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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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and much more problematic than we thought. a dos was the lessons learned from the global pandemic, could lead to positive change the close of the pool of fixed the hill. oh, rich, all hail the lockdown. expose it. privilege of poverty during a crisis followed j 0. ah you have your sleepless nights aimed. i not knowing what to expect. desperate for news from their loved ones in town there after the volcanic eruption . that's cut off the pacific islands from the rest of the world. ah, watching al jazeera alive from doha with me for the battle. also coming up, new charges filed against outlawed nigerian separatist leader nom de connell. his own trial for several chargers,
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including terrorism. more protestors killed in sadhana se demonstrate against military leaders and demand a return to civilian vol. where in pakistan, which is struggling to contain the army con variant of covered 19 hundreds of health workers are infected and shall anchors. president lays out his vision for the country with a focus on jumpstarting the economy. ah, it's been 3 days since the volcanic eruption ends. mommy in tong are, but the full scale of the destruction is only now beginning to emerge. new satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the runway of taras main airport. on the left is how it looks before the russian. the ash is delaying deliveries of international aid and is expected to take days to clear the ashes proving quite problematic. not just for
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water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of households. but in terms of access for the aid from a straight to a new zealand and other flights, they need to clear the runway. latest information i have is that 60 percent of the runway has been cleared. and this is done manually. i hear up to 200 volunteers sweeping the runway in preparation for the supplies to land on thursday or friday. if things happen according to plan or let's show you some images now of the power of the option. this was the volcano before it's massive explosion on saturday. now most of it's disappeared under see the russian cent. atmospheric shock waves around the world. and nami surges throughout the pacific. saca slowing developments, embrace them in australia. these are some of the 1st satellite images showing the
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extent of the damage after a volcanic eruption triggered a synonymy and wave surge, 3 times $170.00 islands. the zealand and australia have kept military aircraft to assess the damage. for the surveillance work that was done was really quite crucial . but we know that there is more work to be done to make sure that solar can bounce back to mann. i know amo has been unable to reach her family and tanya, since saturday, her 2 sisters live on the main island tongue, the top who, her brother and his family live on the small on. and for vasu, i'm worried. i like everyone else. they, you know, you have your sleepless nights and not knowing what to expect a fiber optic cable. one of the country's main lines of communication was damaged by the eruption and may take weeks to a store within a week or 2. or we should be able to know whether we can be able to get our full
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connectivity up and running. for now, this is the only communication. many people in tonga have a t, v and radio station in australia covering the pacific region is fielding coals from relatives around the world who are desperate for updates. we've had tomlins calling from sweden austria puts of japan. and so for just desperate for any news from home to debts have now been confirmed, including angela glover, a british woman who was rescuing her dogs. when she was hit by the powerful wave we ought as shattered arm is the only word i can think to describe it on any family that youth loses. such a treasured member of their family would know exactly what you know, what i'm saying here. a royal australian navy ship is on its way from sidney to brisbin to load humanitarian aid. humanitarian groups are now coordinating a joint relief effort. the volcanic ash means it's difficult,
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the same supplies by air. so water, sanitation, kits, tense and blankets are being lighted on ships to be sent from australia and new zealand. high tides triggered by the volcanic explosion. the tonga had been filled as far away as peru where a ship supplying the country's main oil. processing plant was rocked by waves generated by the russian the result, a 2 kilometer long oil spill. sarah clark out his era brisbin australia earlier spoke to vonk analogies. heather handley, who explains why the ash can be so dangerous in the volcanic ash itself. so these are very hard fragments. i mean it's not like ashley, anything from, you know, burning. so that's all crumbling and soft. these are little fragments of volcanic glass angular. so yes, when you breathe thursday and physically that obviously is a danger to your lungs, but also what that one volcanic ash carries is you know, the guest pass that kind of stuck to it now. and so when i'm back vulcan,
