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similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera ah saudi airstrikes in yemen kill more than 80 people, mostly migraines, detained in a prison. the u. n. is calling for an investigation. ah, are you watching al jazeera life from doha? i'm fully back. people also coming up. no break through. it talks to diffuse tensions over ukraine as the top us in russian diplomats meet in geneva.
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a powerful blast reduces a mining town in ghana to revel triggered by a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle carrying explosives and tens of thousands. ronnie in washington, the head of a legal showdown over the right to abortion in the us. ah, thank you very much. for joining estie, united nations secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an investigation. after airstrikes by the saudi led coalition killed more than 80 people in west in yemen. at least 3 children are among the dead. as strikes header detention center in santa and the port city of hood data drawing condemnation from the united nations. our diplomatic editor james space reports from you and headquarters in york. as strikes had been carried out on who the hell territory in yemen all week. but this one was by far the most deck of i'm the main target seems to have been
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a detention center in the huffy stronghold of sir dar, in northern yemen. the death toll continues to rise as they find bodies many believe to be migrants, while searching for any survivors. and bob this week, by the saudi led coalition, follows a brazen attack by the hoof. these using drones on the capital of the united arab emirates, abu dhabi on monday, which killed 3 people in new york. the un, the security council met behind closed doors to discuss that attack. but not the attacks on who think controlled areas. the current president of the council in norway i asked is, bassett, mon, a jewel, for her country's reaction to the scale of the death toll and saddam, it's not acceptable. and we absolutely call for for restraints on all sides. after the meeting, the ambassador of the united arab emirates flanked by representatives of 6 other
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council members, including the permanent members, the u. k. fronts and the u. s. gave a statement that disagreed with aggression by the who sees as well as the proliferation of miss fall and other technology that enabled the terrorist attack. she made no mention of the saddam attack by the coalition of which the he is one of the 2 main members. so i press the ambassador. your defense under law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the president, the counsel no way speaking in a national kac capacity said the attack that took place and saddam was on the accept what you have heard today. and you will know following the work of the council that this is rare. what you have heard today is the unanimous condemnation by the security council against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of john, i'm not asking you about that. i'm asking about your response and whether it was proportionate given that at least 60 people have died, maybe as many as i'd like to refer to the coalition statement on that matter. but i
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also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. human rights groups have criticized the security council's approach as one sided council did issue a statement. but again, only on the drone attack, on abu dhabi, the circuit general of united nations, antonio guitars has addressed the carnage and sir dar and other attacks and who controlled areas. he's called for prompt, effective and transparent investigations. james bowes al jazeera, the united notions or yemen civil war has turned into the world's worst humanitarian crisis. infrastructure has been ruined. the medical system has all but collapse, and millions are going hungry in the arab world score as country a report. why? the u. n. development program estimates that the war has killed 377000 people, both through violence and indirectly through hunger and disease. more than 5000000
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people on the brink of famine and 50000, others are living in famine like conditions around half the country doesn't have access to enough food. the conflict has also forced more than 4 and a half 1000000, many to flee their homes. nearly 3500 were displaced in the 1st 2 weeks of this year alone. while a saudi led coalition has caused most of the devastation, the whole thes have also used child soldiers and indiscriminately laid land mines across the country. are joining me now is jamal benomar, who's a former u. n. special envoy for yemen. he's joining us live from new york. thank you very much for being with us, mr. benomar. that the 7 year conflict in yemen, intensifying again on the attack on the u. e. earlier this week seems to have opened up a new front. what is, 1st of all, your reaction to this latest se, escalation is a saudi lead. coalitions response, proportionate as it's un ambassador claims. obviously, it's not proportionate. the been reports over the last 7 years of
