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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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no individual, be safe until we are all safe. as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the fandom, it is going to be very, very unpredictable to stay with al jazeera for all the latest updates. ah, i guess she will even just do something for you as president joe biden believes russia will send forces in to ukraine, but warns moscow will pay a high price. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is out there alive from doha, also coming up 5 days on the 1st flights carrying aid head to tongue. after volcanic ashes cleared from the international airport and the name of go,
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britain's prime minister under pressure to resign over downing street parties during lockdown. class nearly 1300000 deaths. we look at the lightest health red that's killing more people than malaria or h i v ah, the u. s. president says he believes russia will make him military incursion into ukraine. because his counterpart vladimir putin has to be seen to do something, joe biden has promised costly sanctions. in the event of a full scale invasion. he went on to say the russian president will come to regret any military action. do i think he'll just west chest the united states and they don't as significant? yes. i think he will, i think will pay a serious and dear price for it. and he doesn't think now cost when it's going to
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cost. and i think he'll regret having done. let's take a closer look now at how russia has been increasing its praise presence in the region. russia has a mass and estimated $100000.00 troops around the north and east of ukraine. it includes areas that moscow in easy, striking distance of the capital kiev. for the past 8 years, ukraine has been battling some 35000 russia back rebels who controlled 2 of its eastern provinces. russia reportedly has military personnel station there, though the kremlin denies this. moscow has also deployed in crimea, which was annexed from ukraine in 2014 and their fees, another battlefront quarter. open up on the border with fellow ruth, where russia is moving troops for war games. next month and white house correspondent, kimberly how could, has this report the u. s. president made his most definitive statement yet with
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regard to whether he believes, if vladimir putin, the u. s. president, will invade ukraine. something that you s intelligence has been indicating for some time. not only because the of russian troops have been amassed along the border of ukraine, read by the 10s of thousands. but also that we seem to have tick since november, i on social media that seems to indicate that as well. but now the u. s. president saying that he believes that in fact, bladder putin and has perhaps made the decision to is somewhat imminently make that invasion and that it would be a regrettable decision. and the u. s. president also saying that if vladimir putin does do this, that there would be harsh financial sanctions. something that the international community has warned and cautioned against repeatedly, and that it would be punishing and have lasting effects in the short term,
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mid term as well as long term. russia meanwhile continues to insist it won't invade ukraine and dosage barrys in moscow with more on the criminal reaction. the accusations coming this way are being met with counter accusations. the russian foreign minister has said that what the united states is accusing russia is absolutely not true. they have no intention of invading ukraine, and they're not interested in escalating their tensions with that country. the quite the opposite. and they believe what they're doing alongside their own border as well within their own right. we've been hearing from the russian deputy foreign minister survey ripped off, who has said that a scheduled event here in the capital on wednesday. that any kind of a military aid to kiev will be considered an act of aggression against russia that it threatens russia. and that to any kind of pressure from the us about what russia should do with its own troops will not be tolerated. it will not help the situation . the deputy foreign minister also went on to say that russia is not going to make
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any changes to their troop movements in their own country, and that russia will never allow ukraine to join nato. and that is something he was very clear about. he said that russia will do everything. it can't prevent ukraine, as well as georgia from joining the nato alliance. and that is something that will continue and that any kind of a temporary freeze on their membership is also unacceptable. this is the line we'll be hearing from the kremlin as well. earlier on wednesday, the spokesperson from the quote for the kremlin dmitri pest golf at said that this upcoming meeting in geneva on friday is extremely important for russia. and that the agenda is already clear. the russian foreign minister will meet his american counterpart. and it is believed that the russians are expecting some kind of an official response from the americans about the security guarantees that they're looking for to the world news now. and astrology and new zealand. first international flights are on route to turn the ash from saturdays. volcanic
