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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever sporting event next year. i'm to the castle. national. seems like it used to play in front of expected home crowds really hoping to convince both the funds on themselves who they really are ready to take on the world. ah, saudi led offensive in yemen, intensifies more than 80. people are killed in 2 as strikes one targets a detention center. ah. hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching algae zeroes are coming up on the program. meeting on neutral ground to diffuse tension of ukraine. but even after talks in geneva, the u. s. in russia a walls of pods a powerful blast reduces a mining town and gone to rubble triggered by
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a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle carrying explosives. so ah, the death of rock'n'roll legend meatloaf at the age of $74.00. ah clone. welcome to the program. you ancestry journal, antonio terrace is calling for investigations into asked rights carried out by the saudi led coalition in yen. and on friday, more than 80 people at believe to have been killed when a detention center in sada and the port city of the data was struck, drawing condemnation from the united nations. i'll diplomatic editor james bay's reports now from un headquarters in new york. as strikes have been carried out on who the hell territory in yemen all week,
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but this one was by far the most dead. i'm the main target seems to have been a detention center in the huffy stronghold of sedar in northern yemen. the death told continues to rise as they find bodies many believe to be migrants, while searching for any survivors. bombardment this week by the saudi led coalition follows a brazen attack by the hu thies, using drones on the capital of the united arab emirates, abu dhabi on monday, which killed 3 people in new york. the un, the security council met behind closed doors to discuss that attack, but not the attacks on who think controlled areas. the current president of the council in norway, i asked some basset mon, a jewel, for her countries reaction to the scale of the death toll and saddam not acceptable . i'm be absolutely call for for restraints. on my own old 5.
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after the meeting, the ambassador of the united arab emirates flanked by representatives of 6 other council members, including the permanent members, the u. k. france, and the u. s. gave a statement that disagreed with aggression by the her fees as well as the proliferation of mythology. other technology that enabled the terrorist attack, she made no mention of the saddam attack by the coalition of which the you a is one of the 2 main members. so i press the ambassador. your defense under law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the president of the council, no way speaking in a national kac capacity said the attack that took place in saddam was on the accept what you have heard today. and you will know following the work of the council that this is rare. what you have heard today is the unanimous condemnation by the security council against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of john, i'm not asking you about that. i'm asking about your response and whether it was proportionate given that at least 60 people have died,
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maybe as many as i'd like to refer to the coalition statement on that matter. but i also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. human rights groups have criticized the security council as approach as one sided. the council did issue a statement, but again, only on the drone attack, on abu dhabi, the secretary general of the united nations, antonio terrace, has addressed the cottage and saddam and other attacks and who he controlled areas . he is called for prompt, effective, and transparent investigations. james rose al jazeera, the united notions of the civil warn yeoman is turned into the world. worse humanitarian crisis. infrastructure has been ruined the medical system as all but collapse, and millions of people are growing hungry in the our world's poorest country, or a port by view and development program estimates that the war killed 377000 people by the end of last year both through violence and indirectly because of hunger and
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disease. more than 5000000 people are on the brink of famine and 50000, others are living in famine like conditions. about half the country doesn't have access to enough food. conflict is also forced 4600000 jamini to flee their homes. nearly 3 and a half 1000 were displaced in the 1st 2 weeks of this year alone. while the saudi led coalition as cosmo, the devastation, the who these of used child soldiers and indiscriminate you laid land mines across the country were earlier. i spoke to jacob burns, the communications advisor for yemen, iraq and jordan at doctors without borders, which is working on the ground inside them. so what we know from our, from our colleagues inside the city is that last night around $230.00 there, there was a what appears to be a saudi led coalition, as strike on the saw the city raymond prison. and i'm following this apparent air strike. there have been dozens killed and hundreds wounded. we are doctors without
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borders, are working to support the album, hurry, a hospital inside the city. and they told us today that they received 70 killed from the strike. and 138 wounded. we know that inside the city there are other hospitals working at least 2 of the hospitals working to, to treat the wounded from this event. and they also are very busy. a hospital told us this morning that they received so many. when did they, they simply couldn't take any more. out was tensions ukraine's east and border persist, high stakes talks between russia and the u. s. it ended without resolution. u. s. secretary of state anthony blank in in the russian form, mississauga oliver. i met in geneva trying to quell fears of escalating conflict
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and when her breakthroughs. but they have agreed to continue with negotiations. natasha butler reports now from geneva at a hotel in geneva, the u. s. secretary of state and russian foreign minister arrived for crucial talks into diffusing tensions over ukraine. antony blinkin and sir gay laughs at the tone early. both said to break through was unlikely. we don't expect to resolve your late or whether be awesome. i mean, middleton is doing brody with a position where we are not expecting a break through this meeting either. we are expecting answers to our proposals after the meeting law for offset moscow wanted a written response from the us to its demands. good, including a guarantee that nato will not grant membership to your crane. something blank and has repeatedly called
