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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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i get on my right, the wind and just b l g 0 has teams on the ground to bring you award winning documentaries and lives on air and online ah warnings of catastrophic damage and more deaths in the pacific nation of tonga after a volcanic eruption. that's cut off the island from the rest of the world. ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battle. also coming up more protestors killed in sudan as they demonstrate against military leaders and demand a returned to civilian gall. we're in pakistan, which is truck need to contain the army con variant of coffee. 19 hundreds of
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healthcare workers are infected and to lancaster president mays out his vision for the country with a focus on jumpstarting economy. ah, a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue as main airport is delaying international deliveries of aid is expected. it will take days to clear the side. so australia and new zealand are sending navy bold swift beliefs supplies to death have been confirmed following saturdays, volcanic eruption and mammy, the un fair surveillance spice have showed substantial damage, especially on to nor lying islands in ages. satellite images show a cloud of sulfur dioxide drifting across the pacific ocean. it was caused by the eruption on saturday. that feud ash 20 kilometers. i've been to the air. and new zealand defense minister spoke to al jazeera. he says help is on its way to toner
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infrastructure is of course the key challenge for the recovery if it's and toner and i don't just mean the main island. i also mean the outer islands that wayland, where that was done was really quite crucial. but we know that there is more work to be done to make sure that solar can bounce back in the atmosphere conditions and the ash covering the importers a particular challenge. i'll be understanding that they'll be clear in the next couple of days and we'll be able to get some flights into told them to be able to make sure we can take supplies. the s for his contaminated water supplies, one of the communications from toner, is that there is one of the most pressing needs is free for the supply through tone, which is why one of the people we will be sending from new zealand is able to carry on distribute 250000 liters and also has a felony the seller nation plant to be able to make sure we can continue to supply
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people coma. on top of that, there has been a number of communications around infrastructure and the ability to help rebuild some of it. and we'll make sure that we take supplies to continue with the recovery . if it's algebra sour, clark, installing developments from brisbin in australia. we've got a number of images that have been released not only by the new zealand defense schools which took those images during a reconnaissance flight. i've a tongue, but we've also got some satellite images and those images have revealed the extent of the damage. we can see some villages the object completely covered in this volcanic ash we've got houses and trees i covered. and of course you also mentioned that key element of transport. the ivy ation x is one major runway in the capital of tonga has been covered in volcanic ash, and this is playing havoc with any humanitarian and i'd f, it's trying to get the urgent supplies into target as a result. now the diesel and military,
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they've said it could delay their flights getting access into tonga by at least a day. now, new zealand is also sending to navy ships to tongue on tuesday. and they've also pledged around $700000.00 towards the recovery efforts. and of course, australia was joined in this relief effort, the recovery effort. they've sent to a craft on monday and on tuesday, which is today here in australia. they've also sent itemized ad live, which is bringing supplies from brisbin at to at tommy in the next couple of days. and it's on its way now between cd and brisbin. so we've also had on tuesday to confirmed it's a one believed to be a tongue, a national, and a 2nd. a british woman, a woman called angela glover. she believed to have as belay to have died while trying to rescue her dogs. so and when she was hit by the waves, we've got a number of efforts from australia, new zealand on tuesday to try to help tonka on the road to recovery for the whole cannick eruption is being blamed for
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a 2 kilometer long i'll spill on parole. central coast, the black sledge is washing up on beaches and killing wildlife. authorities say a ship was loading crude oil into a refinery, what it was hit by the salami. ways they say this fell was quickly contained, but it's not clear how much oil was lost. in other world news, at least 7 protesters have been killed during demonstrations against military vol, in sudan. tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at thousands marching towards the presidential palace in khartoum on monday. and not came ahead of a visit by us diplomats were calling for talks to end the political crisis. protests have been taking place since the military takeover. not only did a zillow did the doctor yet i'm a goose tourney dictatorships. and any regime that stands against people's freedom or justice, i am a guest inequality among the sudanese people. whether that's in fortune distribution, freedom of speech, or any other thing. on apollo lim, home,
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other than global i scary. i am here to day to resist the military coup that happened on the 25th of october. we hope our free revolution reaches the democratic civilian path and hopefully the sudanese people achieve or they called sun high non world al jazeera, him, morgan has more from one of the protests, in cartoon as the un mission here incident tries to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break a political deadlock that has been and place since the military took over power and late october last year protested once again take to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics. and thus protest comes before a visit is expected by sina u. s. official. the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs, and the u official. and for, for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to, to give you
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a support to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months. now, to dance and sovereignty counsel led by the military that it accepts the un initiative to try to break the political deadlock. but protested they, they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of this protest day, they will not sit down at a round table where the military present political parties, on the other hand, are divided. some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock while others say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military take over and late october, the trust, the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with tear gas live ammunition by security
