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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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then am i to allow you call hon al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie out his ear. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm still raman. you're watching the out. is there a news out life my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, australia, and new zealand? sandra collison slides to the pacific island of toner, which has been cut off after an undersea volcanic eruption. china's birthright tips to a record low raising concerns as rapidly aging workforce could affect its economic growth. also, ukraine's former president petro portion go returns home,
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determined to fight treason charges. he insists, are politically motivated, and reports of another u. k. government party during locked down, as pressure grows on prime minister boris johnson to resign. i'm gonna just go with the sport as we get back to talking about the tennis that yesterday and open as raw founded our launches his campaign for a record 21st grand slam title with an opening day when melvin. ah, we begin the news, i with some breaking news coming out of the middle east, where healthy rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility for an attack on the united arab emirates earlier on monday. now the authorities have reported 3 fires in the capital of abu dhabi, police 8 drones may have been used. they issued a statement saying, 3 fuel tankers that exploded in the mas suffer industrial area. and
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a fire had broken out at a construction site at the abu dhabi international airport. we're bringing more on that as we get it through the news. our on to the days other top story, new zealand and australia have sent false plains to toler to survey the damage caused by saturday's volcanic eruption and soon ami at hurry ash cloud had prevented earlier flights. new zealand is planning to send supplies, including drinking water on tuesday. now communication with toner remains limited. but while report suggests that we know mass casualties, that is said to be significant damage. age groups have been meeting in neighboring fiji to coordinate their operations. we spoke to someone, families and relatives, and also to ministry for an official talk just before the communication was found. and i tell you it was unbelievable. and they were not able to explain to us
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the noise and the sound and what happened at the time. so it's something that it is hard for, for them to explain. the sounds huge and they never heard such a sound. and this is the 1st time for i been most of the people who told me to experience such at the south the st. louis as pacific ministers says, police have visited the coast and described seeing houses thrown round. it's foreign minister says australia, we'll do everything it can to help. we will be working closely with the government of toner, with a roll harness the high commissioner of toner in camera to ensure that we are able to deliver the sort of support that we provide to our pacific family and pacific friends. this is a very challenging time communications, deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been filled in other
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parts of the region. we know ourselves here in australia. we have seen the effects on our own coastline. but in fiji, in particular as well. of course, voluntary clark is falling developments from brisbin in australia. the humanitarian and the relief effort has begun. on monday, we've got the likes of museum and it's deployed the iran aircraft. and that was to assist in surveillance. and that's looking at just not just talking about the low lying areas, and it in particular, looking at the infrastructure, the buildings and bridges to assess the damage there in australia has also joined new zealand in that relief effort. on monday we also deployed a surveillance aircraft and that's is left from the amberley air force base, which is not far from where i am now. and australia's also said that they will send humanitarian aid and h a mess i adelaide, which is one of the large a navy ships. it could also be deployed now. maurice payne, who's australia's defense minister, she has noted a press conference on monday that australia will do all it can now a strategy and
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a pacific nations. they begun this coordination. if we're also looking at the humanitarian groups, oxfam has local teams on the ground already throughout the pacific. unicef is already deploying prepositioned, emergency supplies, and that's from its warehouses in fiji and where i am in brisbin as well. and that includes the likes of sanitation, hygiene kits, water containers are buckets, tarpaulins, and tents, and all of that is being mobilized for distribution. now the estrella prime minister scott morrison has noted that there is some hurdles already for the relief effort. and it's, it's the lying is simply on the grounds at the aviation access has been a problem. and that's simply because of the volcanic ash are spread throughout the region. or joining with ally from super fiji as katie greenwich is. head of the pacific delegation of the international federation of red cross and the red crescent satari society's miss greenwood good tubby with us back on the program, we spoke what less than 24 hours ago. here on al jazeera, you've now had that time to digest exactly what's happened and communicate with
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your teams on the ground. so please tell us what you think the situation is like right now. well so i wish that we had been able to make contact without teams on the ground, but unfortunately those. busy ongoing communication challenges, which you've heard about, have really hampered out. it's to be able to do that as so really. normally we would hope that even in where the communication sources down, we would be able to make contacts by satellite, find that even that has been hampered from the ash cloud that exists this by that we know what our teams will be doing on the ground that very well trained, they will prepared and we have a central non food items of the type that would just described. so shell ticket, hygiene kids and necessities. the clean water necessities, the shoring up shelters that might have been damaged from su. nami wise enough, but $1200.00 families, initially prepositions there in tawna,
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which app teams on the ground will be making assessments and distribution as we speak. so even though we can't speak with them, we know what that will be doing. of course, those supplies will inevitably run out in due course. so we're hearing very valid statements from various government representatives. how important now is the coordination between charitable groups like yourselves and government officials and the f. also a navies to make sure that you will coordinate together is absolutely critical as always and we've got brilliant relationships right across the region with government and non government organizations and with you in agencies. so just today we met as a group of agencies ready to respond original task force sharing information, triangulating information, understanding from each other,
