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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah ah, me deny the state says it will hold who sees accountable after the gemini rebels launched a deadly drone drone attack of the united arab emirates. ah, 11 o'clock, this is abs or a life and are also coming up to death confirmed and tongue. british women is one victim of the volcano tsunami. but 3 days on the full impact of the disaster remains unclear. protests in su, dawn are again met with deadly force. 7 more people die calling for
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a return to civilian rule. and ukraine's former president, petra per shanker, appears in court on treason charges returning from world. ah, so the saudi led coalition has launched as strikes on yelman's capital killing, at least a dozen people. it's in response to a deadly attack by who the rebels in the united arab emirates booth. you say they fired fire fired 5 ballistic missiles and a number of drones at oil facilities as well as the eye boot debbie and due by airports. please say to indian nationals at one pakistani were killed the who thieves a warning of more stripes in the u. e, m rapids announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019, but maintain a military presence that washington has condemned the attack. calling it an act of terror and his vow to hold who thes accountable for the strike. howard allen top has moved from yeoman's capital of sana could into the statement of the how these
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spokesperson, the area. he says that the, the carried out this could get in the, you know, out of emerson order and retaliation. 2 of the he described its participation and the outlet quality and the war. he said that the, these are the problem was that we have, we have made and that they have fulfilled such a promise. we have used according to his statement, 5 weighing the missiles that have attacked according to the oil refinery and so far and also the international thought of dubai. and i will, bobby, he has mentioned also the have a target, the international court of lobby and do a. so the situation is father escalating that the he, he also warned that there isn't some know so far foreign companies in order to,
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to avoid becoming a close to, to vital facilities according to his words. so this is not to be target, especially if he said that if the united decide to continue, it's what he described, aggressive escalation against him. and the situation as i mentioned is leading so far with these now extend their targets. he mentioned that he would expand their targets, bags of their targets, in case you decided to continue. it's 5 spacious, or the u. n. is cool in all parties to excise maximum restraint to prevent any further escalation. the secretary joan condemns today's attacks on abu dhabi international airport in the nearby industrial area which were poorly cor several civilian casualties and have been claimed by the who t. s. a tax on civilian infrastructure and civilians are prohibited by international humanitarian law. the secretary journal calls upon all parties to
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exercise maximum restraint and prevent any escalation against amidst height and tensions in the region. they are no military solutions to the conflict in yemen. 2 deaths have been confirmed antonio, following the synonymy, that struck the pacific island nation on saturday. british women angela glover was the 1st victim to be named. her brother says the 50 year old was swept away while her husband clung to a tree than usual and government says one tongue is also known to have died. australian and new zealand surveillance cruiser assessing the damage caused by the eruption of an undersea volcano and the soonest that followed. well, the latest satellite images show a cloud of sulfur dioxide drifting across the pacific ocean. it was caused by friday interruption, which spewed ash 20 kilometers up into the stratosphere, is ellen's defense minister peny henry? it says, help is on its way to toner. the infrastructure is, of course,
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the key challenge for the recovery. if it's and toner and i don't just mean the main island, i also mean the outer islands. so that was done was really quite crucial. but we know that there is more work to be done to make sure that solar can bounce back to the atmosphere conditions and the ash covering the importers a particular challenge. i'll be understanding that they'll be clear in the next couple of days and we'll be able to get some flights into told them to be able to make sure we can take supplies. but in the meantime, you know, government myself and then you know, in government have made the decision to st. navy vessels, into toner. we kept the party today from new zealand to basal, taking supplies, also taking hydrographic instruments to make sure that we can see what's taking place under water as well. and we can't wait for them to get up there. we know that there's a 3 to 4 days failing time from new zealand to toner. and so the spectrum and,
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you know, rather than like your choice of the, the s 4 has contaminated water supplies. one of the communications from paula that said is one of the most pressing need is fresh water supply to tone, which is why one of the people we will be sending from new zealand is able to carry on, distribute 250000 liter volta and also have the dissemination plants to be able to make sure we can continue the supply of people coma. on top of that, there has been a number of communications around infrastructure and the ability to help rebuild some of it. and we'll make sure that we take supplies. i to continue with the recovery. if it's let's move on to suzanne. now we're at least 7 protests have been killed by security forces during demonstrations in the capital tear gas and bullets were fired at thousands marching towards a presidential palate and cartoon. it comes ahead of
