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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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on a just 0 on counting the cost one year of the buy from the administration. how has the u. s. economy fed unemployment done but inflations, pop americans aren't happy about it. and also turkey's unconventional approach to inflation. could it actually boost economic growth counseling the cost on al jazeera lou? this is al jazeera ah. hello i marianna mossey. welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. saudi led, offensive in yemen, intensifies more than 80 people are killed in 2 as strikes. one targets a detention center. a powerful blast reduces and mining town and gone to rubble triggered by a collision between a motorcycle and
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a vehicle carrying explosives, meeting on neutral ground, to diffuse tensions over the ukraine. but even after talks in geneva, the u. s. and russia worlds a pause. tens of thousands of pro life protests as descend on washington head of a legal show down over the right to abortion in america and in sport naomi, osaka is australian open. title defense is over. the reigning champion has been knocked out in round 3 by amanda ana, some over the united states. ah . hello, welcome to the program. we begin with the devastating escalation in yemen, civil war which has killed more than 80 people and knocked out most of the nation's internet. that's according to the health ministry, which is run by the countries who see rebels who say hospitals inside the province
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are overwhelmed. in one attack, at least 77 people were killed in an air strike by the saudi led coalition. on a prison in saada which is close to the border with saudi arabia migrates from africa, who had detained at that prison are believed to be among the dead rescue. operations are under way to find survivors buried beneath the rubble. there were also as strikes on yelman's, red seaport, city of data, which is held by that who sees at least 4 people were killed there, and 17 wounded fatalities into 3 children who were playing on a football field. the hoof, he say the sandy led forces struck a communications building, causing an internet black house that is affected. many parts of the country will $88.00 agencies operating and yemen have condemned this recent violence. calling it a blatant disregard for human life. un secretary general antonio terrace has called for a cease fire in yemen. no, any bombardment or that target civilians on the or that is not careful enough
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to protect civilians is of course, also an acceptable. but what we need is to stop these vs circle in which things get escalating one after the other. what we needs are used to her as we have been proposing from long ago a ceasefire together with the opening of harbor and the airports. and then the beginning of a studio is dialogue among the parties. these escalation needs to stop. where sally, like coalition, has been backing government in its fight against cissy since 2015 friday strikes and the most serious since the end of these came to attack that killed 3 people in the united arab emirates earlier this week. and diplomatic editor james bay's is at united nations security council earlier and had been discussing that if he attack in the u. h. e. that not fridays as strikes the council as
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a whole has been meeting, but they've not been meeting about the latest air strike. they've been at strikes all week in yemen on whose he held territory, but they are in response to an attack, as you heard a moment ago on abu dhabi, the capital of u. e, where 3 people were killed on monday. and it's that attack alone that the security council discussed it, didn't discuss it under its yemen, a gender item, it discussed it under the issue of terrorism. and they focus just on the attack in abu dhabi and they should a statement the security council just on the attack in abu dhabi. after that meeting, the you, a ambassador, came to speak to reporters. she was flanked by 6 other ambassadors, including 3 of the permanent members, the u. k. the u. s. and france and lawn under sober when she spoke to reporters, wanted again, just to speak about what happened in abu dhabi at the start of the week. not about
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the saudi led coalitions response. so i pressed her. yo defense under law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the part of the defense council, norway, speaking in a national cock capacity, said the attack that took place and saddam was on accept what you have heard to day . and you will know following the work of the council that this is rare. what you have heard to day is the unanimous condemnation by the security council against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of january. okay, and that is rep smells, and bush given that at least boys maybe as many as i'd like to refer you to the coalition statement on that matter. but i also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. that was the comments from the ambassador of united arab emirates. i can tell you that human rights groups have been watching what's
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been going on in the security council. yes, they say the security council should be condemning that attack that took place on abu dhabi. they say that was very wrong and it should not have that hoof is, should not have been targeting a civilian infrastructure in abu dhabi, but they say it's one sided. the security council also should be looking at what's happened in recent days, and particularly in recent hours and who the hell territory in yemen or civil warn him in his turn into the well that was she man, italian crisis infrastructure has been ruined the medical system. all but collapsed and millions are going hungry in the air, whilst poorest country a report by the end of element program estimates that the war killed 377000 people by the end of last year, both through violence and also indirectly because of hunger and disease, more than 5000000 people are on the brink of famine and 50000. others are living in famine like conditions around half the country doesn't have access to enough food.
