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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 7:00am-7:30am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, knowledge is here with you. oh, i with military hardware intentions. mounting britain accuses russia plotting turn solar compliant leader, ukraine. ah, hello, i'm dr. jordan. this is al jazeera la you from de, also coming up, rescue workers in yemen, continued searching for survivors from an air strike that killed more than 80 people at a detention center. the on the chronic, delta veterans leap, china struggling to maintain it 0 cobit strategy less than 2 weeks out in the
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winter olympics. and the swedish politicians capitalizing on the rising gang bottoms ahead of elections. ah, russia says accusations that it's plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. our nonsense, the allegation has come from britain, which also says russia is in contact with former ukrainian politicians as part of plans for an invasion. the u. k. foreign ministry hasn't provided evidence of its claims, which were level in a statement by the foreign secretary is trust. but she said the information of being released to bay shines a light on the extent of russian activity designed to subvert ukraine and is an insight into kremlin thinking. russia must deescalate, and it's campaigns of aggression and disinformation and pursue a path of diplomacy. as the u. k and our partners have said repeatedly, any russian military incursion into ukraine would be
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a massive strategic mistake with severe costs. well, the us national security council says this kind of plotting is deeply concerning and that washington stands with its democratically elected partners in ukraine. well, david garage is a professor at the national defense university. he served as nato operations director in the office of the us, secretary of defense. you join us 1st guy from bethesda in maryland. david. good to have you with us. so how significant then is this not position by the british, that moscow planning to install the pro criminal puppet government in ukraine? why london saying this, now? do you think that's a good question. well, tensions are high and i think they probably, you know, this, this is extraordinary. presumably they got this from either a signal intelligence or from a very highly placed source, both of whom could potentially be compromised by the so i think it's so shows just how seriously the u. k. takes this problem,
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that they're willing to go public with it. right now, you know, i think it's a reaction to the russian bill, but yeah, that's an important point you make because we've seen a number of these western preemptive accusations at the most recent. but russia was about to create a full flag incident as a pretext or invasion, all these robust intelligence assessments. so this is all part of the propaganda war. do you think? well, we don't do propaganda. well, western democracies don't do it well because, you know, eventually everything comes out within 6 months. if we're being less than fully honest, it comes out very quickly. and that discredits us from the next time. you know, people are still talking about the origins of the iraq or which was a generation ago. so i think that it has to be something real. to be honest. i think that the leaders here know that they don't get us. they don't get to do over if they put out something false. yeah. and the russians and hit back david saying look, it's a load of nonsense but,
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but should be believed the russians. let's not forget they forced, they fought for the amex, crimea back in 2014. so what is putin game here? a good question. so you're exactly right now there's, there's 2 things i think was really motivating. is the fact that, you know, there was a color revolution that overthrew a pro russian desperate in ukraine and the precedent that could happen in moscow. there's going to be a long winter, you know, with the north st pipeline, not on line with economic damage due to co bid. 40 percent of russians don't have any savings. russian inflation is running possibly as high as 18 percent. and so, you know, meanwhile he's worried, he's worried about being overthrown. and, you know, one thing the russians can do is when they think of the survival, their nations at stake, they will put up with suffering. so you can put the nation award time putting, then the economy becomes a secondary issue,
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and then meanwhile he can do what he always said he wanted to do. and we, we, quite frankly, didn't believe them, which is basically reestablish the security sphere. okay. soviet, the just just a final point to you. i mean, we've seen the flurry of diplomatic activity to deescalate the crisis. many countries that were still sending military support to ukraine. you think putin has painted himself into a corner by making demands. he knows the west will concede to and not just a final vote. do you think war can be averted? i hope, or can't be averted. i think it's more likely now than it was a week ago or will be averted. i think that is in a position where the west is looking for something he give him to back down unfortunately, rather than moderating his requests. like, you know, just the other day he said, oh, there can't be for forces in romania, bulgaria. what, you know, i mean bulgaria doesn't have
