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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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i get on my right, the wind just b l g 0 has teams on the ground to where you award winning documentaries and lives on air and online. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm no mozy. welcome to the news. our lie from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. satellite images show entire communities covered in ash off to the tongue of volcanic eruption which destroyed all the homes on one island. also were now at a stage where russia could at any point, want an attack and ukraine. the u. s. opposite threat assessment had of talks between secretary of state antony blinking and russia's sergey lovegrove in geneva
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. this week to major telecoms company say they are delaying their 5 g rollout off to warnings. it would cause catastrophic disruption to flights. and last time she ran to the as president, she was kidnapped and held for 6 and a half years now. and good, better cool, says she's running again. i'm devin ash, with sport, senegal and guinea reach the last 16 at the africa cup of nations. but force on champions gonna opt out after losing its camaros in that final great game. ah, an unprecedented disaster. this is how tongue as government is describing a situation facing the country's islands. 3 days after a volcanic iraq and sent
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a soon army surging across its coast. tong remains mostly cast off from the rest of the world. though images from surveillance, flights and satellites are beginning to show the full scale of the destruction. at least 3 people have been confirmed dead. their affairs, the toll will rise. the tory gazing b has more now. satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the wrong way of tongue is main. airport, on the left is how it looked before the eruption. the ashes, delaying deliveries of international aid flights, the ashes proving quite problematic on not just for our water and sanitation because tom collects its water from the roofs of household. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights of they need to clear the runway communicating with tanya is extremely difficult. there's no internet and limited phone calls, because the c, no army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the rest of the world. the
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telecoms operate, he says it will be weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, so you see. so val, any has released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the rupture has caused an unprecedented disaster. with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is $170.00 islands. the red cross estimates that up to 80000 ton guns may be effected, and dust from the volcano could contaminate water supplies. with island is advised to drink bottled water and wear masks. but also what that one well kind of cash carries is you know, the gas pause, they're kind of stuck through it now. and so when that volcanic cash kind of goes into water resources, so example, you know, if he starts to rain and then that mixes with the water in atmosphere, you this the, so for this kind of out here to start to the volcanic ash, this can then make acid rain. this is how tongue this pool looked at the end of december. in the latest satellite pictures,
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the area is smothered in grey ash. dozens of homes on the main island of target. tap who have been severely damaged or destroyed. what tong a desperately needs now with help from other countries. the volcano has stopped spewing ash for now giving a team of $200.00 volunteers. a chance to sweep the runway with most now played. it's hope the 1st 8 flights will be able to land as soon as thursday. victoria gay to be al jazeera. sarah clark has been following developments from brisbin australia. she spoke, some people anxiously waiting to hear from family in telling them a zealand and australia have sent military aircraft to assist the damage violence. work that was done was really quite crucial. but we know that there's more work to be done to make sure they're toler can bounce back. is this the chance? melina imo has been unable to reach her family in tonga since saturday. her 2 sisters live on the main island conquered top, who her brother and his family lived on
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a small island for father. i'm worried. i like everyone else. they know you have your sleepless nights. and i not knowing what to expect a fiber optic cable. one of the countries, main lines of communication was damaged by the eruption and may take weeks to a store within a week or 2 i, we should be able to know whether we can be able to get our full connectivity up and running. for now, this is the only communication. many people in tonga have a t, v and radio station in australia covering the pacific region is fielding coles from relatives around the world who are desperate for updates. we've had tomlins calling from sweden, austria puts of japan and so for just desperate for any news from home, deaths have now been confirmed, including angela glover, a british woman who was rescuing her dogs. and she was hit by the powerful wave. we
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are just shattered. tom is the only word i can think to describe it on any family that youth loses, such a treasured member of their family would know exactly what you know, what i'm saying here. a royal australian navy ship is on its way from sidney to brisbin to load humanitarian aid. humanitarian groups are now coordinating a joint relief effort. the volcanic ash means it's difficult, the same supplies by air. so water and sanitation kits. tense and blankets are being lighted on ships to be sent from australia and new zealand. high tides, triggered by the volcanic explosion, the toner had been filled as far away as peru where a ship supplying the country's main oil. processing plant was rocked by waves generated by the reduction the result, a 2 kilometer long oil spill. sarah, clock out a 0 brisbin australia. now the white house is warm, the russia could attack ukraine. it any moment?
