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tv   Witness Meet the Syrians  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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the common al jazeera as a, you know, the a hello. on barbara theron london. these are the top stories on i'll just the europe, the secretary of state has warned russia could invade ukraine, a very short notice. anthony, blinking is meant ukraine's president volunteers zalinski and kia to reaffirm the u . s. commitment to with ally ukrainian intelligence assessment reportedly found that russia has $127000.00 troops to the north and east of ukraine. the u. s. says it will continue to provide the fence health and is prepared to impose swift functions. in the event of an incursion,
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anthony blinking will meet his russian counterpart in geneva on friday. russia invaded territory in crimea, ginned up a conflict in eastern ukraine. and it systematically saw to undermine and divide ukraine's democracy. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine borders. and in that sense, the threat to your friend is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start to check ready to sovereignty, to its independence. and i know that's a message that you've heard, not just from us by from so many partners throughout europe, dosage of barriers and moscow with the reaction from the kremlin. the accusations coming this way are being met with counter accusations. the russian foreign minister has said that what the united states is accusing russia is absolutely not
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true. they have no intention of invading ukraine, and they're not interested in escalating their attention with that country. the quite the opposite as they believe what they're doing alongside their own border as well within their own right. we've been hearing from the russian deputy foreign minister survey ripped off, who has said that a scheduled event here in the capital on wednesday. that any kind of a military aid to kiev will be considered an act of aggression against russia that it threatens russia. and that to any kind of pressure from the us about what russia should do with his own troops will not be tolerated. it will not help the situation . the deputy foreign minister also went on to say that russia is not going to make any changes to their troop movements in their own country, and that russia will never allow ukraine to join nature. and that is something he was very clear about. he said that russia will do everything that can't prevent ukraine, as well as georgia from joining the nato alliance. and that is something that will continue and that any kind of
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a temporary fries on their membership is also unacceptable. this is the line we'll be hearing from the kremlin as well. earlier on wednesday, the spokesperson from the court for the kremlin dmitri pest golf at said that this upcoming meeting in geneva on friday is extremely important for russia. and that the agenda is already cleared. the russian foreign minister will meet his american counterpart and it is believed that the russians are expecting some kind of an official response from the americans about the security guarantees that they're looking for. the you case, prime minister has faced more calls to step down after allegations of corona virus rule breaking an m p from his ruling conservative party dramatically defected to the opposition. moments before boris johnson appeared in parliament after a series of bruising questions from labor. as leader, one of johnston's former cabinet ministers told them in the name of god go, he is accused of having attended at parties in his official home when gatherings
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were band. new pictures from tong are finally revealing the damage from a volcanic eruption and salami last saturday. the pacific islands are blanketed in a layer of ash which is also contaminated drinking water and aid. official says most buildings on 3 outer islands have been destroyed, but it's slowly becoming possible to make phone calls after the synonymy severed and under c cable, at least 3 people are known to have died. 2 japanese airlines are resuming flights to the u. s, but dozens of other carriers are still canceling arrivals over fears about the roll out of 5 g mobile technology. major telecom companies have delayed switching on the networks near airports. well, those are the top stories that stay with us. the news continues after witness. thanks for watching. bye bye. ah
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will it over been over then? it was a series in the day with thank you. a man let the kilowatt hour holic in the mechanical, any mccaney and into the semester with him a little bit of caliah. how the nika lemme toilet quoting you, because you've been with
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a look at the file been, i'm in syria and i see, and i was me say i did amount amount of feel young and he's on his way home. like when it comes on heck, and i want to send him. but the actor was all the mom in philadelphia and away with with a fill up. yeah. do you wanna do it and let them know? yeah. billing, gisela melendez and um, mom is the full, the billing. please go ahead. that's
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i love the shuffles, samuel come seem some i'm sure you're not calling me leaving. can you come see me? my son, your homes matter as much skeptical. you come see me. the couple of this will be this other the for some law offices. me or something to tell me you come see me here, my phone and the mom, so not to see me on the mac, you must little part making sure about my know how much room he filled out and i haven't been able to be on the call and know on the fact that sure. what about for sure in macro or the not just to team i would love to have loveless