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a cash kind of goes into water resources. so example, you know, if he starts rain and then that mixes with the water in atmosphere, you this the, so for this kind of out here don't stop to the volcanic ashby. it can then make acid rain and it's the same with the drinking water supplies. so, you know, imagine a locked hunger are collecting drinking water from them. bruce, you know, at rainwater. and if i asked, gets into those drinking water supplies. again, you can kind of leach out, you can kind of dissolve these little bits of gas stuck to the ash particles, and they can contaminate the drinking water. we are fluoride as well. in the world news, germany's foreign minister has met her russian counterpart in moscow to emphasize the need to diffuse tension with ukraine. and alina bar back was welcomed by sig love her off 24 hours after her talks with ukrainian leaders in care of the kremlin says it has no intention of invading ukraine, but russian troops mass near the border as race, years of confrontation in sudan,
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i general strike his planned on tuesday 24 hours after security forces killed at least 7 protesters demanding military leaders restore civilian rule. g. a gas and drama. bullets were fired at thousands marching towards the presidential palace in khartoum. us diplomats are due in sudan on wednesday to push for talks to end up with this whole crisis. japan's government is being pressured to impose more restrictions. most recently sent to easily to sell jeff covered 19 cases. the country has seen a rec, advise of infections driven by the army con variant. fatty salami has more from tokyo. japan has been experiencing a huge increase in the numbers of evictions with good on a virus. with the numbers nearing almost 50 times, what they were a month ago, some major cities, including or 2nd lesson japan, are also reporting record numbers of video fictions the governor's off. talk you on 3 neighboring fixtures. have agreed this week to ask the central government to
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enforce the so called quasi emergency. it's a medical set of emergency which would allow them to a shortened operating hours for supplements such as restaurants and bars. and also another temporary fixtures around japan are also planning to submit the same request to the central government following the special medical emergency status that have been implemented in 3 pre fixtures. on the 9th of january, including okinawa, yamagata and hiroshima, the occupancy rates of hospital beds for coffee. 19 patients in tokyo has it is 21 percent on monday. and if this number increases to 50 percent, that would warrant a full, a medical state of emergency. but i, mr for me, okay, should, and his what is his speech, which he delivered in the parliament on the opening of the ordinary session on monday vote to tackle that spread off or make room variance in the country through
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measures such as strengthening the medical system and moving forward, the blood of a providing fed shorts of vaccines to the people, especially the elderly. meanwhile, in pakistan, hundreds of healthcare workers in the largest city karachi, have tested positive for corona virus in the past week. and that's led to shortages of staff and his footing. hospitals under pressure, 30 percent of people tested in the city were infected as more than 4 times a national rate. health official say the only con, very into accounts were nearly, all new cases came out. hyder has more from a vaccination center is on the bat, the national command and operation center i had boarded over 5000 positive cases of golwood 19. now the new where year and all maker on edge drive in the city of karachi and the worst case with their budget devotee. rate of all what 30 percent other cities such a low hoard have recorded? what per diem for st. lama by standard almost 11 percent. the national command and
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operation 10 k is going to be carrying out mass testing and education it's fusion. before to decide on the closure of food, they filled up quadrant emergency situation. however, the army con, radiant, is considered to be naturally tested under general radians, that are over a 100 critical cases in the hospital, the mortality rate a low as far as the new radio. they're concerned. but the country does not want to take any chances. over 102000000 people have already received their 4th jap, 77000000, 445000 people have received a 2nd job. the advisory, a debt, all wasn't available. people over the age of 15 showed get their booster shots and also the shorts that being rolled out to the younger population. over 12 large budget on national command and operation center has been monitoring the situation
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across the country. it is an alarming train, given the fact that $500.00 health workers have also been effected in the city of karachi and the fear that if dish triste has occurred, it could put a strain on non already precarious situation in nigeria, the trial of separatists either nom de condo on trees and charges has resumed in the capital of boucher is the leader of the indigenous people who yeah. for who want autonomy for the southeastern region. fidelis by has the latest from the capital. i've looked at some of the chinese, again in the several con charges include getting their calls who are in medical, hardy terrorism and tristan and he's denied all the charges and says that's what he's doing is more of a democratic agitation and for his people because the deal for us struggle so to
