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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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part of that is in the trial of, on what a slim ought to on a just either we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when use in current calls that matter to you, or he emmans her, he rebel say they carried out an operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. 3 people, a confirmed dad. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. protests in sudan are again met with deadly force. 7 more people die calling for a return to civilian governance. after saturday's eruption in tonga,
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the scale of the disaster remains unclear. australia, new zealand, and reconnaissance aircraft to find out more. and homeless in america. why more and more people over the age of 50 are out on the streets? ah, welcome to the program. well, in the past half an hour, yemen susie rebels have claimed responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. a spokesman said there could be more strikes on what they called countries of aggression. police have identified the dead as to indian nationals and one pakistani they say drones may have been used to start 3 fires in the capitol, abu dhabi the mit is announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019. but maintain a military presence there. o m adela tub is an yelman's capital son. our what more
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have you been hearing about this kind from the hoodies is this latest statement by the house. he's a spokesperson, which he did declare that he was going to deliver in the coming hours. we were expecting him to, to, to talk about the developments and the to known. but he talked about it just now. he said in his statement that this, these attacks that the be carried out came and the agent to what he described, the united, the involvement and the, and the war and him and according to his words, it also mentioned that they have to go to the parts of dubai and also i will, bobby, you have target finally of utmost bobby and also a number of positions and you know. 3 been sensitive and less
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than that, there's issues that he said, i mentioned the operation has been carried out by 5 missiles. he described these kinds of missiles brings missiles and also a number of dues he had mentioned above goes. he said that the sources is really to discontinue and also is running the, the, the, the states that are taking. 4 5, the quality again it's then they will face, painful attacks against them is even 5 did it to ease. he also mentioned that he also wanted that the, the foreign companies should take should be ones the, the, the, you guys will not be safe anymore. if it's, if it's continues, it's goldman on 5 and what he described the question against demons. all right,
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thank you very much. reporting to us from the m capital sun, i'm 100 l, a tom that. meanwhile, the, the lead coalition fighting in yemen says it's intercepted and destroyed a drones targeting the kingdom. as the drones were launched from santa international airport and aimed at southern saudi arabia, whose the rebels have tried to attack the kingdom in the past targeting airports and oil infrastructure. i small barra has covered yemen extensively, and he brings us more on this. now. the host is laying the you a for being the key player in yellow for providing significant military assistance to the international recognized government of the most or hardly of the other ones who have made significant impact on the secessionist movement in the south. providing them with weapons and training, some of the elite forces over the last few weeks, there has been some intense fighting over show, boy and bad. if the elite forces that live that fight,
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we're back and financed by the amenities. so the drawn attack interval bobby, was a message by the hope is that if the amount is don't stop that involvement, india, they're likely to get more attacks. they've been very active in 2015 to the point we're called to, to the assumption that the saudis who led the coalition will be the ones who will have the upper hand. it was the amenities who made significant impact in here. but 1st of all, the managed to embolden the secessionist movement, which is now the de facto ruler of the southern part of the country. and they're saying that they're taking that ambitious further to declare the south an independent state number to the of the ones who give the most significant support to the elite forces operating in mad. we're talking about people loyal to the former president idea ballasa, who was killed by the host these and they say that the aim is to risk reinstall
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a 2nd estate in yemen for the health is this is an exist then shall threat. ah, well, at least them protest is have been killed by security forces in the latest protests against last year is military cur, in sudan. but as it have been taking to the streets since that take her there in october, calling for civilian rule to be reinstated a crowd of thousands of people march towards the presidential african, the capital hard. tim, calling for change, protest organizes say more than 60 people have been killed in the past few months. cheering protests, a correspondent, have a morgan isn't hearted with more on this. as the un mission here incident tries to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break a political deadlock that has been in place since the military took over bar and
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late october last year protested once again take to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics, and thus protest come before a visit is expected by senior usaa official, the assistant secretary of state, a 4 african affairs, and a you official envoy for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give us the port to the you, an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months now, to dante's sovereignty counsel led by the military says it accepts the un initiative to try to break the political deadlock, but protested they, they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of these protests they will not sit down at a round table where the military present political parties, on the other hand, are divided. some say they are willing to negotiate,
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to try to get the country out of a deadlock while all the say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military take over and late october, the trust, the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken protest. those have been met with sir gas live ammunition by security forces that you and has condemned the use of force by security forces, at least 64 people have been killed. hundreds have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule despite the violence that protested have been met with. they continued to organize, protest, continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks despite the violence that protested have been met with. they continued to organize, protest, continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military
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return to the barracks. all united nations has been at responding to this has been condemnation of the use of force by sydney's military. i think, as we've said in the past and very clearly that we condemn the use of lethal force against demonstrators, whether it's in courtroom or the places people have a right to demonstrate peacefully. oh, it's very important that we see not miss fear that is conducive to the ongoing consultations both in the streets and obviously inside inside the room. we've also seen reports of disturbing incidence in hospitals and other places or theodore matthews, director of the africa program, air pin council on foreign relations. he joins us now via zoom. so at least 7 people have been killed, i think around a 100 others injured. the protest is
