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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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to get the care they needed, the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world beyond ah, this is al jazeera ah. here watching that is our live from a headquarters and ohio. i'm setting an obligation coming up in the next 60 minutes, a suspected drones strike targeting an oil facility kills at least 3 people in abu dhabi. b u e is blaming host the rebels in yemen. 7 people are killed and su don's capital. a security forces fire a tear gauss at protesters opposing military rule. ukraine's former president petra bar shanker,
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appears in court on trees and charges after returning home from abroad. china's birth rate dips to a record low. we look at the implications as large parts of the world head towards a decline in population. i'm devin ashwood, small soft being deported from australia ne, that duke of it's now face is being banned from the french hyphen and heis nation that carina 3 to the knockout stage of the africa top of nations after a one over with cape lead, with welcome to the news our, the united arab emirates is warning of retaliation after a suspected drone attack killed at least 3 indian and pakistani workers police suspect the aircraft targeted an oil facility, and started 3 fires in the capitol, abu dhabi, the u. e is blaming jose rebels in yemen. the health is claimed responsibility for
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an attack, but didn't give details. the immorality is announced a partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019, but maintains a military presence there. mohammed la todd has more from yeoman's capital sunup. we have heard from the healthy spokesperson here, sorry. he said that he will give more details in the upcoming hours. we know also the, according to some media means that the houses have also carried out some attacks to the southern areas of the, the saudi arabia kingdom. also these attack, according to the hokies administer of formation. he says that the, this and inside the united embers is to teach the united amorous ellison according to, to what he said, that in order to stop its involvement and also its participation. and the saudi did quality and war in yemen. according to his statement. while the saudi led coalition
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says that intercepted and destroyed all 8 drones launch towards the kingdom. healthy rebels regularly target saudi arabia. they've hit airports and oral infrastructure in the past. the saudi led coalition intervenes in the war and yemen in 2015 alger 0. hash him hell, better has covered yemen extensively. he explains why the u. a. e is a target, the se lane, the you a for being the keep layer in yellow for providing significant military assistance to the or international recognized government of abdulla muscle, hardy, the other ones who have made significant impact on the secession. this movement in the south providing them with weapons and training, some of the elite forces over the last few weeks. there has been some intense fighting over show, boy and bad. if the elite forces that live that fight, we're back on financed by the m earth is so the, the drone attack a novel bobby was
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a mess as by the hope is that if the amount is don't stop that involvement, india, they're likely to get more attacks. they've been very active in 2015 to the point we're called to, to the assumption that the saudis who live the coalition will be the ones who will have the upper hand. it was the amenities who made significant impact in human. first of all, the managed to embolden the secessionist movement, which is now the defacto ruler of the southern part of the country. and they're saying that they're taking that ambitious further to declare the south and independence state. number 2, the of the ones who give the most significant support to the elite forces operating in mad we're talking about people loyal to the fall of president. i love the loss, idaho was killed by the host these and they say that the aim is to arrest or in store a 2nd estate in yemen for the health is this is an existence shall threat. while
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the u. n. has responded to today's development and released this statement. the secretary general condemns today's attacks on abby's international airport and the nearby industrial must suffer area which reportedly caused several civilian casualties and have been claimed by the whole. these attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are prohibited by international humanitarian law. security forces and sudan have killed at least 7 processors demanding an end to military rule. tear gas and bullets were fired at thousands marching towards the presidential palace in the capitol hill. another of zillow did the dictator, yet i'm against tyranny, dictatorships, and any regime that stands against people's freedom or justice. i am a guest inequality among the sudanese people, whether that's in fortune distribution, freedom of speech, or any other thing on a body limb. all of them in globalized get it. i am here to day to resist the military coup that happened on the 25th of october. and we hope our free revolution
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reaches the democratic civilian path. and hopefully, the sudanese people achieve all the goals, anaheim, our correspondence, have a morgan isn't cartoon with more as the un mission here. and sudan tries to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break a political deadlock that has been in place since the military took over power and late october last year, protested once again take to the st since to take over, there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics. and this protest come before a visit is expected by senior u. s. official. the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs. and a you official and for, for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give you a support to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock
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that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months. now, to dante's sovereignty counsel led by the military says it accepts the you and initiative to try to break the political deadlock. but protested they, they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of these protests they will not sit down at a round table where the military present political parties, on the other hand, are divided. some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock while others say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military takeover and late october, the trust, the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with tear gas live ammunition by security forces. the u. n. has condemned the use of force by security forces. at least 64
