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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah, holding the powerful to account as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, i guess she will just do something. yes, president joe biden believes russia wilson forces in ukraine, but warns moscow will pay a high price. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out. they are alive from dollars that coming up 5 days on in the 1st flight carrying a lands and toner. the volcanic couch is cleared from international effort and the name of god does not. his prime minister face is growing pressure to resolve. he
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never down in st parties, health doing lockdown, plus maybe $1300000.00 deaths. we look at the latest health threats, killing more people, the malaria or h, i v. ah . but you, as president believes russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but thinks his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. speaking at a press conference mocking his 1st year in office. joe biden. ward of tough sanctions of moscow in the event of an invasion. a white house correspondent kimberly healthcare reports. us president joe biden spoke for almost 2 hours from the east room of the white house. given this was only his 2nd portal press conference. reporters had a lot of questions. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on guys. his remarks included. another warning to president am here to russia
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will face severe penalties if it chooses to invade ukraine, i guess, as he will, when it's biden's most definitive statement yet on person's intentions. but his comments spark criticism when he suggested a lesser response. if russia launches a small scale invasion, if it invades it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's minor, corrosion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not to which cetera back for the white house to issue a clarification, saying any invasion will be met with a swift and severe response. biden spoke on the eve of the anniversary of his 1st year in office. at times he was defensive for what many, c as foreign policy blunders like his decision to withdraw us troops from afghanistan, i make no polish religion, nor am i to i feel badly. what's happening to we as a consequence,
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the incompetence of the tolerable? yes, i do. i feel badly about a whole range of things around the world that we can't solve every problem on the issue of yemen. fighting says the u. s. is considering restoring its designation of yemen, who thes as a terrorist group following across the border strike this week, that killed 3 people in the united arab emirates. it's under consideration and, and in the war and yemen takes the 2 parties to be involved, do it. and it's going to be very difficult domestically by they had promised to eradicate covered 19. but with the pandemic entering his 3rd year, he acknowledged he could have done more to stop infections. should we have done more testing earlier? yes. a we're doing more now. bided also pleaded for patience, promising hill fulfill his pledge to black voters by not abandoning voting rights
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reform legislation. have had their back. i've had them back my entire career president biden's challenge is to prove that his approval ratings happened. dropping with each month and his he marks his 1st year in office voters. satisfaction is among the worst of his presidency. kimberly hell can al jazeera, the white house, robert hunter, as a former us ambassador to nato. he doesn't believe the public comments being made by the u. s. and russia. hope i think that we would be much better off both sides. both the united states and russia would say less in public and do the negotiation in private of mister barton, set himself. he doesn't know what the code was, but by conjecturing that it might go in, i think that's going to cause some hardening within the alliance,
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but it also doesn't do any good. important thing right now. the important thing is both russia and the united states have signals they are going to talk, going to negotiate. they don't want this to get out of hand. and if indeed they are able to get on with that, it will be possible to reach something on this. russia as a starting place in europe. we have a desire to have involved in europe, you know, be constructive. it's a matter of doing the terms and conditions, so i just wish people would stop. thank so much your father. it could be that russia would augment on the trip center quietly and secretly, already, and it's called don by region of ukraine. there could be more cyber attacks or could be more effort to undermine democracy. there could be some use of advanced weaponry,
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but i really am not quite sure what the president has in mind because quite frankly, if russia does go militarily more ukraine, then there is a major, major problem and nobody is going to benefit from it. meanwhile, the secretary of state as hell talks in care of referring washington's commitment to ukraine, or dr. hamid has the latest from the capital. and i think the message is the same, but this time is from the ukrainian capital care of that u. s. secretary of state, anthony blink and renewed calls for russia to choose diplomacy, or pay a price in case of military escalation. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine's borders, and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start or integrity to sovereignty, to its independence. basically,