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eruption has finally been cleared from the airport runway. the pacific island nation has been cut off from the world, cynthia russian. anderson nami destroyed homes and poisoned water supplies for the people of tang. we're hitting their way now with a whole lot of water. the ship can hold. currently holds over $250000.00 leaders of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water that we can then put ashore. wine haze live for us in oakland museum and hello there wayne. what's the latest on the relief if it is welcome use of course for talking to have been so badly affected by this natural disaster, that the 1st a flights will be arriving in the capital nuclear loafer within the next few hours . one, as you mentioned from the seal and the other from australia, they will be carrying the usual a supplies, fresh water, medical kits,
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shell tickets and other things like that. but also crucially some more equipment to help boost the telecommunications system. as we know that fiber optic cable beneath the sea was severed during the natural disaster. and that is why communication has been pretty much impossible since saturday nights since the eruption occurred. that's going to take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime, a now that telecommunications company has managed to get some satellite links up and running. so some phone calls a possible at the moment. but these flights arriving from new zealand and australia will hopefully further boost that capacity. so communication will be improved to and from tongue out any some good news. thank you very much. wine. hey, live for us in oakland, you zealand the u. s. will start distributing 400000000 and 95 mosques for free across the country next week from its national strategic stockpile. health experts say they're the
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most protective face covering against the only con variance. the white house has been facing criticism for shortages of high grade mosques and at home testing kids . the u. s. has been reporting an average of 800000 new cases every day. over the past week. britton's prime minister has defied calls to quit to during a rocha session in parliament. paris johnson says he won't be stepping down over the so called a party game scandal. he's been under pressure to resign because of those parties in his downing street residents. joined corona virus luck downs. the backup reports from london. a holy charge must be permitted to questions began with another major body blow for forest johnson news. one of his m . p. 's kristian wakes that a defective to the opposition party. caught this following morning. newspaper reports of
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a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes to the prime minister's expense followed. i see the very noise on. i'm sure the chief whip was told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. quick way, nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic . if he had any shred of compassion for all those had them separately. they said he'd go and he's clamouring for explanations with johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened, locked down. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party and his job. when the history of this brandon, it comes to be written on the history of the labor party come to be written. i believe me, they are history main history because he will show emotion able show that we delivered while they did and we,
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we vaccinated while they vacillated. mister speaker, i am intensely proud of what this government has done and cool off to call for johnson to resign. was met with the same message to reserve judgement to wait for the result of the inquiry into a growing list of rules breaking. mister speaker, when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than disowning every time that he go now, eh, but his voice is from his own policy. the could do the most damage to his political future, m p. david davis wants the teresa may governments, chief president, negotiator, delivering this surgical strike like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the
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actions. i tech yesterday. he did the this is a so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him. of leroy murray to neville chamberlain . you sat there too long for all the good. you've done, and the name of god, god was for the full force of brand boris, back on show. and despite the promise, stood plum be covert restrictions will be slash from next week. this was a bruising day in parliament for the prime minister, seemingly impossible for him to escape all the growing anger within his conservative party and with the results of a potentially damaging inquiry just around the corner forest. johnson's days in office could soon be numbered. ne broker al jazeera, westminster, france, his record in more than 400000 cove 19 infections for a 2nd day. numbers are also soaring in easley with around 192000 daily infections. their ant is portuguese out the national elections on january 30. the government
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says infected people and those in isolation will be allowed to leave their homes to cast their ballots. one hour will be designated for cobra to positive residents and close contacts to travel to polling stations. still hair done, al jazeera, exercising with the masters, will tell you why. dutch museums are offering gym workouts and here ah, ah, look forward to pearly to sky's the with sponsored point cutoff airways. well there are no more warnings out for the amount of snow that's falling in japan, nor indeed in the korean flinching. in other words, it's pretty normal winter stuff. non sure breeze shares build and the snow is lovely in fluffy, if your skin still cold though,