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us secretary of state anthony blinking is due toll talks with russia's foreign minister ser glover of in geneva on friday as tensions escalades over a build up of russian troops near ukraine. white house, also voice concerned over the deployment of russian forces to better ruth for joint war games, further beefing up rushes military assets near ukraine, described the situation. the border is extremely dangerous. our white house correspondent, kimberly healthcare has more on what the secretary of state is hoping to achieve while he's trying to send a message and that message that he will be sending to the russian foreign minister is one that has been repeatedly underscored by the west. whether it be through telephone calls between the various levels of government between the united states and russia, whether it be in consultations that have taken place between european partners. but
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the message has been consistent. that is that the u. s. believe that the only way to resolve security differences with respect to concerns about russia invading ukraine is through diplomacy. and should russia choose an alternate path? there will be severe financial consequences. now the reason that the united states is so gravely concerned is because there is u. s. intelligence that has been in place for months that russia is preparing for some sort of imminent attack. not only because there are tens of thousands of troops, russia has a mass along the border near ukraine, but also because there has been an up to an activity on social media that seems to indicate that an attack may be in it. our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation, where now at a stage where russia could at any point, watch an attack and ukraine, and what secretary blinking is going to go do, is highlight very clearly. there is
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a diplomatic pass forward. it is the choice of president putin and the russians to make whether they are going to suffer severe economic consequences or not. prior to the meeting in geneva, between survey live, rob and antony blank, and there will also be other meetings and consultations that will take place. we know that the secretary of state will also be traveling to berlin. the efforts to de escalate pensions will be discussed. we also know he will be meeting in advance with the president of ukraine zalinski and as well we expect that we will hear more on all of this from us president joe biden, when he holds his press conference at the white house on wednesday. meanwhile, germany's foreign minister has been in moscow meeting the sergey lover of also to emphasize the need to reduce tensions over ukraine. angelina, bow bulk was welcomed by her russian counterpart 24 hours after she held talks with ukrainian leaders in kiev. she says,
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germany is ready to defend fundamental values even if it comes at a high economic price. next rockingham, more than a 100000 russian soldiers with tanks and guns, have gathered new ukraine in recent weeks for no understandable reason. and it's hard not to see this as a threat or russia. foreign minister says a 2015 agreement that was meant to end the conflict in ukraine must be implemented . well, no supernumerary visibility of mr. mules on ukraine. we have a common understanding of absence of alternatives. to the minsk agreements, we indicated to our partners that it's unacceptable to present russia as a part of the conflict. we've seen such attempts lately, and it's unacceptable to shift the responsibility for absence of progress in implementing mince agreements to russia, who we hope the german colleagues will weigh in on very cranium partners to make them finally fulfill their obligations. now us telecom shines 18
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t and varieties in of agreed to partially delay activating that 5 g networks, nasa map or it's off to major airlines wound. it could cause catastrophic disruption to flights, but the move might have come just that bit too late as the international airlines, including the emirates, are already canceling some flights to the country. allen, chief executive say they are concerned that 5 g wireless signals will interfere with the navigation systems of aircraft white house, as it's actively engaged with all parties involved to maximize deployment, while protecting as safety, which on hender enjoys his live now from chicago's o'hare airport. and how much concern is there that there is going to be a great deal of disruption from this, despite the fact that to telecoms companies are delaying the 5 g roll out well, there was a lot more concern just hours ago, were transmitting to you right now using a 4th generation wireless technology,
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that's how this picture is getting to you. apparently the switchover, which was to happen on wednesday to 5th generation technology was a dramatic difference. the wireless cavities bought up. we spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up more radio frequencies. well, what the airlines say is that those, the planes use and altimeter that bounces radio waves off of the ground in order to determine what height the plane is at. they especially need that in low visibility settings, which often happen in places like this in winter. and they say that could've disrupted air travel. they would had to ground thousands of planes leaving millions of people unable to travel. it would have grounded cargo would have stopped the supply chain. they said it would have also stopped vaccines from getting around. they said it could have caused economic chaos and be dramatically told the biden administration that they needed help. they needed to either postpone the onset of
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this new cellular technology, or they needed bubbles around the airports that were affected. and ultimately that is what those 2 telephone companies did. they said, ever rising in a t and t said we will not deploy our systems around the affected airports, meaning the airports near 5 g systems across the us. but they were upset about it and they expressed their frustration as they issued a statement saying they would voluntarily temporarily postpone. and i'll tell you, the airlines were very upset about this happening. they, they warned of economic catastrophe. and apparently the concern was great enough that i got some president biden whitehouse, today's that it was working on this binding issue to statement thanking both verizon and a t and t. so the booed pending clash between big tech and big airlines has been postponed, but it hasn't been averted because ultimately they have to come to some sort of agreement as to whether that technology will be deployed around airports. and as
