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live cassandra al, she 0 will goes to the red zone near naples to understand this unusual love of living with the volcano on al jazeera ah, taliban officials arrived in norway and al jersey was learned. they will be pushed on women's rights in return for 8. ah, are we run over a 100 hours g, m t, here on alpha zeron? come all santa maria, these are the headlights tension is growing. the u. k. says russia is plotting to install a friendly government in ukraine, but moscow calls it nonsense. also ethiopians,
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deputy military chief reveals his troops are planning an operation to enter. tig rise at regional capital makella my we will not be going here and his evens prime minister announces tougher cove at 19 restrictions after a surge in all recall related cases. ah, so we'll start with a developing story this our, the 1st visit by taliban officials to a western country. since they took power of i've got to stand back in august, a high level delegation has arrived in norway's capital all slow. they are expected to meet officials from several nato countries and that will include representatives in the united states. not good did any more bomb declare, hold on him in norway. we have a meeting with the us and also with the european union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meetings would be with an afghan, despoil,
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who are outside the country, especially in europe with their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual understanding will continue between afghans, clues with them about for up. in conclusion, our relationship with countries around the world are developing and getting better off. foreign minister went to iran. chapman stand on today to norway as well as to discuss all aspects like economic business for political and others. and tele, been officials meanwhile, have denied beating and arresting women's rights activists. after protests and cobble women have been bought from many jobs and most girls can't go to school. beyond the 6th grade. i believe in june, they knew it was we heard the news of the arrest of a few girls. we contacted all the security institutions. no women have been arrested or detained. some rumors are being circulated as some women want to make their cases so that they're escaped to western countries can be facilitated. so
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they can have an excuse for asylum that we reject the news that women have been arrested. and another note from afghanistan, at least 7 people killed in a bomb blast on a minibus. there 9 others were wounded in the explosion in the western city of herat, a taliban commander says, explosives were attached to the fuel tank. no groups claimed responsibility, but eiffel says it has carried out similar attacks in recent weeks will return to afghanistan later. but 1st to russia and ukraine, russia rejecting accusations that it is plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k. is claimed. russia is in contact with form ukrainian politicians as part of plans for an invasion. though it hasn't provided any evidence. the foreign ministry says it has information that russia is planning to replace the ukranian. president volume is lensky with former ukrainian m. p. if you are moody of british foreign secretary list trust as britain will not tolerate what she called a kremlin plot to change the country's government. russia has dismissed the
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comments as disinformation and accuses britain and nature of deliberately escalating tensions over ukraine. and u. s. present, jo biden's met his national security team to discuss the ukraine crisis. americas now sent about 90 tons of military supplies to ukraine, saying i want to ensure its armed forces a well stocked. russia still insisting it has no plans to attack. will ukraine is now calling up civilians to join it's military reserves, and a 3rd of people say they're willing to do it. how to bill honeyed inc, i kia, has met some of those who've enlisted in a parking central give military drills, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people like allison here as him ankle a student in the science of plants, spend their weekend, come more game naturalism. you know,
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i just have so for like my family garcia, hobbs in this situation would throw this collide. and i can continue my extensive work and not be affected were it's all part of our program to become member of the territorial defense unit. is there run by regular military officers or combat veterans like ego, roger, nov, who 1st served in the den soviet army new to dublin luma. put, go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting the russians world slavic, but we're on our own land and we have to defend it. we understand the situation. it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to, i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed in cities around the country. last year, parliament passed
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a law that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense units. now they are part of the country strategic defense and their role is to provide popular resist, veronica martin, case the ukranian army is overwhelmed these units and now part of the military, alongside the navy, air force and army. 32 percent of ukrainians. say they are willing to enlist, they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equipped, as military support poison from several western countries. but for martyr who's keep the role of this popular resistance unit is crucial. even though she can find herself in harm's way. our main task is to support the army in, not in the front line, but on their back, her back, and also to protect