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if you're not 18. tokyo minus 12 implants are stuck for the west and in china as an increase in the cloud. the rain and the snow potential for the next day or so it's not particularly heavy, but it is fairly widespread. and marching in towards beijing with a hive and minus one come friday. south of that will the heaviest rain, though it does show up every day getting lose all mrs. friday's forecasts should be for this happen. it is a seasonal stuff to java. sit away soon. bornea there be more flooding as a result of that. the lot arrange a counter recently, but in contrast is very dry looking now in india and sir lanka. these are shares in the foothills of the himalayas. what other rain or snow, depending on where you are, which means most the northern plane is settled, a quality is poor in, for example, new delhi in the whole, it may change that. you see something's coming in rain or snow. and the disturbance coming in from the west showing up on the new delhi forecast gray and windy and then probably sundry. but it isn't very war. oh,
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the weather sponsored by katara ways. ah ah, ah ah ah, ah. the
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hello are you watching out here? i am emily angry and reminder about health stories. this allen you as president predicts russia will invade ukraine is warned. his counterparts let me approach and they will because the sanction is action. however turbine and went on to say, he believes the russian lay there is not cain on full blown wall. meanwhile, the us secretary of say he's in ukraine to reaffirm american support at the lincoln ward. russia invited, very short notice who made russian foreign minister in geneva on friday. and the 1st international relief lights are on route to toma ash from saturday for canning corruption has finally been cleared from the runway the eruption. addison nami destroyed homes and contaminated or to supply the us president is mocking one year in office. joe biden has been rebuilding relationships with european allies and nature after ties were left strained. under donald trump is top
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a foreign policy priority remains the threat posed by russia on the ukrainian border. as dominic came reports from billy. this is the front line in the as yet undeclared war between ukraine and russia. few foreign policy issues a more pressing for the bible ministration than this. the us supports the government in kiff and says russia has a choice. there is the path of diplomacy in dialogue. to try to resolve whatever differences there are peacefully through diplomacy. clearly the preferable path clearly the most responsible path and the one that we would prefer. but there is also the path if russia chooses to renew aggression of conflict, confrontation and consequences for russia. and we have been working to build out both of those tabs in very close coordination and collaboration with, with our partners. one of those main allies and partners in germany whose new chancellor, all of shots, has stressed the importance of the transatlantic relationship. it's a view,
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some analysts say is mirrored in washington. so the united states is making every effort to keep europe and the loop. there was going to be no discussion of the ukraine without ukrainians involved, no discussion of the european security architecture without europeans involved. so that is surely going to be the guiding principle of the united states. it's no secret that many european leaders welcome the result of the 2020 us election, nor that they had high hopes for abide and administration, something the man himself made very clear to everyone. first of all, i'm letting them know that america's back. we're going to be back in the game. it's not american alone. in the last year of the trump administration, many in germany felt that the former president had eroded his country. supposing moral authority some here in germany even began referring to angle inaccurate as the leader of the free world. now both of them are out of office and opinion pulse
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to say the german public feels very differently, almost 8 out of 10 germans who said that the relations are good or very. and also the united states is not perceived by 44 percent of germans as the most important partner for germany. but how long that perception loss may depend in part on how the west deals with the ukraine crisis. remembering that right now, joe biden's government says russia has many tens of thousands of troops massed on ukraine's borden. dominant cane al jazeera berlin at spring in stays clemons to discuss biden's 1st year in office. he is the host of al jazeera as the bottom line and editor at lodge with the hill and joins us from washington. they say, thanks for being on the program state. do you think this looming conflict with russia is the biggest test for the bottom administration today? look there a lot of big tests for joe biden, if it's, if the republicans in,
