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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge, but an access point to the world beyond ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is, that is our live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, condemnation and calls for accountability. ultra saudi led coalition as strike kills more than 80 detainees. and yet, most of the migrants american military hardware reaches ukraine and russia deploys it's fighter jets for drills. we'll have the latest on the 10 stand off on the border a major safety issue or just
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a bad paint job. a dispute between abbas and cancer airways escalates into a very public feud spiraling out of control. we look at why gung violence has become a huge problem in sweden and why it's affecting certain communities the most and soul searching deep inside brazil's amazon where indigenous tribes of trying to protect their way of life from outsiders. alan sport marcus ross for incense matches you nodded into the top 4 of the english premier league, england international scoring a dramatic winners who feel at one no victory over west town. ah. m and rescue workers continue to search for survivors. tramped under the debris of a destroyed detention facility, who the officials say that a saudi led coalition asked strike hit the temporary coding center installed
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a prob some friday. the coalition denies that more than 80 people were killed, including migrants, women and children. dozens are injured on accounted for. agencies say the hoop is used a facility to hold migrants who are mostly from africa and trying to reach the gulf nations. well, another strike of the western ports to the whole data targeted communications hub that triggered a nationwide internet blackout. and so the 2nd day, more than 30000000 the entities have no access to online information. who the officials say that 4 people were killed in the attack on who data, including children, leo and the secretary general has condemned the air strikes and has called for a transparent investigation. but on the ground emmons warring sides a blaming each other for the escalating conflict, national and judy and could be elected. then we are looking at a very big crime and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. that's what we see. what the targeting of the attention center inside the province and the continuous killing of
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civilians, war criminals, escape prosecution. consider this a war crime against humanity, but the world should take responsibility at this critical moment in human history. we are witnessing many victims in saudi state. television has read out a statement by the coalition, which turns the blame on the hoof. these riyadh says that the rebels failed to lock the sites on a no strike list over here. that's what the hell of the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list, according to the mechanism approved with the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen, and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross. well, here's what the red cross has to say about that. it says that all parties have an obligation to take all necessary precautions before and during an attack, the span civilians and that is not taking part in hostilities. detainees included and nothing we do or don't to changes those obligations. referring to the no strike
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list. 7 years of war in yemen has killed thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. there's been a significant shift to the conflict in recent weeks, forces from the u. n. recognized government a been pushing it to who the strong holes with help from you, a back forces. they've reclaimed shop war province and have taken parts of married city. the war reached the u. e. on monday, when the hoot these laws to miss highland wrote attack on abu dhabi, killing 3 migrant workers in retaliation, the saudi led coalition launched as strikes on yelman's capital, santa killing dozens, several more air strikes, of hit the eman. since let's bring in butter shavon who's a caseworker at the human rights group reprieve. he joins us now live up from london via skype. good. have you with us, sir? in february last year, president biden declared that the boy in yemen has to end and yet strikes like the one of the early hours of friday and sada a stark reminder that this war is far from over. what happened to the president's
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pledge to help end the war in yemen? i mean, thanks federal and for bringing this up. it is, i think, quite telling that the president from the administration that had promised to end the war in the oven and has actually ended up putting them in a very down. it's agenda that you today no longer hear about us policy circles in all of the us media. you rarely hear about yemen. and i think if it wasn't for the strike on the airport that happened a couple of days ago. no one would have heard what was happening inside. inside the yemen had been living. one of the most fierce about told for the last, at the theatre and house. but that has been rarely reported, have been many civilian casualties. and the have any type of situation continues to get from dia to, to work with less reporting. but more, most importantly,
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as you suggested, the, the, the administration seems to care less what, what is happening in yemen or to the many people. it was, as you say, the attack on apple, apple the, brought the war back to the attention of the international media and therefore the international community, how much responsibility the world powers back for not ending this conflict. for letting people continue to suffer, ah will policy that all the same page when it comes to how to bring about peace india. and i think that is the quite the crucial point. the administration, especially the current administration, do not have a shared view with its allies on what does it want to see inside them. and what does piece mean? what does it look like? at the end of the day, the, the, the political solution and dies as many i'm, it is, is that we need to return into a political transition. that literally was literally collapsed in 2014 after that
