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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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a challenge travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on al jazeera? oh, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm mariano mossey. welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. yemen susie rebels is saying they carried out in operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. 3 people are confirmed, dead protests in sudan are again met with deadly force. 7 more people die calling
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for a return to civilian governance rights. experts accuse afghanistan's taliban trying to erase women and girls from public life say in the group policies, amount to collective punishment. and homeless in america, why more and more people over the age of 50 out on the streets? i'm devin ash, with sport for the 2nd year and a very bon munich strike rob 11 da skis named faith as best men's play and host ta maurine. draw with tape verse, which is enough to secure the top spots in the africa cup of nations. great. ah. hello, welcome to the news. our top story condemnation from the united states. an attack
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by yelman's who see rebels on oil facilities in the united arab emirates, calling it an act of terror. 3 people were killed in the attack police a saying to wear indian nationals, and one was pakistani, a spokesman for the hoof. he said there could be more strikes on what they call countries of aggression. the emerald tease announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019, but maintain a military presence that. meanwhile, the saudi led coalition launched as strikes on who's he controlled on his control capitol, yemen in response to this, now it says that it's aiming at military targets and warned civilians to avoid military camps who the media say 4 people have been killed and 5 more a wounded, we're going to be bring you much more in the story a bit later on. we have a correspondence in the capital sun, so we'll get the latest on those who see claims but,
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and also they're likely fall out from that closer all the top story this hour is that it's too darn where at least 7 people have been killed by security forces they're in the latest crack down on descent against last year's military coup. thousands of people marched in the capital and in other cities, they are demanding a full transition to civilian governance, which was set back by the military takeover in october. since then, at least 67 people have been killed in protests on security officer is been killed . the united nations has condemned the use of lethal force while a crowd of thousands march towards the presidential palace in the capital har tune, calling. the change in the country latest violence comes ahead of a visit by us diplomat who is seeking to revive the process of transitioning to civilian rule. all united nations as announced that it will launch talks to help resolve the crisis. our correspondent heb morgan is in hartford with more on this.
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now, as the un mission here in sudan prize to mediate between the various will ethical parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break a political deadlock that has been enclave since the military took over bar and late october last year. protest a glimpse against it to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks. i leave to dance politics and best protest come before a visit is expected. by thea, you are the official, the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs and a year for so and for, for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give us the board to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months now. so don't we serve and to council lead by the military that it accepts the u. s. initiative to try to break the political deadlock,
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but brought us to say they don't want to negotiate with military. many of the organizers of this protest day, they will not sit down at a round table where the military present. political parties, on the other hand, are divided some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock while all the say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military take over and late october, the trust, the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with sir gas live ammunition by security forces. the u. n. has condemned the use of force by security forces. at least 64 people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule despite the violence that protesters have been met with, they continued to organize, protest,
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continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks despite the violence that protesters have been met with they continued to organize, protest continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks. we'll see it on my face, the director of the africa program that european council on foreign relations. he says a situation in the country is likely to escalate with more violence as neither side is prepared to back down they are. 4 trying to break the back of the, of the spirit of the, of the protest movement and hoping that they can quiet the streets. and then somehow, whether the international opprobrium that their actions have caught. and come out on the other side of this in control. but it's not working out and they're ending up in a corner. let's be clear. the most important and powerful force right now is still the sudanese street, but their international partner, their allies,
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the group of faith to stand with the democratic aspirations of sudan also have a role to play up until now since the coup with perpetrate in october 25th those partners of all frozen there. since this is the gesture that they made, what they haven't done yet is bring any sticks to bear, bring any course with measures targeted sanctions, things of that nature. this is something that would represent and escalation and would show a new degree of pleasure on the part of the international community. in the news, our life from on the national still ahead to on the program after saturdays are option in hunger. the scale of the disaster remains unclear, australia, new zealand, and reconnaissance aircraft to find out more. ukraine swarm president returned time to face treason charges with a mass show support outside the court. and i found the dal is up and running at the australian open as he chases