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what we already have on the grounds and what we might need to bring in from outside, in case of the response swamps, the existing capacity amongst all of those different agencies. so replenishing those goods that are already pre positioned, there will be really important. getting further information from those plots that have happened today is going to be really critical to understand the impact of things further a field in those islands we haven't yet heard from. there is a certain window of opportunity for any rescue in a to get in before problems start to you might say, sat in the public or affected by the soon army and the volcanic eruption itself. how do you assess what window of opportunity really is to help before there are further problems because the biggest problem is water contamination, as you suggested before, is really important to get that into the affected area as soon as possible. that's
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right. i mean, most people in tongue rely on rainwater for their household needs and for the drinking water for their livelihoods as well. so in that instance, it's really critical that we have a coordinated response and that we have that small window of opportunity before you get those secondary effects, perhaps waterborne diseases or other health impacts. so we do have that small window and we do know that people are seeing now with the resources that they have available to them. we also know that there are resources that have gone in on some of by slots which will help with water purification pumping out good amounts of water for affected communities. of course, the situation further afield is really concerning for us because that window of opportunity to reach those people while the boat volcano itself is still volatile and waltz, you know,
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going on those trips to assist damage further afield is really quite difficult. so it's, it's both federal field communities where that window gets to be shorter. katie greenwood, it's always good to speak to you and i look forward to speaking to you again, hopefully wishing you well with your teams on the ground. and let's say we can get some positive news out of toner in the coming out for the moment. thanks for joining us from seaver. absolutely. thanks. china's birth rates has hit its lowest level in more than 70 years. it fell to $7.00 to birth per $1000.00 people according people. according to the government, as a drop of $8.00 to the previous year, not the downward trend has prompted officials to last couple of tunnels up to 3 children last year. birth rate was the lowest since communist china was founded. in 1949 brick clement is live for us in hong kong. with the very latest, i mean a record dropped pretty in the best right despite the changing government policy to have more children. but no real take up. why
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was a hell simply put young chinese couples are just not having as many babies. and that's mostly down to high living costs. that despite the relaxing of family planning policies, including the one child policy and it was for the aging population. and now this 6 year record low of a birthright $7.00 birds to every 1000 people. it is a huge worry. and it's, you have to factor in with all the headwinds at the economy faces. now, because we've also got supply chain disruptions, potentially, real estate was in china to and also the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding that. china has gone into locked down in certain areas as concerns with just weeks to go. 2 before the aging olympics and the lunar new year holiday,
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an army kron case in beijing in the capital restrictions, again, introduced officials telling people not to travel. so if you combine everything together, it does that cause a huge alarm bells for the chinese economy for chinese authorities going forward to her. thanks very much, britt come there for is in hong kong. now trying to see why i slowed up the end of last year after a strong start, the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 8 point one percent over all last year. but growth slowed down to 4 percent in the last quarter. another pandemic and real estate troubles are also being blame that sir. join chan long. he's founder and part of the independent research consult as the plenum. josie now from beijing could have with us mr. long on the program. there's a lot for china to digest right now despite the sort of often determine view of where they want the direction of that country to go. these external factors like cov 8 and sort of the global economic woes and the internal market sort of do rock
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the boat. i mean, how rocky overall do they see that future in general terms? yeah, i was in the, the still down was mainly because much weaker property market. ready so message, as well as pretty mediocre consumption market. so it looks as though my mind is a major issue for the chinese call me at the moment while extra money seems to be very well that these 5 know the supply chain. you shows people talk about chinese walters have proved that they are the most reliable supplier and that's why, thanks for 30 percent last year, right up to the thing is a lot of people try and they didn't government did. ready a 30 percent increase needs to high to be sustainable. therefore, you know, to support girls for 2022, then domestic side. the both also consumption and investment probably have to
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pick up a little bit. i mean, the government just wants the positive grace, but the chinese government itself is watching the growth of industries and the cracking down on industries that have very high debt levels or suspicions over the way their investments are working. and whether they are detrimental to the chinese public at large, is it good to have that oversight? oh yeah, no, they actually tiny ministry have different priorities for years. ready no phone, for instance 2021. they made the season at the end of 2020. that was the year that they don't have to worry about girls target. right to the they said it was 106 percent. and as you just know, china was growing as a one percent. so that was the 1st year in many years they have to worry about girls. so they did a lot of things. they think a structural know to the ross model, including many industries. but this year,
