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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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yes to boy i get on my bike, right? the wind and just be 3. g 0 has teens on the ground to where you more award winning documentary and live on air and online. ah. ready this is al jazeera. ah hello, welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news ally from dough are coming up. the next 60 minutes. satellite pictures show russian troops on the border with ukraine, top american and e. u. diplomats go into a huddle to discuss their response. boris johnson in more trouble in the u. k is british media reports and official email was sent to his office morning, him not to hold
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a party during lockdown last year. and the aftermath of thomas volcanic eruption laid bare as the 1st flights carrying aid from new zealand and australia arrived. also had the battle against traditional beliefs in zimbabwe, healthcare workers of racing to get people vaccinated against cubic 19. and it's what well numbered sir daniel method of wins a fiery encounter. the australian open on finding carry off losing his temper with much ah okay, let's get going. we begin this news hour in germany where diplomatic efforts are well under way to ease tensions between russia and ukraine. the u. s. secretary of state is in berlin to discuss the crisis in eastern ukraine. antony blink in his speaking to government ministers from france. the u. k and germany. the meeting comes as the president of the european commission is saying, the
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e u is prepared if russia attacks ukraine. if the situation deteriorates. if there are any further attacks on the territorial integrity of ukraine, we will respond with massive economic and financial sanctions. the trans atlantic community stands firm on this new satellite images show russia's military having a build up along a border with ukraine, racing fears of an invasion. the kremlin previously saying those concerns were unfounded. the u. s. president joe biden said he believed russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but doesn't think the russian president let me put in once a full scale conflict. we have to correspondence covering that story for you. we have kimberly helped get outside the white house as ever and dominic came talking to us out of the bureau in berlin. let's go to dominic 1st. so dom hi there. good afternoon. good morning. how are the optics around these discussions looking going
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into the talks well, from one perspective you have here, the determination from the german government at least that it's means what it says when it says that there could be very serious economic consequences for the russian government should there be an act of aggression from russia in ukraine, and we are waiting to see how that will be reflected in the news conference that we expect to happen in the course of the next, perhaps 152030 minutes from now. we know that secretary blinking the united states secretary of state is meeting an alina bell box, the german foreign minister now, and they will clearly have been concentrating to a large extent on the situation in ukraine. what further support might they give to the government in kia? what further message can they send to the russian government?
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and there are some here in germany that is in the news media. suggesting might separate dribbling, can say something which changes the position that was pushed out last night by the president joe biden. and certainly as a say, there are son here in europe, who felt a degree of disquiet at some of the parts of the things that was said by president biden. regarding his opinion as to what vladimir putin and russian forces might do in ukraine. but as a say, all eyes right now are here on berlin and we're waiting to see what will be said in that news conference, which as i say, peter should be coming up in the next 20 minutes. perhaps 30 minutes. tom, good for that. thanks very much. stay close, we'll talk to later live now to the white house about correspond that there. kimberly falcon, 2 questions. kimberly 1st question, did mr. biden kind of break ranks when he was signaling? oh, actually behind the scenes, my nato country colleagues aren't quite united over what to do if it's
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a little bit of an incursion. it's not clear. the president broke ranks or whether he just perhaps did not use the right language is least that seems to be the inference from the white house as they've sought to do some clean up of the language that the president used at the nuance there that the president may have been suggesting the difference between some sort of land invasion versus some type of cyber attack by russia into ukraine. and that being the differentiating factor of why the president was talking about a lesser type of incursion. none the last, the white house doing some clean up on those remarks, trying to reassure, not just russia that it respects its sovereignty, but also ukraine, that it has is back also letting its allies know that nothing has changed in terms
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of the plan and the discussions that have been going on, not just, but for weeks, but even months. also domestically a lot of concern. the president's critics, the republicans essentially accusing joe biden of green lighting russia to invade ukraine. something that has caused enormous concern here in the united states. so eyes really looking now to the secretary of state antony blinking as he meets not just with the, the partners in berlin, but also looking ahead to that very important meeting that will be taking place in geneva. with his counterparts survey lab, rob on friday and looking ahead to those discussions at the end of the week. kimberly, what is it this white house would like to hear from either its european partners or the russians come friday? that would make mr. bike has the ministration believe that things have been diffused just just enough, so they can start working with russia instead of squaring off against russia.