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a key visit by us diplomats calling for talked to in the political crisis. protest against military government have continued since military takeover in october, another, as zillow did the dictator, yet i'm against tyranny, dictatorships, and any regime that stands against people's freedom or justice. i am a guest inequality among the sudanese people. whether that in fortune distribution, freedom of speech, or any other thing on a pilot lamar modeling gravel as get it. i am here to day to resist the military coup that happened on the 25th of october. and we hope our free revolution reaches the democratic civilian path. and hopefully the sudanese people achieve or they called sun. i'm well, let's in our from have a morgan who has more from one of the process in culture as the un mission here. and sudan tries to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break
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a political deadlock that has been in place since the military took over power and late october last year, protested once again, take the 3 cents to take over, there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics. and this protest comes before a visit is expected by senior u. s. official. the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs. and a, you are special envoy for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give us the board to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months. now, to dance with sovereignty counsel led by the military says it accepts the you and initiative to try to break the political deadlock, but protest as they they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of these protests they will not sit down at a round table where the military present political parties, on the other hand,
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are divided. some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock while others say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military takeover and late october, the trust, the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with tear gas live ammunition by security forces that you and has condemned the use of force by security forces. at least 64 people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule. martin luther king day in the united states as being marked with their march in the capital to demand more protection for voting rights . president joe biden has vowed to pass a new protection law, but he lack support in the senate democrats. a new legislation is needed to protect the rights of ethnic minorities and low income workers from republican efforts to
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disenfranchise them. she had returned to attend to the merchant spoke to activists . daniel martin luther king junior day parade was cancelled this year in washington, dc because of the pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants came this year to have their voices heard at a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turned out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king referred doctor king's eldest son, sir, said king, bled for what these marches. one is for congress, which off rule is controlled by the democratic party to pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise. this march, this year is extremely important. people have literally, therefore such right? and to continue the legacy of doctor king and singing to you. the advocacy for voting rights is extremely important on without it,
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our democracy is at the rate we see the 3 of our democracy every single day. and if we do not advocate of own rights to one day, our democracy will fall, i think is a sad day in america, because ah, biding receive 80000000 volts. trump receive 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people to washington to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens, not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as call that then we have a serious problem. the problem is, it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the votes in congress to override congressional rules and overcome republican opposition to pass this legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se, belatedly put the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get
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a major piece of legislation, parcel he promised on the campaign trail, the democratic vote, the democratic filled out the upcoming midterm elections may be depressed anyway. still ahead here and out 0. the kashmir press club has been shut down like jen with accordion. dangerous precedent. no way to go. a family of 15 palestinians is forcibly expelled from the home in the shade, just a neighborhood of occupied jerusalem. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle ways. well, the winchester turned quite turbulent to threaten the lease and the raving peninsula . this is the next band of rain on its way to answer the go into saudi bahrain after and more especially iran followed by rather a cold wind. but it is
