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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 3:30am-4:00am AST

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all of these issues including, i think a big one, which is bobby kodak who was or is the ceo of activision buzzard. others a strong pushed by employees and by even some people play games to have him ousted microsoft hasn't really confirmed on the record that would happen. i know he's going to be running the company through the deal going through. after that, the wall street journal is reporting via some of their sources that he will actually be leaving the company. ah, hello, are you watching? i'll just see are these are the top stories is our tongue and government says people and several islands had to be evacuated after all homes were destroyed and saturdays of russian and synonymy use. satellite images have shown the extent of the damage, the ashes proving quite problematic. not just for water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of households. but in terms of access for the aid
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from a straight to a new zealand and other flights, they need to clear the runway. latest information i have is that 60 percent of the runway has been cleared. and this is done manually. i hear up to 200 volunteers sweeping the runway in preparation for the supplies to land on thursday or friday. if things happen according to plan, the white house is warned. russia could attack ukraine at any moment if also voice concern about russian forces deployed to belive rule for joint war games. $100000.00 to russian troops are massed on ukraine's border. us telecom, giant 18, t and verizon and have a great to partially delay activating their 5 g networks. news some a port. it comes after major airlines warned the role that could cause catastrophic disruption to flight. edward liang has become the 1st pro democracy
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figure to be released from jail in hong kong since spankings crackdown in 2020. the young is said to have popularized rally and coal liberate hong kong revolution of our times. u. k. prime minister has denied claims by a former adviser that he lied to parliament about a party during the 2020 locked down bar. johnson says he hadn't been warned the gathering my country vain. contra corona virus rose at the time. well then, a dozen lockdown gatherings held by politicians and their stuff are under investigation. and a former colombian presidential candidate who was kidnapped and held by fog rebels to 6 and a half years. as an ad, she's running for the tough job again in greater better coal confirmed to candidacy at a news conference in bugger town on tuesday clements will go to the polls in maine . those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin. stick around for the inside story. ah,
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yes. who sea levels attack the united arab emirates at least 3 people as said to have died when drones struck oil facilities near abu dhabi airport is what message or who he sending as yemen civil war enters its 7th year. this is in say story. ah, hello and welcome to the program. i'm rob madison. the united arab emirates has promised it will retaliate against the most significant, who, if he attacking that soil in years, rather stock an oil refinery near the airport of the capitol, abu dhabi,
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at least 3 people are reported to have been killed. satellite photos shows smoke at a depo of the abu dhabi national oil company. sh. my city's police say 3 fuel tanks had exploded the u. e. as part of the saudi led coalition, fighting the hoof. he's in yemen since 2015. the coalitions responded with air strikes on yelman's, capital, santa killing, at least 12 people. the hoodies are wanting of more retaliations. want to had there are wanted, was aloha, the armed forces warned foreign companies and citizens residing in the u. 8 in enemies states that they will not hesitate to expand the bank of targets to include more important size and facilities during the coming period. or since the war began, the united arab emirates has taken an active role in yemen, but in 2019 the u. e. withdrew its forces from aden. it said it was part of an effort to strike happy steel. would the hussies m. r at e troops still had a significant role in supporting the southern transitional council. it's
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a group of separatists who want independence for southern yemen. in 2018, the u. a. he said the hoof is we're behind another attack on a fuel devil and avo dubey airport. and earlier this month, the hoof is say they seized an m r at he flag ship in the port city of high data. the saudi led coalition says the vessel was transporting medical supplies. the ok, let's bring in our guests in yemen. capital son i, journalist hussein elbow. katy in london. elizabeth candle is a senior research fellow at pembroke college at the university of oxford. and in bristol, we have several alkalis. he's an academic and political analyst. thank you very much indeed. all of you for joining us, elizabeth, let me ask you 1st. there's a lot. we still don't know about these attacks. one happened at a busy international airport. both were close to residential areas, but in the 24 hours, immediately after the attacks being very little videos on social media,
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there's been very little comment about it. what do you make of all of this? i, i think that's what's happening is that everyone's staffing the extent and the impacts of the attack before they rushed to conclusions. and this is very smart, especially on the part of the u. e. they don't want any joke reaction, but i think it's safe to say already that this is a very significant development in the war. although it's not completely unprecedented. no, that have been who claimed the tax on the u a. e, before it's much more usual to see this type of coordinates. it's drone and ballistic missile attack, against saudi arabia, the immediate neighbor of the fees to the north. and in fact, they've been about a 1000 such attacks on saudi arabia since the war begun. but no attack like this involving the loss of life in the united arab emirates. so this is a major breach of view. a security lives have been lost. it's deep into your