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widespread war crimes committed by the so let the saudi lead coalition. and this is one other episode, you know, in this sad process of, um, old violations that have affected, you know, the lives of millions of, of people as you have explained in the introduction. and it is a sign of desperation, you know, from the, the saudi coalition. side, and, you know, when they enter this one, they decided to launch this war and yeah, man, you know, they promise you know, that they will bring back their proxies. all the clients to power, you know, within 3 weeks, 7 years have passed and they have not been able to achieve any of the objectives. they failed consistently to bring an end to this war. in fact,
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their intervention has only complicated an already complicated situation. political situation in right in yemen and the air strikes in the west killed at least 80 people, most of them migraines. we understand the united nations is calling for an investigation. do you think there will be accountability? there has been no no accountability whatsoever since the start of this war in my last report to the school to counselor was you an invoice that was in april 25th and 2015. in that last report, i draw the attention of the school to council to reports or negations of war crimes committed by the coalition, and mainly through airstrikes. and we have seen consistently that civilian civilian targets were victims of these attacks and funerals,
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weddings on a bus full of children was blown up. and then more recently, the saudi intensive lobby and managed to bring to an end the only human rights mechanism that has existed in the last few years under the human rights council. there was a panel of experts investigating this that these report, but um they managed to get enough men to stay to she'll down, you know, this investigation. so since then these attacks on civilians and this airstrikes have increased dramatically and there is no end in sight. but within a month of taking off as u. s. president biden had promised to push for ending the war in yemen, partly back by cutting off arms sales to saudi arabia. why isn't that happened? isn't there a collective failure here? collective responsibility? a failure from countries like the united states. it's
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a failure from the not only do it to stay inside, but the permanent members of the school to cancel the realities. that all the 5 members, instead of cooperating to try and find a way on how to compel the saudis to, and the war in yemen and compelled the yamini sides in order to enter in good faith in a political process. you know, to end the strife um, they in fact have been competing for lucrative contracts with ravia and the away. so the highest body in the world and united nations. this is us go to cancel it or the members have not been i have not played, i'm afraid. a positive role in the last few years, particularly since 202015 at the by than of the mistake. and everybody welcomed the announcements by the president that efforts would be made to bring this war to an end. and none of them, especially in boy,
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was appointed. but what i see recently is due at the state to resuming their sales to so graveyard sales of arms admissions. and then the other big, huge contract also military contract with the o e. and in this context, i do nice. it state is basically a stick and sides in that they cannot be a referee in this conflict. they cannot be a mediator. as they have claimed there been a little bit of progress in trying to achieve a ceasefire. would you say now that we're back at square one and what do you think needs to happen to achieve a sustainable political solution including accountability i think what needs to happen is that the emmys will need to be left alone left to sort out their problems through negotiating directly with each other as they have done for 4 years and or 4000 years. whenever there was any strife
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or conflict, we should not forget how this a conflict start to get. it started, you know, with a stick and over santa, in 2014. and then who sees and was in brotherhood. the other factions sat down and there was the media. and the facility at that time to work out an agreement for away forward. and there were close to an agreement until the saudis decided to launch, you know, this war on yemen. and since then it's been a complete failure. no political process, no negotiations. really, jen, when good faith negotiations taking place and the saudi coalition, they feel emboldened, you know, when they see the u. s. and you know, resume in the arm sales. and when they see, for example, that the suit council,
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you know, they can then they have to the attack on the away by the hope is. but you are the news today or more than 100 casualties all civilians. and obviously there isn't going to be any statement from school to counsel. so the international community has not played helpful role in the last 7 years on the country. you know, they're, and they're becoming parties of this conflict. i'm in, that's what the reality is. you know, when you know, the members of the school to council can compete for lucrative contract with the saudis and o e, you know, they're sending the signal that they can do whatever they like in yemen. thank you so much for talking to us and sharing of use of as jamal benomar is a former un special envoy for yemen. he was joining his staff from new york. thank you very much for your time. in the world use the us and russia have held what they say are frank talks as they try to resolve their stand off over ukraine.
