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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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i see some asks why it took upon demik to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told will complete, impossible to suddenly become possible. connected the wake up call that can't be ignored. on i just 0. ah, yemen sophie rebels say they carried out an operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. 3 people are confirmed dead. ah. hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. protests in sit on our again, matt with deadly force. 7 more people die calling for a return to civilian rule. rights experts accuse afghanistan's taliban of trying to
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erase women and girls from public life say in the groups, policies amount to collective punishment. after saturday's eruption and hunger, the scale of the disaster remains unclear. australia and new zealand send it reconnaissance aircraft to find out more. ah, the u. s. a strongly condemned an attack by yemen, who's the rebels on oil facilities in the united arab emirates, calling it an act of terror. 3 people were killed in the attack. police say to were indian nationals, and one was a pakistani spokesman for the whose he said there could be more strikes on what they call countries of aggression. the emerald eas announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019, but have continued to maintain a military presence there. meanwhile,
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value lab coalition has launched as strikes on the hoof control capital in response to this saying that it's aiming military targets this one civilians to avoid military camps who see media say at least 6 people have been killed. and 8 more wounded in these attacks. mama l i tab is in humans capital some could into the statement of the how these spokesperson the area. he says that the, the carried out this attack against the united arab emirates, in order and retaliation. 2 of the he described its participation and the solid coalition and the war. he said that the visit, the problem is that we have the we have made and they have fil failed. so such promise we have used according to his statement, 5 winged muscles that have attacked according to the oil refinery and so forth. and also the international plots of dubai. and i will, bobby,
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he has mentioned also the have a target, the international parts of the lobby and, and do a so the situation is father escalating that the he, he also was that there is also far foreign companies in order to, to avoid becoming a close to, to vital facilities according to words. so this. busy is not to be target, especially if he said that if the united decide to continue, it's what he described, aggressive escalation against the m and the, the situation, as you mentioned, is escalating so far. these are now extend their targets. he mentioned that the would expand their targets, bags of their targets, in case you decided to continue it's 5 spacious. now at least 7 protests has have been killed by security forces in sudan. the latest crackdown on
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descent against last year's military, co, thousands marched in the capital and other cities. they are demanding a full transition to civilian rule which was set back by the takeover in october. since then, at least 67 people have been killed in demonstrations on security officer was also killed. united nations has condemned the use of lethal force. will a crowd of thousands marched towards the presidential palace today in the capital har tomb calling for change. latest violence comes ahead is a visit by us diplomats who is seeking to revive the process of transitioning to civilian governance. while the u. n. is announced, it will launch talks to help resolve the crisis. of course, wanted to have a morgan is in her tune with more as the un mission here. and sir dan price to mediate between the various will ethical parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to thrive. to break
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a political dublin that has been enclave since the military took over bar and late october last year, protested once against it to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics and best protest come before a visit is expected by athena. you are the official, the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs, and a, your 1st employee for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give us the board to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months, now, said anthea sovereignty counsel led by the military, that it accepts the un initiative to try to break the political deadlock, but processed as they they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of is protested. they will not sit down at a round table where the military is present. political parties, on the other hand,
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are divided some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock, while obviously they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military take over and late october, that thrust the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with sincere dad's live ammunition by security forces. the u. m. has condemned the use of force by security forces. at least 64 people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule despite the violence that protesters have been met with, they continued to organize, protest, continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks. ah,
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united nations is saying the taliban is attempting to it steadily of race, women, and girls from public life. the comments come from a joint statement by a group of rights experts. they're saying that the taliban policies constitute a collective punishment of women and girls, grounded on gender based bias and harmful practices. and they are concerned by continuous and systematic efforts to exclude women from the social economic and political spheres. they also one that it's now harder for women to work and to make a living, pushing them further into poverty or otherwise put to fuzzy a coffee. who is the 1st female deputy speaker of parliament in afghanistan, and are women's rights activists. she says, even before the taliban take of women were suffering inside the country, woman and under developed communities. and the minorities are the main victim of this humanitarian crisis. because during the war over for,