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a record. the 21st grand slam title will be later in the news. now the united nation to saying the taliban is attempting to steadily erase women and girls from public life. comments came from a joint statement by a group of rights x. but now they're saying that the taliban policies constitute a collective punishment of women and girls, grounded on gender base bias and harmful practices. they are concerned by continuous and systematic efforts to exclude women from a social, economic, and political fears. i also want it's now harder for women to work and to make a living. pushing them further into poverty. can now speak to fazio coffee, the 1st female deputy speaker of parliament in afghanistan, and a women's rights activists. so un human rights ex but are worried about
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institutionalized gender based discrimination and violence. what does that mean for women and girls? how has life changed for them since august? well ma'am, you know, does what's happening in a fun unfortunately, is very unique to the situation. there. it is not happening in other muslim countries, and it's not certainly happening in the greater world community. a woman are deprived from their basic fundamental rights and slavic rice. i must say, including the rights to goes, go to school, go to work, and access the sources, access a public transport. basically, they're becoming invisible. and his heart became good because some what's been done to the women of a plan is that especially under the name of islam is on the contrary against this
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tommy principles and all that certain groups of women that are particularly vulnerable ethnic minorities, that might be most at risk, for example, the has are a community well, we all know that the politics of talent is a politics of m, you know, exclusion. and they believe in exclusion. and their definition of inclusion is basically establishing a government that is made of taliban different background from an ethnic point of view, from a religious point of view. and from also gender points of view that had about the fact to power does not represent any of these a benchmarks. it's a government majority from one social and i do have a group,
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no woman at all. and of course it is no ethnic balance. and there is no religious a presentation and they have tried to repress, maine and woman from certain ethnic groups and certainly from religious, minority of hazard, as you mentioned, but also from other ethnic groups as well. they try to have extra judiciary, address, extrajudicial killing in common, for instance, the poor, some people. but if they force people to leave the advantages enforced this placement, enforced this appearance lately, they have become more violent towards, you know, the, the woman who actually protesting the streets of couple demanding for their rights . let's remember that the other one have taken over a, from a institutions and from a basically government. i would say that was recently bully delivering to the
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people as opposed to the taliban that took over in 1096 another kiosks and civil war. there was corruption during the previous government. of course the power was basically center in the hands of few people, you know, wrong appointments, etc. but at the end of the day, it was a government that had the media was the important factor for democracy and freedom of speech. now people are used to that level of accountability and responsiveness for top one to be only, you know, you should decrease back to back if you piss woman depress religious minorities, you play a purpose ethnic groups. you know, lately, for instance, that there have been images that came out to social media from cobbler who actually they went and committed extra tradition of killing and was, were disrespecting to the bodies which, you know, as, as most of them, we all know that this respecting to the body is not within any religion and within
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any, you know, human rights principles or any cotton. and i suppose women and girls and other groups in the country are going to be disproportionately affected by the humanitarian crisis in the country. now you have half the population going hungry, millions of people of facing starvation help us understand the urgency of the situation and just the level of suffering in afghanistan. right now. let's see that the woman and the developed communities and the minorities are the main victim of this humanitarian crisis. because during the war over for, for the kids of war and but particularly over to the kids of war, a lot of women actually lost the bit winners of the family. and they have been the big winner of the family now that they are stopped from accessing office is going to work. or even they are not allowed to get out of their homes and travel up to
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a certain distance with the main company. and if the without the main company, if they have to travel in public taxes or buses, they need to be asked for a mail company or madam. and if they don't have a company in the taxi driver cannot, basically the taxi drivers have become like, you know, a moral police for women or. c 3 which is so wrong because how can you actually ask a police, a taxi driver who is not even educated to be the, the motor police for women. so women and minorities are the most, i receive hundreds of calls per day from the local communities asking for basic food. and i think yes, humanitarian crisis is there. we need to really ensure that women are in the mainstream distribution of the age, not only as recipients, but also decision making as people who are higher. i don't want to put as international community to make gender inclusion as a condition,
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but we need to really seriously negotiate the international community. must negotiate to ensure that women are part of the, in a distribution of 8 in the decision making. as staffers as the manager, as people who are at the, by international community, they need to really show case that women can do and women must be included. but beyond that media, i think it's time for international community to support a political dialogue about us. and how long are we going to like? the, you know, expedient, the situation. thousands of people had left the country awaiting you have seen the in the passport department. people are chewing. some people actually lose their lives, waiting for to get the passport. the country cannot continue to post trip for the world security eventually, because if it's a government that is not accountable, it can post trade for the well security. and therefore, i think the world must get out of this humanitarian crisis business, which is needed. but we have to look ahead and have a vision for political bio because this cannot continue to be like that. i mean,
