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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, knowledge is here with every you. oh, i guess is she will be just to do something. yes, president joe biden believes russia wilson forces into ukraine, but warms moscow will pay a high price. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from de, also coming up 5 days on the 1st flight carrying aid lambs and toner. off the volcanic ashes cleared from the international airport. india corona virus cases,
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his an 8 month record. it's the 2nd highest global he, behind the us on the president of the gambia calls on his country to unite as he sworn in for a 2nd. ah, but he was, president says he believes russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but thinks his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. speaking at a press conference mocking his 1st year in office, joe biden worn tough sanctions will be imposed on moscow. in the event of an invasion. our white house correspondent, kimberly hawkins force. us president joe biden spoke for almost 2 hours from the east room of the white house, given this was only his 2nd portal press conference. reporters had a lot of questions here. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on guys. his remarks included another warning to president vladimir putin.
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russia will face severe idle tease if it chooses to invade ukraine, i guess, as he will then it's biden's most definitive statement, yet on putin's intentions. but his comrades spark criticism when he suggested a lesser response. if russia launches a small scale invasion, if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's minor incursion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not to which cetera that forced the white house to issue a clarification. saying any invasion will be met with a swift and severe response. biden spoke on the eve of the anniversary of his 1st year in office. at times he was defensive for what many, c as foreign policy blunders like his decision to withdraw us troops from afghanistan. i make no polish religion, nor am i to,
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i feel badly. what's happening to we as a consequence, to the incompetence of the tale more. yes, i do. i feel badly about a whole range of things around the world that we can't solve every problem. on the issue of yemen biden says the u. s. is considering restoring its designation of yemen, who thes as a terrorist group following across the border strike this week, that killed 3 people in the united arab emirates. it's under consideration. yeah. and, and in the war in yemen, takes the 2 parties to be involved, do it. and it's going to be very difficult domestically by then have promised to eradicate covey 19. but with the pandemic entering his 3rd year, he acknowledged he could have done more to stop infections. should we have done more testing earlier? yes. a we're doing more now. bided also pleaded for patience,
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promising he'll fulfill his pledge to black voters by not abandoning voting rights reform legislation. have had their back have had the back where entire career president biden's challenge is to prove that his approval ratings happened. dropping with each month and his he marks his 1st year in office voters. satisfaction is among the worst of his presidency. kimberly hell can al jazeera, the white house, but robert hunter is a former us ambassador to nato. he doesn't believe the public comments being made by the us in russia. a helpful i think that we would be much better off both sides. both the united states and russia would say less in public and do the negotiation in private. mister barton said himself, he doesn't know what code was you, but by conjecturing that it might go in, i think that's going to cause some hardening within the alliance,
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but it also doesn't do any good. right. the important thing right now, the important thing is both russia and the united states have signal they are going to talk gordon negotiate. they don't want this to get out of hand. and if indeed they are able to get all of that, it will be possible. i think to try to reach something on this, russia as a starting place in europe. we have a desire to have involved in europe, you know, be constructive. it's a matter of doing the terms and conditions. so i just wish people would stop things so much public. it could be that russia would augment the troops center quietly and secretly, already, and there's no call john by region of ukraine. there could be more cyber attacks. there could be more effort to undermine democracy. there could be some use of advanced weaponry,
