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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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maria wessa miss christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm learn taylor. this is the out. is there news are live from london coming up. 90 tons of american military aid arrives in ukraine a day after the latest u. s. russia talks aimed at deescalate intentions on the border. saudi led coalition blames the who thes for an air strike, which killed more than 82 people in a jamini prison saying they hadn't marked it on a no strike list. taliban warns it has the right to crack down on descent as
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concerns grow over the disappearance of 2 female activists and indigenous activists . expelled missionaries from the lands of brazil's isolated tribes during the pandemic. now they want to keep them out for good. and in sport, marcus rochefort sends match to united into the top 4 of the english premier league, the england international scoring a dramatic winner to seal a wine male victory over west town. ah. around 90 tons of u. s. military ages arrived in ukraine including ammunition frontline defenders. despite more talks in the last week, tensions over russia's trip build up on the border with ukraine showed no signs of de escalating. washington says it will continue to provide assistance to ukraine's
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armed forces. while moscow has repeatedly denied any plans to attack or invade its neighbor, or chance report. russia's defense ministry isn't saying where these planes are taking off from, but it is saying where they're going better. ruth, the official reason they're headed there is for exercises, for the deployments, add to rushes heightens military posture on ukraine's borders and western fears of an invasion. russia is sending every sing that it's intense. ah, a serious military offensive that would market 2nd invasion of ukraine in the past 8 years. but i, i don't think that president putin's preferred i'll come because i feel in a full scale invasion is costly, is risky because there will be a lot of russian casualties as well. ukrainian military is much better equipped than in 2014 western powers are stepping up military assistance to ukraine. the 1st plane load of $200000000.00 worth of u. s. defense aid arrived in kia on saturday. 90 tons of materials including
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ammunition, the u. k. latvia, lithuania and estonia are all providing ukraine with defensive weaponry. canada has reportedly sent special forces, denmark, turkey, and the czech republic are also providing assistance. but despite the height intentions, the mood in ukraine is mostly com. a demonstration in care of on the countries unification day. a couple of 100 people formed the human chain as a show of solidarity. despite all the propaganda, despite them, russia misleading information. despite all putin's pressure, he crane is united. the do the mahal is sarah's delayed. built in the past, they already tried to divide ukraine. we made our conclusions we whiteness. let us show up with russia once written guarantees that ukraine wont join nato and for the alliance to withdraw from eastern europe. the kremlin denies is planning and incursion into ukraine, but in 2014, it did just that. annex in crimea in the process, will reach helen's out
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a 0 come on santa maria takes a closer look at the distribution of russian troops near the border. there are an estimated 100000 russian troops deployed near ukraine's border, but that's a 2000 kilometer border. so we're talking about a lot of different strategic positions on the map. so here it is, and festival just for reference. so put in the, to at capital cities, moscow to key of 750 kilometers as the crow flies. but if we go down into the border region itself and you see just some of the locations i've put in here, where we know russian troops have been st. places like a cream over and slotted close to the board, only 30 to 40 kilometers away. in fact, i'm a little further north, poke nevada, that is a 170 kilometers away. and actually we've got some satellite imagery from this showing the build up of troops and hardware that's been assembled. similarly, we can see them in cream over. and yonah yona here up from that point down to the ukraine border. still 250 kilometers away. but clearly there are a lot of results as it rushes disposal. and they could move on
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a moment's notice. and just a word about the, whether it's worth thinking about this as well. snowy sub 0 temperatures in the region. this is just little snapshot of minus 7 degrees, feels like minus 11 at this point. that of course, means frozen ground, which plays into the hands of the russian military tanks. amid the res tensions germany's navy chief has stepped down after he was criticized for saying that russian president vladimir putin deserves respect. and ukraine would never win back crimea from russia. and rushes space agency rosco's masa is one of its cosmonaut has been denied a u. s. entry visa a can i troop is meant to be taking off an international space station next spring . it is an american visa to take part in a training session ahead of the mission. russia says it hopes the denial is a misunderstanding it even if the issue is sold. his preparation shadow has been disrupted. rescue cruise in yemen continued to search for survivors and
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bodies after one of the deadliest airstrikes in 7 years of conflict. who the rebels say the saudi led coalition hit a detention center inside our province. on friday, prison held many african migrants court trying to cross into other gulf countries. workers had been clearing debris, with their bare hands as they search for more victims. exact death toll was still not clear. doctors without borders say, at least 82 people were killed. and 266 were injured. when armand hammer on the phone is our way of other things. we came from and ran province on a visit to find out that the prison has been hit by war plains. it is a crime to be added to their crimes. and this makes us more determined to face their aggression or calling for all the relevant authorities to investigate this. internet access remains largely down across yemen per 2nd day. the blackout began after a separate air strike targeted a communications tower in the port city of her data. with the official say, 4 people were killed in that attack,