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a set up on tuesday and that system one, there's another one here, setting up over turkey will start with that one because that's already developing during tuesday. huge amounts of snow seem like to fall in turkey, but the system moving on heavy rain through cyprus, syria and down towards the coast of egypt. colvin. following means a high temperature, low single figures. for example, you stumble things to improve snow wise during wednesday because the system moves in this direction, bringing the cold through. i live and, and it will really feel cold when it last rained there to go in garza, this is what happened. that's going to be repeated unpleasant weather in a man further in land. look at the temperatures 6 degrees more, less than 3 days. that is just a bit higher than the normal night time. the day should be about 30. this is really cold air and we will feel this. there it is blowing dancer, q, it's max at 14, on tuesday the rain possibly showing up in their house, thunderstorms. and she go further east woods than that rain spreads eventually toward pakistan with northern hills. in the snow. oh,
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the weather is sponsored by cataract ways, killing the debate. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now not a lot can get into this completed fact. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get back with all these papers. this to you are now to sierra lou. oh oh yeah,
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you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories this hour and the saudi led coalition has launched as strikes when demons capital killing several people off that who eat rebels carried out during the tax on the united arab emirates targeting and oil facility. and the dubai and abu dhabi airports the u. s. has condemned it as an act of terror. security forces in sudan have killed at least 7 protests as in the capital cost to tear gas and rubber bullets for fight. it demonstrated marching towards the presidential palace view and has condemned the violin to corporate, talked to, and the crisis to deaths had been confirmed and tara following. the su nominate that struck the pacific island nation on saturday. a 5th year old british woman was a 1st victim to be named at the new zealand government says one told them it is also known to have died. well, new zealand didn't australian air force cruise have been sent to assess the damage at sarah clark as more than this now from brisbin were aware that the capital has been badly damaged. a homes are resorts along the western beaches have also been
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badly damaged and has been also reports of further volcanic activity, the united nations office of humanitarian aid, the coordination groups. they're citing also that they believe a to distress beacons have been reported there on the islands as of the low lying islands of font oil and mango on those islands. 36 people live on mango and 69 on foreign oil. so the initial reports, we've got at the moment, mainly of infrastructure, and that's around also told the top who are the company that owns the single underwater table. that generates the internet, the network and communication in toner. that's also been badly damaged when he zealand has deployed in iran aircraft that was deployed on monday. that will look at the initial, a surveillance and the damage of the infrastructure around toner. a strategy also sent an aircraft left from the emily air force base, which is in brisbin are where we are, are australia is also looking to potentially deploy a ship h m, as adeline, that's one of the navy vessels. and purely because we've got a lot of problems with trying to get flight access aviation access because of the
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volcanic ash. now the defense minister here, amerys painter, said that australia will do all it can we know with regards to the humanitarian groups, the red cross is already got its network deployed in that region. oxfam is also looking at our local teams on the ground. unicef is, are looking already at deploying some of these, a emergency supplies from fiji and it's warehouses here in brisbane. and that includes the likes of tense, our top hollands at hygiene kit, sanitation kits and water so that, so looking to be deployed and mobilized from australia. so it's a major effort to try and get this relief in at to target. and some of these specific nations simply because, as i mentioned, the volcanic ash is spread throughout the region and flight to have funding it difficult to getting organizes of the beijing winter olympics, say only select groups will be allowed to attend. next month games invited spectators will have to stick closely to cobra, 1900 protocols. no fans from outside. china being loud at events in osmond comes
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days after the 1st local case of oma crone was reported in the chinese capital. katrina hughes in virginia has the latest all the notes so far as that organizers have said that targeted groups only will be allowed to attend the limpid games as spectators. and because of the severe and complex cove in 1900 situation in china, the ordinary members of the public will not be able to buy tickets. now we've always known the spectators will not be able to enter china to attend the event, but there are some comments now on line of people saying that it's simply not fed that not everyone will have the chance to attend the games. now we're still waiting on further information as to who exactly will be invited, but we do know that whoever is attending they'll be expected to comply with the very strict. a lympics corvette 19 restrictions, they'll have to enter and stay within the olympic bubble. they'll be, have to be fully vaccinated and probably have to coordinate in both before and