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moscow in face nato should not let ukraine join the military lines. but that's been rejected by washington. it's european allies and nato, a russian to build up on the ukrainian border has fueled weeks of tension and race . years of conflict attach about lab reports from geneva at a hotel in geneva, the u. s. secretary of state and russian foreign minister arrived for crucial talks . ain't it diffusing tensions over ukraine, antony blinkin and sir gala for offset the tone early both said to break through was unlikely. we don't expect to resolve your late work as well. all over with wilson is doing group. we are not expecting a breakthrough at this meeting either. we are expecting answers to our proposals after the meeting law for offset. moscow wanted a written response from the u. s. to its demands, including
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a guarantee that nato will not grant membership to your crane something blank and has repeatedly called a nonstarter. but he said the u. s. would respond to russia if moscow addressed it's concerns and respected ukrainian sovereignty. we've been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's order that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and the united response from united states and are partisan allies. u. s. intelligence says russia has already amassed at least a 100000 troops on its western border, and is moving weapons into allied belo, bruce, north of ukraine. the u. s. and russian positions are clearly far apart, blinkin and la proff making very little real progress. but the 2 men did agree to continue to pursue diplomacy as a way of the escalating, a crisis which could lead to war. it was on the shores of lake geneva,
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the talks between the u. s. and russia led to the end of the cold war. decades on old rivalries have resurfaced. both sides accused each other. regression and relations are dangerously deteriorated. the outlook for the coming weeks is turbulent. natasha butler, al jazeera geneva still ahead on al jazeera, thousands of displays, syrian struggle to stay warm and find shelter after a snow storm raged through their tense. ah, thank you for joining him. we had extreme flooding in montevideo earlier in the week, and i think there is more in the forecast for you on saturday, with these rocket storms around the river plate region. the darker the color,
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the more intense the rain is falling so severe thunderstorms to be expected for the top end of south america. right now. storms also through the andes, the amazon base and around the dallas. but really, the concentration will be for western areas around mexico. we had a lot of activity in the gulf of mexico that's press further toward the south and east. so we do have some driving rain to be expected here for the yucatan peninsula, including can coon, with a hive $25.00 degrees. all of those icy conditions we saw long the carolinas have mostly pushed out a shot of snow to be expect. could see some storms for southern areas of florida as well. so the bulk of the energy out toward the turbine to great now, but it's going to raise up an impact on the canadian province of newfoundland and labrador saint john's could see about 10 centimeters of so still called in the east country all minus 19 the high for you after the wes settled conditions to be expected here vancouver a high of 7 and same goes for the west coast of the us. we've got san diego in for
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21 degrees on saturday. that's it, susan. ah, ah co cater culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide had to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato, award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and owner translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship. and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches, hulu. ah,
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ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories, more than 80 people, including children, had been killed in 2 asked shrikes in yemen. the united nation says condemned the latest sacked by the sound he led coalition and has called on all sides. in the conflict begin dialogue. the us and russia have held what they say a front talks as they try to resolve their stand off of a ukraine. a russian chill built up on the near the ukrainian border has fueled weeks, have tension and raised phase of a conflict. well, let's take a closer look now at that story and moscow's demands. it wants nato troops out of romania and bulgaria and is seeking guarantees. the lines won't add any new members, namely ukraine and georgia. russia also wants assurances the u. s. won't build any new military basis in former soviet states may to her so far, rejected these demands and says it's up to sovereign states to determine their own security arrangements. or despite their differences,
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the u. s. in russia say they're open to further dialogue as dorsey jabari reports to moscow. the russian foreign minister said that there is currently a lot of hysteria that russia is not interested in invading ukraine. and all this talk is a false narrative that's been created by the western powers to give them an excuse to put more nato troops alongside the border, a with russia. and that is something this country cannot accept. he said they will wait to find out in a written proposal in a written answer by the u. s. government next week, where the u. s. stands on what the russians are asking for, and they will decide how to proceed from that point forward. he said that it is not an out of the question to continue the dialogue and it was not worthy to hear the u . s. secretary of state saying these are not negotiations. they're just discussions . and i think it's important to highlight that because each side, they are very much entrenched in their demands and that is not likely to change.
