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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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said that american troops cannot afford it within the taliban with inside story parker. a frank assessment of the days headlines. subscribe now. however you listen to podcasts. ah, i guess she will just do something for you as president joe biden believes russia will. st forces in to ukraine, but warns moscow will pay a high price. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up 5 days after the volcanic eruption and synonymy in tona, some cell phone and electricity services. i was stored in the name of god god.
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britain's prime minister refuses to resign, overlooked down parties in downing street while announcing his lifting england's conquered restrictions and at palestinian family at the center of an anti expulsion campaign, is evicted by israeli police, and their homes demolished. ah, we begin in the us where the president says he believes russia will make a military incursion into ukraine because vladimir potent, the, has to be seen to be doing something show bought. it has promised costly sanctions in the event of a full scale invasion and heavy human losses for russia. he went on to say potent will come to regret any military action to i think he'll just west just the united states and they don't as significant. yes, i think he will,
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but i think will pay a serious and dear price for it. and he doesn't think now. cost $1.00 is going to cost. and i think you regret having done ok, so let's take a closer look at how russia has been increasing its presence in the region. russia has amassed and estimated $100000.00 troops around the north and east of ukraine. it includes areas that put moscow in easy, striking distance of the capital kiev. for the past 8 years, ukraine has been battling some 35000 russian back rebels who controlled 2 of its eastern provinces. russia reportedly has military personnel station there, though the kremlin denies this. moscow has also deployed in crimea, which was annexed from ukraine in 2014. and there are fees another battlefront could open up on the border without a ruse where russia is moving. troops for war games next month. white house correspondent, kimberly how kit is covering these development for us. hello,
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they kimberly bided has been addressing the media in a lengthy press conference. and he certainly wasn't missing words when it comes to russia. that's right. the u. s. president made his most definitive statement yet with regard to whether he believes, if vladimir putin, the u. s. president will invade ukraine, something that u. s. intelligence has been indicating for some time, not only because the of russian troops have been amassed along the border of ukraine, read by the 10s of thousands. but also that we see the up tick since november a on social media that seems to indicate that as well. but now the u. s. president saying that he believes that in fact, bladder of hootin and has a perhaps made the decision to is somewhat imminently make that invasion and that it would be
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a regrettable decision. and the u. s. president also saying that if vladimir putin does do this, that there would be harsh financial sanctions. something that the international community has warned and cautioned against repeatedly and that it would be punishing and have lasting effects in the short term, mid term as well as long term. kimberly, what are the next move from washington likely to be in relation to russia? well we know that the. c secretary of state to antony blinkin has been in the region. he is talking not only to the president of ukraine, but he is also traveling to berlin. but all eyes really are watching for what will happen on friday when he meets with his counterpart. and that is a meeting that will take place in geneva. and of course, that will be with the russian foreign minister, where once again,
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we know that there are going to be strong words that will be cautioning against the military or invasion if you will, into ukraine. what we know is that this is something that the united states is strongly cautioning against the u. s. president saying from the east room just now, but it is a choice for russia to make that they should in the eyes of the united states choose diplomacy. but if they do not, the united states in the west is prepared to respond in the harshest of consequences. should russia choose that path? certainly a dynamic situation. thank you very much for that update. what has correspondent, kimberly, how could live for us? and as we just heard from, kimberly the u. s. secretary of state has spain in kiev, reaffirming washington's commitment to ukraine. honda abdullah hum. it has the latest stat of kiff. hello. nice. the message is the same,
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but this time is from the ukrainian capital. give that us secretary of state anthony, blinking renewed, called for russia to choose diplomacy, or pay a price in case of military escalation today. there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine borders. and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start or integrity to sovereignty, to its independence. they can arrange visit comes as washington confirms another $200000000.00 in military, a clear show of support for what us called ukraine's fundamental right to sovereignty. that's a good moscow. it says that's a threat to its own security ukraine in the u. s. hoping this military support may change president vladimir putin calculations, even though more russian troops are on the move. this time towards ukraine's
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northern border. russia says is ahead of plan military exercises with bella rues, and the us shouldn't be concerned. declaring political support from the side of united states and to provide income such military year, military supplies can deter ross on aggression of course rational. we owe imprecise, that are providing good, the military weapons, a red line for them. but it is the only way to refrain to defend itself, no tensions between nature and moscow over ukraine have been going for months. prudent is demanding that the americans pledge never to let you crave jo nato or expand the military alliance eastwards at the man. the u. s refuses to accept western countries have accused the kremlin of preparing a pretext for an assault on ukraine. and d, as went further saying it has intelligence that russia could carry out