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he's took over. so now today we're very far away from that. so the, the discussion that the, what the international community are proposing is very, very far from providing sustainable solutions for the, for the, for the ongoing, for the ongoing conflict. and also that ministration. when it came 1st, in the 1st days to the office, it quickly rushed into removing the designation of the of the who sees they remove them from the, from the terrorists a sanctioned list without actually getting any concessions by the who sees. so what happened was that the who sees intensified their attacks on the ritual city of matter and they're actually very close into getting in so matter if it wasn't for. busy the, the, the, the fact that was supported by the amorous that managed to bring back to the internationally recognized governments back to the many districts of chicago. and,
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and matter whatever is the, the passes is looking forward. i think the complex and then has the potential of dragging many years and i think this is what many people do, not realize they wants to see an em, but they don't know how. and the other thing is that yemen is the crucial call is very crucial complex and it has the potential to still over whatever happens in human will not remain contained within humans borders. it will spill over to the neighboring countries. and i think that is specifically why you need so import them . of course you haven't. conflict is not about the who t's versus the saudi led coalition. the are the says, the secessionist and in the south. how can the conflict be brought to any sort of a conclusion when the secessionist continue to be owned by parties who are acting elsewhere in the country? i think this is one of the, one of the problems when you have an administration that has ignored the situation in the i'm and for quite for quite many years. what happened is that the session is,
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are not just a group cell sustained. it is being funded, armed by the united arab emirates. and this is a quite a big problem because this is, this simply complicates the political solution. now you have a new group that is being financed and at merger during the, the, the, the complex but doesn't seem to find itself fits within the political resolutions that has been suggested previously. so i think definitely this complicates this complicate things, but the constant ignoring the, the what's happening inside them and definitely doesn't help him. and he doesn't help also the region from reaching any kind of stability anytime soon. i could talk to you again, but thanks for being with us. but shavaun there from reprieve. inferior dozens of people have been killed and fighting between kurdish soldiers, an eyesore fighters cut his trip. so receiving our
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support from the us led coalition in the northeast and city of hasa fighting began on thursday when more than 100 ice will. fighters attacked a prison which holds around $3000.00. i saw fighters at least 6 people have been killed in a bombing afghanistan. it happened in the western city of her at medical sources at the hospital. there told al jazeera that the explosion targeted a bus in the city center on saturday evening. officials say that 9 people were injures around 900 tons of us. military aid has arrived in ukraine, including ammunition for front line defenders. tension is mounting over russia's troop build up on the border with ukraine despite talk this week aimed at de escalation. washington says that it will continue to provide assistance to support ukraine's armed forces. i'll just here is worry, challenge reports, rushes defense ministry isn't saying where these planes are taking off from. but it
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is saying where they're going better. ruth? the official reason they're headed there is fact the sizes, but the deployments add to russia's height in military posture on ukraine's borders and west and fears of an invasion. russia is spending every signal that it's intense on a serious military offensive that would market 2nd invasion of ukraine in the past 8 years. but i don't think that's president putin's preferred outcome because a full scale invasion is costly. it's risky because there will be a lot of russian casualties as well. the ukranian military is much better equipped than in 20. 14 western powers are stepping up military assistance to ukraine. the 1st plane load of $200000000.00 worth of us defense, a derived in kiev on saturday, 90 tons of materials including ammunition, the u. k. latvia, lithuania and estonia are all providing ukraine with defensive weaponry. canada has reportedly sent special forces, denmark, turkey,
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and the czech republic are also providing assistance. but despite the height intentions, the mood in ukraine is mostly com. a demonstration in kiev on the countries unification day. a couple of 100 people formed a human chain as a shower solidarity. despite all the propaganda, despite the russian misleading information, despite old person's pressure, ukraine is united, but give them a holler. in the past, they already tried to divide ukraine. we made conclusions. we weren't that explicit . russia once written guarantees that ukraine wont join nato and for the alliance to withdraw from eastern europe. the kremlin denies its planning and incursion into ukraine. but in 2014, it did just that annexing crimea, in the process, will reach helen's out a 0. when we talk about troops near the border, what does that actually mean? his come out santa maria with some geographical context. there are an estimated
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100000 russian troops deployed near ukraine's border, but that's a 2000 kilometer border. so we're talking about a lot of different strategic positions on the map. so here it is, and festival, just a reference i put in the to at capital cities, moscow to key of 750 kilometers as the crow flies. but if we go down into the border region itself and you see just some of the locations i've put in here, where we know russian troops have been st. places like a cream over and slotted. he's a close to the boat, only 30 to 40 kilometers away in fact, and a little further north, poke nevada, that is a 170 kilometers away. and actually we've got some satellite imagery from this showing the build up of troops and hardware that's been assembled. similarly, we can see them in cream over and yellow at yonah, here from that point down to the ukraine border. still 250 kilometers away. but clearly there are a lot of results as it rushes disposal and they could move on a moment's notice. and just to worry about the, whether it's worth thinking about this as well. snowy sub 0 temperatures in the