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for the kids of war and but particularly over to the kids of war, a lot of women actually lost the bit winners of the family. and they have been the big winner of the family now that they are stopped from accessing office is going to work. or even they are not allowed to get out of their homes and travel up to a certain distance with the main company. and if the without the main company, if they have to travel in public taxes or buses, they need to be asked for a mail company or madam. and if they don't have a company in the taxi driver cannot, basically the taxi drivers have become like, you know, a moral police for woman or which is so wrong. because how can you actually ask a police, a taxi driver who is not even educated to be the, the board of police for women. so women and minorities are the most, i receive hundreds of calls per day from the local communities asking for basic food. and i think yes,
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humanitarian crisis is there. we need to really ensure that women are in the mainstream distribution of the 8, not only as recipients, but not as decision making as people who are higher. i don't want to put as international community to make gender inclusion as a condition, but we need to really seriously negotiate the international community. must negotiate to ensure that women are part of the, in a distribution of 8 in the decision making, as staffers as managers, as people who are actually by international community. they need to really showcase that women can do. and women must be included. a german foreign minister says she'll do everything and have power to guarantee you crane security. and alina burbock made the comments during a meeting with ukrainian officials in kiev, and trying to revive full way peace, silks of russia and france to end the conflict in the east. and don, boss, region assure has been massing troops at a border with ukraine. arising fears of an invasion,
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jannen foreign minister will meet her russian counterpart in moscow on tuesday. dominic came brings us more now from berlin. the thing that really stood out from this meeting, at least the news conference it emerged after the meeting of the 2 foreign ministers was a reiteration of germany's perspective, germany's support for ukraine and alina bell, bach saying effectively to the russians that any further, each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the full way meeting of ministers between paris here, moscow, berlin, that that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts. me total, clear, but when the question was about whether the german government would seek to provide
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some form of material support in the form of weapons, perhaps. and alina beveled did not touch on much choosing not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself, because they're all those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister, the global vaccine sharing program kovacs has reached its target of shipping a 1000000000 doses to a 144 countries. it started in february, but global vaccine inequity remains high with only 5 percent of people and poor poor nations fully inoculated, and more than 40 percent of the world's population has not yet received a fuss dose. while in brazil, children aged at 5 to 11 years old on our seething vaccines, even after delay. creative by the president, monica dana key. f has more. after months of political
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wrangling, mass vaccination of children is finally under way. in brazil, lunar or the video told us he's relieved. his 5 year old asthmatic son has just been inoculated against covered 19 watchmakers of us now. so the vaccination campaign could have started before delay in brazil was result of the government's doing all of the pandemic and the lack of leadership. i got my sonata when i got some health officials expect that most of the 20000000 children between the ages of 5 and 11, will show up to get their shots. despite president jay bull scenarios repeated attempts to discredit the vaccines efficacy and safety, he has announced that his 11 year old daughter will not be inoculated walker. oh, are you going to fax in that your child against something which someone young can catch have an almost 0 chance of dying? some 300 children have died in brazil. since the pandemic began brazil's health
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regulatory agency on visa approved the vaccine for children in december. but the president publicly questioned the decision, suggesting there was something shady about it, but with burden, what's behind place, what are the interests behind it? what are the interests of vaccine maniacs? made his remarks were contested by on visas. president unbundled bah, for his who like many of both scenarios, advisors is also military officer. he asked the president to show proof of wrong doing or to apologize for making unfounded accusations. political analysts sable sonata is trying to maintain the support of his hard core followers, as polls show he will probably lose his bid for reelection in october. he has lost nutrition and death situation and, and there were, there were other, i'd yell at me told that he has lots of walk from the military on his position about the boxing issue. or why?
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because the, the military themselves have said determined that no soldier or opposite should go to work with dogs, proof of vaccination. meanwhile, the delay and vaccinating brazilians, both adults and children, has had serious effects. i've asked, they've been why we lost time and could have avoided many hospitalizations and deaths. luckily, brazil as a country where people trust vaccines and show up when there's a national inoculation campaign, or beth has cassiano says her family never had any doubts. her 14 year old son has already had 2 shots and her 8 year old daughter will be vaccinated next week. maybe somebody may don't remember to politics in brazil is very polarized, and the vaccine ended up being a part of this political lawyer where people are more interested in proving his right. and he's wrong instead of treating this is what it is. a public health issue and a right to life. i did that, that a recent poll says 8 out of 10 brazilians are in favor of the coven, 19 vaccine,
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despite their political preferences, and fake hughes monica. you're not give all jazz 0. after a strong start, chinese economic growth slowed at the end of last year. the pandemic real estate troubles and the lowest birth rate and decades of being blamed for the slump. root climate has more now from hong kong. as trying to tackles its on the chrome spread, a temperature check on the health of its economy shows mixed results. 4th quarter g d p rose by 4 percent from a year ago. according to china's national bureau statistics that's stronger than the government's own target. but nearly a full percentage points slower than the previous quarter. the chinese economy grew by 8 point one percent in 2021 with the help of steady industrial output as the world continue to buy china's goods. in taxes you father, industrial production, experienced sustained development, and high tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing experienced fast growth. but momentum is waning and it's economy last steam in the 2nd half of the year,