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i mean 2022. i think the policy has shifted again. they mentioned the word to the plantation many times last month in a high level conference. so i would say, you know, the d d policy trip actually is going to be quite different as they, they will become a little bit more concerned about girls again, just like previous years. and then i think the practice of the industries will be a lot of local growth on, on the domestic level is about people being able to have the money to be able to spend. and what the government certainly in beijing wants to see is people buying into the property market, owning their own home, having those aspirations to be able to be home owners. but with the collapse of certain property developers, people get nervous stove. they, they don't want to spend that money, they will save that money, and that's not really what the chinese government want. they do want to spending economy. these sorts of very large blips on the economy affect the country as
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a whole. and i said very, very dangerous signals to the you might say that the western world about the way the economy might turn the impact it might have on other markets globally. yeah, because you do have a market is very important because huge total property sales, new home. no, not including this home about trading on be every year. so that sits in but the g b and the china is the largest deal maker in the world. is the largest confirmed consumer in the world, and also is the largest consumer of a lot of matters. but at least the top, the market is going to slow down further from being are. and then chinese demand for a lot of the materials will have to be to be weakening quite a bit and certainly not renewals fall countries actually putting a lot of commodities rise all and then the banks will. ready have to start to get worried. some developers are getting into bigger trouble,
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so i would say with the chinese government shipping focused evaluation this year, we probably going to see the end of the holding crisis. there isn't all the developer crisis. so we start to see more think nose and governments as far as they don't know, the prices start to acquire projects from trouble as far as like, ever going. okay, we'll see. we'll have certainly in the coming weeks. so let me check on thanks for joining us. from beijing, stella had here on the al jazeera, these are the un back kovak scheme delivers 1000000000 doses of the vaccine. but deep inequalities and distribution remain and in sport as a shock, after the africa cup of nations or in the africa nations. joe will be here with all the ah, that the former ukrainian president, petro parish,
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ngo has returned to care from poland. despite the risk of arrest. prosecutors accused pushing her of financing. pro russians that protects the east parish anchors as the charges are politically motivated. he 1st came to power on a pro western gender in 2014 before losing an election by a landslide in 2019 less but more or less. and also jibari. who's there joining me from moscow via skype. i corresponded the doctor so the former president has arrived. what seems to have happened to him now? because the charges against him are very serious. certainly, sir. how and petro portion could, could face up to 15 years in prison if he's convicted. upon arriving at the airport, it took him a while to clear customs, and he was handed a legal summons, which he did not take. he did not accept. he then proceeded to come out and speak to a crowd of supporters and during that rally outside the airport,
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he said that she had returned to help you. crane faced the growing threat of russian invasion and that he accused his successor, president zalinski, of retraining. the country now of course patricia uncle, i've been out of ukraine for only a few weeks. he was on business outside the country. so he wasn't like he was he had fled in any way. he is still a member of parliament and lead a robin opposition party called the european solidarity. these charges were brought against him in december and he has returned to speak to his attorney. he headed to the court house after leaving the airport. and we are not waiting to find out whether or not the courts will decide later on monday, whether to place him in pre trial detention. and if there will be a bale and says he's, of course, one of the wealthiest men in the country. his wealth is estimated to be at $1600000000.00 he is. and then who is often referred to as the chocolate
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king, because he owns a confectionary empire, as well as true tv stations in ukraine is very much a well known figure in the countries politics and political landscape. now we'll have to wait and see in the coming hours what the course will decide will happen to him. dosage of our in moscow for us. thank you. my petro brozowski is a senior fellow of the democratic initiative foundation. he says that as yet to be evidence released by the prosecution to support the allegations. the timing for the public requisitions are really, is really wrong, is really not the best time. because what you have right now is the threats to the real struggle, the russian invasion, and the accusations themselves poorly prepared by the persecutors. and it's not about blaming for us and using person for trading with separate is but
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that he approved a scheme. the trade scheme of transport in energy call from the occupied territories to the government control area. however, still the prosecutors did not release any kind of evidence that there is a link between the president and the irrational separatists. so that the case is really complex. and we're hearing and great also, i wondered what will be the evidence presented by the persecution? i can only say that in this case, the president will ask you the current presence of your grand is calling the shots . and in the last years he requested the prosecutors to open up to 2000 and criminal cases. all of them are dropped. but right now what we see that these kinds of return and what the prosecutors tried to do in the board. all this, hey, look, they created, it only can boast or the popularity of channel right now. more revelations are emerging about the u. k. government holding drinks parties during corona virus
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locked down, the daily mirror newspapers as prime minister boys johnson attended aside well gathering for a staff member in the run up to christmas 2020. more than a dozen events have been investigated by senior civil servants. su grey. she's reported to have questioned johnson that's got over to me. parker correspondents in london, broadcast center neve. it might be easier to actually take off the dates where they wilson's a downing street party, by the way, things are going well. i'm like frankenstein's monster. on a near daily basis, details a lurching into the lights, haunting prime minister bars johnson. you're right because the list is ever growing . they would seem of the latest revelations include details around a regular listing in the shad downing street diary. wine time fridays, apparently with it was tabled in there for all to see. and it's very difficult to