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conflict is also forced 4600000 yemenis to flee their homes in 3 and a half 1000 were displaced in the 1st 2 weeks of this year alone. while the saudi led coalition is cosmo, say the devastation. who these have used child soldiers and indiscriminately laid land mines across the country? strolling, it's now via skype is jacob burns, the communications advisor for yemen, iraq and jordan at doctors without borders. first of all, what are your colleagues in, sir? are they telling you about casualties? for me as strike there so. so yes. so what we know from our, from our colleagues inside the city is that last night around $230.00 there. and there was a what appears to be a saudi led coalition. air strike on the saw the city raymond, prison and, and following this apparent air strike. there have been dozens killed and hundreds wounded. we are doctors without borders, are working to support the album. hurry,
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a hospital inside the city. and they've told us today that they received 70 killed from the air strike. and $138.00, a wounded. we know that inside the city there are other hospitals working, at least 2 of the hospitals working to, to treat the wounded from this event. and they also are, are, are very busy. the al gore maria hospital told us this morning that they receive so many wounded that they simply couldn't take any more. and have you been receiving any information from the port city of her day doubt where 3 children were among the dead there in her they though we did hear about air strikes, but the, the wounded from those air strikes were taken to a hospital that does not run by myself, so i'm afraid i don't have confirmation and how our hospitals coping with the casualties. they're overwhelmed and already because of the humanitarian crisis and
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the effective blockade of yemen, they presumably don't have the medicine and supplies. they need to treat patients. yeah, i mean, as they said, oh go, maria this morning they, they had to stop receiving patients from this, our stripe, cuz it's simply been too many we doctors without borders immediately did some donations to dial going here and we're sending a truck now from, from sun our, the capitol told to saw the city with more medicine or more medical material to, to help them deal with this particular incident. but i, as you highlights, i mean there are these moments of intense violence within this war, but it's a war that's been dragging on for for 7 years now. and so what we see doctors without borders? yes, we respond to these, these, these punctual moments of violence. what we mostly deal with is simply that the
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less dramatic, but the no less serious, long term crises that this war is causing for the health of the, of the many people tell me more about that long term crisis for the country. what does this war and the air strikes mean for civilians are not just in terms of injuries and loss of life, but also the way it is targeting schools and residential buildings and hospitals that are essential for the survival of the people there. yeah, i mean it's, it's certainly true that in yemen since the beginning of the war there, there have been a number of air strikes, a large number of air strikes that have targeted her hospitals. and just last week, we had reports inside the city that some, some water tanks essential for the supply of, of water to the city. had also been hit in air strikes and the car. and it is not
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just the, the air strikes the, the overall crises that come with war, the economic crisis, the collapse in the health care system. this is something that's affecting yemenis across from lines greatly. and we've seen not particularly with covered over the last 2 years where cove it has been a major issue in yemen. it's, it's been a deadly disease for yemenis. and yet the, the health care system in the country has just not been able to, to respond to save the lives of many emmys, who have been infected by cove. it. all right, well thank you very much for joining us. take a benz from dr. that orders, thank you. at least 13 people are confirmed dad, after a huge explosion and west and garner, flattened over earl community. another $59.00 were injured after a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle in a small mining town of
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a party. that in bob reports, ah, this creature him service stories of exclusion in western gonna last happened on thursday. when a truck collided with a motorbike, got a truck that was carrying explosives to a gold mine. the result was shocking. as fuel to my eye witnesses aah! law, dozens of homes were destroyed in this village near the town of bogo, so 300 kilometers west of the capital, a cra on friday morning gone as vice president mohammed to buy women visited a shelter as food age started to arrive. he assured the community his government would help them recover and rebuild embezzlement. elizabeth constable, fully fully, all the american everything. the gone a in government says it's investigating the explosion. i witnesses say after the
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collision, the truck driver jumped out of the vehicle, which was on fire and shouted at people to stay away. a police spokesperson has said the truck did have a police escort who also helped alert people. but with so many dead ghanaians, doubtless wondering how this could have happened. nadine baba al jazeera, still out for you on this news, our tong as diaspora bands together after a disaster. me the volunteers doing all they can't help loved ones hit by loss of each volcanic eruption and soon army thousands of display syrian struggle to stay warm and find shelter after a snow storm ripped through their tents. and his portrait found a dull, takes another step towards making history. well, the action from your stray lina ah, i states talks to com fears of the devastating war unfolding in ukraine of ended
