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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent A Moral Debt The Legacy Of Slavery In The U.S.A.  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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the navy intended to do that. and when you say that this is gonna happen, you ask the next question, why now? so, this is a very strangely, comp formulated question. as far as our approach goes, with regard to the need to put an end to an indefinite enlargement of nato este words, we once again we treated this approach and secretary blinking once again, we have found his position with regard to the asian countries stay to have the right to, to their own security arrangements. and i, in turn asked how, you know, it fits with the commitment not to reinforce once security at the expense of security of others. and he promised me that they would respond to how the u. s. interpret that this is not the end of our dialogue, as i said. and next week, as the secretary blinking has said on many occasions,
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we will get a braden reaction to our initiative. now, as far as the principal issue of nature's known enlargement goes, everyone is asking us why. well, the thing is it was set up against the soviet union and for some reason it's still works against russia. and this is something that is enshrined in the doctrinal documents. just decide an example. let's take the eastern europeans pills in particular, the baltic states when they were aspiring to become nature. members, we were warning that this would be a mistake, that this would not strengthen nato's security. we warned that this would only fuel extremist sentiment, on many occasions. they said it's quite the opposite. they were telling us we will accept them and to nato. and these phobia as pass down from the soviet times will simply disappear, and these are gonna be your peaceful neighbors. but it turned out to be quite the
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opposite. opposite. there was a public minority headed by these countries, poland and the baltic are setting the tune, not just in nature, but also in the european union, making others pursue there's a deadlock girl policy with regard to russia on all these years. so see in an will never, i would like to call on you to be more accurate with your facts is s t please nicholas ivanov. evan, india's introductory remarks secretary blinking was threatening. he said there would be a response to an aggression in ukraine. so there's going to be a written response next week. so. so do you think that analogy is something you understand right now that it can be predicted or do you think something different is going to happen? as i said, once again, our american counterparts tried to put was ukraine to the foreground. during our,
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today's discussion, i understand that they have kept their concerns. but still, after our explanations, they understood that they have to concentrate on the substance on the essence of our proposals. and a promise was given to us. i like to reiterate that to provide us with a written response to our proposals next week. and i am confident that and this so that way ukraine will still figure and those responses. but i have not heard any single argument today that would corroborate the user position on what's happening in the cranium rush and boarded. just concerns, concerns, concerns our concerns regarding not just some or imagine threat. our concerns about we'll facts, the fact that no one is hiding the fact that a weapons are being handed over to ukraine, that hundreds of military instructors are flocking to ukraine. right now. the u. e
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. o doesn't want to lag behind the u. s. and wants to set up a training camp in ukraine. so it's going to be quite an interesting turn and the ears, ambitions. maybe this is an attempt by the you to remind everyone of its existence because so far it has and figure and the serious conversations. yes, we understand that this issue requires service greater attention, but we shouldn't reduce the issue of european security architecture to this single issue regarding ukraine said, trib lincoln as being formed what the present biden. as said, he said that they are willing to help promote the implementation of the means agreements. and i have called him to once again exercise their influence on the cave regime or to to you know, get back to the centers and to stop sabotaging this best important document that is
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supposed to put an end to the queen in conflict arena. there is russia today, spanish, i have you touched upon the possible deployment of russian infrastructure in on cuba in venezuela. how serious is this event reality from the point of view of russia? and are you engaged in talks with the government of these countries? we have not touched upon this topic in our negotiations today. task places, minister liberal for good afternoon. you said this is not your last contact. this is just a preliminary contact. you said that your contact again to continue and after the written response of the you were there will be more contacts as a sam. it possible. and how can you comment on the decision to provide greater military assistance to ukraine in particular, the artillery munitions,
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even though the, the government of the czech republic said that he doesn't want to be on the list of non finally nation, sir. that was drawn by moscow. so can you comment on that if you're a so, so i forgot your 1st question. yes. as contact our level, let's not get out of our sales person. put in is always ready for contact with prison biting. but these contacts have to be prepared very seriously, and we need to understand what we're, what the outcome should be. if we decide to tap into the potential of our leaders as it were. as far as the j government is concerned, we, we hear the statements low, but what you like, the schools we need these words detain, did to concrete proposals. concrete signals are address to us and i cannot comment on what our nato neighbors are doing. our neighbors are doing with regard
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to ukraine. on many occasions you, we have warned gyms in your mouth that the only thing that the key for gm is doing . s rewards speculating, listed on this, and this patronage provided to ads, but it's western sponsor so. so once this rows of our big hysteria would stops everyone so, so we'll see it was crystal clear that this regime isn't available here with jimmy keaton associated press. thank my question. i, i think a lot of people in the world are very concerned about these conversations, like the one with mr. re up in ms. sherman last week. and the ones today is there can be some sort of progress that is being made today. you mentioned the written report, written response, united states, next week. could you characterize that for us please? is that a step in the right direction? do you see that is a concession from the united states?
