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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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return to clean punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. ah. satellite pictures show russian troops on ukraine's border top american and european diplomats go into a huddled to discuss a response. ah, i'm given al. this is al jazeera life. doha also coming up british media reports and official email was sent to the prime minister's office, warning him not to hold the party during locked up last year. the aftermath of tom, his volcanic eruption laid bare as the 1st slides carrying aid from new zealand and
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australia arrive at hong kong hamster massacre. thousands of being killed after a corona virus on break at a pitch. ah, the u. s. secretary of state is in germany. to seek a united european front as russia masses, troops along ukraine's border adney blink and began his tour in kiev, where he held talks of president vladimir zalinski. lincoln will meet russian foreign minister, so guy levels in geneva on friday. lincoln's european tor comes as new satellite images show rushes military build up along its border with ukraine. his boss, u. s. president joe biden says he believes there will be a military incursion into ukraine, but thinks his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. kimberley hancock has more from the white house. u. s.
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president joe biden spoke for almost 2 hours from the east room of the white house . given this was only his 2nd formal press conference. reporters had a lot of questions. my brother. whoa, whoa, hang on guys. his remarks included another warning to president vladimir putin. russia will face severe penalties if it chooses to invade ukraine, i guess, as she will win. it's biden's both definitive statement yet on putin's intentions. but his comments spark criticism when he suggested a lesser response. if russia launches a small scale invasion, if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing, if riches, minor, corrosion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. that force the white house to issue a clarification, saying any invasion will be met with
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a swift and severe response. kimberly hell can al jazeera, the white house. okay, we have to correspondence this our. 5 in a moment will get reaction from moscow with dorsey jabari. but 1st let's go to the ukranian capital key of without it until honeyed hotter. how significant is this meeting, what's blink, and hoping to get out of it? well certainly he's hoping to get a kind of unified of front when it comes to dealing with russia the moment or the europeans on one side and america. and do you are ukraine on the other side? haven't seen eye to eye on a range of topics of 1st to for example, oh, how far reaching as should sent a sanctions a be against russia if and when they happened. the germany, for example, very worried that any economic sanctions could have an impact on the global
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financial system. especially when the u. s. at a certain point was mulling the idea of expelling russia from the swift banking system, basically hindering any ability russia would have to make payments or receive money through the international banking system. so that's one issue. and the 2nd issue would be the extent of the military soup board to ukraine. a de moment do you as the u. k. and canada, or have advisors, trainers you underground have provide melody hardware. but germany, for example, as refused a few days ago, that the, a british and military aircraft go over its air space to come here to ukraine. germany is also against me to being involved at this stage in this conflict. so certainly a lot of issues to hammered down a lot to try to fight of compromise. and then lincoln, as you said, leaves tonight has to geneva and tomorrow is that key meeting with the russian
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foreign minister, sergei levels. ah, to russia has the wanted assurances that, that nato won't be expanded to include ukraine. is there any way they would be movement on that as far as the u. s. or a ukraine is concerned? well, i think is going to be quite difficult because if you listen to the rhetoric lately, well, russia is saying it once, assurances and guarantees, legally biling guarantees that the u. s. or nato won't expand or eastwards. and would that ukraine wont access, and nato the u. s is saying that will not happen. a compromise the u. s. is putting forward is that it would, it would give a heads up to russia each time. for example, there's some sort of military joint exercises or what is blad at in the days ahead or into years ahead. so finding a compromise on that will be extremely difficult. and i think a lot of people,
