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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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philippine countries remain, oh no country, no community and no individual. these save until we are all the same as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom. it is going to be very, very unpredictable to stay with al jazeera for all the latest updates. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, your waterman is our life from a headquarters in del hi. i'm debbie and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes, a suspect to drones strike targeting an oil facility in the united arab emirates, kills at least 3 people. also a heads. ukraine's former president petro shirt for his jenko appears in court on
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treason charges. after returning home from abroad, 3 people are killed and su, don's capital as security forces fire a tear gas up for testers opposing military rule. china's birth rate dips to a record low raising concerns. it's rapidly aging workforce could affect its economic growth, australia, new zealand, sand reconnaissance flights to the pacific island of tongue, which has been cut off after an undersea volcanic eruption. i'm devin, ashwin, sports beijing winter olympics organizers say tickets will not be sold to the general public ab after being deported from australia. no joke of its faces being banned from the french open as the country issues new rules on unvaccinated athletes. ah hello. we start this news hour in the united,
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the arab emirates where an attack targeting an oil facility has killed 3 people. police have identified the dead as to india, nationals and one pockets, donnie. they say, drones may have been used to start 3 fires in the capital w. 3 fuel tankers exploded in the most industrial area. another fire broke out on a construction site at the airports, yemen who the rebels claimed responsibility for an attack, but did not specify what it was, the u. e and, and stay partial withdrawal from yemen in 2019, but maintains a military presence there. mohammed last job has more from yemen, capital son on. we have heard from the healthy spokesperson, you're here. sorry. he said that he will give more details in the upcoming hours. we know also the, according to some media means that the houses have also carried out some attacks to the southern areas of the, the saudi arabia kingdom. also these attack,
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according to the host, these administer of information. he says that the, this and inside the united emery's is to teach the united amorous. listen according to, to what he said that in order to stop its involvement and also its participation and the saudi did quality and war in yemen. according to his statement. well, the saudi led coalition says that intercepted several drones fired on the kingdom as well. according to state media, 8 were launched, all were destroyed. humans who the rebels regularly target facilities and saudi arabia. they've had airports and oil infrastructure in the past. the saudi led coalition intervened in the war and yemen in 2015. let's speak to our correspondent passionate. how about a who's covered yemen extensively says we're saying hash and these attacks have to be taking place in saudi arabia. but what is the significance of the united arab emirates and what are the host these hoping to achieve with this were basically the
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reason why they're stepping up. the campaign particular targeting the united arab emirates is because of the u. a is increasing political volt, india and they have a military presence where they have been providing significant assistance to the key army alias was, are fighting and now the host is in shovel and, and i think this is a message by the herpes of the amenities i spoke a while ago with mohammed up this and i'm one of the senior leaders of the healthy movement said this is a military financial and economic message to the amorous that they have to stop interfering in our own affairs. otherwise we'll make it very tough for them. and we will make it, we're in sure that companies won't be operating and will want to find the environment safer for them in the united arab emirates, for them to be able to man drawers into the you a and saudi arabia. although they were intercepted and destroyed, i think they wanted to say that 7 years into the side, the lead campaign against the health is the domain. we're both of them before
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further expanding their military capabilities. so how soon would it be safe to say then the whole thing is that we should be surprised by this because of the recent setback that the hoodies have been facing. and as you're saying and met it in did because they were about to the ticket took, took over those areas and a thing suddenly it was going to become the final battle. formative. if the ticket it was going to be the beginning of the and for the internationally recognized government and also a major setback for saudi arabia and the u. a. now the sandy is the most is in particular however, have an elite force. i given elite force called alan malley, which is based in madam finance trained adequate by the images and the play that significant role in adverse in some of the latest gains by the by the health is. and i think explains where the health is now, are venting their frustration of the saudis and, and of the amount is in particular, they say that we want the saudis and the amount is to stop this company doesn't stop or we just continue sending drugs into their own country, well, how will the u. e be responding to this a where the further now intensifying the air strikes?