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but i really not quite sure what the president has mind because quite frankly, if russia does go militarily laur ukraine, then there is a major, major problem and nobody is going to benefit from it. meanwhile, the u. s. secretary of state as hell talks in care of reaffirming washington's commitment to ukraine, or dr. hamid has the latest from the capitol hill and i so the message is the same, but this time is from the ukrainian capital care of that u. s. secretary of state, anthony blink and renewed calls for russia to choose diplomacy, or pay a price in case of military escalation. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine's borders, and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start or integrity to sovereignty,
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to its independence. these clear range visit comes as washington confirms another $200000000.00 in military aid for give a clear show of support for what do you as called ukraine's fundamental right to sovereignty. that's angered moscow. it says that's a threat to its own security. ukraine in the u. s. hoping this military support may change president vladimir putin calculations even though more russian troops are on the move this time towards ukraine's northern border. russia says is the head of plan military exercises with bella, bruce, and the us shouldn't be concerned. declaring for political support from or the side of united states and to providing for such military year military supplies can deter rush on aggression of course rational. we'll emphasize that are providing good, the military weapons. you saw a red line for them,
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but it is the only way to offer refrain to defend itself. now, centers between nature and moscow over ukraine have been going for months. pollutant is demanding that the americans pledge never to let ukraine join nato or expand the military alliance eastwards. at demand the u. s. refuses to accept western countries have accused the kremlin of preparing a pretext for an assault on ukraine and do yes, went further saying it has intelligence that russia could carry out a covert operation inside ukraine to create instability. but if hopes for more negotiations seemed to have reached there than last week. now there seems to be again, room for a diplomatic solution to this crisis. despite the rhetoric and accusations myself, i find it unlikely that russia would attack ukraine in ris manner. but people expect with huge landed force that will inevitably result in many casualties. i do
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not think much russian society and russian political system could take that psychological blow easily sill ukraine would like to see decisive action against russia sooner rather than later. starting with imposing new harsh sanctions . that would weaken russia's economy from here, anthony, blinking heads to berlin, where he will discuss with some of his european counterparts. the way forward in preparation of another meeting on friday was a russian foreign minister, sergey love. rob. now ask anyone here and they will tell you that that meeting is the most important of the week. hood of the hamid urges you are give the 1st aid fly to tongue us and saturdays. volcanic eruption of an army has landed the island nation and the pacific has been cut off from the world since the disaster. the left homes destroyed and water supplies contaminated. the fly from new zealand has been followed by one from australia when he has more from an aide collection point. an
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oakland a new zealand plane has landed and will now begin all floating it's a supplies has to be done. we have to remain a bit and a contactless fashion that is a, according to the tongue and government protocol because the tongue and authorities are very concerned about cov 19. i've only had one case since the pandemic began. that was an october last year. so of course they're going through so much at the moment. the last thing they want is to deal with an outbreak of cove at $900.00. so all 8 deliveries must be done in a contact list fashion from now on where at a facility that's been set up in all clinic. of course a very large tongue and community in use in the largest city. many people have been coming here today to drop off goods that will ultimately be sent to relatives back in tongue. and the overriding theme from all of them is that they simply a frustrated and, and saddened because they cannot get hold of their relatives back home. so of course is
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a lot of concern there. and the reason for that is because of that under c fiber optic cable, that was 7 during the volcanic eruption and the subsequent tsunami, that's going to take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime, a telecommunications company has managed to set up some satellites linkages. so some phone communication is now possible to about 10 percent of where the capacity should be. so it's not great, but it is something in providing some hope that people in new zealand may be able to speak with their relatives at home and just find out exactly how they've been affected. the india has recorded its highest daily number of corona, virus infections in 8 months. more than 317000 new cases were reported on thursday . cities across the country have brought back restrictions to stem the surge driven by the on the chronic variant. when elizabeth moran, him join us now from new delhi and at least a big jump in the numbers, jeff infections seem to be stabilizing across the country. hello,