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region, this is just little snapshot of minus 7 degrees, feels like minus 11 at this point. that of course means frozen ground, which plays into the hands of the russian military tanks. earlier i spoke to samuel romani, who's an associate fellow at the royal united services institute in the u. k. he told me that most of the military aid that kia has received will mostly likely will most likely slow a russian attack rather than repel it. well, i think this too plausible invasion rates for russia. if they were to enter you grant. the 1st would probably be going through crimea and their existing territories and denounced glue haskin done baskets, new grant coming in from the east, and taking over more territory. there. an alternative route would be coming through bella risk because the russians and the bell russians are close security partners. and bella, luce is clashing with poland, ukraine, and leukemia currently over the migrant crisis. but at this, probably a secondary and less likely outcome that will occur. and i think that deb, if russia were to intervene, it probably won't be
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a full scale invasion or push for he had to change the orientation of the government. that might be a limited military intervention that moves line of control and on bass. and then brings you back to the bargaining table about nato expansion and other guarantee security guarantees that they're looking for is the military hardware that's been sent by countries like the u. s. and the u. k. enough to deter russia and if russian forces do cross into ukraine, what will be the response of the u. s. this may so allies? well, the military hardware that the united states, the united kingdom i've been bringing in as well as ab other countries like netherlands, which are that the year bring it in as well. are mostly ad defensive weapons. so they're basically aimed at, di, preventing and at blunting a russian ex ebay advanced are not necessarily lead alarms, or they're not necessarily of the south variety in terms of drones at turkeys bring again. so they're slightly different in that regard. i don't think that they'll be necessarily enough to completely stop override russian invasion simply because of
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russia's military superiority, but they could help increase the cost of that is also important to keep in mind that the u. s. in particular, has already authorized $125000000.00, a military assistance center biden earlier this year. and now with adding another 200000000 more. so it's adding to an already substantial level of, of assistance. but he more to come here all that he is i including the race to hell tolerance recover from the devastation caused by the volcanic eruption. tsunami. and in sport, the world number 2 closes in on another major title of trillion. open action coming up later. ah, what shaping up to be one of the biggest disputes of the asian industry in years there's a very public fallout between qatar airways and air boss. the manufacturing giant has cancelled a multi $1000000000.00 order from the airline for take
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a look here. 50 a 321 mio jets abbas isn't happy. because kat are airways has grounded many of it's a 350 aircraft, different aircraft entirely. there are now 21 of those out of operation, and the airline says that it won't accept the rest of the aircraft that it had ordered from abbas out as it was. andrew chappelle explains it's nearly brand new, but the say 350 aircraft has already been grounded for problems with its paint surface. katara or way says there's an issue with it's a 3 fifty's. the gulf carrier has grounded 21 of its fleet for what he calls surface degradation and other issues which may compromise the aircraft. lightening protection system. cutter airways has sued airbus in the u. k. seeking more than $600000000.00 and compensation. it also wants an investigation. it's unprecedented . we, we hate his hug so often. but for us to be witnessing the very public full lot of what is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world right now and boss with one
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of them most prominent customer airlines. caraway's is something that we haven't seen of this scow on a previous examples in commercial aviation history. and it's so, so escalating kat, her ways has whole to delivery of any more a 3 fifty's until the problem is fixed on thursday at ask the high court in england for an expedited hearing to address its concerns. the next day air bus canceled a separate order worth $6000000000.00 for 50. a $321.00 new aircraft to be delivered next year. this is an air cross at 321 that many airlines want to graph. and i think a boss know that by doing this, by terminating the odo, which is what they said they had done. there are many airlines that will be trying to grab those slots and skip the queue to get those $320.00 ones in, of course. and us in that statement last night, saying that they continue to maintain the same line, which is the name says, the whole issue is something that isn't safety related. at least 5 other airlines
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have discovered surface was in there, a 3 fifty's, according to an investigation by reuters. but catherine always is the only one to ground its fleet, forcing it to borrow plains from other airlines and bring others back into service . european regulators issued a warning last year that patches of the lightning protection system may have been wrongly fitted on some jets, but say they found no evidence of a safety issue. furthermore, airbus, there is no reasonable or rational basis for cathy regulators who have called the problem disturbing to have grounded the planes. it's accusing the airline of engineering. the dispute for financial reasons, as the industry continues to deal with the economic fall out of the pandemic. it's an unusually public spot between ation, heavyweights kept airways has accused air bus of destroying their relationship. the question now is, where will the airline get its new jets inter chappelle al jazeera, doha terry turn isn't airline safety commentate out a full pilot. he joins us now on skype from right in the u. k. terry?