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the people cannot continue to be the victim is richard. a woman we are seeing the country does not actually have any other country. the same situation in the world where women are deprived from the principal islamic right to education. how can you actually claim that you are in a muslim when you deprived woman from out here, a paving education. thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on this is report today by panel of you and human rights experts. thank you. and we do, or me, one of the story from afghanistan now has been in a quake at least 26 people have been killed. it's a $5.00 magnitude trema, which shook a western province of bad guess. reaching affected areas is difficult over here as a humanitarian crisis in the country right now who just hearing about that, but also very difficult mountainous terrain there. so we'll stay across that story for you. but also even falling developments with the who sees and this attack on
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oil facilities in the united arab emirates, in which 3 people were killed. mama del a tub is an yelman's, capital santa and joins us now. have you heard anything more about this claim by the who sees yes, and according to the statement of the how these spokesperson the soviet, he says that the, the carried out this could get the, you know, a grammar. it's in order and retaliation to of the he described its participation and the solid quality and the war. he said that the visit, the problem was that we have the we have made and they have fil failed. so such a promise we have used according to his statement, 5 winged missiles that have attacked according to the oil refinery and so far, and also the international thought of dubai and will be,
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he has mentioned also the have a target, the international parts of lobby and and do a so the situation is a father escalating that the he, he also was that there is a dense and also far foreign companies in order to, to avoid becoming a close to, to vital facilities according to his words. so this is not to be target, especially if he said that if the united decide to continue, it's what he described aggressive escalation against him. and the, the situation as you mentioned, is escalating so far be willing to now extend their targets. he mentioned that he would expand their targets, bags of their targets, in case you decided to continue. it's 5 spacious. this, this, this has followed also the saudi lit quality and attacks on some
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reports as civilians, number of civilians injured, kill an injured. so the, the did the lobby on escalation or civilians on both sides are the victims of such a war that has continued for 7 years now. all right, thank you. mm hm. and i tab there in the capital center. thank you. al janet foreign minister says she'll do everything in her pallet to guarantee ukraine security. and alina bab bulk made the comments during her meeting with ukrainian officials in kiev. are trying to revive full way peace talks with russia and france to and the conflicts in the east and dumbass region. russia has been massing troops at the border with ukraine raising fears of an invasion jannen 5 minutes to meet her russian counterpart in moscow. on tuesday, dominic kane has more from berlin. the thing that really stood out from this meeting at least the news conference had emerged after the meeting of the 2 foreign
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ministers was a restoration of germany's prospective. germany's support for ukraine on the line a bell book saying effectively to the russians that any further, each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion, that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the 4 way meeting of ministers between paris here, moscow, berlin, that, that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts. rhetorical yuba, when the question walls about worth of the german government would seek to provide some form of more material support in the form of weapons perhaps. and alina beveled did not touch on much choosing not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself,
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because they're all those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister. after a strong start, china's economic growth slowed at the end of last year. the pandemic real estate troubles in the lowest birthright and decades of being blamed for the slumped brit clinic reports on this. now from hong kong. as china tackles its on the chrome spread, a temperature check on the health of its economy shows mixed results. 4th quarter g d p rose by 4 percent from a year ago. according to china's national bureau statistics that stronger than the government's own target, but nearly a full percentage points slower than the previous quarter. the chinese economy grew by 8 point one percent in 2021 with the help of steady industrial output, as the world continue to buy china's goods. and actually father industrial production, experienced sustained development and high tech manufacturing and equipment
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manufacturing experienced fast growth. but momentum is waning and its economy last steam in the 2nd half of the year, triggered by a slow down in the real estate sector and regulatory clamp downs authorities restricting the amount of money property developers could borrow. after the fall out from the debt hid ever ground crisis, authorities will also need to address the effects of an aging population and the lowest birth rates since 949, just 7.5 births to every 1000 people. that's despite relaxing family planning measures like the one child policy. young chinese couples are increasingly choosing not to have babies because of higher living costs. other challenges on the horizon for china include supply chain problems and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. the on the chrome varied has spread to a number of its cities, prompting locked down and wrapped up restrictions. at least one case has been detected in beijing, which is gearing up to host the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks. restrictions
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are being stepped up to contain the spread ahead of the learn a new year holiday bite. don't honestly, i'm bored that the winter olympics will bring in more cases when people come from other countries, we do not know how the situation will go. i'm not worried, i think the government has been doing well. chinese officials of warning people in high risk areas including beijing, to avoid traveling during the fed. 5th period, bridge clinic al jazeera, hong kong, or mainland, china's birth rate has dropped to of record low, nearly 6 years offer. it ended. it's one child policy couples can have up to 3 children in an attempt to avoid economic risks from a rapidly aging population. 2021 rates of birth a 1000. and that was the lowest since $949.00, it's far from the only superpower phase with the prospect to the shrinking population. fuel babies are born in the u. s. as well in 2020 than any years since