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you know, domestically, but vladimir putin and i would also seize, using, paying and the international system. you know, rit largest testing joe biden. so this is a very big test, but it's not the only test, there's a lot of doubt in the solvency of america's engagement in the world today. and i think that vladimir putin has this obsession with trying to show that america is in strategic contraction right now. and that we cannot really deliver on some of the promises and imply promises we have around the world. so yes, it's a defining challenge for this president, but it's by far not the only one. thinking of those challenges and closer to home, and he's in all growth stage by and pledge to end what he called the civil war. do you think that promise remains unfulfilled? it's absolutely unfulfilled. look, i, you know, i, i am one who hopes that president biden were to succeed. that, that what we saw on january 6, the year ago, the toxicity and the tension in american politics at a rapid, on
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a day when some americans attacked the u. s. capital would, would be neutralized and that you could begin to see republicans, democrats, at least some of them coming together on some issues. but the truth is that the distance between different sides and they're probably more than 2 sides, to be honest, probably $34.00 or 5 sides have widened and not decreased. i think president biden and his team are trying, i think they're working very hard at trying to find ways with investing and infrastructure in the united states. now looking at how they can make the lives better for a lot of americans who've been left behind. but so far, the equation is not adding up to different parts of the political equation, seeing that they have more in common with each other than they have a part right now. do this in politics, is winning not the politics of coming together. certainly a lot has happened over the course of 12 months, really is incredible to think that it's been a year already. what are some of the challenges that are going forward for the
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president? i think the president has a mathematics problem. he has at least one to maybe a few other senators that are not robustly supportive of the agenda that he's brought forth. they did support the infrastructure bill. they did support what was called the american recovery act. but his other big piece of legislation will there to build back better act, which is really a social infrastructure to rewire the social contract for a lot of americans who are just, you know, frankly don't have the resources for child care and other kinds of support that bill failed failed because he did not have his entire caucus behind them. we have another bill that has just failed as if tonight in the united states senate he was unable to, you know, put the pieces together to get what was called the voting rights act. bill passed and so you've had on this one year anniversary of presidents time and job writing
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this time and office you've had punctuation marks, very big ones that are punctuated his weaknesses, not his successes. he had 2 extraordinary successes earlier, but they didn't stay there. and i think right now, as you kind of look at the future right now, joe biden, to ask himself, can he begin putting things on the docket for that are appealing both to republicans and democrats, or at least to all democrat, because right now he doesn't have all democrats behind it, that is a challenge for the present. lot of us looking at the, you know, the president, this why don't, why aren't you putting something on the table that will be less controversial? there are a lot of issues that might be that, but so far they've been playing to the left wing of the democratic party, not to the moderate wing. and to the centrist americans would like to see things move forward. it's hard to explain why that's been, but when we're one year anniversary out, we can say joe biden, one on something, one and others. they chose this time one year out and they fail 2 times in 2 weeks
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on 2 huge bills. and that's an extraordinary one year anniversary present. certainly is going to be fascinating to see how the next 12 months play out. thank you for your time. steve clemens, the host of al jazeera, is the bottom line still in the us and former president, donald trump has lost the bid to block the release of white house records of lost and generous attack on the capital. ice of the 9 supreme court justices rejected the directive, which can be appealed. more than $700.00 pages of records will be sent to the committee investigating the ryan more people are dying around the world from antibiotic resistant bacterial infections than from malaria or h. i vain that's according to a study published in the british medical journal, the lancet. it found that what were previously treatable, infections killed almost 1300000 people in 2019 low and middle income
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countries were the worst effected. although high income nations are also facing alarmingly high levels of bacteria resistance, the study recommends a better use of existing drugs and more funding to develop new treatment. let's bring in a dr. kevin e kuta who's an infectious diseases physician. and one of the co authors of the report he joins us live now from los angeles. thanks for being on the program. dr. the certainly a staggering findings more dead from these bacterial infections and malaria or h i v. so what's driving the fatality? thank you for having the emily. yes, so this, this project was a collaboration between the university of oxford and i, it's me at university of washington. as you mentioned, our estimates revealed that at least $1200000.00 deaths per year are directly attributable to enter microbial resistance to represent a major cause of health boss requiring urgent action and policy makers in the
