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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what your take on why they've gotten so raw. that to me is political mouth for the bottom line on you with politics and policies, and the impact on the world on al jazeera ah entire communities covered under ash a satellite images show the impact of the tongue, a volcano and synonymy destroyed all the homes on one islands ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point, watch an attack and ukraine,
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the u. s. apps, it's threat assessment ahead of talks between the secretary of state and the russian foreign minister in geneva. this wake to major telecom companies are delaying their 5 g rollout in the airports after warnings. it would cause catastrophic disruption to fly. and the last time she ran to be columbia, as president, she was kidnapped and held hostage for 6 and a half years. now ingrid betton core says she's running again. ah, your images have revealed the scale of destruction in tongue of following saturdays, volcanic eruption and cinnamon lodge. parts of the pacific island covered in ash, the government says several small islands were nearly where nearly har every harm was destroyed. i banged, evacuated, victoria gauge,
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and b reports. satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the wrong way of tongue is main airport, on the left is how it looked before the eruption, the ashes, delaying deliveries, of international aid flights. the ashes proving quite problematic on not just for our water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of household. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, arm, and other flights of they need to clear the runway communicating with tanya is extremely difficult. there's no internet and limited phone calls because the scene army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the rest of the world. the telecoms operate as says it will be weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, so you see. so val, any has released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the eruption has caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is
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a $170.00 islands. the red cross estimates that up to 80000 tongue guns may be effected. dust from the volcano could contaminate water supplies, with island is advised to drink bottled water and wear masks. but also what that one it will kind of cash carries is you know, the gas pos, that kind of stuck to it now. and so when back volcanic cash kind of goes into water resources, for example, you know, if he starts to rain and then that mixes with the water in atmosphere, you this the, so for this kind of out here to start to the volcanic ash, this can then make acid rain. this is how tongue this pool looked at the end of december in the latest satellite pictures, the area is smothered in gray ash. dozens of homes on the main island of target. happy have been severely damaged or destroyed. what tony desperately needs now is help from other countries. the volcano has stopped spewing ashby, now giving a team of $200.00 volunteers. a chance to sweep the runway with most now played.
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it's hope the 1st 8 flights will be able to land as soon as thursday, victoria gay to be al jazeera. ok, let's bring in. jeanine crept now she's a vulcan ologist and joins us live now from hamilton, a new zealand. jenny, thanks for being on the program, were 5 days on from this erection. tell us why it's been so challenging. understanding this volcano. normally when we had a correction, we had a lot of sharing system that is giving us information about what is happening below the surface. so the volcano is really only the surface, most other part of this huge magnet system below it. and whatever kind of corruption is this magnet coming out of the volcano, and we can detect signs of what that is doing right now, we're essentially blind. there is no monitoring of what's happening with the surface. we can't even see the vent, it's now below the ocean ocean surface. so what impact is that going to have been going forward in terms of forecasting eruptions as of st. heading warning is
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incredibly important. people who might be impacted by ashley to be able to get inside. if there is any further, you know, any activity, of course, that warning is incredibly important to possibly have people going into the area with aid. so normally we'd be able to say there is increasing signs of activity. please be aware of this, this might happen. we can't give any such warnings about it at this time. so how is the vulcan ology community sort of rallying together? i mean, you guys are sharing information, i presume. yeah, we're very interdisciplinary field. we normally work together very well. every single part of knowing a volcano of understanding that system takes its own special expense. so naturally we're working that way and there are going to be both no, just in other countries trying to get through to do what we can to get information out. not just to the tongue and people in tongue, but to all the family members out there who dis, for it, for any kind of information in date. and then you've got the challenge of the ash,