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understand that the prime minister wouldn't have known about that. also that a wine fridge was installed to allow officials to let off steam at a time in which the rest of the country was hunkering down and following the government's own rules. it's very, very difficult to give you a clear, short answer as to what might happen next. but as you mentioned, there were waiting for this all important result of this inquiry into wrong doing not any and number 10, but other other government departments and offices, if that is particularly damaging for boris johnson, it could encourage more conservative m p 's to table letters of no confidence in the prime minister, 15 percent of those and piece have to do that to kick started a leadership contest. they are because many of them waiting for the results of the inquiry to see exactly how damaging all if they say is, remember those m. p 's over the weekend. i've been listening to the grumblings and groaning of constituents across the country. those people who have put these mpg in
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parliament in the 1st place and that it may be very, very difficult to ignore those voice is going forward. alternatively, portions of may well under pressure decide to resign, although that's seen as an increasing the unlikely situation. more likely, some believe is the boys, johnson may well try to weather all of this regardless of how damaging the results of the inquiry. ah, but may well at the end of the day, find himself face to face with a challenge from within his own. some within the cabinet, so many different possibilities going forward. but what is absolutely certain is that this is simply not a problem that will go away overnight for boys johnson. 971, the u. k. public watching with great worry, i'm sure for the moment the buck. thank you. now south career military says north korea as 5 to projectiles believe to be ballistic missiles. they will launch from an area close to the capital pill, young. it's the country's 4th massage launch since the start of this year. south
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korea national security council call the action regrettable and as called for talks . now robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at the present national university in south korea. he says north korea renewed missile launches are partly a test of the biden administration's tolerance. why hasn't been aggressive nor through live donald trump was in 2017, but it's pretty far down his list. and so the north koreans are probably figuring, you know, whatever came along when trump for president, that's all over the, by, people haven't really done much for us or they're not talking to us or whatever. and to we can go back to the, the testing, right. and they are developing pre, clearly and missile for so for somebody want to test it. and there's really no reason not to anymore because there's really not much going on negotiation. the regime in north korea is always what regime security is sort of its own protection against outsiders and its own people ahead of the interest and welfare of its own population. i mean, the great tragedies of north korea is a country the country. the lead is willing to basically let its own people suffer
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terribly in order to stay in power. and they kind of expect from the outside to sort of do more for their own people than they do themselves. one of the great ironies of dealing with north korea right from in north korean, lisa said for many years, i mean going back decades, right? that they were sort of interested in getting the economy off the ground and operating more functionally and being less brought than things like that. and that stuff is just never really come through north korea. it's been an on, has been dependent on food a now for at least since the 1990 is arguably going back further than that. and, you know, i mean, you could change that, but it really would require like a major redirection of state resources away from the military. so i'm kind of ever to get the sanctions roll back to really sort of boost north korea collective sort of internal self sufficiency. and the regime hasn't done that. i mean, really be a significant change in the way it spends money. and that, that would be a big deal at home. rotella had here all the al jazeera noosa, demanding an end to some of europe's toughest restrictions. why people in the netherlands say, these ing of some coven 19 measures is not enough. and in small tom brady remains
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on trying to win super bowl number 8. action from the nfl plan is coming up with jack. so don't go ah, it's going to be pouring and roaring across the eastern seaboard of the u. s. hello, everyone. we've got this vigorous disturbance sliding up the atlantic skin to produce some fairly gusty winds. we'll talk about that in a sec, but 1st to the north of it, heavy snow. this could be one of the worst snow storms in a few years. so 40 centimeters, i think maybe 50 and some spots falling at about 7 centimeters per hour. so it's going to pile up quickly. so i did say pouring and roaring, that's because the winds along the eastern seaboard will whip up to 80 plus kilometers per hour off to the west. it's a different wind and it's warming temperatures up in calgary at chinook went,
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popping up to 9 degrees on monday. could see some shower sneak in to los angeles and san diego at 900 degrees. definitely more cloud cover. and for the u. s. gall states, the se much quieter here. now atlanta sides, 1st measurable snow in about 1500 days. so that wild weather over the u. s. eastern us and canada had stopping down rain to the bahamas and eastern cuba on monday. top end of south america, we've got our storms through the amazon basin, but it is drying off in rio de janeiro with a hive. 35 degrees and rock in storms to be expected across the river. plate region on monday, montevideo has a high of 24 degrees. ah, the frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken a look. i shall go up, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that he will expect for her informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from
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their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think i should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera. ah, close your eyes. ah, listen, a thought i'd be singing in parliament with the foyer. i never dreamt of it. where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music and knocked down wall and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera lou .