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darren and jump. and numbers very coincides with the highest number of tests being conducted in india. and one week, 1900000 tests, which is close to the number of data tests. india has the capacity for now, many states around india, including might astro, a continuing to record their highest numbers of daily cases. since the pandemic began, despite that we have other states including delhi, which has been one of the worst effected, saying that it seen its peak and it is monitoring what it calls the decline in cases to see if it should ease restrictions. and the cases have, like you mentioned, they have sort of stabilized in the past week, but that's because testing had come down. and that's because of really confusing guidelines from the indian government, which said last week that people shouldn't get tested, even if they've had contact with a, with someone who has kind of 19, unless they had symptoms. here in delhi,
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you had people who was supposed to be monitoring those positive cases, telling them to isolate the 7 days and that there was no need to test after the isolation where many health experts will say that people are still testing positive for the virus. after 7 days and that should be ending their isolation until they test again. now what all of that has done is lead to that decrease testing, which then led the indian government early this week to tell state to wrap up testing for the highest number of test last week, which gives a more accurate picture of the number of cases in the country you live in the some news that might help to open up in the us booster program that slide. so india, that drug regulatory body subject expert committee has recommended that the to vaccines, which most commonly used in the country, that the co, the shield that the indian made astrazeneca vaccine and the indian vaccine called
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callbacks. and that they be given full approvals for use. now, so far they have been administered on the something called emergency use approval. and what full approval, or rather what full market approval would mean is that the vaccines are going to be available in all hospitals and clinics which are registered with the indian government asset monitors. be administering off, maxine and what that could lead to is any adult who's eligible for pro vaccine. going to get a boost to dog with a prescription. and the only began at booster program around 10 days ago, and it's restricted to health care workers and people of the age of $65.00. and the government has been reluctant to open up the booth to program because less than 50 percent of the entire population, fully back related to 2 thirds have received $1.00. but the, and the drug was the regulatory body usually follows the recommendation of the subject expert committee. and so does approval, would see
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a boost of being made much more easily available to any adult who wants them are eligible for autumn life or stay in new delhi. elizabeth, thank you lot more. so come here now there including i'm alan fisher at the white house, some critic see the one year in july biden's. foreign policy looks a lot like donald trump's, but others in says, there's a big difference in the way this oval office looks at the rest of the world. ah. it's about to get cold. now bear in mind all things are relative. but in this part of the world, cold doesn't happen that often. and by that, i mean, the raving british has caught a wind blowing during 30, that's the shamal, but 20 want to hold of them about a told the same is true. included with this is the hint here, yet more snow for northern iraq and, and or weston iran and that those caught out some pretty cold air, came for a long way north,
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and it blows even harder on friday. these are high temperatures. dam am 10 degrees q 812, doha 15. and you could even think of when you stand in that it's kind of feel pretty cold, but maybe worse is to come at night in land, in particularly where the wind is lighter. so friday is big a picture means you do see the sand picked up in the empty quarter. but when it starts off is not too dusty. when that when dies down at night, react could go below freezing to minus one. the recall to read about minus 2 in a bit. so we're close to that and that code extends all wet through right back to was 11 time cosen down towards yemen. sun are down to about 6 degrees. this is going to be unpleasant stuff in the breeze. keep going through a cutter. during saturday, things start to eat a little bit temperature start to rise a little bit, but it is a little bit. and madagascar, the rating is still falling and i have not got good news is going to get wet through wet this weekend. aah!