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without a breakthrough overview. s and russia of agreed to keep negotiate in top. diplomats from both countries of met in geneva as tension spike over a russian troop build up near crane. the west is one of serious consequences of russia invades, although the kremlin denies its planning. an attack, or russia is amassed around a $100000.00 troops around ukraine's borders along with tanks. heavy artillery and armored vehicles. russian soldiers also deployed in the annexed region of crimea, and back thousands of fighters in to rebel held eastern provinces. ukraine's military has around $255000.00 per se now, and they're getting some west and support you. k as sent around 30 elite troops to train ukrainian soldiers along with surveillance aircraft and 2000 anti tank missile launchers. and then ukraine's biggest ally, the united states is sending $200000000.00 worth of military aid, including anti amo missiles and ammunition around $200.00 national guard soldiers also in ukraine to train local forces later members, estonia, latvia,
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lithuania also announced they'll be providing ukraine with us made anti armor and anti aircraft missiles latasha, but reports now from geneva on the diplomatic push, and the divisions that remain at a hotel in geneva. the u. s. secretary of state and russian foreign minister arrived for crucial talks into diffusing tensions over ukraine. antony blinkin and sir gala for offset the tone early both said to break through was unlikely we don't expect to resolve your late work. i do as far as whether the policy i made over middleton is jewelry. with this issue, we are not expecting a breakthrough at this meeting either. we are expecting answers to our proposals. after the meeting law for offset moscow wanted a written response from the us to its demands, including
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a guarantee that nato will not grant membership to ukraine. something blinkin has repeatedly called a nonstarter, but he said the u. s. would respond to russia if moscow addressed it's concerns and respected ukrainian sovereignty. we've been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's order, that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and the united response from the united states, and our partners and allies. u. s. intelligence says russia has already amassed at least a 100000 troops on its western border, and is moving weapons into allied belarus, north of ukraine. the u. s. and russian positions are clearly far apart to blinkin and laughter of making very little real progress. but the 2 men did agree to continue to pursue diplomacy as a way of d, escalating a crisis which could lead to war. it was on the shores of lake geneva,
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the talks between the u. s. and russia led to the end of the cold war. decades on her old rivalries, have resurfaced. both sides accused each other regression and relations of dangerously deteriorated. the outlook for the coming weeks is turbulent. natasha butler al jazeera geneva, as we had there in natasha's report, russia wants her written response to it. security demands from the west. a main one is a nato commitment that ukraine will never be allowed to join the defense alliance. nato argues that countries should be free to choose their own alliances. but russia wants a ban on nato deploying weapons and forces in central and eastern european countries that join the alliance after 1997. these include estonia, poland, and the czech republic. nato says the demand place is russia security concerns above those of the former soviet republics. russia also ones intermediate range missiles, banned in europe,
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sang nato missiles stored in ukraine would be within striking distance of moscow. nato concedes this could be a point of compromise. so early i spoke, spoke to olga to cardio john list, a non resident fellow at the center, fear p policy analysis and asked her where the people in ukraine think war is on the horizon. the mood is increasingly anxious because the signals that are coming are not very encouraging. it looks like the diplomatic exports are not actually lead into major breakthrough. and the russian should continue to arise to ukrainian borders. and in written, de russian troops on the territory of bell rose and according to some reports, their station in me or 9 p kilometers from the cranium, capital k of. so that's quite a close distance and that makes people quite anxious. you know, here in k, a majority of people have never witness date and like more like something this time
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to happen even in the eastern ukraine. and of course the prospect could suddenly become something very close and could hit you directly. something that is really scary and that makes people feel anxious. ukrainians are ready to resist and are ready to fight. they are not ready to compete and independence of the country. however, it will be very hard for you to fight without the support of the western countries and western allies. does this escalation, perhaps mark a more permanent shift in the sense that even if it is resolved through diplomacy? present person is making it clear that ukraine belongs in russia's all bit well, it's absolutely an intention of president to 10 to a re established fears of influence in europe. and he has made it clear also in his article, published last july in which he claimed that ukraine in russia were brotherly
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nations, were the same people. and in which he questioned ukraine's rights to exist as an independent. and so it looks like he is this, what is he doing now? this is the continuation of his beliefs in his policy towards denying ukraine. it's the sovereignty and his trying also to get that to be accepted by other countries of the world when major followers such as the united states. so far. however, the u. s. and in nato countries, they refused to accept this new sphere of influence in europe. and they said that it's, it's not acceptable that one country dictates other countries. what should they do? what's aligned, says should they should be in, and what borders of the countries can look like. they continue when they're
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aggressive referee. they continue making ultimatums, and they threaten with military force. if their demands are not accepted. is there a fear where you are that even if the international community believes in ukraine sovereignty in principle, that the response will eventually be dictated particular from european countries by economic and geopolitical interests. yet the reason the fear that the unity might be lacking among the western countries. and while some countries have demonstrated that they are serious about supporting ukraine and here, i mean you k, which stands for example, defensive meant to ukraine this week. here. i mean, you as that has been supported in ukraine also with providing military assistance and with providing financial assistance and training. on the other hand, there are european heavy weights, a big power, such as germany and france that has been reluctant so far to show support to