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forces that you and has condemned the use of force by security forces, at least 64 people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule. the saudi led coalition has lawn chairs, try san yelman's, capital killing doesn't sits in respond to a deadly attack by host the rebels. in the united arab emirates, the rebels say they fired 5 ballistic misses in some drones at oil facilities, as well as that apple which seen abbey and by police confirmed 3 people were killed . though thieves a warning of more strikes in the u. e. washington has condemned the attack, calling it an act of terror and says it will hold the rebels. accountable. mom idella top has moved from yeoman's capital santa cut into the statement of the how these spokesperson the area. he says that the, the carried out this attack against the united arab emirates, in order and retaliation to what he described,
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its participation and the outlet quality of the war. he said that the visit, the promise that we have, we have made and that they have fulfilled such a promise. we have used, according to his statement, 5 wing, the missiles that have attacked according to the oil refinery and so far and also the international thought of dubai. and bobby, he has mentioned also the have a target of the into parts of the lobby and do a. so the situation is a father escalating that the he will, he also warmed that there isn't some know so far foreign companies in order to, to avoid becoming a close to, to vital facilities according to words. so this is not to be target, especially as he said that if the united decided to continue,
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it's what he described, aggressive escalation against human visit was and as i mentioned is escalating so far. these now extend their targets. he mentioned that he would expand their targets, bags of their targets, in case you decided to continue it's 5 spacious. while the un is calling on all sides to exercise maximum restraint and avoid for escalation. the secretary general condemns today's attacks on abu dhabi international airport. and the nearby industrial area, which were poorly called several civilian casualties and have been claimed by the who t's attacks on civilian infrastructure and civilians are prohibited by international humanitarian law. the secretary general calls upon all parties to exercise maximum restraint and prevent any escalation against a midst height and tensions in the region. there are no military solutions to the
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conflict in yemen. still ahead on al jazeera young children in brazil begin receiving jobs against holy 19. despite objections from the president. and why u. s. officials, an unofficial was a warning of a catastrophic crisis because of the 5 g seps. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the with sponsored my cattle at ways. hello there. thank you for joining in. we've got a developing disturbance around the eastern mediterranean. here's what's going on. that cool wind from the north, getting up with those warm waters in the eastern mediterranean. that's going to spark some wild weather dose with rain across cyprus in areas of the lavelle that includes syria snow over the higher ground in turkey and look at its stumble. 7 degrees, you could see a light dusting of snow as we head toward wednesday. then your temperature pops up
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to 11 degrees, but it's going to fall right back down after that. and there are some more snow risks in the extended forecast. now for central europe, things have quieted down that snow that we were dealing with is mostly pushed away, but still missed in fog here. as we do have some high temperatures and that's over snow. so that's going to do the trick to see some fog iberia as we left it 24 hours ago, still in abundance of sunshine temperatures where they should be. lisbon, 13 in porto hiv, 16 degrees for you. often northwestern europe right now at some showers across the republic of ireland. northern ireland, also round scotland not too far away from edinburgh, and we'll end this weather report in africa. there is some out of season rain falling across the gulf of guinea that's impacting our cra, gonna with the high of 33 degrees on tuesday. that's it. we'll see again soon. take care of the weather. sponsored by katara, always cut off one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i
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needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough trade and money, skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up from it. the connecting the world connecting the future won the cut, cut to gateway to whoa trade. ah ah, welcome back. our top stories on al jazeera, a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue, has main airport is delayed. international deliveries of 8 is expected to take days
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to clear after saturdays volcanic eruption ends ma'am. to death have been confirmed so far. the ladies satellite images show a cloud of sulfur dioxide drifting across the pacific ocean. it was caused by the russian on saturday as hugh dash 20 kilometers up into the air. and in sudan, 7 protesters have been killed during demonstrations against military rule. on monday, it comes ahead of a visit by us diplomats, who are connie for talks to end the political the current of virus pandemic. now in brazil has begun vaccinated children vaccinating children as young as 5 years old. again scolded 19, thus despite resistance and delay spearheaded by the president, monica in ocoee of reports. after month of political wrangling, mass vaccination of children is finally underway in brazil. lunar, but deville told us, he is relieved. his 5 year old, as maddox son has just been inoculated against coven 19 much crackers of us now. so
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the vaccination campaign could have started before delay. brazil was result of the government's doing all of the pandemic and the lack of leadership. health officials expect that most of the 20000000 children between the ages of 5 and 11, will show up to get their shots. despite president jane bull sonatas repeated attempts to discredit the vaccines efficacy and safety. he has announced that his 11 year old daughter will not be inoculated. oh, are you going to fax that your child against something which some one young can catch to have an almost 0 chance of dying? some 300 children have died in brazil's since the pandemic began brazil's health regulatory agency on visa approved the vaccine for children in december. but the president publicly questioned the decision, suggesting there was something shady about it. the stuff we're doing is what's behind this. what are the interests behind it? what are the interests of vaccine maniacs?