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you know, it's not so much what the united states wants to hear that we've been taking from the state that's coming out of the u. s. the u. s. seems to be doing a lot of talking and a lot less listening and the statements that the president seems to repeatedly be making our demands of what it wants. and the demands that we know that the secretary of state down to in the blink. and we'll be taking the survey lab, rob are very clear, and that is he will not be bringing a set of proposals with regard to the demands by russia that there be assurances that moldova or ukraine not be allowed into nato. this is something that, well, the u. s. president said very clearly, they don't believe that ukraine is in any way ready for that. this is not something that is being drafted up. and so the other thing that is going to be made clear and
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has been said publicly, even as recently as the president statements from the east room late last night. and that is that the u. s. president has made clear once again that if russia does not choose the path of diplomacy, which is being strongly encouraged by the united states and is european partners that there will be punishing financial sanctions. the like of which russia has never seen by the west. the u. s. president being very clear that these would have lasting effects. he said in the near term. a the medium term as well as the long term. kimberly, thanks very much. we'll talk to later. i'm sure. kimberly hall, could they join his lawyer from the white house? the u. k. media. this, our reporting that the british prime minister, boris johnson's private secretary, was advised not to go ahead with a gathering during corona virus locked on. itv news says martin reynolds were sent an email by one senior official. he'd invited 100 people to a gathering in may of 2020, mister johnson admitted attending, but said he thought it was
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a work event by the court brennan joyce's life from westminster in london. so as to this e mail, paul, mister johnson's defense doesn't really seem to stand up now even the defense of, oh, i walked into the back garden glasses of wine and, and people smelling of roasted peanuts. but it wasn't a party, it was a work meeting. so that kind of has been blown out the water? no. yeah. well not quite. we are still one step away from the prime minister. this is an e mail that was sent by an unnamed senior official to martin reynolds, the prime minister's private secretary. so not directly to the prime minister as i understand it. so there's a still a deniability there for the prime minister himself, forrest johnson. interpreting this, could go many ways. one way it could be, you could say that martin reynolds is being set up for a fall that he was pre warned, that the gathering that took place on may the 20th 2020, how he was advised that it was in direct contravention of the covey restrictions
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that were in place at the time and should really have counseled that gathering i'm but whether or not the prime minister has been proven to have sort of lied essentially about what he knew about it. i don't think we're quite there yet. we're waiting for the outcome of an inquiry by a senior civil servant call sue gray, which will land on the prime minister's desk. probably at the start of next week. a lot of expectation as to what su grey will make of what happened in downing street, not just on in may 2020, but in several gatherings that appeared to have taken place in contr vention. it seems of the public policy at the time. ah, but suddenly what we thought was a low in proceedings after that. she mulch a stay of weapons day, which the prime minister survived on this story just keeps on bubbling on and simmering on on the prime minister is not out of the woods or i is still under pressure. and in amongst that kind of vortex of all the negativity,
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all the bad headlines, all the opinion, polls that are going down the way, not up the way for mr. johnson, they're using some very strong language. we're hearing these reports that cabinet ministers, allegedly black mailing, m p 's to stay with the line to stay on message. yeah, i mean i, again, this is from a, as a senior conservative committee chairman called william rag. he broke into a proceedings this morning or he sorta stepped aside from miss presenting to say, look, i'm aware that there are these reports going around that those colleagues who have expressed dissent and are of put in letters to the 1922 committee about wanting to depose, boris johnson, they are under extraordinary pressure pressure that's above and beyond the normal pressure that m. p 's a commander to tow the government line. and he said that if they are getting
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pressure that would constitute blackmail that they should then approach the police and report those concerns to the police that it would constitute perhaps a criminal matter. now we haven't got past that stage to kind of actual more than anecdotal evidence as yet nobody's broken cover to say this person said this specific thing and threatened that to me. but the fact that william rag used this public open arena said to make this allegation, clearly shows the turmoil that boris johnson's party is in, in this building behind me. and the trouble that they're going to have in order to try and hold it all together. if forest johnston is to survive as the prime minister, there's a lot going on that it really as jamal to as times here in the u. k. okay, paul, you'll keep us posted. i'm sure, but in the meantime, thank you so much, paul brennan, there are at so the house of commons lost more still to come for you here on the news are including hong kong hamster massacre. thousands of being killed are for
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corona virus outbreak of the pet shop and 20 years after being kidnapped when announcing his candidacy for president of columbia. ingrid bettingcourt throws her name in the hat again and in sport, reckless breaking, come back, spurs in english. primula india has recorded its highest number of new corona, virus infections in 8 months. more than 317000 new cases were reported on thursdays . cities across india have reintroduced restrictions to control the search. while infection rates had recently fallen in the country's urban areas, health experts believe they will pick up again by the middle of next month having macau. as more for us from new delhi, it's been a yes is and just thought it's vaccination drive. despite the slow thought, more than one and a half $1000000000.00 have been administered in the country, no authorities are recommending full market authorization for the 2 vaccines
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available here. that is the in didn't meet astrazeneca called covey shield, and the home grown vaccine called callbacks. and what this basically means is that the true vaccines could become even more widely available across all hospitals and clinics across the country. now this comes as covert $900.00 cases, few old by the on the ground very, and continue to rise across the country and restrictions continue to be in place in the north, east and state of some cases have broken all previous recalls. the state recorded its highest single day spike. since the pandemic began, the government there has now imposed a vaccine mandate for those wanting to enter public places in southern india, in carola every 3rd boston testing for the virus is positive and demand for oxygen and hope for the best has also gone up on the other hand in the city of moon, by cases have dropped significantly. so the government that is reopening school
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starting monday, health officials say they're concerned about the coby things. you know, break in pakistan's biggest city karachi around 60 percent of new cases in the country are being recorded there. pakistan recorded nearly 5 and a half 1000 new infections on weapons day in its highest daily italy since august of last year. near restrictions are being introduced on monday to control a 5th wave. come hider with this now from islam about bugging, gone head down here, right. and the number of cobra 19 bonds. david gave him the budget on medical association had now warned that the city of karachi has already shane a spike and their positivity, date dated now, 40 percent, which of course is a measure of deep concern. they of course, are also saying that this only reflect registered over 940 degree d k. and that the case may be even higher. this new radio is being taken lightly.