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10th grade a i'm with no, no. okay. so she has a team, a team date. she will start off our 9th grade because we don't have any records, but not sure how when i'm at, i'm looking for a, a cleaning because we've had a school. i'll have had a,
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with a pebble the my mothers are the what i keep checking and column has been has been or fee. i was, i was a washout, lhasa members, a. busy wage form is very low, so the mom, the initial, held me even us. it was my house to tell you into on can back home with the
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files you to the home on what i think with a partial nonconsent. i want to watch it on a see how does that on how does doesn't my oh, come on. i would look to it as to how much notice we are on it out in you're not, we're not sure how the how they won't get into our lawyers are working on that. i'd love to learn to meditate and a funny health care. our maggie and i did a has a name, a gina breakdown. you and i teach that to law. oh, how big and i think you're hungry. i'm just not gina. gina, and silly. a stronger. she's not here now that are having a lot of fun. it's wonderful. to them and i don't understand no less upset, don't worry about that. no, i am a midwife exam and have a sheet on ambia. they want to be sure. and i'm additional from silicon. what's it,
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what's on the mom? a look at them that these are these, i'm a play fish way it's am. let me to let us know. do i need to take care of beth with with health care the high school in this or that on a higher last on there that i actually know hello. hi, ashley. a,
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a dozen. i wish able to pick up the leaves. a thought i would say in the face was to ask, i have to read a almost a, a non because good with a president of the united help with my will my ability with
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your help, the god, what your outline is and let him drive with . ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback a it's on the phone to one or this one is the model number. that is something you can talk with as a walk in
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a lot. okay. oh, what is it? oh yeah. i woke up with a
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a with a team. mm hm. so like lm's a hostile, one of them are still there. i know that we are mad, wilma, that we parent speak english. we would have to look into some entry level chapel tech at the factory and it may be called you might have to stand all day, but that's something we cannot afford. it hasn't been here forever.
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a mini lynn or one of them. you can just put a car there to get a job one month, a woman to buy a job. i'm an actual seller like a winning move take your ships to democracy. activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid,
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you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you could see on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london protocol center to special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on from dead uninterrupted . i realized i was working for something i was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria, meet christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio b unscripted on al jazeera. ah, many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was burned, looted, or blown up
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a small group of people who risk their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films, and these records of all of the other afghanistan's that existed saving decades of history. they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19 sixty's come cinema was born filmmakers on the way of the dangers to come . if the world has taught us anything, it's that we all need support. that includes as hail won an s hail to, to do their job. they need help from the ground. support doesn't come any stronger than the s l samp teleport designed to protect and maintain our satellite. from
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infrastructure to control, it never stops adding assails sounds. space to deliver your vision. lou. hello and barbara sarah in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the u. s. secretary of state has warned russia could invade ukraine at very short notice. anthony blink, him has met ukraine's president, volunteered a zalinski, and he have to reaffirm the u. s. commitment to its ally. a ukrainian intelligence assessment reportedly found russia as a $127000.00 troops to the north and east of ukraine. the u. s. says it will continue to provide defense health and is prepared to impose swift functions. in the event of an incursion,
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anthony blinking will meet his russian counterpart in geneva. on friday. russia invaded territory and crimea ginned up a conflict in eastern ukraine. and it systematically sought to undermine and divide ukraine's democracy. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine borders. and in that sense, the threat to your friend is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start or integrity to sovereignty towards independence. and i know that's a message that you've heard, not just from us, but from so many partners throughout europe. the u. k. prime minister has faced more calls the step down after allegations of corona virus rule breaking, and n p from his ruling conservative party dramatically defective to the opposition.