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they his remarks were contested by and visit president antonio bad paul. his who like many of both scenarios, advisors is also military officer. he asked the president to show proof of wrong doing, or to apologize for making unfounded accusations. political analysts sable sonata is trying to maintain the support of his hard core followers. as polls show, he will probably lose his bid for reelection in october. he has lost nutrition and death situation on the, in the end there were, there were other, i'd yell at me that showed that he has lots of walking the military on his position about the boxing issue. or why? because the, the military themselves have said determined that no soldier or opposite should go to work with dog proof of vaccination. meanwhile, the delane vaccinating brazilians, both adults and children, has had serious effects. i've asked them why we lost time and could have avoided
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many hospitalizations and deaths. luckily, brazil as a country where people trust vaccines and show up when there's a national inoculation campaign. or beth as cassiano says, her family never had any doubts. her 14 year old son has already had 2 shots and her 8 year old daughter will be vaccinated next week. maybe somebody may feel more members. politics in brazil is very polarized, and the vaccine ended up being a part of this political war where people are more interested in proving his right and he's wrong instead of treating this is what it is. a public health issue and a right to life. i did that, that a recent poll says 8 out of 10 brazilians are in favor of the coven, 19 vaccine, despite their political preferences, and fake hughes monica, and our give, i'll jazeera hundreds of healthcare workers in pakistan's largest city, karachi, have tested positive for coven 19 in the past week, and that's led to shortages of staff and is putting hospitals under pressure. 30
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percent of people tested in the city were infected and that's more than 4 times the national rate. health officials say the omicron variant accounts for nearly all new cases. ca hider has more from a vaccination center in islam of watt. the national command and operation center i had re boarded over 5000 positive cases of covered 19. now the new where year and all maker on edge drive in the city of karachi and the worst case with their budget devotee. rate of all what 30 percent other cities such a low hoard have recorded or what per diem for st. lama by stand that all in march to 11 percent. the national command and operation 10 k is going to be carrying out mass testing and educational institutions before to decide on the closure of food. it says a quadrant emergency situation. however, the current radius is considered to be less liter than the agenda radian,
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that are over a 100 critical cases in the hospital, the mortality rate a low as part of the new radian concern, but the country does not want to take any chances over 102000000 people have already received a jap, 77000000, 445000 people have received a 2nd job, the advisory, a debt all while. nor will people over the age of 50 should get their booster shots and also the charts that being rolled out to the younger population over 12 of gosh, bugging stones. national command and operation center has been monitoring the situation across the country. it is an alarming train, given the fact that $500.00 health workers have also been effected in the city of karachi and the fear that if this strikes the has occurred, it could put a strain on non already precarious situation. shank, as president,
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has unveiled a new rescue plan to tackle the country's economic crisis, sri lanka. last $9000000000.00. he turn in revenue because of the pandemic prompting. got to buy a roger pack said to ask one of the biggest lenders, china to restructure debt repayment. the president outlined the plan to parliament . it includes an increase in pay and pensions for government employees, and i roll back on some taxes. and now fernandez has more from colombo, the president basically talking about food security being a top priority that it needs to be addressed in 2022. he talked about a, some of the plans for green economy. this is a president who basically brought in a ban, a complete ban on chemical fertilizers, drawing a lot of criticism down at the grassroots level for the sort of quick wait happened . but the president said their policies and goals weren't properly communicated to
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the people. so he was talking about that he also talked about investment essentially either gamut of airs that the government is looking at a one addressing essentially the energy sector, which is a very real problem at the moment. ah, where we're having sort of power outages, power cuts, also because of the foreign exchange crisis that the government is facing. ah, there's a very limited amount of fuel to run generators at the power plant and the president outlining a wide series of a sort of projects to bring in solar power to increase the generation of power. 6 in the next coming years, or he also talked about the need to increase exports essentially because obviously in terms of natural resources or oil, that kind of fossil virtual anchor does not have. so he talked about maximizing what areas that the country can offer in terms of bringing in that important foreign exchange. the united nation says the afghan taliban is trying to steadily
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raise women and girls from public life in afghanistan. a group of rights experts has really said joint statement, say the taliban policies amount to a connective punishment of women and girls, grounded on gender based spies and harmful practices. they're concerned by what they describe as continuous and systematic efforts to exclude women from the social economic and political see is. the experts also wandered now harder for women to work and make a living. and that's pushing them further into poverty. we spoke to fallacy, a coffee, who's a woman's rights activists who served as the 1st female deputy speaker of parliament in afghanistan. she says women are becoming invisible, is heartbreaking them because of what's been done to the woman of venison, especially under the name of islam is on the contrary. against this army principles, we all know that the politics of talent is a politics of m, you know,