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979. and it was the 6 consecutive year with a declining birthright fall is being seen worldwide since 1950 average number of children born woman is harmed, projected the planet below 2 point one by the end of the century. according to a study published in the lancet. that's the right needed for population replacement in developed countries. historically countries have been able to compensate by encouraging migration to boost their working populations. that's going to become harder though, as more countries start to see that populations fall. so worn this last b t, professor in golden. he focuses on globalization and development, the university of oxford, thank you for joining us. tell us more then about the ripple effects of an aging population. well, there are many consequences from the miss. it's really a sign of progress in particular girls education,
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the rights of women to choose are they going to have babies? and as populations age a greater and greater share of older people, it was a healthy as a key question is, are they healthy? they dependent and how are you going to keep them going? and also, of course, important is how they going to be supported, who's going to pay the pensions. and as the elderly become a great and several population that political power increases. so it's vital that we see the interest of young people as well being sustained throughout the world. this is happening globally. in fact, we're going to be reaching the level of about 2 point one way before 2050. i think in the next 10 years we'll see the majority of the world's population not increasing at its reproduction race. in other words, more all the people less than less younger people, adversity or societies in fact, already today. for the 1st time in history, there are more people over the age of 65 than they are under 5,
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and this is never happened before. so it's, i mean, massive shifting societies. we need to keep all the people healthy. i think we're going to see that older people stay in employment, much longer pension ages will rise. i think what we're going to see as well is a need for people to rely more immigrants in many societies and also on technologies which be able to do many things that humans did. we were just mentioning that china ending it's one child policy. why has that not had an effect on the birth rate or a significant impact? it's not going to have an effect on the birth rate. in fact, china's neighbors that had no policy at all regarding birth control. for example, taiwan, hong kong and south korea have much lower birth rates than mainland china itself. it's really a reflection of women's education, the ability of women to choose the cost of living in urban areas. the fact that you're no longer support, you're in support. you in your old age,
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so the benefits have gone down. the costs have gone very rapidly in terms of an apartment to a room for children, the cost of education, the cost of health. and i think people are just choosing to enjoy themselves rather than become child rarer for the greater part of their lives. so this is something which is happening across the world. in fact, in spain, in germany and italy, in many countries, both rates away below what they are in china and china is very, very close to the usa now. so it's not about policy. it's really about many other things that are happening that are driving these low fertility rates in difficult question to answer. it will depend, i suppose, on where in the world we're speaking about, you know, we've seen this demographic trend in japan and now we see much of the western world going in the same direction. but would you describe this as an opportunity or a looming crisis?
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i think it can be an opportunity, it's really up to governments and societies to make it what it means is that the same amount of resources that we have on our economies will be shared by small number of people. i think that's very good to make people wealthier in many ways. i think it creates an opportunity for older people to stay active and healthy and work. i think it's going to create employment opportunities for young people. so reduce unemployment, which is very good. of course it was. ready it could be good for the environment if we consumed less well that just new york state consumes more energy than the whole of $46.00 countries in sub saharan africa. so what we choose to do is going to be apps the vital and of course it creates an opportunity for immigrants which are actually vital for our well being. we see this, of course, in the u. s. e, where it's about 85 percent plus of the population is immigrant. but around the world immigrants all sorts of dynamism. and they come from per places. they often
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come from immense hardship. and so this is an open changes well to embrace immigrants as a vital part of growing countries in golden. thank you for joining us. it's a great pleasure. thanks for having me with denise our lie from london, and we'll still add on the program. many journalists, the cashier press club, was in office as well as an important meeting place. now it's been closed down by the indian government. novak joke of it goes off to being deported. a new law means you might be able to compete with the french open. i find out why a bond is top striker has been sent over the ask a couple of nations from away jama. ah,
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that is still stormy. weather in europe is coming in through scandinavia. heading down south is always cloud here behind it quite a strong wind. in fact, however mondays windy but that does leave all layers, the west sitting underneath, very quiet at the satanic with which means everything is still fall, could be widespread. temperature at night are low and by day there are any feeling higher than they are because of the sunshine. these are not particularly high temperatures, but by this time but use the winds have dropped where they're quite strong in the baltic. but the cold has been pushed just on the boards in fat. once again, we got cold air come across the black sea, heading towards turkey, enhancing as circulations of big storm system loads of snow, turkey heavy rain in cypress, running to the turkish syrian border. and eventually coming south into northern parts of egypt and then slamming into garza, for example, his cold enough air to bring snow, the garland heights for anywhere, slightly above sea level, out of thought in the levant. and the last cold air that come down through the red sea is meant asked one still gra max when he's 16. how to about $24.00. it is sunny
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in this part of africa. not true everywhere. in fact, in western sour mauritania and ethan parts, morocco showers seem quite likely ah, extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers investing everything they have been to their mini bus only to face extreme danger on the suitors. roughest tracks to the jokey turn. paramedics saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly for medical health policy to risking it all on al jazeera news .