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ukraine, that goes beyond mere rewards. for example, germany, it refused to provide mil, military assistance to grant. and it also is very reluctant to stop the nor stream to crucial gas pipeline bypass in ukraine, which the crown and uses as it do political weapon. now northwest syria, frost heavy, rain and snow fall as damage more than 70 camps for internally displaced people. almost 3000 tents have been affected by this, leaving thousands of families struggling to find shelter or to stay warm. the united nations is warned about flooding when the snow starts to melt. millions of people are displaced within syria, largely because of devastating civil war. their sylvia and dana is the deputy director of programs for syria respond to the international rescue committee and says that are huge needs in syria and more sources needed to help people. this is
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a particularly difficult situation and we as a your see together with our partners in in c, they are really working to try and speed up support we de winter is ation kits. normally we try and support the population by replacing tens, bringing them warm clothes. last stake, maybe to over the top of their houses or tense. we try to also support to with cassia, that gives them the possibility to choose what they really want, what they really need to support their families. few well stoves. i mean there's a number of way we can, we can support them. unfortunately, right now the, the need is high and we really try our best to prioritize. and you need to concede that, that they need this not only shelter they need is also hospital. they need is protection . there are huge protection needs in syria that they need is related to child
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protection for, for the security where a lot of people are still do not have food to eat every day. so we, we try to balance all of us. we try to balance and definitely we call the international community and donors to concede that it can see that these because there's a, there's a lot more that we could do. if more resources will be dedicated to c, d r support and other developments has been an ice hill attack in syria, ondemand storm detention center and has the car and briefly fried some of that fighters. kurdish forces who control the area, say, a car bomb struck the prison gates. as detainees began a riot, security forces killed at least 40 gun and about 90. i sell fighters who escaped or recaptured by cutting forces in while 11 iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by iso fighters. this happened in the middle of the night at an army
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barracks in the l, as in district north of the capital baghdad. so one of the was to sold on the rocky military in recent months. manuel the wide brings us more in this from baghdad. the attack, according to iraqi security sources, was carried out by isolate militants in the area in indiana province, north of the capital about a debt the attack targeted the hit quarter of an iraqi army battalion in the area. a number of iraqi soldiers were killed. the security of sources added that isis militants use light weapons along with hand grenades. now security measures security measures have been tightened in the area. security enforcement has been sent to a lead lead area for longer. that tech and prime minister must call me has ordered an investigation into the attack local sources. an eye witnesses in the area say
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that the battalion has been suffering from lack of equipment. in fact, it is very poorly equipped, especially it lacks night vision which help ice sol militants infiltrate the area. now, elaine area is not far from this disputed areas between iraqi government, a control and control of the kurdistan region. a government, those areas are suffering from at security vacuum in, in, in many extended areas which help eisen militants move around and infiltrate the area ice, sal militants, all sleeper cells have been recently the surgeon due to lack of security in those areas. and another stores are following at least 11 migrants have drowned in a shipwreck of tenicia as they tried to cross the mediterranean sea to europe. witnesses say there were $32.00 tennesseans on board,
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the boat when it sank to the city of facts. after leaving on wednesday, a 10 year old girl is among the dead. the ruins refugee agency says more than 2 and a half 1000 people died or went missing last year while attempting to reach europe through the mediterranean. more than 815000 people survive the dangerous crossing in 2021. arriving in italy, greece, cypress, spain and malta, and more are expected to attempt the journey this year. on thursday night, the italian coast guard rescued 305 migrants who were on a boat. that was just 15 meters long. were european union countries experiencing large scale, unauthorized migration are asking for more action to protect the blocks borders. ministers from several affected countries including greece, poland and italy took part in a security conference. they say reinforcing borders and cracking down on people. smugglers would protect you. citizens and the lives of people from the middle east and africa who undertake hazardous journeys to reach europe. in watching the news,
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our life from london still had for you on the program, a covert crisis in the himalayas. how nepal is struggling to beat its latest corona virus serge. tribute to rock and roll edge and meet low who's died at the age of $74.00. and in sports, a portions of women's asian come up with it says, snowy forecasts for turkey. hello everyone. here's the details right away. so fridays, rain turn to saturdays, snow, and i think for is stumble about 5 centimeters. our 1st real snowfall of the season . meantime, for central areas over the higher hills,