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a not backing down. the military is prepared to use deadly force against them. does this mean we are likely to see more bloodshed and saddam? yes, i think it does. the military seems to have made a grave miscalculation. they saw the increasing demands for the civilians to dominate and take over the government and the terry has been resisting that for quite some time. now they are. 4 trying to break the back of the, of the spirit of the protest movement and hoping that they can quiet the streets. and then somehow, whether the international opprobrium that their actions have come and come out on the other side of this in control. but it's not working out and they're ending up in a corner. the united nations and western governments have been, well, they've issued statements of condemnation against the crackdown on protest is,
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but we've not seen much action beyond that. if we continue to see more killings and fatalities in the countries does that complicate any sort of effort to try and bring peace i think the mediation is playing a role in the calculation of the street and also the military. when the mediation was 1st announced about a week ago, i believe the military viewed it more favorably. they thought it might be a vehicle to return the status quo, which was a power sharing between them and the civilians. but as i mean, the asian has developed, it's starting to look like it's going to set, are this objective, the dominance of the civilians and any new arrangement. and that's not what the military expected. you spoke about international action. besides the visit of the us envoy and the assistant secretary of state, there is
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a high level international meeting, the so called friends of su down that's taking place tomorrow. and it will be very important the statements and maybe also actions and consequences that, that meeting concludes with. right? so what would that involve? what actions or consequences, or any sort of policy could compel the military to restore that civilian components of the transitional government that existed before the curved let's be clear. the most important and powerful force right now is still the sudanese street, but their international partner, their allies, the group of states who stand with the democratic aspirations of sudan also have a role to play up until now. since the qu was perpetrated it in october 25th, those partners of all frozen their distance to suit the gesture that they made. what they haven't done yet is bring any sticks to bear,
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bring any course with measures targeted sanctions, things of that nature. this is something that would represent and escalation and would show a new degree of pleasure on the part of the international community. the ideal massey from european counts are fine relations. thank you. notching al jazeera ally from london much more still had for your own program. he cranes for president with 10 time to face trees and challenges in mass shelly support outside the cooling act. jokers which goes home after being appointed a new law means he might not be able to compete in the french. ah, with that is still stormy weather
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in europe. it's coming in through scandinavia, heading down south is all this cloud here behind. it caught a strong wind in fact, how mondays windy. but that does leave all layers, the west sitting and nice, very quiet. at his comic with which means everything is still fall, could be widespread temperature at night alone by day. there are any feeding hot now because of the sunshine. these are not particularly high temperatures, but by this time but use the winds have dropped where they're quite strong in the baltic, but the cold has been pushed just on the boards. in fact, once again we've got kodak come across the black sea, heading towards turkey, enhancing a circulation of big storm system loads of snow and turkey heavy rain in cyprus, running into the target syrian border, and eventually coming south into northern parts of egypt and then slamming into garza, for example, his cold enough air to bring snow the golden heights for anywhere, slightly about sea level out of thought in the levant. and the last cold air that come down through the red sea is meant as one still grow. max when he 16 to about
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24, it is sunny in this part of africa. not true everywhere. in fact, the western, sour mauritania and even pulse morocco, showers seem quite likely. ah, got one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, the cause of needed to open and develop it's cool. international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and money skilfully mcdonald, 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato causes gateway to whoa trade. lou
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ah, back watching al jazeera at my from london main stories now. yelman's who fee rebels of claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that kill $3.00 people. spokesman said there could be more strikes on what they called countries of aggression. at least 7 protested have been killed by security forces in the latest protest against the military in sudan crowd of thousands gathered near the presidential palace, calling for civilian rule to be restored. now the german 4 minister sang, she'll do everything in her power to guarantee you. crane security alanine alan ala bab book made the comments during our meeting with ukrainian officials in kiev. they're trying to revive for way peace talks with russia and france to end the
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conflict in the east and don boss region. russia has been massing troops at the border with ukraine raising fears of an invasion. german 4 minutes will meet her rushing counterpart in moscow on tuesday. dominic kane has more on this now from berlin. the thing that really stood out from this meeting, at least the news conference it emerged after the meeting of the 2 foreign ministers was a reiteration of germany's perspective, germany's support for ukraine and alina bell box, saying effectively, to the russians that any further, each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the full way meeting of ministers between paris here, moscow, berlin, that that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the
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point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts. me total, clear, but when the question was about whether the german government would seek to provide some form of material support in the form of weapons, perhaps. and elena beveled did not touch on much choosing not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself because they're all those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister. meanwhile, ukraine's former president is appeared in court in a capital key as to deny treason charges. prosecutors accused petra by shanker, a financing pro, ration separatists in east and ukraine. he says he's innocent and the charges are politically motivated. sony gaga reports. good afternoon lea a month away, petrol. put a shank or has returned to a country seething with political turmoil. hold up with border guards at yap road.