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the, as a telecom companies point out, this technology has been deployed in 40 countries before it reached here. so they think it's safe, there will have to be a resolution, and that will probably involve the biden administration through the federal aviation administration. on one hand, which regulates planes and the federal communications commission, which regulates the airwaves. all right, thank you very much. from chicago, john had been reporting to us. joining me now is robert w man junior, an airline industry outlet to join me from port washington, new york. and of course, we're all familiar with the bands on using mobile phones on airlines in many countries because of concerns about interference. but of course, that's largely gone away as the technology has improved. all these new 5 g networks causing fresh concerns. what would they are? and the irony is that the issue has been well understood for over
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a decade. but it was consciously overlooked or avoided when telecoms firms were, were asked to bid for franchises in 2018, 2019. and ultimately in 2021 us. and the additional irony is that the, the, the other countries that telecoms firms referred to and saying that 5 g has been deployed there without issue. it has been deployed in those countries with very, very different restrictions and exclusions than they propose in the united states. including a complete barrier around airports as occurs in the entirety of canada for example . and, and in france, where were the telecoms firms like to talk about, as well as elsewhere in the, in the european union. it is also caused the telecoms firms in canada and the you to reduce transmitter power from what would be about $6000.00 watts in the us
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to as little as 60 watts within 3 miles of an airport in those affected countries. so we've seen significant concessions made by other vendors in other countries, implementing 5 g that neither a t and t nor t mobile nor horizon have proposed here in the us. so can i just understand this? obviously 5 g is being rolled out elsewhere. you mentioned fonts in canada that so on there, how come there measures being taken to reduce interference from 5 g on safety equipment on ad croft in other places, but not in the u. s. why it, how is it that they're dealing with it differently? i would say that in, in canada and in the u including press of the regulators, had a far more a serious view of the potential for interference with aviation safety. if we think about it for a minute, if there's any question about safety, you can't sell an airline ticket or an airplane to anybody. this is an industry
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that runs on the presumption of 100 percent safety vanishingly small rates of accidents. and the same goes for, for travel in general. you are selling productivity, you're selling the ability to be at a place at a specific time, at a specific location. and if the reality is that because of 5 g interference with navigation systems during precision approach procedures or departure procedures in airport, you may end up a 100 miles from where you intended. that's not the same thing at all. you'd be very difficult to sell tickets on that premise. and the further issue is that i think it's under reported here. is this the effects every aspect of aviation? it's not just airlines, a passenger and cargo. it's business, say vh including the aircraft. they're operated by those telecoms firms or on their behalf. it is, it is a business aviation, in general, as accurate as used by corporations. and as every commercial helicopter operation,
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which requires a working radio, it altimeter, and that includes medical evacuation and medical transport including organ transport in the u. s. for example, the f a has, has precluded service into the mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota. and it's heliport, which is a $24.00 up 24 hour operation normally which under bad weather circumstances would not be able to accept helicopters. and so it's a very serious problem. it's not limited to airlines. thank you. hi, much for all that debbie man. janice janice, saffron polt, washington eeoc ac letter. you're watching the news. our life from london still had on the program as strikes by the saudi led coalition kill at least 14 people in yelman's capital a day after who the drone and miss all attack on the u. e, also, when i will talk to that gordon, i thought that i was attending
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a work event. portions of prime minister denies. he was warned, a downing street garden party would be breaking cove lockdown rules. and later in sports and landmark moment for this female referee at the africa cup of nations, ah residence in the ebony capital son i have been searching through the rubble wearing as strike hit, killing at least 14 people. the strikes were launched by the saudi led coalition fighting yeomans, who see rebels. one strike hit the house of a senior military official who was killed along with his wife and son. witness to say, a number of civilians is still missing. tuesday strikes followed monday's fatal attack on an oil facility in the united arab emirates, which was claimed by the who sees either them or german or the most beautiful. this is mass destruction. they are targeting houses,
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they would already be terrified to set fire books on such houses that an internationally prohibited missiles. i swear by god, this is god who rossimer, an entire neighborhood is under the rubble. we have spent the whole night searching for victims, and we couldn't get them out of the united arab emirates as asked for a un security council meeting on the hoof. he tried a tax on abu dhabi. it sent a letter to the un denouncing the targeting of civilians and calling for condemnation of the attack. our diplomatic editor james bays has more the ambassador of the united arab emirates which has begun the 2 year term on the security council, has asked the current president of the council, norway, for an urgent meeting to discuss the who c drone attack on the country's capital abu dhabi on monday, she wants that meeting to take place before the end of the week. she's told me she wants the security council issue a strong statement. i think it's very important that the security council comes out with a unified statement condemning this for the terrorist attack that it was. and then