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arrange visit comes as washington confirms another $200000000.00 in military aid. forgive a clear show of support for what do you as called ukraine's fundament, the right to sovereignty. that's angered moscow. it says that's a threat to its own security ukraine into us, hoping this military support may change president vladimir putin calculations. even though more russian troops are on to move this time towards ukraine's northern border, russia says is the head of plan military exercises with bella, bruce, and the us shouldn't be concerned. declaring political support from the side of united states and to providing for such military year military supplies can deter, rush and aggression. of course rational. we'll emphasize that providing could be a military weapons use a red line for them. but it is the only way to refrain to defend itself
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now, dentures between nate and moscow over ukraine have been going for months. putin is demanding that the americans pledge never to let you create jo nato or expand the military allies eastwards at demand the u. s. refuses to accept western countries have accused the kremlin of preparing a pretext for an assault on ukraine. and d, as went further saying it has intelligence that russia could carry out that covered operation inside ukraine to create instability. but if hopes were more negotiations seem to have reach other than last week. now this seems to be again, room for a diplomatic solution to this crisis. despite the rhetoric and accusations myself, i find it unlikely that russia would attack ukraine in this manner. but people expect with huge land force that would inevitably result in many casualties. i do
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not think much russian society and russian political system could take that psychological blow easily. still, ukraine would like to see decisive action against russia sooner rather than later. starting with imposing new harsh sanctions. that would, we can rush as economy from here as in the blink and had to berlin, where he will discuss with some of his european counterparts. the way forward in preparation of another meeting on friday was a russian foreign minister, sergey lovegrove. now ask anyone here, and they will tell you that that meeting is the most important of the week. put up the meet you are here. now the 1st aid flight to ton us and saturdays volcanic eruption and synonymy has landed. the pacific island nation has been cut off from the world since the disaster, which left homes destroyed and water supplies contaminated. the flight from new zealand has been followed by another from australia. but wayne hay join us lie from
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oakland in news either way instead of bring us up to date, then on the relief effort and what's been happening on the ground. yes, we'll confirmation. as you mentioned, coming through a short time ago from the new zealand defense force that, that 1st aid flight from new zealand has arrived on the ground there in the capital nuclear loafer. only made possible because of that huge effort in tongue by volunteers to sweep the ash off the runway. and that's why a flights weren't able to get into tongue until now, because there was simply too much ash lying around. and there was concern that there may have been some structural damage to the runway as well. that clearly was not an issue in the end. and the new zealand plane has landed and will now begin all floating it's a supplies has to be done. we have to remain in a contact list fashion that is a, according to the tongue and government protocol because the tongue and authorities are very concerned about cov 19. i've only had one case since the pandemic began.
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that was an october last year. so of course they're going through so much at the moment. the last thing they want is to deal with an outbreak of cove at $900.00. so all 8 deliveries must be done in a contact list fashion from now on your way. and we understand that some phone lines have been restored, but communication still remains a big problem. it certainly does where at a facility that's been set up in all clinic, of course a very large tongue and community in use in the largest city. many people have been coming here today to drop off goods that will ultimately be sent to relatives back in tongue. and the overriding theme from all of them is that they simply a frustrated and, and sat and because they cannot get hold of their relatives back home. so of course there's a lot of concern there. and the reason for that is because of that under see fiber optic cable that was 7 during the volcanic eruption and the subsequent tsunami, that's going to take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime,
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a telecommunications company has managed to set up some satellite linkages. so some phone communication is now possible to about 10 percent of where the capacity should be. so it's not great, but it is something in providing some hope that people in new zealand may be able to speak with their relatives at home and just find out exactly how they're being affected. all right away in a life or so in auckland, new zealand way. thank you. let's, let's, let's come here now just we're including the president of gambia, coven has come pretty nice this morning for a 2nd, exercising with the master's wife, dutch museums, offering gym workouts and haircut. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. it's about to get cold. now bear in