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people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule despite the violence that protested have been met with. they continued to organize, protest, continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks despite the violence that protested have been met with. they continued to organize, protest, continue to demand for civilian government and continued to demand the military return to the barracks. the un has called on sedans, security forces to stop killing protesters. i think, as we've said in the past, and very clearly that we condemn the use of lethal force against demonstrators, whether it's in khartoum or the places people have a right to demonstrate peacefully. it's very important that we see not more sphere, that is conducive to the ongoing consultations,
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both in the streets and obviously inside. inside the room, we've also seen reports of disturbing incidents and hospitals and other places. ukraine's former president petro port sankoh has appeared in court to deny its reason charges. prosecutor is accused him of financing pro russian separatist than eastern ukraine. the hearing in the capsule key f, which is still underway, come shortly after poorer shenker returned home from poland. he says he's innocent of what he calls politically motivated accusations. first of ari's following developments from moscow. he did arrive earlier in the ukrainian capital, and he was greeted by a large crowd of supporters and he took some time to speak to them. he said that he has come back to ukraine to help the country faced the growing threat of russian invasion. petro per shanker also said, accused the form, the current president, his successor, alexander vladimir zalinski,
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rather by betraying his country. he said that, and we are now here to unite and defend ukraine. and this is a man who is still very much at the forefront of politics. in the country and he is maintaining his innocence and that these charges against him are politically motivated, the accusations against him date back to that when he was in power in 201415. he's accused of funding groups that are according to the state. now, terrorist organizations and he lost power in 2019, but he's still a member of parliament. he's the leader of opposition whose call it's your opinion solidarity. and he's one of the wealthiest men in ukraine he's estimated worth is at $1600000000.00. he's often referred to as a chocolate king because he owns a confectionary empire, as well as true tv stations in the country. so he's still very much influential man, and he's adamant that these charges against him are an attempt by the current government to try and derail attention from the economic problems facing ukraine.
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and he says that he will fight to the very end. petro borowski is a senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation thinktank in ukraine. he says the prosecution has yet to show evidence to support their allegations. the timing for the public positions really is really wrong is really not the best time because of what you have right now is the threats to the real invasion. and the accusations themselves poorly prepared by the persecutors. and it's not about them blaming for us and go accusing. but of course, trading with separate is but that he approved a scheme. the trade scheme of transport in energy call from the occupied territories to the government control areas. however, still the prosecutor did not release any kind of evidence that there is a link between the president and the rational separatists,
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so that the case is really complex. and we're here and you're great. also, i wondered, what will be the evidence presented by the persecution? i would can only say that in this case, the president will ask you the current presence of your grand is calling the shots . and in the last years he requested the prosecutors to open up to 2000 criminal cases, all of them down drop. but right now, what we see is that these kinds of return and what the prosecutors drive to do in the board, all this, hey, look, they created, it only can boast or the popularity or sample right now. the german foreign minister says shield who everything in her power to guarantee ukraine security on a line of airball made comments during her visit to key to meet ukrainian officials . they're both pushing to revive for way peace talks with russia and france to end the conflict in the eastern zone bus region. russia has been gathering troops up
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the ukrainian border raising fear as if an invasion, dominey cane has more from berlin. the thing that really stood out from this meeting, at least the news conference that emerged after the meeting of the to foreign ministers was a restoration of germany's perspective. germany's support for ukraine and alina bell box, saying effectively to the russians that any further. and each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion, that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the full way meeting of ministers between paris he f, moscow, berlin. that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts. miracle yorba when the question was about whether the german government would seek to provide
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some form of material support in the form of weapons perhaps. and alina beveled did not touch on last choosing, not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself, because there are those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister. plenty more had on the al jazeera in his hour, including another question, the u. s. for a new laws to protect voting rights on martin luther king day. but political barriers remained formidable, feeling the heat again, reports of yet another party during locked down positive pressure on britain's leader to resign. and raphael nadal is up and running at the australian open as he chases a record 21st grand slam title. ah,
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so martin luther king day in the united states is being marked with the march to demand more protection for voting rights. president joe biden has vowed to pass and new protection law, but he lacks support in the senate. democrats say new legislation is needed to protect the rights of ethnic minorities and low income workers from republican efforts to disenfranchise them. last week the president said, he's tired of being quiet about voting rapes. well, we're tired of being picked and says, yeah, you are 62021. when the insurrection us attacked our capital, 19 legislatures have passed 34 laws, clawing back voting rights for their citizens. and states like my home state, where new laws i should say of georgia are designed to confuse voter so i don't know where to go. al jazeera, she habitat, he attended the march and spoke to activists. daniel martin luther king junior day