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building on that of course, i think that condemnation will hopefully deter future terrorist attacks from our country. and the escalation of chaos and terrorism in our region. there's already been a military response to the who c drone attack on abu dhabi. the saudi led coalition is carried out as strikes on the yemeni capital sonata. this was the reaction from the un secretary general's office. the secretary general expresses his concern and deplores the recent saudi led coalition air strikes in santa the resulted in numerous civilian casualties. he reminds all of the parties of their obligation or do international humanitarian law to protect civilians, to adhere to the principles of proportionality distinction and precaution. the u. a has already called on the united states to re designate the who fees is a terrorist organization. but many here, the united nations believe that would be a bad move. who would make it harder to mediate with these and more difficult to
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distribute aid across yemen? or thomas, you know, isn't assistant professor at the university of also a school of public and international affairs. he's also a non resident fellow at the san, our center for strategic studies. he joins us live via skype. i want to start by asking you about the significance of the fighting that is taking place in the oil and gas rich province of merit. it is very significant, but it is ad you graphically close to the center of yemen. it is strategically important, as you said, because there are some loyal and gas reserves, not a lot, but, but as much as yemen has, as so in, in a situation of war, as is the case. now, it can make a significant difference on who controls it. but also matlab is at the crossroads of, of north or south and east west roads in yemen. so whoever controls my, it will, will gain a significant advantage in the future of the war in the country. and what barring
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does that have on the ass strikes that have just taken place in yemen, in which 14 civilians have been killed. but then also the who's the kind attack on oil facilities in the u. 8. so in recent weeks and months, the who sees had been steadily gaining control around it, but they had been trying to seize the city, but had not been able to. it is still being held by by factions more or less aligned or loyal with the internationally recognized government. but in recent weeks, a southern militia supported by the u. e. had been moved from the west coast of yemen to areas around it had been, had started pushing the horses back. so the who these started being a bit concerned with that. so what, what is safe to assume at this point? yesterday they sent a missiles and, or drawn, it's not entirely clear still what exactly happened on the u e. this is a very clear message from the who's east to the u. e to deter them from a getting involved like this around it. because we have seen regular ed tried and
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missile strikes mainly on nat apples and facilities in saudi arabia. how important is it that the who fees are now costing an eye towards the way e. exactly as the whose these had been sending, hundreds of miss allan drone strikes on saudi arabia in recent years. that happens on a regular basis. the who these are the u. s. e. have a very complicated relationship. they are adversaries. that's very clear. but in recent years, they, there was a bit of a, an implicit understanding between the 2 that they would, at least in part, avoid directly confronting each other. the u. e. e. e. e decided, especially since 2019 to focus its energies on building influence and southern yemen. the who these are mostly influential in the north and the west, and they are adversaries. officially, the u. e. is part of the coalition led by saudi arabia against the who these, but they were each doing their thing. and they, they largely avoided confronting each other directly. but that delicate balance was always really fragile. and, and when the who thi started threatening around the, at a bit too much, the u. e. sent it militia,
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it supports to push them back around the city and, and then the who thies decided that that was a not acceptable. what makes this especially complicated is that the hoot, these are supported by iran, iran in the u. e. have their own complicated relationship. they are adversaries. but in recent months, they had been trying to to, to find ways to manage tension between the 2 of them with some limited progress. so at this point you have, you run on the one hand, presumably happy with the who thes pushing back against the u. e. but on the other hand, wanting to avoid an escalation between the 2. so on multiple sites here, the who thieves that you ian, you run and there's a very fragile ad echo librium game being played at very important for region. thank you very much for breaking it down like that for us. thomas gene i from altura, thank you. with france
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is reported close to half a 1000000 new cove at 19 cases, highest a figure since the pandemic began. more than 464000 infections and 288 deaths were confirmed in the last 24 hours. the number of people an intensive care unit, slightly decreased over the same period around 3900. france is in the grips of a 5th wave of the virus, which is largely being driven by the army kron variant. meanwhile, here in the u. k, the prime minister has denied claims by a former adviser that he lied to parliament about a party during the 2020 lockdown for his johnson says he had not been warned. the gathering might contravene corona virus rules in place at the time is now facing the greatest crisis of his political career, or when it doesn't lock down gatherings held by politicians and their staff are under investigation. and there are reports that 20 mpg his own policy, are about to submit letters of no confidence in him. anybody told me that what we
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were doing was you say, against the rules that the event in question was something that we're going to do something that was into a work event. and you know, as i said in the house of commons, when i went out into that garden, i thought that i was attending a work event. i think it's very important that we see what su gracie what the inquiry has to say. and he's back brings us more from the story now from london, dominate. cummings, boys, johnson's former chief advisor, turned arch nemesis, who released the statement on his blog on monday, saying that he had actually advised that the prime minister and he has witnesses to prove it. he says, to say that attending this event would be very, very body wouldn't look good and the prime minister needs to get a grip of the downing street madhouse. and according to cummings bar stone,