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after the games. now, aging has staunchly palma said, unlike the toko, some a games. last year there will be spectators at the base in winter olympics, but it's having a lot of trouble balancing keeping its promise while still maintaining its covert. 190 tolerance approach to the pandemic covered 1900 cases around trying to despite the 0 tolerance approach, are continuing to rise. but what's really concerning authorities is that at least 3 cases now have been identified in beijing in the capsule. the latest stud case was just didn't slide early on tuesday morning. at least one residential compound is locked down with all of those residents now expected to be tested for curve at 19. well, in addition to sports events, people in france will have to follow new rules to enter restaurants, cafes, and cinemas. a new vaccine pass will come into effect within days. after being approved by parliament, the moments unvaccinated people can enter venues if they show
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a negative test result. nearly 8 in 10 people in france are fully vaccinated. on monday, the number of people covert 19 in french hospital, so the biggest one day increase since early november 2020, which is before the start of the current countries. vaccination campaign or logs. fram says the current of ours pandemic has helped the world's richest men double their wealth, while a 160000000 people plunged into poverty. the british brace, charity has published a report called inequality kills. it says the increased fortune for amazon found a jeff bezos, for instance, alone, could pay for vaccinations for every $1.00 on the planet. ok, sam says low incomes, the world's poorest contribute to at least $21000.00 death every day to india. now where the government has closed the kashmir press, club in indian administered kashmir. officials say it's registration has expired, but journalist say it's just the latest attempt to stifle press freedom in the troubled region. elizabeth per annum,
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as as report journalist gather outside the shutter door, most of the cash meet press club im seen again until saturday. many used the club as an office as well as a space to meet other reporters. but 2 days ago, a group of journalists escorted by armed police, said they were taking over the running of the club, been indeed administered kush mead. they said the managing committee's tenure ended 6 months ago, and the club had failed to renew its registration. this is not the directory where they get it ordered by for we had a thought of you me, everybody was out there because there has been a delay in the book this sir elisha's, so we are digging the door for deadra. if years of running that did ray of years of the club, the clump had at least $300.00 journalists as members. it's outgoing. managing committee said it's registration was suspended without explanation. 2 days before the takeover, a space has been captured,
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an institution has been captured. and with the government's intervention, and it's really unfortunate that this could happen in a civilized society in o r. and in this on democratic illegal and unethical manner. on monday, kush mused information department least a statement saying it was closing the club, which occupies government land. it added that it hopes a duly registered bonafide society of all journalists shall be constituted as soon as possible. and the body shall be able to approach the government for a reallocation of the premises. at my bow, only in online by the journalist across india have criticized the press. clubs take over on saturday and its closure on monday. what there has been a totally down in terms of for the relationship between media and our lord and recession, primarily because i don't think there is a, any desire in the part of the administration to allow the space needed for free media to conducted. so, and that is the reason why you find out so many cases of journal is being held is
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human rights groups have warned of a shrinking space for journalists in cash meet. since the indian government revoke the regions autonomy in 2019 many journalists and cash meet and beyond say that space has just become a lot smaller. elizabeth per annum al jazeera new delhi, a family in the shade jar neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem as being forcibly expelled from her home. the family of 15 palestinians including children. so they have nowhere else to go. the area became a flash point attentions last year with hundreds of households facing eviction. stephanie decker reports now from shoot gerra. israeli forces have now started to demolish. what is a flower shop or owned by family? this has been going on for a couple of hours now. you have is really police here. you have is really special forces here. you also have a fire engines. here we've seen the family 2 homes further down from this area on
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the roof of their homes, threatening to blow up a gas canister. if the demolition of their home goes ahead. they've been here for decade. the ownership of the land, it is more complicated, owed by not the palestinian family, but certainly we've seen members here representative of the european union saying that what is happening here is in violation of international law. also, members of israel class at these ready parliament condemning what is happening these families, another victim, and longer so many thousands, a 1000000 victims of the occupation in these alien banks. and the international community must wake up. there's no excuse for such growing now from what we understand, the family has been told by the police commander here, that there is no intention for now to demolish the actual homes. as i said earlier, what you're seeing demolish now is a flower shop. they remove the trees and plants earlier on, but palestinians who will tell you that this is seen as