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a border with russia. you know, they're both nato countries. so it's hard to see what's going on. but i think the most likely thing is perhaps the, the revitalization of the conventional forces in europe, treaty. and that might be as a saving gesture. all right, david arrival really, really good to get your thoughts. david, thank you for talking to sarah. thank you. oh, it's an honor. thank you. now the u. s. and ukraine about 90 tons of military supplies. the ukraine sang at once to ensure its armed forces, a well stocked. russia insisted has no plans to attack where we challenge reports, rushes, defense ministry isn't saying where these planes are taking off from. but it is saying where they're going. that route. the official reason they're headed there is exercises, but the deployments add to rushes heightens military posture on ukraine's borders and west and fears of an invasion. russia is spending every signal that it's intense on a serious military offensive that would market 2nd invasion of ukraine in the past
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8 years. but i don't think that's president putin's preferred outcome because a full scale invasion is costly. it's risky because there will be a lot of russian casualties as well. the ukranian military is much better equipped than in 20. 14 western powers are stepping up military assistance to ukraine. the 1st plane load of $200000000.00 worth of us defense, a derived in kiev on saturday, 90 tons of materials including ammunition, the u. k. latvia, lithuania and estonia are all providing ukraine with defensive weaponry. canada has reportedly sent special forces, denmark, turkey, the czech republic are also providing assistance. but despite the height intentions, the mood in ukraine is mostly com. a demonstration in kiev on the countries unification day. a couple of 100 people formed a human chain as a shower solidarity. despite all the propaganda, despite the russian misleading information, despite old food and pressure,
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ukraine is united, but give them a holler sort of delayed. in the past, they already tried to divide ukraine. we made our conclusions, we weren't split up. russia once written guarantees that ukraine wont join nato and for the alliance to withdraw from eastern europe. the criminal denies is planning and incursion into ukraine. but in 2014, it did just that annex in crimea in the process where we talents, how does era rescue workers in yemen are still searching for survivors trapped under the daybreak. they destroyed detention facility who the officials say a saudi led coalition airstrike hit the temporary holding center inside our province on friday. saudi arabia says the building was not on a list of protected sites. catching up as had a young report. the agony isn't over for these families. their loved ones for kills in an air strike on a detention facility in yemen, sato province. now they must sort through bodies to try and identify their debt
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relatives. nearby rescue teams are hoping to find survivors under the rubble. yet in the lobby like this is a crime to be added to their crimes. and this makes us more determined to face the aggression we're calling for all the relevant authorities to investigate this. more than 80 people were killed and the attack dozens are injured or missing. tollen, i guess in your homework either i'm but i was sitting with my friends and then the wall plane came and dropped the 1st strike on our wall a while later, 2 more years strikes her migraines, women and children are among the dead agencies say the who these use the facility to hold migrants who tried reaching gulf nations to find jobs in a statement read on air by saudi state tv. the coalition says the rebels fail to market the detention center on a no strike list was at the heart of the damage that i got to believe amanda. the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list,
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according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen dozen and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross that the un is calling for a transparent investigation. but on the ground in him and who the leaders say they're not to blame for the escalating violence. now i'm, i'm getting microbiology, then we are looking at a very big crime. and there is a green light from the americans to kill civilians that that's what we see that by the targeting of detention center inside the province. yeah. and the continuous killing of civilians while war criminals escape prosecution. 6 fighting has intensified recently, not on the saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes on what it says or what the military targets this, after the group carried out an unprecedented attack on the united arab emirates. last week. more violence is becoming a growing threat across the region that has the potential to skill over whatever
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happens in yemen will not remain a contained within yeoman's borders. it will spill over to the neighboring countries. i think that is specifically why your man is so important that i have on my face after him in a country already devastated by years of war. the fighting appears to be far from over. katia lopez of the young al jazeera not less than 2 weeks out from the beijing winter olympics. china 0 cove id strategy is coming under. more pressure clusters are popping up driven by the on the con and delta variants 2 years after the original epicenter. whoo han 1st went into lockdown. katrina, you reports still wants sports center has reopened for winter activities. but 2 years ago, the city stadium was used for a very different purpose. it became a makeshift hospital for thousands who had fallen ill with the corona of ours. laura,
