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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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ah, wasn't my never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the career? i never dreamt of it. where the words fail, music speaks to short films about how music knocked down rules and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera ah . satellite images show entire communities covered in ash after the tongue of volcanic eruption which destroyed all the homes on one island. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm to mazin on your watching algae 0. so coming up on the program, we're now at a stage where russia could at any point, want an attack and ukraine. the u. s. opposite threat assessment had of talks between zachary, of say, antony, blanket and russia, sergey lamb roth in geneva. this week. 2 major telecom companies say that they are
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delaying their 5 g roll out of the warnings that would cause catastrophic disruption to flights. and the last time she ran to the columbia either and she was kidnapped and held hostage for 6 and a half years. now angry bethany co says she's running again. ah, an unprecedented disaster. that's how tongue as government is describing the situation facing the country's islands. 3 days after a volcanic eruption sent to su nami, surging across its coasts. tong remains mostly cut off from the rest of the world. though images from surveillance, flights and satellites are beginning to show the full scale of the destruction. at least 3 people have been confirmed dead, but their affairs at the toll will rise. victoria gate and b has more now satellite
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images show a thick layer of ash on the wrong way of tongue is main. airport on the left is how it looked before the eruption, the ashes, delaying deliveries, of international aid flights. the ashes proving quite problematic are not just for our water and sanitation because tom collects its water from the roofs of household . but in terms of access for the aid from a stroller, new zealand, um and other flights of they need to clear the runway communicating with tonga is extremely difficult. there is no internet and limited phone calls, because the c, no army severed, the fiber optic cable connecting the rest of the world. the telecoms operator says it will be weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, so you see. so val, any has released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the eruption has caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is a $170.00 islands. the red cross estimates that up to 80000 ton guns may be
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effected and dust from the volcano could contaminate water supplies. with island is advised to drink bottled water and wear masks. but also what that one well kind of cash carries is you know, the gas pause that kind of stuck through it now. and so when that vulcan, a cash kind of goes into water resources. so example, you know, if he starts to rain and then that mixes with that, the water in atmosphere, you this the, so for this kind of out here to start to the volcanic ash, this can then make acid rain. this is how tongue this pool looked at the end of december. and the latest satellite picture is the area is smothered in grey ash. dozens of homes on the main island of tongue, a tap who have been severely damaged or destroyed. what tong a desperately needs now with help from other countries. the volcano has stopped spewing ash for now giving a team of $200.00 volunteers. a chance to sweep the runway with most now played. it's hope the 1st aid flights will be able to land as soon as thursday,
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victoria gay to be al jazeera. sarah clark has been following developments from brisbin australia and she spoke to some people who are anxiously waiting to hear from family and toner, zealand and australia have said military aircraft to assist the damage. the work that was done was really crucial, but we know that there's more work to be done to make sure they're taught to confound. melanoma has been unable to reach her family in tonga and saturday. her 2 sisters live on the mine island congress, top who her brother and his family live on the smaller on and for vasu. i'm worried . i like everyone else. they know you have your sleepless nights. and i not knowing what to expect a fiber optic cable. one of the country's main lines of communication was damaged by the russian and may take weeks to restore within
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a week or 2. or we should be able to know whether we can be able to get our full connectivity up and running. for now, this is the only communication. many people in tonga have a t, v and radio station in australia covering the pacific region is fielding coals from relatives around the world who are desperate for updates. we've had tomlins calling from sweden austria puts of japan and so for just desperate for any news from home, deaths have now been confirmed, including angela glover, a british woman who was rescuing her dogs when she was hit by the powerful wave. we are just shattered. tom is the only word i can think to describe it on any family that youth loses, such a treasured member of their family would know exactly what you know, what i'm saying here. a royal australian navy ship is on its way from sidney to brisbin to load humanitarian aid. humanitarian groups are now coordinating