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parade was canceled this year in washington, dc because of the pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants came this year to have their voices heard at a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turn out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king referred doctor kings elder, some sir, said king, bled for what these marches. one is for congress, which off rule is controlled by the democratic party to pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise. this march, this year is extremely important. people have literally, therefore such right? and to continue the legacy of doctor king and to continue the advocacy for voting. all rights is extremely important on without it our democracy is at the rate. we see that 3 of our democracy every single day,
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and if we do not advocate of own rights to one day, our democracy will fall, i think is a sad day in america because ah biden receive 80000000 volts. trump receive 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people to washington to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens, not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as cove it then we have a serious problem. the problem is, it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the votes in congress to override congressional rules and overcome republican opposition to pass this legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se, belatedly put the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get a major piece of legislation, parcel he promised on the campaign trail,
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the democratic vote, the democratic of the upcoming midterm elections may be depressed. anyway. let's think about this with jenny lang who's the senior director of voting rights at the campaign legal center. she's joining us from washington, d. c. daniel lank. welcome to al jazeera. so as we're hearing the senate will take up democrat, drafted legislation this week that would implement sweeping rule revisions to voting rules. first of all, just tell me how you expect this legislation to go. we are so excited to see this legislation, which is a combination of the freedom to vote act in the john lewis, noting rights advancement being brought up to the 1st senators to take a span either or or against voting rights. this legislation is absolutely crucial. it both restores the body, hurried back to 965, the kind of landmark achievement of much of the work that i'm aging or get ad. and it also a national baseline for access to the rights boat and access the freedom to vote for all americans. so i look forward to being brought up on the floor and that will
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be a time when senators have to decide what side of history they want to be on. but are you concerned that it may not pass? because as we've been hearing from our reporter the number simply aren't there, you don't know yet. i where all the senators will landon, like i said, i think it's incredibly important that they be on the urge. i as far as their support, phyllis legislation, order, they're out lack of support for access to the right to vote. i am a force concerned i that it is not abundantly clear that it will pass as early as 2006 the voting rights actin reauthorization. was passed unanimously by the senate, the student used to be a bipartisan issue. ah, are this used to be a bipartisan issue? the student used to be a partisan issue, used to be a kind of universally understood value of american democracy to support freedom to vote. and to support access to the vote by our minority communities. and it's
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really a sad day to see where we already know that one party has entirely abandoned this legislation. and that we don't know if all senators from the democratic party will support this legislation in europe. so again, and it's going to be an important moment this week where some of us have to decide where they stand and your, your website. i'm just taking a look at it right now. you guys say it is imperative that it pass. what happens if a doesn't? what's at stake, we are sending out a precipice for our democracy and i think the americans know that americans understand that their legislatures are getting to work every day again. and the new legislative session of 2022, trying to cut back on the right to vote. and it is a moral imperative that legislators pass this legislation if they do not, we will of course, not give up. we can never give up on our democracy. and will continue to fight
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against will continue to fight and demand better and demand accountability from those who did not stand on the side of voting rights for this country. as you know, of course, in 2021. 19 you a states pos, 34 new laws that voting advocates say a restrict access to the ballot box. but what do you make of the response of proponents of the state laws who say, well, they're designed to a restore confidence in the election systems. it's a really cynical statement and simply not true. and in fact, it is this type of rhetoric around voter, you know, election, integrity and mystery, you know, lies that have been spread by politicians about the accuracy of our elections that have a wrote it trust in our democracy and how we need to build up trust in our democracy is to restore access, restore freedom to the right, to vote. i'm and we need to stop mind the american people about our democratic
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system, the dangers that we're facing, or not about the voter fraud, but rather about access to the right to vote. and so we need to focus on telling americans the truth, which is that we have tried and true systems for our elections, and that need to be improved and modern eyes to increase access. right. thank you so much. then you're lying for speaking to us from washington, d. c. thank you. now, reconnaissance aircraft from australia, new zealand have been sent to the tongue islands to survey damage from saturday's volcano eruption and soon ami. earlier flights were prevented by the tiring clause vash over the chain of islands in the south pacific telecoms cut off. there's no news on casualties so far. alexi, o'brien has more 2 days after this massive undersea eruption and vicinity, which followed toner remains counsel from the world fiber optic cable. one of the