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good in their spore sender set up 1100 bit in 72 hours for an immediate 1056. mild convict 19 cases in total that we managed to achieve 0 staph infection. that was 0, secondary infection on the 0. death would hold you for on january 23, 2020 city authorities took the then unprecedented step of locking down it's $11000000.00 residents. human human transmission of the virus had just been confirmed, and more than a dozen people had died. from here, the virus would go on to infect hundreds of millions around the world. to day one has resumed normal life and officials say corona virus infections in the city have been eliminated. the sea food and animal market where the outbreak was 1st identified as close. though the pandemic origin remains a mystery. an inquiry by the world health organization concluded that the possible leaking of the virus from a woo hand lab was extremely unlikely. though many scientists are calling for
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further investigation. the starting point of an international process can't be compromising with the chinese government or teasing sensitivities. it has to be establishing a gold standard for what a full and unrestricted international investigation would entail. the chinese government has dismissed the theory and turned its attention to keeping current of iris case numbers to 0. but this has been a struggle. the provinces of kern and says she gong dung and tinge in city are battling outbreaks of birth. the alma crohn and delta variance. millions of people have for weeks confined to their harms. paging has reported more than 10 cove in 19 cases. this past week. authorities has again pointed to imported goods, international deliveries, and frozen food as a likely source of infection. those living in the capital had been warned to limit
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deliveries from overseas. though many experts are skeptical that packages can transmit virus. people have also been warned against traveling during the upcoming learning new year festival. the most important public holiday of the year officials here are under intense pressure to control the outbreak before the winter olympics opens on february. the 4th doors taking part in the games will be confined to a strict than you bubble, designed to be sealed off to protect the rest of china's population. khatri you al jazeera, baiting, los altos, come after the weather, including no country for journalists. mexican media workers denounced violence against their industry while bearing a common on no money for school cached rock, lebanon, can't say, when most public schools will open. i get more luck, stainless, ah, ah,
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look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored boy cut on airways. hello there air originating from the arctic made its way all the way to the middle east. how, how every one good to see you. and while was it ever felt? here's the capital of the audi. people bundled up, we had the heaters outside of hats to be found as well. so here's how low temperatures were on saturday, 2 degrees in riyadh, 10 in doha. but there is now going to be an improvement here we are on sundays. so 1900 for re add $21.00 in doha. but if i show you the 3 day forecast for re, i'd wait for you deserve this up to 26 degrees on wednesday wall to wall sunshine and that is above average. did see some dust storms in karachi. wind speeds about 75 kilometers per hour. those winds back off on sunday. i've 27 degrees. showers will help improve the air quality in the hor, and we know snow not too far away from is one more bad. but van federal conditions for turkey,
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snow here as while dustin of it is stumbled on camera. and i think in the days to come on, talia could see some snow accumulate as wall off to southern africa and driving rain still from out of gas scar. this is going to just deteriorate the flooding situation there. keep down at $32.00 degrees, but you're a temperatures will fall and the dates to come see soon. oh, the weather, sponsored by casara, always a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. now like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate people and america's debt to the black people today. so over. so scott, we've ask you to speak out, does this a broadly al jazeera correspondence,
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a moral debt. lou ah, welcome back. a quick recap of our top stories here at this hour. the search for survivors is continuing in yemen after a detention facility was hit by a saudi led coalition and strike on friday for the 18th people were killed. saudi arabia says the building was not on the list of protective sites. moscow says the u . k. is accusation that russia is planning to install a pro kremlin leader in ukraine is nonsense. the british foreign secretary says a number of former ukrainian politicians are in contact with the russian intelligence officers involved in the planning of an invasion. and the u. s. a sent 90 tons of military aid including ammunition to ukraine. the $200000000.00 security support package arrived as russia insists, is not planning