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the job are held or targeted. a warning that decision did a very issue, a lot of people think it's a my virus. we were concerned about the numbers. if you see the difference between the delta and all the corners, if it takes working, the delta double in the numbers only context. today, we're trying to contain the numbers by putting the guidelines in place by lockdown and locking, going to city schools and making sure that the people are falling sophie's. and if the numbers rise definitely they will be more burden and the hospitals and the system will do that with, with more, more patients in future budget on it. also one of the top performers, when it comes to a bachelor again, go over 19, according to the economist normal index. however, this news trains spreading very foss under district health of fish. i had warned
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that people should not take this slightly. thousands of hamsters are being cold off for an outbreak of corona virus or the pet store in hong kong. many pet lovers are furious and critics question whether it is absolutely necessary. florence louis reports this man and his wife are here to hand over their families, have marshmallow is much loved by their son. oh, poison is very upsetting. is supposed to be a joyful occasion bringing the animal home for your child. but now this has happened. it feels like losing alive authorities in hong kong or culling 2000 hamsters and other small mammals. after a pet shop worker a customer and at least 11 hamsters tested positive for the corona virus. people who bought hamsters from the pet store within the last month have been told to hand them over so they can be put down like the rest of china. hong kong maintains
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a 0 covey policy. any trace of the virus is met by strict measures, including quarantine periods, school closures, and the mandatory wearing of masts. but the mass coll order has outraged and confused many animal lovers. tongue. oh is very shocking. i couldn't sleep in paranoid to be frank. i love animals very much and i really feel for them. chung who keeps hamsters, but it's not affected by the order has joined a group of volunteers who've agreed to foster any that may be abandoned by families due to the policy. by thursday afternoon, nearly 33000 people had signed the petition urging authorities to stop the cole. an animal health expert says, the calling may be justified on public health grounds, but fears of family pets spreading the virus to humans is overblown. millions of people around the world have pets and they have been no cases are proven of
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pets transmitting infection to other humans. the same theoretical risk is there, but it just, it just doesn't happen. but health officials in hong kong are standing firm. they say the call is a necessary precaution to limit the spread of corona virus, florence louis al jazeera. now, many african countries are lagging behind other regions when it comes to corporate 19 vaccinations. zimbabwe is government wants to change this and is ramping up its efforts to increase the uptake of the vaccine. however, as harriman's answer reports from a capital hoary conspiracy theories and cultural differences hampering the roller at 1st in buying java was in no hurry to get vaccinated until she got sick with clover 19. it's why the students only now receiving her 1st job
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like others and bobbins, the 21 year old believe the misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccines. first, why is that? when you get vaccinated rates you day earlier than expected? and the 2nd one is that why, but samuel did vaccinated you're initiated into such an isn't unlike most people are afraid of such on his own. so as life of rates and risk, there is a theory is very so dangerous. zimbabwe missed is the same, but target vaccinating 60 percent of the 15000000 population just over a 3rd had been fully inoculated. health workers say the problem isn't getting vaccine deliveries. china recently sent 10000000 doses and more on the way the challenge is convincing. more people to accept them. oh, wendy cooney is getting her booster. she believes a low vaccination res could have something to do with the perceived madness of the
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on the con variant. most people don't know the benefits of being vaccinated. they just think it's, you know, we can get sick and recover at home. so most people won't come in just because of that. to raise the total, the government made a compulsory for all its workers to get vaccinated. the bobbins can only get into bars, restaurants and places of worship if they are fully inoculated. despite that daily vaccination rates have been dropping. for some people here getting vaccinated could mean losing a day's wages. first, they have to wait in line for public transport. then they have to join another line to get vaccinated that could take hours, health issues, and are looking at getting a vaccination centers advice tops. another proposal is to make it mandatory in one using public transport to show want to be a vaccination card proving they've had a john the world health organizations is just over 10 percent of africa's one and a, a 1000000000 people. awfully vaccinated. reasons vary from country to country. they
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include access to the vaccines, logistics, hesitancy, and apathy. government leaders here they were trying to educate everyone about getting vaccine protection. but i meg lasha, when they seem to be a rush to get the jobs this time, only a few, some bobbins, a trickling in on her, rejoins, live. now, from a hoary harry, what can different countries across the region do now to get people back stated, i'm thinking about, you know, especially those countries with big non city rural populations. that is a big challenge for many african leaders. and african governments is how to get the vaccine to more remote area. the challenge is logistic, for example, in many parts of africa. once you leave the cities in the town, you have a really poor road network. so sometimes to get the vaccine to remote areas, my road can take days, sometimes weeks. and that's why when somebody's back in the ride on the continent