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a joint relief effort. the volcanic ash means it's difficult to send supplies by air, so water, sanitation kits, tents and blankets are being lighted on ships to be sent from australia and new zealand. high tides, triggered by the volcanic explosion near tonga, had been filled as far away as peru where a ship supplying the country's main oil. processing plant was rocked by waves, generated body russian. the result a 2 kilometer long oil spill. sarah clark out is era brisbin, australia us up to his day, antony blinking, gonna hold talks with russia's formula, certainly love this week as tensions escalate over, build up of russian troops, new ukraine. the white house is also voice concern of the deployment of russian forces into battle roost at a joint war games next month. describe the situation at the border is extremely dangerous and says an attack on you quaint would come at any time. lincoln is expected to urge leverage to immediately de escalate when the to meet in geneva on
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friday. i want house correspond, it can be hawk. it has more on what the secretary of state is hoping to achieve. while he's trying to send a message and that message that he will be sending to the russian foreign minister is one that has been repeatedly underscored by the west. whether it be through telephone calls, between the various levels of government between the united states and russia. whether it be in consultations that have taken place between european partners. but the message has been consistent. that is that the u. s. believe that the only way to resolve security differences with respect to concerns about russia invading ukraine is through diplomacy. and should russia choose an alternate path? there will be severe financial consequences. now, the reason that the united states is so gravely concerned is because there is u. s
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. intelligence that has been in place for months that russia is preparing for some sort of imminent attack. not only because there are tens of thousands of troops, russia has a mass along the border near ukraine, but also because there has been an up to an activity on social media that seems to indicate that an attack may be in it. our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation, where now at a stage where russia could at any point, watch an attack and ukraine, and what secretary blinking is going to go do is highlight very clearly. there is a diplomatic pass forward. it is the choice of president putin and the russians to make whether they are going to suffer severe economic consequences or not. prior to the meeting in geneva, between survey live, rob and antony blank, and there will also be other meetings and consultations that will take place. we know that the secretary of state will also be traveling to berlin. the efforts to
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de escalate pensions will be discussed. we also know he will be meeting in advance with the president of ukraine landscape, and as well, we expect that we will hear more on all of this from us president joe biden, when he holds his press conference at the white house on wednesday. in while germany's foreign minister has been in moscow meetings as a lover of to emphasize the need to reduce tensions of the ukraine. on the lena bear, bog was welcomed by a russian count about 24 hours after she held talks with ukrainian leaders in kev says, germany is ready to defend fundamental values, even if it comes to high economic price in the next, buckingham more than a 100000 russian soldiers with tanks and guns have gathered new ukraine in recent weeks for no understandable reason. and it's hard not to see this as a threat or russia's foreign minister is that that a 2015 agreement that was meant to end the conflict in ukraine needs to be implemented? well, no. so cheaper pneumonia visits, promot,
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you listed meals on ukraine. we have a common understanding of absence of alternatives to the minsk agreements. we indicated to our partners that it's unacceptable to present russia as a part of the conflict. we've seen such attempts lately, and it's unacceptable to shift the responsibility for absence of progress in implementing minister agreements to russia. we hope the german colleagues we weigh in on their ukrainian partners to make them finally fulfill their obligations. us telecoms giants 18. t and verizon have agreed to partially delay activating that 5 g networks near some airports after major airlines one. it could cause catastrophic disruption to flights that move might have come too late to some international airlines, including emirates, have already cancelled some flights to the country. airline chief executive say they are concerned that 5 g wireless signals will interfere with the navigation systems of aircraft whitehouse, as it's actively engage with all parties involved to mac, to maximize deployment,
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while protecting air safety, which are a 100, joins us live now from chicago's o'hare airport, so how much disruption could this cause? well, it could have caused its substantially more had we not had to this agreement. the possibility, according to the airlines, was dramatic, not just canceling, thousands of flights and side lining millions of people who wanted to travel. but also according to the airlines, it would have stopped a lot of cargo travel. it would have stopped the production lines going all over the world. any time they stopped here. and it would have also stopped some helicopters, including those who, which might have been doing medical rescues. that's what the airlines position was in any case at the telecommunications companies, seemed to feel that it would not be the case. now, here's the crux of the problem. airline say they believe that this new 5 g