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the former ukrainian president fulton king, ah, hailed by his supporters, vowing to fight back against charges of treason. a prosecutor has accused but a shanker of financing separate his forces in the eastern dumbass region, an explosive accusation at a time of growing threats of a russian invasion charges. he says j. trump top by the government, intent on shutting down political opposition. it's not about them blaming for us and grow accusing bershana working on trade and was a separate his but that he approved a scheme that trade scheme of transport in energy call from the occupied to refresh the gall and control areas. however, still the prosecutor, sir, did not release any kind of evidence that there is a link between the resident portal shall go and the russian back separatists. the man who made his fortune as ukraine's chocolate king is one of the country's
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wealthiest businessman. and his assets have been frozen since the launch of the investigation into whether he was involved in the sale of large amounts of co that help finance rushing back separatists in easton ukraine in 20142015. president zalinski says he is clamping down on oligarchs and wants to reduce their influence in ukraine's political and economic life, but against the backdrop of this political fray. the reality of ukraine's security situation is precarious. while western governments continue to appeal to ukraine for political unity, russia has continued to build up its troops at ukrainian border. currently, there are $100000.00 russian forces amassed at the eastern and northern frontiers. holding drills, high level talks held between russian and western officials last week came to nothing. the possibility of a reconciliation in ukraine is hanging by
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a thread. sniggle al jazeera. no joke of ha arrived home in serbia after being deported from australia. tennis mens well number one last a court case to reinstate his visa to play in the australian open after the government revoked it after an 11 day legal battle judges up held at the cancellation with ministers. citing public health concerns as the reason, as joker, which is not vaccinated against the corona virus, was participation at the french open in may. is now looking in dowse as well. he is the defending champion at rollin garris, but underneath new rules that are coming into effect on thursday. no one can get into the sports fan you without a vaccine pass is natasha butler. we are looking at a string of events that could possibly be impacted in terms of whether or not some of those plays all vaccinated. now we're coming up in february, march, you've got the rugby 6 nations tournament. you've also got late to the see of
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course the total for all the cycle, right, so, so women's right this year i'm before that running girls, francis premier tennis events. we know at this stage of if rules stay as they all that the serbian player on novak joke of age will certainly not be able to attend and play. yes, you turned from the french sports minister. she had said just a week ago, in the midst of the joker venture for roar in australia, heard her take was that if a foreign place was coming from, they would be a sanitary bubble around them in place if they weren't vaccinated, and that they would be able to take part in, in any sporting event that signed up for however, now that this covet policy has come into play. she has turned around and put down the red line if you will, and says that the rules that apply to the public in france will also apply to anybody else coming to play. there will be no difference. and really with just 3 months from a french election here in france,
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it is clear that the government certainly don't want to become embroiled in any sort of crisis or scandal like the one we saw in australia. french hall, right presidential candidates are exema, has been fine. $10000.00 euros for hate speech. 63 year old sparked outrage in 2021 . he described unaccompanied migrant children as thieves, murderers, and rapists. the more already has prior convictions for inciting hatred against black and arab people and for making anti islam comments he could be jailed if he fails to pay the fine or recognizance aircraft from australia. new zealand have been sent to tango to serve a damage from saturday's volcanic eruption and soon army earlier flights were prevented by the towering cloud of ash over the chain of islands in the south pacific telecoms cut off. there's no news on casualties so far, alexia bryan has more now. 2 days after this massive undersea eruption and the
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synonymy, which followed toner remains counsel from the world fiber optic cable. one of the main lines of communication to the pacific island nation, now broken. we spoke to some more for families and relatives and also to ministry of furniture. so just before the communication was founded, i told you it was for, i'm believable and they were not able to explain to us the noise in the song. and what happened at the time you zealand has seen to surveillance aircraft to assess the damage, australia's also sending a military plane to help. both countries had waited for a 20000 metre high mushroom cloud of ash to lift the 4 take off clearance was given . this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region. the ash is toxic and has been falling across tongue as islands
