the 40 niners that will now play in the championship game for the 2nd time in 3 years. there is a calmness, honestly, in pride, midway through the 1st or 2nd that i realized there was a new i type game. you know, they, they got off to get started their 1st job. but our differences point, graydon, there's just a seal to the game, you know, even when they had the lead, i felt like we were in control the game as crazy as that sounds. susan asked about the are also one way and away from the super bowl. the bangles that beat the tennessee titans at $19.00 to $16.00. and once again at the a game, it was decided by a late field goal. they will play in the ac championship game for the 1st time since 1989. in the english brown league managers to sit is winning run has come to
4:54 pm
an end pet guardiola side that we're aiming for. 13 straight win or the league leaders that went behind in the 7th minute against south hampton high walker. peters with a goal city eventually equalized in the 65th minute to end of one. 0, it is still have a 12 point advantage over 2nd place livable a layer goal from a marcus rush for the ascent you my and united the into the top 4 and the champions lea qualifications spots the england international scored. an injury time went out to seal a one mill victory over at west ham, tottenham and our seller also aiming for the top 4 finished. they both have matches on sunday. and that's it for me, peter santa. thank you very much. let's go back to that story you mentioned just before we are to post news with santa, we're talking about the new super food, a fake bananas they called and said, let's bring in james burrell in and ton not,
4:55 pm
not repo in madagascar. he's a research fellow at the robot. i am gardens key in london. he's also a senior author of the study paper on and says, james, good to get you here on this program. why have we not heard of this before? if it's so popular? and so kind of during her, they do it all the time in ethiopia. i think that's actually one of the central part of the story actually. so globally, we're very familiar with just a small handful of crops, you know, rice, we mays provide more than half the calories to humanity. but around the world, a lot of people will know what we call under utilized growth, so sometimes, often crops. and that's the spectacular diversity of the species that can often be incredibly important to a whole country, but, but only longer from that relatively small area. and that's the case with and 2nd. ok, so these think but on us ends that can be grown from ethiopia,
4:56 pm
relatively speaking in the north of africa, all the way down to south africa going through different kind of weather systems as you go from north to south. but on top of that, as we head into a time where someone's getting hotter and when to the getting colder because of global warming, that's good news as well when it comes to using this particular crop yet because it means that you don't have to rely on crops that cannot be grown in those extremes of whether absolutely that's a major focus of this study is we know that it's incredibly important as a staples of 20000000 people and we're all concerned on what is going to happen to our crops on the climate change so one thing we know is that, unfortunately, whether we like it or not in the future, farmers are going to have to ship variety, they grow, they're going to have to shift the species that guides to it, that there's very little we can do to stop that because it's climate and so it's really important that we do the partnership between, for example,
4:57 pm
scientists working in the u. k. and find these colleagues in ethiopia. you understand how the climate part of these crop is, is going to allow them to move in the end. but we find it is surprising, the tolerance is going to be bible and you get a potentially in other countries into the future. james will have to leave it that we didn't have one or 2 technical issues getting through you, but thank you for bearing with us. it was really good to talk to you about this. i suspect we'll talk about it again here on this channel as well. thank you so much, james, bro. in madagascar, thank you. that's it for me, pete, adobe, and the news our team here and doha, don't forget, you can also always get more news, of course, via the web site. the address has have an al jazeera dot com. we're back at the top of the i was 30 minutes of how to 0 will use. we'll get the latest on what's going on in burkina faso, what looks like it's been a failed attempt to, to by certain members of the military there we have heard from the head of the military. we have not heard today from the president paul burkina faso. do stay
4:58 pm
with us more news when we come back, we'll see you soon. ah . when the news break side is tornado destroyed everything it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story town, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, i get on my right. the wind just b g 0 has teens on the ground to where you are award winning documentary and lives on air and on line from the al jazeera london pro cal center to special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted.
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i realized i was working for something that was evolve, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria right there. meet christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio be unscripted on al jazeera sediment and development, have altered the course of the ribbon. it no longer flows to the sea, and around 10 years ago it became more susceptible to red tights. the boom of elk a calls as discoloration in the water. i'm going to scoop some of this water out. and you can see there's a ross colors tinge to tests by the fisheries department show the l. he in the getting river is of the alexandria species, which produces toxins, grossly been brought him is a fisherman from fallacious don't that district in collecting, in the 1990s the giddy river was clear. you could see the said, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. fisheries officials have they should notice this banning people from selling or
5:00 pm
eating mala found along the getting river. the area affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood trade is in the area. ah . ready a trade mutiny in burkina faso, the defense ministry says the situation is back under control of the shootings and several army bases. ah, and welcome again. and peter w, watching all to 0 live from the ha. also coming up on the beneficial arrive in norway al jazeera has learned they'll be pushed on women's rights in return for aid . as tension grows the.


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