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including children. united nations has condemned the air stripes and called for an investigation. yeomans, who the health minister is appealing for aid and accuses saudi arabia of deliberately targeting civilians. now among video microbiology, then we are looking at a very big crime and there is a green light from the americans to kill civilians that that's what we see that by the targeting of attention center inside the province and the continuous killing of civilians. while war criminals escape prosecution and we consider this a war crime against humanity, but that the world should take responsibility at this critical moment in human history, we are witnessing many victims. the collision is issued a statement, turning the blame on the who sees which has been read out on saudi state. t v react says the rebels failed to mark the sites on a new strike list over there that was the holiday. the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list, according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen,
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and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross tub has more from the capital center regarding whoa were inside this building, which is the at temporary detention center for those who are still waiting for their trials or sentences. and also for the refugees who are, who happened to be there or detained. because be there, there is a big waiver for migration through yemen to towards a saudi arabia who are looking for their livelihoods there. and also from there, maybe the travel to europe and to other countries around the world. so the, the, the, if you happen to be there, migrants and also a yamini who are still waiting for this. and this is an order in order to be sent to the big world, the central prison. or there are coming to the statistics and also the figures that have been revealed by the health ministry a at least now,
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until now. 8087 people are being killed in this attack. they have just ducked out about 5 people have been under the debrief. i'll also the, the, the total number of the people who were inside this prison are 266. and we can imagine that over 130 people have been injured in this out at the, the, the, the, this attack has been dead, denounced by the health ministry and also the human rights ministry of the that are run by the hoodies who considered such an attack as their illegal as our war crime, according to their words. and also the have called for the international investigations until these are attack. and also for other attacks that have been carried out by the soluble quality, a funeral has taken place for a senior who c military official and several others who were killed last week in a saudi led cornish nurse strike on santa relatives,
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attended the funeral with members of the who's he, military and their supporters, general abdullah hassam al grenade, who headed the air academy, was killed when his home was hit. a number of his family members and neighbors also died. and he, 70 people, including 5 civilians have been killed in clashes between kurdish soldiers and i saw fighters in syria, ah, go to soups, are receiving as support from the us led coalition in the northeastern city of her soccer. the latest violence began on thursday when more than a 100. i saw fighters attacked, whereon prison, which holds around 3000. i saw members, dozens of inmates are still on the loose and he, 6 people have been killed in a bombing in afghanistan. it happened in the western city of herat medical sources at the hospital. there have told al jazeera, the explosion targeted a passenger bus in the city center on saturday evening. officials say 9 people were
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also injured. senior members of the taliban are in norway for their 1st official talks on european soil since seizing power in afghanistan. the group says it wants to transform the atmosphere war into a peaceful situation through meetings with western nations. the also talks will focus on human rights and afghanistan's need for humanitarian aid. around 23000000 afghans or 55 percent of population, the facing acute hunger autonomy and has denied beating and arresting women's rights activists in kabul, following a series of protests calling for an end to restrictions on women. and i've been barred from many jobs outside health and education. and most girls can't go to school be on 6th grade. on friday, the taliban staged a counter demonstration with around $300.00 men demanding islamic law. and for women to where he jam. the taliban spokesman says claims of arrests or just rumors, so the women can seek asylum in western nations or balloon children or the new
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initial was what we heard the news of the arrest of a few girls. we contacted all the security institutions. no women have been arrested or detained. some rumors are being circulated as some women want to make their cases so that their escape to western countries can be facilitated. so they can have an excuse for asylum there. we reject the news that women have been arrested. a top, ethiopian military official says government troops are making plans to enter to rise regional capital nicoli. to quote, eliminate rebel forces. the deputy army chief of the ethiopian defense forces says the country will not be at peace until the tig or i people's liberation front is eliminated just this week to top us diplomats flew to addis ababa to push for cease fire. if you hope you has been gripped by war for more than a year, the had been encouraging signs of improved relations between warring parties with a government recently releasing political prisoners. meg, really
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a good in that to greg michaela and to grey, or if european territory, no one will stop us, will go in and eliminates the enemy. this should not be any confusion about this. if you can, people should not perceive as if the war is over. it is not over me up on the news hour from london on calls lead and defends the cities, unpopular hamster coal, but says the packs are partly responsible for an increase in delta infections. our toners neighbors are hoping their life saving a deliveries will help counter china's growing influence. and in sport, the world number 2 closes in on another major title. australian open action coming up. ah, the 1st time japan is recorded more than 50000 grown of ours cases in one day. the government has ordered all bars and restaurants across the country to close early.