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good teddy with us. you've seen this video, is this just a bad paint job or a safety issue as a pilot? would you fly one of these aircraft looking like that? but yes, i mean you might be a bit embarrass, but it's been given the all clear body european safety agency and i have not heard of any other regulator that is expressed any concerns. i kind of get the impression that this is probably more of a commercial dispute safety issue, really what could have gone wrong with that pain? it's unusual for a manufacturer like us to for that pain. what to go that badly wrong so short so soon after after manufacturing that or is it, is it just that this is so public that we know about it? well, the reason i mention that because boeing event, similar problems on the 7 a 7, i don't know enough about pain, but these are cross off now have composition wings instead of them any
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one of those just they used to may seem to be having a problem getting the paint bombed properly, and so i can only assume that it's something like that. what do you make of bosses behavior here, counseling, a multi $1000000000.00 order from, from cross off a $321.00 nears. how can it afford to do that? well, i can only assume it's because i mean the a $3.00 to $1.00 me is any stream. these are crawl and i can only assume that they feel strong enough that they can 1st of all, irritate a big customer the same time place going somewhere else. i suppose, i mean the relationship has been a bit anxious for a while as far as i can gather. maybe a boss of just had enough. but as far as safety issues, safety concerns,
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we're talking about here, you'd have no worries about getting on an aircraft with, with tape looking like that. not from a safety standpoint. no, i mean, i suppose long term. you know, i suppose a, some of the lightning bonding will the grantee lightning bonding long time over a number of years. it might degrade that, but clearly the safety agencies in europe and elsewhere are not particularly concerned about it. and so as a partner i would be quite happy to fly even a little bit embarrass, turning up the gate, but it's something a bit 2nd. terry, it's always good to talk to you many thanks to the territory of that and right in the u. k. it's been a week now since the volcanic eruption and soon arming the toner, destroyed large parts of the south pacific nation. for several days. they were cut off from the rest of the world, but aid is now flowing in from new zealand and australia. but as wayne hay reports
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from oakland, there may be more than just good will behind the donations much needed clean drinking water is now flowing into tongue of navy ship. the outer roa carried 250000 liters of water from new zealand, along with a desalination planned to make more. it's a life saving delivery after ash from the volcano blanketed the islands of tongue a week ago and contaminated the water supply in oakland. there was another show of pacific island generosity as a delegation from sophomore handed over supplies to the speaker of thomas parliament who says his people are doing the best they can, but still need help. i think people are trying to get back to work or restore some sense of normality, but the same time the disruption to the services, water services, power arms communications tournament, and a government level. there's been a rush to help tanya, which analysts believe has been motivated by humanitarianism and geopolitical
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strategic goals. for years, western regional powers, new zealand and australia have been worried about china's growing influence among the smaller pacific island nations, including tawna, is clearly being plenty of generosity on display here as there has been a government level. but after any natural disaster, attention inevitably turns towards the recovery and rebuilding phase. how will that happen? and most importantly, who'll pay tongue a thanked china for being the 1st to donate money and supplies that we for the eruption tongue is economy was amiss with the government struggling to pay back more than a $100000000.00 that was lent by china after damaging riots in 2006, 8, beijing has refused to write the debt off. and some believe last week's natural disaster may provide new zealand with an opportunity. i would say that in wellington, particularly the pressure coming in from united states astray for somebody to be looking after the south pacific is very strong. now,
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tongue is parliamentary speaker says it's important that any future aid money benefits the people know this is a very sensitive topic, but you know, tie accepts a lot of foreign aid from, from many different places around the world. and we just need to ensure that that aid is funded and sustainable fashion. at the moment the aid is flowing in the form of donations, but longer term rebuilding may be a more complicated affair. wayne, hey, al jazeera or blooms. well that volcanic eruption near tang and lead to a large oil spill thousands of kilometers away in peru. freak waves caused by the under sir option struck an oil tanker as it was unloading its cargo, pitching 6000 barrels of oil into the sea. i'll just here is mariana sanchez, reports it's been declared and environmental, emergency crude oil washing ashore after a devastating spill along the peruvian coast, lima. the sooner the cost by the will can corruption near on january 15th,
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apparently butchered an underwater pipeline. a standard retro oil tanker was loading crude at a refinery, causing the disaster. and the investigation is underway. a 40 see the challenge to contain and clean the estimated $6000.00 barrels dumped would be impossible to accomplish. book teens volunteers have vito beach near the main spill area are doing their best. a few kilometers away at the bay. of course. another team is recovery only 20 barrels of the per day. i must get sides. i don't know what's really not much just the grain of sand. the attention on the clean up campaigns should be more aggressive. concerns university students up up to see some fish. but for now we are cleaning and seeing what we can do with their credit. because we are not going to be so heartless and leave them their environmental authorities, say the damage. now extend 3000 square kilometers affect and con base,