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we've seen this ideal of coalition seeing that they have intensify the air strikes, particularly around al baylor and also shop were and they are likely to further target health these in, in the, in the, in the capitol center. but then this is likely to further strain relations between saudi arabia, the a, on one hand, and the iranians because the saudis, and the amazon saying that this would never have been possible, had it not been for the ticket, the logical support that the iranians have been providing to the health is and it was not coincidence that to day one of the key the leaders is into had and took into iranian officials a think it brings it brings back to square one. when this is ultimately going to be between the saudis, or what the about one hand and the iranians, if it can match the set aside their own differences, we'd likely to see an improvement. otherwise, it's just going to be further anaki in yemen. ok, thank you so much. has him better now? ukraine's for president petro pershing cove has appeared in court to deny treason charges. prosecutors accuse him of financing pro russian separatists in eastern
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ukraine, the hearing and the capital here, which is still underway, come shortly after poor shanker returned home from poland. and he says he's innocent of what he calls politically motivated accusations for an update on the story. first of jabari is joining us for moscow. so as we're saying, the former president now has arrived. he's begun his court case with some of the most serious charges leveled at him, including treason, doors. so what more do we know? well the charge of high treason that he's been accused of a carries a church jail term of 15 years. so it's very, very serious. but we, when seeing pictures from that court hearing of a very relaxed former presidents. and it's important to highlight that the judge that is presiding over this case, who will decide whether or not this man will spend this evening at home, or he will be taken into custody to wait. his trial is somebody who is
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a former president appointed himself. when he was in power, so it might explain why his, the meaner in the court house is somewhat relax and he doesn't seem to be too concerned. but he did arrive earlier in the ukrainian capital. and he was greeted by a large crowd of supporters, and he took some time to speak to them. he said that he has come back to ukraine to help the country faced the growing threat of russian invasion. petro parish, uncle also said, i accused the form the current president, his successor, alexander vladimir zalinski, rather by betraying his country. he said that and we are now here to unite and defend ukraine at this is a man who is still very much at the forefront of politics in the country. and he is maintaining his innocence and that these charges against them are politically motivated. okay? those are, we're just taking a step back perhaps, and reminded our viewers how we ended up in the situation. well,
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the accusations i against him date back to that when he was in power in 2014 and 15 . he's accused of funding groups that are according to the state now terrorist organizations and she lost power in 2019, but he's still a member of parliament. he's the leader of opposition group called european solidarity. and he's one of the wealthiest men in ukraine. he's estimated worth is at $1600000000.00. he's often referred to as a chocolate king because he owns a confectionary empire, as well as true tv stations in the country. so he's still very much influential man, and he's adamant that these charges against him are an attempt by the current government to try and derail attention from the economic problem facing ukraine. and he says that he will fight to the very end. and of course, we'll find out in the coming hours whether or not he can weather the storm that's come out, come his way. he was out of the country on business. he was out of ukraine since
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early december, and that is when the charges were brought against him. so he's come back to face of what is ahead. and he maintaining his full innocence. thank you so much. dorothy jabari reporting from austin, petro, we're kosky is a senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation thinktank in ukraine. he says the prosecution has yet to show evidence to support their allegations. the timing for the public is ation really is really wrong, is really not the best time because what you have right now is the threats to the real truth of the russian invasion. and the accusations themselves poorly prepared by the persecutors. and it's not about them blaming for us and using present worth trading with separate is but that he approved a scheme, the trade scheme of transport in energy call from the occupied territories to the government control area. however, still, the prosecutors did not release any kind of evidence that there is
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a link between the president and the rational separate so that the case is really complex and we're hearing and great also. i wondered, what will be the evidence presented by the persecution? i can only say that in this case, the president will ask you, the current presence of your grand is call him the shots. and in the last years he requested the prosecutors to open up to 2000 and criminal cases. all of them are dropped. but right now what we see that these kinds of return and what the prosecutors drive to do in the board. all this, hey, look, they created, it only can boast or the popularity shanequa right now. the german foreign minister says she'll do everything in her power to guarantee ukraine security on atlanta. barebones made comments during her visit to care, to meet ukrainian officials. they're both pushing to revive for way peace talks with russia and friends to end the conflict in the eastern dumbass region. russia
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has been gathering troops, the ukrainian border raising fears, if an invasion from a cane house more from berlin. the thing that really stood out from this meeting, at least the news conference it emerged after the meeting of the to foreign ministers was a restoration of germany's perspective. germany's support for ukraine on the line a bell book saying effectively to the russians that any further, and each further aggression would be met with some diplomatic response from her country and others saying in her opinion, that diplomacy is the only way to solve this crisis. also referring to the normandy format, saying that the full way meeting of ministers between paris, he if moscow lead that that's a format that they want to reinvigorate where possible. but it is worth making the point that in questions both to mrs. burbock and to her counterparts. me total, clear, but when the question was about whether the german government would seek to provide
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some form of material support in the form of weapons, perhaps. and alina beveled did not touch on much choosing not to answer the question directly, which of course is interesting in itself, because they're all those who say that if germany wants materially to support ukraine and perhaps weapons would be a way of doing it. but as a say that was not touched upon, at least not by the german foreign minister, plenty more had on the al jazeera in his hour, including that. we take a closer look at how the de la labor market has been hit by the pandemic. pressure grows on the u. k. prime minister for his johnson to resign as reports of another government party joint covered $1000.00 lockdown, come to light and rough found the dallas has some pain for our records. 21st grand slam title in melbourne. that's always coming up in sports. ah.