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main lines of communication to the pacific island nation. now broken, we spoke to someone for families and relatives and also to ministry of furniture. so just before the communication was founded, i tell you, it was on believable and they were not able to explain to us the noise in the song. and what happened at the time is england has seen to surveillance aircraft to assess the damage, australia's also sending a military plane to help. both countries had waited for a 20000 metre high mushroom cloud of ash to lift the 4 take off clearance was given . this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region. the ash is toxic and has been falling across thomas islands. everyone's being told to stay indoors if they can use an immediate need for food
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also for water because there is to be a cash flow that has been before 10. and as a result of you know, what i have been contaminated in most of the islands while it's great damage is reported after the erosion triggered astronomy and wave surge through tongue as a 170 islands. police reported seeing homes thrown around along the coast. the owner of one beach resort said it was completely wiped out. a remarkable thing about this or option was your head, the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam bloom. and the parallel to that you had the soon army radiating outwards and also the shockwave radiating outwards, went around the entire world. miscommunication disrupted the full impact from saturday's eruption, which could be seen from space remains unclear, as does the scale of aid needed to help the token people, alexia brian,
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al jazeera pool revelations are emerging about the u. k. government holding parties during the corona virus lockdown. the daily mirror newspaper says, prime minister boris johnson, attended a farewell gathering for a staff member in the run up to christmas. 2020 more than a dozen events are being investigated by senior civil servants to grey. and she is reported to have question johnson leave barker has more from london as 5 days. his prime minister boys johnson was forced to stand up in parliament and apologize to him. peace and the public for attending a drink policy, the gardens of number 10 downing street. he said that he believed it was a work event. although that excuse seemed so full and flat with members of his own conservative party, the opposition, and increasingly so with the british public as well. over the past few days, we been learning more about other events that have taken place. we've let also about a, a wind fridge installed in number,
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tend to allow officials law to let off steam and of a regular friday night drinks event tabled into the downing street diary for all to see this isn't about whether or not boris johnson attended every single event, or at least organized every single event. it's about the kind of culture that existed in downing street with forest johnson at the helm, a culture that's a opponents of the prime minister say allow for regular and habitual rule breaking . well, there is a key inquiry underway by senior civil servants to gray, a woman nicknamed as the sleaze buster of white whole. she is overseeing the departure of some senior mpi in the past. the results of that inquiry could well influence them more and more conservative m p 's to table letters of no confidence embossed johnson if 50 for a written so 15 percent of conservative mpg write letters of no confidence that it could well force a leadership contest. some questioning though,
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whether boyish johnson could fallen disorder resign before that, or whether or not he will try and hunkered down and hope that all of this blows over. there is, of course the question that so he could face a challenger from within his own ranks from within the cabinet. what is clear though, for a prime minister who's made it very much a part of his job to skirt around scandal and controversy? this is one particular scandal that isn't going away overnight, and boys don't. some, sooner or later, we'll have to face the music still ahead on the news our. we look at america's homeless crisis and why it's affecting people above 50, at an alarming rate. and an icon of classical indian dance will, here are some of the many tributes being paid following the death of virgin maharaja in store at tom brady remains on track to insuperable number, a action from nfl playoffs. coming up, the jama. ah
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hey there, welcome to your world weather update. we're going to begin in the middle east and then we'll go to africa. nice to see you. we do have a line of shower stretching from the red c rate through to the golf or go on for a closer look because there is also a northerly wind blowing down from iraq. look at that, it strike down the temperatures and q 8 to just 14 degrees. we've got some showers around re add manama and doha on tuesday. in fact, they'll ha, could see some thunder storms, a bubble up here. and because those wind shift around just a hive, 18 degrees on thursday, so that is below average of the pakistan smooth sailing. plenty of sun to be found here, karate at $23.00 degrees. but look at this, what, whether transfer over the gulf into southern e drawn a place where we have seen some flooding in the past and looks like we could see
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some more and the days to come. a developing disturbance around the eastern mediterranean, gonna whip rain around cyprus, into areas of the levant snow over the higher ground. and the wind has shifted around. so it's stumble. your temperature has come down. we've got our usual storms coming and going through the tropics of africa. i wanted to show you this because days of rain. and molly has led to scenes of flooding here. and we can expect is still more to come right down across that eastern side of south africa. that's it. i'll say again sir. ah, my name is bonnie put magar. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation, but yoga itself seems to be transforming. wesley mentality is, is a lot about this instrument, 3 different issues, like yoga, y is originally yoga, should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in
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a world that so commercialized and politicized. who owns yoga? analogies in the virus is indiscriminately, yet those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of coven 19. ollie re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought a doest, where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the fix the hill. oh, all hail the locked down, expose a privilege on poverty during a crisis on a j 0. lou ah,