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exclusion. and they believe in exclusion. and their definition of inclusion is basically establishing as a government that is made of taliban different background or from an ethnic point of view, from a religious point of view and from also gender points of view the taliban. the fact to power does not represent any of these a benchmarks. it's a government majority for one social and i don't to call group, no woman at all. and of course it is no ethnic balance. and there is no religious a presentation lately. they have become more violent towards, you know, the, the woman who actually protesting the streets of cobble the modeling for their rights. i think the world must get out of this humanitarian crisis business, which is needed. but we have to look ahead and have a vision for political dialogue because this cannot continue to be like that. i
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mean, the people cannot continue to be the victim is bit chilly. the woman to india. now where the government has closed the kashmir press, club in indian administered kashmir. officials say its registration has expired by journalist. believe its just the latest attempt to stifle press freedom in the travel region. less with random reports. journalists gather outside the shutter doors of the cash, meet press, club em srinagar until saturday. many used the club as an office, as well as the space to meet other reporters. but 2 days ago, a group of journalists escorted by armed police, said they were taking over the running of the club and indeed administered kush mead. they said the management committees tenure ended 6 months ago, and the club had failed to renew its registration. does not come to delivery, we are digging it order by 4. we had a thought of you, me, everybody is out there because there has been
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a delay in the book this sir alicia. so we are big in the door for deadra. if years of running that did re, if you thought the club, the club had at least $300.00 journalists as members. it's outgoing. managing committee said it's registration was suspended without explanation. 2 days before the takeover. a space has been captured, em. institution has been captured. and with the government's intervention, and it's very unfortunate that this could happen in a civilized society. you know, are an embassy, undemocratic illegal and unethical manner. on monday, kush mused information department least a statement saying it was closing the club, which occupies government land. it added that it hopes a duty registered bonafide society of all journalists shall be constituted as soon as possible. and the body shall be able to approach the government for a reallocation of the premises of my bow. only an online volume journalist across india have criticized the press clubs take over on saturday and its closure on
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monday. there has been a tor whom re down in terms of for the relationship between media and a 3rd and recession primarily because i don't think that is there any desire on the part of the administration to allow the speak to you for free media to conducted. so, and that is the reason why you find out so many cases of june was being harris schuman rights groups have warned, of a shrinking space for journalists english meet. since the indian government revoke the regions autonomy in 2019 many journalists and kush meat and beyond. say that space has just become a lot smaller. elizabeth moran, m al jazeera new delhi in france. far right. presidential candidate exam, more plants to appeal a conviction for hate speech. the $63.00 old was fined for more than $10000.00 of a comments made in 2020, when he described unaccompanied migrate children as fees murderers. and rapists.
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zamora already has prior convictions for inciting hatreds against blacks, abs and muslims. in the us airline chief executives, a warning of potential catastrophe when telecom companies switched on 5, g is he had saved. he will be threatened by the new wireless signals interfering with fright deck. if, if your next, the airlines are urging governance intervention to delay the 5 g roll out and prevent passengers being stranded and cargo being delayed. martin luther king day in the united states has been marked with a march in the capital to demand greater protection of voting rights present. joe biden has promised to passing you law, but lacks support in the senate. democrats argued that you legislation is needed, especially for ethnic minorities and low income workers. last week, the president said, he's tired of being quiet about voting rights. well, we're tired of being picked up since january 6th,
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2021. when the insurrection us attacked our capital, 19 legislatures have passed. 34 law of closing back voting rights for their citizens. in states like my home state, where new laws i should say, of georgia are designed to confuse voter so they don't know where to go. al jazeera, she had a tangible attended march and spoke to activists. daniel martin luther king junior day parade was council this year in washington, dc because of a pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants came this year to have their voices heard at a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turned out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king preferred doctor king's elder son to serve king blood for what these marches, one is for congress,
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which often was controlled by the democratic party to pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise this march this year is extremely important people have little it out for us or to write and to continue the legacy of doctor king and to continue the advocacy for voting. all rights is extremely important on without it, our democracy is at the rate we see the 3 of our democracy every single day. and we do not advocate for voting rights to one to our democracy. we're far, i think is the same day in america because ah biden received 80000000 volts. trump received 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people, to washington, to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens, not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as coven, then we have a serious problem. the problem is it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the,
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in congress to override congressional rules and overcome republican opposition to parsons legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se, belatedly put the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get a major piece of legislation, possibly promised on the campaign trail, the democratic vote, the democratic, told out of the upcoming mid term elections may be depressed anyway. ah, morgan, i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al jazeera, a thick layer of ash on that one way of tongue is main airport is delaying international deliveries of 8. it's expected to take days to clear after sundays volcanic eruption and synonymy to death have been confirmed so far. the ashes proving quite probably.


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