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a number of new daily infections as more than doubled in a week. could 19 patients are occupying more than 30 percent of hospital beds in the capitol. people in hong kong have been warned. an outbreak of cupboard 19 is getting worse. the chief executive is urged the public to avoid large gatherings ahead of next week's lunar new year. carolyn also said hamsters are partly responsible for an increase in cases of the delta variant offer infections were traced back to a pet shop around 2000 hamsters being killed of a fears of possible animal to human transmission. a territory has a 0 coded strategy which has been tested by the current situation. schools and jim's a shot restaurant closing early and air travel is limited from dan, how you all toilers, or how you, they'll tolerable on yell utah. although we were able to take some action against hamsters that were carrying a delta variance, which some animal lovers are opposed to. you have to understand, we haven't to strike a balance. i think i understand pet owners will be unhappy,
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but we do have to take public interest as our 1st priority. a pacific on the nations of summer and creek carry betty have toughened groan of ours restrictions. of the dozens of international arrivals tested positive for coven 19 since the start of the pandemic somewhere i had only reported to cases and care, but he hadn't recorded a single one thanks to their closed border policies. but more than half the passengers on board the 1st flight to arrive in cuba, betty sits the boarders reopened tested positive. some wires entering nationwide lockdown. i'll carry betty is limited to the capital and butcher village. india has reported nearly 340000 cases of period 19 in one day. near restrictions of now been announced in many regions where mass gatherings were held last week. and in some of the biggest cities, there's been a steady decline. infections and family metal reports from new delhi,
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the shopping mall in a sams biggest city is only open to fully vaccinated people for nearly a week. other public places, officers, restaurants, and markets have also been screening for vaccination proof. this th in, in just northeast wants to encourage more people to take their jobs as new cove. 19 infection serge, to an all time high. the rule has kept businesses open, but some find it unnecessary. i think it's somewhat not good. the goes on vaccinated, rebellion feel discriminated, recourse if one rest, rob review, double, moss and, and burnside and linden assistance. you can get predicted what the number of and lose inside the moral or the midst of the control. many states have tightened restrictions as new cases. brick records indian administered kashmir has bought most people from leaving home for 3 days from friday in suddenly dead tom enlarge and caroline have imposed a sunday cough you but in cannot to god,
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the weekend lockdown has ended. and most schools and colleges are reopening, although capacity limits and vaccine requirements will continue in restaurants malls and jims, as will a night call for you. some say it's hurting their business. it's easier to open up um, but we starting a doctor every forward on every law is the most office thing, which we are all recent, all the employees on one back. we have to get them back. that's a big challenge. getting them by again, putting them back into work, restarting and we're sending up displays the starting is a been demand for at home desk. it has grown adding to concerns. the number of infections is being under reported. the piece of kisses has increased so fast that you're seeing death positivity in the big cities in india. typically, somewhere between 30 and 50 percent, depending upon the city, says this indication that the county gift was accurately b. now, somewhat far away from understanding the true measure of could maintain them in the country. hospital admissions remain low prompting many areas to think about easing
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restrictions soon. russia were to raise the was effective. reopening for info and learning starting monday, nearly 2 weeks earlier than planned. but here in the captain, if you think of use at night and on weekends continue, even though cases have been steadily declining, partly with al jazeera, you deli, sweden is currently battling a surge of about 40000 new covered cases a day. despite that thousands of people been out in it's 2 larger cities, demonstrating against vaccine passes. these 9000 people gathered in stockholm, a number of vaccination centers in the capitol closed early as a precaution ahead of the protest. vaccination bosses were introduced at the beginning of december about 83 percent of the country is inoculated. and hundreds of people have demonstrated in paris 2 days before title restrictions coming to horse in france. for monday,
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people will need proof of vaccination to eat out or use transport services. 2 thirds of the country supports the measures that those protesting against them say they infringe on daily freedoms. as the renew though, god, union escalated god. it's about time that all french people unite against what is happening to us, which is a huge contract. it's a shame if the government wants to separate the french people and put prompts under apartheid, we will never ever accept those. they have not loosened any restrictions. we are not slaves that need to ask for privileges. we have free human beings. so today we really need civil disobedience. people must really revolt and they must stop showing their q our codes. we will win brazil's amazon at him to the world's largest number of un contacted tribes for years. missionaries have violated brazilian law by entering their lands. indigenous activists managed to expel them during the pandemic. and now they're appealing to the supreme court,
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hoping to keep them out for good. from the age of ari valley and amazon, a state on vienna care reports. this town of 20000 on the border of the amazon rain forest is one of the most under source in all of brazil. but what at the little knot she lacks in schools and doctors, it makes up for in churches and preachers. one on almost every street out or the other christ will come again. this time to the peruvian city of cosco for decades that the liar has been a magnet for christian missionaries across the world. like josh mcentire from alabama. he says he moved here to answer god's call but for others that alleyah is a crucial stepping stone to their job id valley reserve home to the largest number of isolated indigenous tribes in the world. many christians believe it's fertile soil for converting fresh souls, even if it means reaching out to people what no contact with outsiders or
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evangelicals come here to entice the young with promises of a better life than use them as guides to spread the gospel if they insist on approaching, our villages will tie them up and destroy their plains and boats. brazilian legislation forbids any contact with isolated tribes keeping intruders out is often a challenge, even for the special squad of indigenous trackers who patrol a territory the size of morocco. this is the outpost of the national indigenous foundation, the government agency in charge of protecting the isolated tribes of the job id valley. but it was unable to stop missionaries from entering their lands and trying to make contact with them. one american missionary is said to have been found by the my d. s. people down this river. be back. why you river andrew tom can the american missionary 1st arrived in brazil in 2007. but me now my teeth tells us that tongue can eventually worked his way up the river and that members of his tribe caught the