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speak, started in 967 when the country i attempted to be region attempted to break away from nigeria. and she got a 3 year or 2 more than a 1000000 people as mostly from the evil picking product of the country. so after that it was more like nobody was talking about bathrooms, the recently, especially in 1999 when the movement for the physician of the f for us that struggles with implant is increasingly growing over the years because most of the supports as even people who are unemployed, who feel that government is not being attention to them as individuals and the region? so most times he has used it as the primary decision which the initial setup in london to more like a broadcast to media and millions of people in and even into death for saying that only a sufficient out of nature to solve some of the problems cb, and educating for what government has said, you know,
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some of these 50 the justices that they are trying to pay more attention to the region. and that is just a gradual process. because all sum of all the all the request will not be resolved . same times, still ahead on al jazeera, how the taliban is being accused of raising women from public life in afghanistan, who mainly colorful hindu festival in malaysia. that's been scaled down for a 2nd year because of corona virus restriction. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways away we go with your weather report for asia. hello everyone. great to see you. there is the risk have flooding across indonesia. we're talking about sumatra, a java bali lombard rate into 2 ways. the question if we'll see flooding,
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which is where and how much is an update on the ne monsoon, it's steering some rain into taiwan central, southern parts of the philippines and for coastal areas the vietnam on wednesday. but subdued right now. so nothing major but still something to be on the lookout for. those clouds are starting to drift away from the pearl river valley, still more sunshine in hong kong with the high 20 degrees. and yep, you guessed it. we're talking about more snow for western areas of japan, in particular, northwestern haunch, where there is a snow storm warning in play about 30 centimeters over 12 hours. and we've got that north. when dragging temperature is down. so p young again, just the high of minus 4, back to the ne bond soon. it's going to carry some showers into should lanka. but looking mostly dry for tom on the do tonight, it's got a high $28.00 degrees and it is still foggy. and smoggy in new delhi and interior wind along the western gases, keeping temperatures in the thirty's with plenty of sun. so moon, by
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a height of 33 degrees on wednesday, enjoy, we'll see again soon. take care. ah, the weather sponsored by katara ways. my name is tanya panada. i always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. understand it to be about transformation. the joke to the transforming western mentality is a lot about that. and that's very different giving you what yoga was originally, yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized solidifies. yoga analogies in ah, ah ah,
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha. reminder of our top stories, a thick layer of ash on the one way of tongue as main airport is delaying international deliveries of age. it's expected to take days to clear after surveys . hol, can give option hence mommy to deaths have been confirmed. so far. japan is preparing to expand is covered 19 restrictions as it seems as surgeon infections, the government is expected to enforce a medical state of emergency that would mean stricter measures on dining and gatherings. in 13 legions and in nigeria, the trial of separatist cedar nam, d condo on, treason charges has resumed in the capital. a butcher is the leader of the indigenous people of gaffer, which host for the secession of nigeria. southeastern leaching inter lanka pay rises for government workers and tax cards have been an amount to boost economy damaged by the cobra $19.00 crisis person go to buy
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a roger pack sec outlined his latest rescue plans in parliament. he's asking one of the islands biggest lenders, china to restructure debt repayment. the pandemic has caused the popular to his destination $9000000000.00 in the past 2 years. now fernandez has more from colombo, the president basically talking about food security being a top priority that he needs to be addressed in 2022. he talked about a, some of the plans for green economy. this is the president who basically brought in a band, a complete ban on chemical fertilizers, drawing a lot of criticism down at the grass root level for the sort of quick wait happened . but the president said their policies and goals weren't properly communicated to the people. so he was talking about that he also talked about investment essentially in a gamut of airs. that the government is looking at a one addressing essentially the energy sector, which is
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a very real problem at the moment. ah, where we're having sort of power outages, power cuts, also because of the foreign exchange crisis that the government is facing. there's a very limited amount of fuel to run generators at the power plant and the president, outlining a wide series of a sort of projects to bring in solar power to increase the generation of power in the next coming years. or he also talked about the need to increase exports essentially because obviously in terms of natural resources or oil, that kind of fossil virtual anchor does not have. so he talked about maximizing what areas that the country can offer in terms of bringing in that important foreign exchange. a court in norway is deciding whether to grant or role to the gunman behind a massacre at a youth camp in oslo. and his brother is in court appealing for early release. after 10 years in jail. he began the hearing with nazi salute. the 42 year old