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we'll look for about 20 to 30 centimeters and some soaking rains toward the south. that includes for on tele, now, for the capital on korea, we've got some snowy days ahead, but it's a one to punch because you're into freezer weather on monday minus 6 when you should be plus 5 for this have the year. central europe, things are quiet, but we could see about 40 centimeters of snow over the alps over the next little bit. quit shot of some flurries over at the balkans and some snow as well, but nothing major after the northwest right now, the islands of both ireland in britain high pressure in place. so that's deflecting systems up and over. so scandinavia will be in the line of fire and for iberia, that south east coast of spain. we've got some showers in the forecast for you and still chilly for the northeast of africa that includes cairo. below average temperatures, the temperature is popping up in hot tomb to 28 degrees and more pouring rain in the forecast for madagascar meantime, for the western and northern capes. we've got heat advisories in play as temperatures group close to 40 degrees soon. ah
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oh, mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not every one fears living in its shadow. with good food for thought is there something magnetic about vesuvius? the good people who don't live, understand how she 0 will goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of living with the volcano on al jazeera when the news break fridays, tornado destroyed everything. it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story home, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports i get on my right the wind. b 3, g 0 has teens on the ground to where you are award winning documentary and lives
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on air and online move ah, welcome back main stories now. woman 80 people have died and as strikes and rebel held areas of yemen whose hea. health minister says at least $77.00 of them were killed in an attack by the saudi led coalition on a president saw the province in the countries north. at least 13 people died in an explosion in weston. gonna a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle triggering the blast that flattened dozens of homes. and high stakes
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talks to calm fears of a war and ukraine of ended without a breakthrough. although the u. s. in russia have agreed to keep negotiating. ca diplomats met in geneva, his tension spike of a russian troop build up near ukraine. so for many inside ukraine the situation is reminiscent of 2014 when the war in the countries east began harder. abdul hamid is in care of where it some people are bracing themselves, so contract i know how many she's come to pay her respects not to forget friends lost since the war broke out in the east of the country in 2014 in there. sarah got sca was a volunteer back then providing support to the soldiers on the front line. the idea of possible renewed fighting worries her me of course, i think her the words going on and on from 2014
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i don't know where we have a big world, but we held guns and we already talk of war and a possible russian invasion concerns many ukrainians, but people here feel things could be different this time around. many a grateful of the support. some western countries have provided ukraine some publicly thank in the u. k for its recent delivery of mid ridge weapons. but elsewhere around give people are going about their daily lives wondering if war is as imminent as their leaders. i have been warning there's also a sense among people here that the situation is made more complicated because of the competition between russia and the west. over influence in this part of the world, ukraine being at the center of it. dmitri sokolov and his wife or lynn,
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i left crimea soon after russia next to peninsula in 2014. like many, he thinks that ukraine has come a long way since we are different in mentality the road difference. we are very much different now from, from russia, and via very much different from ukrainians. that war, you know, 2014, more than 50 percent v vi. we believe that this is just a part of game. like, let's say you kind of trade in, you know, we would sure what states we'll provide to rashanda brochure, et cetera. so we hope it, sol blew up and i think, but for catcher i'll push nguyen scare the problems also come from within. she hasn't returned to her home, dumb of la guns since pro russian separatist took over me. i thought it should sound of seriousness for the problem is not only russia, sometimes i don't feel part of this country. sometimes my friends and colleagues make the point that we are guilty of provoking this conflict. i really don't understand where i belong. a cheers on ukrainians have learned to live with the
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threat from their big neighbor, many say is become part of their lives. but what they fear now is that any move by russia order us could bring more divisions among you credit for that, that meet elders. you are here or tongan senior zealand taking dean to help out victims of saturdays, volcanic eruption and sin army more government aid is also arriving and tongue from new zealand and australia. wayne hey, has the story. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city and tongue ins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to send food, water, and other items to toner, and to show unity and resilience muscles. remo, and bring all laurel country though, you know, pretty on, i guess we're, we're have a lot of hope for some middle what we face or smiles refis together. war of the
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come in for the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast that is when disaster. hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have, we give it out of love. we give it to our own family back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will be sent to tanya early. next week, governments are also sending aid new zealand and australia an air force planes landed at the international airport near the capital local ofa. despite some ash from the volcano still being on the runway. and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies, divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of tongue recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day, their learning more about how significant the eruption was, scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the