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a nonstarter. but he said the u. s. would respond to russia if moscow addressed it's concerns and respected ukrainian sovereignty. we've been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's order that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and the united response from the united states, and our partners and allies. u. s. intelligence says russia has already amassed at least a 100000 troops on its western border and is moving weapons into allied belarus, north of ukraine. the u. s. and russian positions are clearly far apart to blink and allow for of making very little real progress. but the 2 men did agree to continue to pursue diplomacy, as waived, the escalating a crisis which could lead to war. it was on the shores of lake geneva, the talks between the u. s. and russia led to the end of the cold war. decades on
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her old rivalries have resurfaced. both sides accused each other regression and relations of dangerously deteriorated. the outlook for the coming weeks is turbulent. natasha butler, al jazeera, geneva, or build up a russian arms and troops his stroking fears of the people in ukraine. for many this is reminiscent of 2014 when the war in the countries east began under abdul. hamid is in kiev, where some a bracing for conflict. i know many of the she's come to pay her respects not to forget friends last since the war broke out in the east of the country in 2014 in their sarah. god sca was a volunteer back then providing support to the soldiers on the front line. the idea of possible renewed fighting worries her me of course, i think her the words going on and on from 2014
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i don't know where we have a big world, but we held guns and we already talk of war and a possible russian invasion concerns many ukrainians, but people here feel things could be different this time around. many a grateful of the support. some western countries have provided ukraine some publicly thank in the u. k for its reason delivery of mid ridge weapons. but elsewhere around here, people are going about their daily lives. wondering if for is as imminent as their leaders. i have been warning there's all the offense among people here that the situation is made more complicated because of the competition between russia and the west. over influence in this part of the world, ukraine being at the center of it. dimitri sokolov and his wife or lena left crimea
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soon after russia. next have been insular in 2014. like many, he thinks that ukraine has come a long way since we are different in mentality the road different via very much different now from, from russia, and via very much different from ukrainians. that war, you know, 2014, more than 50 percent v v v. believe that this adjusted part of game, like, let's say, a kind of trade in, you know, we would sure what states we'll provide to rashanda pressure, et cetera. so we hope it sol blip unethical. but for catch a push ne m. skia. the problems also come from within. she hasn't returned to her home, dumb of la guns since pro russian separatist took over me. i thought she summed up seduce me with the problem is not only russia, sometimes i don't feel part of this country. sometimes my friends and colleagues make the point that we are guilty of provoking this conflict. i really don't
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understand where i belong. 8 years on ukrainians have learned to live with the threat from their big neighbor. many say is become part of their lives. but what they fear now is that any move by russia order us could bring more divisions among ukrainians. but that, that how many others, you are kid. he's 13 people are confined to have died in a huge explosion in western gonna flattened a rural community than our another 59 people were injured when a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle in the small mining town of appeal, petty and in barbara poets. ah, this crater him super stories of exclusion in western gonna blast happened on thursday when a truck collided with a motorbike, gather the truck was carrying explosives to a gold mine. the result was shocking. as filmed by eye witnesses
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ah, dozens of homes were destroyed in this village near the town of bogo. so 300 kilometers west of the capital. a crow on friday morning gone as vice president mohammed by whoo! mia visited a shelter as food age started to arrive. he assured the community his government would help them recover and rebuild government business to business constable. fully, fully, all the i made a globe and everything. the gone, a government says it's investigating the explosion. i witnesses say off to the collision, the truck driver jumped out of the vehicle which was on fire and shouted at people to stay away. a police spokesperson has said the truck did have a police escort who also helped alert people. but with so many dead ghanaians, doubtless wondering how this could have happens. nadine baba al jazeera still had on the program, tony's diaspora bands together after a disaster. meet volunteers doing all they can't help loved ones hit my last week's
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o'kahn, a corruption. angsty nami, tens of thousands of pro life protest is descend on washington. for a legal showdown have the right to abortion in united states. ah. hello purse may have another record on its hands for a heat. we'll talk more about those details in a sec. but 1st we're beginning in indo china, a few showers, dance in from vietnam into southern sections of china. so really soggy. forecast here. damp conditions expected along the gangs. the river valley will hon to shanghai and we're getting striked with solid bands of rain right across taiwan on saturday. the wind and the snow has died down across western areas of japan, and the winds have shifted around. so that's popped up,
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the temperature is across the korean peninsula, sol, 5 degrees, but not so quick. it will be a cloudy day on saturday. ok. southeast asia has just been relentless, rain across java, still coming out on saturday. but i think the flood risk will be heightened for indonesia is what's popular island on saturday down under we go right now and 1st we'll talk about the soaking rains for south australia. we saw the worst strain, the heavy it's rainfall, and over a 100 years and here it is pretty close to adelaide on saturday. meantime purse at 40 degrees. and if you get there on saturday, that's a new record your 5th day in a row at 40. well, and this was her report in new zealand right now at a bad day and gets fit with the high of 24 degrees. few clouds in the sky, enjoy season. ah, on counting the cost one year old replied and administration, how has the u. s. economy fed on employment, dom but inflations, pop,