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moments before boris johnson appeared in parliament after a series of bruising questions from labors liter. one of johnson's former cabinet ministers told him in the name of god go. new pictures from tongue are are finally revealing the damage from a volcanic eruption and synonymy last saturday. the pacific islands are blanket hidden layer of ash, and 8 official says most buildings on 3 outer islands has been destroyed to japanese, they were lines of resuming slides to the us. but dozens of other carriers are still canceling arrivals over fears about the roll out of 5 g mobile technology. major telecom companies have delayed switching on the networks near airports after warnings that could interfere with navigation systems. warner, those stories on the al jazeera news. i would that's coming up in just under half an hour after witness. ah
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and so love him. it's morally yemen shaw lo modem. hello shall added mister. known beyond the d. i'm sion i did, i'm dick or he blaze. tom fuller caught up in the manure, legit unit. so dean units on your cloud, we had that happen on him and the and need your la honey and have it. and want financial badly not, and i to say to look out or he fish that the link that you scan saab and indeed halleck why abdulla do, but his semana on a many won't fit on big and i feel as val mamacita as for your habit and not to make little a man to cont, is lyric into one thick. don't you be well attended? mad. you worked any a little bit of it? i never deliberately. there should've been a ha, bullard, i believe,
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as early as like the yellow mess. you know, he, by all right, i'll be, i'll a meeting with you so that it only will for your i always manama. i think the kind of a a, a, a with you by oh, a, and i've been a, been helping a full memory with,
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with the hardest time every so you my partner and i close there and that my clients. and so i explained to them they can stay at our program now you're going to be taken, know very gradually, or you need to motivate them all the time. you know, since all of them refugees and they're coming from the, you know, awful situation to the brazilians that they have is great. most of the group are from one church. and one of the reasons why
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we do this is because this is what god has done for us. he has given us what we don't deserve. and i know to monica came on, ah, a phenomenal job. you really with
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a young woman and you said with a lot of a lot of the go, dan murphy, man man, man, field the call in my am over start putting been at the end of i would have been a little a little little with any list way the full m as you know, the feel a hand with
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molecule. second. my who can i tell my husband lincoln on account a i a a, a a, a company i officially a have not yet been home with a
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a shop a med. i'm a thought hi, polish to a to value our office. what i choice, i tell them i can potentially with i know, yeah, i do what they like to hear a word not feel bad. would you be ready for what might be difficult unless you want to come up with
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this is me and, and you were to political flow method, dual commence suited to long, but that us oh into was hamburgers and a v there. and here, and if you need alejandro, i had slipped into. yeah, i'm supposed to take him and then now i'm going to select the hearing. i'm virginia company amber was 11. i'm say your name. but then i remember, jackie, don't know, is the men like in the little us did us why the, the more for you. i mean and then human than me verbal us. well, yeah, i mean can the him get i didn't i, i, i love from the lesson and then i will law he, i had an ama bernard anyhow. yeah. see,
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be only him at the learn a separate tanya hayes and d. matthew mitchell must are unlocked in sibley, then she'll be behind me and i could have one loved one less. if it's, if it were lay high upon lush, if it will, over that lead, your bear dog will ship it to bear though i know a lot of it said the one lousy me corn, jani. i isd the bill of the lire mr. arbor. yes, the and no, but the m and haven't even not gotten my ballot. and the sub mccoy's from dallas. i had another for there and i do have one alum and, well, i don't know. can i have your his i've been may say do a kid that kid yanna like what for yard up on they were for we shall michela fall used to live one a had that therapy do me. i meant to get
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a mobile app. so with a dose. oh, how did i know? i'm a 100 farm center. if i own a villa deville line, you just, you know, so about most of us in the home say, hey, we should, we should, i won't the, i'd love to do a blessing because he'll have a bill and i'm like, well, i show it for the nist i got uniforms, legal muscle though, matthew, that i was more of this was about a year i shot boys like me. i blamed along with that. when did i
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solve it here in the us often? i shop a lot. yeah, it was still showing me any of those on it can't get advantage of it. how it looks like. as a matter of fact, i got a lot of the story optimization back when the national math and i was, i didn't know she was, i was another $30.00 to live here navigators or another if i was, are you sure amazon does? so again, that can come, can i low? yes. so from this has to, he'll still have to say that he has it, but the volume it does, i'm not a valid may $39.00 and then we can on that,
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i'll start hannah does just shortly. i just need to let him know that ah, can you can him as a customer? yeah. well, actually, take as much money as an est,