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territory. it's a real escalation and it opens up. yes. and all the regional dimension to the complex are sent to the eminence, as we said, had claimed to at least have scaled down its presence in yemen, at least in terms of its own troops. the hutus, as elizabeth just mentioned, have been focusing on saudi arabia. why attacks the, i'm or it's not what's prompted this because as you mentioned that the data but it has the deescalate involvement. of course, they have withdrawn some of the person in and probes for me yemen, but they continue to support the separate differences of both groups that are either not loyal to the so called the high the government. they just want to divide yemen is like they say, divide and conquer. and what about the latest attack? because united arab emirates, after they withdrawn from data cause they have sent dues to call to the giant brigade to shop why they start the fighting night out of monetize. it is fully
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resumed. it's a strike against many area not only in sub, was will in matter and in the modern in other area. that's why you many me and some of the, shall me command that here they have warning tonight out of in about a week ago. that if they are not going to stop that, i talked to the yemen will attack a united arab emirates. this is exactly what had been done. i believe that if you know that to be able to will, will continue as they did in the last 24 hours in the response to the attack on united out of abu dhabi. they have targeted that has done jill area in this. and i killing 12 civilians in an 11 and there are several beeble is still missing. 10 people is from a unique family. they told the father of the mother of the nephews and nieces and the daughters funds. and that's why i think that in the coming days we might see a major attack against united out of a minute. because the latest on i was conducted by united out of emitted fight that
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yet. so because i do you think that the who sees are capable of actually producing a sustained campaign against the united out of eminence, or are we going to see a series of intermittent attacks similar to what we've seen so far? well, could it be in fact, yeah, but not really i don't think the, you know, presenting the very real threat to security software until tonight. no image. i think that this attack, it's not going to flashing their muscles. i mean, you know, the iranian muscles, if i may say, because we all know that to be backed by iran is abrupt. you are on behalf of iran happening in yemen. however, i love that as a very dangerous escalation. and i think you know, the wise people and who, if i may say, should take into consideration that this is by elation of the sovereignty and
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integrity of not that much the course threat to the security of the region. and this escalation would not lead to anywhere whatsoever. and we all know very well that the who t has conflicted so many casualties and defeats in the front line. and the, the official government forces. i mean, the, the, the nominees army on that is just as, of course, you know, joint by the giant brigade to be, we have america, has marched, has march towards shove, well, and now there are marching to behind her aid. and this major, you know, this major bottom fee and what really had heart the whole, these presidency that legion, this is why they are trying to wear the quarter to punish the united out of him as
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of such a warm months. because, you know, you might not be the, you know, training and be just, you know, supplying munitions. and i mean the, the job to put a gauge on the other official governments forces and the region. so hopefully things that by doing this by talking, you know, civilian targets or, or even refineries. and i would that be the capital of mine i might, might, might, you know, put holds on such effects of the united out of your mouth. and the reason i mean, you know, in the elizabeth i want to ask you about the point that someone just brought up there. those links that are believed to have to be existing between iran and the cookies were at a stage if i understand correctly, where saudi arabia under ron,
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in the midst of ongoing exploratory talks, as they've been described, which are being hosted in iraq and they're being hosted by baghdad, but i understand that we're also some iranian officials have moved to jetta just in the last 24 hours or so in order to be part of the the organizational dyslexic cooperation which condemned these attacks. now my, my question is this, is this the right time for the hoodies to be carrying out attacks like base when there appears to be some effort on, on the parts of saudi arabia and iran to reach some sort of agreements between them? yes, that's the $60000000.00 question. i think it's important to understand at the moment that we're not clear on precisely how closely the who sees under iran collaborated on these particular attacks. and that's, that's important because it helps inform the message that trying to send us. and i
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think it's also important to point out that the fees are supported by iran, but they're not a direct proxy the who these can still make independent decisions. so what kind of message is being sent at this time? i think we can read this in various ways. and these pivot really around 2 parallel strands of iran talks, as you say, that's a regional independence dialogue happening between iran and saudi arabia. and also iran, the united arab emirates. and who's the message perhaps in that case is look, we're still head. we're a persistent threat and it doesn't matter if you make sideline agreements with iran, where an independent entity and we're still going to be bellicose. the other strand, the 2nd strand is of course, the international j c. p. way the nuclear deal for these are rich in quite a fraud position at the moment as an urgency to get them over the line. so this
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could be iran, sending a message to the international community, saying look, what we can do. we can be stabilize the region. you need to give us more. you need to yield more throughout demand. so what you, what you were shaking your head of the 1st part of elizabeth's answer. just tell me what you think about elizabeth's response. well, i, you know, i'm really confused by this what she's saying. she's saying that maybe it's mobile to clear that the who is doing the pressure on behalf of iran and then another what she said that the next trend, maybe it's a message from iran, the community down to the americans that we have to give up to give us, you know, some, you know, some concessions and the nuclear deal. so i think, you know, we need to make up our mind and we need to make sure that after 70 years, how can we such effects our knowledge or wisdom, that toothy is independence of the effect of the,