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ah, welcome back. you're watching. i was there is, these are with me. so he'll rob. no reminder of our top stories hootie rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility for an attack on the united arab emirates, explosions and fires have been reported in the capitol, abu dhabi police suspect drones were used also for me ukrainian president petro porous shanker has returned to keir have to fight corruption charges. prosecutors accuse him of financing pro russian separatists in the east but he denies those charges. the zealand and australia have sent air force planes to toma to survey the damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruption and soon army communications remained limited. there were no reports of casualties that aid agencies are concerned. well, earlier we spoke to shashana ali, the chief executive officer at save the children in fiji. she says the situation in
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tonga is dire. many geisha names down the connection, the underwater cable between p t, and that has been damaged extensively. and for that reason, it's very difficult to obtain that information. at this date, we have met you in agencies and international organizations afternoon. and what we have is that he's been immediate need for hold and also for water because they used to be for that has been reported. and as a result, you know, what i have been point emanating in most of the island that have been probably put you read who would obviously have had mental trauma because like once in a lifetime event and they probably have something so traumatic advised from the mineral resources department direction, there may be action thinking and do that by people to be prepared to stay indoors
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even in fiji. in fact, there was an advisor that you know, inviting us to be green, calling people, state doors and basically to go out in the rain. so from that day, as you know, the sequence as well days in the next couple of days. me the and that cove exit vaccine sharing scheme as hit a milestone. it's delivered a total of 1000000000 code 19 vaccine doses. now the program was set up to help may be developing nations since supplied 144 countries and territories, and does receive more than 10000000000 in donations. but it's fallen fall short of its initial target of delivering $2000000000.00 days is by the end of last year. not more than 40 percent of the global population remains and vaccines. it is the w
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h o says only 5 percent of the population and poor nations receive the job compared to 67 percent in richer countries. let's bring in max loss and he's the chair of people's vaccine alliance and the head of inequality policy for ok. southern joseph via skype from london. good tuffy with us on the program. mr. lawson, can we just begin? yes, it is a milestone, but it's been very slow in achieving it. when the initial promise, as we just said, was 2000000000 doses. by the end of 2021. what you think the reasons for that all? well, i think it is a big it with a 1000000000 is a lot, but if i was to go to my boss and i said, i only achieved half of what i said i would, i don't think it would be trumpeted as success. i think the main reasons are they, it's very clear, it's the hoarding of vaccines by rich nation. and it's the prioritization of selling to rich countries by big france,
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digital firms and promoting profits over people in developing countries. so what we have is a restricted supplier vaccines, but because we think not that leading vaccine candidates and it's getting worse, not better because or for me, crohn and the desire to give back scenes to even to children in countries, not the you tie and pastors. 30000. so it's if we break down these monopolies, we're going to have a problem for carfax that will always be at the back of the queue. i just got to apologize. 12 years as well. mr. los were having a bit of a cutting in and out of the sound quality. but we'll continue and try. and there are more countries getting access to coven 19 vaccines, according to the w h. i 40 percent of the wells population still hasn't had one dose. what needs to be done to remedy that we need to start sharing the vaccine ref we need to see
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a breakdown of the monopolies of these big pharmacy companies and force them to share the successful vaccine for me. with produces all enveloping. rely on a few companies like 5 medina on the charity of rich nations. instead, we need to share those recipes with produce since all over the world. then that make the math the only way we're going to get faxing sustainably to everyone on. particularly if we have to move to the doses full dose is that's the only solution max that will have to be afraid to max olsen from awesome. thanks so much for joining us in london. and apologies for the technical quality of the sound connection. the self isolation period for people testing positive in england has been cut from 10 to 5 days. people will be required to show negative rapid tests on days $5.00 and $6.00 of their quarantine. now the government announced the move to
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help e stuffing shortages calls by serge and mccord infections. the french parliament has approved a controversial bill that'll require people to have a vaccine certificate to enter public places. at the moment, people can enter restaurant cafes and cinemas with a recent negative cave. in 1900 test, many 78 percent of the french population is fully vaccinated. the government wants to enforce the law as soon as possible and struggles to contain a 5th wave. and greece has made it mandatory for people over the age of 60 to get vaccinated. those who refuse the job could be find $115.00 a month. about 71 percent of the population has been given at least one dose of the vaccine. now, dutch protest as have demanded a complete end to the toughest cove at 19 restrictions in europe. despite the easy of some restrictions, demonstrators from all walks of life complained that they've had enough of the government curtailing their freedom. steadfast reports now from amsterdam. a
