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very complicated questions out of sex. bolton is truth. still the industry and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep you as clean energy targets in sight. kristin salumi al jazeera on the new england coast. ah. hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, australia and new zealand have sent air force grains twotango to survey the damage caused by saturdays will county corruption and san ami communications remain limited. there no reports of casualties, but there is significant damage. we will be working closely with the government of toner, with her all hands, the high commissioner of toner in camera to ensure that we are able to deliver the sort of support that we provide to our pacific family and our pacific friends at
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this is a very challenging time communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region, or we know ourselves. here in australia, we have seen the effect on our own coastline. but in fiji, in particular as well. china's birth rate has hit its lowest level in more than 70 years. it failed to 7.5 to births for 1000 people. according to the government that concerns rapidly aging population will affect the country's economic growth and china's economic growth. so at the end of last year, after a strong start, the pandemic n realestate trouble to being blamed for the slump. new release data shows the world's 2nd largest economy go faster than expected. in the 1st half of 2021. expanding by 8 point one percent, but it slowed during the 2nd half of this year. south korea's military
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says north korea has fire to projectile believe to be ballistic missiles that were launched from an area close to the capitol pyongyang. it's the country's 4th miss. i launch since the start of this here from a ukrainian president, petro per shanker, has returned to care from poland, despite the risk of arrest. prosecutors accuse him of financing pro russian separatist in the east bro. shanker insists his innocent is been greeted earth by supporters and has said, there must be a united ukraine. the self isolation period where people testing positive for corona virus in england has been cut from 10 to 5 days. the government announced the move to help east staffing shortages caused by a surge in omicron infectious. you're upset with the headlines on al jazeera. i'll have more news for you right after the stream stay with us. from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories,
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macross asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera i i have for me, okay, back with a special bonus edition of the stream. today i'm taking through asha archives to bring you moments when sport and athletes took us beyond the games. and you see some serious social justice issues. coming up a cricket controversy, football failing to tackle racism and stories of skiing while back. let's rewind t september 2020. the string team was blocking from hun covered vaccinations were
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still month away and the killing of george floyd early in the year had filed up a global black life matter movement. athletes were protesting to but some fans complaint that activism was ruining sport. his hat, the w. m b, a jan, tel lavender, multiple pad maxwell pace and sports. and he said, dave simon dealt with the criticism when people say that they don't want sports and politics to mix what they're really saying is they don't want sports and a certain kind of politics to mix. they have no problem with politics and sports when we're talking about nationalism when we're talking about celebrating the military hack when we're talking about celebrating the police. many teams do these celebrations of law enforcement nights and what or whatnot. but when it comes to the athletes themselves, trying to use the platform that they have built, that they have earned to speak out about their lives. then all of a sudden the hammer comes down. and there is, i would argue,
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as of the seriously racist undertone, or sometimes overtone to this statement, which is basically shut up and play, which is basically get out there and entertain me. and i don't want to hear what you have to say. and it's amazing that in 2020 we're still wrestling with what was said in 1968 when tommy smith and john carlos raised their fish. one of their slogans at, in the for the $68.00 olympics was they said, why should we run in mexico city only to crawl home? which is still what animates, i think the athletic protests today. why should we be loved with our uniforms on, but then disdained when the uniform is off? to me just show you. now me osaka, she won the us open on september, the 12th. and these images, people who are waiting every day, what mask is she going to have a let him of my not. and you can see, and she is wearing the mass of people who met a violent end because of police brutality. every day she had