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but what is now clear is that dialogue and diplomacy is not dead. both sides are eager to continue dialogue about the differences they have when it comes to their looming crisis. and not just ukraine, but also nato, and its role in this part of the world. and the russian foreign minister said that they will study carefully, they're written answer from the u. s. and then decide how to proceed for their part . this is what they wanted to hear, that they will get a written response and they know it got a timeframe for that from the u. s. government of next week. and they will decide how to proceed from that point on ascii teams in western ghana. searching the site of a huge explosion on thursday that killed me 13 people. dozens were injured in a blast in western tanner van katty nadine baba has the details. ah, this crater hints at the size of the explosion in western gonna blast happened on thursday when a truck collided with a motorbike,
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gather the truck was carrying explosives to a gold mine. the result was shocking. as filmed by eye witnesses ah, law, dozens of homes were destroyed in this village near the town of bogo, so 300 kilometers west of the capital. a crow. on friday morning, gunners, vice president mohammed to buy women visited a shelter as food age started to arrive, he assured the community his government would help them recover and rebuild. and that meant his leave to be responsible fully, fully, all the medical, everything. the gone, a in government says it's investigating the explosion. i witnesses say after the collision, the truck driver jumped out of the vehicle which was on fire and shouted at people to stay away. a police spokesperson has said the truck did have a police escort who also helped alert people. but with so many dead ghanaians
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doubtless wondering how this could have happened. nadine baba al jazeera in north west syria. frost, heavy, rain and snow have damaged more than 70 camps for internally displaced people. almost 3000 tents have been affected, leaving many families struggling to find shelter or stay warm. the un has warned of flooding when the snow starts to melt. millions of people are displace within syria because of the civil war. al jazeera is omar al herani has more from bull bull village in apples, nor than countryside. one though philip at a young was of can and more yema to how luna is ella heavy a through john hear me him. the camps residents have been trying for the last 3 days with to remove snow from their tents and to repair these tests that were damaged because the very bad weather before in the area of bull beula in aleppo, countryside the full amid fears of more snow to fall in the coming days as well that the camps residence fear of the worst. and they've been suffering enormously
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over the past few days. we're cathedral mental he, i'm so help us get heavy and as you can see this tent and many others have been damaged. yeah, a lot of that in a lim sardina. we've heard 3 rough days without our turns, have been damaged and our suffering quit to news. we haven't received any help yet . either or my old one will be a no had human. we saw that and had them, they said that the volume of assistance is not enough to meet the needs of the residence. and because the bad situation, the suffering and humanitarian crisis in the area, the color, the fear, the worst, will happen because of the current weather situation and the miserable conditions, tone, the tense, can't even provide the residence with the minimal safety. they need men and at least 11 migraine sand rasheed geez, have drowned in a shipwreck. off the coast of tenicia. the group was attempting to cross the mediterranean to reach europe. 21. people were rescued by coast guards, according to a spokesman for the technician army to the u. s. now,
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where anti abortion activists are in washington, d. c. for the annual march to life rally a gathering marks the anniversary of a landmark supreme court ruling in 1973 that legalized abortion thousands and marching to the court as it considers to state bands limiting access to abortions. if the justices uphold those laws, historic ruling from 5 decades ago will be overturned. hydro castro has more. it is the $49.00 anniversary of the roe vs wade court decision which gave access to abortions to american women. and these marchers are adamant that that access and immediately these are anti abortion activists. and they represent a minority of americans, only one in 5 say that all abortions should end in this country, but they are a vocal minority. and they believe right now they have the wind behind their sales . that's because last year in conservative states,