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. everyone's being told to stay indoors if they can use an immediate need for hold . also fall water because it used to be at ashburn that has been before 10. and as a result of that, you know what i have been contaminate in most of the islands that have been widespread damage is reported after the erosion triggered astronomy and wave surge through tongue is a 170 islands. police reported seeing homes thrown around along the coast, the owner of one beach resort said it was completely wiped out with a remarkable thing about this or option was your head, the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam bloom? and the parallel to that you had the soon army radiating outwards and also the shockwave radiating outwards, went around the entire world. miscommunication disrupted the full impact from saturday's eruption, which could be seen from space remains unclear,
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as does the scale of aid needed to help the token people, alexia brian, al jazeera, heavy rainfall has caused flooding in your guys' cap at the montevideo meteorological shoes of uruguay says that a 102 millimeters of rain has fallen a month's worth in just a day. meanwhile, other parts of the country and neighboring latin american countries are experiencing a heat wave with some towns reaching a record temperature of $45.00 degrees celsius. now they've been more revelations emerging about parties at the british prime minister's office during corona virus lock downs. a daily mirror newspapers reporting that boris johnson attended a farewell gathering for a staff member in the run up to christmas 2020. more than a dozen events held by politicians in their staff. while the public under restrictions on now subject to an internal investigation cause a growing for johnson to resign. civil rights activists of march in washington dc, charging support for bill to protect voting rights, rallies,
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taking place on martin luther king day and is led by his eldest son and family. us president joe biden. his vow to try and get the bill ratified, but he lacks the numbers in the senate. democrats aides needed to protect the rights of ethnic minorities and low income workers as increasing concern in california over the number of older people who have found themselves living on the streets, half of the states homeless people are over the age of 50. as rob reynolds reports now from los angeles, many have been forced from their homes because of steep rises in rent. i feel on. there's no way to say it, but when you're out there, you feel like everybody's laughing at you. we met rita rose in a women's homeless shelter in hollywood until recently she'd been living on the streets after being forced out of her apartment now was literally laying on benches . and b, i just, i was like,
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scared to death. i didn't know what to do. it's just been hell, i mean, i'll be 66 years old and june. i mean, i have no business on the street. people over age 50 like rita, are becoming homeless in alarming numbers. they make up half of all on house people in california 2020, which were our latest numbers. the estimates were for lake county, you know, you had a roughly 13, a 15 percent increase in homelessness, but a 20 percent increase in older adult homelessness. homelessness takes a heavy toll on older people. the average life expectancy of a person experiencing homelessness is about 47 years old as a pro am compared to a person who's in permanent housing of about 77. few homeless persons survive past age 65 or on house people years of living on the streets actually accelerate the
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aging process. people in their fifties often show signs of illnesses or conditions, more common in people in their seventies. we do see this phenomenon of accelerated aging. we see things you know, such as urinary incontinence dementia, that you know, just being able to complete activities of daily living becomes more challenging for this population. and the, you talk about somebody who just in their fifties correct. now, experts say the housing shortage and steeply rising, rents are the main reasons for the surgeon, homeless elders, older people on fixed incomes like the federal old age pension program are being pushed out of housing. they rented for years for others, a one time medical crisis or a major expense can end up in homelessness. california's governor gavin knew some plans to spend an unprecedented 750000000 dollars this year on housing for the most vulnerable reader. rose who receives disability payments is waiting for
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a subsidized apartment to open up thrilling. you know, i got a chance for housing in, of course i'd pay my bills, hoping for a basic need to be met and a measure of dignity in life's waning years. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, ah main stories. now yemen susie rebels are claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. spokesman said there could be more strikes on what they called countries of aggression. police have identified the dead as to indian nationalism one pakistani, they say drones may have been used to start 3 fires in the capital, abu dhabi at least 7 protest is, have been killed by security forces in the latest protest against the military ensued.


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