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technology would affect the ultimate or you'll timid or is, is a device that tells a plain how high up it is. and that's really important, particularly in bad weather. so the federal aviation administration was potentially in the position of requiring those planes to be grounded if there was bad weather in the airline. say there are other, other things that the altimeter do, which would have required them to have grounded planes in any case, in other countries or been 40 other countries that have deployed this 5 g technology. and they did it largely by creating a bubble around airports where that technology would not be deployed. and that's what the airlines here in the u. s. have asked to happen those to telecom companies, verizon in a t and t temporarily agreed to do that. so there is a resolution that went all the way up to the white house, president biden, thank to both of the companies for voluntarily delaying the deployment around airports, but still deploying it around 90 percent of the country. but this dispute is not
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resolved. ultimately, they're gonna have to come to some resolution and that will have to involve the federal aviation administration, which regulates planes in the federal communications commission, which regulates the airwaves. al, thank you very much. from chicago. john hendern reporting with al jazeera ally from london still ahead sci fi to saudi. that coalition can at least 14 people in a day after detroit in miss on attack on the you. a chance time, one of a kind of painting by caravaggio and $500000000.00 bill. ah, that remains that once tropical cycling cody's thing here are just going past new zealand breezy noble. no big swell ever australia. the injection. what from what
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was tiffany. that, of course, acton has went a lot more shower likely in the interior, further east in queens in the next day or so, in contrast to the growing heat in perth, it may be a southerly breeze is very light. so we got $39.00 degrees or the average for purse is around about $31.00 moxy or well above the record. this is persistent heat by both night and day. now we've had a not very persistent, tall, strong, ne monsoon in the last few days, which just means light showers of vietnam pop to taiwan. i think that might be a hans the next day or so because the wind for the north is much colder. likewise, that ne, monsoons of bay bengal is light to produce just a few showers. it's like a most of india is fine. however, for past empty to the north and gap in kashmir, snow's been a story in the last few weeks. but in the last couple days it's fallen again, it's in the forecasts or wednesday. so kashmir, if at all the high ground afghans on pakistan and india it's there is likely, with some rain further south. the rain will of some degree,
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helped to stir up the atmosphere, which means the air quality in the hall would improve. ah, extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers, investing everything they have in to their minibus. only to face extreme danger unless to to scruff is tronics to the jokey turned power, magic saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly from medical help. blue through to whisking. it's all on al jazeera. ah ah!
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i'll come back maint stories now. the ida nation of tongue are remains blanketed by ash and mostly cut off from the rest of the world. 3 days after volcano eruption caused a powerful su nami savage. at least 3 people and i to have died. as russia moved more troops closer to ukraine for war games with a roost, the u. s. is announced. a secretary of state antony blinkin will hold talks with his russian count, but surveyed over off in geneva on friday. and he went to the coms. jones 18 t and verizon of agreed to partially delay activating their fight. 5 g networks near the map ports off to major airlines, one that could cause catastrophic disruption to flights. now residents, the enemy, capital son, i have been searching through the rubble where an air strike cat killing at least 14 people. the strikes were launch by the saudi led coalition, fightin yemen,
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who see rebels. one strike hit the house of a senior military official who is killed along with his wife and son. witnesses say, a number of civilians is still missing. she is de stripe followed monday's fatal attack on an oil facility in the united arab emirates, which was claimed by the her face other than the german other most viewed. this is mass destruction. we are targeting houses, they will already be terrified with us at pho books and such houses that are internationally prohibited missiles. i swear by god. this is like russia until a neighbourhood is under the rubble. we have spent the whole night searching for victims and we couldn't get them out. thomas juno is an assistant professor. you have asked to have auto, a school of public and international affairs. he's also an on resident fellow at the sun eye center for strategic studies. and says that who the rebels have sent a strong warning to the late in recent weeks and months the who these had been steadily gaining control around it. they had been trying to seize the city,
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but had not been able to. it is still being held by factions more or less aligned or loyal with the internationally recognized government. but in recent weeks, a southern militia supported by the u. e. had been moved from the west coast of yemen to areas around it had been, had started pushing the who sees back. so the who the started being a bit concerned with that. so what, what is safe to assume at this point? yesterday they sent missiles and, or drawn, it's not entirely clear still what exactly happened on the u e. this is a very clear message from the, with these to the you eat, to deter them from getting involved like this around it. a to day general strike has started in sudan in response to the killing of 7 protest is by security forces on monday. protest is of barricaded roads and hard to minute demanding that military does restore civilian governance. tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at thousands of people marching towards the presidential palace on monday. you