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and in how long as russia are going to be willing to wait for satisfactory answers . so almost goes that, well, do i have to tell you everything up with up with go? what should as well, you know, this, i'm out just attempt to resume good to go into each and every detail. well, i do not saying it's useful right now. i have told you everything i needed to about out today's constructive abuse, whole discussion. i cannot say whether we on the right path or not. we will understand that once we get the american response in writing to all the points that we've been numerators, a good afternoon, no cancellation, correctional cur. i says that tv channel, the state duma is discussing the initiative to recognize the donnette can lew hands, people's republic. where so do you think ever washington refuses to agree to these
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security guarantees? is russia gunner, the willing to recognize these republics after the referendum takes place there? well, i'm not going to speculate on that. but i think the kremlin has spoken on that already . as far as the referendum is concerned. i think this was a turning point in the history of ukrainian crisis after the bloody kuda. and so far, the state department is trying to avoid our question as to what really had happened there from the point of view of the west. so they decided to say that, guess there was that, and then the crimea happened. and then the insurgency in danbury, and then we try to remind them about the peaceful agreements between president janet coverage on the opposition. you were the guarantors of those agreements. poland, france, and germany, and next morning,
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the opposition simply to all those agreements. the dan, putting forth rosa fabi commands, requiring the russian, sir, to be expelled from the crimea. and then there were militants send to you the crimea. he sees the supreme council, which led to a reward of the crimea ants who had demanded a referendum. now, as for don bus, the reverend and that took place in the don ad scan lou hands regions. all those jewish disgust at the norman g, formerly meeting when the means agreements were prepared and the leaders of france and germany were asking us to persuade the representatives of don, else can lou ask to put their signature to those menstrual agreements. so as a matter of fact, they decided to accommodate the normandy for and they reversed their peers,
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the decision on independence, se, but only under the condition that the men sc agreements would beer respected. namely, the autonomy, the special stages that had to be granted to this dairy trees. the special saint has had been trained in the you're a good cleaning constitution and the decentralization that had to happen. and of course, oh, hold amnesty. and once again, elections had to be held, but everything had to be done in coordination with don as can lou haskell stood as well? this is so where we are where the status of these terry trees. we go about that today and we spoke about that when a foreign minister of germany visited us and we spoke to with the friends and we said that people we went has to do stop or condoning the
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actions of the cave regime. they have to do what was agreed by the un security cancer in the richer micro m m a probably a nuclear run security, older dental fuser. yes, russia, ari think of if you are very different properties for you, then you probably don't have good on. so i didn't get that. could you repeat your question, please? a present background said that new security really has to be crated against russia . you is because you are sick, if you are, and you see it to stay strong against russia, is it for you? your solution? for a home of prism will says the she says that she brought a broad you for a while. i didn't her present micron, say anything about creating anything against russia. i know that present macro on
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is a steady advocate of increasing the capacity of the e. u. t play great, a role and world politics. he is a proponent of the he was a strategic autonomy. i know there is a program the so called strategic compost. we follow that. we understand that there is a strong influence of the so called roots of folks and others. they didn't and we come down, michael, but i did not hear prison, mac cron. you was you citing the need to stand firm against russia when he prepares the security. what i think there is some misunderstanding, the b, b, c. what does russia want most? an unstable dependent ukraine, or a new sphere of influence in eastern europe?