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but 1st at least 3 protest stores have been killed by security forces in sudan. a crowd of thousands was marching towards the residential palace and the capital hard tune calling for an end to military rule. for testers, have been taken to the streets in the queue and october, calling for civilian rule to be reinstated. process organizers say more than 60 people have been killed just in the past few months while demonstrating morgan will bring us the story from khartoum. so is the momentum slowing down at all hipaa, and is there any movement on the political front at all? while security forces have not closed bridges like they normally do. in previous, protests, thousands took to the streets in the capital, her tomb. in all 3 cities of a harder to north with her to him city and on little mind. but they were not able to merge together, but they seem to be maintaining a certain level of momentum, of course, for testers to the streets in other cities as well in the country. and this all
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comes while the u. n. u and initiative is under way the u. n. n. sudan has been trying to bring together the various stakeholders, civil society organizations, associations and political parties as well as the military to try to reach some kind of consensus so that all sides can go to a negotiating table. now the u. n. has admitted that this will take weeks before anything materializes. if this move is successful and this all comes just hours before a visit is expected by senior un officials. the assistant secretary for the u. s. state department for african affairs as well as the u. the u. s special envoy for the one of africa expected to arrive on wednesday to sudan to push for that you and initiative. so while politically there has been some movement to try to get the political parties to re some kind of consensus. the protesters are trying to keep that momentum that they currently have by turning out into thousands on the streets
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to show the military that they want whatever initiative that is going under way to result in a pure a civilian government. they say that is what they have been demanding. and this by the brutal or the excessive use of force as the un term that they will continue protesting. they've already organized for more process in the coming days. they've scheduled more protests in the coming days and they say they will continue taking to the streets despite the use of violence by security forces. all right, thank you so much. have a morgan reporting from her to china's economic growth slowed at the end of last year. after a strong start, the pandemic real estate troubles on the lowest birth rate in decades are being blamed for the slum brick clinic reports from hong kong. as trying to tackles its on the chrome spread, a temperature check on the health of its economy shows mixed results. 4th quarter g d p rose by 4 percent from a year ago. according to china's national bureau statistics that stronger than the government's own target. but nearly
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a full percentage points slower than the previous quarter. the chinese economy grew by 8 point one percent in 2021 with the help of steady industrial output as the world continue to buy china's goods for years. and actually father industrial production, experienced sustained development and high tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing experienced fast growth. but momentum is waning and its economy last steam in the 2nd half of the year, triggered by a slow down in the real estate sector and regulatory clamp downs authorities restricting the amount of money property developers could borrow. after the fall out from the debt hid ever ground crisis, authorities will also need to address the effects of an aging population and the lowest birth rates since 949, just 7.5 births to every 1000 people. that's despite relaxing family planning measures like the one child policy. young chinese couples are increasingly choosing not to have babies because of higher living costs. other challenges on the horizon
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for china include supply chain problems and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. the on the chrome very to spread to a number of cities, prompting locked down and wrapped up restrictions. at least one case has been detected in beijing, which is gearing up to host the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks. restrictions are being stepped up to contain the spread ahead of the learn a new year holiday by so honestly on board that the winter olympics will bring in more cases. when people come from other countries, we do not know how the situation will go. the doctor, i'm not worried, i think the government has been doing well. chinese officials of warning people in high risk areas including beijing, to avoid traveling during the festive period bridge clinic, al jazeera hong kong, and long as the founder and partner, the independent research consultancy plenum. he says domestic factors have had a significant impact on the chinese market. the, the slow down was mainly because of
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a much weaker property market. ready domestically as well as a pretty mediocre consumption market. so it will say domestic demand is a major issue for the chinese call me at the moment while extra demand seems to be very well that these 5 know the supply chain. usually people talk about chinese export ers have proved that they are the most reliable or supplier for global goods . and that's why i'm upset he percent not here. right up. the thing is a lot of people trying to get government did. ready a 30 percent increase that needs to high to be sustainable. therefore, you know, to support girls for 2020 to the domestic side of the boat. also consumption and investment probably have to pick up a little bit. the chinese leadership have a different case for, you know, for, for instance, 2021. they made that the season at the end of 2020. that was the year. ready that
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they don't have to worry about girls targets. that was the 1st year in many years. they have to worry about girls. so they did a lot of things. they think a structural no to the russ model, you know, including in many industries. but this year, i mean 2020 tool. i think the policy priority has shifted again. that they mentioned the words the plantation many times last month in a very high level conference. so i would say, you know, the d d policy trajectory is going to be quite different as they, they will become a little bit more concerned about girls again, just like previous years. and then i think the crack, the rest of the industries will be a lot of the covered 90 pandemic is having dramatic effects on jobs worldwide and recovering from the job. losses is expected to take longer than predicted. the international labor organization says while unemployment rates aren't expected to be as high as last year, the deficit and working hours worldwide will be the equivalent of at least