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missionary on a non authorized expedition. in the job id valley did turn into a story. the motif people were hunting when they came upon the american pastor camping close to where the isolated peoples lived. he was accompanied by 2 members of the my ruin. a tribe of tribal leaders say it's not the 1st time they receive reports of tonkin breaking. the law in the name of god, now they've united forces against what they consider to be religious predators, by taking them to court. yes, from my old board. the 1st indigenous lawyer from their job id valley is the one responsible for bringing the lawsuit and the case was taken all the way to the supreme court from i from us. or we have information to trust me from dish. every valley were offered $20000.00 to accompany missionaries deposit a territory occupied by the isolated people. i'll shahida asked tonkin for a comment. he didn't confirm nor deny the accusations against him. but in an email, he told us that jesus is still sending disciples into the world to preach the
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gospel to every creature. and that although christ followers didn't strike out to defy any government, they ought to obey god rather than men. in march 2020, the missionary posted a video on social media, claiming to show him in another country. i'm here in a town of a city of irby wilson, northern iraq cove in 19 forced all outsiders, including missionaries to leave brazil's indigenous reserves. tribal leaders are fighting to keep them out for good, despite present jade wilson arrows attempts to keep them there. during the pandemic, his supporters in congress tried but failed to pass a law allowing missionaries to stay. now even local villagers, why have been converted like this? my own a pastor want them out, one this me so they're using the bible to spread descent to divide our people. village chieftains who have not converted to being questioned by the younger generations. who say they won't obey leaders who aren't evangelical. that's not the
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way our society's work, and that's not what christ has taught us. he died preaching peace and harmony. why not intolerable? meanwhile, the legal battle over the missionaries and their contact with indigenous tribes continues to play out in brazil's capital brazilian legislation, allowing contact with isolated people is being discussed in congress in the supreme court. just a year before president bull sonata runs for reelection, monica, you not give? i'll jazeera job id valley, flooding and landslides in peru washed away railways and bridges. cutting off access to the ancient city of matches, pietro, hundreds of tourists had been evacuated from the world. heritage site julian wolf report. it's not what visitors to the ancient city of matthew pitt. you had been expecting a dramatic rescue from the unesco world heritage site. after heavy rains triggered
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severe flooding. the elk, a mayor river overflowed into the streets and onto the railway tracks of cosco. the town which connects visitors to peruse famous ruins, one by one strata safety harnesses. children and adults cross the swollen river by foot. eventually boarding a train on the other side of the flood waters of the modem with the municipality, personnel, police and civil protection received an alert of flooding in their alcomite river. and as you can see, it was of considerable magnitude. the damage is extensive streets covered in thick mud, and at least 2 tourist hotels, under water, landslides are adding to the problems with transport length in and out of the region suspended. authorities don't believe there is any damage to the 15th century incas citadel itself high up in the peruvian mountains. but in the town below, a massive cleanup effort is already under way. julian wolfe,
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al jazeera politicians or exchange blows in the honduran congress after dispute between members of the ruling party turned violent the pushing and shoving began. when 20 rebel members of the leftist liberal party, proposed carlise as president of congress, will make his loyal to the country's president elect tomorrow. castro said to this violated dipaq with labours. coalition partner a force they weighs, the podium colleagues was being sworn in, forcing him to flee. the hail punches was more still come this hour, including defiance in booking process. as people call the president to step down over security concerns that are driving millions to the capital for safety. and we look at why sweden now has the highest rate of gum, dis, in europe. buses for africa's top teams find out who they'll need to beat to quantify for this year's world cup. else coming.
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ah hey, they're right off the bat, not good news. thousands of people stranded in southern turkey as heavy snowfall has blocked roadways and you know, another spot. i think in southern turkey we could see some snow where it doesn't happen often is on tale i. let's look at the 3 day forecast. i think on tuesday, temperatures to start the day will be low enough. they will climb throughout the day. so snow will turn to sleep and eventually rain. but temperature is well below average here. going to get a quick shot of some snow round the balkans. nothing major, mostly a dusting or a centimeter or 2, except for go into northwestern portions of europe, high pressure in play for both of the islands of ireland and britain. this looks a bit threatening, right. let's put it forward into monday. most of it's going to fizzle. out some
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showers across northern ireland and scotland to be expected off to a barrier right now. bit of activity for that south east coast of spain. same goes for southern areas. and now we're off to the top end of africa may get clips with some showers. tripoli rate through to cairo lease. there's the risk of it any way and still doubts with heavy rain. for madagascar, we know round the capital. hundreds of people had been forced from their homes, and the situation is going to get worse. meantime, keep town 32 on sunday, but you're a temperatures are going to drop in the days to come. see you soon. ah, ah, to inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness, and pluralism worldwide, and to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged a road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab
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islamic and wild coaches. lou camacho, one of the fastest growing nations in the world, wanted needed to open and develop it school, attract international shipping company to become a p middle east and tough trade and wanting skillfully my 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won a cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh, a
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reminder stories yeah. now to 0 around 90 tons of u. s. military ages arrived in ukraine, including ammunition. despite more talks in the past week, tension is a rushes trip build up on the border with ukraine. show no signs of escalating rescue crews and yemen continued to search for survivors and bodies off to one of the deadliest strikes of the war. to see rebels say the saudi lead, kurdish, and it's a detention center inside our province on friday. saudi arabia says that who sees failed to put the height on a no strike list. and the top, if you're in military official, says government troops making plans to entity rise regional capital mckelly and quote, eliminate rebel forces. he said, the country won't be at peace until the people separation front is eliminated. security forces in book, in a faster have frontier gas. it anti government protest as people are angry about arising attacks by on groups and some of called on the president to step down.