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a black life matter movement mask on, and then at the end of the us open when she want it. this is what she told the commentators to ask her about. the mouse. you said from the beginning you had 7 matches. 7 matters, 7 names. what was the message you wanted to send mail, tom? well, what was the message that you got more of the question? i feel like the point is to make people start talking will be most. busy gratified about the awareness that you raised. i mean for me, i didn't inside of the bubbles, so i'm not really sure what's really going on in the outside world. all it can tell us what's going on on social media. and for me, i feel like, you know, the more retweet that gets lame, but you know, the more people talk about it going to look like being a female athlete. seeing other actually doesn't even matter being an athlete thing of the athlete or working together to the same. and when you saw mammy do that,
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maxwell, i know you tweeted out namely success on, on your twitter accounts as well. i can tell you guys best maxwell, you guys well, it is phenomenal and she's on one of the biggest stages that she can act for in the sports community and to see her speaking out, a less people know the seriousness of what's going on in the world. and she says something that was very interesting to me, she says she want people to talk. and i feel like i would, i would kind of tweak that in a sense with being with being in 2020. and this is about action. it's about physically going out and physically doing something, and i think that there's been a generational shift with this generation and we're tired and we're not going to deal with it. and she knows the people that she's around. and i love her response. when she said, what did you get out of it? and that to me was huge, is because if the is our friends that we need to step up is the people that are around us and are playing with us. are our teammates that are not black or teammate
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that that love us every day when we put them in jersey and compete with them? what it's about, what they think is about what they feel. if they can hear us cry out and speak out about it and go home and be with a racist family member, that's not the message isn't being clear. and i love that. she mentioned that it's about how the world's the non african american people that are not being depressed, how they respond to it. max, so he shared, ma'am his picture on your twitter fate. why? absolutely. so for one, you know, it's, it's extremely admirable how naomi has spoken up and really how the w m. b, a has been leaders in this movement. i mean, when you think about women in sports, they deal with a whole, another layer of adversity. they have to deal with massage any they have to do with hyper masculinity. people constantly telling them that they shouldn't be playing
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the sport which is just completely blasphemous. so that there's so many additional things that they have to encounter and deal with outside of being especially women of color in sports. so i really do, it's hit my head off to them and, and i am, i am trying extremely hard to match that energy and be in support even when support there can be scarce, some tops, date. let me put this t from you changed. this is for mohammed watch a hat. how much can sports change racism in america? well, i key when i hear that question, i think about what doctor martin luther king said about jackie robinson, who called him a sit in or before sit in a freedom rider before freedom rides. jackie robinson integrates majorly baseball in 1947, almost a full decade before the flowering of the montgomery bus boycott. and the civil rights movement in the south. a sit in air before state ins of freedom rider before
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freedom rides. oftentimes, sports is like a weather vane in our society, and it tells us which way the wind is blowing. and sure enough, right now what we're seeing is the wind blowing towards justice, the wind is blowing towards some sort of reckoning with the history of racism, not just in the united states, but throughout the world. this is a global movement, and i think what you're seeing with so incredible about this is that what it does is it punctures privilege because it's very easy to be a white person in the united states, or i guess anywhere throughout the world and not have to confront the reality of what it means to be black, not have to confront the reality of what it means to be an indigenous person. and when you have sports athletes, when you have them speaking out about these issues, it punctures that privilege. it's severs, that segregation. and it forces people to really confront the realities that people . i mean that's what naomi osaka was doing. she was saying, look, if you're a tennis man, you might have the luxury of not knowing who elijah mclean is. but i'm going to put
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that name in front of you. you are going to know who olaja mclean is. and that that's powerful. but that's also why athletes. i would argue our police so heavily by the reactionary powers that be because they don't want them using that power precisely because they understand how powerful it is. things dire and reminding us about enlightened mclean, a young black man who died after being stopped and finding a restrained by police in aurora, colorado. one of the most honest and raw conversations that i've had on the stream happened last year of the england football team last to italy in the way for european championship. in a tense penalty shootout, 3 black england players missed the goal. the racial harassment and abuse they face from some fans was so bad. it made headlines for weeks form a professional football player and also find t v presenter c. j. thomas, join the string to talk about it. there was somebody plaza like me and i looked up to an awful. this is something different as england team. i'm never been able to to