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ah ah ah ah. back the main stories this yemen. susie rebels claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. spokesman said that could be more strikes and what they called countries of aggression. at least 7
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protest is have been killed by security forces in the latest protest against last year military coup in to don a crowd of thousands of people gathered calling for an end to military rule. and the un says the taliban is attempting to steadily erase women and girls from public life enough on warning. it's now harder for women to work and make living pushing them further in to poverty. in other news or following reconnaissance aircraft from australia and new zealand have been sent to target to serve a damage from saturdays, volcanic eruption and soon ami. earlier flights were prevented because of this towering cloud of ash over the chain of islands in the south pacific. at least one person has died, alexia bryan has more. 2 days after this massive undersea eruption and the synonymy, which followed tongue remains, counsel from the world fiber optic cable,
12:34 am
one of the main lines of communication to the pacific island nation. now broken, we spoke to someone for families and relatives and also to ministry of furniture. so just before the communication was found, and i tell you it was for, i'm believable, and they were not able to explain to us the noise in the song. and what happened at the time is eland has seen to surveillance aircraft to assess the damage. australia's also sending a military plane to help. both countries had waited for a 20000 metre high mushroom cloud of ash to lift the 4 take off clearance was given . this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region. the ash is toxic and has been falling across tongue as islands . everyone's being told to stay indoors if they can use an immediate need for food
12:35 am
. also for water because they used to be at ash that has been before 10. and as a result of you know, what i have been contaminated in most of the islands that whites great damage is reported after the erosion triggered astronomy and wave surged through tongue as a 170 islands. police reported seeing homes thrown around along the coast. the owner of one beach resort said it was completely wiped out. a remarkable thing about this or option was your head, the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam bloom. and the parallel to that you had the soon army radiating outwards and also the shockwave radiating outwards, went around the entire world. miscommunication disrupted the full impact from saturday's eruption, which could be seen from space remains unclear, as does the scale of aid needed to help the token people,
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alexia brian al jazeera. now ukraine's former president has appeared in court in the capital key of to deny treason charges. prosecutors accused petra per shanker, of financing pro russian separatists and ethan ukraine. he says he's innocent and the charge is a politically motivated, son. gaga reports now broad but often nearly a month away petrol. put a shank or has returned to a country seething with political turmoil to hold up with border guards at the airport. the former ukrainian president fulton king ah, healed by his supporters bowing to fight back against charges of reason. a prosecutor has accused but a shanker of financing separate his forces in the eastern dumbass region, an explosive accusation at a time of growing threads of a russian invasion charges. he says, joe trump, top by the government, intent on shutting down political opposition. it's not about them blaming for us
12:37 am
and go accusing verizon's what you know trade in was a separate issue, but that brought a scheme that trade scheme of transport in energy go from the occupied territories . the government control areas. however, still, the prosecutor did not release any kind of evidence that there is a link between president bush uncle and the russian back separatist. the man who made his fortune as ukraine's chocolate king is one of the country's wealthiest businessman. that his assets have been frozen since the launch of the investigation into whether he was involved in the sale of large amounts of co that help finance rushing back separatists in feast in ukraine. in 20142015. president zalinski says he is clamping down on oligarchs and wants to reduce their influence in ukraine's political and economic life, but against the backdrop of this political fray. the reality of ukraine's security
12:38 am
situation is precarious. while western governments continue to appeal to ukraine for political unity, russia has continued to build up its troops up ukrainian border. currently, there are $100000.00 russian forces amassed at the eastern and northern frontiers. holding drills, high level talks held between russian and western officials last week came to nothing. the possibility of a reconciliation in ukraine is hanging by a thread sunny by eagle al jazeera. novak joker ventures arrived home in serbia after being deported from australia, tennis mans world number one, last a court case to reinstate his visa to plane the australian open after the government revoked it. after an 11 day legal battle, judges up held the cancellation with ministers, citing public health concerns because he's not vaccinated against the corona virus . and now joke of interest, but his patient at the french open in mays looking in doubt, he is the defending champion at ron garris,
12:39 am