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of the radiance. you know very well your answer is playing poker. what kind of game with that agent on with the world just as they are holding, you know, for cards in lebanon in iraq and. ready syria and yemen. however, however, there are some rumors on the machine about that. those attacks is not conflicted or, you know, done by the louise. there are some rooms. there are some security reports. it might have come from them from iran. the same as aramco. 2 years ago or pain from iraq and iraq, have you know, 60 militias, under their leadership of is my luke army, our quotes of the gates, you know, leader and there are, you know, receiving that, you know, orders from, from, to hang so, so the, let me enter, eyes wrote rob. yep, forgive me for interrupting you, but i take your point. i think elizabeth,
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we should stress that elizabeth was saying it's not clear of what the link is. that is not to say that there isn't a link, or there is, it just simply did the actual links than def. the definition if you like, of that link isn't clear, but i want to come to her st. bahati because you of course in. so now you are working along side or working certainly in a situation where the hu fees are operational from your experience. and is there any indication that there is a specific link between an iran and the hoodies and iran could be controlling what is happening on the grounds where the, who thes now i don't want to get too deeply into this because we are talking, of course, about the emirates, but i just think that this is an important point to try and make clear what's your analysis briefly, sir? if you would of what that situation is. i mean a run, of course it's a board the human politically and we'll throw out the media on them as what mama said, i'm the person i'm federal law said the months ago that the human is getting some
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help from iran kind of information about building military information about the bins and building and making the weapons. but, but the claim that that our web is coming back to me. 5 to 12 meter long. and if you will and wait, that's that they have some organ into yemen. i mean, the human is under located and so the are thought to get in the small boat on a small ships as more efficient board. so how can iran smuggle this types of weapons and is that it is really actually funny or silly that we still hear, especially in the night that a minute they blame iran and they will, they claim that the war and that involvement in yemen is because to liberty, jim, and from iran, and on the other hand, we see that you know, that to be met. it has a great relationship with the iraq. they have truck from economic, it deals with iran and they have some security deals they have in busy between them
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. and i mean, why are you coming to fight it in, in, in, in yemen? i don't, but honda united out to be, i'm a claim that the iran is okay bye into the island. they made it better tonight out of a matter to liberate the country as they claim. then coming to liberate yemen from what they say the iranian involvement. but what, what actually the quality is doing, they try to make any attack that is not will not effect. but if you see at the beginning of the war, it was a, so the new united out of image to advancing on the ground lounge an attack on strike against yemen. but now after 7 years, is this the, i know that out of in the now who are try start to cry out loud to the international community. i know they are talking about the security of that. he did this mean that, yeah, many policies here and i and yemen ought to be out today to know, not only to so the, for the night out of images in yemen, but as well to the tonight out of the american self. and so the, and one final thing about looking that the latest attack is against civilians
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a night out of invalid like i would be airport facility. yes. those are civilians. but we came meeting him and they say to a conclusion, i've what i united out of in that it has destroyed with us o d o d m. and he is bought all your mom bought. they have bombed schools, mosque and everything. just imagine above more than 400000 a year, many civilians have died either by the blockades or by this point i want to move on . if only had just one last boys were handful of civilians have been killed according to so you know, out of minutes in the, on the attack that coming from me on the show you that them on voted capable to avoid civilians as much as they can. ok, i want to by actually wanted to kind of expand on that point and bring us back to the, the incident that we've seen just recently, elizabeth, given the fact that the ambulance has removed a lot of its own troops from the ground in yemen. do you think that that is going
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to encourage it to mount even greater attacks in yemen from not because it has fewer of its own citizens to be, to put at risk? yes. as possible, as my colleagues just pointed out, one of the triggers of this attack now may be that the u. e. back forces have played a crucial role and pushing back who's the advances in shop, le, and read. and so the message from the who sees in that case might be pull back, you a who your back forth is away or that could be was to come. now this might well backfires . i think it's likely to backfire. what it's likely to do is to steal the result of the united arab emirates against the who's these and to also perhaps help mend some of the risk that had started to appear inside the saudi led coalition. and all them
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back together again to really try to counter the who threat all come back to bite them inside the country. so but let me ask you about the, the, the global perception of this, the, the p r l, and then tell that there was a period of time. and certainly in the last 2 years of the b, m. and was when it was widely regarded as a p r disaster for the correlation, saudi arabia. and for those involved in it, do you think that the moratti's would be willing to risk that p r. disaster again, by increasing the number of attacks in yemen. they are not as q, and there are in fact that the aging to what sorts of aggressive factors that talk to their facilities onto said to their civilians. hello, i just want to remind you that there are in the united nations resolution at 2216.