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the damage on that that ash has caused. it's also a problem in terms of the, of people's health. tell us a little bit about about that. yes sir, the biggest health hesitant and coastal lack of clean water. but if people, especially if people have breathing conditions like ask merrill c or p day, the fine ash material not the, don't the cause to rush. it's on the ground. keeping in mind that all of this is actually pulverized volcanic rock. getting that into the lungs came exasperate problems. it's also very retaining for eyes. it's not good for things like car engines or anything like that. and plus water is necessary for every aspect of our lives, from cleaning words. we don't know what sort of injuries have been inflicted by this unami, as well as siri. simple things like re hydration and cleanliness. janine, given all the information that is being called limited as it is, will the volcano erupt again? and if so, to such an extent, we don't know,
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we really don't know what it's going to do next. it has been a rough thanks to the 20th of december, but we don't know how this or activity might continue forward. we just don't know. or i think it's cost for everyone in that region. thank you very much for your information. jeanine crypt now. vulcan ologist from new zealand. thank you and white house has warned russia could attack ukraine at any moment. is also voiced concern over the deployment of russian forces to bel ruth, the joint war games voted basing apple rushes, military acids, ne crime us secretary of state entity, blink. and he's due to hold talks with russia's foreign minister survey lever of in geneva, on friday. what has corresponding kimberly, healthcare has more on what the secretary of state is expected to say at those talks while he's trying to send a message and that message that he will be sending to the russian foreign minister
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is one that has been repeatedly underscored by the west, whether it be through telephone calls, between the various levels of government between the united states and russia. whether it be in consultations that have taken place between european partners. but the message has been consistent. that is, that the us believes that the only way to resolve security differences with respect to concerns about russia invading ukraine is through diplomacy. and should russia choose an alternate path? there will be severe financial consequences. now the reason that the united states is so gravely concerned is because there is u. s. intelligence that has been in place for months that russia is preparing for some sort of imminent attack. not only because there are tens of thousands of troops, russia has a mass along the border near ukraine, but also because there has been an uptick,
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an activity on social media that seems to indicate that an attack may be imminent. our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point, want an attack and ukraine. and what secretary blinking is going to go do is highlight very clearly. there is a diplomatic pass forward. it is the choice of president newton and the russians to make whether they are going to suffer severe economic consequences or not. prior to the meeting in geneva, between survey live, rob and antony blank, and there will also be other meetings and consultations that will take place. we know that the secretary of state will also be traveling to berlin. the efforts to de escalate pensions will be discussed. we also know he will be meeting in advance with the president of ukraine zalinski and as well we expect that we will hear more on all of this from us president joe biden, when he holds his press conference at the white house on wednesday. the german and
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russian foreign ministers have met in moscow to emphasize the need to defuse tension. and alina barebones was welcomed by sergey lever of 24 hours after her talks with ukrainian. ladies in key in the kremlin says it has no intention of invading ukraine, but russian troops massed near the border have raised fears of conflict in the next, buckingham more than a 100000 russian soldiers with tanks and guns have gathered new ukraine in recent weeks. for no understandable reason, and it's hard not to see this as a threat. meanwhile, rush is foreign minister says the 2015 agreement meant to end the conflict in ukraine needs to be implemented well, no, so cheap. when you wanted visit promot, you listed mules on ukraine. we have a common understanding of absence of alternatives to the minsk agreements. we indicated to our partners that it's unacceptable to present russia as a part of the conflict. we've seen such attempts lately, and it's unacceptable to shift the responsibility for absence of progress in
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implementing mince agreements to russia, who we hope the german colleagues will weigh in on very cranium partners to make them finally fulfill their obligations. us telecom jane's 18 t and the rise and have a great to partially delay activating a 5 g network. me some a ports. it comes after major airlines warned it could cause catastrophic disruption to flight. but the standoff is ernie temporarily resolved. john hanjin reports from chicago's o'hare, international air force. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, a potential air travel and economic crisis is postponed. as telecommunications giants, a t and t and verizon prepared to turn on their 5th generation wireless system on wednesday. major u. s. airlines warned that faster found using 5 g would set off catastrophic flight cancellations and slow the economy to a halt. the largest american based airlines say the 5 g system would ground