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a infrastructure to support surveillance. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time and to know a day search engines very quickly. oh, us and russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet. the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than later. without the lamid al jazeera give rescue work as in yemen, are still searching for survivors trapped under the debris of a destroyed detention facility. who is the officials say a saudi coalition, air strike, hips, the temporary holding center inside the province on friday. saudi arabia says the building wasn't on a list of protected sites. let us know the support from cantaloupe is already on. the agony isn't over for these families. their loved ones for kills in an air strike on a detention facility in yemen side of province. now they must sort through bodies
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to try and identify their dead relatives. nearby rescue teams are hoping to find survivors under the rubble yet, emma, probably like this is a crime to be added to their crimes. and this makes us more determined to face their aggression. we're calling for all the relevant authorities to investigate this. more than 80 people were killed, the attack dozens are injured or missing. tollen, i guess in your homework either i'm but i was sitting with my friends and then the wall plane came and dropped the 1st strike on our water a while later, 2 more years strikes her migraines, women and children are among the dead agencies say the whose these use the facility to hold migrants who tried reaching gulf nations to find jobs in a statement read on air by saudi state tv. the coalition says the rebels fail to market the detention center on a no strike list, or what the hell of the damage that i get to believe that he alleged target was not
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included in the non targeting list, according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yes and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross. the un is pulling for a transparent investigation. but on the ground in him and who the leaders say they're not to blame for the escalating violence. now i'm, i'm judy microbiology, then we are looking at a very big crime and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. that's what we see that by the targeting of detention center inside the province. yeah. and the continuous killing of civilians while war criminals escape prosecution. 6 fighting has intensified recently, not on the saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes on what it says are with the military targets. this, after the group carried out, an unprecedented attack on the united arab emirates. last week. more violence is becoming a growing threat across the region that has the potential to skill over whatever
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happens in yemen will not remain a contained within yeoman's borders. it will spill over to the neighboring countries. i think that is specifically why your man is so important that i have on my face after him in a country already devastated by years of war. the fighting appears to be far from over. katya lopez of the young al jazeera and funerals, have been held for a senior military official and several others who died last week in another. saudi coalition strike this was in santa the officials and their supporters joined relatives in morning general abella custom algebra aid. and let the air academy was killed when his home was struck. and a number of his family member. the neighbors also to be over a senior military official says government troops are making plans to enter trigger, eyes, regional capital, mikella, the deputy army chiefs of the country will not be at peace until the rebels integrate. are eliminated to us. diplomats did fly out of south about the suite to
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push for thiefs fire. ethiopia has been gripped my conflict in the north for more than a year. make any a good in that to get a good mckelly and to grey if you can territory. no one will stop us, will go in and eliminates the enemy. this should not be any confusion about this. if your can, people should not perceive as if the war is over. it is not over. just rewind a little bit and look at the main events in this conflict, which goes back to november of 2020. when prime minister abbey a med ordered a military offensive against the trigger people's liberation front. the teeth left . he said it was in response to attacks on army bases the t p left, so that was unfairly targeted. later that month to be told parliament, the military operation to grow was over in june of last year to grow and fight has captured the regional capital mikella. and by july had entered the neighboring regions of m horror and afar to the south. in october that the government launched its ground offensive to push out the rebels. and in late december,
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government forces had recaptured those major towns and cities in horror and afar at force that he groaned. rebels to retreat to their home region is about how g normal a professor, professor of political science at the university of toronto, who told us he doesn't believe the government will actually advance on the killer. there are some elements in it. your be, are the i'm had i, militias. ah, it's no nationalist. want to push the war 2 mckelly or it's a likely that to happen for 2 reasons. as the 1st one is, of course i b doesn't want to risk a victory apartment victory an upper hand by going into another round of matters guy, which cannot be an easy victory. the 2nd is, it is, or it may be possible. the international community doesn't want to want to give, taking place, integrate the american government doesn't want this war, of course, to travel. and the united states diplomats included just the sub secretary for