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from the al jazeera london protocol center to special guest in conversation. when you say ally a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. you know, i realized i was working for something evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria right. meet christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. b unscripted on al jazeera lou. ah, we'll get back a quick roundabout top stories here at this hour. the u. s. president says he thinks russia will make a military incursion into ukraine,
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but believes his counterpart that a med putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. biden ward, moscow faced tough sanctions. an event of an invasion on the receptive stages in ukraine to reaffirm americans support anthony blink and warned russia could invade at very short notice. he will beat russian font minister sub in that brook in geneva, on friday, and the 1st 8 flight to tennis and saturdays volcanic eruption and some ami has landed on a nation in the pacific. has been cut off from the world since the disaster. the flight from new zealand is being followed by one from australia. a former years president donald trump has lost a bid to block the release of white house records of the attack on the capital. last january, 8 of the 9 supreme court justices rejected the directive that can't be appealed. more than $700.00 pages of records will be sent to the committee investigating a riot which are buttons. victor, at the polls was mobbed by those riots on capitol hill. and while a sense of normalcy has returned biden, and as
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a 2nd year with one of the lowest approval ratings of a modern day president, adam fisher looks at what's changed in the past 12 months and what lies ahead for americans and the world. hi, thank you. thank you. he came to office promising a contrast with trump. america is back, but some critics claim that on foreign policy, the only thing that's changed is deal biden's torn. wrong, say some experts. i think there are some very um, so some to have an important changes from from to biden on foreign policy. donald trump ordered the end to the war not can stand. joe biden carried it out. c the chaotic withdrawal came despite warnings and concern from long time allies, even though bitin had promised to close with international partner trump till the us to be around nuclear deal. this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never, ever been made. at the time, joe biden said it was a mistake,
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but one year on the policy is still in place and sanctions against iran that even tighter. and when trump opened the u. s. embassy in jerusalem, joe biden said it should not have been moved, but he's no plans or desire to move it back on china. there's been no de escalation intention from the trump years. but here differences start to appear. biden called the treatment of the rigors a genocide and ordered a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympics. the bike administration has not quite as much emphasis on trade in the relationship, whereas for trump, what he wanted 1st and foremost, was a trade deal with china. and he was willing to put other issues like human rights on the back burner in order to get a better trade deal with china. so what else is different? he rejoined upon his climate agreement, reversed the decision to withdraw from the world health organization rejoined the un human rights council and ended,
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trump so called muslim ben whiten has been much more aggressive against russia than donald trump ever. woods. trump are also maligned and i strongly criticized longstanding us allies and partners, french like france, germany, canada. biden's taken very much the opposite approaches. emphasis on strengthening us relations with longstanding allies and partners, democratic allies and partners. people knew donald trump was about disruption america 1st appealing to his biggs, joe biden won the oval office by being the anti donald trump, a man who had bring consistency and stability to american foreign policy. but allies are concerned that in 3 years time, a new president might up and everything again. and america will be back to the uncertainty of a trump style presidency. alan fisher al jazeera at the white house. britain's prime minister has defied cause to quit during a raucous session in parliament, or, as johnson said, he won't be stepping down over the so called party gave scandal. he's been on the
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growing pressure to resign because of parties and his downing street residence during locked down new market reports from london in highly charged atmosphere. prime ministers questions began with another major body blow for boris johnson. news. one of his m. p. 's christian wakefield had defected to the opposition party. this following morning, newspaper reports of a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes to the prime minister's expense followed. i see the very noise on. i'm sure. the chief with was told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. like way nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic. if he had any shred of compassion for all those had them separately. they said he'd go and hate clamoring for explanations with johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule
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breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened lockdown. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party and his job. when the history of this pandemic comes to be written and the history of the labor party come to be written, i believe me, they are, history will remain history. i will show emotion able show that we delivered while they did it and we, we vaccinated while they vacillated. mister speaker, i am intensely proud of what this government has done. and cool off to call for johnson to resign was met with the same message to reserve judgement, to wait for the results of the inquiry into a growing list of rules breaking. mister speaker, when a prime minister, a spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than disowning it time that he go now, eh,
