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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, re algebra with global outrage, shelter more than 80 people are killed in saudi cornish and air strikes that had a prison in yemen. ah, hi there, i'm kimbell. this is al jazeera live from dough also coming up, ukrainians. worry about their future, all the us and russia failed to break a deadlock on the military build up on the border,
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plus thousands of americans march to the supreme court, demanding a sweeping rollback of abortion rights and regulation disputing. ty that oppose law threatens to block volunteers from doing the work. ah, un secretary general, i tony, good. hey, this is calling for an investigation of the air strikes by the saudi coalition killed more than 80 people in west, in yemen. at least 3 children are among the dead. the strikes hit the port city of hold ida and a detention center in santa. the coalition is denying that it targeted the facility . a diplomatic editor, james bass reports from un headquarters in new york. as strikes had been carried out on who thi, held territory in yemen all week. but this one was by far the most decor. i'm the
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main talk seems to have been a detention center in the healthy stronghold of saddam in northern yemen. the death toll continues to rise, as they find bodies many believe to be migrants while searching for any survivors. von boardman this week by the saudi led coalition follows a brazen attack by the hu thies, using drones on the capital of the united arab emirates, abu dhabi on monday, which killed 3 people in new york at the un. the security council met behind closed doors to discuss that attack, but not the attacks on who the controlled areas. the current president of the council is no way i asked. it's ambassador mona jewel for her countries reaction to the scale of the death toll in sedar. it's, it's, it's not acceptable and andy, absolutely, and call for ask for a strength on old. finally, after the meeting,
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the ambassador of the united arab emirates flanked by representatives of 6 other council members, including the permanent members, the u. k. france, and the u. s. gave a statement that this egregious aggression by the, her thies as well as the proliferation of missile and other technology that enabled the terrorist attack. she made no mention of the saddam attack by the coalition of which the u. a is one of the 2 main members. so i pressed the ambassadors, your defense on the law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the president of the council, norway, speaking in a national kac capacity, said the attack that took place and saddam was on except to what you have heard to day. and you will know, following the work of the council that this is rec, what you have heard today is the unanimous condemnation by the security council against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of january. i'm not asking you about that. i'm asking about your response and whether it was proportionate given that at least 60 people have died,
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maybe as many as i'd like to refer you to the coalition statement on that matter. but i also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. human rights groups have criticize the security council's approach as one sided. the council did issue a statement, but again, only on the drone attack on abu dhabi, the secretary general of the united nations, antonio terrace, has addressed the cottage and saddam and other attacks and who controlled areas. he's called for prompt, effective and transparent investigations. james bowes al jazeera, at the united nations. having civil war has turned into the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the un development program estimates 377000 people died by the end of last year from violence, hunger, and disease. more than 5000000 people are on the brink of famine or on half of the population doesn't have enough food for and
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a half 1000000 giveaways have been forced from their homes with nearly 3 and a half 1000. and the 1st 2 weeks of this year of the saudi coalition is cause most of the devastation, the who these have been accused of using child soldiers and placing landmines across the country. yemen through the health minister, has appealed to the international community for medical aid. he cues the saudi coalition of deliberately targeting civilians, national and i'm judy and i could be looking at a very big crime. and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. you know, that's what we see. what the targeting of the attention center inside the province and the continuous killing of civilians, war criminals, escape prosecution. and consider this a war crime against humanity. but then the world should take responsibility at this critical moment in human history. we are witnessing many victims in the us and russia have held war, beg, say, a frank talk so they try to resolve their stand off on ukraine. but for many in the country, the build up of russian troops on the border has echoes of 2014. when war came to