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nicholas hack report, a small but defined crowd in brookings. us as capital. why do do out to denounce a government unable to protect it? citizens there's been arise and attacks by on good to link to. okay. nice. so this is a peaceful protest. the government does not want to take place. authorities arrested . the organizers of the march on friday, restricted access to social media, and threatened to lockdown parts of the capital, demonstrators, c l. this as an attempt to restrict the sent it, particularly the president was elected by the people. and now they tear gas is. this isn't right, security for is a meant to protect us and our property not attack us. the security forces a failing us last year. government forces lost control of border areas in the north and east. last week for french soldiers were wounded during a joint operation with bricking of fossils. military attacks now in the center of the country are forcing millions of people to flee towards what seems like the only
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safe place the country's capital. we are frightened and our boss at 1st armed groups would come after us into boucher to do that from one day to another. they started decking villages. now entire districts are empty. pretty soon. they will conquer provinces of discontinues. faced with so many military defeats, president hawked mock cowboy dismissed dozens of high ranking soldiers in december, replacing them with younger officers. last week, security forces arrested several soldiers, accusing them of plotting a crew to overthrow the president. fear, frustration and anger is fueling these protests. despite attempts to stifle the demonstration, it seems this movement calling itself save burkina is gaining momentum. nicholas hawk al jazeera, all the 300 people have been rescued from the mediterranean. near the southern italian island of lamp medusa, italian coast gone,
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say they were migrants on an overcrowded wooden boat, which was at risk of capsizing. according to the un, almost 820000 migrants attempted to make the danger see, crossing from africa to europe. last year. italy's former prime minister of bearers connie says he's decided not to run for president in monday's election. the 5 year old former leader says he wants to take another step on the road to national responsibility. stone, his bid was already seen as unlikely, partly due to a record that includes sex scandals and a tax fraud conviction. it also is still on trial for bribing witnesses in a case for more than a decade to do. 60000 liters of drinking water have been delivered to residence in tara. this as a major cane of effort is underway a week after the devastating volcanic eruption and seen army for several days account who was cut off from the rest of the world. that aid is now flying in from australia and new zealand. and when it, when he reports from oakland,
12:34 am
there may be more than just good will behind the donations much needed clean drinking water is now flowing into tong, a navy ship. the outer roa carried 250000 liters of water from new zealand, along with a desalination plant to make more. it's a life saving delivery after ash from the volcano blanketed the islands of tongue a week ago and contaminated the water supply. in oakland there was another show of pacific island generosity as a delegation from some more handed over supplies to the speaker of tongue. as parliament who says his people are doing the best they can, but still need help. i think people are trying to get back to work or restore some sense of normality, but the same time the disruption to the services or the services power arms communications tournament. at a government level, there's been a rush to help tanya, which analysts believe has been motivated by humanitarianism and geopolitical strategic goals. for years, western regional powers,
12:35 am
new zealand and australia have been worried about china's growing influence among the smaller pacific island nations, including tanya, is clearly being plenty of generosity on display here as there has been a government level. but after any natural disaster, attention inevitably turns towards the recovery and rebuilding phase. how will that happen? and most importantly, who'll pay tongue a thanked china for being the 1st to donate money and supplies. but before the eruption tongue is economy was amiss with the government struggling to pay back more than a $100000000.00. that was lent by china after damaging riots in 2006. beijing has refused to write the debt off and some believe last week's natural disaster may provide new zealand with an opportunity. i would say that in wellington, particularly the press are coming in from united states astray for somebody to be looked enough to the south pacific is very strong. now tom,
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his parliamentary speaker says it's important that any future aid money benefits the people than others, very sensitive topic, but ah, you know, tie accepts a lot of foreign aid from, from many different places around the world. and we just need to ensure that that aid is funneled in a sustainable fashion. at the moment the aid is flowing in the form of donations, but longer term rebuilding may be a more complicated affair. wayne hey, al jazeera, oakland peru is tackling a large oil spill on its shores. linked to the volcanic eruption near tonka 10000 kilometers away. and i found the dea refinery has late more than 6000 barrels of crude oil. after freak waves it, a tanker while it was offloading an investigation into the operator rep. so is underway. the government says it's the worst ecological disaster. nearly my in recent times, brianna sanchez has this report. it's been declared an environmental emergency crude oil washing assure after a devastating spill along the peruvian coast,
12:37 am
lima. the sooner only caused by the volcanic eruption near tongue that on january 15th apparently ruptured an underwater pipeline. as a spanish reps or oil tanker was unloading could at a refinery crossing the disaster. and the investigation is underway. authority say the challenge to contain and clean the estimated $6000.00 barrels dumped me, be impossible to accomplish. but team to volunteers have the kind of a to beach near the main spill area, are doing their best a few kilometers away at the bay. of course. another team is recovering only 20 barrels of the per day by your side. so it's really not much just a grain of sand. the attention on the clean up campaigns should be more aggressive . concerns. university students have teamed up to see some fish. but for now, we are cleaning and seeing what we can do with these krebs, because we are not going to be so heartless and leave them their environmental