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which biodiversity from the fisherman's protected islands to the coastline. for now, we're about 4 kilometers of the coast of the bay if i'm gone and here the water is completely under a blanket of oil. the ocean current is helping to spread it even further, making it more difficult to clean to contain its advance environmental authorities have called enough. the small bay area fishermen will not meet us, has more than 800 families who need it for their living. now have nothing to sell a borrowed door. as i said, everything has stopped and no one is going out to see because we know that the fishes unusable and will be contaminated. it's surprising that wraps off has not had a contingency plan on thursday. proceed until august, the declared the environmental emergency describing the oil spill at the most touring ecological disaster in recent times. some are blaming whistle,
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but the company says it had no warning of the phenomena and is not responsible. while judicial authorities open that investigation, experts say reversing the damage is impossible, especially with so much to be done and so fuel into some work on the ground. but you're not fun to, so just me, my bid will get a weather update next here on the south. then you don't have to remove all your pain, your sorrow in yourself in order to begin to be happy to hon. these in buddhist money and peace activist who taught the world mindfulness. beside the age of 95, i didn't sports africa top teams find out who they'll need to beat to qualify for this year will cover all the details coming up a
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hello there. air originating from the arctic made its way all the way to the middle east. how, how every one good to see you. and while was it ever felt? here's the capital of the audi. people bundled up, we had the heaters outside of hats to be found as well. so here's how low temperatures were on saturday, 2 degrees in riyadh, 10 in doha. but there is now going to be an improvement here we are on sundays. so 1900 for re add $21.00 in doha. but if i show you the 3 day forecast for re, i'd wait for you deserve this up to 26 degrees on wednesday wall to wall sunshine and that is above average. did see some dust storms in karachi. wind speeds about 75 kilometers per hour. those winds back off on sunday 27 degrees. showers will help improve the air quality in the hor, and we know snow not too far away from is one more bad. but van federal conditions for turkey, snow here as while dusting of it is stumbled on camera. and i think in the days to
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come on, talia could see some snow accumulate as wall off to southern africa and driving rain still from that. a gas scar. this is going to just deteriorate the flooding situation there. keep down at $32.00 degrees, but you're, a temperatures will fall. and the dates to come see you soon. ah. the take take to ship to democracy's activists to corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want to hear. we care about the environment you do to issued by our oil plea for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera and talk to, i'll just say, oh, are you a wild alarm is,
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can we listen? design is, are making serious f rates in order to in t. i'm to stop the 10 of those. here. we meet with global use maintenance and talked about the stormy stone mountain analyses investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah ah ah, hello again, it's good, happy with us. hello, it's adrian for the good that here and go. how will the news out from al jazeera, the headline is more than 80 people have been killed by a saudi coalition and strike in yemen. that's according to the doctors without
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borders and who the officials. the un secretary general was called for an investigation. u. s. military aid has arrived in ukraine's capital kia, it's the 1st shipment of a $200000000000.00 package convention. as escalated as washing force is mobilized near ukraine's board up at a dispute train castle airways. and ab bus is escalating, the line released this footage, showing surface damage on its say, 3 fifties this shortly after about saddam's, but it was canceling a multi $1000000000.00 order from cost always. japan is recorded more than 50000 daily corona virus cases for the 1st time. the government has ordered all bars and restaurants to close early, including the capital tokyo cases that have more than doubled in a week. the pacific island nations of samoa and kit bass has imposed corona virus lock downs. after international arrivals tested positive, both countries had almost entirely avoided cobit 19 get about, hadn't recorded
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a single case. while samoa had only 2. since the pandemic began. taiwan is on high alert ahead of the lunar new year after a rise in cases of the on the chrome variant. that's now a ban on eating and drinking on public transport and limits on the number of people visiting temples ahead of the holiday season. hong kong is leader says that hamsters partly responsible for an increase in cases of the delta variant officials recently called 2000 of the rodents after fears that some a contract cobit 19 the city is seeing a rise in cases which lead a carry lamb says is also, due to people ignoring quarantine goals, with more than 132000 recorded deaths due to the pandemic. no country in the middle east has fed worse than iran and bowers the, all, the kron variance spreads officials. they're a warning that another wave is imminent. now, to serious russell said,
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our reports from tara, the number of coin, 19 cases had been fallen in iran. but the downward trend didn't last long. and there has been another spike in infections despite a better than average rate of explanations. more than 70 percent of the companies eligible population of 72000000 has received 2 doses. of course, 19 vaccines and nearly 13000000 have had their turn shot. mina jeffery is among them. but i'd been considering the tough past 2 years. it's recommended to receive the vaccine to become immune, so that we can protect ourselves in case of facing another wave. i am very concerned about another way of infections. in august, last year, iran to could it's worth daily tally with around $50000.00 infections and more than $700.00 debts. oh, but thanks to
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a mess recognition campaign by the middle of this month, the daily debt tool stood around 20 the lowest in nearly 2 years. but the situation now seems to be changed again. the or me convenient 1st detected in the country last month is boosting the daily infections, total provinces around iran, or reporting of to it to the, for the increase in active cases and the number of iranians. neither hospital treatment is also on the rise, and the manager of economic experts are warning. the number of infections by the end of february could go up to total 600000 is called at the moment v r in a very bad economic situation. we're worry about medication shortage because of the sanction or hospital bed shortage. what respect will face? annette crisis a disaster? the worry about the disaster because a venue phase 2, for example, 1000000 cases. we have not enough physicians, enough nurses,