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and they're about to expire, by the time to reach the people that feel to be no use anyone. that's why some of them have had to be throwing away. that's why the african how they took they've been calling for people will be bringing vaccines to the continent. to me is a lisa 6 months self lines of a time to get the vaccine to other people. but then of course there's other things as well, but he'll be here in involving the parts of africa while some people just don't trust the vaccine. so government to trying to do education campaign programs to try and get as many people as possible that the benefits are being ad, to get the vaccinate, to be able to get at least 70 percent of africans on the continent fully vaccinated by the end of the year but then they is also the issue of app would be what you see, not just an apple and other parts of the world. they are people who are saying that they should not be forced to be vaccinated. government shouldn't force them mandatory back to national, should not be an affinity for these things are playing up in africa and the rest of the world advocate and you try to get as many people job as possible. they know
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it's going to challenge, but right now they say more vaccines are on the way the child is getting as many people as possible. jeff, hello, thank you very much. how much has been talking to us from her, rory, us president joe biden headspace the number of foreign policy challenges during his 1st year in office. out here is diplomatic editor james bays, takes a look at his track record to date. i had joseph robin a by june. you do solemnly swear one year ago, moments after he was sworn in the new president pledge that be a return to a more traditional u. s. foreign policy. we will repair our alliances and engage with the rural. once again. not to me, yesterday's challenges, but today's under mars challenges later, the same day president biden signed back up to the paris climate deal of the un. the u. s. has returned to the human rights counseling geneva. it's rejoined the
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education and scientific organization, unesco. and again, it's playing its part to funds schools, clinics, and other services for palestinians through unrra. but other parts of u. s. foreign policy have proved much more problematic biden promise to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. but even close allies, believe he wasted precious time getting us back to talks, which didn't start in vienna until april. but it was the momentous events in august in afghanistan, that of course, the most tension between the u. s. and it's nato and e u allies. they feel that we're not properly consulted about the u. s. plans withdraw forces after doing a deal with the taliban. and they believe that withdrawal was seriously bungled. relations with others, superpowers have not improved in biden's 1st year. an attempt to bridge differences with china, a meeting in alaska, attended by the us national security adviser, the secretary of state. and the 2 chinese counterparts descended into
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a very public confrontation. and there's been no breakthrough and talks with russia to try and diffuse tensions of the ukraine. the administration's most experienced negotiator, wendy sherman, led those discussions in geneva last week with another round with the us secretary of state and russian foreign minister expected on friday. u. s. allies acknowledge a distinct change from the trump presidency. the biden administration is trying to communicate and cooperate more, but they say the response to major events has been slow and stilted. sometimes that had been missteps. one western politician told me we were hoping for return to the obama error. instead, we seem to have got the obama b team. james bays al jazeera at the united nations. ok, let's analyze ia number one of the by and ministration with mall. i'm shara, he's out to 0 senior political analyst. he's joining us from the mo, i'm hi there. welcome back to the news. i mean rejoining the paris climate deal
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going back into various un organisations. that's fine and dandy, but the seems to be more inertia than the men to me when it comes to actually delivering on the big endless questions of foreign policy. absolutely, no. i think it was easy on the 1st day of the presidency in january 20th of last year for president violin to be signing a bunch of documents, sir, saying that we are going back to climate change and we are going back to the war type organization. be joining this and that that was the easy part of the tough part was trying to deal with are the inheritance or. busy from the trump administration, from the in fact the past 220 years of debacles on foreign policy that led to, ah, losing of credibility on the international scene. so by then had to work within very . busy difficult circumstance, whereas the,
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where the world looks at the america as a broken democracy, looks at america as losing big in afghanistan, iraq. and it looked at the america that has lost much of his deterrence and much of its attraction. and tries to then work where the european allies were lost. lots lost in america, tried to work with china and russia, who basic with no longer feel the turn by the united states. so all in all this has become or, or turned out to be a much more complicated world than president by then thought it was going to be. and basically now he is the midst of this mess. hold global all. busy politics and when it comes to his grasp of global politics, to get the sense mar, one that perhaps mr. biden is kind of existing politically in a world that may be time machine stage left. this may be 1015 almost 20 years ago because when he went from being candidate biden to being president elect,
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his supporters all said the same thing. they said, look, he's a washington insider. he knows every precedent, every prime minister, he can whatsapp them or call them by their 1st name, and the coal will always be put through. and yet, there seems to be this kind of slowness when it comes to getting up to speed. when it comes to dealing with these big issues, not looking, i think on the one hand, i mean less admitted the guy is all know it. he is not the same. or when he was a senator in the foreign relations committee. but to his credit, he did serve 47 years in washington in the various or our foreign policy or. busy you know organs on so forth. so he does have the experience, but sometimes that experience for teacher eyeglasses, and sometimes you fall back on old mindsets. and since by then came of age during the soviet, the american rival, he's clearly this year falling back on the cold war mindset. by now he's framed in