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associate myself with so so deeply and then, and then again we lost and we are from heroes. and everyone cheered on the black players to so the villains and gammon mon lubarski colors. and that seems to be the story all the time and i'm tired of it. i really am. i'm going to show my mike, he looked, you'll cover new eyes for don robbie. and this is our new choice. i'm just going to share my where, where the premise of the show happened. i, you see this is when it happened. look, ah, it's painful to play this that this guy. i see, he can be disappointed with his team's performance. but why be oasis exact for me
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for me. ah, i wish we had the answer to that. i always say you can be critical, never personal. i, i always say that he can be critical. it seem like you said, i work at a f tv and it's very much part of my job to, to criticize a team and, and analyze and have my opinion by nearby ever personal. and i even said at the end of that video that you just, you just watch that. i said in my outside i said it's, it's awful that plays mr. padre, are free them fear of being black by pray, i pray, and pray and pray that has no racial abuse after this. and lo and behold, the next morning i wake up and all the plans have been racy, abused plays marcus rochefort, who i said again and helped feed the country. he saw no work very closely on his body, double what all of his campaigns. he is an absolute gent and he's a role model, a super hero, in my opinion, dice, that's where he is to me, the super and easy moment to many kids. i don't know be devastating. i've seen his mural b. b does face and words like the n word per on
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a and go about your country. yes, has been great. what since that but that is not needed for me. it is awful to let me just look, this is, this is where the markers rushford are mural. it was a beer from your at that they, they covered up. they cover up the curse was pretty, pretty quickly and the insults pretty quickly. this conversation is not just about the ugliness though, that comes out of football. i would be remiss if i didn't show this rate. this is incredible. look at all of these people here, black lice matter, england, 3 lions and all these people saying what is happening in england right now with racism against? oh, great class boy. yeah. i yes not. right. does that, does that balance out your mid? does it got it's out the country for me, though eunice think i wish it did? well, i really wish it it, i really wish it did because it looks all lovely now. and you know what?
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it looked all lovely when was in the semi finals and was winning, but we'll always be reminded of our color when it, when things aren't going well and, and it all, it's good. everyone comes together for i'm. it is a nice gesture. it's nice to see people come together but people came together for the plasma movement, but nothing's changed. nothing's changed and, and, and that's the real truth of it will change really happen in my opinion known and reinstalled and got the same question. the things improved since you stood up to racism and in football. and he was honest, i'm glad he was. he said no as well as millions of campaigns out there right now. still online hate hope, united stanalin racism. so races in the red card, kick it out, but if i'm honest, if it's not, if it's not fit in and the countries pockets or people's pockets, it's not gonna change. i was lost on here speaking about the super league like how fast and how quick i last, right? yeah, exactly. yeah. i think the fans said we are not going to deal with racism anymore. and they came out the same way they did for the sibling. i do with regard to,
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we're not talk about i can hear every on you see this is anthony brown. racism has always been here. i'm assuming as me, you in the u. k. it's normal. i don't know how to know how awful that comment is, but how truthful is it is right. he's why i expected it when 2nd mr. los penalty. it's tough in, in, in the game against italy. i expected it. i should expect it. i was scared to travel home from london, from the capital to go back to my house after that penalty miss. and i should never feel that i was born here, but he's right. there is no racism is no one is countries is embedded in the pillars of, of culture. ready in my opinion, for fine culture, sorry and, and the u. k. is sad is sad, but well we can do is speak about it cuz right now don't see any changes happening . i'm going to bring in my colleague, we shall carry he at his house in a stream episode about racism in english cricket. we joined the conversation just
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as rachelle talks about the excuse is often made for not addressing racism in sport . think this is a problem that is, i'm prevalent and a lot of sports and the nfl, the national football league in the us. the 1st thing you hear about when there isn't a black had coaches. well, there weren't enough assistance. we didn't have the pipeline. well, you could fix that if you want to fix the pipeline. clearly there is a talent pool for um, for a cricket not to be as white as it is. this is a choice. people are making li, your worries me is that people in school running school know they need to fix things now because they're back. so against the wall. so there is some good that will come out of this cause some things will be fixed. i mean, it's extraordinary. that the murder of a blackman in america on the protests, a lot of the protest, hawkins around sport only that could lead to any action. and as alex said, then you shall one even take he. and he noticed that a tall and bare bare case is actually that they're in isolation. but what worries