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authorities say the damage now extends 3000 square kilometers affecting and con base, which biodiversity from the fisherman's protected islands to the coastline for now, we're about 4 kilometers of the coast of the bay if i'm gone and here the water is completely under a blanket of oil. the ocean current is helping to spread it even further, making it more difficult to clean to contain. it's advance environmental authorities have called enough the small bay area fishermen. i really not. i mean this is more than 800 families who need it for their living now. have nothing to sell a barrel to a door. us everything a stop to no one is going to see because we know that the fish is unusable and will be contaminated. it's surprising that wraps has not had a contingency plan. on thursday, president benzo castillo declared the environmental emergency describing the oil spill at the most worrying ecological disaster. in recent times,
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some are blaming wetzel but the company says it had no warning of the sonoma and is not responsible. while judicial authorities open that investigation, experts say reversing the damage is impossible, especially with so much to be done. and so few volunteers at work on the ground and assigned to so just see that lima middle york has been shaken by a spate of shootings in recent days. this prompted its new mer to call for national action on guns to cheer old police officer jason rivera. was killed on friday while responding to a domestic incident and another officer was critically wounded. 4 offices had been shot in the city in as many days. and a baby was critically injured on wednesday when she was hit by a stray bullet while in a parked car. the violence presents a major challenge for new men. eric adams, the former police captain, was elected on a promise to fight crime and is just 3 weeks into the job. violence is not going to
12:40 am
divide us. no one will. we got to be united as a city. this is how we are going to get through this, and we've been fighting this fight for a long time. and next week i'm, i'm going to continue to roll out some of the initiatives that we've talked about of putting in place to 0 in on those small number of people who are creating a large number of students. sweden is battling a wave of gang violence. it now has the highest rate of gun deaths in europe. people from immigrant backgrounds are disproportionately affected, adding fuel to the campaigns of right wing parties head of this, he is national elections committee, mamo poorest report. it's a typical winter's day in lind shipping a tylic in the snow and a relatively safe corner of the world. but a surgeon gun crime here and nationwide has made sweden one of the worst countries
12:41 am
in europe for gangland shootings. the highest tall group thing at ailleen. subbing in las vegas again. last year in lin shipping, we had 12 shootings and 5 killings there. previously we had one shooting a year on the situation in sweden as being driven by drugs and money, and a totally different way to how it used to be. data police sate 15 gun conflicts from the way in stock home alone, mainly in the suburbs. a report from the national crime prevention council has shown sweden as the only country in europe. what gun deaths, arising with 4 killings per 1000000 people against the continental average of one point? 6 in 2021. there were 342 shootings and 46 deaths in the southern city of malmo, 6 months of police raids, 2 years ago began a period of calm but with drugs and guns flowing into mile by over the bridge from denmark. solution to violence seems a long way off. somehow, as a former high ranking gang member in mal my. now he works with young people to try and keep them out of criminal gangs. we meet in vanham scene of
12:42 am
a triple murder in 2018 and where there was another deadly shooting. last week on them, arguing accumulated the lead, mentor, young gang members, don't realize what they are getting into all the things escalate quickly. they don't have trust in the authorities if they don't have other opportunities who their study wait for a good job. they don't have patients for their wooded. it's fast money that counts . this number, pinger, severe law. this isn't only affecting people in the criminal underworld in 2019 a young mother was shot dead hair on the streets in mamo. a year later, a 12 year old girl was caught in crossfire in stockholm. for the most part, it's young men often teenagers who are killing and being killed. prime is now a major electoral issue and a sensitive one after national studies linked it with immigration. most of the individuals in sweden using for all as a method of violence or immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants. but we also know that the victims of such crimes are also immigrants. people have been afraid for being called the racists. if we do not
12:43 am
talk about this, then we can not solve the problem. you prime minister magdalena under sean has already toughened rhetoric on immigration and sweden's open door policy for refugees is long gone. that's partly in response to the right wing suite, and democrats becoming an integral part of the opposition with an election this year. sweden must now way it's traditionally tolerant values against the death toll . on its streets, poll, reese al jazeera, malmo, a dispute between ghetto airways, an air bus has escalated. europe in plain maker has revolt, a multi $1000000000.00 order for the gulf airline ever what's on the surface? a disagreement over peeling paint under chappelle reports. who know her? it's nearly brand new, but the say 350 aircraft has already been grounded for problems with its paint surface. katara your way says there is an issue with its a 3 fifties. the gulf carrier has ground a 21 of its fleet for what he calls surface degradation and other issues which may
12:44 am