but under new rules coming into effect on thursday, no one can access a sports venue without a vaccine pass is natasha butler. we are looking at a string of events that could possibly be impacted in terms of whether or not somebody's play is all vaccinated. now we're coming up in february, march, you've got the rugby 6 nations tournament. you've also got later this year. of course, a total for all for 5 race, also women's race this year. and before that running carol francis premier tennis events, we know at this stage of this rule say as a all that the serbian player novak joke of age will certainly not be able to attend to play. if you turn from the french sports minute that she had said just a week ago in the midst of the jock venture for roar in australia, hurt her take was that if foreign player was coming from they would be found a tree bubble around them in place if they weren't vaccinated,
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and they would be able to take part in, in any sporting event that signed up for. however, now that this covey pulse has come into play, she has turned round and put down the red line if you will, and says that the rules that apply to the public in france will also apply to anybody else coming to play. there will be no difference and really, which of 3 months from a french election here in france, it is clear that the government certainly didn't want to become embroiled in any sort of crisis or scandal like the one we saw in australia. in addition to sporting events, people in france will have to follow new rules to enter restaurants, cafes, and cinemas. a new vaccine possible come into effect within days of the being approved by parliament. at the moment on vaccinated people can enter venues if they show a negative test result. nearly 8 in 10 people in france a fully vaccinated. on monday, the number of people covered 1900 french hospital for the biggest one day rise
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since early november 2020, which was before the start of the country's fascination campaign. civil rights activists have marched in washington, d. c. aging support for a bill to protect voting rights. riley is taking place on martin luther king day, misled by his eldest son and his family. you as president joe biden has vowed to try and get the bill right to fight that he lacks the numbers in the senate. democrats say it's needed to protect the rights of ethnic minorities and learning. come walk us. last week the president said, he's tired of being quiet about voting rights. well, we're tired of being picked up since january 6th, 2021. when the insurrection us attacked our capital, 19 legislatures have passed. 34 law of closing back voting rights for their citizens. and states like my home state, where new laws i should say of georgia are designed to confuse voter so i don't
12:42 am
know where to go. well, are there a shabby towns? he was at march and spoke to them. people there daniel martin luther king junior day parade was cancelled this year in washington, dc because of the pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants keen this year to have their voices heard at a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turned out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king referred doctor kings elder, some sir, said king, bled for what these marches. one is for congress, which off rule is controlled by the democratic party to pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise this march. this is extremely important, people have literally, therefore such right? and to continue the legacy of doctor king and to continue the advocacy for voting.
12:43 am
all rights is extremely important on without it our democracy is at the rate. we see that 3 of our democracy every single day. and if we do not advocate for voting rights to one to our democracy, we're far, i think is the sat day in america because ah, by didn't receive 80000000 volts. trump received 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people to washington, to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens. not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as coven, there we have a serious problem. the problem is, it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the votes in congress to override congressional rules and overcome republican opposition to pass this legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se belatedly, but the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation
12:44 am
passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get a major piece of legislation, parcel he promised on the campaign trail with democratic vote. the democratic turned out of the upcoming midterm elections may be depressed anyway. increasing concern in california over the number of old people who found themselves living on the streets. half of the states homeless people are over the age of 50. as rob rentals reports from los angeles, many have been forced from their homes because of the steep rise in rent. i feel there's no way to say it, but when you're out there you feel like everybody's laughing at you. we met rita rose in a women's homeless shelter in hollywood until recently she'd been living on the streets after being forced out of her apartment now was literally laying on benches and being addressed. i was like, scared to death. i didn't know what to do. it's just been hell, i mean, i'll be 66 years old and june. i mean,
12:45 am
i have no business on the street. people over age 50 like rita, are becoming homeless in alarming numbers. they make up half of all on house people in california 2020, which were our latest numbers. the estimates where for eli county, you had a roughly 13 to 15 percent increase in homelessness, but a 20 percent increase in older adult homelessness. homelessness takes a heavy toll on older people. the average life expectancy of a person experiencing homelessness is about 47 years old as a per am compared to a person who's in permanent housing of about $77.00. few homeless persons survive past age, 65 for on house people, years of living on the streets actually accelerates the aging process. people in their fifties often show signs of illnesses or conditions, more common in people in their seventies. we do see this phenomenon of accelerated