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thousands of planes. the f a is uncomfortable with the safety roofs. and as a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be a significant setback in a letter to the federal aviation administration and other biden administration agencies. the heads of the major airlines and cargo companies say the u. s. face is a, quote, completely avoidable economic calamity, and they warn of a major disruption of the traveling and shipping public end to the supply chain vaccine distribution in the broader economy. airlines want a 2 mile buffer around affected airports. they say those 5 g frequencies, the telecommunications company, spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up might interfere with a key piece of cockpit equipment. the altimeter hold radio altimeter help planes and helicopters to land in poor weather. the activation of 5 g potentially leading the federal aviation administration to order planes grounded in low
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visibility on tuesday. big telecomm relented temporarily. and with obvious peak in a statement 80 and t said at our sole discretion, we have voluntarily reed, to temporarily defer turning on a limited number of towers at certain airport runways as we continue to work with the asian industry. but the company added, we are frustrated by f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5 g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner with verizon following suit that postpones the confrontation between telecom and airline giant. once again, but doesn't resolve it. whitehouse policy makers say they're working on a permanent solution. we have the safest air space in the world. our committed to reaching a solution around 5 d deployment that maintains the highest level of safety. united airlines alone says that deployment of 5 g could force the cancellation of 15000
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flights, stranding more than a 1000000 united customers. other airline say you can multiply that several times. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. still ahead on al jazeera, the active is to popularized pro democracy rallying call in hong kong, becomes the 1st to be released from jail. and 2 of the biggest names in software and gaming strike the biggest deal in industries history. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies. with sponsored by cut airways, there have been warnings for both avalanches and heavy snow in hon. shoot, accardo. they've gone now. just accept uses winter. it's going to snow is not
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particularly heavy now. but the, the warnings for high waves along the coast of hunt you, they continue, has been persistent when there's quite a fetch here yet, cold, right? life is, but it's your korean plants is her soul's maxim is about 0, rises a little bit. when the sun is more dominant, slow shells cold reaches a long way south in japan seems max on the 9. the same is true through japan. he's not extremely low. temperatures, in fact, not for the average for shanghai, but it's a notable breeze all the same as yet. it hasn't really enhanced the rain in viet nam, the seasonal rains, which really don't rely on the cold injection of tall. they are seasonal and they are heavy through java, sil, away c and borneo, we expect more to say and they'll be some flooding. whereas a bit of a backing off in the time another. and sir lanka, a few shout involved most of in years 5. obviously not true for the north, up in kashmir, for a the high ground in northern india, pakistan and afghanistan, we'll see yet more snow. it's slowly dying out by the time get to thursday. i once
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more a cold shamal is setting up for the gulf, and i do mean cold this time. wait till the end of the week. the weather sponsored by katara ways. my name is new, but modern i'm always thought of yoga is part of my indian heritage. understand it to be about transformation, but you'll get to the transforming western mentality is a lot about that and that's very different than the tradition. what yoga was originally, yoga, shoot them out to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized little yoga on al jazeera. oh, the me
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hello, what you know just there? i'm emily angry and a reminder about health stories. this allen, the tongue and government says people on several islands had to be evacuated after all homes were destroyed and saturdays eruption, and tanami, the satellite images have shown the extension of the damage. the white house is warned, russia could attack ukraine at any moment. it's also the voice concern about russian forces deployed to bela bruce, the joint war games more than 100000 russian troops are mapped on you quarter. and us telecom giant, amc, and variety and have a great to partially delay activating 5 g networks. some a port, it comes off to major airlines won't roll that record catastrophic disruption to flight to hong kong now. and an activist, known for inspiring kohls, for independence, has been released from prison. edward liang is the 1st pro democracy figured to be
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released from jail. since paging crackdown back in 2020 young is said to have popularized the rally and coal liberate hong kong revolution of our times. in his statement, he said he'll now be staying away from the spot life and treasuring this time with his family. it's crossed to hong kong now where brit clement clinic is covering developments for us. hello, they have great leon was released in the early hours of wednesday morning local time. what does he since said? oh, that's right emily. and just to give you some context here, we like other media outlets in the city had planned to go to the prison at around 9 am when most prisoners are normally released. but they would have been a huge crowd of journalists that would have been a police presence. they got him out at around 3 a. m. and by doing so, they avoid a kind of media spectacle that would have ensued if he had been released at the normal time. so as you say, he did release