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i have god, now, order that anthea, do that. and then 2nd, majel, am hot, and the last move unlawful or don't have all of in t in know, not thought of, he didn't know a, in a lot of them in about. tom says, mean a lot of them died up in north america. some of the oh hm my mom, my blue knowledge, hardly on in the we have yes. yes. guy share. come on a laser and home. well, is it also a
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a good to have it? i have with no but but for yeah, yeah. wow. like me, i have got this guy. i you don't have to walk. yeah, no, no, no, i had a couple
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when i have it with a a a
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so many for before i mean can visit with both one a lot of america. my father, my not on dental people, ben gunner, any medical to have hail as a sample of birth. i mean like i'm yeah, yeah. i don't have a sense of how a lot of. yeah, no, no, not sick. if she can think pissy not forget here. eventually when uh
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no as well. no, no, no husband. this video again of the study of the vin palace i with a line and i can get one. i can go to my sister a zone she can go to georgia. maybe she hello lord, that him and then will. so you thought i know limber of he saw you awful or done for head that hacky horn call us that no. b r a formed fi america, her auckland, mother. and did you remember the philippines? how did you do that happen before they did have made an offer to mac and the paperless young
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man is ya. an open of seattle here in the stuff up on a pallet in hand on this effort by your mom. you mean for plan of c r sexy mom often from the lord done. so you know, on more than a lot of money or the back and look at that. he had an issue for america, little america, and on her issue fee of a boat fee and back him if he how come if he believes in the dom up extra capella. and it was getting rid of miss baylock, vitamin horn and o'con, i'll be may eugene america, article and happy had my roughly it was adequate life that nike, i'm glad i thought i had the dog. i love the word. no, i didn't get i was you know where her shirt short but no one is let me see the list of your members come on to work to look to buy
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a music. the future is female young. she the future is female. danny, it was that bad that bad about on live? oh boy. oh. and then in the dead there was always had a america neck wound and badly then another down in minor leash of her liana talk to mother g. i was a jonathan, my kick in
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venice. martha jo, nest minute or the la jolla what fee? hm she, she me ah, but also we also have timber dot missouri as a full year lockout abandoned. obama love how to model a machine, a pad and a mother had left my locomotive cuban all day. ah, any bizarre in with
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ah ah, ah. charged with crimes against humanity, $4000.00 counts of torture and $58.00 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power trucks, the 1st ever war crimes trial of a syrian high ranking officer. i am taking part of this trial because he did
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something bad to me and to others as there. so i don't, i focused about jobs as part of that. he's in the trial of on what a slim are to on. i just ita with time from all summer flooding in australia. you can see what happened in the last 24 hours ago. it's like queens and is the focus of the heaviest on the so,
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but in the full house it south australia that marching towards adelaide, the orange census mean pretty heavy rain ahead of it. on the shore breeze being shot up the coast from sidney onwards. and behind it is pretty hot in perth, it's 40 degrees, in fact, it's hit 40 so many times this summer that we could be counting on the new record. the number of forties hit in a summer season misses in pers. this didn't have bit of in house with the ne monsoon, which means a shaft can get heavier in some parts of the philippines at least, but in not especially outlandish. yet equally, although there is a ne, one scene monsoon blowing through the bay. bang, go the rains. sacks is no longer of the mainland, nor indeed in st lanka. so said she, further north is not much rain in the media future in the north of pakistan or india. so air quality is particularly poor. a few snow showers, maybe on 1st in the high ground. the next system starts marching to iran, afghans, and to was north and pakistan by the end of friday with rain further south that
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will make a difference fairly obviously. but the mo majority of india and backlash is quite still. ah, the jenny, a jenny, and bay, and one of necessity and 3 different missions than all facing the challenge and driving on the correction was unpaid rent at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical weather. risking it on the curriculum analysis in as the oma com variant sweeps across the globe nations rates to stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual. these save until we are all said,
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as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom, it is going to be very, very unpredictable to stay with al jazeera, for all the latest updates. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, and barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the threat to your friends is unprecedented. you are a secretary of state, and to me, blinking travels the key of to stress america's commitment to ukraine. warning that russia could attack at very short notice he was president joe biden is to give a rare new.


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