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enough hospital bills to serve these patients for a country order the suffering from the effects of international sanctions. iran's health care system has been on the immense pressure and will struggle to survive anyway. of course, 19 ross who said that al jazeera to her on in became a foster security forces. suffice tear gas, an anti government protest as people are angry about, arise and attacks by armed groups and some of called on the president. to step down al jazeera nicholas hawk reports a small but defined crowd in bertina fences. capital, why do go out to denounce a government unable to protect it? citizens, there has been arise and attacks by on groups linked to al qaeda and i so this is a peaceful protest. the government does not want to take place. authorities arrested. the organizers of the march on friday, restricted access to social media and threatened to lockdown parts of the capitol
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demonstrator, cl this as an attempt to restrict descent, typically that if the president was elected by the people and now they tear gas is, this isn't right, a security forces a meant to protect us and our property not attackers. security forces are failing us. last year, government forces lost control of border areas in the north and east. last week for french soldiers were wounded during a joint operation with bricking fossils military attacks. now in the center of the country are forcing millions of people to flee towards what seems like the only safe place the country's capital. we are frightened, but at 1st armed groups would come after us in the bush. did you know that from one day to another they started decking villages? now entire districts are empty. pretty soon. they will conquer provinces if this continues faced with so many military defeats, president hawked mac cowboy dismissed dozens of high ranking soldiers in december, replacing them with younger officers. last week,
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security forces arrested several soldiers, accusing them of plotting a crew to overthrow the precedent. fear frustration and anger is fueling these protests. despite attempts to stifle the demonstration, it seems this movement calling itself save burkina is gaining momentum. nicholas hawk al jazeera sweden is battling a wave of gang violence about has the highest rays of gun deaths in europe. and with people from immigrant backgrounds disproportionately affected, the issue is proving, providing rather more fuel to right wing parties ahead of this year's national elections. i'll just pull race reports from momo. it's a typical winter's day in lin shipping until like in the snow and a relatively safe corner of the world. but a surgeon gun crime here and nationwide has made sweden one of the worst countries in europe for gang lunch, shootings, the whole half tall thing at
9:39 pm
a lean shopping on the service again. last year and in shipping, we had 12 shootings and 5 killing. previously we had one shooting a year of the situation in sweden as being driven by drugs and money and a totally different way to how it used to be. the other police say 15 gun conflict from the way in stock home alone, mainly in the suburbs. a report from the national crime prevention council has shown sweden as the only country in europe. what gun deaths arising with 4 killings per 1000000 people against the continental average of one point? 6 in 2021. there were $342.00 shootings and $46.00 deaths in the southern city of malmo, 6 months of police raids. 2 years ago began a period of calm, but with drugs and guns floating in some, almo, over the bridge from denmark, solution to the violence seems a long way off. some whoa, as a former high ranking young member in mile my now he works with young people to try and keep them out of criminal gangs. we may involve him scene of a triple murder in 2018 and where there was another deadly shooting. last week to
9:40 pm
whom am i doing accumulated, the mentor, young gang members, don't realize what they're getting into all the things escalate quickly. they don't have trust in d o t, warranties. they don't have other opportunities through the study. wait for a good job. they don't have patients for them. would it cost money to count this novel paying the law? this isn't only affecting people in the criminal underworld. in 2019 a young mother was shot dead here on the streets and momo. a year later, a 12 year old girl was caught in the crossfire in stock. for the most part, it's young men often teenagers who are killing and being killed. prime is now a major electrical issue under sensitive one, after national studies linked it with immigration. most of the individuals in sweden using far as a method of violence, are immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants. but we also know that the victims of such crimes are also immigrants. people have been afraid for being called the racists. if we do not talk about this,
9:41 pm
then we cannot solve the problem. new prime minister magdalena under sean has already toughened rhetoric on immigration and sweden's open door policy for refugees is long gone. that part in response to the right wing suite and democrats becoming an integral part of the opposition with an election this year sweet and must now why it's traditionally tolerant values against the death toll on its streets. full rece algae is era. mama, brazil's amazon is home to the world's largest number of isolated tribes for years missionaries have violated brazilian law by entering the lands. indigenous activists are appealing to the supreme court, hoping to keep them out for good. i'll just here as monica young, our care reports now from giovanni valley in brazil's amazon us state, says town of 20000 on the border of the amazon rain forest is one of the most under source in all of brazil. but what at the little knot she lacks in schools and doctors, it makes up for in churches and preachers,
9:42 pm
one on almost every street out of the of the christ will come again. this time to the peruvian city of coast guard. for decades of the liar has been a magnet for christian missionaries across the world, like josh mcentire from alabama. he says he moved here to answer god's call. but for others at the leah is a crucial stepping stone to their job id valley reserve home to the largest number of isolated indigenous tribes in the world. many christians believe its fertile soil for converting fresh souls, even of it means reaching out to people what no contact with outsiders. evangelicals come here to entice the young with promises of a better life than use them as guides to spread the gospel. if they insist on approaching our villages will tie them up and destroy their plains and boats. brazilian legislation forbids any contact with isolated tribes keeping intruders out is often