12:46 am
aging. we see things you know, such as urinary incontinence dementia, that you know, just being able to complete activities of daily living becomes more challenging for this population. and the tournament, somebody who just in their fifties correct. now, experts say the housing shortage and steeply rising, rents are the main reasons for the surgeon, homeless elders, older people on fixed incomes like the federal old age pension program are being pushed out of housing. they rented for years for others, a one time medical crisis or a major expense can end up in homelessness. california's governor gavin knew some plans to spend an unprecedented 750000000 dollars this year on housing for the most vulnerable reader. rose who receives disability payments is waiting for a subsidized apartment to open up thrilling. you know, i got a chance for housing in of course i'd pay my bills, hoping for
12:47 am
a basic need to be met and a measure of dignity in life's waning years. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. now the indian government has closed the kashmir press, club and indian at venice at kashmir. it says the coms registration had expired, but generally say its just the latest attempt to stifle press freedom in a troubled region. elizabeth brown am reports. gentleness gather outside the shutter doors of the cash, meet press, club and screen again until saturday. many used the club as an office, as well as a space to meet other reporters. but 2 days ago, a group of journalists escorted by armed police, said they were taking over the running of the club and indeed administered kush mead. they said the managing committees tenure ended 6 months ago, and the club had failed to renew its registration. does not cover drug rehab, dig it order by for we have the thought of your me,
12:48 am
everybody was out there because there has been a delay in the birthday, sir. alicia. so we are big in the door for dierdre of years of running that did ray of fuels abra club. the clump had at least 300 journalists as members. it's outgoing. managing committee said it's registration was suspended without explanation. 2 days before the take over a space has been captured, m institution has been captured and with the governments intervention. and it's very unfortunate that this could happen in a civilized society. you know, are an embassy, undemocratic illegal and unethical manner. on monday, cush muse information department leased a statement saying that was closing the club, which occupies government land. it added that it hopes a duly registered bonafide society of all journalists shall be constituted as soon as possible. and the body shall be able to approach the government for a reallocation of the premises that my bow only an online body. journalists across
12:49 am
india have criticized the press. clubs take over on saturday and it's closure on monday. or there has been a total breakdown in terms of for the relationship between media and nerd at recession. primarily because i don't think that is there any desire on the part of the administration to allow the space needed for free media to conducted. and that is the reason why you find out so many cases of genders being had is human rights groups have warned of a shrinking space for journalists english meet. since the indian government revoke the regions autonomy in 2019 many journalists and could meet and beyond say that space has just become a lot smaller. elizabeth per annum al jazeera new delhi slide for you on the program. begin a faster place in the last 16 of the africa cup of nations general be along shortly . nobody should be saying that we should be done again with
12:50 am
ah ah
12:51 am
ah ah ah ah. time alpha sport with jenna. thank you mariam bon music! unpaid and strike. rob 11 dusky has won the fif of best men's play reward the 2nd year running levin dusky brake, good millers, record! the scoring the most linda's league it goes in a calendar with 3 shall see said champions 8 winning balsa thomas who was named men's coach of the year. portugal stock christiana went out. i was given a special award for setting a new international goal scoring record. he overtook the previous mock of
12:52 am
a 109 last year. i'm currently sits on a 115 goals for his country unique player. i feel i have that question and i wanna continue, you know, why the people are asked me sometimes. how many is i'm going to play more and i say, i hope to play more for 5 years. it's all about so mentally because i think physically, if you treat good your body, when you're going to need your body, you're going to give you back ice camry and have finished a top of that grape at the africa cup of nations. the tournaments a top scorer venza abaca had his 5th go to the competition to handle camera in the made it already qualified for the last 16 to victory. it would have given them a perfect group stage record of 3 with 3. the k bird. wow. they have other ideas, you know, gary rodriguez, goring it to secure a one old rule. okay, so i will now be waiting on other results to see if they go through as fast as you again, if i say we're, we're short of a place in the milk around as well. they secured zack in place in algebra. one will
12:53 am