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triggered by a slow down in the real estate sector, and regulatory clamp downs authorities restricting the amount of money property developers could borrow. after the fallout from the debt hid ever ground crisis, authorities will also need to address the effects of an aging population and the lowest birth rates since 949, just 7.5 births to every 1000 people. that's despite relaxing family planning measures like the one child policy. young chinese couples are increasingly choosing not to have babies because of high living costs. other challenges on the horizon for china includes supply chain problems and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. the on the chrome very to spread to a number of its cities, prompting locked down and wrapped up restrictions. at least one case has been detected in beijing, which is gearing up to host the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks. restrictions are being stepped up to contain the spread ahead of the learn a new year holiday by so honestly on board that the winter olympics will bring in
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more cases. when people come from other countries, we do not know how the situation will go to the doctor. i'm not worried. i think the government has been doing well. chinese officials of warning people in high risk areas, including beijing, to avoid traveling during the festive period bridge clinic al jazeera, hong kong ally from london still ad on the program. ukraine's from a prize you can time to face treason charges with a mass challenge to pause outside. the court is now that job which goes home off the being put in the long easy might be able to compete at the franchise. ah, there were still tracking to for much of course i clones tiffany over australia and
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cody, which is going to miss newsy tiffany's main influence on there was gonna be injecting get more moisture if the atmosphere of australia so where you get thunderstorms. they could be slightly bigger than maybe seasonally normal. and here they are anywhere from the interior dance, requita and, and use as well as was it's sunny adelaide at $29.00. perth is getting particularly hot up to about 39 again. this is sustained heat. the season or monsoon winds the northeast is being a bit more rain to taiwan and vietnam, but it's not really enhanced is seasonally normal, but a bit of an increase in the breeze across the bay of bang goal. so shall seem likely and sure lanka may be in time on not as well. and china is nothing significant here. in fact, a good part of india is quiet. nolan induced foggy equality is poor for about see a change. the rain that you see spreading through iran and towards afghanistan will eventually hit pakistan. not as bad as the last lot of thing, but snow is quite likely up in the northern hills. you see and radiant islam about always on the south. not the heaviness again that we saw last time for the south.
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india is a whole remains, like i said, fairly quiet, mostly sunny. surprisingly ah, step beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are challenged, travel to the ends of the earth on further experience, the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in the quarterly things contract award winning documentary, but also a perception witness on a just the euro lou
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ah, welcome back. the main stories now yeomans, who's the rebels of time responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that kill 3 people. a spokesman said there could be more strikes on want a cold countries of aggression. at least 7 protest his have been killed by security forces in the latest protest against last years military coup in sudan crowd of thousands gathered near the presidential palace and plucked him. and the un says the taliban is attempting to steadily erased women and girls from public life in afghanistan. it warns it's now honda of women to what and to make a living, pushing them further into poverty. now recording is reconnaissance aircraft from australia and new zealand have been sent tonga to serve
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a damage from saturdays volcanic eruption. and su nami can speak to sarah clark. she's following developments from bridge than we've heard about there being one death. what else to initial report suggests we've had confirmation of the 1st fatality. it's a british woman. her name is angela glover and she's been living in touch with her husband, james glover. now, she was reportedly trying to rescue her dogs when she was hit by this very powerful wave. and we do however, have no reports as yet of mass fatalities around tongue. but we know that 2 people have been reported missing were way that the capital has been badly damaged homes and resorts along the western beaches have also been badly damaged and has been also reports of further volcanic activity. the united nations office of humanitarian aid. the chord nation groups based lighting also that they believe a to distress beacons have been reported there on the islands below, lying islands,
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and finally and mango on those islands. 36 people live on mango and 69 on phone noise. so the initial reports, we've got at the moment a mainly of infrastructure, and that's around also told the top who the company that owns the single underwater table that generates the internet, the network and communication internally that's also been badly damaged. and the company that runs that says it could take weeks before it's able to fix and repair that cable. and therefore, communication is still down. and what relief efforts have been deployed from australia, new zealand when he zealand has deployed an iran aircraft that was deployed on monday, that will look at the initial surveillance and the damage of the infrastructure around toner strategies. also sent an aircraft, it left from the m b a full space, which is in brisbin, where we are a study is also looking to potentially deploy a ship h m. i s adeline, that's one of the navy vessels. and purely because we've got
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a lot of problems with trying to get flight access ivy ation access because of the volcanic ash. now the defense minister here maria pine has said that a strategy will do all it can. we know with regard to the humanitarian groups, the red cross has already got its network deployed in that region. oxfam is also looking at local teams on the ground. unicef is looking already at deploying some of these emergency supplies from fiji and its warehouses here in brisbane. and that includes the likes of tense top, hollins, hygiene kit, sanitation kits, and router. so that's looking to be deployed and mobilized from australia. so it's a major effort to try and get this relief in to tongue it and some of these pacific nation simply because, as i mentioned, the volcanic ash is spread throughout the region of flats. how funny it difficult to get in. thank you very much, sara. cocher putting tests from brisbin math, ukraine's homer president as appeared in court in a capital key of to deny treason charges. prosecutors accused petra per shanker,