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a covert operation inside ukraine to create instability. but if hopes for more negotiations seemed to have rejected and last week, now there seems to be again, room for a diplomatic solution to this crisis. despite the rhetoric and accusations myself, i find it unlikely that russia would attack ukraine in this manner. but people expect to have huge land force that will inevitably result in many casualties. i do not think that russian society and russian political system could take that psychological blow easily sill ukraine would like to see decisive action against russia sooner rather than later. starting with imposing new harsh sanctions that would weaken rush as economy from here, anthony lincoln had to berlin, where he will discuss with some of his european counterparts. the way forward in
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preparation of another meeting on friday was a russian foreign minister, sergey lovegrove. now ask anyone here, and they would tell you that that meeting is the most important of the week, put up the meet edges you are give. russia meanwhile, continues to insist it warn't invade ukraine dosage of our easy moscow with more on the cremeans reaction. the accusations coming this way are being met with counter accusations. the russian foreign minister has said that what the united states is accusing russia is absolutely not true. they have no intention of invading ukraine, and they're not interested in escalating the attention with that country. the quite the opposite as they believe what they're doing alongside their own border as well within their own right. we've been hearing from the russian deputy foreign minister circ a rib cough. who has said that a scheduled event here in the capital on wednesday, that any kind of a military aid to kiev will be considered an act of aggression against russia. that
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it threatens russia. and that to any kind of pressure from the us about what russia should do with his own troops will not be tolerated. it will not help the situation . the deputy foreign minister also went on to say that russia is not going to make any changes to their troop movements in their own country, and that russia will never allow ukraine to join nature. and that is something he was very clear about. he said that russia will do everything i can to prevent ukraine, as well as georgia, from joining the nato alliance. and that is something that will continue and that any kind of a temporary fries on their membership is also unacceptable. this is the line we'll be hearing from the kremlin as well. earlier on wednesday, the spokesperson from the court for the kremlin dmitri pest golf at said that this upcoming meeting in geneva on friday is extremely important for russia. and that the agenda is already cleared, the russian foreign minister will meet his american counterpart. and it is believed that the russians are expecting some kind of an official response from the
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americans about the security guarantees that they're looking for. and germany's new chancellor, all of shoal says, staying silent on the russia. ukraine tension is not an option. adding borders must be respected. the intensive talks we have been engaging in with russia since the beginning of january. it is still too early to tell whether they will hope deescalate to situation russia created by concentrating 100000 troops along the border with ukraine. but after years of rising tensions, staying silent does not as sensible option. that is why we are talking to moscow in a range of different formats about or commitment to you, greens, territorial integrity, and about a key principle of a common european piece order that borders must not be moved by force to other world news now. and the 1st international relief flights are due to leave the
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tongue them ash from saturdays. volcanic eruption has finally been cleared from the airports runway. the pacific island nation has been cut off from the world since the eruption anderson army destroyed homes and poisoned water supplies. there are some, these are some of the latest images rather showing the destruction. phone communications have now been partly restored. australia and new zealand, our leading relief efforts as well. hey, reports from oakland. help is on its way to tongue up to new zealand navy ships carrying supplies have begun a 3 day journey which should see them arrive on friday. perhaps the most essential cargo will be fresh water and a desalination plot to make more while the ships of their we're hitting their way now. with a whole lot of water, the ship can hold. currently holds over 250000 liters of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water. satellite images show
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a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue. his main airport on the left is how it looked before the russian. the ash is delaying deliveries of international 8 flights volunteers, which is a cleaning up the runway. and the stains before the end of the week that may well be completed, and there will be an opportunity for a craft to lean slightly. but we won't know the full extent of it. outcome until the run my it's cleared in a proper i can be undertaken. communicating with tongue, it is difficult. there's no internet and limited phone calls, because the soon army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the country to the rest of the world. the telecoms operator says it will be at least 4 weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, see all see saline released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the eruption caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume
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covering all of tongue is 170 islands. the red cross is to make that up to 80000 common may be effected. the devastation is why we're and i mean, it was one of the most bulky next your actions. in decades, the tone in government has given approval for the new zealand navy ships to arrive in its waters, but the aide carrying must be delivered contactless. tanya has had just one case of coven 19 since the pandemic began, while it desperately needs help. it doesn't want to risk an outbreak. now. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's still head on al jazeera, dozens of us band flights cancelled or rescheduled, as concerns amounts about the roll out of the 5 t mobile network. and we take you to tie hazy where a rare conway has been discovered 30 meters below. with
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right off the snows, the bitter cold. the probably be noticed as this bit here will come to the 2nd but still in the northeast corner of the earth. and especially eastern canada, pretty raw feeling whether there were that roar wind which is blowing during so it comes up against the still existing not quite as role when you tend to get there frontal system, which means possibly freezing rain on, on top of the snow is all pretty nasty stuff. it really good to be out in my g. the sons out in ottawa minus 18 and minus 10 in toronto with us. any compensation is reminder of the real deep arctic pushed down through the plane states, kansas city max of minus 8. that cold keep pushing down the gulf coast, houston's max, albany plus 8. this is cold winter. there's that line we're talking about. we were told that new york is stretched down sleep to the bottom as well to the gulf states