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some response was simply just wave this through and attend the event. johnson saying that that is not the case. he is defended, his stance that he believed he was indeed going to a work event. but it was a pretty bruising interview or round boss johnson holding his head down throughout the entire question. when he was asked about a double leaving, do that took place at number 10 downing street on the eve of the duke of adam bras . funeral a day in which the nation was in mourning. the queen was sitting in isolation away from her family. we have at least 6 conservative m p 's who have gone on record calling for his resignation. but many still remained. saw them waiting for this all important investigation into wrongdoings into number 10. danny straightened elsewhere on whitehall to come back with its conclusion that conducted by a senior civil servant su gray,
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known as the sleaze buster of white hall. she has presided over the departure of very senior m. p. 's in the past. will her conclusions implicate boris johnson and sustained wrong during 2000 small animals have been cold in hong kong. after several hamsters tested positive for cove at 19. infected rodents were found at a pet shop where an employee tested positive for the virus. customers who purchase hamsters from the store have been ordered to pointy and return their parents will then be put down. the important sale of hamsters has now been suspended in the city . not most health come for you on this news out from london, penguin paradise at terra del franka. that scientist, a worried it won't last for the biggest lanes in software and gaming street and biggest deal in industries history
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australia result in melvin general ah. with the current wind, today's in much of your for a sunny foggy for some in the morning, but sunny little on the cold side. but you can bear that because this big settle dome, where the answer comes with all weather's being steered around the top. the cold, in particular, steered eastwards into western russia. the black sea and turkey temperatures are just a few degrees below. they should be compared with the average, with the sunshine, compensates until you get this wind and then all see this blue represents rain through frowns and low countries winds been a theme actually in this part of europe. ticky scandinavia the last couple days and it's coming back again. it's got a cold wind. the last time it happened because weather winds got sued. now,
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through the black sea, that really is cold when you get a lot of snow through turkey, movies, which rain to the south of that. so in the heights of lebanon and jordan, i think in the hard on the daytime. hardly 40 new garza. but we feel that good. that colds penetrated a good part of north africa with a high temperature car. 223 jemina. about $27.00 us. about 7 degrees below the average. the course sometimes the wind bring some shower that i saw a big surprise or if you'd like, shouted egypt. and maybe a bit further west that there was something on the west coast yesterday, but now it's not sure breeze. and sandy, ah ah, being a refugee mean starting again, but building a new life in a new country is no easy taught. here to drive witness follows one of the
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loft refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa. from their personal sacrifices to the families priam, i meet the syrian on al jazeera. when the news break side is tornado destroyed everything it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story tones, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, i get on my right the wind. b 3, g 0 has teens on the ground to bring you award winning documentaries and lives on air and don't lie lou. lou
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ah, welcome back main stories now. the island nation of tong remains blanketed by ash mostly cut off from the rest of the world. 3 days after volcanic eruption caused a powerful scene army such, at least 3 people are known to have died. the white house is warned that russia could attack you crane at any moment. your secretary of say, antony blinkin is due to all talked with his russian counterpart, sergey lovegrove in geneva on friday, to deescalate tensions i'm us, telecom jives atm varieties, and have agreed to partially delay activating that 5 g networks in the us in that part of the major airlines, one that could cause catastrophic disruption to their flights. now, shank, as president says he has a plan to save the country from a financial crisis that could see it go bankrupt. 2 years of the pandemic have
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decimated tourism and the income, while a weak currency is see in the prices shop is pay for every day. goods soaring, it will be devastating for a country that is 4 and a half $1000000000.00 deep in debt. this year alone, japan in india or among the creditors along with china. been criticized for loaning . should i come money to build airports, highways, and ports, which have been branded, white elephants, say see little use. the government pay back $500000000.00 on tuesday, ms. os china for help, but if it can't find the rest, it faces the 1st to fall in its history. michelle fernandez reports now from colombo. the 1st 2 years of gustave, roger pucks, his presidency vina rule across to ride. just months after he took office, the cove at 19 pandemic kit locked downs, disrupted people's lives and businesses. but addressing parliament's opening session of 2022 on tuesday,
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he said things are improving. then rugby are they up. we are with now the economic process in the country as gradually returning to normal tourists are coming back or so there is clear growth and export 2nd. while i finish, however, a number of challenges remain before us. both short term and long term solutions are essential to overcoming, marcia, if you do it the been but the president didn't say watch those solutions are in a position m p. 's were critical, which one describing the speech as empty, more the country is facing a huge problem. arising, cost of living, inflation is soaring right now and president had read the 2nd problem, the concrete facing is a lack of foreign concept dollars. and now we need the foreign currency to pay for our basics, like, for our food, for me, the same, you know, and for, and so forth. and none of those fundamental basic urgent issues were addressed in this space. the pandemic has affected every country or not. but analysts say crippling debt and shortsighted economic policies have made things worse. in g
