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like unequal broadcasting, thumbnails have been august 9th news for happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running ah reports of a military coup and a quick denial. the king of also his defense ministry, says the situation is under control of the shootings in some taps. ah, hello again on cam al santa maria here in doug how they says the world news from al jazeera taliban officials of arrived in norway as al jazeera learns. they will be push on women's rights in return for 8. as the tension grows, the u. k. says russia is plotting to install moscow friendly government and ukraine
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. the kremlin calls it nonsense and there's heavy fighting. in serious, ne, with us backed kurdish force is trying to repel iso attempting to regain last brown ah, starting a bikini fall. so there has been heavy gunfire there in the capital walker today. ah, what was happening at several, or happened, at least at several military camps across the city, including the main army base. at the defense minister has denied reports, though, that the military has actually taken over the country and detained the president's . it said you feel sure there was an uprising in 6 locations, including the capital. now everything is calm. those involved in the uprising of
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being investigated. the president wasn't arrested and he hasn't resigned. we know where he is and we are following the situation and getting details about how this happened. and those he led the uprising are detained. we are asking all civilians to stay calm and we will tell the public the reasons behind this uprising. everything is under control. we continue our mission to protect our country and didn't people are not and we'll get an update on that story shortly with our correspondence following things from from dot com. in the meantime, the taliban has not touched down in norway's capital all slows the group's 1st visit to a western country. since they took power and i've got a son last year talks will focus on easing humanitarian crisis and human rights. are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives, the notary, did any more bomb, declare him in norway. we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with the european union on matters of mutual
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interest. one part of our meetings would be with our afghan despoil, who are outside the country, especially in europe with their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual understanding will continue between afghans more on the story with us. some have been generate you have gone into the government's delegation is led by the foreign minister con, with the peace is not just going to be meeting representatives off a governance. but also i've gone diaspora as well. we believe efforts are being made to hold at least some meetings with women. but we've also been speaking to some leaders who say that this is not a united have gone dice for there are differences between people. there's well one prominently to saying that they are against the taliban, but this particular group does not represent her as well. so it is going to be a difficult task ahead for all of the sides trying to reconcile the differences between the people living and have done is done. the people in charge of one is done and those living in exile the damage done. they like to call them, says one,
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the rest to release the funds, the gun funds, which are nearly about $10000000.00 down predominantly in the united states being held. they want the sanctions from the united states. united states, as well as the united nation, is to be lifted against the group and their allies. also, the best is going to be pressing them hard on the issues of women's rights. civil liberties goes education. and this is something that we've seen as, as a sticking point between the 2 sides that they are not be able to move forward. ready we're not expecting any major breakthroughs, but diplomats have been telling us that this is a step in the right direction to try and reconcile the differences between. i've gone themselves and try and solve the problem for millions of guns living in desperate. separately, taliban officials have denied beating and arresting women's rights activists. after protests and cobble women have been barred from many jobs. and i've got a son and most girls can't even go to school beyond the 6th grade. i believe in
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june. the knew when we heard the news of the arrest of a few girls we contacted all the security institutions. no women have been arrested or detained. some rumors are being circulated as some women want to make their cases so that they're escaped to western countries can be facilitated, so they can have an excuse for asylum that we reject the news that women have been arrested. mariam, i tell you and ask an journalist and women's rights activists to we spoke to about the protest paula, on our tax on their civic spaces and also to serve as alarming floor and also as a contrary. and to the all the promises they have made into the international community and also to the people that have lost on their seeking for the recommendations. if they want to governor their, their country. and they have to recognize the human rights on the principle of on
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the human rights. i mean, the rifle strikes of age occasions. i still workplace and rise to political participation of woman. they had intention of 2 girls that it has been like 3 days now that the talking them to the unknown place. and we don't know about anything about the conditions and the total of us now here to deny that we didn't take him. although the neighbors they witnesses or justify that yes, the arm group and arm gun month and it talks him to a non please don't know anything about him. and 2 more is going to be meeting in both smoking. normally, we are ordering all, i mean, talk to him in the reading, pre female protester was out on the scene seeking asking for their rights. nothing goes, they want to go to school. they want to continue to cations, which is a fundamental basic rights. every person is living in this her house,
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right to give education, to go to work and how that independence buys and freedom. why bacterial sob story. those reports of a military coup in bikini fossa. nicholas hawk, as i corresponded in senegal, following developments the latest nicholas come all we were able to speak to some of the mutineers that are firing shots in some of the camps in walker do. and they made 6 requests, 6 demands, one was more troops and means 2 was the replacement of some of the troops on the front line fighting arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i still in the north, in the center of the country. they said also that they wanted better care for the wounded and the family of those that have lost loved ones on the front line, better wages, training,