9:43 pm
a challenge even for the special squad of indigenous trackers who patrol a territory the size of morocco. this is the outpost of the national indigenous foundation. the government agency in charge of protecting the isolated tribes of the job id valley, but it was unable to stop missionaries from entering their lands and trying to make contact with them. one american missionary is said to have been found by the my t people down this river. be back. why you river andrew tom can the american missionary 1st arrived in brazil in 2007. but me now my teeth tells us that tongue can eventually worked his way up the river, and that members of his tribe caught the missionary on a non authorized expedition in their job id valley. did to him as to where the motif people were hunting. when they came upon the american pastor camping close to where the isolated peoples lived. he was accompanied by 2 members of the my ruin. a tribe of tribal leaders say it's not the 1st time they receive reports of tongue
9:44 pm
can breaking the law in the name of god. now they've united forces against what they consider to be religious predators by taking them to court eliezer. my role board, the 1st indigenous lawyer from their job id valley is the one responsible for bringing the lawsuit. the case was taken all the way to the supreme court from i from us, we have information to trust me from dish. every valley were offered $20000.00 to accompany missionaries deposited a territory occupied by the isolated people. i'll shahida asked tonkin for a comment. he didn't confirm nor deny the accusations against him. but in an email, he told us that jesus is still sending disciples into the world to preach the gospel to every creature. and that although christ followers didn't strike out to defy any government, they ought to obey god rather than men. in march 2020, the missionary posted a video on social media, claiming to show him in another countries. i'm here in a town of
9:45 pm
a city of irby wilson, northern iraq cove in 19 forced all outsiders, including missionaries to leave brazil's indigenous reserves. tribal leaders are fighting to keep them out for good, despite present jade wilson arrows attempts to keep them there. during the pandemic, his supporters in congress tried but failed to pass a law allowing missionaries to stay. now even local villagers, why have been converted like this? my own a pastor want them out for this me. so they're using the bible to spread descent to divide up people. village chieftains who've not converted to being questioned by the younger generations. who say they won't obey leaders who aren't evangelical. that's not the way our society's work, and that's not what christ has taught us. he died preach in peace and harmony. why not intolerant scandal? meanwhile, the legal battle over the missionaries and their contact with indigenous tribes continues to play out in brazil's capital brazilian legislation, allowing contact with isolated people is being discussed in congress in the supreme
9:46 pm
court. just a year before president bull sonata runs for reelection, monica, you're not give. i'll jazeera job id valley. now you've probably heard of the term mindfulness, the discipline of looking within and connecting with your true self. the man who's been praised for developing the practice such up hong, has died, but his work will live on. as leo harding reports. ah, it takes discipline to stop. oh, the listen. understand. brief. ah, these are all principals, vietnamese buddhist monk, take me a ton, devoted his life to sharing with others. you don't have to remove all your pig yasandra in yourself in order to begin to be happy.
9:47 pm
ah, much of his work came to be known as mindfulness. and helped place him on an international stage, able to influence world leaders in global politics. take me a ton, was exiled from vietnam after opposing the war. in the 1960 s, he campaigned for the united states to stop dropping bombs here meeting the late martin luther king junior, who later nominated him for a nobel peace prize. you've said that the only way we can begin to in war as me is, is due to communication between people. yes. and you should be able to say like, this is not our intention to make your suffer more. it is opposite. so please tell us about your suffering, your difficulties. i'm eager to learn to understand. mindfulness has fast become a pillar of the more than 5 trillion dollar wellness industry. many major companies like google have adopted his practices as
9:48 pm
a way to keep employees happy. they don't need to buy a ticket ah, attended to a home. we need to ride on. how in dress my for in grant and now grant in under through them. oh, good monks all over the world have gathered to pay homage to one of their greatest leaders, a man devoted to listening, breathing, and letting go. oh, let's speak now to russia, john halifax. she is the abilene founder of a pyre, then center, and georgia snow from santa fe, new mexico. it's really good savvy with us. you or one of our hons students, roshay, joan, how did you meet him? how did he change your life? i was fortunate to me tie in the mid 1960 s,
9:49 pm
when he came to the united states to urge us to end our bombing of his country, vietnam. and as a young social activist in the anti war movement. and the civil rights movement was an extraordinary moment for me to realize that one could be a social activist in environmental activists and also a contemplative also of someone who practices deep mindfulness. how important do you think was mrs. miss? sorry, i was her mom, i interrupted, you please carry on. now it's, it's going to say on 20 years later i became his formal student. and i, if i understand the question next question, you're going to ask that, you know, to, i believe that take not hon. has literally touched the lives of millions of people
9:50 pm
in opening a perspective on what it means to be responsible in a world that is fundamentally interdependent. and he coined a beautiful term inter being and adds that term refers to our realization of interconnectedness of interdependence and inter penetration. and we are seeing that so powerfully. now, as this pandemic sweeps are glow, as climate change is touching every corner of this earth, but also where the words of people like kick not hahn and his practices in his views begin to change the global psyche. it makes you wonder how different our world would be if, if grabs more. people followed his teachings. what, what does he think about the commercialization of, of his practice?