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mind, all things are relative. but in this part of the world told doesn't happen that often. and by that i mean the radiant police is caught a wind blowing during 30. that's the shamal, but $21.00 in the heart of them about a told the same is true, included with this is the hint here, yet more snow for northern iraq and, and or weston iran. and that's those caught up with some pretty cold air that came for a long way north and it blows even harder on friday. these are high temperatures. dam ma'am. 10 degrees q 8. 12 though half is teen. and you could even think of when julie stand in that it's going to feel pretty cold, but maybe worse is to come at night in land, in particularly where the wind is lighter. so friday is bigger picture means you do see the sand picked up in the empty quarter, but when it starts off, it's not too dusty. when that windows down at night react could go below freezing to minus one the recall to read about minus 2 and a bit. so we're close to that and that code extends all way through. right back to was 11 time cosen down towards yemen. sun or down to about 6 degrees is going to be
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unpleasant stuff in the breeze. keep going through cutter. during saturday thing. start with a little bit temperature start to rise a little bit, but he is a little bit. in madagascar, the rain is still falling and i have not got good news. it's going to get wet room letter this weekend. lou weather sponsored by katara always. my name is bonnie put noggin of always thought of yoga. it's part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation. the joke itself seems to be transforming western mentality. it is a lot about this, like yoga, why is originally yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized and politicized owns yoga analogies in lieu.
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ah, woke back, i picked them out of the top stories a at this. the u. s. president products russia will invade you crime. he's warmed his counter thought about him, a putin. they'll be costly, sanctions and heavy human losses for his actions. of a joe biden went on to say, he believed the russian leader is not a full blown boy. your effective state is in the ukraine to reaffirm american support. anthony blinked and warmed russia could invaded for a short notice elite russian funds minister. so the, a lot problem to meet on fighter on the 1st day flight to tell us and south today's volcanic eruption on some army has landed, the civic on a nation has been cut off from the world since the disaster. the flight from new zealand is being followed by another from australia. yes, president jo biden's been rebuilding relationships with european allies and nato
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off a ties were left strained and donald trump, his top foreign policy remains the threat posed by russia on the ukrainian border as dominant came reports from berlin. this is the front line in the as yet undeclared war between ukraine and russia. few foreign policy issues a more pressing for the bible ministration than this. the us supports the government and key f and says russia has a choice. there is the path of diplomacy and dialogue to try to resolve whatever differences there are peacefully through diplomacy. clearly the preferable path clearly the most responsible path and the one that we would prefer. but there is also the, the path if russia chooses to renew aggression of conference, confrontation and consequences for russia. and we have been working to build out both of those tabs in very close coordination in collaboration with, with our partners. one of those main allies and partners in germany whose new chancellor, all of shots, has stressed the importance of the transit atlantic relationship. it's the view
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some analysts say is merit in washington. so the united states is making every effort to keep your in the loop. there was going to be no discussion of the ukraine without ukrainians involved, no discussion of european security architecture without europeans involved. so that is surely going to be the guiding principle of the united states. it's no secret that many european leaders welcome to the result of the 2020 us election, nor that they had high hopes for abide and administration, something the man himself made very clear to everyone. first of all, i'm letting them know that america is back. we're going to be back in the game. it's not american alone. in the last years of the trump administration, many in germany felt that the former president had eroded his country. supposing moral authority some here in germany even began referring to angular natural as the leader of the free world. now both of them out of office and opinion pulse to say
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the german public feels very differently, almost 8 out of 10 germans who said that the relations are good or very. and also the united states is not perceived by of 44 percent of germans as the most important partner for germany. but how long that perception loss may depend in part on how the west deals with the ukraine crisis. remembering that right now, jo biden's government says russia has many tens of thousands of troops massed on ukraine's borders. dominant cane al jazeera berlin, former u. s. president donald trump has lost a bid to block the release of white house records of last. january's attack on the capital, 8 of the 9 supreme court judges rejected the directive, which can't be appealed. more than 700 pages of records were sent to the committee, investigate the right to the gambia. now where president adams barrow has been sworn in for a 2nd term. the vote in december was the 1st in decades about long term lee,