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the east, or the document has more from kit, i know many of the she's come to pay her respects, not to forget friends lost since the war broke out in the east of the country in 2014. in millsboro got sca was a volunteer back then providing support to the soldiers on the front line. the idea of possible renewed fighting worries her me of course. i think her the words going on and on from 2014. i don't know where we have a big world, but we held guns and we already talk of war and a possible russian invasion concerns many ukrainians. but people here feel things could be different this time around many a grateful of the support. some western countries have provided ukraine some
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publicly thank in the u. k, for its reason delivery of mid ridge weapons. but elsewhere around here, people are going about their daily lives wondering if war is as imminent as their leaders. i have been warning. there's all the offense among people here that the situation is made more complicated because of the competition between russia and the west. over influence in this part of the world. ukraine being at the center of it. dmitri sokolov and his wife or lynn, i left crimea soon after russia next to peninsula in 2014. like many, he thinks that ukraine has come a long way since we are different in mentality the road different. we are very much different now from, from russia, and we are very much different from ukrainians. that war, you know, 2014, more than 50 percent v v v. believe that this is just a part of game, like, let's say, a kind of trade in, you know,
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over which are what states we'll provide to rashanda pressure, et cetera. so we hope it, sol blew up and i think but for catch a push ne, an sky air, the problems also come from within. she hasn't returned to her home. tom of logan's, since pro russian separatist took over me, i thought i would have to do the problem is not only russia, sometimes i don't feel part of this country. sometimes my friends and colleagues make the point that we are guilty of provoking this conflict. i really don't understand where i belong. 8 years on ukrainians have learned to live with a threat from their big neighbor. many say is become part of their lives. but what they fear now is that any move by russia order us could bring more divisions among ukrainians. who that, that i meet elders you are give. i've gone, astound interior minister wants the us to remove him from its most wanted list. the f
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b i is seeking the arrest of sir jude and connie for attacks against coalition forces . and at 1st sit down interview connie told al jazeera, the taliban has been fulfilling its commitments. he requested that we blow his face . on the stage had, for the month of her loved day, there was a fighting phase. and of course, that means that both sides targeted the enemy militarily and politically. and his face has ended. now. maybe the united states doesn't know that i was appointed as interior minister of kenneth stand. we lead in 19 or 20 a campaign against the us to defend our country and our people. and did our judy and we weren't harmed by the impose sanctions. and it didn't affect marell, but they sanctions and blacklists only hurt the people. and this shouldn't happen. more than 300 migrants have been rescued from the mediterranean near the southern italian islands of land. the do, sir. italian coast guard says they were on an overcrowded wooden boat,
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which was at risk of capsizing. more than 66000 people, cross mediterranean to get into europe last year. the ministers from greece, poland, and italy have taken part in a border security conference. in lithuania, they say, reinforcing borders, cracking down on people smugglers or protect you citizens, and those who make dangerous journeys to europe. our firm position would cease, reflect that in the joint statement signed by 16 member states of the european union, the majority of member states. there want that we adopted to day is that board the protection is critical for toppling the european migration crises in order for the european asylum system to properly function. the u. s. says it will continue to use sanctions against lead is it accuses of undermining peace in bosnia herzegovina. the comments were made by the head of the us agency for international development software visit to the country. earlier this month, washington announce sanctions against miller athletic, the bosnian,
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serb representative in the countries. 3 member presidency. leaders here are attempting to so division present. dudek in particular has created a climate of tension. one that is vulnerable to miscalculation and the risk of escalation. 250000 meetings of drinking water delivered by venusian. a navy is being distributed across tona. it's the largest delivery of fresh water to the islands. 7 days after a devastating underwater volcanic eruption and soon ami. water sources have been contaminated by ash and sea water use in and also sand equipment to disseminate up to 70000 leases a day since got here on al jazeera, short of medicine and hospital beds, there's rise in iran is experts, one on the crime is bringing another search in corona virus infections, ad leaving me and mom energy giants condemned the country's human rights record.