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africa and the american representative for the whole are heading toward this. and this over, there are intensive diplomatic activities, also by african union, the canyon government to find a solution. every is now listening, get beat because obese a, of many, he has a shortage of money, and the country has drought and galloping inflation. there is no, technically speaking to lunch and other major war in chic. right. so i think you talked to be out of the american president, but crazy biden, which many people simply consider to be a good side. that means, so he is listening. i'm not really saying that negotiation will happen soon, or the complete will end, but i think it is more chance not for negotiation. in the news ahead 2 years since we're hon. first went in to lockdown, we're looking at how china is struggling to keep its covey case numbers to 0. in caraway's releases video showing what it says, a safety issues with the right,
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350 passenger jets, and deepening rift with abas. ah, ah, look forward to brighter scully's, the weather sponsored by kettle airways. quite a shock to the system and a role reversal. hello, everyone. good to see you. high temperatures toward northern parts of europe and low temperatures toward the south. so glasgow 7 degrees, same goes for athens, we have a cool pool of air toward the south east. that means we are seen some snow rate across turkey. i think the greek capital will cease and snow as wall best chance of that happening will be late monday into tuesday, sub 0 temperatures here. now sticking on the theme of snow for the eastern alps, i think we're going to see a helping of about 40 centimeters that's over the higher ground in the zone over the lower ground, about 5 centimeters can be expected. settled conditions for the northwest. this
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band of rain looks a bit threatening, but it's going to fizzle out by monday. just some showers for northern ireland and scotland. iberia by day is fine, but by night wow, low temperatures, weather alerts in play for northern spain, as they dipped down to about minus 6. and we're going to get strike with some brain from tripoli rate through to kyra. that's the top end of africa, bottom and a tropical wave of moisture ringing out its moisture over madagascar that will eventually slam into most and big and still high heat for keep down with a high of 36 degrees on sunday. stay cool. ok. gotta run. see again soon take care . oh the weather sponsored by katara always talk to. ready the why of the water, the as we listen design is, are making serious effort in order to stop the turn them because we need
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to still be standing on fronted and uninterrupted discussions from london broadcast santa ana, ah ah, top stories on al jazeera, russia has rejected british accusations that it's plotting to installer pro moscow leader in ukraine, you cases rushes in contact with former ukrainian politicians as part of plans for an invasion. search for survivors continues in yemen after a detention facility was hit by a saudi that coalition as strike on friday with an 80 people were killed. saudi arabia says the building was not on
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a list of protective sites and senior taliban officials are now in norway for the 1st talks on european soil. algiers learned that they will be pushed on promises to uphold human rights in return for access to billions of dollars and frozen humanitarians. zombie holler merger. he that is the spokesman for the afghan interim governments and says afghanistan's working hard to develop international relations. and normally i'm not good anymore. bombed clay ha, got him in norway. we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with you a pin union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meetings would be with our afghan d. s poor who are outside the country, especially in europe, book their ideas, consultations, and plans will be heard. this means that meetings for mutual understanding will continue between afghans, clues, or with them all boxed up. in conclusion, our relationship with countries around the world are developing and getting better
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off. foreign minister went to iran church men stand and to day to norway as well as to discuss all aspects like economic business, political, and others. i'm that i'd say to you more with our correspondent osama bin jervey debt here in don't how tell us more about the this interview and what were you heard from the, the minister, the spokesman, i'm sorry. was amusing. joe had made it clear that this is a 1st step in the direction of trying to reconcile the differences between these lemon cabinet or something they call them the interim government in abundance on and the best on european soil joint insisted that this is a meeting which is going to focus on humanitarian issues on economic issues as it is trying to bridge the gap and trying to portrayed the site to the best. we've heard the foreign ministry in norway, seeing that this does not mean the demise ation of the dollar bond government. but men, the chance to speak to the people who are in charge of gun it's not because of the