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the jak, jamie nicholas octopus. once a security guard in a department store in the u. k. and now reelected as the president of the gambia. this is a historic moment for adam barrow and the country sworn in after winning the 1st free and fair elections in more than 25 years. the gum, yeah, independent elect. welcome is a declared that there was ever got on out of about 90 percent. it is, it won't revoke, unnecessarily eddystone or division of prism. he fought an aggressive campaign, winning 53 percent of the vote. the supreme court rejected the opposition's claim of irregularities in the pole while got ma'am, sounds spoken, ma'am alex, i'm adam about there were entitled to quit in it is on their end, and he can't put in stuff in the best that could happen right now is sorry, about that, i want to unite our efforts. i'm down to, you know, i'm in develop this country. in 2017 barrett one against jamie. he refused to
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concede, defeat barrow was sworn in as president in senegal at the gabby, an embassy, and a car, shirley, after jammy, was ousted out of power and forced into exile the 2 equitorial guinea, after west african forces intervene during his time in office barrow set up the truth and reconciliation commission perpetrators faced victims of rape, torture, and families of victims of extra judicial killings. the commission recommended that prosecution of jammy and those who have committed crimes. jimmy's most prominent henchmen, former general soul body, seen here by his side, is now in court victim. see this as a step towards justice, giving the many crimes that these people have been accused of committing. it is only proper that we see justice will happen. there is no toys about it in a region marked by it military coups, almost all elected west african heads of state, attended the ceremony in
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a show of support of democracy. his inauguration is viewed as a much needed step forward for the rule of law. freedom of speech, a victory for the people says barrow. nicholas hawk al jazeera, britain's prime minister, has defied calls to quit doing a raucous session in parliament. marsh johnson said he won't be stepping down of the circle party gate scandal. he's been undergoing pressure to resign because of parties and his downing street residents during locked down. the bach reports from london in highly charged atmosphere for ministers. questions began with another major body blow for boris johnson news. one of his m. p. 's christian wakefield had defected. to the opposition party. this following morning, newspaper reports of a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes are the prime ministers expense followed. i see the very noise on. i'm sure the chief with was
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told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. like way nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic. if he had any shred of compassion for all those how that his separates, knew this, he'd go and hate clamoring for explanations. with johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened, lockdown. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party. and his job. when the history of this pandemic comes to be written and the history of the labor party come to be written, i believe me, they are history. main history says he won't show emotion able show that we delivered while they did it and we, we vaccinated. well, they vacillated mister speaker. i am intensely proud of what this government
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and call off to call for johnson to resign was met with the same message to reserve judgement and wait for the results of the inquiry into a growing list of rules breaking. mister speaker, when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than disowning every time that he go now, eh, but his voice is from his own policy. the could do the most damage to his political future. m p. david davis wants the teresa make governments chief, president, negotiator, delivering this surgical strike like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions i take yesterday. he did the opposite of that. so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of leo amory level tangled. you sat
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there too long for all the good. you have done in the name of god, go for the full force of run boris back on, show and display the promise. the plan b code restrictions will be slash from next week. this was a bruising day in parliament for the prime minister, seemingly impossible for him to escape all the growing anger within his conservative party and with the results of a potentially damaging inquiry just around the corner. forest. johnson's days in office could soon be numbered. ne boca al jazeera, westminster, not more people are dying around the world from antibiotic resistant bacteria infections than from malaria or h i. v. that's according to a study published in the british medical journal. the lancet had found that what were previously treatable, infections killed almost 1300000 people in 2019 low and middle income countries where the worst affected low high income nations are also facing alarmingly high.