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competition with china and russia as that between democracy and autocracy. framing it in india, logical jew strategic terms in such a way, whereby there's basically no way for compromise. one basic as to gosh, head to head with both world powers. and that's, that's a problem. one because the i could states is no longer the same concrete. it used to be in the 50s in the sixty's, then it was almost 50 percent of the world g, d, p to these one, 5th of the world, g, d, b. and as i said, it's lost much of its credibility and much of which deterrence over the last 20 years, because of the rows that buckles in, in the middle east and, and elsewhere at the same time rising, china is even more potent as an economic and military power than the soviet union was and re emerging. russia is insistent that it needs to protect not only its national security, but it's surrounding,
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in terms of what we news to an offer as a former republics of the soviet union and not. and that's why it won't allow natal to expand all the way to the you grid. i mean, i remember back into the 8th probably from prompting them. oh and it's one gets one final point, really interesting. you talk there about the cold war and expansion because i did an inside story last week and all the guests on the program were pretty much united saying the same thing that maybe mr. biden doesn't understand how to work with mister putin, because mister putin, they all said on inside story, clearly has ambitions to kind of re model the old soviet union in his image when it comes to areas and spheres of influence. because that's why he's now got fingerprints on ukraine kazakstan, his growling at people like the fins and the swedes when it comes to nato membership. he can't go after the baltic countries for obvious reasons. but he does want to come up with some sort of umbrella relationship with all these former
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soviet satellite countries. there's a lot of truth of it, but this is not put in ism for say, when we look at the history of super power politics over the last 200 plus years says napoleon of the, in the, of the, of the 18th century. right? basically, continental and global powers actually than a certain way, regardless of who govern them, hold them. and regardless of what system of governance was in that country, whether. busy it was the british empire, or was it was the russian empire was in the united states. and what have you global powers act in a certain way because they are global powers, not because they are governed by this or that other person. and russia has interests. russia has been an empire for way too long for it to be accepting dictates from the united states or for it to be reproached by nato all the way up to its borders. so russia insists, and as i was just saying earlier, in 2008,
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why was in bucharest and romania when they discussed that nato enlargement to ukraine, georgia, and so on, so forth. there was a very clear understanding that russia will not accept. russia will not accept the natal allies because it's borders, it needs that buffer zone that spatially put in. but that's partially superpower. thinking that that's re emerging, russia wants to establish its geopolitical interest. it's the same thing with china . china doesn't want to hear dick that's from the united states over how it behaves, to watch the mom or to watch tie one. why? because it wants to become a continental power. and these are the things that the, by the administration is to start tackling how to accommodate to respect. and at the same time, prussia laws, governments, in order for the china not to invade thy wine, in order for a shut in, not to invade ukraine, but they need to do it in a certain way, not simply by dictates and what the conditions. but by that kind of involvement,
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along with the european eyes in a responsible way, because the united states, we all are going to need all of these powers to operate, whether it is on the vaccines global warming on health, universal insecurity, beast. this armament and source of my when as ever thank you so much. my numbers out. are they talking to us from doha? okay, we will pause for your weather forecast with rob. we just hit hard and last week with a lot of snow in turkey handler van. this is a big jump from, took eastern turkey come across the border for the south. anyway, i got some height has seen snow as far south as jordan. these are pictures out of lebanon is quite significant snow. it's not unheard off, but it is a harpy winter. and although the snow has gone out, the forecasts rest the thursday, takes it through the north of syria, into iran, leaving sunshine behind the air that came with it is really cold. and he's picking up in strength by the time we get to friday, could be up to gail force at times running down to the gulf, hitting for example,
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back rain kept temperatures in by day $8.00 to $10.00 degrees below nowhere. and you'll feel it. you can even think of wind chill, not something you normally come across in this part of the world that night where the wind is very light. the desert frost is going to be widespread. ria down to about minus one doe hallmark be down to about 8 degrees. things do slowly improve as the wind slow to even during saturday and sunday. and of course the sun is out on both days. and for the most part, that's how we see it. how is it other storm developing in the eastern mediterranean? so it's not the end of it whilst doha sees tempt his slowly rising. if you are sitting in beirut, expected to go the wrong way. once more display syrians living in camps are struggling to stay warm as a snow storm hits the reach of millions of people have been living for years with only tense for shelter. as i said, big these tend to have collapsed under the weight of snow. people are scrambling to clear it before their homes here in san camp. also k van will be both
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alone in the beginning, we were able to control the situation since we're used to living in the tent. but in the end, the 10th couldn't handle the snow any more. the snow fall increased and increased. it got so much that some tense caved in and it was a tragedy for the people living under them. the storm called heber, began on tuesday night and had countries across the middle east, but it's displaced. syrians were feeding the brunt of it, families and getting a sony or that level. i am angela. we've been here for 2 and a half years and last night was the most difficult night. the tents fell down on us and we suffered a lot. we helped each other and we woke up to clear the tents from snow. here. aid agencies have said families could freeze to death as temperatures i expected to drop to the lowest in 40 years. and wind speeds i predicted to reach 80 kilometers per hour. agencies are trying to clear the snow,