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americans aren't happy about it. and also turkey's unconventional approach to inflation. could it actually boost economic growth? calcium recalls on al jazeera ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. use row in the world on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, welcome back. watching al jazeera live from london, al made stories. now, more than 80 people have died in as strikes in rebel held areas of yemen who see health minutes to says at least 77. all of them were killed in an attack by the saudi led coalition, on
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a prison in saw the province in the countries north. high stakes talks to com fears of a war and ukraine of ended without a breakthrough. although the u. s. in russia have agreed to keep negotiating. senior diplomats met in geneva as tension spiker, the russian troop billed out near ukraine. and at least 13 people died in an explosion in west and gone. a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle triggering the blast that flashed and thousands of homes. now tokens in new zealand, digging deep to help out victims of saturday's volcanic eruption and soon omby will . government aid is also arriving and tongue of from new zealand and australia. wayne hay reports. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, and tongue ins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to send food, water, and other items to toner,
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and to show unity and resilience muscles remo and bring all laurel country down. you know, pretty on, i guess we'll have a lot of hope for the middle. what we face of smells proficient together. war overcome in the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast that is when disaster. hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have, we give it out of love. we give it to our own family back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will be sent to tanya early. next week, governments are also sending aid new zealand and australia an air force planes landed at the international airport near the capital nuclear loafer. despite some ash from the volcano still being on the runway. and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies, divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of
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tongue or recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day, they're learning more about how significant the eruption was. scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so to put that into some kind of perspective, when we fly and jets across pacific, we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers, with some communication being restored slowly. many tongue ins and new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home. now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne hey, al jazeera oakland mass protests have been taking place in malawi as anger grows against the government. demonstrations of the bonding, present, lazarus, checkware address, economic crisis, and rising prices. southeast african nation remains one of the wells least developed as in 2 years after checkware as election in
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a blaze of optimism. he's been accused of not honoring his campaign promises harm. latasha has more these demonstrate is in malawi, a running out of patience with the government. they want presidents, lazarus, chuck, we had to do something about a late corruption in his administration. rising unemployment and the high cost of living. you know, in malawi, everything is at a standstill, nothing is working out. people are suffering, no jobs, no business, especially the sun during the call. the video we've been here taught. so we are turning government to reduce some of the basic needs the business from what it is like a short looking oil matches. oh, so to clear i became president 2 years ago and he and see to the former leader, peter metallica in an election rerun, he promised to turn around the 80 economy and create 1000000 jobs that has not
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happened. his government says, working on resolving the economic crisis with a groan of ice pandemic isn't making things easy or prison. lazarus mccarthy. japira is doing all he can to make sure that the, the mulatto economy is getting to where it's supposed to be. so it is not right to say that someone is mismanaging. i mean, what's the benefit for someone mismanaging the economy? some in the country agree. the government is in the original, the original settlement winter, the government all over the world. and the i think was, were, was government a suffering when, when i read softly, i think that the, this, this so am for the one organizing demos is, should say. but people here say they are struggling and are tired of empty promises . they vowed they'll be more demonstrations in the coming weeks until they demands a bit harder. matessa algebra al has been an ice sil attack in syria armed
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men stormed the detention center and ha soccer and briefly fried some of their fighters. but kurdish forces who control the areas, say, a cobalt start the prison gate is detainees began a riot security forces killed at least 40 gunman about 90. i sell fighters who escaped will then be captured by kurdish forces or frost heavy rain and snow fallen north where syria has damaged more than 70 camps for internally displaced people. almost 3000 tents have been affected, leaving thousands of families struggling to find shelter or stay warm. united nations is warned about flooding when the snow starts to melt. millions of people are displaced with in syria, largely tutor tennis, civil war. large crowds have been marching to washington dc for the annual march for life rally known as the largest anti abortion demonstration in the country demonstrates as hope it will be for the last time, because they predict the supreme court will soon of