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killed 70000 people in the mashing and bombing in july of 2011. his serving no as long as sentence 21 years that can be extended if the court still considered him dangerous. the united nation says the taliban is trying to steadily evade women and girls from public life. in afghanistan, a group of rights experts has released a joint statement saying, the taliban se policies amount to a collective punishment of women and girls, grounded on gender based spice and harmful practices. they're concerned by what they describe as continuous and systematic efforts to exclude women from the social economic and political spheres. the experts also warned it's now harder for women to work and make a living, and that's pushing them further into poverty. or we spoke to fallacy, a coffee, who was a women's rights activists who served as a 1st female deputy speaker of parliament in afghanistan. and she says,
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women are becoming invisible, this, heartbreaking because them, what's been done to the women of atlanta, especially under the name of islam is on the contrary, against the stormy principles. we all know that the politics of polar bond is a politics of m, you know, exclusion. unbelieving exclusion on their definition of inclusion is basically a establishing us, a government that is made of tyler bonds. the from a background from an ethnic points of view, from a religious point to you and from also gender points of view. the tell about the fact to power does not represent any of these a benchmarks. it's a government majority for once social. i don't you call group, no woman at all. and of course it is no, it could balance. and it is not really just a presentation lately. they have become more violent towards, you know, the,
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the woman who actually protesting the streets of the modeling for their rights. i think the world must get out of this humanitarian crisis business, which is needed. but we have to look ahead and have a vision for political because this cannot continue to be like that. i mean, the people cannot continue to be the victim is a woman. airline chief executive in the u. s. a warning of catastrophic disruption to flights when telecom companies switch on 5 g. they concerned that the new wireless signals will interfere with flight stake equipment. the airline bosses want the government to delay the 5 g roll out to prevent passengers and cargo being grounded. one on the pandemic in brazil has began vaccinating children as young as 5 years old against covered 19. that's this fight resistance and delays spearheaded by the president when it came back here. reports. after
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a month of political wrangling, mass vaccination of children is finally underway in brazil, lunar or deville told us he's relieved. his 5 year old asthmatic son has just been inoculated against covered 19 watchmakers of us now. so the vaccination campaign could have started before delay. brazil was result of the governments in all of the pandemic. and the lack of a leadership health officials expect that most of the 20000000 children between the ages of 5 and 11, will show up to get their shots. despite president jay bull sonatas repeated attempts to discredit the vaccines efficacy and safety, he has announced that his 11 year old daughter will not be inoculated. oh, are you going to fax and that your child against something which someone young can catch to have an almost 0 chance of dying? some 300 children have died in brazil. since the pandemic began brazil's health regulatory agency on visa approved the vaccine for children in december. but the
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president publicly questioned the decision, suggesting there was something shady about it. but we're breaking what's behind this? what are the interests behind it? what are the interests of vaccine maniacs? his remarks were contested by and visit president antonio. bah, paul, his who like many of both scenarios, advisors, is also military officer. he asked the president to show proof of wrongdoing or to apologize for making unfounded accusations. political analysts sable sonata is trying to maintain the support of his hard core followers. as polls show he will probably lose his bid for reelection in october. he has lost nutrition, war and death situation on the, in the end there were, there were other jelic needs that showed that he has lots of walking the military on his position about the boxing issue. or why? because the, the military themselves have said determined that no soldier or opposite
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should go to work without proof of vaccination. meanwhile, the delay in vaccinating brazilians, both adults and children, has had serious effects. i've asked them why we lost time and could have avoided many hospitalizations and deaths. luckily, brazil as a country where people trust vaccines and show up when there's a national inoculation campaign or beth has cassiano says her family never had any doubts. her 14 year old son has already had 2 shots in her 8 year old daughter will be vaccinated next week. whenever somebody may feeling remembered politics in brazil is very polarized, and the vaccine ended up being a part of this political way where people are more interested in proving his right and he's wrong instead of treating this is what it is. a public health issue and a right to life. i did that. that's a recent poll says 8 out of 10 brazilians are in favor of the coven, 19 vaccine, despite their political preferences, and fake hughes monica. you're not,