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but families will struggle to stay warm. and here in the syrian countryside, they're trying to do what they can just to survive this latest storm. i said big, i'll 0. no, the columbian presidential hopeful ingrid betancourt has told l 20. her country as quote fed up with extreme political positions and violence. bettingcourt announced her candidacy on tuesday. she ran to the top job 20 years ago, but she was kidnapped by the fog rebels and held for 6 and a half years in an interview with our alexander m p, etc. she outlined her vision for columbia. your 1st bid for the presidency, 2 decades ago was cut short when you were abducted by the resolution regarding the forces of cologne. we are far so many years later what made you want to run? well, i think this is a moment in the, in the history of my country where things are changing a very high speed. this is due 1st,
4:38 pm
because of the peace process that made colombians look at their reality in a different way. obviously they are very well known internationally as a former hostage, you bring sort of celebrity power to your candidacy. why should colombians vote for you? well, for us, because i'm a woman and we have another vision. war is a man thing. woman is about reconciliation piece. building that together giving opportunity 2nd opportunity. but how much would you say that help, as also to do with the fact that your coalition is somewhat suffering in the polls for the fact that the candidates until you decided to step into the race were all male white and older? well, it changed. so now we're going to be on the top. i think this is a win in to get i really believe the change for colombia is in the center. it's not in the extremes. we are fed up with extremes. the extremes are the same for me.
4:39 pm
extreme right extreme left, it's the same thing, but there's, you have some specific proposals against the correction. because if you talk through practically all the candidates will tell you we are against corruption. i'm the best one to deal with it. what is there one particular proposal that you think you can share with us. i want to point it sorry against corruption because i think we need someone that will be dedicated to oversee all the secretaries ministries, all the administration of government in order to, to give guarantee to the people that the for that are working in my government will not steal will not be corrupted and recent events at the truth commission, you use very start words against the former fight commanders. do you think they need to do more for the victims of the internal conflict? of course they have to do more. i mean the victims we have been very, very generous with, with our abductors and with the people in the fog that have violated our
4:40 pm
human rights. but the fork which is now a political party, has to understand that there's no more time for justification. ok. i us court recently ordered the fire to pay $36000000.00 in compensation for your, your abduction is something that you've also been trying to get in for many years. what do you make of this decision? well, i think it's a big victory. it's a moral victory because we have been living we were born under the system of corruption that has been abducting, are possibilities of, of prosperity, of being who we want to to be. we were chained by corruption to poverty, to violence, to abuse, to segregation, to sexual and gender violence. that's corruption. so no, we need. and i will make sure that collections get can been seated the,
4:41 pm
the richness of my country will be put to serve. are people not the curved ones? at least 29 people have been killed and several others were injured in a stampede at a religious gathering in liberia. the incident took place at a football field in the capital monrovia, according to officials and gang attract worshippers, suggesting that this may have triggered the stampede. began being president out on barrow has been sworn in 1st. that contempt the vote in december was the 1st in decades without the long time leader ja jam a. his nick hawk once a security guard in a department store in the u. k. and now re elected as the president of the gambia. this is a historic moment for adam barrow and the country sworn and after winning the 1st free and fair elections and more than 25 years. the gum, yeah. independent electoral commission declared that there was
4:42 pm
a water thrown out of about 90 percent. it is in want of book. i'm the counselor at either one of these are them for this one. he fought an aggressive campaign, winning 53 percent of the vote. the supreme court rejected the opposition's claim of irregularities in the pole, while that man's outspoken, ma'am alex, i'm adam about all there were entitled to quit in and is on their end or the court put in some said that that's not gonna happen right now. it's already a night that i want to unite no effort. i'm done. you know, i'm in develop discounted. 2017 barrett one against jamie. he refused to concede, defeat barrow was sworn in as president in senegal at the gabby, an embassy into car shirley, after jamie was ousted out of power and forced into exile to equitorial guinea after west african forces intervene during his time in office. barrows hit up the truth and reconciliation commission perpetrators faced victims of rape, torture, and families of victims of extra judicial killings. the commission recommended that
4:43 pm
prosecution of jammy and those who have committed crimes. jimmy's most prominent henchmen, former general sole body, seen here by his side, is now in court victim. see this as a step towards justice, giving the many crimes that these people have been accused of committing. it is only proper that we see justice will happen. there is no toys about it in a region marked by it military coups, almost all elected west african heads of state, attended the ceremony in a show of support of democracy. his inauguration is viewed as a much needed step forward for the rule of law. freedom of speech, a victory for the people says barrow. nicholas harker al jazeera. oh ok, let's take you to that news conference. you're looking at narby, german foreign minister, and alina burbock, she is a gosh, just giving us some nationally talked to show you our secretary of state,