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like a well, you know, we spoke about she has of inference today as well. when on a stable ukraine is indeed recently a factor of our everyday political life. but this instability, well, i know you are an experienced journalist and i do understand where this instability comes from. if you look at what's happening around portia angles returning to keep of all the subsequent events house all organized as for spheres of influence. go i asked anthony, blinking to day, i asked him to explain but you will have to present a cath, austin, boy asked for help to the c su based on this year's due chapter for assistance in mr. pursing the terrorists and her brooklyn
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beautiful my daughter. so, you know, there were demands that catholic, stanford explain why it did what it did. you know, this illustrates that the west is confident of its own special status. they are allowed to do everything. others are not allowed to do anything. look at how the e u is behaving. let's remember. mister boyles, predecessor as high representative of the e. u. a federal margarita, and back in 2018. when she spoke at the meeting of the e u primary representatives, she said i almost quote her directly. she said about the balkans, if the e u is present there. no, there's no place where anyone else in this region go. so i think this would
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very loosely, this is a very good illustration and this applies to what's happening and a senior. let's look at the a west balkans. there are some countries that are not part of nato and the new there and a townsend to take him to do it, is that to make them religious, she's associated themselves. are they trying to dissuade them from having lee? good lucas dice with china with russia? is it not about trying to introduce their own sphere of influence or sales of influence exist digitally policies pursued by colonial powers. when d colonization happened, a colonial power didn't want to lose their influence. and the spheres of influence was about trying to you, you could still, it is on the, you know, control soil in was about controlling these territories. those and they trying to clear,
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expand their presence in these territories and attract nuance into their sphere of influence. we spoke about reg, whether mister blinking to day, and it's a pity that adult people are involved in this, you know, measuring contest. christopher says cooler. oh, but normally don't go if we also assume the adult outage years. and if we think about how we can make this a good world, a safe place to living, given the climate change drug trafficking in careers and healthy shivers was because people, bran, terrible risks because of the pandemic. and i'm afraid this is not the last pandemic. this are the easiest we have to think about, instead of what she's gonna try and to reduce all of these problems, to the viewers russia relations or to how present the landscape feels in his
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regime. it's not true, we're not trying to get a sphere of influence. but what nato is doing shows us unequivocally, that nato considers the claim to be a part of its sphere of influence. that any coverage to cover are busy necessarily to puzzle this little piece of narrative. yet, could you repeat that, please? yes. or is the no foreign ministry going to publish the us response to your proposals? well, this is not a question to us. this is a question to our american count birds. so father is now responsible, so we're not going to waste this issue so far. it's going to be their property, which they again to hand over to us or so. i think that was too evil to proceed. i would like to make this response public, but i'm going to have to consult
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a secretary blinking on that. thank you so much for all for the russian foreign minister there leaving the assembled press and the world's media there in that chamber in geneva, just to take you through what he's been saying. if you just joining us, he said the talks with his opposite number from washington. the us secretary of state anthony blinking had been open and useful, but they did state a number of times that minimizing damage to the security of russia was their prime objective. they, he said they had an exchange of views, they have a special department who study what the u. s. has put forward, but he said, what we'd know of it so far and i quote, holds no water. the u. s. he said, tried to get to the forefront the situation on the border with ukraine. if you've been following the story over the past 12 months now, i guess. you'll know that russia has amassed almost 100000 personnel on the russian side of that border. he said they seek to sabotage. the minsk agreement,
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he was talking about, the united states slashed the e u. he was referring there to a thing called the minced protocol. that's an agreement which sought to end the war in the don bass region of ukraine. heels who said that they were getting a promise of a written response from the us delegation next week. we are not trying to get a new sphere of influence. he said dorothy barry is our correspondent following that story in moscow door. so what's your main takeaway points from what we've been listening to well, it sounded like the 2 men held a somewhat productive meeting despite what we heard before them going into it. there wasn't a lot of expectations from both sides. but i think what the russian foreign minister highlighted was that there was a lot of clarification made on both parts. the russians answered a lot of questions. the americans had about their proposals that they've put forth
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that they want about the security guarantees from the u. s. about nato's activities and further expansions, as well as, as the russians and made it very clear to the americans. they want an official response. and the americans have said that they will provide a written response in the next week to the russians. and the russian foreign minister was asked whether or not they russians will make the american response public. and he said it is not for him to the side. it will be a, something that the americans will have to decide whether or not they publish it publicly, but to the foreign minister was more critical of the you and, and ukraine's president of vladimir zalinski. he said that he is a leader that has been taken under the wings of western powers and suggesting that he is being used and manipulated. in this scenario, he said that it is time for all parties to act like adults. and that to russia is not looking for conflict with ukraine or the united states. the foreign minister