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health community. to avoid further preventable debts, am are, as you said, is responsible for more depth and h, i, v, or malaria. this is driven by a number of factors in high income countries. antibiotic overuse may be a major driver. whereas in sub saharan africa where we estimated the greatest burden to him, our lack of access to clean water generation and hygiene may be a driver for community spread of inch microbial resistant infections. that's really interesting. i just want to pick up an appointment. you mentioned navy or the use of antibiotics in some western countries. can you write that down a little bit more for us? because that's something that i've heard anecdotally, but i didn't realize that is it actually being proven medically? yeah, well we know that antibiotics would use, you know, we look at a one help sort of approach. so think about antibiotic use in animals as well as humans. we know that we need to invest in optimizing antibiotic use in human and
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such that antibiotics aren't used when there's say, a viral infection. and at the right antibiotic is used for the right infection. so in some locations, actually increasing access to antibiotics may be the right approach for now. when these 1st finance about expel, making sure that people have access, the 2nd line, antibiotics can be life. so the certainly seems remote, it's multifaceted. also in the report it spoke about how children are at high risk . talk us through that. yeah, i would emphasize that all ages are affected by enter microbial resistance, but we did find that young children, so particularly children under the age of 5, were responsible for 20 percent of the deaths caused by intimate global resistance . children under the age of 5. and that young do not have fully developed immune
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system the way that they interact with the world and the way they behave is different. so, more things sort of end up in children's mountains than a normal adult. and this is compounded and low and middle income countries where there isn't great access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. this translates to high rates of infections. and when you add in resistance to that equation, we see very high rates of death. well, we appreciate your insights, doctor, sorry to cut you short. they were just running short of time and dr. kevin e cooter and infectious diseases physician. appreciate your time. cultural venues in the netherlands have often exercised sessions and hair cuts in protest against. they continued closure. the country has eased a month, long locked down, allowing jim, hey, dresses, and shops to reopen, bought museums, and concert halls must remain closed. that fasten, explains from amsterdam, looking out under the watchful eye of 17th century city garth,
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painted by the famous dutch master france halls. this museum turned itself into a sports school to protest against the government decision to re open chimps. here salons and shop cultural venues remain closed. it was amazing because it didn't have a lot of time to look at the actual paintings because it wasn't really a hard workout, but i've never done something like this before. so it was great. despite a current wave of growth at $900.00 infections, the museum says it's capable of re opening safely. that's missy and coming back to life after weeks of yet and not a lock down. although this audience doesn't seem to have come here now for the dutch masters message area, also 2 years of really being marginalized as cultural institutions, we feel that we're being treated. and the whole process of opening up and locking down which in the netherlands has been extreme. we feel that we're treated like 2nd rate citizens as if culture is not relevant, that sport and consumption commercial sector is vital. the,
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the amsterdam concert hall itself into a here alone, where people could enjoy classical music while getting a haircut. auto scott menu who are well admiring paintings oftentimes fanco most performances for fully booked and visitors had the vaccination or proof of a covert infection checked upon entry. like here at the show of a famous dutch comedian who performed for the 1st time in 2 years. the theatre was turned into a massage parlor. you'd like to see to keep the rules. but it's necessary. did speak out and say, attempt to deny us long. oh gosh tom, this being together listen to 2 beautiful things. are i miss concerts? i miss her theater. not not really violating. no, it's um, may be against a little bit better with. gotcha. and i think i've got people always want to search
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for her. what, how do you said the boundaries? the authorities had warned in advance that venues would be fine if they open their doors and protest in a few cities. official warnings were handed down. the junior minister for culture sachi understands the protest. but opening up society, she says, we'll have to go step by step step, fasten al jazeera, amsterdam. ah, hello, are you watching out his ear? these are the top stories this hour. you as president briggs, russia will invade ukraine. he's warned his counterpart, vladimir persian. there will be costly sanctions if he does. however, joe biden went on to say, he believes the russian leader is not came on full blown wall too. i think she'll chest west just united states. and nina, as she gets busy, can yes.


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