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a military offensive. meanwhile ukraine is coating up civilians to join the military reserves and a 3rd of ukrainian se they're willing to sign up. i'll just there was hot abdul hamid is in kiev and she met some who been listed in a parking central kia, military drills, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people like allison, he had asked him ankle, a student in the science of plants spend their week. kennedy would come or came near charlie romeo, i just have to for like my family garcia, hobbs at this station old throw this collide and i can continue my, your scientific work and not be affected by our it's all part of our program to become member of the territorial defense unit is they are run by regular military officers or combat veterans like ego, roger, nov,
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who 1st served in the den soviet army, women, ninja, dublin luma, would go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting the russians world slavic, but we're on our own land and we have to defend it. we understand the situation. it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to, i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed in cities around the country last year. parliament pastelo that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense unit. now they are part of the country strategic defense and their role is to provide popular resist the command case. the ukrainian army is overwhelmed. these units and now part of the military, alongside the navy,
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air force and army. 32 percent of ukrainians say they are willing to enlist. they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equipped as military support poisoned from several western countries. but for martyr escape, the rule of this popular resistance unit is crucial even though she can find herself in harm's way. for our main task is to support the army in, not in the front line, but on their back back and also to protect a infrastructure to supports evidence. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time. and to nowadays change it very quickly. oh, us and russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet. the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than
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later. without the lemetre al jazeera give security forces in bettina faso of fire, tear gas, an anti government protest us. they say the president seems incapable of dealing with am groups, and so he should resign. nicholas hawk reports a small but defined crowd in brooklyn, of us as capital. why do go out to denounce a government unable to protect it? citizens, there's been arise and attacks by on groups linked to al qaeda in iso. this is a peaceful protest. the government does not want to take place. authorities arrested the organizers of the march on friday, restricted access to social media, and threatened to lockdown parts of the capitol demonstrator cl this as an attempt to restrict descent, typically that if the president was elected by the people and now they tear gas is, this isn't right, a security force is a meant to protect us and a property, not attackers, security forces a failing us. last year, government forces lost control of border areas in the north and east. last week for
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french soldiers were wounded during a joint operation with bricking fossils military attacks now in the center of the country are forcing millions of people to flee towards what seems like the only safe place the country's capital. we are frightened, but at 1st armed groups would come after us into boucher did. you let from one day to another. they started decking villages. now entire districts are empty. pretty soon. they will conquer provinces of discontinues. faced with so many military defeats, president hawked mac cowboy dismissed dozens of high ranking soldiers in december, replacing them with younger officers. last week, security forces arrested several soldiers, accusing them of plotting a crew to overthrow the president. fear, frustration and anger is fueling these protests. despite attempts to stifle the demonstration, it seems this movement calling itself save burkina is gaining momentum. nicholas
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hawk al jazeera, a permanent mexican journalist, has been laid to rest, stop living, shot dead outside his home in the city of tuana. friends and family held a candle at visuals on a 14 year old margaret martinez. he'd been working as a photo journalist for more than a decade, covering gang related violence and received regular threats to one of which is near the u. s. border is one of mexico's most violent cities. and yet i was a freelance journalist to work with margarita martinez. he says mixon government needs to change it strategy on protecting journalists. mexico if, if a very dangerous country in general, where the cities like one are right now or similar, which is more dangerous or day, more dangerous for the journal. it's just a starting this year just. we are in the 22nd right now. and 2 journalists are being killed in mexico, one and barrow cruise in the right. no matter why is this happening? why the authority doesn't do anything? why there are not sold in this grant?