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ok. have agreed upon that. what is pressing in a gun to sign right now is by to them. yeah, i think we'll leave that there. clearly having some connection problems with us on the binge of i'd try to catch up with him a little bit later on for the latest on that story. excuse me. now there has been more violence between protestors and police in goma, in democratic republic of congo. hey, demonstrate as a demanding that a security in the region which has seen a recent surge in attacks and kidnappings. these 4 people have been killed by on groups just this week. a prominent mexican journalist has been laid to rest after being shot dead outside his home in tijuana, friends and family held a candlelight vigil to honor 49 year old marguerite martinez. been working as a photo journalist for more than a decade, covering gang related violence and had faced regular threats. long got the with
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local, but you know, he was never worried. obviously it asked for help when he received it. i think his form was improved with the panic baton but yours never. y n y. a jorge nieto is a freelance journalist who worked with margarita martinez tells us the mexican government needs to change its strategy on protecting journalists. mexico if, if a very dangerous country in general, under the cities like one or right now or similar, which is more dangerous or day, more dangerous for the journal. it's just a starting this year just we are in there 22nd right now. and 2 journalists have been killed in mexico, one and barrow cruise in the ryan. oh my god. why is this happening? why though don't it doesn't do anything. why there are not fall been described? that's the big question. they need to change their strategy in baghdad, or since i shall mighty 90 percent need the same done,
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the author of christ. but it's important to protect your notice because they represent the voice of the people there. boy, for the community. if you kill the, you're not as full is gone, adult, their story, who's gonna tell to the community, the real story, the government need to change his strategy to improve and up under prophy and need to change his the spare key suspicion because he is constantly almost daily attack in the your knowledge. yes. with well listen, 2 weeks out now from the beijing winter olympic games and china's 0 cove, its strategies coming under evermore pressure, clusters of popping up driven by omicron and delta 2 years after the original epi center we, hon. first went into locked up more in this report from katrina, you still wants sport center has reopened for winter activities. but 2 years ago, the city stadium was used for a very different purpose. it became
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a makeshift hospital for thousands who had fallen ill with the corona of ours. laura, good emma. there's bore sender set up 1100 bit in 72 hours and it emitted 1056. mild convict 19 cases in total that we managed to achieve 0 staph infection, that was 0, secondary infection on the 0. death would hold you for on january 23, 2020 city authorities took the then unprecedented step of locking down. it's 11000000 residents. human to human transmission of the virus had just been confirmed, and more than a dozen people had died. from here, the virus would go on to infect hundreds of millions around the world. to day one has resumed normal life and officials say corona virus infections in the city have been eliminated. the sea food and animal market where the outbreak was 1st identified as close. though the pandemic origin remains a mystery. an inquiry by the world health organization concluded that the possible
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leaking of the virus from a woo hand lab was extremely unlikely. though many scientists are calling for further investigation. the starting point of an international process can't be compromising with the chinese government or appeasing sensitivities. it has to be establishing a gold standard for what a full and unrestricted international investigation would entail. the chinese government has dismissed the theory and turned its attention to keeping current of iris case numbers to 0. but this has been a struggle. the provinces of kern and says she gong dung and tinge in city are battling outbreaks of birth. the omicron and delta variance millions of people have for weeks confined to their homes. staging has reported more than 10 corps of 19 cases. this past week. authorities has again pointed to imported goods,
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international deliveries, and frozen food as a likely source of infection. those living in the capital have been warned to limit the deliveries from overseas. many experts are skeptical that packages can transmit the virus. people have also been warned against traveling during the upcoming lunar new year festival. the most important public holiday of the year officials here are under intense pressure to control the outbreak before the winter olympics opens on february. the 4th doors taking part in the games will be confined to a strict, then you bubble, designed to be sealed off to protect the rest of china's population. khatri, you al jazeera, baiting, another country which originally had a 0 cove. its strategy was new zealand, things changing their now though they're moving into the red level of that corona virus restrictions, traffic system, meaning public gatherings will now be limited. prime minister just in toronto and made the announcement which she said would affect her personally. my waiting will