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$52000000.00 full time jobs. that's nearly double last year is estimate of $26000000.00 jobs. before the pandemic started in 2019, at least a 189000000 people globally were classified as unemployed. that total is expected to surpass 200000000 this year. the jobs markets in europe and north america are showing the most encouraging fund of recovery. while se, asia, latin america, and the caribbean, the slowest so far, guy ryder is the director general of the international labor organization. he says having access to vaccines has allowed some wealthy countries to get their economies up and running a lot sooner than others. i think there are 2 factors which make the difference between that the best performers in the worst performers. the 1st, obviously is vaccine rollout. those countries which have been able to administer vaccines in high numbers. well, they create the conditions under which they can unlock their economies and get moving again. and that's,
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that's one part of the story. and the other part is simply fiscal, fiscal muscle power. if you like the extent of the resources which governments could invest in getting economies going, protecting work and sustaining enterprises. and those 2 factors accumulates to give an advantage to the richard countries and a disadvantage correspondingly, to emerging and developing countries. and that's why we get this underlying phenomena, which i think is most worrying that the current trajectories, in fact, is creating greater inequality between countries. i would say also within countries, and so you get what has been termed a great divergence within the overall recovery process of the rich doing better and the poor doing less well to put it simply. and i think that has a lot of it is pregnant with dangerous if i might put it like that as some curious things going on, there's a great deal of talk about to the great resignation. whatever that really means. what our report does,
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try to do is look at the temporary work in particular. you know, when we went into the crisis, when kobe 1st hit, what happened? and it's typical, is that people in temporary work lost their jobs and in great numbers. this is classic when you go in a downhill direction in the economy can be work as a puts aside 1st. but now we're seeing quite strong growth in temporary work, so that the overall figures in temporary work are about the same as they were at the beginning of the pandemic. but the different people doing different jobs has been quite a considerable churning. so i think there are many moving parts in this recovery process. more of a lation are emerging about the u. k. government holding parties during the current of our slot down the daily mirror newspapers as prime minister bore, as johnson attended, a farewell gathering for a staff member in the run up to christmas. 2020, more than a dozen events are being investigated by senior civil servants to grey. she's reported to have question. johnson ne,
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barker has more from london. as 5 days his prime minister boss johnson was forced to stand up in parliament and apologize to m p. 's and the public for attending a drink policy, the garden of number 10 downing street. he said that he believed it was a work event. although that excuse seems to have fallen flat with members of his own conservative party, the opposition, and increasingly so with the british public her as well. over the past few days, we've been learning more about other events that have taken place. we've learned also about a, a wind fridge installed in number, tend to allow officials, they're to let off steam and of a regular friday night drinks event tabled into the downing street diary for all to see this isn't about whether or not boris johnson attended every single event or least organized every single event. it's about the kind of culture that existed in downing street with forest johnson at the helm, a culture that opponents of the prime minister say allow for regular and habitual
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rule breaking. well, there is a key inquiry underway by a senior citizen, 7th to grey, a woman nicknamed as the sleaze buster of white whole. she is overseeing the departure of some senior mpg in the past. the results of that inquiry could well influence them more and more conservative m. p. 's to table letters of no confidence embarrassed. johnson if 50 for a written so 15 percent of conservative mpg write letters of no confidence than it could well force a leadership contest. some questioning though, whether boys johnson could fallen disorder resign before that, or whether or not he will try and hunker down and hope that all of this blows over . there is, of course the question that so he could face or challenger from within his own ranks from within the cabinet. what is clear though, for a prime minister who's made it very much a part of his job to skirt around scandal and controversy?
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this is one particular scandal that isn't going away overnight and boys don't. some, sooner or later, we'll have to face the music in england, the self isolation period. after testing kurt positive for a cove, it has been cut from $10.00 to $5.00 days. the government announced the relaxation to help ease staffing shortages caused by a surgeon army kron infections. everyone will be required to show negative rapid tests on days $5.00 and $6.00 of their quarantine. and greece has made it mandatory for all over 60 rolls to get vaccinated. anyone who refuses could be fined a $115.00 a month. around 3 quarters of the population has been given at least one dose of the vaccine. the french parliament has approved a controversial bill that will require people to have a vaccine certificate to enter public places. at the moment, people can go to restaurants, cafes, and cinemas, with a recent negative cove. at 19 test, nearly 78 percent of the french population is fully vaccinated. the government
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wants to enforce the law as soon as possible, as it struggles to contain a 5th wave. frances far right presidential candidate to air exam, moore has been fined 10000 euros for hate speech. zamora made comments about unaccompanied migrant children and 2020. he has previously been convicted of inciting racial hatred against black and arab people and has been charged with religious hatred for making anti islam commons. there were the news, our coming up right after the break warnings or worse to come. the latest on the snow and ice storms causing havoc in the united states. an icon of classical engine down here, some of the many tributes being paid. following the death of beer juma raj in 4th grade, he remains on track to insuperable number 8 action from the nfl player coming up to jama. ah