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volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so the put that into some kind of perspective. when we fly, i guess across pacific we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers, with some communication being restored slowly. many tongue ins and new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home. now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's energy giant sharon into town energies of withdrawal. i'm a major gas project in me and my because of growing pressure over the was think human right situation there. a move has been applauded by human rights groups who have urged oil and gas companies to support international sanctions against me and mars military. genta industry has been the armies biggest source of foreign income human rights watch says the military is violent cracked down on dissent. amounts to crimes against humanity on now to nepal. the capitol cap bandu has imposed
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tough. corrode, of ours measures that country tries to stem its largest corona virus outbreak. the government fears daily case numbers could double to $20000.00 by the end of the month, as health work as continue to contract, coven 19 concerns arising that hospitals could be overwhelmed again, as rum data limbo reports. so she la committee owns a store in the heart of tommy gut mondo's tourist and business hub. she and her family have remained safe from cove it. but the virus has hit business hard renika riddle and anybody else heard about here hang uncovered as hurt us. people are afraid to come out to know the bars and clubs or clothes. it's her. and even if there were open, people wouldn't come on. a vanilla dance further during the 2nd wave last year the delta variant was killing hundreds of people. hospitals were running out of oxygen cylinders and intensive care beds. this time, the only cron stream, which is more transmissible, is spreading to the community health experts say it is infecting nearly every
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household in the valley, but hospital admissions and fatalities are significantly lower nepal experiences. sergeant corbett cases this week with more than 10000 people being infected every day. it's a record daily high for the country. since the start of the pandemic. the government projects, the daily infections made double by the end of this month and has implemented a series of measures called the 3rd the cuts monday, district administration office suspended major services after a number of its stuff contracted cove it including the chief district officer. because we're going to be rather nuclear alone, and we are focused on discouraging mass gatherings and large crowds. and instead encouraging people to follow government health protocols. manosalvas, i only got her schools are shut till the end of the month. and front line workers are receiving booster doses. gatherings of more than 20 people are banned and masks are mandatory outdoors. people will need vaccine cards to enter public spaces and
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to access public services. the 3rd wave has infected health workers in hospitals and health care facilities. in large numbers, well aware of my bill, emily rather than the previous wave left her health care system in shambles. we were unable to cope with the overwhelming number of patients. this time we have to look out for our health professionals who are the backbone of this. i sort of stopped known only 40 percent of nepal. $30000000.00 people are fully back to the 50 percent have received a partial dose with a relatively low vaccination rate. experts say the hall should expand its vaccination drive, mock up and maintain social distance. from the at the liberal al jazeera cut, one to large crowds of march to washington dc for the annual march for life rally known as the largest anti abortion demonstration in the country. for testers, hope it will be for the last time because they predict the supreme court will soon of a ton of ruling that legalized abortion across the u. s. id dro castro reports. it
12:41 am
is the $49.00 anniversary of the roe vs wade court decision which gave access to abortions to american women. and these marchers are adamant that that access end immediately. these are anti abortion activists, and they represent a minority of americans, only one in 5 say that all abortions should end in this country, but they are a vocal minority and they believe right now they have the wind behind their sales. that's because last year in conservative states, more than $100.00 new restrictions on abortions took a fax. and just yesterday, the u. s. supreme court again declined to immediately end of them on abortions after 6 weeks in the state of texas. but the big core case still pending before the u. s. supreme court is a case on whether roe vs wade should be overturn altogether. in other words, whether or not to remove that right to abortion in america. and these activists
12:42 am
believe that with the, the conservative leaning on the user cream, or thanks to those 3 new justices appointed by former president donald trump. they think that this is the moment when they will prevail in order to and abortions in the u. s. domestic and international invest as a breathing, a sigh of relief with the announcement that chiles current central bank president will become the next finance minister. left his leader and president, elect gabriella, or itch is announced. his new cabinet, which includes several on the surprises as well. i latin america at his view, seen human has more on this. it was the announcement that chilly had been waiting for impatiently, especially the aim of the next finance minister. as we look on an order may we have the challenge to recover our economy without reproducing structural inequalities. in other words, sustainable growth with a fair distribution of wealth to put on, put as we laugh at the market,
12:43 am
reacted positively to the choice of central bank president manuel marcel, who could not attend because of a suspected covered infection. marcel is a widely respected technocrat who shares president elect gabrielle, what each is, goals for greater social justice. we've only put bunker for young. this sends an important signal of commitment to economic growth with responsibility, but also with a social purpose to generate a better quality of life in charlotte and beautiful cl over the new cabinet is made up of independence, members of board, which is new, left coalition. 3 socialists and 3 communist party nominees in all 10 men and 14 women, including esc se tish, the former president of the medical guild will become chillies 1st female interior minister. another highlight, the new defense minister will be the granddaughter, a former president, salvador allende who was overthrown by the military in 1973. the bodies cabinet
12:44 am