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was also asked what the details of the meeting entailed. and he said, he doesn't feel that it is his job to tell us everything that was exchanged between the 2 sides. but the overall feeling is that the questions were answered on both sides. and now only time will tell what the americans will respond to. the russians have made it very clear. they have no interest in invading ukraine, and that their activities are within their own interest in their own land. and the movement of troops and military hardware is to carry out exercises to strengthen their defense of cape of holidays. it is also important to point out we've heard in the past hour that the russian defense minister has invited his british counterpart to visit moscow in the near future. and will what have to wait and see what the british defense minister will have to say about that invitation. we are doors as you are talking to us, waiting for secretary of state antony blinking to address the world's media from
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inside that same room in geneva. but it was significant, wasn't the door. so when mr. lab ralph was saying the poland on the baltic countries are pursuing a negative agenda towards russia. so clearly can i suggest that the feeling inside the kremlin might be that we are on the kind of diplomatic attack by people who have come on the countries that have come under a sphere of influence that's being grown and nurtured. i guess by nato with the united states off in the background. certainly that is the general sense and ends, the foreign minister alluded to that's a number of times. and he said that these countries are being used to turn by western powers to try and pressure russia, and which is something is not in the interest of anybody in this region. he also said of the e u, i just want to highlight that and it's going to be quite an interesting turn in
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e use ambitions. and he said that until now you hasn't really been that important. but now there is clear that there are higher ambitions for this body, and that's what we're seeing unfold in terms of the false narrative that the russians call it about the campaign that's been wage against them. about this possible invasion of ukraine is part of that agenda and that they, russian foreign minister was a very clear that that is not what rushes interested in. and that, and also he said that the us russia relations are continuing. there is no discussion about severing them at this point. he even alluded that there could be a possibility of further meetings, not only between himself and his american counterpart, but also between the president vladimir putin and his u. s. counterpart job i'm. i'm just looking at the broader diplomatic question there that you're kind of alluding to already. daughter. they're still talking that's positive. that's good news. nobody was slamming tables because you've got mr
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. laugh, ralf. he's. he's known as being an avuncular, but focused individual. he's been there for a long time. you've got a relatively new u. s. secretary of state in the guys of antony blink. and his reputation is incredibly focused and incredibly detailed and very, very granular when it comes to the detail of his grief. so it's good that those 2 guys are still communicating and they're talking about, i guess it would end up being a summit if we're just about to see in the next week or 2 or 3. mister putin having a conversation, maybe even face to face with mr. by certainly i think the general consensus was last week that the diplomacy path was very much over, but now it seems has been revived. and this meeting today is another, an indication that there is still a diplomatic path forward. this meeting today,
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thin and in the complete catastrophe, as we've just heard, there is a incentive from both sides to continue the dialogue. and i think it was significant that the russian foreign minister said that they'd answer questions. they also asked the questions they wanted to ask and received the answers for the time being. so there seems to be a general consensus that dialogue is the path forward. and he also urged that the emotions need to be called down, referring to the talk we've been hearing from the western countries about what's been happening in ukraine in the said that people need to calm down and not create hysteria. and that the questions will be answered and there will be responses given . so there is still very much a chance for dialogue to continue. and clearly diplomacy is not dead. and as the u . s. secretary of state had said that they prefer the path of dialogue and diplomacy forward and his whole mission coming to europe. and having this meeting in geneva today was to try and provide an off ramp for the problems that have been
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ongoing. the escalation, the tensions, and it's clear now that they have been somewhat successful in trying to at least provide a path forward to continue the discussion door. so thank you very much. we'll talk to later, i'm short, we'll switch about our correspond there in moscow. let's just take you back to a gentle we were talking to little early, a brief, spotty chief strategy officer at rasmussen, global, and a former director of policy planning made. so he joins us from santa, in spain, for brief or thank you for keeping us company as we wait for antonio lincoln to give us his thoughts on what they've been discussing over the past couple of hours in geneva. what did you make of what you heard from saga lover off the russian foreign minister? well, i think what the, the russians have, i've obtained it was clear over the last week. they have open a dialogue. it's of a difficult dialogue and he said that the have a clear exit or success,
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but they have got the attention of the united states. and i think that's probably level off and others. now we're going to try to, to present that, that diplomatic victory, whether this is enough for the russians to de escalate and to reduce the troops present by the russian ukraine, both. that's another question. 5 points of diplomacy, i guess here in my next question, february spot. it felt almost listening to the 1st half of what sag elaborate was saying. it felt almost as if he and mister blinkin started the conversation by talking about 2 different things or resisting the pressure to talk about what the other one wants talk about. because mr. lab, ralph clearly wants to talk about nato's expansion plans and mr. blinking wants to talk about russian quotes, expansion plans potentially across the board into ukraine. but despite the fact they were coming from different angles, diametrically opposed angles. they did seem given what mr. lab roof has been saying,