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which clearly states that this is the who the has made of cool. and they have to draw their forces from yemen and submit everything. weapons on their armies to the legitimate governments of, of president i was the had the most sure. don't forget that this is international regard to mission is one the other think, you know, after that from yesterday afternoon of 247 international condemnation for moreover, the was the united nation, the usa, britain, european union, france, in particular, most of the arabs and most of the in asia, india, militia, pakistan and this means this means that this is how, how aggressive and how easily this attack to the, to the united out of image. on the contrary, if i may say, on the contrary,
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if i may say that i think the forces and this a few, excuse me, i quote, and this once matter shall be hon. i had he mella a job. this is a fight until want line battle field. they will march forward. this is why this is why the who are crying and then of the day, let me make it briefly. this is the water is not between united arab emirates, answer the review or, or the, or the, or the, you know, the lions against who sees. no. it's between the arabs and iran. i repeat between the arabs and iraq and what, what our bottom food didn't for in, in, for countries in iraq. and then so it and there and in the man i'm in love and, and, and syria. this is very clear. i'm please tell me, i don't. i mean it's,
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it's really funny to listen to people saying that they have, i mean they have been a messiah, and they have drones. and they think that, you know, you're shipping them only, you know, support, particular support and media support. no, they are supporting them with all kinds of weapons. there is no manufacturing facilities in yemen or inside the, the mount is off. so i'm, let me, let me out today to pick up on the point that the sub is making there. if there is international condemnation and criticism of this action by the cookies. will that be enough for the cookies to rain and to show what some would regard as i'm mature response proper response. they've made their point they've, they've, they've hit the united alabama. it's and now they do no more. if there is that
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international pressure in order to acknowledge that response from the international committee with the cookies, do you think we prepared to do that? i mean, the oldest contamination for many countries. most of the countries are either in the, as he said, some out of nature are in the coalition or some countries who have a good time with the desire to stay to island as well. from countries like u. k. france, any like state who are fully supporting disorder and making billions of dollars and sell in the was just i want to make, well, one thing get clear of who is actually now crying out loud is not on federal law. the hope the is the united auto immune to celebrate and on. so you with this type of condemnation, which i have said here that any international calls or any you in security council decision or resolution, they said they will put them under their feet. so they don't care about that because they know that the insecurity calls that is in the hands of the united states and united states is in line with the united out of it. and so the so they
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will do what it take to help this country. and remember the beginning of the war when they knighted nation has removed you from an unite out of film list for killing children of the time the security did. general said that they are, they blackmail us. they but i said as they will cut fund, that's why we have removed their name from that list. on the 2nd year they have the coalition for avoid didn't kill in you have any children in the show you that evidence and they don't believe the international community and they will do what it takes to to attack. so got a bill out of that one because we're money. i want to get a lot of question to elizabeth, forgive me because we only have a few seconds left in a couple of sentences, given the level of international pressure that we have here. we've seen talks between the host these and saudi arabia and various other sites which have reached a stalemate. we've seen this military action and i am, i do,
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please do forgive me because we don't have a lot of time. how do you see this playing out over the next few weeks? well, i think there are 3 main implications of this. first of all, it changes the calculus. both the united arab emirates and saudi arabia towards the ball. it shows them what could happen in their own countries. second, it makes an agreement with iran even more urgent because even if the who these are acting independently, well, they need that weapons replenished from somewhere, someone supplying them someone to strengthen. and it's very likely that that is iran. and then 3rd yemen sheets on the international agenda. it may have fallen off with other problems like afghanistan or ethiopia. but now, with the region potentially ablaze with the over spill that everyone was concerned about from the m and war. actually, that is a possibility. i think everyone's eyes will turn back to yemen. elizabeth, thank you very much. indeed. i want to say thanks to all our guests who st. alba, haiti, elizabeth for kendall on, silva all jose. and of course,
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thanks to you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, delta 0 dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at ha, inside story for me, rob matheson on the whole team here. and uh huh. bye for know. ah ah and extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers investing everything they have in to their minibus,
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only to face extreme danger on the suit, his roughest tracks. to the jokey, turned paramedics saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly for medical help, blue to, to whisking its own own al jazeera, the athletes a larger than life. but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. 11 east gets re erect, safe. inside a sport where ancient tradition makes modern scandal on l. g 0. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy. my la situation to now it's not clear. i love all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic frights, in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. while everybody will
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be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. into these are the top stories on the al jazeera, new images have revealed the scale of destruction and toner following saturday. so kind of corruption and synonymy large parts of the pacific nation covered in ash. the government says several small islands when nearly every home was destroyed being evacuated. victoria gave me reports.


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