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of financing pro russian separatists and east and ukraine. he says he is innocent, and the charge is politically motivated. so on a gag or ports road, but after nearly a month away, petrol put a shank or has returned to a country seething with political turmoil to hold up with border guards at the airport. the former ukrainian president headed to portland here, ah, hailed by his supporters, vowing to fight back against charges of treason. a prosecutor has accused put a shanker of financing separate his forces in the east and dumbass region and explosive accusation at a time of growing threads of a russian invasion charges. he says joe trumped up by the government intent on shutting down political opposition. it's not about them blaming for us and go, i accuse, embarrass on what you know trade in was a separate his but that he brought a scheme that trade scheme of transport in energy go from the occupied territories
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through the gall and control areas. hello. are still the prosecutor, sir, did not release any kind of evidence that there is a living weed. when president bush uncle and the russian back separatists, the mansion made his fortune as ukraine's chalk. it king is one of the countries wealthiest businessman and his assets have been frozen since the launch of the investigation into whether he was involved in the sale of large amounts of coal that help finance rushing back separatists in eastern ukraine in 20142015 president zalinski says he is clamping down on oligarchy and wants to reduce their influence in ukraine's political and economic life, but against the backdrop of this political fray. the reality of ukraine's security situation is precarious. while western governments continue to appeal to ukraine for political unity, russia has continued to build up its troops up ukrainian border. currently, there are $100000.00 russian forces amassed at the eastern and northern frontiers.
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holding drills, high level talks held between russian and western officials last week came to nothing. the possibility of a reconciliation in ukraine is hanging by a thread sunny by jago al jazeera novak joker virtues arrived home and sir b after being deported from australia, tanis man's world number one, lost a court case to reinstate his visa to playing australian open. after the government revoked it, after 11 day legal battle, judges up held the cancellation with ministers, citing public health concerns as he is not vaccinated against the corona virus. jock ventures participation at the french open in may, is now looking in doubt as well. he is the defending champion at ron and carol's, but under new rules coming into effect on thursday. no one can get into a sports venue without a vaccine pass is natasha butler. we are looking at
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a string of events that could possibly be impacted in terms of whether or not some of those plays all vaccinated. now, with coming up in february, march, you've got the rugby of 6 nations tournament. you've also got late to the see of course the total for all the cycle, right, so, so women's right this year and before that running girls, francis premier tennis events, we know at this stage that if rules stay as they all that the serbian player an event joke of h will certainly not be able to attend and play. there's a you time from the french sports minister. she had said just a week ago, in the midst of the joker venture, ferrara in australia heard her take was that if a foreign place was coming france, they would be a sanitary bubble around them in place if they weren't vaccinated, and that they would be able to take part in, in any sporting event that signed up for. however, now that this covet pause has come into play. she has turned around and put down the red line if you will,
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and says that the rules that apply to the public in france will also apply to anybody else coming to play. there will be no difference. and really, we just 3 months from a french election here in france, it is clear that the government certainly don't want to become embroiled in any sort of crisis or scandal like the one we saw in australia. tribute supporting in if one of the greats of indian classical dance, beer jew maharaja, was considered a must of cut tuck. he was 83 victoria jason bay, looked back at his life the family of bird, you maharaj pay their respects at his home in the indian capital new delhi. they say the legend re dancer had struggled with his health in recent months. actually eggman is a one car max, so he was being treated a hospital for the past month. he was diabetic and had kidney related issues. he was on dialysis and he was undergoing treatment and getting better. i think he had a cardiac arrest because all of
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a sudden he had trouble breathing and then he paused toy. if you wanna go buddy, i got his dea. ah! mirage was a master of contact a tied with indian classical dance. he often drew inspiration from his own life in his performances and was known for his animated facial expressions and his light footed movements in a career spanning nearly 6 decades. maharaja not only performed can't act, but taught it to opening a dance school in the capital, which he ran for more than 20 years. in 1986, he was awarded india's 2nd highest civilian owner in recognition of his achievements in a tweet, prime minister in red, remade, he said, his passing is an irreparable loss to the entire art world. many of his former students now stars themselves say his contribution to the world of dance was historic and will be carried forward by all those he influenced through his art virtue. maharaj was 83 years old,
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was more and everything right? yeah. out his air dot com and get the latest on on our breaking news stories, but also plenty of comment analysis to be found there as well. ah. a recap of the main stories now. yemen susie rebels have claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. a spokesman said there could be more strikes on what they called countries of aggression. police have identified the dead as to indian nationals and one pakistani they say drones may have been used to start 3 fires in the capitol, abu dhabi, the moratti's announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019. but they've continued to have a military presence in the country at least.


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