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hey there, welcome to your worlds weather update. we're going to begin in the middle east and then we'll go to africa. nice to see we do have a line of showers, stretching from the red sea rate through to the gulf. will go in for a closer look because there is also a northerly wind blowing down from iraq. look at that, it's straight down the temperatures in q 8 to just 14 degrees. we've got some showers around riyadh, minima, and doha on tuesday. in fact, they could see some thunderstorms, a bubble up here, and because those wind shift around the hive, 18 degrees on thursday. so that is below average of the pocket stones smooth sailing. plenty of sun to be found here, a crotch at $23.00 degrees. but look at this, what weather transfer over the golf into southern drawn a place where we have seen some flooding in the past and looks like we could see some more and the days to come. a developing disturbance around the eastern
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mediterranean, gonna whip rain around cyprus, into areas of the levant snow over the higher ground. and the wind has shifted around. so it's stumble. your temperature has come down. we've got our usual storms coming and going through the tropics of africa. i wanted to show you this because days of rain and malawi has led to scenes of flooding here. and we can expect it's still more to come right down across that eastern side of south africa. that's it. we'll see again soon. the ah, the from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0,
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one east on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing nations in the won a needed to oakland and develop it school to attract international shipping company to become a p middle east. and we'll try them one, a skillful enough, 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh the ah. hello again. the top story on the algebra and our crane,
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former president petro shanker, has returned from poland. if you're in court and to fight treason charges prosecutor, the queue time of financing pro russia separatists and eastern ukraine. china's economy grew faster than expected last year by 8 point one percent. but it's slow to nearly half that in the final budget centers like one because it depends on the real estate. flung an attack, targeting, and oil to sort of kill 3 people. in the united arab emirates, they say groans may have been used to star 3 fires and without the human rebels claims responsibility for an attack, but did not specify what it was. well, let's see to turbo and solver tuesday, principle analysts for the middle east and north africa with various maple cross. that's a political risk consultancy. he's joining us from edinburgh. thanks so much for joining us on al jazeera. is this a sign that the war in yemen is entering a dangerous new spiral of violence? perhaps?
6:32 pm
well, i think we'll have to wait and see. i'm certainly in yemen, have claimed responsibility for the attack. i mean, you look at their capabilities, whether it's the drone or missile capabilities have shown in the past. they are very much capable of carrying out this type of attack, the range if it were a joint attack from yemen. very much can assist with previous similar attacks in saudi arabia. at the same time, it's probably worth mentioning, that the who does have tended, in the past to exaggerate the impact of their attacks. and they do tend to claim a lot of the tax. and we've seen examples of that in saturday as well. and for worth mentioning, also that, you know, just last week we've seen, you know, iran backed groups in iraq, also making threats against the, for what they see. and the writing meddling and iraqi politics. so it's a little bit unclear at the moment as to exactly, you know,
6:33 pm
ultimately with say they came out and say, the aim of this operation is to respond to their escalation. the use escalation and deter them and the emerald is continue. their escalation will keep responding with such military operations. yeah, sure, absolutely. and again, it is a point to the thank that you know, for a kind of like the, you know, their security is extremely complex. they have to guard against attacks, not just from, from the south, but also from the east and from the north. so how would you, when he was going to thank well, in the past with similar incidents, they have been very measured and i think, you know, big part of that is the very 10 the security environment that we have in the region . i'm one of the big questions is of course, going to be in a whether or not there's been any type of direct or indirect iranian involvement, and attacks whether it came from, from yemen or from iraq. but because of course,
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the stakes are incredibly, i hear a very critical space of, of the nuclear negotiations between the u. s. on iraq. and yeah, we'll get on to the issue of iran on one side in saudi arabia and the u. e. on the other side. and just some of the 1st one more question about the immorality, specifically because the u. e has for years taken somewhat of a less prominent role in yemen, but recently they have been intensifying their efforts and support a local miss willis as i'm sure you're aware of them. they're known as the giant brigades on the ground. and why have they sort of up their game right now in yemen? well, it's a good question because you look at the big picture for the last few years than you and you have been mother back. she rolled it and i haven't been directly involved in the same way us as the saudi. there's a lot of bilateral, multilateral negotiations going on across the region and in yemen,
6:35 pm
evolving iran. so all of that is coming into play has so very difficult to say in terms of attack coming exactly now. but what is clear is that the security landscape is facing, is growing more complicated just in the last few weeks. and certainly over the last 12 months or so, and just put this into context for us if you may, you were mentioning this a moment ago the, the possible role of iran, of course, the saudis, in america, he's accused iranians of financing and giving military a to the who sees but to the backdrop of this is that, of course, iranian talks are going on us. iranian indirect talks, of course, on the nuclear deal. so what are the implications of what happened there on the ground in human and the region? yeah, and if you look at the reason as a whole, that has huge implications it's, it's really something that's defined the security landscape for the broader goals