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and permanent battalions to deal with the ongoing threats these, the man fall short for the demand of the resignation of president hawk macavoy, something that many protest hers had asked for that had taken to the streets yesterday. now, these were demands made by a general leading what he calls a mutiny in walker, doom 6 camps are, are, are, i have erupted into a mutiny. one of them outside the capital, these are camps that protect the capital walker. do who? meanwhile, the minister of defense went on national television to reassure the public saying that the president and is sound and safe in as called for the mutineers to respect to keep it what he calls the republican nature of the army. that they are a, they are accountable to an elected government. they want to ensure that this mutiny does not turn into a qu, come all, where did this come from? nicholas, some of aside from what's happened today,
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is that what's the recent background been as far as the unrest in between of foster goes? well this when the cabal growing discontent in the ranks of the military for months . now remember in november, there was an attack in the north, in enough, or where 20 soldiers were killed. there was public outcry when it turned out that those 20 soldiers had gone weeks without food rations despite a calling for help from the central command. and so they had, they were forced to go out hunting for food and that's when they were attacked by arm groups linked to al qaeda. the, the army of bikini also has gone from defeat to defeat, especially in the north, in the center of the country. and they blame the lack of resources and funds for these defeats effectively. what has happened is that millions of people have been forced out of their homes, fleeing these areas because the military simply and they're unable to protect them . and there's a sense of frustration to,
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for the lack of response from the president himself, huckman, cowboy, was seen as being too slow to inactive m. just a few weeks ago, he relieved some 20 high ranking soldiers out of the military, replacing them by younger officers. when so there's been a growing miss content among those that have been dismissed. in fact, last week, dozens of soldiers that were dismissed were arrested, allegedly plodding a cou against the president. but add to that there's this going to sick discontent . amongst many people in bertina foster because of the ongoing deteriorating security situation. 1.5000000 people displaced thousands of people killed just earlier in the week for french soldiers. part of the back can operation that operate in neighboring molly, but also burkina faso were wounded by groups linked to isolate. so he can see that
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the security situation is getting from bad to worse. and that's creating so much uproar and unrest and explaining why there are there is this mutiny on going right now? come on. nicholas hawk has the latest on the situation in became a foster thank q. now russia has rejected accusations that it is plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k. is my claims that russia is in contact with former ukrainian politicians as part of plans for an invasion. though it hasn't provided any evidence. britton's foreign ministry says the information it has is that russia is planning to replace the ukranian president volney zalinski with the former ukrainian m. p. given moody of the british foreign secretary lives truss says the you. he will not tolerate what she called a kremlin plot to change the country's government. russia, dismissing the comments, solo is disinformation and accusing britain and nato of deliberately escalating tensions with ukraine. also, jabari following the story from moscow. the u. k. claims of moscow trying to
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install a pro russian leader in kiev is absolute nonsense, according to the kremlin, and it's aimed at trying to provoke tensions and escalate the situation with kemp. the kremlin has said that these accusations are absolutely false and that their main goal that spreading this, this information as they call it, is to show yet again, that these nato countries are headed by admiral saxons who are trying to incite further tensions and increase the disputes between this country and ukraine, meanwhile, it appears that for now, diplomacy is not dead yet. as the british foreign secretary will be traveling to moscow to meet her russian counterpart in early february as well as the british defense. secretary will be travelling to moscow this week to hold talks with high level officials here. so for now, it appears that the past to diplomacy and dialogue still remains open. and while us president joe biden met his national security team to discuss the ukraine crisis,
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americans sent about 900 tons of military supplies to ukraine, saying it wants to ensure its armed forces are well stocked. even though russia insists it has an plan to attack. still ukraine's calling up civilians now to join it's military reserves and a 3rd of people's either willing to do it. or the abdul hamid is in care of and she's met some of those who've enlisted in a parking central care military drills, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people like our sin here as him ankle a student in the science of plants, spend their weekend him to come more game naturally from your i just have to for like my family. of course, are you hobbs in this situation, auto deescalate and i can continue my, your scientific work and not be affected. we're it's all part of
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our program to become member of the territorial defense unit. is there run by regular military officers, o'con, but veterans like ego region of who 1st served in the den soviet army, ninja, dublin luma. would go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting. the russians whirl slavic, but we're on our own land and we have to defend it. we understand the situation, it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to, i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed in cities around the country. last year, parliament passed a law that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense units. now they are part of the country's strategic defense when their role is to provide popular resist, veronica martin,
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case the ukranian army is overwhelmed. these units and now part of the military, alongside the navy, air force and army, 32 percent of ukrainians. say they are willing to enlist. they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equipped, as military support poisoned from several western countries. but for martyr escape, the role of this popular resistance unit is crucial, even though she can find herself in harm's way. our main task is to support the army in not in the frontline, but on their back back and also to protect a infrastructure to supports evidence. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time. and to nowadays, changing very quickly or us and russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet.