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lanka, inflation heat, 12 percent in december. the government's revenue shrunk, and it resorted to printing money around $7000000000.00 worth of rupees in 2021. now it faces of foreign currency crisis in butcher's told al jazeera that around $1700.00 containers of food items have been stuck in port because the foreign currency to pay for them isn't available. they say food shortages will be inevitable unless the government provides the currency and people are concerned. morgy, i'm on it. we have never faced the situation like this. government has no policy, no door yet. if we continue like this will die begging me. nissan took my paper at me, i got every one is finding it difficult in the current situation. even if they have money, people can buy some things without standing on shoes. frustration is mounting as people find it difficult to secure daily centrals. many of those who expected from
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plans from the president on how the government intends to steer through the current economic crisis, say they feel disappointed. and people desperate for answers and reassured, the president asked parliament 225 members to fulfill their national responsibilities in a country struggling with the global catastrophe. but many m. p. 's and people here say they're looking 1st to their government for a lead. monroe, fernandez our jazeera colombo engineers. parliament is approved a bill to relocate the country's capital ter a sight deep in the jungle on borneo island. hasn't yoko, widowed us as a capital needs to move because g carter is too polluted and experienced as frequent flooding. says he is home to more than $10000000.00 people, a new capital cost $32000000000.00 and will be called in
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a santa javanese word for indonesia. a 1st government employees could start working there as soon as 2024. but critics, a, at the law was pushed through too quickly with limited public consultation and environmental assessments. one community activist was killed in columbia every 60 hours last year, according to the country's human rights ombudsman officials say, a $145.00 social leaders including human rights defenders. environmentalists were killed by illegal armed groups. that number is down slightly, slightly from 180 to the before. violence has become a defining challenge for president, even to case government accuses left when guerrillas of attacking activists as they seek to control drug networks and illegal mining. well, this is a former colombian presidential candidate who is kidnapped and held by rebels for 6 and a half years has announced she is running for the top job again. and we'd better co confirmed her candidacy at a news conference in bogota on tuesday. she was held in the jungle after being
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captured by the revolutionary armed forces rebels group in 2002, when she last ran for the presidency. colombians are set to go to the polls in may history of g. but and i am here to tell you that i am going to participate in the last 13 primary. but i will be part of the coalition as a candidate for the presidency that i will work from this moment without rest from sun up to sun down to be your president. can they allow syndrome b as he joins us live now from ball guitar? what's been the reaction, the country to this announcement by bet and call what i think most colombians words surprised by her decision to run for office and just the 2 months before a congressional elections and the primaries in which as you will now compete in it, comes at a time, at a critical time, also in the country with cologne,
12:40 am
when columbus are extremely angry at the political establishment at the, at the increase in violence. there have been many protests and she presented a herself of somebody who could try to reunite this country, unite columbian so round to her personal story, which she says is similar to the one a that the life of most columbian. so she may the parallel or during her deb candidacy speech essentially saying that her captivity was similar to what the most colombians of the experience of being captives of corruption, which she described as an mafioso mentality in the countries, the politics, the poverty and injustice that they have had to endure through much of their life. the question is now dead. obviously,
12:41 am
she is extremely famous and easily to recognise for most colombians, but it's unclear if this will translate them votes and next march polarized as the electorate that very polarized, in general, i can say, since the signing of the peace deal back in 2016 the country has been deeply divided on the way forward. again, there have been major protest in the country in 2019 and into and in 2021. the frontrunner for these upcoming elections is a former, a fighter of a group called em. 19 gustavo paid through who's running stronger in the polls and would be an anti establishment to a candidate to obviously the arrival now of betancourt could try to change things.
12:42 am
there's no doubt that this will help to bring more attention to her centuries. the coalition that has so far as suffered in the pole to we're going to have to see it 1st, 2nd bid. the, in this case will again be able to bring a lot of attentions on her. and if she indeed will be able to unite this country and propose a number of centuries proposals that the colombians will believe will bring enough change to the country. thank you very much on a syndrome viet in bogota. it's been called the end of the world. but for some scientists, tara gal frego is at the center of climate change research and archipelago on south america's southernmost tip shad my chile and argentina. it's also home to a major penguin colony, and as i, latin america at italy seen human reports even though their numbers were bounded
12:43 am
during the pandemic. they are still on the threat. what you see behind me is a rare king penguin colony here in piano, very well on the tip of south america. the king penguins come here to breed every summer, and they are the 2nd largest species of penguins after the emperor penguins, which are breeding at this very same time about a 1000 kilometers south. from here in antarctica, these birds that had use this exact area to lay their eggs for hundreds of years had practically disappeared from here after scientists and zoo keepers, even people who wanted them as pets captured them and took them as far away as japan. but addicted to go, they began returning your science has shown the penguins have a genetic memory and that they always tried to return to breathe where they were born. just to see down the director of the penguin reserve, those 2 days scientists from the university of mazda janish are here investigating