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going back to, you know, you could say may 2019 when really sort of the trump administration really started increase the pressure to run and what we've seen since then is of course, iran with his own counter pressure campaign. and that has been sort of waged on multiple fronts in a one that we seen very clearly at the moment is ramping up iran's nuclear program . and reaching high levels of uranium. we've also seen, you know, sort of a space of attacks against the, whether it's tankers in the persian gulf or the radio and see the gulf of aidan, the red sea. whether it's a tax against energy infrastructure. as we're potentially seen on the u. e, in which we've seen several examples of inside of a b. and then conversely, obviously what is happening now on the ground now in yemen. and what is happening with these types of attacks is something that has the potential to, to derail talks between us and iran. it is a very critical stage. now we're negotiate negotiation starting to run out of time and an instant. it's like this. it is something that has the potential to have
6:37 pm
bearings on, on those talks list all the 16 and the engage directly with iran. and that is another channel that is going to be impacted by this event. and depending on what kind of details we get in the next coming days and weeks in terms of the details of the these attacks and what we've seen some attacks and in the past is often, you know, there is close to deniability and we don't end up knowing ultimately he, we're responsible for, for carrying out the attacks. so i mean, i think it's fair to say that the, the response is going to be fairly measured given, given how high the stakes are at the moment for the, for the entire region and, and for some reason. thank you so much for coming to i get on that. and bro. now reconnaissance aircraft from australia, new zealand had been sent to the tongue islands to survey damage from saturday's volcano erupted on tsunami. earlier flights were prevented by the towering cloud of
6:38 pm
ash over the chain of island in the south pacific. with telecoms cut off, there is no noun, no news on casualties so far. alexey o'brien has won 2 days after this massive undersea eruption and la synonymy, which followed toner remains castle from the world. the fiber optic cable, one of the main lines of communication to the pacific island nation. now broken. we spoke to someone for families in relatives and also to ministry of for an official just before the communication was found. and i tell you, it was for, i'm believable and they were not able to explain to us the noise in the song. and what happened at the time you zealand has seen to surveillance aircraft to assess the damage, australia's also sending a military plane to help. both countries have waited for 20000 meter high mushroom
6:39 pm
cloud of ash to lift before take off clearance was given. this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region. the ash is toxic and has been falling across tongue as islands . everyone's being told to stay in doors if they can use an immediate need for food also for water because they used to be as well that has been the hotel. and as a result of that, you know, water sources have been contaminated in most of the islands. widespread damage is reported after the erosion triggered astronomy and wave surge through tongue is a $170.00 islands. police reported seeing homes thrown around along the coast. the owner of one beach resort said it was completely wiped out. a remarkable thing about this or option was your head,
6:40 pm
the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam plume. and the in parallel to that, you had the soon army radiating outwards and also the shockwave radiating outwards, went around the entire world. miscommunication disrupted the full impact from saturday's eruption, which could be seen from space, remains unclear. as does the scale of aid needed to have the token, pico alixia brian al jazeera tornado has destroy, doesn't. the phones in a trailer park in the state of florida winds reached 190 kilometers an hour. the storm cut off power for more than a $100000.00 people across several states. police have reported hundreds of accidents and a powerful winter storm along the east coast of the united states has knocked out power supplies to thousands of homes for cost or say freezing conditions can worsen as the storm heads. ne state emergencies have been declared in georgia, virginia,
6:41 pm
and both north and south carolina. north carolina is now feeling the effects of a winter storm that will continue to move through the state to day. as much as 812 inches a snow has fallen in some counties and significant icing is causing trouble in the central part of the state conditions very across north carolina. and our dangerous civil rights activists are marching in washington dc as they keep a pressure on us president joe biden to pass a bill to protect voting rights. the rally coincides with martin luther king day and is being led by his eldest son and his family biden. has vowed to try to get the bill ratified, but he likes the numbers in the senate. democrats say it's needed to protect the rights of ethnic minorities and low income workers. thing in the u. s. and over in california, there is increasing alarm over the number of over 15 who find themselves living on the streets. they make up most of the more than half
6:42 pm
a 1000000 people there who are homeless, many have been forced from their homes because they're unable to pay large increases in their rents. rob reynolds has more from los angeles. i feel there's no way to say it, but when you're out there you feel like everybody's laughing at you. we met rita rose in a women's homeless shelter in hollywood until recently she'd been living on the streets after being forced out of her apartment now was literally laying on benches . and b, i just, i was like, scared to death. i didn't know what to do. it's just been hell, i mean, i'll be 66 years old and june. i mean, i have no business on the street. people over age 50 like rita, are becoming homeless in alarming numbers. they make up half of all on house people in california 2020, which were our latest numbers. the estimates were for lake county, you know,
6:43 pm
you had a roughly, a 13, a 15 percent increase in homelessness, but a 20 percent increase in older adult homelessness. homelessness takes a heavy toll on older people. the average life expectancy of a person experiencing homelessness is about 47 years old. as compared to a person who's in permanent housing of about 77, few homeless persons survive past age, 65 or on house people. years of living on the street actually celebrate the aging process. people in their fifties often show signs of illnesses or conditions war, common people in their seventies. we do see this phenomenon of accelerated aging. you see things you know, such as urinary incontinence dementia, you know, just being able to complete activities of daily living becomes more challenging for