drill with face of the mattress. was there a buyout? i gave the book and i'll be a lease. we'll do the in equalized ethnic but a penalty. not enough for the africans. they are out gab on at austin and strike up yet. m rico bombing has been sent home from the tournament after being diagnosed with heart lesions. he's also just recovered from corona virus. about me, i'm not undergo father medical checks when he returns to london. the tennis may have started at the australian open, but the know that jock of it's a visa saga remains a big talking point to the tournament. on number 3, alexander vera says, the whole situation hasn't been easy on any one. least of a joke of ich, i understand the australian people perspective understand or shrink going perspective, but i also do believe that they, they had this should have been more communication between the victorian governmental strangle. before nova came here, because once nova came here,
12:54 am
it was very obvious that all of this would start if the government didn't approve of his of his visa and it was, it was, it is very difficult for him. i think to be in a position that he is in now. i think the whole world is talking about the whole world is talking about one of the greatest tennis players are one of the greatest athletes to ever live in such a negative way. which i find very difficult. forever speaking, after coming for a tricky opening match at the australian open against valley german. daniel, i'd fire the take your 2020 gold medalist. i have one in straight sets, but it was taken to tie great in 2 of them. and there was an unusual moment when i my apply to winner on there. as the side of that didn't touch the net is, is stretched either. so it was a perfectly legal with joke of edge unable to compete, then raw, found the dallas looking to beat him to that rack or 21st grand slam title in melbourne. it's funny, it is up against marcus jeroen. in the 1st round, he break his american opponent 5 times in
12:55 am
a straight sets victory to book his place in round sea. the dal currently sits on 20, may decide is among side of it for just cetera, but with both of those players absentees in the position to try to snatch the men futon, son outright. the term implies the name your soccer match. had a close, cool. on one of her returns, ah, the defending champion, mortified off the nearly hitting the official, and she made some unusual arrange like missing the smash against colombian opponent camilla, already a socket ship shook off any signs of rough sigh from her extended brake last year to win 6363. what number one ash barty demolished ukrainian qualifier left here, sir, and good 6 love at 61 home favorite abilene international and the lead up and the to find the grandson champion type become the 1st straight in woman for 44 years. so when the told me is any day one,
12:56 am
but we may have already seen the shots of the torments it came from high but whole cat, she produced a dawning diving volley of ego give us more than full sets the policy to 10th out the event organizers of the beijing winter and picks as a ticket will not go on sale to the general public because of coven 19. they've announced that some tickets will be given to targeted groups of people. but it's not yet clear exactly what that means or who these groups are. it had already been decided in september. there would be no international spectators at the games because of the panoramic to the nfl is a wildcard playoffs. and tom brady remains on calls for an 8th superbowl title. the 32 touch sounds as the defending champions of a button is philadelphia eagles. 31.15. next sunday in the big class. when i was in the family's room
12:57 am
in the i see the kansas city chiefs amy for the 1st rate constant title comes back to life 5 touchdowns. as they prompt to begin, the pittsburgh steelers, who 2.621 likely marks the end of the road was to his quarterback a band unless his brother is expected to announce his retirement. the chief. soon. the cecil in 2020 now facing to play those and who finish with that incredible bit of play in the m b a which was was no points. take a look. looking denied gilbert has it has after hurry no shot at utah by chance. oh, that was really go back, finding the net was pretty much a full court shots. unfortunately, it was just after the buzzer for half time sale. he managed to score 18 points and 19 rebounds as utah jazz beat the denver nuggets right now. but that's always
12:58 am
fought for me for now as back to mariam in london as lovely x ray last july. that wraps up and he's out. i will be back in a couple of minutes with more the days he's for you in a bit. ah ah. and the latest news as it breaks a new lens which is added a fleet of these giant jobs. ross, having more moving power is being able to extract more food more quickly with detail coverage everywhere you look, there is this option. so survive your telephone line will never be the same again
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from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out, i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now he should she take, take the ships to democracy's activists to corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want into here. we care about the environment you do to, you should buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content. you can see on out jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. long before the cove with crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown,
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destruction of nature can lead to destruction of all hill. the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told were completely impossible. suddenly become possible, connected, the wake up cold with can't be ignored on audio. ah yeah, means who's the rebel? say they carried out an operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. 3 people are confirmed dead. ah. hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. protests incident are
1:01 am
again met with deadly force. 7 more people die calling a return to civilian rule rights x. but.


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