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levels of bacteria resistance. the study recommends better use of existing drugs and more funding, develop new treatments. there are some super bugs that we think about. things like mersa, multi drug resistant, e coal i. i sued a mona's, which are the actual bacteria that they cause sort of common de infections that were all fairly familiar with. and the experience things like skin and soft tissue infections or satellite us urinary tract infections, or pneumonia is. and when these infections are caused by resistant bacteria, like mercer or you call i, i, they can result in more severe infections that are harder to treat. i and many cases it can result in success, which can ultimately lead to that cultural venues in the netherlands of offered exercise sessions and haircuts in protest against that continued closure. the country has eased a month, long, locked down the line, jim's hair, dresses, shops to reopen,
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but museums and constant holds remain closed. step bass and report from amsterdam looking out under the watchful eye of 17th century city garth, painted by the famous dutch master france halls. this museum turned itself into his sports school to protest against the government decision to reopen chimps. here salons and shop cultural venues remain closed. it was amazing because it didn't have a lot of time to look at the actual paintings because it wasn't really a hard workout. but i've never done something like this before. it was great. despite a current wave of golf at 19 infections, the museum says it's capable of re opening safely. that's missy. it's coming back to life after weeks of yet and not a lock down. although this audience doesn't seem to have come here now for the dutch masters message area, also 2 years is really being marginalized as cultural institutions. we feel that we're being treated and the whole process of opening up and locking down which in the netherlands has been extreme. we feel that we are treated like 2nd rate
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citizens as if culture is not relevant that sports and consumption commercial sector is vital. the, the amsterdam concert hall itself into a hair salon, where people could enjoy classical music while getting a haircut. auto got a minute who are well admiring paintings, offense and fungal most performances for fully booked and visit us how the vaccination, or proof of a covert infection checked upon entry. like here at the show of a famous dutch comedian who performed for the 1st time in 2 years. the theatre was turned into a massage parlor. every likes to see if to keep the rules, but it's necessary that we speak out and say, i got those comments. this being together, listen to to beautiful sings. i miss constance. i miss see it's not,
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not really violates. you know, it's may be against a little bit better with dutch, and i think that, that people always want to search for the what, how do you said the boundaries the authorities had warned in advance that the venues would be fine if they open their doors in protest in a few cities official warming for handed down the junior minister call. she said she understands the protest that's opening up society. she says, we'll have to go step by step, step fast and al jazeera, amsterdam aid work as a warning that winter storms in syria, jordan and lebanon, are endangering the lives of millions of refugees. care international says it's particularly worried about syria snowstorm in the northwest is raising fears. some people could freeze to death. it says many refugees are putting themselves in danger by burning hazardous materials to keep warm will be decimals. in the beginning, we were able to control the reason,
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since we are used to live in tents. but now there is so much snow that some of the tents have kate in. it is a tragedy for the people living under them. the scientists say that discovered a rare coral reef off the coast of tahiti. it's being referred to as the field of roses because of its distinct shapes. at 3 kilometers long. the reef is one of the largest of its kind in the world, a u. n. report says, coral is home to more than a quarter of all marine life, but it seen a global decline over the past decade, due to rising c temperatures. well, let's take a closer look at the reef. it's located in the south pacific, in the so called twilight zone, that's the area more than 30 meters below the ocean surface. the giant corals were found in pristine condition and unpolluted. only 20 percent of the world seabed has been mapped mostly at depths of less than 30 meters. until now. a lack of technology had prevented marine biologists from studying reefs in the twilight zone . it will so now we will do our 1st dive along the reef of roses to see how deep
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they go. we go into an unexplored world to explore the unexplored. it's quite motivating and exhilarating. i think you said i'm on the with the goal is to return to the field of ro ship carlos and we will go to another area. it's reassuring to us that this field is very large and that we can dive at different locations and still find the quarterly. ah. type a quick check on the top story 0 now to 0, the u. s. president things russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but believes his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. speaking at a press conference marking his 1st year in office, joe biden warm, tough sanctions will be imposed on moscow in the event of an invasion to i think you jest, west chest united states and neither.


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