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especially here in your grade when he speak to them, they saying that the issue is not only about ukraine and russia, the issues about do u. s. and russia finding some sort of compromise when it comes to this part of the world. not only about. b ukraine. all right, how the other made their law for us in kiev? let's go over to dos jibari now, who's in a moscow dorsey, as what it was mentioning, the russian foreign minister says 11 will be meeting with the u. s. secretary of state on friday. what a rush, an official saying about that meeting? well, according to the foreign ministry spokesperson, this upcoming meeting will determine the next steps in the guarantees that this countries seeks from the u. s. government in their requests that nato does not expand further and that ukraine does not become a member of nato nato. the foreign ministry said that that is what they are
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expecting the meeting to hammer out on friday. the details that will be discuss in geneva will be about the guarantees that they're looking for. they want a written response from the u. s. government about how they can guarantee that the natal will not expand, and that they will not allow further members to join. that is something that is very much red line for this country. we've also heard from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pess. gov, who earlier on thursday said that it is imperative that this meeting a's addresses the issues that russia wants to discuss. he said that the u. s. says they're willing to talk, but they don't seem to want to talk about the key issue and that is ukraine's request to join nato. and that is something the russians want to discuss with the americans. and apparently the americans are not receptive to that the u. s. has said that they're not going to allow russia to dictate who can and cannot join to 30 member alliance. but for this country,
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that is very much of what is at stake here. and they say that they are doing carrying out these military exercises within their own land, alongside the border with ukraine. and it's not for anybody else to dictate where they can move their troops within their own country. dorothy, all of this is happening as the iranian president has addressed. russia's parliament walk us through walter, president abraham are you see sit he's here on his 1st official state visit. it's a 2 day visit and the president just reiterated the cooperation that they has government wants to have an expand with this country. they iranian economy minister said that they have now agreed on a $5000000000.00 line of credits with the kremlin. and that is something that is going to be very much welcome news in teheran because of the sanctions. the iran is under by the u. s. government and the we were a new president, met with vladimir putin on wednesday. they had a 3 hour meeting, and they both stressor desire to expand further their cooperation between the 2
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countries. the president will, than the reigning president, will been, is now expected to visit moscow university, as well as the cathedral mosque here in the capitol. before heading back to to her on dropping up his 2 day visit. those are there in moscow. thank you. u. k media is reporting that prime minister burst. johnson's private secretary was advised not to go ahead with the gathering during current virus lockdown and even says martin reynolds was sent an e mail by a senior official, even it invited 100 people to the gathering in may. 2020 johnson admitted attending the event that said he thought it was a work event for brennan joins us now. live from westminster in london pole. this does not look good for the prime minister. no, we were in a kind of low here to day after the excitement of wednesday, where we thought that forest johnson's position as prime minister was seriously in jeopardy. but he managed to survive weapons day and today looked like
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a little bit of a quiet period while we wait for the outcome of the report by an official call sue gray who's looking in to this whole party gate issue of multiple gatherings that took place in downing street during that lock down period from in 2020, and 21, but at 0 in on one particular gathering that has caused such consternation on the 20th of may. 2020. where martin reynolds, boris johnson's private secretary sent an email out to her a recipient. group of around a 100 people inviting them to gather in the garden, bring their own booze because of the hard work that they've been doing on the pandemic. forest. johnson attended that, gathering up, albeit briefly, and has insisted that he thought it was simply a work gathering. he didn't realize that this was in breach of the current or of the restrictions that were in place at the time on people getting together. and the question is, who's version do we believe to weebly boris johnston? who says no, i thought it was a work gathering or his former special advisor,
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a man called dominic cummings, who has insisted that he warned the prime minister that it was going to be in breach of the rules. now what we've got today is a new reports saying that martin reynolds, the private century, was emailed to beat before the gathering took place to be told. look, this is really bad idea. you need to not get this gathering together. it's gonna be a breach of the rules. and the question is whether or not that then filtered up to boris johnson. it's still at this point unclear where the mos in rounds passed on the concerns of this unnamed senior official to his boss, the prime minister. but it's getting closer to the prime minister, unself me the reports, they are that su gray, the investigator general. and all of this has been passed that e mail warning martin rentals that the, that the gathering would be embraced. so she now has that e mail, we understand that's gonna add, well, more fuel to alpha. when will we expect the results of this full investigation that
