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tv   Risking It All Lesotho  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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in china to heat waves in northern europe to drought in australia, chile. fortunately unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming. to see a newman al jazeera, my diane is chilly. ah, you watch over there with me. so robin in dough reminder of our top stories. he was president joe biden has warned the kremlin. it'll pay a heavy price if it's forces and they'd ukraine. he said, any russian move across the ukrainian border will be considered an invasion, or will be met with a severe economic response. new satellite imagery shows the scale all rushes military build up along its board with ukraine, cares as moscow has now deployed more than a 127000 personnel. phony has arrived in town for 5 days after it was
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devastated by the volcanic eruption and soon army more. central supplies are on the way and phone lines are being restored when he has more oakland in new zealand. now on friday, the 1st of the new zealand navy ships has arrived in tom and waters. now that ship is carrying the usual humanitarian supplies, but also has a high tech surveying equipment on board and specialist divers as well. the 1st job, which is underway right now is to assess any damage caused by the su nami, beneath the surface of the water to shipping lanes, getting into that port end to the port itself. and obviously that will be crucial if to allow more ships in there to deliver the aid stones, military chief as appointed 15 government ministers following a visit by us officials to and the countries political crisis general of the, for the elberton agreed to fall a technocratic government and begin a national dialogue, at least 70 won't protest as have been killed in protests against military rule. in
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civilian the government was overthrown, tobar a german inquiry has found that former pope benedict knew about abusive priests but failed. and when he was archbishop of munich from 1977, 282 benedict was known as cardinal. joseph rapp, singular at the time, and was reportedly denied. he covered up those abuse cases. the french prime minister says the countries to play the crow virus cases is showing a sign of whining, but john cast x was in the hospital, remain under pressure. serbia has abandoned plans to allow a controversial $2400000000.00. lithium monthly billed countries. when the announcement from the prime minister follows weeks of protests activists argued with a mining with damage, rivers and farm. and those are the headlines. daughter will have more news here in half and the next it's risky at all, announces era americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of
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command, if you like, tried to cover what your take on why they've gotten this the wrong. that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera liz, who to is a small, landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square kilometers with a population of around $2000000.00 but it's unusual for african country. every winter, it's covered in snow. it even has sky slope. it also has
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a lot of water. what south africa does not. so it's applies. it's much now geneva, with a vital resource but the people of a to, to are not well all elicit to the rules are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote, rural areas are only driven by men, women, taxi drivers, now a limited to time and city. i did, i these 2 young women have decided to change things. i was unfair, belinda planning to branch out on to the suitors out of town tracks. they've invested old savings on a major service for their old. anybody in
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the i hadn't did pay than $280.00. dan looked like how would the other do that to the la la la la la had present mina go out. i'd have is there are you my region in town? there is a lot of competition. but in rural areas, taxi so read. so alice after galena are hoping to double their income by their friend, william is like the idea of them driving the sticks. i got milan was premier to the digital got much in our vienna genital mother. why mother? just in our lives is you know more he was outweighed, and told him what didn't follow hannah, what a skinny to face with jessica. so eddie, so again, so that they get very good toy, like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really is sure we can get to a hotel. it leads what's going on with isaac, i'd rather well know you got milk or louis. he gives romance
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a go. i do so let it go for now it was gun kluso batesville as i go. so i put alice and fed lina simply can't afford to come, so they'll need to be careful. and they and their families pray. ah ah alice lena, if the road already dreaming of making beef money ah in town, of course there are both sides, but out here in the country. hi, good day them own bank of calico so much one of them by the election dinner,
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but don't like you will see some more i think you might have, i do need it. the map, however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country truck with a tool with reg ah, there,
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thank you. what i suggest the number 2. that's how i live in the go. yeah, i do send a yes on my lessons with general gosh. thing i do not say, wow, like you're not sure what you told a we know the auctions. alice decides to sticking with it is better than letting felina drive i ah,
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the outside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving a low gear. if heating a demo with how got to low with me and still no sign of any customers
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alice and filename plant may have missed one fight to factor in the suit and transportation horses riding as the only means of travel here that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go with iraq health guy. so paula, bald. bully, good is number. hello larry. good morning. this is you will a, a lena have managed to keep the engine core, but still don't have any pain customers. i deal
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with a a one. 0, got it. i mean, finally a passenger with one whole dollar in his pocket. ah,
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well with a nozzle, a wholesaler, how can i trust with so few women twice? bush taxes in a suit to date and to come on people's respect. riley, divide by the cotton last month on the lookout watch. a new group of
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passengers gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store. a with a music might make on his happy watch, he striving with white. now she needs to concentrate hand on this steep descent with
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alice is struggling to control her old taxi and has an unusual way over here showing her passengers. oh yeah. i know that my daughter abbas guys. i synagogue i with your move. yes, i was, i was, i was he who i've, i've had this, well i do. i've had to work with a couple of, i guess.