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the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than later. without the lemetre al jazeera give. in the news, the head is tied to turning to the fishing industry a year after the disruption caused by breakfast. my reading will not be going to hit me sealants prime minister on tougher code 19 restrictions after a recent search in ami con infections. ah, ah, look forward to brutus guys with the sponsored by cut on airways. it's a soggy forecasts for the philippines. hello, everyone. so here's the details. intense rain will be falling from sebu rate into devout. so look at the 3 day forecasts in devout, they've even seen some jolts and bolts here on monday. the worst of the rain i
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think will come on tuesday and look at this high humidity feeling about 40 here. as we look towards se stays or the rest of the region right now, we're west java getting into some breaks from that heavy rain. so jakarta maybe even seen some sunshine on monday. now for central and eastern portions of china, really gloomy. here we've got showers rolling across and where those temperatures are low enough, we will see some flurries and snow. all that soaking rain that was over q issue impacting kind of, she met his, pushed away. so it's now a mix of sun in cloud and cocoa shima with a hive. 8 degrees, some showers for the east coast of india. this is impacting the indian states of entrepreneur dash rate into west bank gall and also into bangladesh. in the far northeast of india, other places we've seen some showers in new delhi and that's helping to clear up the air quality here. but it's not going to last for long. we have low temperatures, so cold air sinks to the surface. it's going to grab all that smog and shut it down
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to the ground. i 17 degrees, a new delhi on monday. see later. the weather bun, sit by katara always. mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in whoa, but not every one fears living in its shadow with good food. perhaps there is something magnetic about vesuvius. the good people who don't live in camp understand how she cyril world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of living with the volcano on al jazeera blue. oh,
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on al jazeera, these other top stories a gun fire had been heard previously attend military camps of bikini fossil capital wagon. duke are these pictures of just coming in all the last 5 minutes or so. people celebrate. there is confusion about what's happening. the defense ministers denying that the army is taken over into time. the president thought al jazeera had spoken to some of the circle, newton he is, and they have talked about some of their demand. so moral met stories, it develops throughout the day or other headline senior taliban officials in norway for their 1st talks on european soil out as arizona they will be pushed on promises to uphold human rights in return for billions of dollars and frozen humanitarian aids and russia. rejected british accusations, it's plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k says rushes in contact with former ukranian politicians as part of a plan for an invasion or fierce fighting in the northeast to syria. hayes into
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a 4th day, i still fight as the trying to free their members from prison. i so you're remember defeated in syria 3 years ago. it's now as being seen as one of its most ambitious plans since uncle kurdish forces. the one supported by u. s. s. strikes are pushing back poll church in reports. these soldiers are on a mission. to push out his la mic, state fighters from serious northern city of hudson. for days, the area has turned into a battle ground between cornish luxuriant forces and ice sol. with more talks and arising dust toll. here, death is easy to come by lifeless bodies of suspected ice. will. fighters are laid out by british forces near a dirt road, but dozens of people have been killed on both sides. the latest battle broke out after iso stormed the white on prison, which housed more than $3500.00 suspected members of the arm grew set up for many
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managed to escape and are believed to be on the loose. now there are concerns, detox could signal the groups, come back 3 years after it was defeated. some local leaders say support for iso is increasing as resentment grows against the kurdish lead administration. often accused of discriminating against the majority or population. we shall and footage of justice, no more. what we're hoping god will make things better so we can go back home. we're renting a house, but now we have no way to go. we have no one but god and all families are leaving their homes amid the harsh winter entire neighborhoods left virtually empty as kurdish forces close in on their targets. when homeless now we didn't sleep last night, were dead walking well now, you know, fear we've been walking since this morning and now the cold is not helping at all. well, what began as an attack on assyrian prison may signal the start of
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a new fund between kurdish forces and i saw paul chatterjee on al jazeera, a senior, ethiopian military official, says government troops are making plans to enter to rise regional capital, michaela, the deputy army chief said, the country will not be at peace until rebels integral are for eliminated to use. diplomats did fly to route us up by the switch on a push for a ceasefire. and he's here, he's been gripped by this conflict in the north for more than a year. now. make any a good in that to get a good mckelly and to grey, or if you can territory, no one will stop us. we'll go in and eliminates the enemy. there should not be any confusion about this. if you can, people should not perceive as if the war is over. it is not over. breski workers in yemen are still searching for survivors trapped under the debris of a destroyed detention facility. heard the officials say more than 80 able were killed in a saudi coalition as strike a prison holding migrants was hit inside the province. but saudi arabia says the
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building was not on a list of protected sites. cathy at lopez or the young reports. the agony isn't over for these families. their loved ones for kills in an air strike on a detention facility in yemen side of province. now they must sort through bodies to try and identify their dead relatives. nearby rescue teams are hoping to find survivors under the rubble. yet in the lobby like this is a crime to be added to their crimes. and this makes us more determined to face the aggression we're calling for all the relevant authorities to investigate this. more than 80 people were killed at the attack. dozens are injured or missing. tallen no, and i guess in your homework either i'm but i was sitting with my friends and then the wall plane came and dropped the 1st strike on our water a while later, 2 more years strikes her migraines, women and children are among the dead agencies say the who these use the facility