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me is around yoga, said the english cricket, bold. you know, our beth had a diverse, diverse tape on the field in a world cup, semi final against new zealand. they're bringing to a new kind that's more inclusive in terms of gender and families, as well as wives. i called a 100. so some of the fact that day is working, but what about the past decade and are some of the administrators still in power and what were they doing at the time? obviously. so our 0 made a park about the lack of block football coaches globally that i was heavily involved with. we might have in 2015. who else? i mean not 0, hasn't diversity in it's a newsrooms and it's production. who else was making progress as you've still got the same administrators, the same people in the board room, making these decisions and a lot of them in a key work, cosmetic, there's a lot of cosmetic changes. is the culture changing? it's timing is institutional. i mean,
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what you're saying is that this is something that it is very foundation needs to change. it's not just shifting people on here and there are people that look the way you want them to look for what your cause is. right, alex? yeah, i just actually makes a great point. i've always said, unless people always say they wanna have changed and make change and they put lip service out. people are sick and tired of it now they've had enough. but when you look at the talk, when i'm talking about the boards in level now are you walking is predominately why middle age or older men that off in charge. and we are not privy to what happens in those meetings, but you couldn't, you can sort of have a guess all the conversations that are going on in there. and so just going back to your point about, you know, especially with the asian guy, you know, playing cricket, listen where i grew up in else filled ok in ones of,
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in south london. and the cricket come to, i was affiliated with honestly about 80 percent asian guys and they play i representative age group stuff by side says you do not see that transferred when it comes to contracts. you just do not see it. you will see them be in use plain in 2nd thing gains, and they're doing well just as good as that, why counterpart. but when it comes to that contract, they're not getting it. i'm for meet us, i'm fit and you know, as, as a, as a, as a black man play and, you know, the majority of black kids would have had a conversation with it that, well, that time it's that you have to be twice as good. if you'll get a fight for england searching played for them 20 years ago, how many black cricketers to england and i think i, you know, i, you know, it well for a font, you know, chris jordan,
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joseph roger. tom mills. i mean, that's how many i told you notice only a faint 7 or 8 plaintiff 1st caused cricket at the moment when i, when i played in the ninety's, every county had at least 3 or 4. so as a young black man, i'm looking, i'm thinking, it's still a close shot. there is an opportunity. you know, i'm gonna give a go. if you look now and i work in a school, if you look now and obviously, you know, you have to have, you know, sky you'll or whatever to watch international cricket. the kids are not seeming, you know, to the kids for you to try to destroy again a unit for my uncles cricket to alex kinda, i'm generalist, he ranks finally, people of color who love snow sports and with tiny minority, but they're making skiing and snowboarding, more inclusive, now i learn to ski as
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a team in italy, and this is my 1st ski path. now i think it was a long time ago. 2 things i remember from this trip, the local, stammering at a little brown gl on the slopes and the presentation. i had to put together to persuade my nigerian parents to let me go skiing with my classmates. experiences that guess what? no, no, up on a could totally relate. so we have similar backgrounds and my parents are gonna. yeah. and so i know i do, you know, yeah, and i know it all about how, you know, in terms of like having to convince them that it was normal to, you know, prepare yourself down about it. you know, sometimes if you are out and, but i did actually tell them i was going, i just, you know, did it. and i came back. i told them only mom before i've been and, and now she even what's the company in herself. but i definitely recognize that
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there's a lot of stereotypes in a lot of and even in the back community about what it's like to be like in the 1st now i say to people, you know, i like it and they're like, really call what isn't it like we don't do that that with and so i think there's a lot of stereotypes within the community. african parents are not the game. and people have been being dangerous or it's too expensive. it's only for white people . and those are just, you know, it's not the case where people sit here and so i would say, i definitely understand what needs to break down the barriers. oh my, my director, just tell me he snows balls, we've got a little black and brown club going on right here. that was he club going on here. i'm just looking at my laptop, emily and, and these figures really say pretty much every think about the u. s. a. people of color who ski. so 87.5 percent,