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diverse group marching for freedom in amsterdam, war veterans extreme right activist anti factors and other lockdown protesters. would you stand up to put a future of my kids? that's important, but have many infections right now in the netherlands. yeah, there are branches, but they're not dying. mm. what do you think of the fact that the extreme right parties are also participating in this mar? yeah, let's say it's a less than 5 percent of all the people here. and no, we can't do anything. did that? ah, mama's joined a rally showing the demonstration was not only about the locked down, lavishing, that'll be, he'll be over the who of evoking, aka. we want to show that farmers support other citizens to fight for free country and for our freedom. for 2 years, we have also been under
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a lot of pressure from the government, you holla, realistic for, for a year. last month, the netherlands had district us lockdown measures in europe due to a late roll out of the booster campaign and a high number of hospitalizations and death. under mounting criticism to government partially lifted those restrictions, but kept the hospitality industry closed. in response, business owners opened their restaurants and cafes this weekend in protest. money here was clear, the government to the left loves own bachelors and open up society completely warnings that only grown attraction. so in our large part of society, falling on deaf ears, research has shown that this trust toward one officious government institution. this high game, i guess we are destroying the lives about children. families are being destroyed, the whole country is being destroyed and our business is being destroyed. just has to stop. you know,
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everyone should be able to decide about their own lives and have faith that people can do this and make sure we stay connected to each other. compared to neighboring countries like germany and belgium, the knowledge has not implemented a so called to g policy. only dos, vaccinated or cured from cove with can access public places with these protesters complaining about their lack of freedom. this measure is so far seen as politically unfeasible. steadfast and al jazeera in amsterdam. the u. k based child healed firm says the current of ours pandemic has helped the walls, which has been doubled wealth. while an estimated 160000000 people have been plunged into poverty. the group so called inequality kills report claims that the increase in amazon found a jeff bezos, his fortune alone could pay for every $1.00 on earth to be vaccinated. doors have said that lower income for the world's poor has contributed to the death of at least $21000.00 people each day. the people in el salvador hall protesting against
1:40 pm
the government of the 30th anniversary of a peace treaty that ended the civil war. that demanding justice for atrocities committed between 1980199275000 people were killed. 8000 are still missing. demonstrate is also rallied against president ne, a book, a after it was revealed, journalists and human rights activists. investigating corruption of being spied on please in the u. k. of arrested 2 teenagers in the city of manchester, in connection with saturday's siege at a synagogue in texas. a british national was shot dead after taking 4 people hostage. the man was identified as 44 year old malick, professor of chrome. all the captives were rescued unharmed. the us passenger by the koli incident, an act of terror. at all, native has destroyed dozens of homes at a trailer park in the state of florida when reached 190 kilometers an hour. the storm cut off power for more than a $100000.00 people or several states. please have reported hundreds of accidents.
1:41 pm
a massive winter storm and we east coast of the us has not, not power supplies to thousands of homes forecast to say freezing conditions could worsen as the storm heads. ne state emergencies have been clad in georgia, virginia and both north and south carolina. north carolina is now feeling the effects of a winter storm that will continue to move through the state today. as much as 812 inches, the snow was fallen in some counties and significant icing is causing trouble in the central part of the state conditions very across north carolina and our dangerous well stay in the us sending california that is increasing alarm over the number of over fifties, who find themselves living on the streets, they make up most of the more than half a 1000000 people who are homeless, many have been false from their homes because they're unable to pay large increases in their rent. rob reynolds has more los angeles. i feel there's no
1:42 pm
way to say it, but when you're out there you feel like everybody's laughing at you. we met rita rose in a women's homeless shelter in hollywood until recently she'd been living on the streets after being forced out of her apartment now was literally laying on benches and be addressed. i was like, scared to death. i didn't know what to do. it's just been hell, i mean, i'll be 66 years old and june. i mean, i have no business on the street. people over age 50 like rita, are becoming homeless in alarming numbers. they make up half of all on house people in california 2020, which were our latest numbers. the estimates were for eli county, you know, you had a roughly 13, a 15 percent increase in homelessness, but a 20 percent increase in older adult homelessness. homelessness takes a heavy toll on older people. the average life expectancy of
1:43 pm
a person experiencing homelessness is about 47 years old. as compared to a person who's in permanent housing about 77, few homeless persons survive past age, 65 for on house people. years of living on the street actually celebrate the aging process. people in their fifties often show signs of illnesses or conditions war, common people in their seventies. we do see this phenomenon of accelerated aging. you see things such as urinary incontinence, dementia, you know, just being able to complete activities of daily living becomes more challenging for this population. and then you talk about somebody who just in their fifties, correct? yeah. experts say the housing shortage and steeply rising, rents are the main reasons for the surgeon, homeless elders,
1:44 pm