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a statement saying that he wants to treasure time with his family. he released that statement before scrubbing his social media accounts. he also said that according to the law, he has been ordered to follow supervision of his release. and he will stay away from the spotlight and stop using social media. he also won't except any interview invitation. now much has changed since edward lug went into prison 4 years ago. we have to consider that beijing introduced that national security law in 2020. and the crackdown in hong kong has intensified since then. so it's a very different political atmosphere to the one that edward lo remembers from when he went in. he also came up with that statement as you say, that revolution statement, which is now banned in hong kong. so all this considered you have to see why he's decided take this approach and to keep a low profile. it's also worth considering that one of the stipulations of the national security law is against forward collusion with foreign forces. so of
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course, in that statement, implied, he won't be speaking to social, to foreign media. and that's understood to be part of the national security law. and he must be well aware of that by now. indeed, and brit. what's this main for the broader democracy movement in hong kong? i think that's a really good question and a lot of people are thinking about that. however you have to consider again that since the national security lo came in at the opposition, has mostly been silenced. here, activism has been clamped down hong kong. many parliament now goes ahead without an effective opposition. many politicians, many of loans colleagues are in jail or indeed in exile. so it's a very different political picture here. we've also say to clamp down on a number of sectors, we're seeing statues, remember that 1990 edmond cry down removed. we've seen, you know,
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media outlets shut down. many people afraid to speak to us now as academics. you know, it's, it's, it's quite tough to get an interview, someone to speak to us about the political situation. so it is a very different political situation here. beijing said that the security law was necessary to to bring stability to the city to bring peace to the city after the 2019 unrest. activists say that since it was introduced. and it's, it's a stifled many of the freedoms that hong kong. it used to enjoy that it was promised when the city was handed back to china from british rule in 1997. so to answer your question, while it may galvanized some of in the democracy movement abroad, some that have been moved into exile, it's very unlikely to galvanize any reception here. we do expect the reception here to be rather muted. emily and thank you very much for that update for it to planet lab for us in hong kong. united arab emirates,
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his calling for un security council meeting to condemn monday's attack on abil. javi claimed by humans through the rebels. 3 people were killed from encounter strikes by the satellite coalition on yelman's capital that killed at least 14 them . diplomatic editor james back is 5. this report. sam baset over the united arab emirates, which has begun the 2 year term on the security council, has off the current president of the council, norway, for an urgent meeting to discuss the who c drone attack on the country's capital abu dhabi on monday. she wants that meeting to take place before the end of the week. she's told me she wants the security council issue a strong statement. i think it's very important that the security council comes out with a unified statement condemning this for the terrorist attack that it was. and then building on that of course, i think that condemnation will hopefully deter future terrorist attacks from our country. and the escalation of chaos and terrorism in our region. there's already
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been a military response to the who c drone attack on abu dhabi, the saudi led coalition has carried out as strikes on the yemen capital. so now this was the reaction from the un secretary general's office. the secretary general expresses this concern and deplores the recent saudi led coalition airstrikes in sana, the resulted in numerous civilian casualties. he reminds all of the parties of their obligation or do international humanitarian law to protect civilians, to adhere to the principles of proportionality distinction and precaution. the u. a has already called on the united states to re designate the who fees as a terrorist organization. but many here at the united nations believe that would be a bad move, would make it harder to mediate with these and more difficult to distribute aid across yemen to sedan now, where protest is erected barricades across roads in the capital cut soon. following
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the killing of 7 demonstrated by security forces, a 2 day general strike is in place in response to their deaths on monday, us diplomats are expected incident on wednesday to push for talks to end the political crisis. mass demonstrations against military rule have been taking place since october's coo the u. k. prime minister has denied claims by a former adviser that he lied to parliament about a party during the 2020 lockdown. or, as johnson says, he hadn't been warned, the gathering could breach corona, virus rules is now facing the greatest crisis of his political career with more than a dozen lockdown gatherings held by politicians and their stuff now under investigation . nobody told me that what we were doing was you say, against the rules that the event in question was something that we were going to do something that i was into a work event. and you know,