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to hold migrants who tried reaching gulf nations to find jobs in a statement read on air by saudi state tv. the coalition says the rebels fail to market the detention center on a no strike list was at the heart of the damage that i get to believe that the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list, according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yes and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross. the un is pulling for a transparent investigation. but on the ground in him and who the leaders say they're not to blame for the escalating violence. now i'm, i'm getting microbiology, then we are looking at a very big crime and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. that's what we see that by the targeting of detention center inside the province. yeah. and the continuous killing of civilians while war criminals escape prosecution. 6
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fighting has intensified recently, not on the saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes on what it says are with the military targets. this, after the group carried out, an unprecedented attack on the united arab emirates. last week. more violence is becoming a growing threat across the region that has the potential to skill over whatever happens in yemen will not remain a contained within yeoman's borders. it will spill over to the neighboring countries. i think that is specifically why your man is so important that i have on my face after him in a country already devastated by years of war. the fighting appears to be far from over. cathy, a little bit of again, elisha 0. when briggs, it finally happened a year ago, remember that it was despair in the u. k. fishing industry fishing community. so they've been sacrificed just to make a deal. foreign boats can still work in u. k. waters but export need 7 different types of paperwork. however, the doc clubs do seem to be lifting is john hall reports from the port bricks and
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remember the anguish of fishing communities of britons briggs in trade deal with the e. u. the new rules and red tape. the warnings of catches rotting on the key side of business is going best a year round. and here in the south, devon port of bricks and things are looking up at its famous fish market. they are having an especially busy week. the innovation of online bidding means bars from all over europe, or just a mouse click away that they're 254, that delicatessen cease from belgium. sales are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. the new export paperworks are canceled, but they've got used to it. so the orders are received by the following morning. rex it, what breaks it. i've tried to say no better off what i'm in the main ocean, probably in england, we are probably better off because the fish needs to take the fish across the board themselves and sell it on the european market. but now,
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because it's so much red tape, we go up to the house now we picked up fish up and we killed the administrative high fees to access this booming co operative mean, smaller operators are much more at the mercy of fluctuating prices. so they to have had to adapt with some expanding into direct sales because everyone is locked in and if they ring up we deliver over sunday, i think probably is more to do with covert. other thing is to do a present waitress. every week is different. where we're tapped into to each week as we go, it's like the fish up, the prices go up and down. you go to a dot to survive. so it's a nuanced picture. yes, fish. exports a strawman. yes. changing habits after lockdown have created a new appetite for fish at home, but some a doing better than others. it's
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a picture of an industry learning to make the best of a complicated trade deal, rather than reaping any rich rewards. chef and restaurant her mich tonks has been putting british official dinars plates for years. he's now also doing a roaring trade online for the fisher firmly and in the picture the whole time, which was, which was good. and of course, having a pretty awake enough to start great talk today, i think whichever which ever you believe when you want to be in. all right, there is a certain result, unity amongst pretty people who want to reach huge class. and it's a pretty huge turnaround for an industry that just a year ago was predicting its own demise. jonah whole al jazeera bricks, them with a current of virus news coming out of new zealand. it's moving to the red level of
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their current of virus restrictions or a traffic light system. meaning public gatherings will now be limited. prime minister just under the made the announcement which she said would affect her personally. my reading will not be going here, but i just join many other new zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the painting may contain anyone who's caught up in that scenario. i'm so sorry, but you are, we are all sort of resilient and i know we understand that we are doing this for one another and i know that will help us continue on. why have keeping an eye on development from oakland? the final clean up is underway here following the completion of the oakland marathon and the organizes all of this event will be breathing a big sigh of relief. because under the new level change announced by the government, the staging of this events would not be allowed. the prime minister, you cinder i doing, had signal that if only kron was found in the community unusual, and then the country would very quickly move to the highest red light alert level.
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and that's exactly what has happened now that cases have been found in both the north and south islands of new zealand. but under the latest framework, nationwide locked downs will not happen any more. most things will remain open, but they will be limits on the number of people who are allowed to go to venues or attain gatherings of 100 people. and that's why this has been wouldn't be possible . and it's why the prime minister has postponed her upcoming wedding. like other phases of this pandemic. new zealand has had the benefit of time and distance to be able to watch what has been happening in other countries like australia, where the number of army cron cases has surged. and the prime minister has warned that very soon you zealand will also see thousands of new cases a day. i pass the hour and these are the top stories.


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