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that could be tornadic weather on the west coast pacific coast limit of rain and snow coming in through washington, oregon. and may be idaho south that it's generally speaking fine. the picture on friday is a march or the same thing. the temperature don't drop anymore. the real cold is cut off because there's no more snow marching slowly across. so at the caribbean, breeze is not too strong. the showers are pretty well scattered. doesn't look bad at all. ah. oh, mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not every one feels living in its shadow. with good food for thought, is there something magnetic about the service, the good people who don't live up i'll she 0 will goes to the red. so ne, in naples, to understand this a mutual love of living with the volcano on al jazeera
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lou. ah, ah, hello, are you watching out a 0? i'm emily anglin, a reminder about top stories this hour for you as president predicts russia will invade ukraine. he's warned his counterparts. vladimir putin, they will be costly, sanctions and heavy human losses for his actions. however, joe biden went on to say, he believes the russian later is not keen on a full blown war. the u. s. secretary of state, ease in ukraine to reaffirm american support. antony blinking, born to russia, quoting baghdad, very short notice he will make russian foreign minister sir guy levrets in geneva
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on friday. and the 1st international relief flights are due to leave for tama ash from saturdays. volcanic eruption has finally been cleared from the airports runway the russian and has to nami, destroyed homes and contaminated water supplies. the us will start distributing 400000000 and 95 mosques for free across the country next week from its national strategic stock, palm health experts say they are the most protective face covering against the army con variant. the white house has been facing criticism for shortages of high grade mosques and at home testing kids. the us has been reporting an average of 800000 new cases every day. over the past week. britton's prime minister has defied calls to quit during a raucous session in parliament bars. johnson said he won't be stepping down over the so called party game scandal. he's been under pressure to resign because if his
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party's in his downing street residence during corona virus locked downs, name back a has the latest from london. a honey charge must be permitted to questions began with another major body blow. football is johnson news. one of his m p 's christian wakes that had defected to the opposition party. this following morning, newspaper reports of a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes of the prime minister's expense followed. i see the very noise on. i'm sure the chief worth was told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. like way nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic. if he had any shred of compassion for all those had them separately. they said he'd go and hate clamoring for explanations with johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule
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breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened lockdown. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party and his job. when the history of this brandon, it comes to be written on the history of the labor party come to be written. i believe me, they are. history will remain history with us. he won't show emotion able show that we delivered while they did it. and we, we vaccinated. well, they vacillated mister speaker. i am intensely proud of what this government has done. and cool off to call for johnson to resign was met with the same message to reserve judgment and wait for the result of the inquiry into a growing list. of rules breaking mister speaker, when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than disowning every time that oh,
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but his voice is from his own policy. the could do the most damage to his political future. m p. david davis wants the theresa may governments chief, president, negotiator, delivering this surgical strike like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions i took yesterday. he did the opposite of that. so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of leeway. murray to neville chamberlain . you sat there too long for all good. you done in the name of god, god was for the full force of brand boris, back on show. and despite the promise, stood plum be coven restrictions will be slash from next week. this was a bruising day in parliament for the prime minister, seemingly impossible for him to escape all the growing anger within his
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conservative party and with the results of a potentially damaging inquiry just around the corner. forest. johnson's days in office could soon be numbered. ne broker al jazeera westminster, a palestinian family living in occupied east. jerusalem has lost their fight to south is riley place demolishing their home. a family of 15 had threatened to blow up the property. they were forced from the shag sharon neighbourhood, hundreds of other palestinians. there also face thank forcibly evicted, despite protests, by activists and international criticism of his riley policy. harry force it has moved from the demolition site. it was around 3 o'clock in the morning on a very cold and rainy morning here occupied the system that about a 100 is ready security forces moved in to the property, they cut off at a tricity of a cordon off the area. they arrested some 18 to 25 people, some of them members of the family, some of them activists who,
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being supporting them. and they then proceeded finally to demolish the home on this line. now as far as he is ready, municipality and police are concerned to issue to a joint statement about this, they say that this is land that was appropriated long ago has been destined to be made into a school, a special lead school for children in the area and they say that the family did not have a legal right to be that. however, as far as western diplomats have been protesting, this activists and thomaston is more generally concerned. this is not a question of israeli lords, question of international law, this being occupied line. and therefore, such action is illegal and comes in the context of a wide, a systemic attempt to make it more more difficult for palestinians in ocoee bodies choose them to do dies this part of the city so slightly less clear cut than some of the issues that have made check your are such a flash point in recent months, but nonetheless, attracting protests and we have to wait and see what the reaction will be. and