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give all jazeera on the pandemic is putting a damper on a popular hindu festival, celebrated by channels unities around the world. in malaysia type of san festivities, which are usually accompanied by large processions, have been scaled down. florence li, reports from columbia hindus usually start celebrating type wisdom in the early hours of the morning with prayers and montrose to invoke blessings, and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. as they've done for years, premier cigarettes a single and her family will bring pots of milk to a temple. but this time, there's one difference. i want to give my offerings to lord morgan, but because of the coven 19 restrictions this year, i'm choosing to celebrate it. a few days earlier, type wisdom is celebrated by the hindu tamela community. in honor of lord morgan, the hindu god of war, who is believed to grant people their desires. this year,
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celebrations are more lo, there's no procession, and to vote is only allowed 30 minutes slots. here at the main temple type was em, celebrations at the bottom. caves in kuala lumpur temple usually attract up to a 1000000 people, devotees and tourists. some devoted carry a cavity, a portable shrine dedicated to lord morgan. they enter into a trance and peers, their bodies with hooks and spears. that this year like last, authorities have banned the cavity, citing corona virus restrictions. also on being put, don't go with eagle eye. my problems is after i spotted carrying the color the 4 years ago. and so when i heard it dechaudis did not allowed this. you know, i was disappointed. other rituals, like people shaving their heads as an act of sacrifice,
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or symbolically purifying themselves by taking a bath in the river. have been allowed to go ahead. while type was them this year may be less festive. people celebrating it say it doesn't make the day any less meaningful to them. florence li, al jazeera, quite the live port. martin luther king day in the united states has been marked with a march in the capital to demand greater protection of voting rights. present, joe biden has promised to pass a new law, but lack support in the senate. democrats argue the new legislation is needed, especially for ethnic minorities and low income workers. last week, the president fed, he's tired of being quiet about voting rapes. well, we're tired of being picked and says, yeah, you are 62021. when the insurrection us attacked our capital, 19 legislatures have passed. 34 law of clawing back voting rights for their
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citizens. and states like my home state, where no laws, i should say of georgia, are designed to confuse voter so they don't know where to go. she ever tansy was at the march 10 spoke to actus daniel martin luther king junior day parade was council this year in washington, dc because of a pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants came this year to have their voices heard at a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turned out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king referred doctor king's elder son, sir, said king, bled for what these marches. one is for congress, which after all is controlled by the democratic party to pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise. this march, this year is extremely important. people have literally,
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therefore such right and to continue the legacy of doctor king in thank continue the advocacy for voting. all rights is extremely important. um, without it our democracy is at the rate we see the 3 of our democracy every single day. and we do not advocate of own rights to one to our democracy with our i think it's a sad day in america because ah, by didn't receive 80000000 volts. trump receive 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people to washington to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens, not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as cove. with that we have a serious problem. the problem is, it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the votes in congress to override congressional rules and overcome republican opposition to pass this legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se
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belatedly, but the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get a major piece of legislation, also the promised on the campaign tro with democratic votes, the democratic turtles of your problem, brutal elections may be depressed everywhere. blizzard warnings have been issued in the canadian provinces of quebec, and ontario record breaking snowfall house, disrupted travel in several areas. in thousands of homes are out of electricity. the winter storm spread through parts of eastern us and into canada. ah, hello again. i am fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera. a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue is main. airport is delaying international deliveries of 8 is expected to take days to clear after saturdays.


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