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they abandoned the nation. ah, it says snowy forecasts for turkey. hello everyone. here's the details right away. so fridays, rain turned to saturdays snow, and i think for is stumble about 5 centimeters. our 1st real snowfall of the season meantime, for central areas over the higher hills will look for about $20.00 to $30.00 centimeters and some soaking rains towards the south. that includes for, on tele, up and for the capitol on camera, we've got some snowy days ahead, but it's a one to punch because you're into freezer weather on monday minus 6. when you should be plus 5 for this have the year. central europe, things are quiet, but we could see about 40 centimeters of snow over the alps over the next little bit. quit shot of some flurries over at the balkans and some snow as well, but nothing major after the northwest right now,
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the islands of both ireland in britain high pressure in place. so that's deflecting systems up and over. so scandinavia will be in the line of fire and for iberia, that south east coast of spain. we've got some showers in the forecast for you and still chilly for the northeast of africa that includes cairo. below average temperatures, the temperature is popping up in hot tomb to 28 degrees and more pouring rain in the forecast for madagascar meantime, for the western and northern capes. we've got heat advisories in play as temperatures group close to 40 degrees soon. ah frank assessments this gracious or you continue to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that people expect for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical
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debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not ciocca. it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story. on al jazeera lou. ah, you're watching al jazeera, her reminder of our told stories this l will than atp. val, including children, have been killed in to saudi coalition as strikes in yemen. the united nations secretary general is called for an investigation. people in ukraine's a, the build up of russian troops out the border means van living an affair of further
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war. the us and russia have been holding talked to try and defuse the situation. i've gone a stones, interior minister has given an exclusive interview to al jazeera sit at your dinner . akani says he wants to be removed from the u. s. is most wanted list and that the taliban has been fulfilling its commitments. with more than 132000 deaths, no country in the middle east has fed worse during the pandemic than iran. and now as the oma covariance spread, se officials warn another wave is imminent. we're still said out reports from tech, from the number of course, 19 cases had been fallen in iran, but the don't were tramp didn't last long. and there has been another spike in infections despite are better than average rate of resonation. more than 70 percent off, the company's eligible population of 72000000 has received 2 doors. as of course, 19 vaccines and nearly 13000000 have had their turret shopped, men,
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jeffery is among them. but i'd been considering the tough past 2 years. it's recommended to receive the vaccine to become immune, so that we can protect ourselves in case of facing another wave. i am very concerned about another wave of infections. in august last year, iran recorded, it's worth billy pelley with around 50000 infections. and more than $700.00 debts ah! what thanks to a mess with campaign, by the middle of this month, the daily debt tool stood around 20 the lovers in nearly 2 years. but the situation now seems to be changed again. the omega invariant 1st detective in the company last month is boosting the bailey infections, total provinces around iran, or reporting of to it to do for the increase in active cases and the number of iranians. neither hospital treatment is also on the rise and the manager albert economy experts are warning. the number of infections by the end of february could
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go up to a total of 600000 is covered at the moment v r in a very bad economic situation. we're worry about medication shortage because of the sanction or hospital bed shortage. what the prospect vill face on a crisis, a disaster. we're worried about the disaster because a venue phase 2, for example, 1000000 cases. we have not enough physicians, enough nurses, enough hospital bills to serve these patients for a country order the suffering from the effects of international sanctions. iran's health care system has been on the immense pressure and will struggle to sort of buy a new wave, of course, 19 percent of that. oh, to 0 to her on brazil's famous carnival in rio de janeiro. and sal paolo have been bespoke, is covered 90 numbers for across the country. celebrations are being pushed from late february to april health official say the only con variant is fueling
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a surgeon infections. a new daily record of 137000 cases was recorded this week. mass protests have been taking place in malawi. if anger grows against the government, demonstrated the demanding that present alara's lazarus rather chuck. where address an economic crisis and rising prices, home tulsa reports. these demonstrate is in malawi, a running out of patience, government they want presidents, lazarus, chuck, we had to do something about a late corruption in his administration. rising unemployment and the high cost of living. you know, in malawi, everything is assigned to still nothing is working, people are suffering, no jobs, no business, especially the sam during the call, the period we've been here, todd. so we are turning government to reduce some of the basic needs the business from what it is like a short looking oil, matchers. so,