compromise the aircraft. lightening protection system. cutter airways has sued airbus in the u. k. seeking more than $600000000.00 and compensation. it also wants an investigation. it's unprecedented. we, we hate his fucks that often. but for us to be witnessing the very public full lot of what is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world right now and boss with one of them most prominent customer airlines. caraway's is something that we haven't seen of this scow. i'm a previous examples in commercial aviation history. and it's so so escalating cat, her ways has whole to delivery of any more a 3 fifty's until the problem is fixed. on thursday it asked the high court in england for an expedited hearing to address its concerns. the next day airbus cancelled a separate order. we're $6000000000.00 for 50, a $321.00 neo aircraft to be delivered next year. this is an across every 21 that many airlines want to graph. and i think a boss know that by doing this,
12:45 am
by terminating the old out, which is what they said they have done. there are many airlines that will be trying to grab those slots and skip the queue to get those $320.00 ones in of course amp us in that statement last night. a saying that they continue to maintain the same line, which is the name says the whole issue is something that isn't safety related. at least 5 other airlines have discovered surface was in there, a 3 fifty's, according to an investigation by reuters. but catherine always is the only one to ground its fleet, forcing it to borrow plains from other airlines and bring others back into service . european regulators issued a warning last year. the patches of the lightning protection system may have been wrongly fitted on some jets. but say they found no evidence of a safety issue. furthermore, airbus is there is no reasonable or rational basis for catherine regulators who called the problem disturbing to grounded the planes. it's accusing the airline of engineering. the dispute for financial reasons, as the industry continues to deal with the economic fall out of the pandemic. it's an unusually public spot between aviation heavyweights. katara always has accused
12:46 am
air bus of destroying their relationship. the question now is, where will the airline get its new jets and are chappelle al jazeera, doha police in danville, pennsylvania, a searching for a monkey that escaped its crate. when a truck crashed along a highway, the vehicle had been transporting a 100 long tailed max to a lab in florida. focusing their search on nearby trees and shrubbery were 3 other escaped monkeys were found soon after the crash. pennsylvania state police have wound people to keep their distance from animal if they see it. so i had this news out in sport marcus rash, red sends old traffic into a frenzy couple action. coming up in a moment, hulu and the buddhist monk and peace activist, known as the father of mindfulness, dies at the age of 95. ah,
12:47 am
americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what your take on why they've gotten this so wrong. that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy, and the impact on the world on al jazeera holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. role in the world on al jazeera jenny, a jenny, a base, and one of necessity with 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was an unpaid road at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the co rack you on, on al jazeera, ah,
12:48 am
ah, ah, i was far with the sport. lauren, thank you so much. egypt versus sonic all is the pick of the ties and the final round of african qualifying for this year's world cup in qatar. the draw happened in cameroon. were both egypt and senegal are currently taking part in the africa combinations world playoff between the 2 will have an added edge is that we'll see liverpool, teammates, mohammed selah, sadie oman, a face off. oh, there are $52.00 legged playoffs in total, which get underway in march. i've gone host cameroon, take on a battered and bruised algeria side who suffered
12:49 am
a 1st round cup of nations exit gone. i also left the african early. they take on nigeria, democratic republic of congo, feast morocco, and tennessee are up against the side that beat them at the cup of nations. that's molly. we've been speaking to football broadcaster gary l. smith about the draw. he says fans have plenty of drama to look forward to the bowl. busy junior league watches are already looking at the perils of missing most a lot and said you money, one of them is not going to the other was cover. and so it's a bit of a big deal for african football because he always wants your staff there. and people already asking what is going to do? teach tim is she when both of them go to level after the cup of mission? so some other spice to that governor and my jerry at the are the cousins the other brothers and fights as much as they love each other,
12:50 am
because there's so much history between them. a lot of people don't know about the rivalry. they call it a jealous rivalry. because the 2 countries believe they make the best jello in the world. i'm not gonna say anything about that because i want my sanity. or what i do know is that when these 2 countries in each in much less no la loss. and this is good to be this by 5th of all the market. i think for all jerry, ever since coming in lower company see coming are currently doing well in the a couple of nations or jerry r. o at sick by the, by many meek, included as our potential when it's all in it when it's, you know, to be for this couple of nations have crashed out in spectacular fashion. all jerry out before the couple of reaches were on there that you something on between the street and you don't get the street by being a 14. i think that between now and march adria, huggins will try and fix the issues and the are going to be even more dangerous than before. camaros is dream. ron and the ash kupta nations could come to an early
12:51 am
and with their camps suffering a corona virus outbreak. here's a team celebrating their shock when over gone on the group stages. 12 members of their camp have come down with the virus, including both are going keepers and manager. caff rules stated for 11 players test negative, the team must complete the fixture. camaros are due to play host cameroon. in the last 16 on monday, marcus rochefort has sent manchester united into the top 4 of the english premier league, england international scored an injury time winner to cielo germanic one. no victory over west ham themselves. drop out of the champions league place is due to the results. talk them in our small are also in the hunt for top or finish. they both have notches on sunday and games in hand over united. i think we pushed halt, we drive everything, we took all the risk in the world to do to win that game. and if i look at the short short goal of the chances during the game,