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is being carried out? because this is just one email or the results of this full investigation going to be made public we would hope so. certainly the amounts of public attention and political attention that's on this is a lot at stake, whether it will be hammer blow, subarus, johnson's premier ship is open to questions to grey has a reputation for being sort of grey and not committing. and she doesn't want to sort of call the prime minister's sir a behavior question. she'll lay out the evidence and let the political arena judge whether the prime minister should be required to step down. unlikely. we're going to get her report that by the end of this week, more likely starting next week. all right, paul brand in there for us in london. thank you. the 1st shipments of aid have arrived in tang and the pacific island has been cut off from the world since saturday for kind of corruption and su, nobby military plains from australia and new zealand were able to land after the runway was cleared of ash wayne hay reports from oakland tongue was cut off from
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the rest of the world when the disaster struck a submarine fiber optic cable was severed. and we'll take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime, some satellite phone and internet connections have been set up, allowing more footage to emerge of the devastation caused by the volcano and su nami, for some family in new zealand. the slight improvement and communication has come as a relief, even though everything. part of houses be washed away. the props, but we hear that and offerings a well at the moment income. others anxiously wait for news while they prepared their own aid packages to send home. amid so much uncertainty, the pacific island community and new zealand is coming together to help the people of tongue and with ash on the ground and contaminating the water supply. this has
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become a precious commodity and will soon be on its way to tongue out. the 1st government aid has finally arrived. in oakland and new zealand, a force plane was loaded with supplies before departing for the international airport, just outside the capitol, nicole, of where it stayed on the ground for just 90 minutes. your straightly and military also deployed following confirmation that the runway had been cleared of ash and was safe to land on the parties from the fallen government. what we're really working to primarily in the 1st is the provision of claim water. that's the key priority that the government has asked for the run around 80000 tons and new zealand, most of whom had strong family ties to their homelands, but have probably never felt so far away. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's still had on our desert island fisher at the white house. some couldn't see that one year in july biking foreign policy looks
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a lot like donald trump. but others in says there's a big difference in the way this oval office looks at the rest of the world. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle a ways well, yet more powder snow is piling up on the slopes, in hon shoe, in fact, whole of the major japanese i jane is seen a lot of snow recently. the winds, lightening come friday, shell still blowing in it's cold. the weather, those calls it was the sun's brought the temperatures up in salt afford breeze. it has snowed in beijing and there's more snow to come. this is an optically active system, but it's pretty wide spread with snow where it's cold enough. not much is going on india the moment, which is not necessarily a good thing. it's too cold and smoky in, for example, in the deli, it's the same is true in the whole,
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the shower around the foothills of the himalaya aren't tremendous not doing anything to turn the atmosphere over and it's virtually dry now and tell another answer lankin i think we'll see more in the way of sherry outbreak, thunderstorms in the next day, or so. the weekend for nord mindy, which willing deed, improved the quality, both north and pakistan and northern india. it also bring that threat. want to get heavy snow as a pretty big down pool. so flash flooding is a possibility. and there is corollary which was in turkey has gotten, as we've got an ice dry bit in between. this is of course, friday's forecast where they maybe dominant aspect is the strength this shamal wind . that is very cold there. yes, it produces a sandstorm in the empty quarter. look at the low temperatures. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always ah, being a refugee mean starting again ah, but building a new life in a new country is no easy taught. what you're driving. witness follows one of the