older people on income's like the federal old age pension program are being pushed out of housing. they rented for years for others, a one time medical crisis or a major expense can end up in homelessness. california's governor gavin knew some plans to spend an unprecedented 750000000 dollars this year on housing for the most vulnerable reader. rose, who receives disability payments is waiting for a subsidized apartment to open up thrilling, you know, by that a chance for housing in, of course, i'd pay my bills, hoping for a basic need to be met and a measure of dignity in life's waning years. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles still had here on al jazeera, the incredible basketball shot that was with absolutely nothing that's coming up with joe spool. ah
1:45 pm
ah ah ah
1:46 pm
ah ah, no construction has begun on the 1st large scale wind fall off the coast of the united states. the country likes far behind other industrialized nations in clean energy, but the biden administration is pushing to meet commitments made under the paris climate agreement. kristen silly me reports not from new england. it's a project years in the making a wind farm off the coast of massachusetts. we're looking out to the ocean. so 35 miles from here. that's where we will see the turbines. 62 turbines known as vineyard when one enough to power 400000 homes,
1:47 pm
the ceo of the danish company behind it says it took the approval of more than 2 dozen state local and federal agencies to get to this point. it was not easy and definitely not the easy because it's also the 1st of its kind oh the white house hopes to fast track another 7 offshore lease agreements by 2025 at the groundbreaking ceremony in november, the secretary of the interior discussed the bind administrations clean energy goals, the united states is making giant leaps in building a clean energy future. it's a solution that can create robust and sustainable economies that lift up communities while also ensuring future generations have a livable planet. offshore wind power in the united states currently is next to nothing. 5 terabytes here off the coast of rhode island and other to further south in virginia. that's it. adding hundreds and hundreds more is crucial to the biden
1:48 pm
administration's plan to cut carbon emissions. but it won't be easy. infrastructure improvements will be needed, including new transmission lines that must be built through densely populated areas . and the grid capacity has basically run out or at a point where we need to proactively plan for this next generation. but next round of big wind and solar projects, fishermen and environmental groups worried about the impact on marine life have filed lawsuits attempting to halt vineyard winds construction. all these guidelines that are in place for protection are being high fast. everything is getting streamline to for these permits to go into place quickly and that is a concern. the industry is promising to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the coastal city of new bedford. already the country's largest fishing port. so this is the 1st purpose built facility for offshore wind deployment for the mer, it's a balancing act, a dog fishing. in some cases where the wind farms are going to go and so
1:49 pm
determinant where when farms go, how far apart turbines are, how they're aligned, are all very complicated questions that affects both industries. still the industry and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep you as clean energy targets incite kristin salumi al jazeera on the new england coast well, taxes for the history. so thank you very much. will it start with some news that tennis number, one of at joker, which will not well come out of france? the country sports ministers confirmed that non vaccinated athletes will no longer be able to compete in the country joke which was unable to play at the australian open, also being deported on sunday, following an 11 day legal battle of his vaccinations status as participation. the french opened in may, is now looking in doubts. he is the defending champion at roland carroll spurts under new rules which coming on thursday. no one can get into a sports venue without a vaccine pass or with joke,
1:50 pm
which unable to compete rough around the dollars the can to beat him to that record at 21st grand slam title in melbourne. the spaniard was up against marcus geron on the opening day of the australian open. he broke his american opponent 5 times in a 61646 to victory to reach the 2nd round. the dal currently sits on 20 grand slam titles, alongside joke of ich and roger phaedra with both those pay us absent. he's in good position to try and snatch the men's all time slam record outright. although he admits he's still not 100 percent. after recovering from coven 19 i don't know. i don't know if sometimes you are a little bit more excited because of it or because i haven't been on the do it for the last 6 months. not so difficult to do to know exactly. but yeah, the symptoms haven't been nice. i have been for days in in bed. dunden say more day sir. destroyed physically now,
1:51 pm
but i'm after that i started to feel it will be better. i was so i had the bcr mega if after 9 for the 10th day. and then i had one or 2 practices at home and then i can hear the chair umpire for name yourself as much. had a close call on one of her returns. ah yeah, the defending champion, mortified i was in any hitting the official and she made some unusual areas like missing this smash against colombian, opponent camilla assario, a soccer shock of signs of rusty nest from extended break last year to eventually when 6363. well after that match name is soccer gave an interesting insight into some of her superstitions which included not stepping on the melbourne logo on the court. honestly, i've always been like that. like every time i've come here, i really don't like stepping on the lions or the melbourne on logo in the back. and
1:52 pm
i'm not really sure why that developed. but i would see that most athletes have very strong superstitions and it could be one thing. it could be 2 things for me. it's definitely the lines and the logo, but also i, i need my water bottles to be completely st. well, women's, well no one. ash bossy, demolished ukrainian, qualify alicia to her and cut out 6 love $61.00. the home favorite one, the adelaide international, and the lead up and the to time grand slam champion hopes the end of 44 year weight is the 1st australian woman to win a major on home soil. also 3 to the 2nd round is 15. maria sa cardi, who survived a late charge from tatiana maria to beat the german 6476. and it's only day one, but we may have already seen the shots of the tournament. it came from wet hood catch, who produced a stunning diving volley. as he saw off eagle giraffe them off in 4 sets,