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we've yet to hear from mr. blinking but giving mr. lab off has been saying they did seem to come up with something that was basically positive at the end of intense conversation. well, i think it's a good description. the us and russia have been talking past each other for quite long time. and it's not for the lack of having tried on the us nato side, but you are right that defy that. they're talking about different face. but the question is the same, which is what kind of security order do we want? are we willing to, to, to build in europe and i think our own place and you know, i'm quite critical of the president putting strategies i think put in is trying to kind of put that question on the table in a quite, obviously, aggressive way. but the question is, is a true one, and the question is whether the american and the europeans can come with some
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elements where somehow they can be just start over more productive dialogue. and also it's always interesting, isn't it? so listen to mr. lab. ralph, i mean, when it comes to issues and crises such as the one we're seeing on the borders of ukraine, even perhaps i should include context on in this as well. because there's that russian lead force of 3 and a half 1000 people across the border inside kessick san just now. but when it comes to ambiguity, that's what you get from. let me put in when it comes to short, sharp statements. that's what you get from mr. lap ralph, mister lab, ralph said the united states is wrong saying we are going to invade ukraine. he puts a full stop in there. then he said, we are not. but nobody responded to that because of all the, the white noise surrounding this crisis, the dialogue, the conversations, the who's talking to whom the, the joe biden is flip flopping around on where the nato is united or not. so that
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him, him saying we are not going to invade, has just kind of disappeared under the surface. i feel you are giving too much value to foreign minister law statement i've. i've heard the many time, and i can tell you he capital of the short creek statement and he's capable of doing all the russian government to be a very opposite of what he has just declared. so i will not take it at face value. i think the bottom line is the russians got troy playing a pressure strategy on ukraine, directly on the u. s. and the europe and allies. and the question is whether from the bay by artificially created situation. we can come up with a better picture for both the europeans, the americans, but also for the russians. and this is the key of what might follow after that 1st meeting. i mean that today's meeting between level off and blinking. and when he
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says poland and the baltic countries are pursuing a negative agenda towards moscow, is he right? this is a part of the kind of rank the back i've heard many times starting from the nature of intervention, coastal and you have this, this kind of whole big vision list. rhetoric coming from must could justify most because that great, quite frankly know, i think it's pretty clear that the, the aggressor, the bader, if you look not only at ukraine, but also georgia in moscow. and i think they're just trying to put the rest of the others and he does not put anyone when he said they're going to get a written response next week from the white house. one assumes via the state department because clearly the white house will have a big input into this. if you will, writing that response, what would you put into it? well, it's a good question. i would say no to what you want, but yes,
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to push your dialogue on what we can do together to indeed fix some of the ambiguous and some of the complexity of the european. it's tricky older. and where does this leave the relationship right now between moscow and washington? well, i feel you are going to say whether the duration should be in moscow and europe because this is, this is the paradox here. this is a dialogue that the, by a much about wash on that moscow, which is what the russian was. but the center of that dialogue is actually euro, and not only eastern europe at the western europe. and yet, europe, including europe and you know, they don't really have a voice. and there's not covered, say also, and luckily, because the russians are not interested unless we can change that, i think that dialogue is not going to be very productive because in the end, the has to be a,
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by and shaping by the european themselves. brings to stay with this. i just want to show us what's going on inside that chamber where they've been having those discussions in geneva. it's generally a good sign that the person we're waiting for is imminently about to arrive. when the journalist assemble journalist got the note from some p, r person some place, and they start re occupying their feet, mister lincoln was supposed to be there for 5 minutes ago now at exactly half past the hour they have not stuck to the time table. they have not stuck to the publisher jewelled schedule at all. today they mr. lebron started his news conference earlier than he was supposed to, and then the whole thing had slipped by about half an hour earlier on. we will go to mr. blink, and just as soon as we can with talking to for brace, keeping us company here with what his thinking is on where we are just not idea of the relationship actually being more important. the relationship between moscow and
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brussel slash strasburg. mr. lab off the almost praising the french president in manuel macro would the russians rather be working through the, the prism of an international, this french president than a very new german administration in berlin? if only because of reasons of history. i think level sprays to not food, any why mates more to anchorage? what could look like divisions in the west and can between you know, my call saying europe should have the lead. and the us having the fact that the, i think you have to look at the recent statement by russian senior official, the, i'm not interested in engaging with the european to be the european union or the b europe and capital life like paris. and it's not for the lack of having tried, i mean, my call has announced his big reset more than 2 years ago to was russia and the