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loft refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa from their personal sacrifices to the families priam. i meet the syrian on al jazeera with ah, you're watching out there. i reminder of our top stories. this all the u. s. secretary of state is in germany after leaving the grand this morning and nibbling can we'll be meeting ministers from france. germany in the u. k. the address of rushes, troops build up on the border with ukraine. you came medias, reporting that prime minister boss johnson's private secretary was advised not to
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go ahead with the gathering during current of hours. lockdown. johnson admitting attending the event been said he thought it was a work event aid flights from australia and new zealand to have delivered the 1st shipment to target. and saturday volcanic eruption, answered shelby. the on the nation has been cut off since the disaster destroyed homes and polluted water supply has been one year since giovanni took office as the 46th president of the united states. his election when was marred by a ride on capitol hill by support. his event president donald trump, who disputed the result while offensive normally see, has returned to bind in antithesis 2nd year with one of the lowest approval ratings of a modern day. president allen fisher looks at what's changed in the past 12 months . and what lies ahead for americans and for the world. thank you. thank you. thank you. he came to office promising a contrast with trump. america is back, but some critics claim that on foreign policy,
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the only thing that's changed was job widens, torn, wrong, say some experts we, i think there are some very um, so scent of an important changes from toronto biden. on foreign policy, donald trump ordered the end to the warn afghanistan, joe biden carried it out. c the chaotic withdrawal came despite warnings and concerns from long time allies, even though biden had promised to walk closer with international partner, trump till the us out of the round nuclear deal. this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never, ever been made. at the time, joe biden said it was a mistake, but one you'd on the policy still in place and sanctions against her and her even tighter. and when trump opened the u. s. embassy in jerusalem, joe biden said it should not have been moved, but he's no plans or desire to move it back on china. there's been no de escalation intention from the trump years, but here differences start to appear,
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white and cold. the treatment of the weaker a genocide and ordered a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympics. the bike administration has not quite as much emphasis on the trade in the relationship, whereas for, from what he wanted. first and foremost what a trade deal with china. and he was willing to put other issues like human rights on the back burner in order to get a better trade deal with china. so what else is different? he rejoined, deposit climate agreement, reversed the decision to withdraw from the world health organization rejoined the un human rights council and ended, trump so called muslim ban. biden has been much more aggressive against russia than donald trump ever was. trump also maligned and sharply criticized longstanding us allies and partners. countries like france, germany, canada, biden's taken very much the opposite approaches. emphasis on strengthening us relations with long standing allies and partners, democratic allies and partners,
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people knew donald trump was about to disruption america. first, appealing to his base, joe biden won the oval office by being the anti donald trump, a man who would bring consistency and stability to american foreign policy. but allies are concerned that in 3 years time, a new president might up and everything again. and the medical will be back to the uncertainty of a trump style presidency. our fisher, i'll choose either at the white house or frank length is a communications analyst. and a republican pollster is also the ceo of f i l inc. and join us from washington dc . thank you very much for your time. we'll start with your analysis. if you would on, on president biden's approval ratings. how we got into this point. well, the issue is that he's much less devices than his predecessor. but that his numbers are actually worse, completely unexpected. i think if you had to use
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a single word to describe the brighten presidency, it's disappointing. the public was expecting greater efforts, unity. they were expecting more centrist approach, and they were expecting more consistency in the administration. the beginning of this was the fall of the afghanistan, and the way the americans pulled out from the country. but it has continued economic issues such as shortages on the shelves and inflation. and frankly, the numbers have not deteriorated much among democrats, but among the critical independent vote they went on the majority supporting the president down to the upper surveys. that's a huge drop in one year. okay, you mentioned there inflation, which i believe had a 40 year high. i mean that it, that is hitting it people's every day spending analysis of some of that. i said that it sort of came down to a stronger than expected bounce back from the pandemic effecting supply chains. i mean, how does the u. s. population see it?