1:53 pm
the pole is seated 10th at this australian open. now it's one of the biggest jokes ever at the african nations, where if any champions, algeria were beaten by equitorial guinea after losing that opening game mc authorial guinea were looking to get off the mark here. and they did just that to esteban obee ang, with the only goal of the game ending algeria is run a $35.00 games without the defeat algeria bottom. a groupie with just one point to am will now most likely have to beat ivory coast in their final game, to avoid an early exit. cuz we live in the air when they don't drill, what do you want? we're in a tough position. we are in a difficult situation, a big, difficult situation that we have not experienced for a long time. i'll tell you that we are in a tough period, a really tough one. if you just like also in while the ivory in squandered the chance to open up a commanding leading group e. ivory, coast twice. sled sierra leone, who proved to be rather resilience and late drama,
1:54 pm
as our haji cameras 90. 3rd minutes strike insured. a to to draw ran madrid, won the spanish c pickup in saudi arabia. they beat lost his champions athletic bowl bowed to nil in the final. with gold like a moderate and cream venza the game in riyadh was played with 50 cent crowd capacity. because the code 900 pandemic is the 12 super trophy for rail, who are currently taught with a spanish league bell madrid. both hollow and she'll see says the team is as good as the one he coached when he was originally in charge between 20132015. son does a the daughters this team goes, the players are different, but the quality of the team is just as high. we don't have christiano, rinaldo, but we have been each yes. who's doing great? and we have rodrigo. we play a little bit differently, but i'm not more proud this time around being here. you're always extremely proud. when chelsea less ever tend to rejoin madrid last year and his replacement ref,
1:55 pm
benita has been fax off to just 6 months in charge of any one once in the premier league since september. and he needs them in 16 place. 6 points above the relegation zone. edison are now looking for the 7th manager in 6 years. evidence local rivals, somebody to this hallmark club. liverpool have me 2 seconds after 3. no windows front would have been you, alex ok. chamberlain and camino, you know, with the goals and this one liverpool, a fil. 11 point behind leaders, months 50, they have a game in hand. lady santa feld wildcard play off and tom brady remains on calls for an 8th superbowl title. he threw 2 touchdowns as the defending champion, tampa bay buccaneers b. philadelphia eagle, 31 points to 15 samples, a 2nd c and next sunday in the f. c. divisional playoff. they will host the when a monday night game between the hours of a cardinal and the l. a. rom, you know, just trying to figure out a way to move all them feeling scorsone points. i thought we did a good job in
1:56 pm
a couple of those areas. we ran the ball really well. line play great receiver. so great had and so great, so years a lot of different people and everyone got in there made some place help with him when defense by great specials was amazing. so we're gonna need it again next week . it only gets tougher from here. thing in the and i see the san francisco 49 is beat the dallas cowboys, 23 to 17 debo samuel was the pick, the top down after a great solar run. the 4949 is will play the top, seated green bay packers neck to be a see and they can speaking keesa aiming straight conference high food post back home through 5 sound as a company beat. the pittsburgh steelers 42 points to 21. it like the end of the right to see the school back then who is expected to announce his retirement, to the super bowl. back in 20 miles, the buffalo bills over sticking with the playoff,
1:57 pm
the masters golf champion the deck he met see almost kind the sony open title in hawaii, the japanese south fort from 5 shots back to force a playoff against russell henley. then thanks to this great upright shots, he equal the 1st extra hole to take the championship. it is met sam's 8 korea victory, which ties south korean k j joy the most by any asian gold plan. and we'll finish with an incredible bit of play in the m b a which was worth no points . take a look. the rocky denied go peer has it has had to hurry no shot and utah, but oh yeah, that was rudy gerbert finding the neck pretty much a full court shots, but unfortunately it was just off to the buzzer for half time. still go back. beautiful. back from covey. 19 protocol, colt's score, 18.19 rebounds to help the utah jazz beat, the denver nuggets. what a shame. well, that is like a sport finance. but thanks very much,
1:58 pm
joe foley over here with another full updates of new states after the break until and from j. me the news, i'll say thanks for your time. and your company. ah ah ah ah ah,
1:59 pm
some people marry for love of is it can be a commercial transaction. in your ass, i'm in florida. $3700.00 euro payment just for the march concurrent out there, a world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe. not necessarily complete your order to them for a time looking at an organized champ marriage at a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. ah, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. my name is bonnie put marker. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation. the job itself seems to be transforming. wesley mentality is, is a lot about this is transferred to me through sedation and what yoga was originally
2:00 pm
. yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized. literacy owns yoga analogies in ah, australia and new zealand send reconnaissance slides to the pacific island of tango, which has been cut off after an under c volcanic eruption. ah, lay watching al jazeera alive from del, how with me for the back table, also coming up ukraine's former president federal for a shank go up. he is in court to face reason charges after returning home to defend himself. china's birth rate did to a rec and low raising.


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