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lead to very little. and, you know, he's saying some of these ministers must go and just, they don't get anything out of the russia. so i think the russians also have to give up most say, you see and, but it might not be dangerous. but the interested in is this parity with the united states going back to the old time, the kind of cold war time where they received on face to face with the u. s. counterpart and talk about strategic stability. the problem is we are not ongoing those times, but the other problem is europe is not yet strong enough to really be taken as a strategic player by russia. ok, for brace, we'll leave it there for the moment. i suspect we'll talk again the next hour or so for the meantime. thank you so much for this strategy officer at rasmussen, global as soon as mister blink and walks in, we'll cut through at live straight away. so get a sense of what his take away will be when he leaves geneva. having been in berlin
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yesterday, he met the german foreign minister and read a book bar yesterday. they're on exactly the same page. he will be returning, of course, with his takeaway points to washington filtering it to his president joe biden through various analysts and bits of analysis before they come up with this written response. that's, that's, that's quite unusual that they, they've agreed to go down that road difficult to remember a time when the us agreed to cried the russians with a written response to this kind of slightly contradictory conversation that they started having today. where the russians, as a brace was telling us the russians are going for parity. they are saying the conversation is not about ukraine. the conversation is about nato's plans to expand to the east and bought up against the borders of russia, because that is literally what would happen if ukraine became a member of nato. and the same thing applies to finland. of course,
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winland has an incredibly long border up towards places like lap and runs on the finish side of the border over towards petersburg in russia. and the whole point about the finish relationship with moscow is that finland has always had this in bed with an elephant relationship with moscow. because there are parts of finland up there on the border between filament and russia, where you've got ethnic fins, where they were genetically, they are ethnically finish ethnic fin, so called inside russia. and you've got an ethnic russian still there. ethnically, russian inside finland because that border was so porous and it's moved around in the last 100 years or so because there have been vicious, terribly destructive conflicts just on that stretch of the border anyway. but in finland and russia. and that is why there is a perception amongst all the analysts that we've been talking to about this story. over the past couple of weeks here on al jazeera, that russia has been quietly, almost off the radar, growling at the governor in helsinki and in sweden. because finland and sweden,
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who all ready, cher, defense planning and defense strategy, have been signaling to nato that they would be quite interested in joining nature. which would be a highly significant step for those 2 governments, ukrainian soldiers and citizens living near the border in the east of the country have welcomed america's support. they say it strengthens their position and that any u. s. intervention could ease tensions for ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha much. so i think now when we're faced with this really tense situation, this visit of foreign guests is very important for our country. it shows that we're not alone, that we have support. and in the case of threat, we can count on our forces and our allies powers. so we are the weekly, usually nothing depends on common people, only the politicians can solve something. of course, i don't want to potential war to happen to us. ah.
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okay, let's move on. tones in new zealand have come out in big numbers to send aid supplies home following saturdays, volcanic eruption, and soon army more. government aid is also arriving in toner from new zealand and australia. wayne hay reports. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, and tomkins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to send food, water, and other items to toner, and to show unity and resilience. muffin summer and bring all local country down. you know, pretty on, i guess we have a lot of, i was a middle what we face or smells proficient together or come in for the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast there as when disaster, hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have, we give it out of love, we give it to our own families back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will
3:41 pm
be sent to tanya early. next week, governments are also sending aid new zealand and australia an air force planes landed at the international airport near the capital local ofa. despite some ash from the volcano still being on the runway. and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies, divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of tongue or recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day, they're learning more about how significant the eruption was. scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so the put that into some kind of perspective. when we fly and jets across pacific, we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers with some communication being restored slowly. many tomlins in new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home.
3:42 pm
now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne, hey al jazeera oakland. ok, let's go back to geneva. the man you're looking at there. the you are sick state antony blinkin. going to the podium, let's get his response. so what he heard from saggy lopper off on the russian delegation ref in there talks in geneva a little earlier today. and also perhaps more specifically his people will have been listening to what mr. leverett was saying at his news conference as well, with women for hosting us for its traditional hospitality, which is very much appreciated. i came to geneva following up on last week's discussions at the us, russia strategic stability dialogue, the nato, russia. council and the o. s. c. on the crisis and ukraine and broader european security issues, our objective was to determine whether russia is prepared to take the diplomatic path and other necessary steps to de escalate the situation in ukraine and
3:43 pm