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as i said in the house of commons, when i went out into that garden, i thought that i was attending a work event. i think it's very important that we see what su gracie, what the inquiry has to say. may baka has been following developments from london, dominate cummings, boys, johnson's former chief advisor, turned arch nemesis, who released the statement on his blog on on monday saying that he had actually advised the prime minister and he has witnesses to prove it. he says, to say that attending this event would be very, very body wouldn't look good. and the prime minister needs to get a grip off the downing street madhouse. and according to coming sports, johnson's response was simply just wave this through and attend the event. and johnson saying that that is not the case. he is defended, his stance that he believed he was indeed going to a work event. but it was
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a pretty bruising interview or round boss johnson holding his head down throughout the entire question. when he was asked about a double leaving, do that took place at number 10 downing street on the eve of the duke of edinburgh funeral. a day in which the nation was in mourning. the queen was sitting in isolation away from her family. we now have at least 6 conservative m p 's who have gone on record calling for his resignation. but many still remained, saw them waiting for this all important investigation into wrongdoings into number 10. danny straightened elsewhere on whitehall to come back with its conclusion that conducted by a senior civil servant to grey, known as the sleaze buster of whitehall. she is presided over the departure of very senior m. p. 's in the past. will her conclusions implicate boris johnson in
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sustained wrong during a former colombian presidential candidate who was kidnapped and held by fock rebels is 6. now abuse has announced she's running for the top job again. ingrid beckoned co confirm to candidacy at a news conference in bucket on tuesday. she was held in the jungle after being captured back in 2002 when she laughed ran for president alexandro ramp, yet he has more football guitar. well, i think most colombians were surprised by her decision to run for office just the 2 months before congressional elections and the primaries in which, as you will now compete in it comes at a time at a critical time also in the country with come. when columbia extremely angry at the political establishment at the increase in violence, there have been many protests and she presented herself with somebody who could try
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to re unite this country, a united colombian so round her personal story, which she says is similar to the one that the life of most colombians, she made a parallel during her candidacy speech, essentially saying that her captivity was similar to what most colombians have experienced being captives of corruption. what she described as mafioso mentality in the countries politics, indonesian and pays have passed legislation to move the country's capital from jakarta to a new $32000000000.00. city being built in borneo chacandra is one of the world's most crowded and polluted cities is also thinking and is frequently flooded. the new capital, new sun, tara is 2000 kilometers away. software giant microsoft has announced his biggest ever acquisition to become one of the world's largest video
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game companies. it's agree to buy activision believes for nearly $69000000000.00. it makes some the world's most popular games, including colon, gigi, war world of warcraft and candy crush. brian chris n t a is a video game consultant and owner of pad and pixel. it says the bill comes at a sensitive time for active vision, which is facing allegations of misconduct and unequal pain. it's interesting because this is something that's been going on for a little bit on top of that, the employees, a lot of the employees that activision blizzard are in the midst of trying to unionize. so these are 2 things that obviously microsoft is going to have to contend with and, and figure out how they want to address if the deal goes through. but i don't think the steel would have even been on the table if this hadn't happened. the company was valued at actually more than what they, what this purchase price would be about a year ago. but i, i suspect a lot of what's been going on. it's been sort of eating away at their valuation. so
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it on some level, it sort of set up the, the ability for this purchase to go through. but again, it does come with all of these issues, including, i think a big one, which is bobby kodak who was or is the ceo of activision blizzard. others, a strong are pushed by employees and by even some people play games to have him ousted microsoft hasn't really confirmed on the record that would happen. i know he's going to be running the company through the deal going through after that other wall street journal is, is reporting via some of their sources that you will actually be leaving the company. ah, and are you watching out here? these are the top stories. the salam, italian government says people and several islands had to be evacuated after all homes were destroyed in saturdays eruption and sanaa mean he satellite images have shown the extent of the damage the ashes proving quite problematic. not just for
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water and sanitation because tom collects it's more of.


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