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these rouse actions in shad gerra have raised concerns of the united nations security council. the u. n. middle east envoy is warning forcible evictions, demolitions and settlement activity, awakening prospects for pace. diplomatic, and is a james base reports from the you in the middle east. peace process is a special issue for norway. this month's president of the security council, the country broke the oslo accords almost 30 years ago. in fact, norway's ambassador mona jewels sitting behind the foreign minister who shared the meeting, played an instrumental role in mediation at the time. the you and envoy tor westland is also a norwegian, and he reacted to the latest his railey action. 15 members of a family and shake sher are a palestinian neighbourhood in east jerusalem would drag from their home. it was then demolished just hours before the security council meeting. i still remain concerned by the potentially sion of
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a number of palestinian families from homes they have lived in full decades in c. h . robinson. bartley moves of his dues at the risk that such actions falls for escalating violence. i call on his really authorities to end the displacement and evictions of palestinians in line with its obligation on the international law. israel's ambassador to the un brought a large rock to the security council meeting, saying it was a palestinian terrorist weapon. a palestinian diplomat later remarked to me, perhaps our sight should bring a fight to jet next time to show the weapons these rallies use. outside the council chamber. i asked the israeli ambassador to explain his government's actions and shake gerra. in regards to what you asked me about, the supposed evictions. again, israel is a low biding country. we have a very respected and responsible and independent legal system. you don't abide by
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you and security council resolutions that's international. our, our legal system is her, is her respected internationally and our courts our own. as i said, independent. no, i had called this as a ministerial meeting of the security council to refocus attention on one of the world longest standing conflicts. cove. it is clearly a factor, but out of the 15 council members only gonna annoy itself sent a foreign ministers. the palestinian foreign minister was not critical of that. but when he spoke to reporters did express his disappointment at the biden administration. in the 1st year in office, he'd hope the new president would have done more to restart diplomacy. james bass out, his era at the united nations. well, some major airlines are still canceling flight to the us because of concerns that new foggy mobile services could disrupt the navigation systems. that's despite the
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roll out, being scaled back by us, telecom companies, 18. seen the rise and there are fees 5 g signals could interfere with some instrument that measure plains altitude, which are crucial during bad weather. i wish chris chris nash swami is a professor of electrical engineering. he says there are solutions to those problems. these c band frequencies, as they're called that the 5 g is deploying, potentially interfere with these radar ultimate or but there are, you know, solutions to the problem. so the buffer space that was discussed earlier is one solution where carriers turn down the power that they transmit in a certain radius around airports, and that will help to reduce the interference. also, studies have been performed the show that certain classes of ultimate or that are more sensitive aren't actually jammed by the ban fees. and so just in the last
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couple of weeks alone from early january to today, the f a was actually able to clear roughly 50 percent of aircraft that use the newer ultimate ers. and you know, they're clear for or use or, or buy their landing. and so, you know, upgrading older ultimate ers to newer solutions that don't suffer from the center grants problem represents the other forward. so c bandwidth was allocated does overlap with the reader on to me and our band, which is from $4.00 to $4.00 gigahertz in order to mitigate the risks. the fcc and carriers have actually decided to use the lower portion of the band that doesn't perfectly relapse with the radar ultimate or frequencies. that being said, if you have powerful transition and transmission that are in a frequency that's very close to where the ultimate or works, that can be a problem also. that can jam the ultimate or as well. scientists have discovered a rare coral rafe off the coast of ty, haiti,
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its being referred to as the field of roses because of its distinct shapes. at 3 kilometers long. the reef is one of the largest of its kind in the world. a un report says, coral is home to more than a quarter of all moraine life, but it's seen a global decline over the past decade, due to rising, say, temperatures. let's take a closer look at this particular race. it's located in the south pacific in the so called twilight zone, that's the area more than 30 meters below the ocean surface. the giant carls were found in pristine condition with no pollution. only 20 percent of the world save it has been mapped mostly at tips of less than 30 meters. until now a lack of technology had prevented marine biologists from studying rays in the twilight zone. this was the so now we will do our 1st dive along the reef of roses, see how deep they go. we're going to an unexplored world to explore the unexplored . it's quite motivating and exhilarating. you said i'm under. what was the goal is
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to return to the field of ro, ship corals and we will go to another area. it's reassuring to us that the field is very large and that we can dive a different locations and still find the cultural. and before we go, make sure you check out our website, which is al jazeera dot com to get all the latest news and full. i hello, are you watching algae 0? let's take a look at our top stories. this album, the us president predicts russia will invade ukraine. he's want his counterpart, let me persian. they will be costly, sanctions and heavy human losses for his actions. however, joe bob went on to say, he believes the russian leader is not cain for a full blown war. 2, i think he'll just west chest the united states and they don't.


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