will be the 2nd youngest in chilean history. interestingly, a great many of the ministers in key positions were educated in the united states and especially in the u. k. and that is clearly a message to those who were concerned that inexperienced in the new government would be the roar rather than the exception. he didn't get a manuals a feminist to was what it is partner has agreed to act as 1st lady did yet, but it's the cabinet along with what each himself who faced the greatest challenges for a persona, carry them muster about viet blank. you some cup, you must know that every one is waiting close to my killer. a more kind place to live, where dignity becomes the law, so that we can restore confidence in government, our institutions and politics flooding level. it's a diverse cabinet that will accompany the 35 year old, new left leader, a former student activist in congressman who in march will become one of the world's youngest presidents to see a newman al jazeera santiago. molly's former president in bramble become cater,
12:45 am
has been buried in the capital by mca military, which rules the country put on a funeral with full national honors, despite opposing k, to 18 months ago in a coo, he died 5 days ago from a stroke at the age of 76. nicholas hoc now reports full national honors for form remedy and president e brain boomer cater at his funeral organized by the military agent that removed him from power in 2020 and kept him under house arrest for the occasion. returning home from self imposed exile, kate as son of former m. p, who is now under investigation, he is accused of embezzling millions of dollars, met for the maryan army for the profit of the cater family during his father's room . we will like to thank in particular president assuming quitter, for letting us hold this friend room. 3 days of national morning was announced with
12:46 am
flags across the country, flying half mast for a man that was toppled following mouse demonstrations against his rule. gestures that accused key to of corruption and doing little to stop attacks from arm groups affiliated to al qaeda. and i saw that displaced millions of millions since kate, i left office. molly's new strong man, go into says the army is gaining lost ground, especially since russian fighters were deployed to the country. much to the eye of the united states and france, the former colonial power, which has a $4000.00 troops stationed in the north. greta did not attend the memorial, nor did the west african heads of state. they've put sanctions on molly's regime for failing to organize elections and extending the giant as rule for another 5 years. air and land borders are shot access to the central bank and financial transactions. frozen. what we currently need for the country is to unite and not just a wards, but in action. a last good bye to
12:47 am
a democratically elected president. this feels like the end of an era. there's a sense of uncertainty as to what lays ahead for country in search of peace and unity. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the sing, an act and meatloaf has died a grammy lynette bon marvin lee. a day played eddie in the rocky horror picture show and sell more than a 100000000 albums, while white, his cause of death has not been made palm blake, and a chappelle looks back at his life. oh, but i'm ho. forming on stage or in front of camera meatloaf was the type of entertainer always left an impression. he bored on screen. as eddy in the rocky horror picture show, the 1st a medical classics he'd be associated with
12:48 am
character, overly dramatic. the stage performances evolved into singing. ah, he collaborated songwriter, jim steinman on bad out of hell, which is released in 1977. the critics didn't know what to do with it. rolling stone magazine, david smith, stars audiences, however, love. it's mindy anthony. it's one of the top selling albums of all time. more than 43000000 copies, the fact that they have bought tickets come to shows. and the majority of my loved one, i'm done. that's been the best present you could ever get. oh wow. you success
12:49 am
continued into the ninety's. younger audiences were introduced to him through his film and television appearances. mister, oh, that out of hell was later adapted into an over the top award when musical which is currently to are in the united kingdom. i think he was forever proving himself to the whoa. he was bigger than all of them and he could survive and he could, he could swing against any tide. and that was his sir. i think that's what resonated people. you know, that they would go to the shows and he would put on this rampaging performance in defiance as it were of everybody else. and that was part of his appeal. really. he went on to sell more than 100000000 albums. martin lee a day better notice meatloaf was 74 years old.
12:50 am
she takes time to fill the sport with fara in doha. man, thank you so much. raining champion, naomi. osaka has been knocked out of the australian open was talking was beaten, and a 3rd set tie break by manda and his mo, via the united states. the japanese player is a 2 time winner of this grand slam and did win the 1st set of this a 3rd round match. but her 20 year old opponent fought back and some over held her nerve in the tie break. she survived it to match points for securing a spot in the 16 i fought for every point on and i can't be sad about the, you know, i'm not god, i can't win every match. you know, so i just have to like, take that into account and know that it would be nice to him the tournament, but that's like really special, you know, and i can, can think of myself to try to win the grand slam at the start of the year every time and you know,
12:51 am
naomi is always gonna be playing well and she's an absolute champion. so i knew that i really had to step up my game and try to be aggressive. i think that's what i started doing in the 2nd side. and honestly, i'm so grateful that how was able to go so well today and got the next up for an asthma is home favorite to ashley barney the well number one b, italy's camilla gregorian street. 66 free to reach the last 16 bardy as aiming to began the 1st australian woman to win in melvin since chris. so neil achieve the seat back in 1978. i would have loved to have had the opportunity to plan on me. i loved to test myself against the very best, but in the position that were in amanda's part of fantastic torment. she deserves her spot in the round of 16. and i think the match that will probably be exciting it'll be, it'll be good for both of us. to, to get out there and test ourselves against each other. roughly dow had a longer than expected outing against karen catch animals. b, 20 time grand slam champion last the 3rd sat against his russian opponent. but no