6:44 pm
this population. and then you talk about somebody who just in their fifties, correct? yeah. experts say the housing shortage and steeply rising, rents are the main reasons for the surgeon, homeless elders, older people on income's like the federal old age pension program are being pushed out of housing. they rented for years for others, a one time medical crisis or a major expense can end up in homelessness. california's governor gavin knew some plans to spend an unprecedented 750000000 dollars this year on housing for the most vulnerable reader. rose, who receives disability payments is waiting for a subsidized apartment to open up the really, you know of, i got a chance for housing in of course i'd pay my bills, hoping for a basic need to be met and a measure of dignity in life's waning years. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, i family in the se satera neighbourhood of occupied east jerusalem as being
6:45 pm
forcibly expelled from their home is really police arrived on monday to serve the order. the family of 15 palestinians, including children, say they have nowhere else to go. stephanie decor reports from shakira. is really forces of now start to demolish. what is a flower shop? are owned by the family. this has been going on for a couple of hours. now. you have is really police. here. you have is ready, special forces here. you also have a fire engines here, we've seen the family to homes further down from this area on the roof of their homes, threatening to blow up a gas canister if the demolition of their home goes ahead. they've been here for decade. the ownership of the land, it is more complicated, owed by not the palestinian family, but certainly we've seen members here representative of the european union saying that what is happening here is in violation of international law. also, members of these ready class at these ready parliament condemning what is happening
6:46 pm
these families, another victims and longer so many thousands, a 1000000 victims of the occupation in these alien bank and the international community must wake up. there's no excuse for such growing. now from what we understand the families been told by the police commander here, that there is no intention for now to demolish the actual homes. as i said earlier, what you're seeing demolish now is a flower shop. they remove the trees and plants earlier on, but palestinians who will tell you that this is seen as a wider policy by the israeli government of pushing them out of occupied east jerusalem. this of course, is the area palestinians want as the capital of any future state and also part of a wider policy here. and she's not all in this area. this particular has to do with the jerusalem municipality saying that this is now an error that they want to use for building a school. but will tell you that also there is an active policy backed by the
6:47 pm
government of supper. organizations that are using old laws to push palestinians out of these areas of their lines are very sensitive issue. and certainly something like this policies will tell you, is simply part of a wider policy. tributes are pouring in forbears you. maharaj has died at the age of 83. he was considered one of the greats of indian classical downs. the tory gave me looks back at his life the family of bird, you maharaj pay their respects at his home in the indian capital need jelly. they say the legend re dancer had struggled with his health in recent months. i take mine is a one car max, so he was being treated a hospital for the past month. he was diabetic and had kidney related issues. he was on dialysis and he was undergoing treatment. i'm getting better. i think he had a cardiac arrest because all of a sudden he had trouble breathing and then he paused toy. you will go glad yet his dea ah mirage was a master of contact, a type of indian classical dance. ready he often drew inspiration from his own life
6:48 pm
in his performances, and was known for his enemies, had facial expressions and his light footed movements. in a career spanning nearly 6 decades mirage not only performed contact but suited to opening a dance school in the capital, which he ran for more than 20 years. in 1986, he was wounded. india's 2nd highest civilian owner in recognition of his achievements in a tweet prime minister in red, remade, he said, his passing is an irreparable loss to the entire art world. many of his former students now stars themselves say his contribution to the world of dance was historic. and will be carried forward by all those he influenced through his art. virtue, maharaja was 83 years old. still had on the al jazeera in his hour. find out why the bonds top striker has been sent home from
6:49 pm
africa combinations up stories on the way with jam out in sports. ah. with with
6:50 pm
mm pool. ah o. we on top of the sportsman's with jermel. thank you to rein organizers of the beijing winter olympics. say tickets will not go on sale to the general public because of coven 19. they've announced that some tickets will be given to targeted groups of people, but is not yet clear exactly what that means or who these groups are. it had already been decided in september that there would be no international spectators at the games because of the pandemic. and last month,
6:51 pm
the any channels that it's player would not compete in beijing due to cov 90 disruptions to the league schedule. after being blocks from playing at the australian open world tennis. no one, no joke of it now, face is being banned from the french open as well. after the country sports minister confirmed that unvaccinated athletes will no longer be able to compete in france, jock of it was unable to play in melbourne after being deported on sunday. following, i'm 11 day legal battle of his vaccinations status at his participation at the french open in may is now looking in doubt to joke of it is the defending champion, it run and girls, but under any rules which come in on thursday, no one can get into a sports fan, you without a vaccine pass we are looking at a string of events that could possibly be impacted or in terms of whether or not some of those plays are vaccinated. now, we're coming up in february, march, you've got the rugby of 6 nations tournament. you've also got later this year. of course, the tour de france, the cycle rice also women's race this year. and before that, running,
6:52 pm
carol's francis premier, tennis events. we know at this stage that if rules stay as they are, that the serbian player on novak doc, vh will certainly not be able to attend and play. yes, you turned from the french sports minister, as she had said, just a week ago in the midst of the jock venture. ferrara in australia heard her take was that if a foreign place was coming france, they would be a sanitary bubble around them in place. if they weren't vaccinated, and 3rd, so they would be able to take part in, in any sporting event that signed up for however, now that this coven pass has come into play. she has turned around and put down the red line if you will, and says that the rules that apply to the public in france will also apply to anybody else coming to play. there will be no difference. and really, we're just 3 months from a french election here in france. it is clear that the government certainly don't want to become embroiled in any sort of crisis or scandal like the one we saw in