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so to clear i became president 2 years ago. and he and seated the former leader, peter metallica, in an election rerun, he promised to turn around the 18 economy and create 1000000 jobs that has not happened. his government says, working in resolving the economic crisis with a groan of ice pandemic isn't making things easy or prison. lazarus mccarthy, opera is doing all he can to make sure that the, the mulatto economy is getting to where it's supposed to be. so it is not right to say that someone is mismanaging. i mean, what's the benefits for someone mismanagement and economy? some in the country agree? the commune is international, isn't it rezo element, which is the government over the world. and the i think was, were, was, governments are suffering the women i read softly. i think that the vicksburg
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vision for the one organizing demos is short sighted. but people here say they are struggling and are tired of empty promises. they vowed there be more demonstrations in the coming weeks until they demands i'm, it's harder matessa algebra. anti abortion rights activists have gathered in washington, d. c for the annual march for life rather, and marks the anniversary of a landmark supreme court building in 1973, legalized abortion thousands marched to the supreme court, which is considering 2 state bands and limiting access to abortions. if the justice is uphold those laws, the historic ruling will be overturned. how does your castro without the rally? it is the $49.00 anniversary of the roe vs wade court decision which gave access to abortion to american women. and these marchers are adamant that access and immediately these are anti abortion activists,
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and they represented minority of americans, only one in 5 say that all abortion should end in this country, but they are a vocal minority and they believe right now they have the wind behind their sale that's because last year in conservative states, more than $100.00 new restrictions on abortion took effect. and just yesterday, the us supreme court again declined to immediately end them on abortions after 6 weeks in the state of texas. but the big cor case still pending before the us supreme court is a case of whether roe vs wade should be overturned altogether. in other words, whether or not to remove that rights to abortion in america. and these activists believe that with the conservative leaning on the user pretty for thanks to those 3 new justices appointed by former president donald trump. they think that this is the moment when they will prevail in order to and abortions and things in thailand have approved the 1st draft,
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although controversial new law photoshoot control of non governmental organizations . the government says the new powers of national security reasons. tony chain reports fresh vegetables unloaded into the office of a local charity in the coastal town of somewhat. second, the food is a lifeline for more than $10000.00 migrant workers. we've lost jobs in the seafood industry because of the coven 19 crisis. but the charity relies on donations mainly from overseas that will become almost impossible to manage under the new law. yet m neville, i am lock up and go back to law will not allow organisations found event marines to be registered. what might be very if it becomes law, how will r n g o is founded by my rents survive? at b, as in international sanctions, were placed on thailand's fishing industry in 2015. as well as the legal fishing, non governmental organizations, orange years had exposed to polling working practices such as traffic,
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labor and slavery on fishing boats. the government has initiated reforms, but similar exposes would be a legal under the draft law. the new legislation would also allow the tie government to scrutinize sensitive records and communications of organizations based in thailand, but operating in authoritarian regimes in the region amongst the country. yeah, i ah, can body or we can allow, they do not have a lot of see the society and internet. so how can i say since us in bangkok that we are going to be next killed already? very soon. in the past 18 months, there have been freakin protests against the government and the monarchy, but attempts to arrest and jail. the leaders have in some cases, been frustrated by organization's representing their legal and constitutional rights. the former generals that lead the government have made no secret of their
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disdain for such organisations. and their desire for more control. none the less, critics say the current draft is far too broad. even basic humanitarian work could be threatened by this new law. the organizes of these food donations for those people of sites by the coven, 19 downturn, concern. they could be shut down because their work could be perceived to show thailand and the government in a bad light to many who live on the margins of society, such as the homeless and use of providing help. where there's no government aid. ha ha, make or model mc one? thou art, this is a clear violation of our rights. our work is for the greater good and the people, and only society will judge us. even if the government's persuaded to make substantial revisions to his angio law. it's likely to be keeping a much closer eye on organizations such as this. tony ching al jazeera banker, energy giant chevron,