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hello again the top stories and the answers humans, alan. a suspected drove an attack targeting an oil facility in the united arab emirates has killed at least 3 workers. they were eas, blaming yelman's road, the rebels security forces, and sir john have killed weekly 7 processors, demanding an end to military rule. medics working with processed organizers, say, at least 70 demonstrators have been killed since the military coup in october. ukraine's former president petro, for a sankoh, as appeared in court in the capital key of to deny treason charges. prosecutors accuse him of financing pro russia separatists and eastern ukraine. and china's economic growth slowed at the end of last year after a strong start. the pandemic real estate troubles on the lowest birth rate in decades are being blamed for the slum brit clinic reports from hong kong. as trying to tackles its on the chrome spread, a temperature check on the health of its economy shows mixed results. 4th quarter g
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d p rose by 4 percent from a year ago. according to china's national bureau statistics that stronger than the government's own target, but nearly a full percentage points slower than the previous quarter. the chinese economy grew by 8 point one percent in 2021 with the help of steady industrial output as the world continue to buy china's goods for years. and actually father industrial production, experienced sustained development and high tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing experienced fast growth. but momentum is waning and its economy last steam in the 2nd half of the year, triggered by a slow down in the real estate sector and regulatory clamp downs authorities restricting the amount of money property developers could borrow. after the fall out from the debt hit ever ground crisis, authorities will also need to address the effects of an aging population and the lowest birth rates since 949, just 7.5 births to every 1000 people. that's despite relaxing family planning
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measures like the one child policy. young chinese couples are increasingly choosing not to have babies because of higher living costs. other challenges on the horizon for china include supply chain problems and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. the on the chrome varied has spread to a number of cities, prompting locked down and wrapped up restrictions. at least one case has been detected in beijing, which is gearing up to host the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks. restrictions are being stepped up to contain the spread ahead of the learn a new year holiday by so honestly on board that the winter olympics will bring in more cases. when people come from other countries, we do not know how the situation will go. i'm not worried, i think the government has been doing well. chinese officials of warning people in high risk areas including beijing, to avoid traveling during the fed period bridge clinic al jazeera hong kong. so china's birth rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 60 years. 10 and
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a half 1000000 chinese babies were born last year. the national bureau statistics says that's 12 percent fewer than in 2020. it's not just a chinese phenomenon. birth rates in the u. s. or at the lowest level, and more than a century. over in germany, economist predict the workforce could shrink 5000000 by the end of the decades. and south korea is invested billions, trying to persuade couples to have children. but the population fell last year for the 1st time since records begun. and indians are having fewer children in the us population. val expected to peek at 1600000000 by 205010 years earlier than originally expected. let's speak about this. will darrow bricker, who's the chief executive officer of itself, public affairs, that's a social research organization. he's also the call center of the book mc plan at the shock of global population decline. who's joining us from toronto? welcome to al jazeera. so why should we be aligned with the decline in populations?
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i mean, for years we've heard that overpopulation is just a strain on the earth's resources. well, we should be worried because as you know, that great mark twain call. it was said, it's not the things that you don't know that gets you into trouble. it's the things that you know for sure that are wrong, that gets you into trouble. so what you just pointed to that malthusian approach to looking at population around the world is just simply not true. and there's more and more evidence of it every day that the global population in a fairly short period of time is going to peak and then start to decline and how low it goes. we really don't know. so what are some of the factors that are affecting these demographic trends? one of the big ones is urbanized ation and china is certainly the case that urban possession is not an effect. because what you tend to find is people in rural communities tend to have larger pre, a number of children than, than people who live in urban communities. so a high degree of urbanized ation in china. but also the other thing is a real cultural change. we're seeing this many, many countries in which women are making different decisions about their families.
9:36 pm
mainly because they want to pursue education, they want to pursue a career. and as a result of that, the children become a, an expression of self actualization, and they're pretty self actual heist after one or 2. and in china, it's increasingly after one. yeah. and if you look at china specifically, i mean there was a record dropping the birth rate in china despite that change in the government policy from one child to 2 children. but there was no real uptake. no, the reason is because people really don't want to have it for kids. i and i, you know though, the report that was, that was on just before they said it's because of cost. well that's one part of it . but it's also that people, particularly women, have decided they just want to live a different kind of life in which the, the time and effort they put into parenting and raising a family is going to be less of their, what their life experience is going to be so you say that it's too late to reverse things, not possible to get to the replacement rate anymore. so since we can't reverse it,