6:53 pm
australia. well, with jock of ich, unable to compete ra found dallas looking to beat him to that record 21st at grandson, title in melbourne. the spaniard was up against macos gary on the opening day of the australian open the brake, his american opponent 5 times in straight, sets victory to reach the 2nd round. as our currently sits and 20 made to titles alongside jock of ich and roger federer. but with both of these plays, absent, he's in a good position to try to snatch the men's own time sam record outright. although he admits is still not 100 percent after recovering from k with 19 i don't know. i don't know if sometimes you are a little bit more it is because of it or because i haven't been on the door for the last 6 months. not so difficult door door to know exactly, but yeah, the symptoms haven't been nice. i have been for days in, in bed, and then the more day sir, destroyed physically now, but after that i started to feel it will be better. i was so i had the bcr
6:54 pm
and mega if after the 9th or 10th day. and then i had one or 2 black, this is at home and then i came here the chair umpire for name, your soccer match had a close call on one of her returns. ah, the defending champion, pretty mortified. they're off the nearly hitting the official and she made some unusual errors like missing this smash against colombian, opponent camella azaria. a soccer shook off signs of rusty nest from her extended break last year to win this 16363. after them actually soccer gave an interesting insight into some of her superstitions which include and not stepping on the melbourne logo on the courts. honestly i've always been like last week, every time i've come here i really don't like stepping on the lions or that melbourne on logo in the back. and i'm not really sure why that developed. but i would see
6:55 pm
that most athletes have um, very strong superstitions and it could be one thing. it could be 2 things for me. it's definitely the lines and the logo. but also i, i need my water bottles to be completely st. part number one, ashley boss e demolish ukrainian qualify. i left just a raincoat, 6 love and 61 favorite one. the adelaide international in the lead up the to time graham from champion heights the end of 44 year wait rental straight in woman to win and is only day one. but we may have already seen the shot of the tournament. it came from the high but whole cat. she's produced a darling diving bully. as you saw of ego, of in full sets, policy, the 10th at this torment got on and off. it'll strike up yet. and rico bombing has been sent home from the africa cup of nations. the 32 year old has been diagnosed with heart legions. it also tested positive for current of ours. before the
6:56 pm
tournament began about me, i will undergo further medical checks when he returns to london to the nfl wildcard playoffs. and tom brady remains on calls for an 8 super bowl title e. 3. 2 touchdowns is the defending champion in tampa bay buccaneers of beach. the philadelphia equal to 1.215, tampa, they a 2nd phase. and next sunday in the n, f b division of the winner of monday. not going to see i was going to cardinals and los angeles around you know, just trying to figure out a way to move all the unfeeling force and points. i thought we did a good job in a couple of those areas. we ran the ball really well. line played great receiver said great tide and so great. so use a lot of different people and everyone got in there, made some place help the team when defense by great specialties as amazing. so when i need it again, next week it only gets tougher from here to the i've seen the kansas city chiefs are aiming for 3rd straight conference tie. so of course back patrick my homes through 5 touchdowns. as they comfortably beat the pittsburgh steelers of 42 points
6:57 pm
to 21. it likely marks the end of the road for serious quarterback banner ruffles. burger, who's expected to announce his retirement. the chiefs who on the super bowl in 2021 now face the buffalo bills sticking with the playoff theme masters golf champion documents the armor has claimed the sony opened title in hawaii. the japanese staff thought from 5 shots back to 4 supply off against russell henley. then thanks to this great approach shots he eagled the 1st extra hole to take the championship is maximus, 8th korea victory, which ties south korea's k. j choy. for most an asian born player and finished with that incredible bit of play in the m b a which was was no points. take a look looking denied gilbert has it has after hurry no shot at utah. but oh, that was really go by finding the net with pretty much a full court shot. but unfortunately was just after the buzzer for half time. still
6:58 pm
he's got 18 points and 19 rebounds as utah jazz beat the denver nuggets. how unlucky was he? that is all your sport from a drain. i'll have more later. thank you so much drama. thanks for watching the news. our. we're back in just a moment with all the days of story. see you that ah ah, for quite a few decades, garza has been dealing with political and economic turmoil. and its people struggle to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water, a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers,
6:59 pm
and limited access to up to date information for students. and in huzzah. the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents. this led to the development of the new water treatment facility and hun eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of, as if, as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge. it's an access point to the world beyond oh, from the al jazeera london pro cost center to special get in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted.
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and i realized i was working for something that was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria right now. meet christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, ah 3 people are killed in su, don's capitol as security forces fire, it's your gossip protestors opposing military rule. ah, you're watching al jazeera life from headquarters in south. i'm getting an obligation also coming up ukraine's former president petra poor shank, appears in court on treason charges. after returning home from abroad,
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china's birth rate dips to a record low raising concerns. it's rapidly aging workforce.


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