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more than $100.00 new restrictions on abortions took a fact. and just yesterday, the u. s. supreme court again declined to immediately end a ban on abortions after 6 weeks in the state of texas. but the big cor case still pending before the u. s. supreme court is a case on whether roe vs wade should be overturn altogether. in other words, whether or not to remove that right to abortion in america. and these activists believe that with the, the conservative leaning on the user cream for thanks to those 3 new justices appointed by former president donald trump. they think that this is the moment when they will prevail in order to and abortions in the us. or let me speak to joy for a minute. jo appointment about this is the executive director of the texas alliance for life, an anti abortion nonprofit organization. and he's joining us from austin in texas missed appointment. thank you so much for being with us. the annual promotional event is now in it's 14 years we've heard and many, many anti abortion octave is
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a hopeful that this year will be the year that the u. s supreme court will finally overturn roe v wade. are you is optimistic and why? i've been involved in this movement for 37 years and my hopes have been dashed many times, but i've never been this optimistic. it just feels different. we think we have the votes on the supreme court to perhaps modify or maybe even overturn the terrible rope versus wade precedent. and that would allow states to take this matter and her own hands and perhaps allow abortion to continue or to protect unborn babies from abortion. even beginning a conception. but a recent poll found that 69 percent of americans want roe v wade road to stay in place. 69 percent of americans want this decision to stay. well, part of it is we want people to know that there are compassionate alternatives to abortion. in my hope said here in texas, at the same time the legislature passed was that do protect our born babies
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beginning can conception if ro is overturned. they also appropriated $100000000.00 for a highly successful alternatives to abortion program. that serves women with unplanned pregnancies and continued to serve them for 3 years after the birth of the child to texas. and many states are doing much to protect them. born childs and to help women without play and pregnancy. but studies have shown that the reverse of the decision would most be effect for women, women of color, and those who are already mothers. what, what do you say to that? well, that's why we do have public services. our medicaid program pays for more than half of all birds in texas already were well prepared to take on more women's health services. including contraceptives, already paid for women up to twice the poverty level and are serving hundreds of thousands of women every year. and the alternative divorce and program will serve $150000.00 women every year. that compares very well to the 54000 abortions that
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currently take place in texas every year i have this not become also a political issue. and i mean, the party's been divide over abortion has become wider. it seems more democrats and fewer republicans. now fe, abortion should be legal. we do regret that. fewer and fewer democrats elected officials are supporting the pro life position. but the republicans do, and here in texas and many, many states the public are with them. we will see what happens at the 2022 election . we think those republicans and democrats who have voted pro life will be rewarded at the pulse even if the court decides to overturn roe or narrow v ways. it will be up to states to decide, right. and this could create a password of different laws across the country. is that not? you know, is that something that you agree with? well, that's the way that the constitution works. i would be happy if there were a federal law that protected. i'm born babies,
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but we're not going to see that anywhere anytime soon. but we're going to do what we can here in texas and those states. we think there's about 15 states that would protect on board babies if the supreme court allowed them to. and we have to educate the public about the alternatives to abortion, about the humanity of the born child. and why this is really the best policy for the country. thank you so much for joining us and sharing your views with us. jo pointman, executive director of the texas aligned for life. thank you very much for your time . thank you. a peru is tackling a large oil spill on its shores that spin linked to the volcanic eruption near tonga. freak waves caused by the undersea eruptions struck an oil tanker as it was unloading his cargo, sending 6000 barrels of oil tumbling into the sea and area. the size of $270.00 football fields has been affected, including beaches and natural reserves. energy giant chevron and total energies have withdrawn from a major gas project in myanmar,
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citing the worsening humanitarian situation following last year's cool rice groups . welcome the decision. the energy sector has been the armies biggest source of foreign income human rights watch says the military's crackdown on descent amounts to crimes against humanity might one use as always on our website at al jazeera dot com. mm. ah hello again. i'm fully betty ball with the headlines on al jazeera, more than 80 people, including children, have been killed in 2 airstrikes in yemen, the un has condemned the liter sat by the sound he led coalition, and his called on all sides in the conflict to begin dialogue no any bombardment or the target civilians on the or that is not.


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