12:52 am
i think we deserved that one will win. manchester city is winning, ron has and did. premier lee leaders were looking for a 13th victory and a robe went behind in the 7th minute against south hampton city, eventually equalized in the 65th minutes ended 11 at cordial aside have a 12 point lead at the top of the table. well, number 2, daniel med va dab is through to the last 16 at the australian open. the russian is amy to win this title for the 1st time and is also doing his best to win over the melbourne crowd. andy richardson reports with another joke of ich otherwise engaged daniel met the dev has a big chance of winning his 2nd straight major title. his main challenge in australia so far has been dealing with rowdy spectators. he accused the melvin paul crowd of having a low i q during his, when against hung pioneer,
12:53 am
curious in route to the russian was in more diplomatic mood after this straight sets victory over both vendors, antelope of the netherlands. how put it this way says or to play a guy from netherlands on a guy from australia in this thread in melbourne? i think the crowd, he loves you though we are. hm. he never good relationship must have its ups and downs. so i think it's good, annoyed sides entertaining and it's so it's real, you know, it's not like something. yeah. hey guys, bye. okay. whatever man. see you next time it's sir, you know it. so there is some relationship going on or think, isn't it? francis been wor, pair produced some stunning moments in his match up with full seats to find a sit to pass. but the great player did go on to win in full sets. sit to pass, hoping this will be the tournament that brings him his 1st grand slam title,
12:54 am
benoit someone that i would say is the one of the biggest challenge and in our game, a lot of talent are a lot of feel for the game. ah, so yeah, i was very, very important victory for me today to time grand slam champion simona, however, spend most of last year dealing with a variety of injuries. the romanian has looked back to something like her best for in melbourne. the 2018 finalist beating thank a covenant of montenegro to reach the last 16 a mentally i'm confident in the also strong i would say um feeling the game feeling her joy oh. out there and i think that helps me to be positive and the to be confident that i have a chance every time i step on the court next up for how it is. elisa corney. the french player celebrated her birthday by reaching the 4th round at this events for
12:55 am
the 1st time in more than a decade. andy richardson out here and the alley lakers have one away from home for the 1st time since the end of december. ron james gord, $29.00 points is the lakers rallied from an 8 point half time deficit to beat the orlando magic? a laker said 7th in the western conference. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to lauren in london for a thank you. now peace activist nominated for the nobel peace prize by martin luther king has died vietnamese buddhist monk tic, yet han was 95. he was known as the father of mindfulness. and as lear harding report is work lives on. ah, it takes discipline to start. oh, to listen. understand and brief.
12:56 am
ah, these are all principals, vietnamese, buddhist monk, tech, near tant, devoted his life to sharing with others. you don't have to worry more or your pin, your sorrow in yourself in order to begin to be happy. ah, much of his work came to be known as mindfulness and helped place him on an international stage. able to influence world leaders in global politics. take me a ton, was exiled from vietnam after opposing the war. in the 1960 s he campaigned for the united states to stop dropping bombs here meeting the late martin luther king junior, who later nominated him for a nobel peace prize. you've said that the only way we can begin to in war as me is, is due to communication between people. yes. and we should be able to say like,
12:57 am
this is not our intention to make your suffer more. it is the opposite. so please tell us about your suffering, your difficulties. i'm eager to learn to understand. mindfulness has fast become a pillar of the more than 5 trillion dollar wellness industry. many major companies like google have adopted his practices as a way to keep employees happy. they don't need to buy a ticket. ah, i tend to rule remit, right on how in rest my for in bratton now granted another through. oh, good monks all over the world have gathered to pay homage to one of their greatest leaders are a man devoted to listening, breathing and letting go. oh. and that's if me aren't any of that usa. i'm here and man with more news. thanks
12:58 am
for much watching ah ah talk to i'll just say a. ready wild alarm we listen, design is are making serious effort in order to in te and to stop to 10 of those. we meet with global use maintenance. talked about the stormy stand on february on, i'll just eva china, host the winter olympics. but we'll diplomatic woke up and the corona vibrate,
12:59 am
overshadow the events, rigorous debate them unflinching questions. up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom, al jazeera keeps you up to date as nation, tackle the overcome barrier amid continued vaccine inequality. one, 0, one east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing faith are causing the great british curry crisis. the african union holds its 35th ordinary session, the 1st with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and pressing issues across the continent. there is much disgust february on a jazeera ah, being a refugee mean starting again. but building a new life in a new country is no easy task. i had to drive the witness follows one of the last refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa from their personal
1:00 am
sacrifices to the families. prior i meet the syrian on al jazeera ah. ready you 90 tons of american military aid arrives in ukraine a day after the latest u. s. russia talks ended deescalate intentions on the border. ah, taylor, this is out a 0 live from london also coming up for saudi led coalition blames the who thes for an air strike, which killed 182 people in a jamini prison saying they hadn't marked it on a no strike list. if european military says it plans to.


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