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i think you have agreed to probably let down your movie. you know, we'll, we'll move my dad up if you go ahead only. so then i'll go, we'll choose, i'm gonna want to try to make it a while. i'm in order to go with that. i'll try
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3 . 03 cheatham with a person back that down as as lloyd dealer, tony with ah
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as unfair. belinda finally get to the bottom of the steel pound and are united within last passengers. with all the trauma has given them an appetite thing and asked if earned $5.00, they can afford lunch with cubicle i've been married. so we notice when i said to her good to go home. number one that we did is not as little as this was another one that was the grades until i get on the grades and he's
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out of the hang. didn't it didn't come to the desert, pasadena with don't pill and go to like it's wanted to come at the center. i him a one open a gun. not in terms of citizen. sure. well it was you didn't, we didn't. i cannot wait so hard to think of alice and felina only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford for lunch. over the next 2 for them is a place called the family of the horses. but they're not looking for passengers there. but one of alice's cousins a big, you know, and, and day. and they do more tribes or her little go go by law a
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jordan. a guy comes up. what do you got to shop with a 100. mm. ah. issue to post racing. is it one on a truck but on the mountain platters here, the widest local heroes. and every week, detroit long distances to see this fastest ah in time is leading and freethinking owns along behind him. oh,
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boy yo not give me your body and am really more moral about. but you know, when you taught them what you remember the more fun oh well of course during the week about a week oh, from nowhere. 300 people have arrived at this remote mountain venue. writers and spectators who gamble the savings today in the hope of pulling off with what is i mean i do, they got their my, the letter back to my badge over that with you about i yes, a we are by your pool.
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i guess where. 6 the roof is underway, ah, just as anti supposed to take the lead his horse suddenly swartz, of course i internally makes a speech. come but can only be 2nd, please. ah,
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i know what is he? don't you talk with you shortly to like you if you don't you boucher with a snake. you buy a suit to look up in a sofa marble. 8 another suit gotta try. they who get to know got melissa to local, banana. so hopefully i'm gonna send out my lease isn't to the medicaid. debbie. damn. i got a little too much. i got a good made. i'm on like i got all the info. how board and stuff like i like, i mean, i wasn't gonna tell it did not go with one of the p d sub war. now if i'm, i'm not buy one, i just have arm and a suit is most valuable. natural
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resource is it's new to the country is sometimes referred to as a war to tower. it's the high country in africa. and even us use point. it's 1300 meters above sea level. ah, august is the middle of winter. when temperatures dropped below freezing, sometimes as low as minus 10 celsius. ah ha, i with
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more than one way humanity has harnessed nature. here expect building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes in this part of the continent a
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oh i see that now you got and i said i when i bought buy new rags america. ah yeah. those are found. so yeah, that isn't girl is headed that the doors and didn't figure ha, ha, ha ha, i guess i'm willing if you'd like you, but we're not with us and said alina, can you forward herself drink to leave them at the scene, sought dreaming of the day when you can come skincare ah, in time meanwhile, has more life skills and just to striding. when he's not at the races, he has
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a very different job. as a paramedic, this elderly woman has called for his help, she's running late so all the or so got to swear all gone got the other week and i g h o i didn't know what was on. he took a lackey who had come, i have seen the best for me. for a warning. hell, so cool, a guy named jonathan. where did all a 100 equal louisa was? i'm deli, someone was he, teen. so clunky, one for more dollars to sellers in harden's alcohol and never implement into despite be in a lot of pain. the willingness would have to endure a whole day on horseback to get to hospital. mm hm. and it is just what you talk about both one vienna. how do
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i go with funding? i got a whole lot, i guess one of 12 by the got by each with albany while we're 6. it was like, how does your mom should you do it by the getting your budget when they go fill out by years? it's like a one on the moon, on the moon, on the surgeon night what i live in the years out. you did that with somebody just a moment and well more now the mom who did the scene in the city sitting down and doing nothing won't get authority. odyssey
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side it from so the way people like alice felina and m time toy every day to meet every once life just to little easier to step beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are challenge travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on i'll just the euro with the whole,
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with a talked to al, just a wild alarm. we listen. design is, are making serious efforts in order to keep and just talk to 10 of those. when we meet with global use maintenance. what about the stormy stand on the u. s. is always of interest to people all around the world. this has been going on for a number of the year. yeah, we used to push the craig back to the report. so we quoted that acting perspective to try to explain your mobile audience, why it's important, how that could impact the life at the height of the storm water withdrawal high. it
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would have been above my head. this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to work with on here, and i was, it was very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah, ah, you as president joe biden warns rush idle pay a heavy price if you crane is invaded as new satellite picture show the scale of expenditure build up near the border. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out there alive from doha. also coming up. the 1st batches of international aid reached hunger days after a massive subsea volcanic eruption and an army caused extensive damage. the u. s. is charged for better russian officials with aircraft piracy.


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