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then how do we prepare for the future? once? not so much that we can reverse it, is that nobody's figured out a way to do it. so if somebody fix up way to do it, i guess maybe there's a, there's a chance, but there's been no country in the world. it's really in the modern age figured out a way to do it. so what we really have to start getting ready for are the consequences of this change, which are mainly related to the labor force and population aging. by the year 2030, the entire global baby boom, post world war got 2nd world war baby boom is going to be 65 years of age or older . that's only 8 years away. so this is not something in the distant future. it's something right over the hood of the car and a one more for you, how to think stand in the, in the developing world or the developing world is going in the same direction just a bit more slowly. and that's been one of the things. it's really interesting in this population change and decline of fertility. it started basically in the western developed world,
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it's moved its way to latin america. it's now even moving more quickly in asia, so that, you know, it's only a matter of time before we see a similar sort of thing in developing countries. india being a very good example in which, just a few weeks ago they announced the 1st time in their history a low replacement rate fertility. all right, thank you so much darrell breaker for joining us from toronto. we appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. now family, in the sense that it off neighborhood if occupied east jerusalem is being forcibly expelled from their home, is really police are either monday to serve the order. the family, a 15 palestinians, including children, say they have nowhere else to go. stephanie decor reports from sarasota is really forces of now started to demolish. what is a flower shop or owned by the family? this has been going on for a couple of hours. now. you have is really police. here. you have is ready, special forces here. you also have a fire engines here, we've seen the family to homes further down from this area on the roof of their
9:39 pm
homes, threatening to blow up a gas canister. if the demolition of their home goes ahead. they've been here for decade. the ownership of the land, it is more complicated, owed by not the palestinian family, but certainly we've seen members, he a representative of the european union saying that what is happening here is in violation of international law. also, members of these ready class at these ready parliament condemning what is happening these families and not the victims am august so many thousands and millions victims of the occupation in these earlier bound thing in the international community must wake up. there's no excuse for such growing now from what we understand the families been told by the police commander here, that there is no intention for now to demolish the actual homes. as i said earlier, what you're seeing demolish now is a flower shop. they remove the trees and plants earlier on, but palestinians who will tell you that this is seen as
9:40 pm
a wider policy by the israeli government of pushing them out of occupied east jerusalem. this of course, is the area palestinians want as a capital of any future state and also part of a wider policy here and share that are in this area. this particular has to do with the jerusalem municipality saying that this is now an error that they want to use for building a school. but will tell you that also there is an active policy backed by the government of supper. organizations that are using old laws to push palestinians out of these areas of their lines are very sensitive issue. and certainly something like this policies will tell you, is simply part of a wider policy. the indian government has closed because smear press, club and indian administered cache mirror. it says the clubs, registration had expired. but journalists say it's the latest attempt to stifle press freedom. and dropped in the troubled region, or india correspond that elizabeth moran m reports. gentleness gather outside the
9:41 pm
shuttle dumas of the cash, meet press club and screen again. until saturday. many used the club as an office, as well as a space to meet other reporters. but 2 days ago, a group of journalists escorted by armed police, said they were taking over the running of the club and indeed administered kush mead. they said the managing committees tenure ended 6 months ago, and the club had failed to renew its registration. did not come to the luxury, we are digging it order by for we had a thought of your me, everybody was out there because there has been a delay in the book, the sir edition. so we are big in the door for deadra. if years of running that did ray, if you thought the club, the club had at least $300.00 journalists as members. it's outgoing. managing committee said it's registration was suspended without explanation. 2 days before the take over, a space has been captured, em. institution has been captured and with the government's intervention. and it's
9:42 pm
very unfortunate that this could happen in a civilized society, you know, and in this on democratic illegal and unethical mental. on monday, kush mused, information department leaves the statement saying it was closing the club, which occupies government land. it added that it hopes a duly registered, bonafide society of all journalists shall be constituted as soon as possible. and the body shall be able to approach the government for a re, allocation of the premises. online by the journalists across india have criticized press clubs, takeover on saturday, and it's closure. on monday, there has been a total breakdown in terms of the relationship between media and the administration, primarily because i don't think there is any desire in the part of the administration to allow the space needed for free media to conduct content. and that is the reason why you find so many cases of genders being how does human
9:43 pm
rights groups have warned? the shrinking space to journalists in kush meat since the indian government revoked the regions autonomy in 2019 many journalists and kush meat and beyond. say that space has just become a lot smaller. elizabeth per item al jazeera new delhi in england. the self isolation period after testing positive for covert has been cut from 10 to 5 days. the government announced the relaxation to help in staffing shortage is caused by a surgeon army kron infections. everyone will be required to show negative rapid tests on days $5.00 and $6.00 of their quarantine. and greece has made it mandatory for all over 6 years old to get vaccinated. anyone who refuses could be find $115.00 a month. around 3 quarters of the population has been given at least one dose of the vaccine in the us, california. and in california, there is an increasing alarm over the number of over fifties who find themselves
9:44 pm