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asked, implemented you to be in sudan on wednesday to push for talks to end this crisis. now one community activist was killed in columbia every 60 hours last year, according to the country's human rights ombudsman for she'll say a $145.00 socially does including human rights defenders and environmentalists were killed by illegal armed groups. that number is down slightly from a 180 to the year before vine has become a defining challenge for private for present. even do case. government accuses left when guerrillas of attacking activists as they seat control drug networks and illegal mining. and other developments a former colombian presidential candidate who was kidnapped and held by rebels for 6 and a half years is announced that she's running for the top job again. ingrid besson cor confirmed a candidacy at a news conference in bogota on tuesday. she was held in the jungle off to being captured by the revolutionary armed forces rebel group in 2002. when she last ran
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for the presidency. colombians are set to go to the polls in may history of g, but, and seattle is. i am here to tell you that i am going to participate in the march, 13 primary. you will use it, but i will be part of this hope said to coalition as a candidate for the presidency that i will work from this moment without rest from sun up to sundown, to be your president, chance alessandro. betty has more on this now from ball guitar. well, i think most colombians were surprised by her decision to run for office just the 2 months before congressional elections and the primaries in which as you will now compete in it comes at a time at a critical time. also in the come through it come on when columbia extremely angry at the political establishment at the increase in violence. there have been many protests and she presented herself of somebody who could try to reunite this
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country. a united colombians around her personal story, which she says is similar to the one that the life of most columbia. and she made a parallel during her candidacy speech. essentially saying that her captivity was similar to what most colombians experienced being captives of corruption. what she described as mafioso mentality in the countries politics a norway a far right mass murderer is asking to be released on parole. and his brave it is halfway through his 21 year prison sentence, for killing $77.00. people in a car bomb and gun attack in 2011. but psychiatry say he's show no remorse. his crimes. johnny angela reports an apologetic and his brave
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a arrived in a makeshift court inside shay and prison, demonstrating a continued belief in the far right ideology that inspired his crimes. bulky. that is the 42 year old, his asking for release on probation as a minimum period of his sentence is up to day, i renounce all forms of violence and terror along of the objectives in the manifesto. and i give you my word of honor that this is behind me forever. but this doesn't mean that i won't keep fighting for a national socialist takeover of norway in the west gray, vic murdered, 77 people in july 22nd, 20118 died when he detonated a car bomb in oslo. he then traveled to the nearby island of the toya, where a group of teenagers won a labor party youth camping trip. he killed 69 of them. it was norway's worst piece time atrocity. but his psychiatry says he still shows no remorse for his crimes. he'll come to the prosecutor, hold
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a cold or tear outlined why he should not be granted parole. london fleet. ethan said at martinez on a proven well as a court sees it that's i crouching prognosis. have to be used as a bag even if the defendant is not diagnosed with a personality disorder on his crimes could just be seen as the result of a deviant personality. that the end of this means that the defendant, after serving a sentence of 21 years in prison, would still remain a very dangerous man. he should remain imprison, lizbeth royal, and whose daughter was killed by bravery. had the family and survivors support group. she fares, giving bravery platform, couldn't spire like minded extremists. my biggest fear is that there will have the opportunity to spread his message or to other people like care. we know like one child who had the terror attack on the mosque in norway and was sir also inspired by. but i, vic, and there might be many others. gay. you did
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a breathing, his serving noise maximum prison sentence of 21 years, which can be extended indefinitely if he's deemed a continued threat to society. the routine hearing will last for a maximum of 4 days, 4 days in which families of his many victims and survival. well, no doubt, we live that pain. charlie angela, i'll deserve some he is from france. a country's reported close to half a 1000000. you cove, it cases, it's highest daily figures since the pandemic began, or then 464000 infections and $288.00 deaths were confirmed in the last 24 hours. but the number of people in intensive care units is slightly lower of the same period around at 3900 france is in the groups of a 5th wave of the virus, which is largely being driven by the army cron variant. meanwhile, the u. k. the prime minister is denied, claimed by a former adviser that he lied to parliament about a party during the lockdown in 2024. as johnson says,