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they see it as and this again began in thanksgiving. continue to christmas and the new year, the fact that every aspect of american life is more expensive today than it was a few months ago. and clearly that it was a year ago. and it's affecting every single american, regardless of your income, regardless of where you live and regardless of how you live, the fact that it is a daily occurrence from food to fuel means that every time you make a purchase, you think, why is it more expensive? why have cost going up? what do i have to cut back in one? and frankly, they don't blame the, by the administration for causing inflation. they blame him for ignoring inflation . oh, how do people feel that president biden has performed intensive tackling the pandemic? i mean, i was reading the, it's only something like 16 so 60 percent of people are double vaccinated in the u . s. i mean, a country which has vaccines available. how,
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how do people feel that he's performed on that front? in the 1st 90 days, it's great question. in the 1st 90 days, they were extremely satisfied with what was going on with getting the vaccine out to people. and they do give the previous trump administration credit for getting the vaccines actually deuced. but that approval has completely dissipated as i'm the crime has expressed all over the country as people are getting sick again and quite frankly, the testing process has been i don't know how you'd call it anything but a failure. and so what was about a 60 percent approval rating in the 1st $100.00 days is now down to about 30 percent and continuing to fall. and that's the issue. the feeling is that they were expecting joe biden to be competent. they were expecting him to get things done and they look at this administration and they acknowledge the effort, but they are very critical of the results. mm hm. what's your take on how president
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button has approached the voting rights debacle? i mean, some analysis i've been looking at is, is talking about the timing, you know, whether this was a choice to make it a big issue to change the narrative, to drive the narrative. once you take, has it backfired. i never use my take. i talk about the american people as a pollster and the public agrees with his point of view, but they disagree with the priorities. i order zation of it. they feel that the economy comes 1st, foreign policies ahead of it, a sense of safety and security, such as issue crime and immigration, and voting rights. and the whole issues of the democratic process is secondary to the majority of americans. and they believe that his priorities are misplaced, and they believe that the actual results, the success of his legislation, needs a lot to be desired. it's an a 10 year if our president biden's performance and
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approval ratings is any indication how is that likely to go? good question. for many months i challenged people who said that the republicans were winning a majority in the house of representatives. now, quite frankly, i don't see how they don't count because re districting not because of the voting rules and the voting wise. but because of disappointment with the democrats is so high and they continue to push the legislation that in a generic sense, american support. when they find out they have to pay for with higher taxes, they strongly oppose. i don't think the by the administration is in touch with the public. i don't think that they understand the hesitation, the concerns, and quite frankly, being zionist at the american people ab in a day to day lives. and that is causing the president to have the lowest approval rating at this point of any administration going back to general ford or i will have leave it there for time. thank you very much, hilton, franklin. thanks theo,
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of f i a link. thank you. at least 29 people have been killed and others injured in liberia. after a stampede at a church gathering, the ceremony took place at a football field and the capitol monrovia, according to officials and armed gang, started attacking people who were returning home from the event causing the crown to panic. visitors india has recorded its highest number of new corona, virus infections and 8 months, more than 317000 new cases were reported on thursday. cities across india have reintroduced restrictions to control the search. health experts say they're concerned about a coven. 19 outbreak in pakistan's largest city karate. about 60 percent of new cases in the country are being recorded in the city. pakistan recorded nearly 5 and a half 1000 new infections on wednesday. it's highest daily telic since august of
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last year, new restrictions being introduced on monday in an effort to control the 5th wave. thousands of hamsters are to be destroyed after an outbreak of koran of iris at a pet shop in hong kong. other small mammals are also facing being called many pet lovers, a furious and quick question whether it's absolutely necessary for enjoy reports on this man and his wife are here to hand over their families. hamster marshmallow is much loved by their son, who is very upsetting is supposed to be a joyful occasion, bringing the animal home for your child. but now this has happened. it feels like losing alive. authorities in hong kong or culling 2000 hamsters and other small mammals. after a pet shop worker a customer and at least 11 hamsters tested positive for the corona virus. people
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who bought hamsters from that pet store within the last month have been told to hand them over so they can be put down like the rest of china. hong kong maintains a 0 covey policy. any trace of the virus is met by strict measures, including quarantine periods, school closures, and the mandatory wearing of masts. but the mass coll order has outraged and confused many animal lovers. oh is very shocking. i couldn't sleep in paranoid to be frank. i love animals very much and i really feel for them for losing chung who keeps hamsters, but it's not affected by the order has joined a group of volunteers who've agreed to foster any that may be abandoned by families due to the policy by thursday afternoon. nearly 33000 people had signed the petition urging authorities to stop the call. and animal health expert says, the culling may be justified on public health grounds,
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but fears of family pets spreading. the virus to humans is overblown. millions of people around the world have pets and they have been no koses are proven of pets transmitting infection to other humans are the same theoretical risk is there, but it just, it just doesn't happen. but health officials in hong kong are standing firm. they say the call is a necessary precaution to limit the spread of corona virus. florence louis al jazeera ah was al jazeera. these are the top stories. the u. s. secretary of state is in germany to discuss the crisis in east in ukraine. and the blinking is speaking to ministers from.


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