12:52 am
dow head back to win the 4th and advanced into the last 16. the spaniard is aiming for a record breaking 21st major title is only previous championship when in melbourne was back in 2009 of bass adrian, a marino of france. next it's a very special way for me. you know, coming back after from when i'm coming, every single time of them able to play here, just a very special thing, not deny that lead to. oh, i'm glad to get a great blue and i think it would friend under so have been i think my best match with up to that so far as it seems like a bug. well, number 3, alexander's of rab had a much easier time in his match against moldova, and qualifier ratto albert, the german east, to the 636464. when the 24 year old who is yet to drop
12:53 am
a said in melvin or face canada's dennis shoppable off in the last 16 i took more than 4 hours a place, his separate carlos alcortez and mateo barrett chinney. alcaraz fall back from being to sit down to take the match into a 5th sat went to a tie break with the spanish teenager losing on the double fault. the italian 7 seeds bear a teeny moves into round for an african cup of nations, referee that made history earlier this month says she hopes her presence at the tournament will help african women and their fight for equality. salih, my mac and sanger of her wanda, became the 1st woman to fishy vitiate. and aft con, madge and on tuesday took charge of the zimbabwe versus guinea game. she was assisted by 3 other women in an all female crew. oh we are here. not because the hud favor to be here. it's just chance. it's no because we deserve to be
12:54 am
here. we have a bug groaned in from dud bug and his passion from duck push on his hard work. and from that hard work says the fruit a lot, say women, there can't run a to piece of men, so speed in to whatever. yes are we can't be men. but we can do our best to be on the same level. and there was an absolute goal feast and the women's asian cover cap earlier on friday, australia showing little mercy to the tournaments, lowest rank team, indonesia. they hammered them by an incredible 18 goals to nearly mm hm. bye. as a star, sam ker, getting on the score sheet a 5 times and a lackey's game for 2 competitors at the 1st world rally championship, a van to the season. french driver adriana for mo, heading a rock during the monte carlo rally that sent his car, rolling down a hill into a valley of he and his co driver emerged unhurt from the crash.
12:55 am
okay, and that has all your sport for now. it's now back to marry him in london. all right, thank you very much. far now. the sundance film festival has started showcasing the best of independent cinema. but because of widespread corona virus infections, it's not being held in person this year. well, bernal's looks at how the pandemic is challenging. india filmmakers, independent filmmaker, april maxi short subject work premieres at this years, all virtual sundance film festival. i like back back with us. the film starring murray salads and bato explores themes of loneliness, break up and isolation. maxie says, pandemic experiences influenced the work i winter break. i have i had to move um and there were a lot of times i felt very isolating. and so i just changed my script as like,
12:56 am
i can't make this like, sneak love story i. i poured what i was like feeling i'm into the script and updated it. independent filmmakers are used to working on very tight budgets and are highly resilience. i've seen the business pivot multiple times. ah. during the pandemic. oh, it started off as everyone thought the sky was falling. oh, the sky didn't fall streaming services like netflix, hbo and amazon demanded more pandemic era content, giving independent filmmakers a lot of work. i think it's a golden age in the respect that tv has become such a massive cultural force. during the pandemic box office revenues have dwindled drastically. and some of the art, how cinemas were independent films found their audiences were forced to close. even with all the disruptions caused by the coven pandemic, declining ticket sales,
12:57 am
and the rise of streaming services industry observers say, independent filmmakers will continue to do what they've always done, adapt and roll with the punches. every indie film has some kind of jaw dropping story attached to it in terms of what it took to make at. you've got to be nimble, you've gotta be quick. you've got to be passionate. and quite frankly, you've gotta work harder and longer and might quit. not give up, that's why maxi is looking on the bright side. the virtual festival thing is interesting because it opens up the access more. whereas if it was in person, it would have been a few slack screening. so i'm hoping that you know more people will see it. the sundance festival will announce its prize winning films virtually on january 28th, rob reynolds al jazeera, long beach, california at st. phonies abbot,
12:58 am
i'll see you in a couple of minutes. ah ah. and a journey of personal discovery, my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. now like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate people and america's debt to the black people to day some over. so stall, we even scale to speed drought because it's a broadly al jazeera correspondence,
12:59 am
a moral debt. long before the cold crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate break down. destruction of nature can lead to destruction of april. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told was completely impossible. suddenly become possible, connected, the wake up cold that can't be ignored. on o. j 0. in just under a year's time kettles al bait stadium will house, the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff. next november c, u r. o 1022, as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role organizes getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever
1:00 am
supporting event next year. and for the cats are national. seems like it used to playing in front of expected home crowds lobby, hoping to convince both the fans and themselves they really are ready to take on the world. ah, saudi lead offensive in yemen, intensifies more than 80. people are killed in 2 as strikes one targets a detention center. ah. hello, i'm marianne noisy. in london, you're watching algae zeroes are coming up on the program. eating on neutral ground to diffuse tension of ukraine. but even after talks in geneva, the u. s. and russia a walls of pods.


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