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a wider policy by the israeli government of pushing them out of occupied east jerusalem. this of course, is the area palestinians want as a capital of any future state and also part of a wider policy here. and she's not all in this area. this particular has to do with the jerusalem municipality saying that this is now an error that they want to use for building a school. but will tell you that also there is an active policy backed by the government of supper. organizations that are using old laws to push palestinians out of these areas of their lines are very sensitive issue. and certainly something like this policies will tell you, is simply part of a wider policy. ukraine's former president has appeared in court in the capital key of to deny treason charges. prosecutors accused petro portion co announcing pro russian separatist in east ukraine. he says the charges are politically motivated. sonya jaeger has this report wrote, but after nearly a month away, petrol put, a shankar has returned to our country seething with political turmoil. after hold
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up with border guards at the airport. the former ukrainian president headed to quote and give, ah, tailed by his supporters, vowing to fight back against charges of treason. a prosecutor has accused but a shanker of financing separate his forces in the eastern dumbass region, an explosive accusation at a time of growing threats of a russian invasion charges. he says, joe trumped up by the government intent on shutting down political opposition. it's not about them blaming for us and go out. he was embarrassed on what you know trade in was a separate is, but that he approved a scheme, the trade scheme of transport them energy go from the occupied territories for the government control areas. however, still the prosecutor, sir, did not release any kind of evidence that there is a link between resident portal shall go and the russian back separatists, the man who made his fortune as ukraine's chocolate king is one of the countries
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wealthiest businessman and his assets have been frozen since the launch of the investigation into whether he was involved in the sale of large amounts of co that help finance russian back separatists in easton ukraine in 20142015. president lansky says he is clamping down on oligarchy and wants to reduce their influence in ukraine's political and economic life, but against the backdrop of this political fray. the reality of ukraine security situation is precarious. while western governments continue to appeal to ukraine for political unity, russia has continued to build up its troops up ukrainian border. currently thou, 100000 rushing force is a master the east in the northern frontiers. holding drills, high level talks held between russian and west and officials last week came to nothing. the possibility of a reconciliation in ukraine is hanging by
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a thread. when i go, i'll just sarah. the german foreign minister says she will do everything in her power to guarantee ukraine security, and i lena bear book made the comments during her meeting with the crating officials in kiev. they're trying to revive for way peace talks with russia and france. so when the conflict in the east dawn beth region, russia has been massing troops of ukrainian border racing fears of an invasion. don kane has more now from the thing that really stood out from this meeting, at least the news conference it emerged after. the meeting of the 2 foreign ministers was a restoration of germany's perspective. germany's support for ukraine on the line a bell book saying effectively to the russians that any further, and each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion, that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the full way meeting of ministers between paris here, moscow,
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berlin, that, that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts medical yuba, when the question was about whether the german government would seek to provide some form of material support in the form of weapons perhaps. and alina beveled did not touch on much choosing not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself, because they're all those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister, a french far right presidential candidate ab exema says he'll appeal a conviction for hate speech. the 63 year old was fined will in $10000.00 have comments. he made in 2020, when he described unaccompanied migrant children as thieves, murderers, and rapists. some all already has prior convictions for inciting hatred against
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black and arab people. heavy rainfall has coals, flooding in your guys, capital, local weather authority, se months worth of rain fell in just 24 hours a month for day. it is a different story in other parts of south america that sweltering in a heat wave with reco temperatures of $45.00 degrees celsius. ah, this is our desert. these are the top stories that saudi led coalition, as launched, as strikes on yelman's capital, killing several people, as after who the rebels carried out drone attacks on the united arab emirates targeting and oil facility, and the dubai and abu dhabi airports. the u. s. has condemned that as a matter of terror with united nations is caught on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and prevent any further escalation the secretary general condemn.


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