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he had not been warned. that gathering might contravene corona virus rules in place at the time he is now facing the greatest crisis of his political career, is more than a dozen lockdown gatherings held by politicians and their staff under investigation and their reports it up to 20 more. m p. 's from his own party, a planning to submit letters of no confidence against him. nobody told me that what we were doing was you say, against the rules that the event in question was something that we're going to do something that wasn't a work event. and you know, i said in the house of commons, when i went out into that garden, i thought that i was attending a work event. i think it's very important that we see what su gracie, what the inquiry has to say. 2000 small animals have been called in hong kong after several hamsters tested positive for cove it. infected rodents were
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found a pet shop where an employee tested positive for the virus customers who purchased campuses from the store in order to quarantine and return their pet will then be put down. come to go on, they'd be there. hey, holidays, possibility that the employee by the hand of a small animal is rare. legal. so you have to marry initially information because a race we hope this personal termination as soon as possible. you will be asked to handle a large number of fighting all hams purchased after december, and then are you off to testing lease? we will deal with him in a humane way. so you have microsoft as an out, the biggest acquisition deal in its history. and it's one that could shake up a video game industry is spending nearly $70000000000.00 to buy activision blizzard, which makes some of the world's most popular games like call of juicy and candy crush. microsoft is already a heavy hitter in the gaming world,
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though the popularity of it's x xbox console and pc games that's behind its move. its latest decision is going to be subject to approval from both american and european regulators. activation. leadership has also been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct allegations amongst that staff. foreign chris n. t a is a video game consultant, an owner of pad and pixel. he says, the scandal probably dented the company's asking price. well, you know, it's interesting because this is something that's been going on for a little bit on top of that. the employees, a lot of the employees that activision blizzard are in the midst of trying to unionize. so these are 2 things that obviously microsoft is going to have to contend with and, and figure out how they want to address if the deal goes through. but i don't think the steel would have even been on the table if this hadn't happened. the company was valued at actually more than what they, what this purchase price would be about a year ago. but i, i suspect a lot of what's been going on has been sort of eating away at their valuation. so
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it, on some level, it's sort of set up the, the ability for this purchase to go through. but again, it does come with all of these issues, including, i think a big one, which is bobby kodak who was or is the ceo of activision buzzer. others a strong pushed by employees and by even some people play games to have him ousted microsoft hasn't really confirmed on the record that would happen. i know he's going to be running the company through the deal going through. after that, the wall street journal is, is reporting via some of their sources that you will actually be leaving the company a roman villa, housing, the only ceiling year of my time painting car luncheon has failed to find a fire at auction property is expected to fetch as much as $500000000.00 in allow me put out for sale again in april. barbara and go to reports. well i can. princess rita bon company, little vc was sash has gone through all the stages of grief after being forced to
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leave her home. the texas borne italian came to live at villa aurora in 2009 when she married the patriot of an aristocratic italian family. but when he died, she couldn't reach a settlement with his son, save her the property. so i judge, forced to sell for home at auction. i think that i have finally accepted it and then i've done all i can to preserve it. and hopefully, even if they make it into upscale hotel or whatever they do, i think they won't be able to, you know, to, i have a disco tech here or something like that, a car about your ceiling. mural is the most valuable item related to the kind of our drugs. it is probably the 1st work of caravaggio that we are aware of. so it is a painting that is of importance, both historically and artistically and of great beauty. there is not a shadow of doubt, a very important work of art lease. but there's an embarrassment of riches
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throughout the 40 room. villa is pretty astonishing. and this is in, in aurora is, is grittiness masterpiece and we have delays you and the other room in the sun room, we have a 5 bar relief from, from the gardens. the saline beneath here that are 2000 years old, each from the roman times. and you're on top of jewish caesars villa where he ramos cleopatra. princess rita hopes the italian government can step into by the building . so it can remain open to the public. barbara and go per hour to sarah. ah. just a quick recap of that lines. this our, the island nation of tongue remains blanketed by ash and mostly cut off from the rest of the world. 3 days after a volcanic eruption caused a powerful sin army such images from surveillance, flights and satellites are beginning to.


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