4:44 pm
antoinette lincoln. she has had discussions with a russian colleague press. he's a gay lover of perhaps moscow. on tuesday. she's trying to use tensions that russia is currently about to very him in the ukraine of the back of those discussion be youth is on record as saying, graham approach, no understandable reason, man to invade. let's estimate what brings leave. little e r will personally do what we can in order to breathe fresh life into that format . the leeway that this format opens up i will be explored by john, even myself, as we planned to visit ukraine together soon. toni, we also talked at bay route about you run in the chase if you're a today and here again, we are pulling in the same direction together. and fortunately here too, we have come to state that in the ongoing negotiations in vienne de core issues regarding the nuclear topics. but also with and i to lifting sanctions are still
4:45 pm
waiting for a solution and in parallel, iran continues to expand its nuclear program. that's the window for solution. increasingly, moves towards being shut. negotiations have entered a decisive phase and we need to urgently make concrete progress. because otherwise, we will not succeed in reaching an agreement, which would be sufficient in providing additional value added on the central issue of non proliferation. we also talked about a few other topics today that time was really of the essence and very short. so beg your understanding for the fact i'm part of the questions you might ask that the time plan, the shadow of my american count about is very, very tie. china also figured in our talks today this morning i myself for the very 1st time had the opportunity to talk to my chinese counterpart in a v t c. my virtual 1st visit, so to speak. and since i took off as and again, there are many important topics are where we could engage in an excellent
4:46 pm
corporation. be that with respect to climate protection or in fighting the cove it pandemic. but in our corporation with time that china to it has to be clear that this can only happen on the basis of international law and fairness, applying he and part and parcel of this is respect for human rights. tony, i would like to thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to meet with you so quickly after our last meeting and i thank you for this friendly exchange, which was mark right trust. thank you. are farmers repair by catalina? thank you. are thank you are for the incredibly warm hospitality today. ah. but even more than that, thank you for the the partnership that we've already built in the relatively short time that you've been on the job and the roads for a short time. i've been on the job are, this is, are the 3rd time that the 2 of us have had a chance to actually meet in the weeks. and so you become foreign minister. and i
4:47 pm
think our ability to dive right into working together on some of the most complex challenges that, that our nation's face is a testament to my colleague and friend are and also to the strength of the german u. s. bilateral relationship. that relationship runs much deeper than any single issue or, or set of interests and commitments. above all, we are bound together by what we care about and how we engage in the world. you see that in our enduring efforts to improve democracy and human rights, including an on countries in our willingness to defend a set of rules and institutions that have underwritten peace and security. far beyond our borders in the way that we're stepping up to global challenges like climate like covet. ah, and we're off to a running start in our collaboration with the new german government. and we could
4:48 pm
not be more pleased by that fact. ah, as you know, yesterday and as an ally to mentioned, i was in kiva to meet with a presence lensky, foreign minister of labor. and from here of berlin we had on to geneva, where i'll see our russian counterpart foreign, mr. sega, lovegrove. and this trip comes on the heels as an elite a says of a week of very intense diplomacy when it comes to russia across all the engagements with moscow last week. our collective aim, the goal that, that we share was to seek a diplomatic path to deescalate tensions caused by russia's massing of troops along ukraine's borders. to deter and prevent further russian invasion or destabilization of ukraine and to address legitimate security concerns put forward by russia by up the united states by europe through dialogue, not through aggression. this is,
4:49 pm
of course, part of a larger and enduring goal of the united states in germany, and our allies, upholding the international rules that are provided the foundation for decades for peace, for security, for prosperity in europe and beyond. in last week's meetings, we were firm in our principles and clear about the areas where we can make progress with russia. if it chooses to engage. our discussions with russia were frank and direct. and they gave us our allies and partners things to consider. they gave russia things to consider to so we're here now to consult and coordinate with allies and partners about how to proceed. that's what we did yesterday and heave with a are ukranian partners and is what analynn and i did today with our counterparts from the united kingdom and france. and it will be central to my meeting that i'm honored to have with test results of this evening. all of these engagements are
4:50 pm
part of wide ranging ongoing consultations with our european allies and partners more than a 100. in recent weeks along including with ukraine, nato, the european union, the o s. e, the bucharest 9. as well as many bilateral conversations with individual countries to ensure that we are speaking and acting together with one voice. when it comes to russia, that unity gives us strength. ah, a strength i might add that russia does not, and cannot match. it's why we build voluntary alliances and partnerships in the 1st place. it's also why russia recklessly seeks to divide us. and it's why in my meeting tomorrow with, for mr. lever off, i'll be able to represent a shared view, a shared preference on the part of the united states, and our european allies and partners for finding a diplomatic path forward to de escalate this conflict. even as were relentless in
4:51 pm