living on the streets. they make up most of the more than half a 1000000 people there who are homeless. many have been forced out because they're unable to pay large increases in their rent rental cars more from les. i feel there's no way to say it, but when you're out there you feel like everybody's laughing at you. we met rita rose in a women's homeless shelter in hollywood until recently she'd been living on the streets after being forced out of her apartment now was literally in laying on benches. and b, i just, i was like, scared to death. i didn't know what to do to spend the hell. i mean, i'll be 66 years old and june. i mean, i have no business on the street. people over age 50 like rita, are becoming homeless in alarming numbers. they make up half of all on house people in california 2020, which were our latest numbers. the estimates were for eli county, you know,
9:45 pm
you had a roughly, a 13, a 15 percent increase in homelessness, but a 20 percent increase in older adult homelessness. homelessness takes a heavy toll on older people. the average life expectancy of a person experiencing homelessness is about 47 years old. as compared to a person who's in permanent housing of about 77, few homeless persons survive past age. 65. on how people years of living on the street actually celebrate the aging process. people in their fifties often show signs of illnesses or conditions war, common people in their 70. we do see this phenomenon of accelerated aging. you see things you know, such as urinary incontinence dementia, you know, just being able to complete activities of daily living becomes more challenging for
9:46 pm
this population. and then you talk about somebody who's just in their fifties, correct? yeah. experts say the housing shortage and steeply rising, rents are the main reasons for the surgeon, homeless elders, older people on fixed incomes like the federal old age pension programs are being pushed out of housing. they rented for years for others, a one time medical crisis or a major expense can end up in homelessness. california's governor gavin knew some plans to spend an unprecedented 750000000 dollars this year on housing for the most vulnerable reader. rose, who receives disability payments is waiting for a subsidized apartment to open up the really, you know of, i got a chance for housing in of course i'd pay my bills, hoping for a basic need to be met and a measure of dignity in life's waning years. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, heavy rainfall has caused flooding and org wise capital, experts say
9:47 pm
a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours and montevideo. it's a different story and other parts are ago i and neighboring countries there sweltering in a heat wave with record temperatures of 45 degrees celsius in someplace as just an update for you on the drone attacks on the u. h. e, which has killed 3 people, an official from yeoman's for the rebels has given a press conference, and he said that abu dhabi and do byes, airports and oil refineries, were the targets of ballistic missiles and drones. he's also warned of further attacks on the u. e. here with the news, our coming up right after the break, you'll find out why got bonds top striker has been sent home from the africa cup of nations, da stories on the way in sports. ah .
9:48 pm
ah ah
9:49 pm
ah ah, haul tributes are pouring in forbearers you maharaj, who's died at the age of 83. he was considered one of the greats of indian classical dance, victoria gate, and b looks back at his life. the family of bird you maharaj pay their respects at his home in the indian capital new delhi. they say the legend re dancer had struggled with his health in recent months between 8 men is a one car max. so he was being treated a hospital for the past month. he was diabetic and had kidney related issues. he was on dialysis and he was undergoing treatment. i'm getting better. i think he had a cardiac arrest because all of a sudden he had trouble breathing and then he paused toy you and go, daddy, i got his dea. ah mirage was
9:50 pm
a master of contact. the type of indian classical dance. oh, he often dream inspiration from his own life in his performances and was known for his animated facial expressions and his light footed movements ah, in a career spanning nearly 6 decades, maharaj not only performed can't act but taught it to opening a dance school in the capital which he ran for more than 20 years. in 1986, he was awarded india's 2nd highest civilian owner in recognition of his achievements in a tweet prime minister in red, remade, he said, his passing is an irreparable loss to the entire art world. many of his former students now stars themselves say his contribution to the world of dance was historic and will be carried forward by all those he influenced through his aunt bird. you maharaj was 83 years old. so front of that on the sportsman's
9:51 pm
1st drama. thank you during a house camry and have finished top of that great. that the africa cup of nations, the tournaments had top score, van st abaca had his 5th goal of the competition to hand camera in the late 8, already qualified for the last 16. the victory would have given them a perfect great stage record of 3 winds from 3 the cape verse. wow. they had other ideas were gary rodriguez, a scoring to secure a one old rule. cape bird, when are they waiting on other results to see if they go through as one of the best fed place teams? that he's looking a fast. they were also assured of a place in the knockout round. they secured, 2nd place in green bay after a one or drill was ethiopia in the days of the mac, several by all that gave the buck and i'll be a 1st half lease more than equalized, i guess. and i give it a penalty. not enough for the effect on the way home. also, one is why home is gab on it also strike up by me and he's on his way off to being
9:52 pm
diagnosed with heart lesions. he's also just recovered from current of ours. as i'm young, will undergo further medical checks when he returns to london organizes of the beijing winter olympics. say tickets will not go on sale to the general public because of coven 19. they've announced that some tickets will be given to targeted groups of people, but it's not yet clear exactly what that means or who these groups are. it had already been decided in september that would be no international spectators out the games because of the panoramic. after the blogs from playing at the australian, i've been well tennis number one know about jarvis now faces being banned from the french as well. after the country sports minister confirms that unvaccinated athletes will no longer be able to compete in france, jock, which was unable to play in melbourne after being deported on sunday. following on 11th, a legal battle of his vaccination status and his participation the french open in may, is now looking in doubts. jock, which is the defending champion, wrote on girls, but on the new rules which coming on thursday and no one can get into sports. and