ultimately to resolve our differences through diplomacy and through dialogue. the discussion today with mr. lever off was frank, him, and substantive. i conveyed the position the united states and our european allies and partners, that we stand firmly with ukraine in support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. we've been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's border, that's the renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and a united response from the united states and our partners and allies. we also know from experience that russia has an extensive playbook of aggression, short of military action, including cyber attacks per military tactics and other means of advancing our interest aggressively without overly using military action. those types of russian
3:44 pm
aggression will also be met with a decisive, calibrated, and again, united response. that's the clear message coming out of my meetings on wednesday. and you train with present lensky foreign mr. labor. yesterday, in germany, with my counterparts from germany, the u. k. france and the european union and with transfer shoals, were united in our commitment to finding way forward through diplomacy and dialogue . but equally in our resolve to impose massive consequences. should russia choose the path of confrontation and conflict? i trust again to minister lever off that on the security concerns that russia is raised in recent weeks. the united states and our european allies and partners are prepared to pursue a possible means of addressing them in a spirit of reciprocity. which means simply put, russia must also address our concerns. there are several steps that we can take. all of us russia included, to increase transparency, to reduce risks,
3:45 pm
to advance arms control, to build trust. i can be directly to minister leverage our specific concerns for russia's actions. the challenge are under might be some security, not only in ukraine, but throughout europe. and indeed in the world. i also laid out several ideas to reduce tensions and increase security, which we developed in consultation with our partners and allies and where we believe we can find common ground. again, based on the principle of reciprocity. this was not negotiation, but a candidate exchange of concerns. and ideas i made clear to minister lever off that there are certain issues and fundamental principles that the united states and our partners and allies are committed to defend. that includes those that would impede the sovereign rate of ukrainian people to write their own future. there is no trade space, they're not farmers for lab work. and i also talked
3:46 pm
about the way forward let me say as well that he heard from us. and for me that what is for us an invaluable rule? nothing about ukraine without ukraine. nothing about nato without nato. nothing about europe without europe. based on our discussion, i believe we can carry forward this work of developing understanding agreements together that ensure our net, our mutual security. but that's contingent on russia stopping, it's aggression toward ukraine. so that's the choice, the grocer faces. now, it can choose the path to diplomacy that can lead to peace and security, or the path that will lead only to conflict. severe consequences and international condemnation. the united states and our allies and partners in europe stand ready to meet russia on either path. and we will continue to stand with ukraine. i
3:47 pm
believe that foreigners to lever off now has a better understanding of our position and vice versa. today's discussion was useful in that sense, and that's precisely why we met. so i'll return to washington this afternoon to consult with president biden, and our entire national security team, as well as members of congress and politically, allies and partners in the days ahead. based on the discussions today for mr. lauer and i read that it's important for the diplomatic process to continue. i told him that following the consultations that we'll have in the coming days with our allies and partners, we anticipate that we will be able to share with russia our concerns and ideas in more detail and in writing next week. and we agreed to further discussions after that we read as well that further diplomatic discussions would be the preferable way forward. but again,
3:48 pm
it is really up to russia to decide which path it will pursue. i should mention as well that foreign minister and i had an opportunity to discuss iran, an example of how the united states and russia and worked together on security issues of shared concern. the talk to the ran about a mutual return to compliance with the j. c. p o, a have reached a decisive moment. if a deal is not reached in the next few weeks around, ongoing nuclear advances will make it impossible to return the j. c. p. o. but right now, there's still a window, a brief one, to bring those talks to a successful conclusion and address the remaining concerns of all sides. we didn't expect any major breakthroughs to happen today, but i believe we are now on a clear path in terms of understanding each other's concerns each other's positions . let's see what the next to the next phase break. and with that, i'm happy to take your questions. incremental
3:49 pm
banking this just that patel. mr. that has spoken today about hysterical rhetoric when he pulls his jericho rhetoric from the west about an invasion. he claims to propose ukraine and president biden said that with what has happened so far, that he believes that will move in because he's got to do something. so, do you think at home today that you have a better understanding from mr. law? first of all, of what his intentions are, do you have any commitment at all? they will stop the aggression that you say is standing in the way of any positive agreement. he says that you are going to present written responses, which you just confirm. but he wants them to be to his original proposals, which you and everyone in the administration is that from the beginning are non
3:50 pm
starters proposals to limit nato expansion. so when you're written, answers have any different response to him about nato expansion, which you just said it is not, it was not with ocean. so where do you see a face for any kind of engagement to diffuse this price? as you said, you brought up around. do you think there is the possibility? after talking to mr. latter, that you and russia, us and russia, and the other allies can get around agree to come into compliance and with the u. s . then agree to let sanctions, perhaps simultaneous facts around gender. first, we're not proceeding on the basis of the motion. we're proceeding on the basis effect. and history of the facts are that russia has amassed very significant forces ukraine quarter and continues to do so.