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but his voice is from his own policy. the could do the most damage to his political future, m p. david davis wants the teresa may governments chief breaks at negotiator, delivering this surgical strike, like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions i take yesterday he did the so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of leo. amory neville chamberlain. he was not there too long for all the good you have done. and the name of god goes before the full force of brand boris, back on show. and despite the problem is the plan b code restrictions will be slash from next week. this was a bruising day in parliament for the prime minister, seemingly impossible for him to escape all the growing anger within his conservative party and with the results of
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a potentially damaging inquiry just around the corner. forest johnson days in office could soon be numbers. ne paul can, i'll just era, westminster. more people are dying around the world from antibiotic resistant bacteria, infection than from malaria or h. i. v. as, according to a study published in the british medical journal alarms that it found infections that had previously been treatable, killed many 1300000 people in 2019 low and middle income countries where the worst effected the high income nations are also facing alarm. and high levels of bacteria, resistance. the study recommends better use of existing drugs and more funding to develop new treatments. there are some super bugs that we think about things like mercer multi drug resistant. you call i pseudo mona's, which are the actual bacteria. but they caused sort of common de infections that were all fairly familiar with and the experience things like skin and soft tissue infection,
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just as the light us urinary tract infections or pneumonia is. and when these infections are caused by resistant bacteria, like mercer or you call i, or they can result in more severe infections that are harder to treat. in many cases, it can result in subsets, which can ultimately lead to death. cultural venue is in the netherlands have offered exercise sessions and hackers in protest against their continued closure. the countries eased a month long locked down, allowing jim's hairdressers and shops to reopen, but museums and constant hills remain closed. step back and forth, amsterdam, looking out under the watchful eye of 17th century city guard, painted by the famous dutch master france halls. this museum turned itself into a sports school to protest against the government decision to re open chimps. here salons and shop cultural venues remain closed. it was amazing to somebody. i didn't have a lot of time to look at the actual paintings because it wasn't very hard workout,
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but i've never done something like this before. so it was great. despite a current wave of gulf at 19 infections, the museum says it's capable of re opening safely. that's museum coming back to life after weeks of yet and not locked down. although this audience doesn't seem to have come here now for the dutch masters, your message is serious. also 2 years is really being marginalized as cultural institutions. we feel that we're being treated and the whole process of opening up and locking down which in the netherlands has been extreme. we feel that we're treated like 2nd grade citizens as if culture is not relevant that sports and consumption commercial sector is vital. the, the amsterdam concert hall itself into a here alone, where people could enjoy classical music while getting a haircut. auto got a minute who are well admiring paintings oftentimes fungal, most performances for fully booked and visit us had the vaccination, or proof of
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a covert infection. checked upon entry. like here at the show of a famous dutch comedian who performed for the 1st time in 2 years. the theatre was turned into a massage parlor. you'd like to see to keep the rules, but it's necessary that we speak out and say along. i got this being together, listen to 2 beautiful sings i miss concerts. i miss theater. not not really violating. no, it's some may be against a little bit better with dutch m. i think the dutch people always want to search for her. what, how do you said the boundaries? the authorities had warned in advance that venues would be fine if they open their doors in protest. in a few cities, official warnings were handed down. the junior minister for culture sachi understands the protest. but opening up society, she says,
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we'll have to go step by step step, fasten al jazeera, amsterdam. now scientists say they discovered a rare coral reef of the coast of tahiti. it's being referred to as the field of roses because of its distinct shapes. at 3 kilometers long, the reef is one of the largest of its kind in the world. a you and report says coral is home to more than a quarter of all marine life. but it seen a global decline over the past decade due to the rising c temperatures. so let's take a closer look now at the reef. it's located in the south pacific, in the so called twilight, so that's the area more than 30 meters below the ocean surface, the john corals were found in pristine condition and unpolluted. only 20 percent of the world see bit has been mapped mostly at depths of less than 30 meters until now . a lack of technology had prevented biologists from studying reefs in the twilight zone. this is the, the, all the on the so now we will do our 1st dive along the reef of roses to see how
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deep they go. we're going to an unexplored world to explore the unexplored. it's quite motivating and exhilarating. like you said, i am under what was the goal is to return to the field of ro, ship corals and we will go to another area. it's reassuring to us that this field is very large and that we can dive at different locations and still find the quarterly. i me. a quick reminder, all the news on our website. the address al jazeera dot com ah type of quick check on the top stories here on al jazeera, the u. s. president things russia will make a military incursion into ukraine. but believe his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. speaking at a press conference marking his 1st year in office, joe biden warned tough sanctions will be imposed on moscow in the event of an


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