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not be going here, but i just join many other new zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the painting. contin, anyone who's caught up in that scenario. i'm so sorry, but you are, we are all sort resilient and i know we understand that we are doing this for one another and i know that will help us continue on or on this one with wayne hay reporting from oakland. the final clean up is underway here following the completion of the oakland marathon and the organizes all of this event will be breathing a big sigh of relief. because under the new level change announced by the government, the staging of this event would not be allowed. the prime minister just under i doing, had signaled that if only kron was found in the community unusual, and then the country would very quickly move to the highest red light alert level. and that's exactly what has happened now that cases have been found in both the north and south islands of new zealand. but under the latest framework, nationwide locked downs will not happen any more. most things will remain open,
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but they will be limits on the number of people who are allowed to go to venues or attend gatherings of 100 people. and that's why this has been wouldn't be possible . and it's why the prime minister has postponed her upcoming wedding. like other phases of this pandemic. new zealand has had the benefit of time and distance to be able to watch what has been happening in other countries like australia, where the number of army cron cases has surged. and the prime minister has warned that very soon you zealand will also see thousands of new cases a day in france, more than 5000 people protested in paris against coded restrictions. from monday, people will need to prove that been vaccinated. they went to eat at restaurants and use public transport. opinion polls showed most people in france support the measure. others, they say it infringes on their freedom. a escalated, it's about time, little french people unite against what is happening to us,
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which is a huge contract. it's a shame if the government wants to separate the french people and put from under apartheid we will never ever accept those. yeah, not if they have not loosened any restrictions. we are not slaves that need to ask for privileges. we have free human beings or say, today we really need civil disobedience. people must really revolt and they must stop showing that q all codes. we will win. protests also held in sweden, thousands out demonstrating and stalk home on saturday, against the need for vaccine passes. for indoor events of more than 50 people, more than 83 percent of suites are vaccinated. the country still sing about 40000 new cove at 19 cases. every day. she was jazz plaza festival, turned up the volume to try to shake off the pendant glows. ah,
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this is the 37th edition of the countries. major music event brings and artists from all over the place belgium, argentina, the united states will wrap up on sunday. funday katara always has released video showing the peeling exterior all of its air bus a 350 jets. now the carrier says it has serious safety concerns and is locked in what is a worsening dispute with the world's largest pine manufacturer ever says the issue needs attention, but also says it's not safety related. the full story from andrew chappelle here in doug ha. it's nearly brand new, but the say 350 aircraft has already been grounded for problems with its paint surface. katara your way says there is an issue with its a 3 fifties. the gulf carrier has grounded 21 of its fleet for what he calls surface degradation and other issues which may compromise the aircraft lightning protection system. it's unprecedented. we have is 5 so often. but for us to be witnessing the very public full out of what is the largest aircraft manufacturer in
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the world right now, an boss with one of them most prominent customer airlines. caraway's is something that we haven't seen of this scow. and a previous examples in commercialization history and it so so escalating katara always has whole to delivery of any more a 3 fifty's until the problem is fixed on thursday at asked the high court in england for an expedited hearing to address its concerns the next day air bus canceled a separate order worth $6000000000.00 for 50, a $321.00 neo aircraft to be delivered next year. this is an air cross at 321 that many airlines want to graph. and i think a boss know that by doing this, by terminating the old debt, which is what they said they have done. there are many airlines that will be trying to grab those slots and skip the queue to get those $320.00 ones in at least 5 other airlines have discovered surface was in there, a 3 fifty's, according to an investigation by reuters. but cat,
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her airways is the only one to ground its fleet, forcing it to borrow plains from other airlines, and bring others back into service. it's an unusually public spot between aviation heavyweights. katara always has accused air bus of destroying their relationship. the question now is, where will the airline get? it's new jettas correct? to andrew chappelle, l 0 ah half past the hour and these are all top stories senior town officials are now in no way for their 1st talks on european soil. al jazeera has learned they will be pushed on promises to uphold human rights in return for access to billions of dollars and frozen humanitarian aid. the modem that could be done in obamacare hall got him in no way. we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with you a pin union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meeting.


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