pursuing this diplomatic path, will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression, we will impose swift and massive faust. on this 2 were united chassis schultz made that clear a few days ago. when he said that russia would bear high costs for such an escalation. so did our british and french counterparts earlier today. and it's the same message that we've heard from the g 7 from nato, from the european union. among others, united states will continue to take the interests of all of our partners, germany, other european allies, into account as we proceed. and not only take them into account, but working actively together to make sure that our common interests are represented and accounted for. anna and i also reaffirm the commitment that germany united states made in july to work together. it's fort ukraine's energy security and prevent russia from using energy as
4:52 pm
a weapon. and we talked about the status of the nurturing to pipeline which the united states as long opposed. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. that's undoubtedly something that moscow was way as it considers its next move, particularly given the strong statements countries have made about the serious consequences, russell face, if it commits further aggression against ukraine. so we're at a decisive juncture. ah, we cannot choose the path for moscow. but we can make crystal clear, the star consequences of that choice. positive on the one hand, if we pursue dialogue and diplomacy, ah, but very negative. on the other hand, if russia chooses the path of aggression, no matter which pass russia chooses, it will find the united states, germany and our allies united. we know the germany has significant connections to
4:53 pm
russia and the germany light. the united states seeks a stable, predictable relationship with russia. that's in all of our interests. finally, in our meeting earlier today with the, the quad with germany, the u. k. france and the united states. ah, and as well you, i represented joseph burrell. we focused, as elena said, on the, on going talks with iran about a mutual return to full indentation of the j, c, p, away the rod nuclear deal. and we are indeed at a decisive moment. ah, we can bring these talks to a successful conclusion. and address the core concerns of all sides, but time is running out. if a deal is not reached in the coming weeks, ron's ongoing nuclear advances which resumed after we withdrew from the agreement, will make it impossible for us to return to the j. c. p. away so we discussed in detail how we can reach an understanding in vienna and what we'll do if around
4:54 pm
rejects a mutual return to compliance and full implementation. it was a very productive discussion. and so we face a number of serious and pressing challenges, and on that said, we discussed other things i should mention as well that we focus together on what our countries can do. to help bring coven to an end this year in 2022. ah, but it's precisely these times that remind us why we need steadfast allies and partners, and how much stronger we are when we confront the challenges we face together. thank you for a couple of more questions. now 2 questions from each side of reading between the side and we'll start blank, deviate, or minister. and then mr. madam minister, few from the secretary from the much talk has been of the escalating dissertation now. criticism has been, as frank expressed as the delivery of weapons with united states,
4:55 pm
from the united kingdom right before the engagement with the russian president, mildly escalating the situation instead of de escalating at what do you have to sail, met a minister, the berlin prosecutor has instituted criminal proceedings against the greens and members of this parties are in his day with these live pictures coming to us from the german capital berlin there. as anna lena bear, barclay, relatively new, very new, shall have been the job one week. the german foreign minister takes questions there . she was saying to tony, as in antony, blinking, we're putting in the same direction. the chorus is regarding the nuclear topic on iran. the window of opportunity continues to close. that was mirrored word for word almost by mr. blink. and the u. s. secretary of state on the issue to do with russia and russia, amassing its forces across the border on the outside of the ukrainian border. he said we are seeking a diplomatic path through dialogue, not through aggression on russia. we had frank and direct talk speaking and acting with one voice. we are, he said, when it comes to russia, he was talking about the so called chord discussions taking place. the americans,
4:56 pm
the germans, the french, the brits, and also the european commission special envoy to that region. joseph barrell, dominic cane is our berlin correspondent, dom bit of a worry that they're having a meet and greet and get to know you conversation. and a 6 weeks after the kremlin was started, started to clearly signal we are building up our troops and we will do something it's worth remembering though, that you need to remember that this is the 3rd time that these, this pair have met and have discussed the relevant issues that the 2 countries have in common. clearly ukraine is at the top of that list and it is worth looking at the words that were used by the 2 ministers there. the secretary of lincoln and foreign minister, bel bach. well, she said very clearly that any step of aggression by russia would have clear consequences for russia. she said that even
4:57 pm
a miller metric step back from the possibility of aggression would be worth doing whatever that might conceivably be. might that be a reference to troop movements? remember that there are those in the western world who say that the russians right now, have their troops to the north, to the east and to the south of ukraine messing and being an existential threat. that's a word that came from the lips of angler of an alina bell book. so you have a clear sense from these 2. they're trying to put whatever pressure they can on the russian government, while also holding out that potential olive branch of try to deescalate where possible. it's worth deescalate saying that's what they were trying to say. dominant. thank you so much. dominant cain, there are berlin correspondent, entity blink, and still taking questions. we'll monitor that news conference for you. that's it for this news. i do not hit the flicker. we're back on the other side of the break
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a healthier world for you. for everyone. ah, satellite picture show russian troops on ukraine's border top american and european diplomats go into a huddle to discuss their response. ah, hello malcolm, i'm pete adobe. you're watching al jazeera live from dough are also coming up the u . k. prime minister boris johnson and hot water again, as media reports on official e mail was sent to.


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