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a ton of ruling that legalized abortion across the u. s. i did your castro now reports. it is the 49th anniversary of the roe vs wade court decision, which gave access to abortions to american women. and these marchers are adamant that that access and immediately these are anti abortion activists. and they represent a minority of americans, only one in 5 say that all abortions should end in this country, but they are a vocal minority. and they believe right now they have the wind behind their sales . that's because last year in conservative states, more than $100.00 new restrictions on abortions took effects. and just yesterday, the u. s. supreme court again declined to immediately end a ban on abortions after 6 weeks in the state of texas. but the big core case still pending before the u. s. supreme court is a case of whether roe vs wade should be overturn altogether. in other words,
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whether or not to remove that right to abortion in america. and these activists believe that with the, the conservative leaning on the user cream, or thanks to those 3 new justices appointed by former president donald trump. they think that this is the moment when they will prevail in order to and abortions in the u. s. energy, china, chevron, and total energies of withdrawing from a major gas project. and me and mom because of growing pressure over the worst thing. humanity, human rights situation that move has been applauded by human rights groups. have urged oil and gas companies to support international sanctions against me and laws . minute treat you into the industry has been the armies biggest source of foreign income human rights watch says the military's violent crack down on dissent. amounts to crimes against humanity. go down, we go now turn the polls capital can't man do as the country imposes tough corona, virus measures as they grapple with its largest outbreak. yet the government fears
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that daily case numbers could double to 20000 by the end of the month as health work as can you continue to contract. the virus concerns arising that hospitals could be overwhelmed again as it am yet a limber reports. so she la committee owns a store in the heart of tommy gut mondo's tourist and business hub. she and her family have remained safe from cove it. but the virus has hit business hard when the corporate linen body us had a body hang uncovered as hurt us. people are afraid to come out to know the bars and clubs or close it with her. and even if there were open, people wouldn't come. can they veneer a dance for, during the 2nd wave last year, the delta variant was killing hundreds of people. hospitals were running out of oxygen cylinders and intensive care beds. this time, the army kron stream, which is more transmissible, is spreading to the community health experts say it is infecting nearly every household in the valley, but hospital admissions and fatalities are significantly lower nepalese is the
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sergeant corbet cases this week with more than 10000 people being infected every day. it's a record daily high for the country. since the start of the pandemic, the government projects, the daily infections made double by the end of this month and has implemented a series of measures for the 3rd. the cut monday district administration office suspended major services after a number of its stuff contracted cove it including the chief district officer. because go to gonna be rather nuclear valero, than we are focused on discouraging mass gatherings and large crowds. and instead encouraging people to follow government health protocols, manosalvas, any other schools are shut till the end of the month. and frontline workers are receiving booster doses. gatherings of more than 20 people are banned and mosque are mandatory outdoors. people will need vaccine cards to enter public spaces and to access public services. the 3rd wave has infected health workers in hospitals
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and healthcare facilities in large numbers by way of my bill, emily, rather than the previous wave, left her health care system in shambles. we were unable to cope with the overwhelming number of patients. this time we have to look out for our health professionals who are the backbone of the i saw the government was only 40 percent of nipples. 30000000 people are fully vaccinated. 50 percent have received a partial dose with a relatively low vaccination rate. experts say that halt should expand its vaccination drive, mosque up and maintain social distance revenue the limbo al jazeera cut. when do the singer an actor meatloaf has died. the grammy winner born marvin lea a day played eddy in the rocky horror picture show, and saw more than a 100000000 albums while wide. his cause of death has not been made public under chappelle looks back at his life. oh,
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but i'm ho. forming on stage or in front of camera meatloaf was a type of entertainer always left an impression keyboard on screen. as eddy in the rocky horror picture show, the 1st a medical classics he'd be associated with character overly dramatic. the stage performances evolved into his singing, cruel. ah, he collaborated with songwriter jim steinman on bad out of hell, which is released in 1977. the critics didn't know what to do with rolling stone magazine. david smith stars. audiences, however love. it's mindy, anthony. it's one of the top selling albums of all time. more than 43000000 copies . the fact that they have bought tickets come to shows.
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and the majority of my loved one, i'm done. that's been the best present that you can ever get. oh wow. you success continued into the ninety's younger audiences were introduced to him through his film and television appearances. mister, oh, that out of hell was later adapted into an over the top award when musical, which is currently touring the united kingdom. but i think he was forever proving himself to the whoa. he was bigger than all of them and he could survive and he could, he could swing against any tide. and that was his sir. i think that's what resonates with. go to the shows and he would put on this rampaging performance into
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fires as it were of everybody else. and that was partners with on to sell more than 100000000 albums. martin lee a day better notice meatloaf is 74 years old. ah, quick look at the main stories this out for you now and more than 80 people have died and as strikes and rebel held areas of yemen who see health minister says at least 77 of them were killed in an attack by the saudi led coalition. on a prison inside the province in northern yes'm, and which is close to the saudi border. rescue operations are underway to find survivors buried beneath the rubble and also as strikes on yelman's road. see port, city of data which is held by the who sees at least 4 people.


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