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and total have pulled out for major gas project and me and mar, because of the worst it in human rights situation. after last year's coo rights groups have welcome to the decision, the energy sector has been the armies biggest source of foreign income human rights watch says the military's crackdown amounts to crimes against humanity total as ever on, on the only companies to leave me in mar, after the military takeover, norway's talent, or is in the process of selling it's me in mass subsidiary, which was one of the nation's largest mobile phone networks. in this week, it's all that steak and a local digital payment service. british american tobacco pulled out in october. it had employed more than 100000 people before the crew. and toyota has delayed plans to build cars in the city of yan gone. mara de gay par is from the unitarian universalist service committee, which works on human rights and disasters, relief, disaster, really, father, she says the move won't have
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a big impact on government finances. the problem is that the, if the, the military is still receiving money from other channel, not just only from server and to tom, then it's mean that the military still has the income from other countries, which going to be a whole lot of money. and that is why m c, they literally have to cut of the receiving of the payment by a for the military only. then they probably last about a 1000000 a year, which is put a lot of money for the firms military and bad is when they're going to lose the fund that can, can, can allow them to buy further. all kinds of sophisticated, strong weapons that there have been using to kill the people on daily basis. right now. the situation on the ground is getting worse than ever. i mean, look from february 1st until now you have seen more than 7600 arm
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count on pleasures. and then the attacks on the civilians on the ground. and now leading close to the february, 1st anniversary of the brutalization by the firms military, only get stronger unlike before. now they're not really using the ground troops as, as much as they used to, but instead they use the aeroplanes in order to draw bounds to attack the civilians . they use all kinds of big weapons. and this is where it's getting so intense, domestic and international investors breathing a sigh of relief after it was announced, chili's central bank president will become the next finance minister. president elect gabrielle body chairs announced his new cabinet, which includes several surprises and latin america in a certain scene. newman has more. it was the announcement that chile had been waiting for impatiently, especially the name of the next finance minister,
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utterly more on an order mer. we have the challenge to recover our economy without reproducing. so any qualities. in other words, sustainable growth with a fair distribution of wealth to put on the market, reacted positively to the choice of central bank president manuel marcel who could not attend because of a suspected covered infection. marcel is a widely respected technocrat who shares president elect gabrielle mortgages. goals for greater social justice, we've only put bunker for young. this sends an important signal of commitment to economic growth and with responsibility, but also with a social purpose to generate better quality of life and children. beautiful fuel them over to new cabinet is made up of independence, members of board, which is new left coalition, 3 socialists, and 3 communist party nominees in all 10 men and 14 women, including escape cities. the former president of the medical guild will become
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chillies 1st female interior minister. another highlight. the new defense minister will be the granddaughter of former president salvador allende who was overthrown by the military in 1973. the bodies cabinet will be the 2nd youngest in chilion history. interestingly, a great many of the ministers in key positions were educated in the united states and especially in the u. k. and that is clearly a message to those who were concerned that inexperienced in the new government would be the roar rather than the exception. he didn't get a manuals a feminist. who was what it is partner has agreed to act as 1st lady did. yeah, but it's the cabinet, along with body ch himself who faced the greatest challenges boy persona carry them with her about them yet, but thank you some come, you must know that every one is waiting bruce to my killer. a more coming to place to live. why dignity become as the law so that we can restore confidence in government institutions and politics, felony level lead. oh, it's
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a diverse cabinet that will accompany the 35 year old, new left leader, a former student activist and congressman, who in march will become one of the world's youngest presidents to see in human al jazeera santiago. political debate has turned into a brawl and the honduran congress. the pushing and shoving broke out before the swearing in ceremony of the new congressional president divisions within the governing party about who that person should be ended up in a fist fight. fighting a landslide said peru have count of access to the ancient city of mac, peach. you modern flood water. if the merged roads and rail tracks in and around the unesco wells heritage site terrace, stranded in the area are being moved out. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories more than 80 people including


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