3:51 pm
100000 troops. most recently, including forces deployed to beatrice. that would give russia the capacity. president putin so chooses to attack ukraine from the south, from the east, from the north. and we've seen plans to undertake a variety of destabilizing action. some of them short of the over use of thought, a force to destabilize ukraine to topple the government variety of things. so as i said, this is not on the basis of the motion that's on the basis of fact and also history . russia invaded ukraine in 2014 season crimea provoking an ongoing conflict in eastern ukraine. the danverse changing you've transporters by force. that's what we're looking at. we've heard russian officials
3:52 pm
say that they have no intention of invading a ukraine. in fact, mr. lever off repeated that to me today. but again, we're, we're looking at what is visible to all and it is. deeds and actions are not words that make the difference. i suggested to mr. lab reference, we have repeatedly that if russia wants to begin to convince the world that it has no aggressive intent toward ukraine, a very good place to start would be by the escalating, by bringing back removing his forces from ukraine's borders as well as engaging in, in diplomacy and dialogue, which is what we did today. and what we plan to continue doing in the days and weeks ahead. we've, we've set along that we intended not only to respond to the concerns that russia has raised, but to share our own concerns,
3:53 pm
which are many about the actions that russia takes that we see as a threat to security in europe and in the beyond. and so it was important in the course of the conversations that we've had today, andrea, both last week at the streets building dialogue between the united states and russia at the nato, russia council at the o. s. e, to make sure that we fully understood each other's positions, each other's concerns. after that, and after consulting very intensely with allies and partners, president biden wanted me to have this opportunity having digested what we've heard over the last week and made. and presumably, the russians having had an opportunity to discuss what they were initially from us with president putin, to really see where we are directly with foreign minister,
3:54 pm
a lot of ross to determine whether there is a path forward for, for dialogue and for diplomacy. and then to look at how we would pursue that. and again, what was re today, which was that we will, we will share with russia response to the, the concerns. it's raised our own concerns and put some ideas on the table for consideration. and then we plan to meet again after rush has had an opportunity to, to look at, look at that paper and we'll see where we go from there. but let me also be clear about this to the extent that brushes engaged for now in in diplomacy. but at the same time, continues to take us latoria actions continues to build its forces on ukraine's borders continues to plan for aggressive action against ukraine. we and all
3:55 pm
of our allies and partners are equally committed to make sure we are doing everything possible to make clear to russia that there will be, as i said, a swift, severe, and united response to any form of aggression by russia directed towards you credit . finally, let me say this based on the, the conversation today area. look, i believe that there are areas where on a reciprocal basis we can address some of each other's concerns. and they go to things like greater transparency in our military activities. various risk reduction measures pursuing arms control and other ways to build trust that i think would address some of the concerns that rushes expressed, as well as the many concerns that we have. but it's very important to be equally clear about things that we will not do. and one of those is we will not go
3:56 pm
back on the fundamental principles that we have and that we are committed to defend . and one of those is nato's open door. and others include, as i've talked about in recent days, and in recent weeks, our commitment to the principle that one nation can simply violate and change the border of another country by force that it can't propose to dictate to another country. it choices its policies with whom it will associate and that it can't exert a sphere of influence that would subjugate its neighbors to its it's well, we're not going to put any of those principles in question. and i think rush understands that very well. so again, based on the conversations we've had over the extensive conversations over the past week and today here in geneva, i think there are grounds for
3:57 pm
a means to address some of the mutual concerns that we have about security. we'll see if, if, if that bears out and meanwhile, we will continue to prepare resolutely to both pass that we've laid out for russian, the path of diplomacy and dialogue, or the path of renewed aggression, confrontation and consequences. michaela, i'm sorry, we have a oh, i'm sorry, i just said so on. are on. i have to say that russia shares our sense of urgency the need to see if we can come back into mutual compliance in the weeks ahead. and we hope that russia will use the influence that it has in relationship that it has
3:58 pm
with iran to impress upon iran. that sense of urgency and equally that if we're unable to do that, because a rod refuses to undertake the obligations that are that are necessary that we will pursue a different path in dealing with the danger posed by arise, renewed nuclear program, a program that had been put in a box by the agreement that we had reached in the past, the jcp away. and then unfortunately, has now escaped from that box as a result of pulling out of the agreement and iran, restarting it's dangerous program. michael, i think is it after for fairly inclusive meetings between us diplomats and russian ones, does this process need to move to the presidential level 4 way through?
3:59 pm
does president vice president for progress really to be made here? and i 2nd question. if i may, in berlin, you outlined mistakes of this crisis, including the security of the sanctity of orders and the governing principles of international peace and security. get president by several weeks ago. i said that the use of american military force is off the table in the situation. while i'm sure that makes intuitive sense to many americans for all kinds of reasons. i wonder if you could just explicitly lay out the reasoning why that has been taken off the table. and do you believe the president statement would still apply even if russia were to invade degree 1st, on the 2nd part of the, the question we have made clear and done a number of things in support in defense of ukraine. that,
4:00 pm
that will continue. first and foremost, we have worked in very close coordination with allies and partners to develop and make clear to rush the consequences from renewed aggression against ukraine. and that is an important component of deterring and dissuading russia from engaging in that course. at the same time, we have proceeded with providing ukraine with significant defensive military assistance. in fact, in this year alone, more than at any time since since 2014 that continues allies and partners are doing this.


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