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that's the big question. they need to change the strategy in the course, and i show 99 reports and need the same done, the author christ. but it's important to think that you're not is because they represent the voice of the people, the boy for the community. if you kill the, you're not a school is going to tell their story. who's going to tell it to the community? the real story, the government need to change. the strategy do end up under breathy and need to change his suspicion because he's constantly almost daily attack in the your knowledge. yes, sweden is in the grip of a wave of gang violence, leaving it with the highest rate of gun deaths in europe and with people of immigrant backgrounds. disproportionate effected, the issues being capitalized on by right wing parties ahead of this year's elections. batteries reports now from now much it's a typical winter's day in lin shipping, a delicate snow and a relatively safe corner of the world. but
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a surgeon gun crime here and nationwide has made sweden one of the worst countries in europe for gangland shootings. the whole half tall thing in shopping on the surface again last year and then shipping. but we had 12 shootings and 5 killing. previously we had one choosing a year on the situation in sweden as being driven by drugs and money and a totally different way to how it used to be. police say 15 gun conflicts from the way in stock home alone, mainly in the suburbs. a report from the national crime prevention council has shown sweden as the only country in europe. what gun deaths arising with 4 killings per 1000000 people against the continental average of one point? 6 in 2021. there were $342.00 shootings and $46.00 deaths in the southern city of malmo, 6 months of police raids. 2 years ago began a period of calm, but with drugs and guns flowing into mom, i over the bridge from denmark, solutions of the violence seems a long way off. some whoa, as a former high ranking gang member in mile, my. now he works with young people to try and keep them out of criminal gangs. we
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may invite him scene of a triple, but in 2018 where there was another deadly shooting. last week. all them are going to come with it. the mentor, young gang members, don't realize what they are getting into all the things escalate quickly. they don't have trust in d o t, warranties. they don't have other opportunities through the study. wait for a good job. they don't have patients for them. would it cost money to count this novel paying for the law? this isn't only affecting people in the criminal underworld. in 2019 a young mother was shot dead hair on the streets and mamo. a year later, a 12 year old girl was caught in cross fire in stock. for the most part, it's young men often teenagers who are killing and being killed. prime is now a major electro issue under sensitive one after national studies linked it with immigration. most of the individuals in sweden, using far as a method of violence, are immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants. but we also know that the victims of such crimes are
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also immigrants. people are being afraid for being called the racist. if we do not talk about this, then we can not solve the problem, new prime minister magdalena and sean has already toughened rhetoric on immigration and sweden's open door policy for refugees is long gone. that part in response to the right wing. sweet and democrats becoming an integral part of the opposition with an election this year sweet and must now why it's traditionally tolerant values against the death toll on its streets. full rhys out his era, mama, now it's not clear when many of lebanon's, 1200000 children will go back to school. teachers like other public servants, are demanding better pay as they and your economic hardship. as it stands, most public schools will remain closed after the holiday break. say how to report from bayman. it's early morning on a week day. these children are supposed to be at school, but education is the latest casualty of lebanon's economic collapse. and i was worried about my education. i haven't been to school for
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a month to teach you want to strike because they're demanding day right. public schools were supposed to reopen after the winter holidays, but it may be a while before classes resume. teachers have been demanding an increase in their salaries to cope with rising inflation and the collapsing currency. at optimal, it says mark, i'm in. i'm because our salaries lost 85 percent of their value, but the half of it is for transportation costs. also the government is not covering all our hospital bill. it costs us 4 times our salary to pay for and nights in hospital. the government is nearly broke 2 years into a severe financial crisis that many blame on decades of corruption and mismanagement. and so for this year, state budget, which was you have to be approved by government, doesn't include a pay rise for teachers. government will be approving a temporary compensation package for teachers. and then it will discuss the draft state budget because we can't increase teachers pay without doing the same for army
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officers, soldiers, judges, and other public sector employees. the public sector has been under resource by successive governments. now it is under strain because an estimated $100000.00 students transferred to the public system. my kids used to be in the private schools, but according to the crisis we are facing it because i work here in the bottom. we have economy problems. so i, i thought them there has also been an increase in children working to support their families. the economic meltdown has impoverished 80 percent of the population, forcing many families to choose how to spend their limited income. it's not just pushing fees that have become affordable for many, but also school related costs including transportation. the united nations says 50 percent of households have half cut spending on education with nearly a 3rd of those actually pulling their children out of school. about 1200000
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children in lebanon have already experience 2 years of disruption because of nationwide protests and the corona virus pandemic. but then it came on to the teachers have legitimate demands. but what are they expecting? there is no state. the state has all but collapsed, it's nearly bankrupt, and the consequence is the future of lebanon, which has never looked more uncertain center could there al jazeera built ah ta brokerage out of the headlines here on al jazeera, moscow says the u. k. is accusation that russia's bonding to install a pro criminal lead in ukraine is nonsense. the british foreign secretary says a number of former ukrainian politicians are in contact with the russian


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