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a white. then 6 percent asian, 5 percent latino, latina one postpone point 5 percent. black, 1.8. and then another 7 percent indigenous. you will see that this doesn't all add up to a 100 because some people are more than one category. ok. but the point is that up here, all the majority of people who ski and then not people of color. emily, how is how does that impact you when you all on the stripes? yeah, i would say it empowers me to be present and take up space. a, you know, it's no accident. that skiing and snow spurts are predominantly white. just due to the pattern of settlement that occurred in the u. s. was red lining and force migration and exclusion from natural areas and parks. and so it really is about going and reclaiming space. um and i'm sure um, lamont,
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you and probably agree 100 percent 100 percent. i looked at those figures as black where 14 percent of the population in the united states. and when i have gone to mount over the year they, i kind of quite frankly, accepted the fact that it was white majority sport. and then i was amongst the super minority in that space. but after a while they started to question that and instead of just accepting it, figure, what can i, what do i have to say about what can i do about it? and that's why i created the skiing and colored collection. and i'm pleased with the reaction. there's been a lot of people i didn't realize were having this conversation prior to me painting the pieces that i have and i'm super happy that i can be just one voice in this
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narrative, like emily said to reclaim spaces, to re normalize and reconditioned what, where we think we belong or where others feel like we belong, just to change that narrative and flip the status quo. and what i'm going to show some of your pictures off here and i'll show you some more in a moment. so the, the picture just to the side of me here, this is you reclaiming places space. it's so that it's ok for you to ski if you're black or snowboard, if you'll blot a beautiful one piece here, a fist doing a one piece. and then this picture here of the gen skiing, it looks like a photograph. it's so beautiful. so this is some of your work where you're showing off images that people don't normally get to see when the on the slopes are not so much. what difference does that make ammonia think? well, like it's often said, if you see it, you can be, i'm a strong believer in representation. my role is to exercise representation
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through my artwork. it's going to take a lot of voices to change the narrative. i've been told by many people as they've discovered me in this space, it's a long road, and i me the mediately let them know that that's fine. black abroad people are used to long roads. i'm not going anywhere right now. i'm in a place where i'm promoting the area of of, of changing what is normal and outdoor spaces, mountain spaces in nature and whatnot. and one day i hope to be just presenting images that are maintaining diverse city that's lacking. so quite frankly, if we can invite black a brown people into nature more often, nature will take care of us and will in turn take care of nature. i'm just going to show you, i can go ahead, emily. i agree. yeah. you know, as well, mine is saying this is about developing
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a connection with your inner self as well as the natural world. you know, it is really important. barton brown, people make up a significant part of the population globally. and you know, we're in the midst of a climate crisis. we need to start building connection and reclaiming the space because this is important to our survival. and that's, i show for today. thank with the virus is indiscriminate, yet those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of cove. my g
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ali re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought a doest, where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change the close of the, of the killed off, which all hail to lock down, expose a privilege on poverty during a crisis on a just 0. did you know you can watch out to say we're english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries, and game death news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english as the omicron varian sweeps across the globe nations rates to stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual. these save until we are all the same as long as
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transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom, it is going to be very, very unpredictable. stay with al jazeera, for all the latest updates. ah, australia and new zealand send reconnaissance rights to the pacific island of tomba, which has been cut off after an under see volcanic eruption. ah ha, watching al jazeera live from doha, i'm fully back. people also coming up ukraine's former president, petro pro shinkel, returns home, determined to fight treason charges. he says, are politically motivated. china's birth rate gives to a record know, raising.


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