9:53 pm
without a vaccine pass. we are looking at a string of events that could possibly be impacted up in terms of whether or not some of those plays all vaccinated. now we're coming up in february, march, you've got the rugby of 6 nations tournament. you've also got later this year. of course, the toyota falls, the cycle, rice also women's race this year. and before that running, carol's francis premier, tennis events. we know at this stage of if rules stay as they all that the serbian player or novak doc of age will certainly not be able to attend and play su, turned from the french sports minister, as she had said just a week ago in the midst of the jock venture ferrara in australia, hurt her take, was that if a foreign place was coming france, they would be a sanitary bubble around them in place if they weren't vaccinated. and 3rd, so they would be able to take part in, in any sporting event that signed up for. however, now that this cove it past has come into play. she has turned around and put down
9:54 pm
the red line if you will, and says that the rules that apply to the public in france will also apply to anybody else coming to play. there will be no difference. and really, we're just 3 months from a french election here in france. it is clear that the government certainly don't want to become embroiled in any sort of crisis or scandal like the one we saw in australia. well, the stock of it shall able to compete ra found dallas, looking to beat him to that record 21st grandson, title in melbourne. the spaniard was up against a mock oscar riding on the opening day of the australian open. the break is american apartment apartments high times the straight sets victory to reach the 2nd round, tao county sits on 20 major sites, is alongside joke of it, john wardrobe phaedra, but with both of those players absentees, a good position to try to snatch the men's each time a slam reco outright. well, number 3 alexander's barrow came through a tricky match against fellow german at daniel out maia,
9:55 pm
the tokyo 2020 go. my list may have one in straight sets. it was taken to a tie break in 2 of them. and there was an unusual moments when out my i played a winner on there as the side of the nets. as you can see, you didn't touch the net as you stretched eva. so it was all a perfectly legal the chair and pioneer soccer match had a close, cool, one of her returns. oh, the defending champion, mortified better off the nilly hitting the official, and she made some unusual errors like missing the smash against colombian. opponent camilla was already a zak. a socket shook off signs of rusty display from her extended break last year when 6361, a bon ash bossy demolish ukrainian qualify at lexia. ranko 6 love is 6. 1. i'm favorite from adelaide international in the lead up. and the tucson grandson champion hopes to end of 44 year wait for an australian woman to win the tournament
9:56 pm
. and it's only day one. we may have already seen a shot of the torments it came from high, but who catch you produced a stunning diving volley as user of ego girl. some of in full sets the policy to 10 at his dormant to the nfl, the wild card playoffs, and tom brady remains on course for an 8 see football title. be 32 touchdowns. as a defending champion at tampa bay buccaneers beat the philadelphia eagles. $31.00 points to 15. thompson a 2nd and next sunday and the division of the high school went monday night game between i was in a cardinals. animal families around you know, just trying to figure out a way to move all the unfeeling force and points. i thought we did a good job in a couple of those areas. we ran the ball really well. lamplight, great receiver said, great, i didn't say great. so use a lot of different people and everyone got in there made some place help the team when defense by great specializes. amazing. so when i need it again, next week,
9:57 pm
it only gets tougher from here. to the i see in the kansas city chiefs are aiming for the 3rd straight conference title quarterback patrick behind 35 touchdowns. as they come to be beat the pittsburgh seniors 40 viewpoints. it's $1.00 to $1.00. like he marks the end of the road for see his quarterback. banner office. bugger is expected to announce his retirement. the chiefs you in the soup boat in 2021. our faces the buffalo bills. and we'll finish with an incredible bit of play in the m b a which was was no points. take a look looking denied go peer has it? yes. after hurry, no shot at utah by chance. oh, that was really go by finding the net, which is pretty much a full court shots. but unfortunately, just after the buzzer for halftime, gabrielle, he managed to school 18 points and 19 rebounds as utah geography with them another visit to the center of that because of all that, that is all your sport for me. for now, i have more later during all right, great, thank you so much. i'm on. thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera,
9:58 pm
we will hand you over to our teams in london, and marian moss is with you in just a moment. she'll have much more of the day's news, bye bye for now. ah, mm hm. as the owner can vary and sweeps across the globe nations rates to stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual. these save until we are all said, as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom mac is going to be very, very unpredictable. stay with al jazeera,
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for all the latest updates. my name is bonnie pet mountain. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation, but yoga itself seems to be transforming. wesley mentality is a lot about this is transfer you to what yoga was originally yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized and politicized who owns yoga. on al jazeera, charged with crimes against humanity, $4000.00 counts of torture, and $58.00 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power trucks, the 1st ever war crimes trial of assyrian high ranking officer. i am taking part of this trial because he did something bad to me and to others as fearful. i don't good. i focus about jobs as part of that. he's in the trial of on world slim
10:00 pm
park to on i just ita. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when use in current, because that matter to you he emmans her a rebel say they carried out in operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. free people confirm dead. oh, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program protests into dawned, or again met with deadly force. 7 more people die calling for a return to civilian governance office at today's eruption in tonga,
10:01 pm
the scale of the disaster remains unclear. australia, new zealand, send reconnaissance aircraft to find out more and homeless.


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