9:51 pm
you know, i think the commodification of his, his practice. it's actually not his practice. it's, it's a buddhist practice. the commodification has, like every stick does 2 ends. one is it said it is touching the lives of people in the corporate world and in politics, in a way that allows them to slow down and to look deeply. on the other side of the equation, of course, is that a d. contextualize is the whole model or the whole field of buddhism in a way that separates. for example, the practice from up ethics for example. and what is really important in tic, not hahn's view, is this. a bodhisattva perspective is an ethical perspective, which is
9:52 pm
a vow to and suffering and to do everything that we can to awaken in order to truly be of benefit. not just to a humans but to really all being russia. jonah's been really good. talk to you, but he thinks the term for being with us, russia, john halifax, they're in santa fe, new mexico. thanks. time for sport. as far as adrian, thank you so much. egypt versus sonic all is the pick of the ties in the final round of african qualifying for this year's world cup and counter. the draw happened in cameroon, where both egypt and senegal are currently taking part in the africa. the nations work a play off between the 2 will have an added edge as it was in liverpool, teammates, mom at sala and sadie amani face off. well, there are $52.00 legged playoffs in total, which get underway in march. ask on host camera and take on a battered and bruised algeria side who suffered a 1st round cup of nations exit gone. i also left the ass con early they take on
9:53 pm
nigeria, democratic republic of congo, face morocco, and says you're up against the side that beat them at the cup of nations. molly camaros is dream. ron, in the africa cup of nations could come to an early and as their delegation has suffered, a corona virus outbreak. here was the team celebrating their shock went over gonna and the group stages. 12 members of the camp had come down with a virus, including both their goal keepers, ad manager, catherine, state of 11 players, test negative, the team must complete the fixture. camaros are due to playhouse camera room in the last 16 on sunday. mark has rochefort, has that mattress united into the top 4 of the english premier league england international for an injury, time winners, and feel a dramatic one. el victory over west ham themselves. drop out of the champions league places due to the result, thought no min arsenal are also in the hunt for a top for finish. they both have matches on sunday, and games in hand over united world number 2,
9:54 pm
danielle met the dev is through the last 16 at the australian open. russian is amy to win this title for the 1st time and is also doing his best to win over the melvin crowd. andy richardson reports with another joke of ich otherwise engaged. daniel met the dev has a big chance of winning his 2nd straight major title. his main challenge in australia so far has been dealing with rowdy spectators. he accused the melvin paul crowd of having a low i. q, during his when against hung play and the curios in round to the russian was in more diplomatic mood after this straight sets victory over both vendors, antelope of the netherlands. how put this laser to play a guy from netherlands on a guy from australia in australia and melbourne? i think the crowd, he loves you though we are. hm.
9:55 pm
he never good relationship must have its ups and downs. so i think it's good, annoyed sides entertaining and it's so it's real, you know, it's not like something. yeah. hey guys, bye. okay. whatever mass you next time it's so, you know, it's, so there is some relationship going on or think, isn't it? francis been wor, pair produced some stunning moments in his match up with full seats to find a sit to pass. but the great player did go on to win in full sets, sit to pass, hoping this will be the tournament that brings him his 1st grand slam title, benoit someone that i would say is one of the biggest challenge. and in our game, a lot of talent are a lot of feel for the game. ah, so yeah, i was very, very important victory for me today to time grandson champion simona how it spent most of last year dealing with a variety of injuries. the romanian has looked back to something like her best for in melbourne. the 2018 finalist beating thank
9:56 pm
a covenant of montenegro to reach the last 16 a mentally i'm confident and also strong. i would say, oh, feeling the game feeling her joy hall out there and i think that helps me to be positive and the to be confident that i have a chance every time i step on the court next up for holiday is elisa corny, the french player celebrated her birthday by reaching the 4th round at this events for the 1st time in more than a decade. andy richardson out user name curious is out of the singles draw, but the home favorite is still making headlines here as claims. as the latest doubles match almost finished and a fight cheerios and fantasy, how can i guess be? well, number one, pairing, or is not a pavlovitch, and nikolai lactic in front of me lively crowd australian set,
9:57 pm
his opponents got upset when one of them was hit by a bald, curious, alleges that the coach, an trainer of the croatian, do oh, threatened to fight him in the lottery, the lakers have one away from home for the 1st time since the end of december. ron james gord, $29.00 points in the lakers rallied from an 8 point half time deficit to beat the orlando magic. the laker said 7th in the western conference, i've never cheated a process or want to be great. this game. i knew i was all, i knew i had her god given a burden. but that only take you so far, if you don't use our ability. and so i put in a work every single day and, and on your craft see a waste. okay. you got better at this. now, can you get better at things that you're not so good at it? and when you get comfortable, how can you be, how can you get your ball you're uncomfortable. give. hey, and that is all your work for now. adrian bacteria, ferrara, buddy, thanks indeed, just to keep the sporting analogy going for a few seconds longer. it's time for the team in doha to pass the baton to our
9:58 pm
colleagues in london. lauren taylor will be with you in just a few moments with more that i used to use. i'll see you again. thanks for watching . bye for now. ah. with oh, mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not everyone fee is living in its shadow with good food for thought. is there something magnetic about vesuvius? the good people who don't live champ, understand how she 0 will goes to the red zone ne, in naples. to understand this unusual love living with the volcano
9:59 pm
one algae 00, from the al jazeera london pro casenita to special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on from the dead uninterrupted. and i realized i was working for something i was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria with the meat, christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio be unscripted on al jazeera. this one's feared, war lord, during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with treat children, has attracted their whole eccentric b as protected in effect from public crawl situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord,
10:00 pm
liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, 90 tons of american military a derives in ukraine a day off to the latest u. s. russia talks aimed deescalate intentions on the border. ah, lauren terry, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up a saudi led cognition blames the hu fees for an asteroid, which killed more than $80.00 people in the yemeni prison saying they hadn't knocked it on a new strike list. if he appears ministries has it plans to.


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