12:44 am
global climate change using the germs found on these penguins feathers as sensors. the reserve was created 10 years ago, which means the penguins could not be touched or moved or harmed. but scientists are warning that both the king and the emperor penguins could become extinct by the end of the century. and the reason is climate change, the increasingly warming water is even here words, reason cold are driving fish further and further away, which means that both the emperor and king penguins, when they go out to try to bring food back to their newborn chicks, have to go so far away that by the time to get back, the chicks have already starved to death. how microsoft is spending nearly $70000000000.00 to buy the makers of candy crash and call of duty. the deal to acquire activision blizzard could be the biggest in the gaming industry. and it's microsoft's largest purchase. it's the company's latest move and
12:45 am
a bit to strengthen its position in the gaming and virtual reality market. the move will be subject to approval from both us and european regulators. so let's now speak to brian at chris and a, he's a video game consultant and found of could talk who video game, web site, and blog. he joins me now from new york. so microsoft is willing to pay for this more than double the amount it did for linkedin about 6 years ago. why does the company want to make such a big push into gaming? well i think 1st off, you have to realize that microsoft is already very invested in gaming with, with the ex fox console and with pc gaming. and so this is doing something that's essentially strengthening their position. it's if it goes through, it'll probably bump them up to be one of the top 3 game companies in the world. does the value of the company and the, the cost of this acquisition pops, reflect the surge in popularity in gaming,
12:46 am
particularly during the pandemic. yeah, you know, gaming has definitely been on the rise over the last year or so, especially with everything going on with the pandemic. more people are playing games. there's been a, i think when they announce this news, they mentioned that there are 3000000000 gamers out there. and, and that number's supposed to jump up to 4 and a half or more than 4 and a half by 2030. so gaming is a huge market. and activision blizzard was one of the top 10, or is one of the top 10 game publishers in the world. they have a lot of incredibly popular to titles, call of duty world of warcraft diablo. and then most, perhaps importantly, they have a huge stake in the mobile gain market, which is the strongest growing i think of all of the sort of facets of gaming right now. and that's the king, which is the developer and publisher of candy crash. deal comes with some control this he doesn't it off to allegations of sexual misconduct activity at activision
12:47 am
blizzard. and actually what the california department of foreign put in housing describe is a culture of constant sexual harassment. so how will microsoft approach this? well, you know, it's interesting because this is something that's been going on for a little bit on top of that. the employees, a lot of the employees that activision blizzard are in the midst of trying to unionize. so these are 2 things that obviously microsoft is going to have to contend with and, and figure out how they want to address if the deal goes through. but i don't think the steel would have even been on the table if this hadn't happened. the company was valued at actually more than what they, what this purchase price would be about a year ago. but i, i suspect a lot of what's been going on has been sort of eating away at their valuation. so it, on some level, it's sort of set up the, the ability for this purchase to go through. but again, it does come with all of these issues, including, i think a big one, which is bobby kodak who was or is the ceo of activision buzzer. others
12:48 am
a strong push by employees and by even some people play games to have him ousted microsoft hasn't really confirmed on the record that would happen. i know he's going to be running the company through the deal going through. after that, the wall street journal is, is reporting via some of their sources that you will actually be leaving the company. all right, thank you so much. appreciate it. find casias. thanks for joining us from new york . thank you. here a p and parliament has a new president. optimal phase politician of our tech net sola secured, overwhelming support for the role. she succeeds italian socialist, david sicily who died earlier this month. at the age of 65, it's solid becomes the 1st woman in 20 years. health, mostly ceremonial ro, i'm the youngest still had for you on the new sal at general b, along with the sport re on the trade monster, loss of one of its greatest ebay players. we'll have more on that story. and so
12:49 am
we're looking at the new technology, filling the stomachs on the fuel tanks of australia's long distance drivers. stay with us for that ah
12:50 am
with whole ah ah ah, jim is and now with the sport. thank you, mariam for time champions, gonna have been eliminated from the africa cup of nations after a shock. 3 to defeat, to torment davy thompson, commerce, the tiny island nation, i believe 3 friends as early as 4 minutes on a captain. andre,
12:51 am
i was sitting compound what was turning out to be a miserable night for the black crows then double the latest on that motley before the gun and fall back to level matters it but it was not to be then instead he scored his 2nd of the match commerce in the hunt for a place in the last 60, but they will have to wait on other result. they couldn't get in the night, so the great the match the gun on how to a to roll gym. the venus top strike 100, the governing the leave after rock and eat lie through a penalty, a gabble and restore their advantage and the rock and, and go to thank for that. but i sure came, you pops up with a late go from time to secure the jewel, take a 3 winners and gabanos, 3rd bombs running, senegal drew no, no with malawi, but that was enough to make it into the last 16 as great when as history was made in guineas match with his in bob way. london, a sally move,
12:52 am
and sanger became the 1st woman to referee and africa cup of nations already eliminated zimbabwe. one who no lab thanks. did critic washy and mattie great celebrations as well. liverpool midfielder navigator pulled on back for guinea and what a goal it was from the captain to on the final school. but despite the defeats guinea finish. second in the group to book a place in the last in the knockout h and the premier league chelsea missed the chance to me 2nd in the table they were up against brighton. you hadn't beaten them since 19. it's actually 3 that run will continue. de chelsea to be late in the 1st half of the brighten that they go up. i can add an website not picked up by the chelsea defense. he had to free her life one on the final school, or when would seen it healthy go above level that had not happened off the natural brown madrid, and mourning the loss of one of the greatest ever players of francisco until his
12:53 am
died at the age of 88 hen towed joined rally in 1953 and spent 18 years in the spanish capital until his retirement in 1971. the left wing made 600 appearances for the club scoring 182 goals and winning 12 leak titles. and he remains the only player to have one fix european cups until plate of $43.00 times the spain, including at 2 wild cops. the round the routine fell silent. training on tuesday as a mark of respect for the honorary president. he listened. you're like i'm, he said that the real mother. he wanted be a future. he defended a real madrid jersey for 18 years. he turned into one of the great legends of our clubs and into one of the midst of world football. and he was a part of a generation of legendary players who changed the history of the real madrid and turned it and put the most prestigious and mark club in the world, shoulder to shoulder over santiago burn about. and i'll try to do stuff on the
12:54 am
ashes series, maybe either. but the negative headlines just keep coming for the indian cricket aim. and one of their coaches could now be facing the fac, this video showed police and tasmania, breaking up a party plan involving england captain jo, root james anderson on some of the australia followed noise complaints by the hotel, england. assistant coach grant thorpe is understood to have filmed the video and the england wild cricket board is investigating what happened and how the footage was made. public is incident full of a drinking coach within the england cap. during the phone out series defeats for the australian open in 3 time grand slam champion, and the murray has ended a 5 year wait for victory and melbourne. scott was up against nicholas basil, asheville, and his 1st match this year's summit. and it was an epic and counter murray accepted a wild card to play this year off the lengthy in july. but he came 394 hours on the 4th to beat the number $21.00 seat and $0.05 is the 2nd time or his base. and back
12:55 am
in the week now said, daphne qualified harry daniel in the 2nd round, been a tough, tough 3 for years and a lot of work to get back here. and it's been played on this court many times and had data. fair. incredible. i've always had fantastic support and yeah, this is the one where i thought the heck play my last match on 3 years ago, but amazing to be back. wedding if i can ask for any more dash is run, are done. method f has opened his account, the us open champion is now the top rank play over the competition off the naval joke of which is the for taishan. and the 1st few sets went smoothly for the russian, as he took a sick one at 6 fully ever henry locsin. and that he was forced to fight through the 3rd, which was opponent pushed to a tiebreaker. a pair of unforced errors gave med for 3 match points as he sailed around the 1st of them to reach round a method of faces. nick curios next,
12:56 am
the australian shaman, who is old tricks and his i think that he served under romance through his legs. to the surprise. reddish, apparently embraced a carry off fight another cleanup during a rally as well. he went on to wait and straight that much back to recovering. okay, the 90 there was a battle of us opened champions in the women 20 minutes. the current tried to hold her am about to connie when the thing said over 2017, when at length, even love that the american fall away back into the match. why taking the 2nd 6 to buy the condo step to get into decide at one me 3, definitely that former australian open finally, because this is out the last remaining serrano. i stay at 6262. it's been a difficult month in australia for the form at wimbledon champion, its pages 3 war about matches, and adelaide, and sydney,
12:57 am
and other former wimbleton champion garbage. mcgrew struggled to close out her contest against frances flora burrell on tuesday, but the side seat eventually reached the 2nd round. that is, your sport is back to mariam in london. thanks very much, jenna. now just a quick story to bring you about used cooking oil keeping electric cars going one of the worlds most remote highways in australia, biofuel charges are now operating between the cities of adelaide and puff. the system uses a diesel generator converted to run on waste oil from the kitchens of road. aus is it means electric vehicles can be reached charged around an hour rather than having to stay overnight. the average charge will consume about 22 hours of cooking oil. basil self contained. it doesn't impact the roadhouse us pass supply at all is totally independent. it runs on weiss for our oil which is carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, and very little cost a go. that's it for the news. i'll soon
12:58 am
a couple of minutes. ah, me ah! and a fleet allah, joseph. but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. 11 east. git to wreck safe inside to sport where ancient tradition meet modern scandal and l g 0. i will totally accept the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i win. a lot of people felt the world was being turned
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upside down the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political equality and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality from a slave. before you're gone, we're baby. for down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter to young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah, close your eyes. ah, listen movie wasn't my never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the boy. i
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never dreamt of it. where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music and knocked down rules, and i hope for a better life. ha, selects on al jazeera. ah, satellite images show entire communities covered in ash after the tongue of volcanic eruption which destroyed all the homes on one island. ah, hello, i mary, i'm the machine on your watching algae 0. so coming up on the program, we're now at a stage where russia could at any point, want an attack and ukraine. the u. s. opposite threat assessment had of talks between zachary of say, anthony blanket and russia, sergey lamb role in geneva. this.


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